Monday, July 6, 2009


Son of Zadok said...

Some thoughts from Joel S. Goldsmith

Joel Sol Goldsmith (1892-1964) was an author, teacher, spiritual healer, mystic, and founder of the Infinite Way movement.

There is never a conflict with person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained about person, thing, circumstance, or condition. Therefore, make the correction within yourself, rather than attempting to change anyone or anything in the without.

In the spiritual life, you place no labels on the world. You do not judge as to good or evil, sick or well, rich or poor. While appearances may show forth harmony or discord, by not judging, you merely know IS, and let that which truly IS define Itself.

Do not be concerned about your relationships with people. Consciously maintain your relationship with God, and this will take care of everything else.

If it takes place in time and space, do not accept it at its appearance-value, but search deeper in the realm of the Soul

No one can reveal God to another, but by revealing the nature of Prayer, we place him in a position to receive the God-experience. The God-experience can come only through the correct understanding of prayer, since prayer is the point of contact with God; prayer is the avenue of awareness of God; prayer is the preparation of consciousness for the God-experience

Seeking the objects of good, such as pleasures, things, and places, for the joy of them is a barrier to spiritual unfoldment. Seeking only the realization of God, pleasures, things, and places of joy naturally come into our experience. Then our pleasure is greater in the realization of their Source.

To live spiritually is to know that all is; then do not name, label, define, or judge what is. Be content to know IS, and let what IS reveal Its being, nature, and character to you.

Never seek anything or any condition in prayer. Let harmony define and reveal itself. Let your prayer be letting the IS appear.

Since God alone IS, and is omnipresence, prayer, true prayer, is a state of consciousness, a conscious communion in union.

Be sure that your prayer is not an attempt to influence God.

It is impossible to realize God as long as one has in mind a "purpose" or "object" other than realizing God.

Retire often into the center of Being, my Son. Let divine Love engulf you; be at peace in "My peace."

Leave your nets behind and follow Me.

Be not dismayed: "It is I."

Anonymous said...

Love that saying Bishop. I have it on my desk at work and home. One of my favorites.The addicts I work with always get a lot from it during their first days of abstinence,I believe it connects them to their inner self that has been taken over and it gives them hope.

Fishig trip pic reminds me of our last trip a few years ago, except my oldest son was hanging over the side the whole time.Poor Josh.He was green as a tree until we saw land, then magically recovered.I felt so bad for him...

Have a blessed day,let your light so ever shine.

Fear not tomorrow Gods already!

Lots of love,
Debra M

Nancy said...

After you've done all you just STAND.

River said...

The River

The river bends with a mighty turn
Rushing water covered by the sun’s burn
Quickly I go down the rushing way
Keeping my eyes forward to what may come my way
At times I feel lost and alone
Looking for a place I can call my true home
Friends are few when hard times come
It’s the Fathers heart I pray upon
The river slows and times are fine
I hear His voice and it settles my mind
The river flows at different speeds
My faith in the Father helps me to succeed
I’m coming through a very tight bend
Prayer is my only true friend
Water is rushing all around me
I stay afloat for its His Spirit that keeps me
Mighty is the river for the River lives inside of me
He flows to me as I flow to Him
Spirit to spirit
Friend to friend
Unite in the River for it flows though you
The Water makes us all brand new.

Laura Benson

Northern Light said...

...and what we do with "what lies within us" is what matters most. Also, it will be what people see...and remember....and the legacy of that which will follow us.

It's a timely message, especially for me and my "season" right now.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite quotes. Having done all to stand just stand. Thanks for explaining that word because he brings a whole new perspective.

Be blessed in the city, be blessed in the streets, be blessed when you come and when you go...

Be strong and very courageous.



Iris said...

I love the quote Bishop… I know for me, some of the things I have been going through (as we all are)… I am learning how to let go and let God… It sounds like a cliché’ but there is so much peace in just letting it be… no stress… no worries… just peace…

Does that mean that we just sit around and let life’s blows hit us around… no… but like Pastor Nancy said… having done all, stand. Know that God works everything out for our good… and BELIEVE IT… if God wants us to do something then rely on the Holy Spirit to prompt us how and when we are to move… then stand…

If God is really God in us, then allow God to be God in our lives… and watch how everything works out…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Emerson quote. Wife wanted me to find it online today and you made a short journey of it for me. I printed it for her and she was pleased.

DoubleBack Alley said...


I can tell by your slide show that you and the boys have become mishers of fin. Glad you guys had fun.

Ain't God Good?

Donald said...

I haven't bothered to research R.W. Emerson's spiritual position, but from some of his quotes and writings it is obvioius that he was tapped into something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ever is so bad it cant get worse

Nothing is ever so good that it cant get better

Nothing ever stays the same.

My Mom

Nothing outside of us can really change what is inside of us.

Only what is inside of us can truly change what is outside of us.


It is that which comes out of a man from the inside that defiles him.

Not what goes into him from the outside...

Jesus Christ



Erik said...

SOZ – yes! (While enjoying what is in time and space, simultaneously enjoying the surface as the surface, and the depth and realm for its beauty).

It is true that each one of us all has been saved, from the foundation, from any effect from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Whatever doubt, fear, angst, judgment, bitterness, anything that supports death is washed externally by the water, and purified internally by the fire, both sourced from The Word (as in The Word made flesh, not to be confused exclusively with Christianity, remember, other sheepfolds and a name only known to the Nameless One, the Uncontainable One) . Uncontainable in theme, description, dogma, creed, doctrine or name (any name at all – even the Name of Jesus, His name is different across our reality and others. His name in effect means ‘everyname’ we can know).

Salvation is the disabling of our internalization of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, while leaving whatever we select from the Tree of Life intact. An inoculation, so we are immune from the disease, while the nutrients are accentuated. An immunization with a vitamin boost.

Yes, decisions in this reality, have an impact in this reality, and do effect our experience here, but anything from the tree of knowledge of good and evil do not transcend this reality. Once our paradigm changes form th e reality including the tkge (tree of knowledge of good and evil) there can be real gnashing of teeth, and ‘agony’ from our current paradigm that we may perceive as eternal, but as we see away from this reality, it is a nano second.

Loving God with all we are, and our neighbor as ourselves does indeed have a present impact on our experience, and does indeed open us up to receive more of the lasting impact of the Tree of Life. Doubt, fear, bitterness, judgment does limit our experience here, and fills up our reality here with ‘empty calories’ that later we gnash our teeth about for missed nourishment. However, it is NOT permanent, lasting beyond this reality, although doubt, fear, etc can really suck when it is all one sees.

The politics, economy, work, family, angst is limited to this reality – the love , joy, peace and nutrition we each receive (however it is received by each one) lasts beyond this reality. All are saved from tkge impact, and all retain whatever they experience and receive from The Tree of Life , without penalty. Depending on how we embrace love and acceptance and peace, is how much we take with us. We all take something of it, and we each select how much.


Erik said...

Additional point –

doing ANYTHING, or resisting ANYTHING out of fear of ‘hell’ or ‘damnation’ has zero value. As Jesus spoke about on the Sermon on the Mount, if we think it, it is the same effect on permanence (in that we gain nothing from it, still under tkge) .

The point being that we think in terms of The Tree of Life, in that we make decisions and our thoughts are driven by Love of God and Others as Ourselves, which infuses our thinking and relationships, that adds permanent value.

Karl said...

Hi Bishop, I'm about to pass out but wanted to thank you here for your prayer over me and baptizing me. It means very much to me.

I could hardly get over so many people cheering, that was awesome! I love the support of my CITN family and NOW worship.
My wife, mom and Zachary were in the congregation. He and I took our first communion together...and I heard that he was so excited saying to others "my daddy got baptized, my daddy got baptized!"

He had big hugs for me afterwards and during lunch he hugged me and said, "when I grow up I want you to baptize me!"

Thinking of such a great day still makes my eyes water.

I'm thankful to all of you and wanted to mention thanks to Jane and John Conyers, and Dave Spencer who helped me out upstairs.

Eternal thanks!-Karl

Karl said...

btw...enjoyed your slides.

Ebony said...

Good morning bloggers,
Bishop I am loving the posts over the past few days, and the Mk ITN translations. I also can't wait to be back ITB sunday. Looks like you had a great time fishing too. I think I am going to print that quite and place it in my classroom for my students. I also want the BITN family to keep the Lawrence family in their prayers. He was a co worker and friend who passed away yesterday morning, and I am gonna miss him. Amor y Besos to all

Anonymous said...

Pastor Swilley you are so NOW Kool. I've been blessed by yur ministry via my Coach Anna McCoy CEO of Woman Act Now in Dallas Tx. I made my first visit the Church In The Now website and see that you offer the daily devotion for A Year IN THE NOW and I was screaming that it was there to share via the cyberwaves on a daily basis. What a blessing. I look forward to meeting u and the CITN family in the NOW future. Thanks for JULY 17th Untapped Resources. Have a fantabulus day in the LORD! Roz Knighten Warfield of ZOR3 International Ministries emPowered by WAN(Woman Act Now)!