Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Just Sit There...Blog Something!

Hey bloggers...great comments on the last post...I really appreciate your insights and input on MkITN XI...keep it coming...the finishing touches are being added to Matthew In The Now before going to the publisher...I'll get back to writing Mark In The Now next week...five more chapters to go, and then I can get started on least I'll have the Gospels completed...

Pastor Ben (Nadiope) did an awesome job ministering at CITN last night...I knew he was anointed, but I didn't know he could be so funny...he's leaving for Uganda tomorrow, so keep him in your prayers...I (we'll) be there in a few weeks...

And Matt T. and the 404 singers/musicians also were excellent leading Praise and Worship last night...I especially enjoyed what Jonah was doing on percussion on You Said...P. Jimmie is at the Judah Conference in Orlando (Clint Brown's church), and will be back for Sunday...

I'm in New York through Saturday for the Pastors' conference, but you can still post on the blog while I'm there...P. Judah and P. Scott are performing today (Thursday) at the Manhattan Center...they'll be back late Friday, and performing at a youth conference in Columbus on Saturday...and Judah will be ministering on Realizing Your Dreams, too...Debye's speaking at Project 404 tonight...

Daisson made it to Afghanistan...please keep him, also, in your prayers...and Christina (and agree with me that she'll stop watching the news)...and Sofia...and new baby (due March 1)...

Keep in touch...I like to know you're out there...


Karl said...

Hi Bishop!
Yep, still up.
I agree with what you said about Jonah's playing...I was really paying attention to that, it was nice.

Enjoyed the message tonight from Pastor Ben about the anointing, I believe you all are going to cement a lot of things while there this next trip.

Continued blessings to your whole family!...wisdom and favor to the Box Stars over Daisson...grace and peace to Christina and Sofia and wonderful and excellent creation to the new baby!...spirit of power to P. Debye Thursday night...blessings to Jonah, mom and dad, and Jared.

Have an excellent trip...remember, "while in Rome..."

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Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Yeah, I'm still up, too...keep thinking of things I need to do before going out of town...

Thanks for mentioning Jared...the new movie 500 Days of Summer that just came out has two of his songs on the soundtrack...

Karl said...

You're welcome...and that's neat about his 2 songs.

Well, I'm definitely off to bed now, if I can find it...little cross-eyed at this point.

"elle" said...

Shamefully absent, lately, but I'm out here! Missed alot of Wednesdays this year and a number of Sundays due to family stuff... and could assuredly use an ITB experience. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening in the near future! Dad has had some recent health issues, but seems to be getting better (nothing to do with his cancer). Saw him last night, and he looked pretty good and seemed in very good spirits!

Congrats to Christina! I'm so out of the loop :O

Anyway, been so busy I nearly forgot how to blog! Had to see if my fingers remembered how to hit the keys!!! Looks like they do... maybe I'll attempt again soon :D

SCRIBE said...

Excerpt from Book Number EIGHTEEN

Journal Entry: Written- 22 JULY 2008 / Tuesday Morning @ 0623 Hrs

Hallelujah! Let every nation Rejoice! declares the Lord of Hosts, for I have poured out My Spirit upon Creation that My Presence be magnified throughout all the earth, as My Glory permeates every crack and crevasse. for truly I say unto you, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, minds have not conceived, neither has it entered into the heart of humanity all that I am unfolding in the Here and Now! The manifestation has already occurred, proclaims God Almighty, and NOW is the time for unveiling those once hidden things that were previously stored up for such a time as this! Let everything that have breath praise ye’ the Lord Right Now~ I alone am on time all the time. I am all-seeing and all-knowing. No one shall come unto Me- Father of all Creation except by way of my Son the Christ. for they whom the Son of God / Son of Man have set free are free indeed. Now, let the redeemed of the Lord ARISE to secure and subdue that which has already been established as eminent domain through My Kingdom. For I hold the governments in my hands. Let no one curse those whom I- the Lord Almighty have blessed. Stand in awe of my presence, for I am El-Shaddai- the King Immortal Eternal and I am High and Lifted Up in all Creation. Selah… Amen.

Rejoice! and again I say rejoice- for I have never reneged upon my promises and my word never returns to me void. I am either Lord over all or Master over none. Oh, the Glory of my presence heals hearts and changes minds, as my Goodness and Grace brings about repentance. Stand in Awe of me- for I am the Lord Jehovah and there is none greater than Me. Not only have I spoken, I am still presently and currently speaking. However, because I am not in the business of saying what so many desire to hear, they tune out my voice and deem Me as silent. Yet, they are rarely ever silent in my presence and in the presence of others. Dare they not complain as to what I am NOT doing. they are to give careful examination of themselves as to what they are doing, what they are saying, and acknowledge those things that they consider as harmless habits, such as incessant chattering, backbiting, gossiping about their fellow brothers and sisters, and practicing all-purpose BUSYBODYING! Selah… And if indeed I am silent when they come before Me, they should reach the point of understanding that until they come completely clean with me and before me in all areas, while allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the ways of repentance of these vices, while sincerely seeking My Presence that they may become consecrated to break the ties that bind, a renewing of the mind in the tearing down of strongholds, they have limited themselves and placed confines upon My Sprit as to what I shall do in their lives.

With true repentance, the birthing of passionate desire to turn from that which is detestable. My Grace and Mercy are more than sufficient, but shall not be abused and misused as spiritual bandages that only cover up the wounds inflicted upon others. Yet, through the washing of my word, Grace and Mercy are abundant unto those whom worship me in spirit and TRUTH. I- the Lord thy God see all, hear all, and know all. Therefore, I am not fooled and neither are my bondservants who seek out my presence instead of my hands. Time Out! The season has expired for what would be mature adults to be sucking on pacifiers and still drinking from bottles for nourishment. those with teeth are to be eating RAW Vegetables and fresh meats because their digestive systems are designed to extract the necessary enzymes and nutrients that are essential to proper, healthy, spiritual growth.

SCRIBE said...

Rejoice! for I am the Lord Almighty and I come forth by way of My Spirit to set the captives free. For this is the day that I- the Lord of Hosts have made and all should rejoice and be glad in it. Those whom worship Me in Spirit and Truth shall never be destroyed by lack of Revelation Knowledge. for they wrestle not against things, persons, or organizations in the natural, physical realm, but against strongholds of the mind that are fortified through vain and wicked imaginations. Let the redeemed of the Lord RISE UP and take their rightful stand, even if they ruffle some feathers in the process. Rejoice! and again I say Rejoice, for I- the Lord thy God am the Light in the midst of dark places. I am not a man that I should lie, neither the Son of Man that I should repent. I am the same God yesterday, today, and forever more. Amen.

Awake from the sleep and slumbers of darkness. The ignorant CAN BE TAUGHT, yet the foolish simply desire to be left alone in their folly, using the excuses of being totally oblivious to My Precepts, while adopting those victim mentalities when they are confronted by Divine Truth. And in all these things, they still carry on the same old ways of doing things. Selah… Let everything that have breath praise ye’ the Lord. Because I am JEHOVAH GOD, my LOVE is unconditional, yet I bring about correction, discipline, and chastisement to those whom I adore for the perfecting of My Kingdom in the earth--- even if they choose to reject my word and message of Truth. It matters not how much of My Word and Exhortation one seeks out if they hid from My Truth when they find it—My Divine Absolute Truth. Standfast and know that I am God Almighty and I am Creator of the all and in all. this is the day that the Lord has made and you shall rejoice and be glad in it. If one cannot effectively manage and govern his / her own household in Godly Wisdom and Understanding, then how shall I entrust them to and with My Nations?

I – the Lord of Hosts am Father of Humanity and I provide to each based on the measure they are able to handle. I have established in clarity how my people are to conduct the affairs of their daily lives. If they have no concept as to how boundaries are to be set up for the protection of the fledglings, they are missing the mark in all other areas, providing they are not being true to My Instructions.

SCRIBE said...

Children / the future generations are to be reared as CHILDREN- through godly principles and character building in wisdom. Children are not to be inundated with too much information which is not crucial or pertinent to their own well-being. Parents are to set clear guidelines and as to the proper order of things, and when in doubt, they are to refer to my foolproof instruction manual- The Holy Word of God, while seeking the Holy Spirit for direction in how they are to implement my word into their lives. Dear precious people, be it not wise to bring up your children in the ways to serve as your best friend, confidants, and overwhelming them with adult issues, as well as exposing them to confidential information in regards to others. They are unable to follow the examples that you speak of, but will readily imitate the examples that they observe you walking in and living out before them. In this world, there are many troubles, so the children are to be spared gory details, while not being dragged into things which do not directly concern them personally or is not relevant to their own households and not useful in the building up / edification of others, and giving Glory to God. so, I- the Lord of Hosts beseech my people by my pure mercies to repent of these said atrocities, while making conscious choices to do things differently according to my precepts to achieve different results. I am the Lord of Hosts and I give hope to the hopeless and I am a Fried who sticks closer than any brother or sister. Confide in Me whatever you will and I shall bring about Healing and Deliverance, while imparting Wisdom in all things. I am the Lord thy god and I have come to shed light on the truths that my people have hidden from while Releasing them from captivity of chaos, discord, and mayhem. This is the day that the Lord has made and my prized Sons and Daughters of Faith are to rejoice and be glad in it. For I have not come to condemn, but to bring about conviction and healing in every area. My people are to become transformed through a renewing of the mind. I am the way, the truth, and the Light. I have not come to placate the symptoms, but to cut the disease / sickness out from the roots. My word is a two-edged sword, bringing about Healing as well as destroying everything unlike me.

Restoration comes from the inside out and wherever the mind goes, so goes the heart and the rest of the body. from the heart, the mouth speaks forth the issues of life. Choose ye’ on this day whose report you shall believe, which master you shall serve, and what road you choose to walk. Those whom I have purposed, I also foreknew before the foundations of the universe. Therefore, straddling the fence is prohibited- for I the Lord of Hosts have come to knock the fences down and set the captives free. I come forth by way of My Holy Spirit not to indulge one in simple comforts, but to upset foundations not fully built upon Me- for I am the Rock that never crumbles. Truly, I say unto you, I am not in the business of protecting comfort zones, yet more so concerned in transforming the conditions of the hearts through renewing of the minds through Christ. In all things, allow your yes to serve as an emphatic yes and your no’s to suffice as a definite no! A yes or no should be rendered by way of the Holy Spirit, not based on outward appearances, for a double-minded person is unstable in all of his / her ways. I am the Lord Almighty--- the way, the truth, and the Light of the World. Growth in Me is a PROCESS and one does not make progress unless they undergo intense processing. It may prove painful as the flesh and old mindsets are killed off bit by bit, but shall certainly be beneficial to My Greater good. Amen.

SCRIBE said...

Seek my presence most and walk in obedience unto Me; for obedience unto Me is birthed out of a Love Relationship WITH, IN, and THROUGH ME. It may not feel good, yet ultimately is for the overall good. My ways are not in steps of what looks good and acceptable in the eyes of others, nor feeling good by way of outside influence. As my people abide in My Spirit and walk in obedience unto Me, I am well pleased and they are beautiful in my sight, where they eventually begin to feel good about having done what is right and just in regards to Me- Father God in Heaven, simply because it is right. Selah…

My people are not to wallow in self-pity or defeatist paradigms because they are not perfect. None are perfect, yet through My Holy Spirit Fire, they are perfected and renewed from the inside out. Shout Hallelujah! for faith comes by hearing and hearing comes through the Word of God. My Word is a lamp unto your feet and marrow to your bones. Rejoice! for my word is not esoterically based, or emotional feel-good jargon, yet primary to the sustaining essentials of life that serves to do y people good in the spirit of my Greater Good. My grace redeems, restores, and revives now and forever more.

I am the Lord Almighty and this set appointed time for instruction and direction shall serve as key elements in the release of those things that were previously withheld and delayed. For I have not only come to heal physical ailments, yet moreover for counteracting maladies of the heart and spiritual plagues of the mind. Renewing of the mind brings forth New Attitudes and New Ideas so that My people are not held captive by ways of wrong thinking, bitterness, contention, strife, or malice. Whatever is done is to be done out of pure heart motives and without hidden agendas, neither selfish intent or securing false senses of security. There is no need to try to hold on tightly to things or people out of fear that something more will be snatched away. I am the Lord and I say- LET IT ALL GO that I may be allowed to perfect all concerns of my people. Sometimes, my people act as if they shall die if there is something / anything that they do not understand nor are made privy to all the details of things. However, that which I intend for them to know, I shall reveal at the appropriate time. They are to accept my truth in the fact that there are many things that they simply do not need to know. Therefore, when they fail toe leave some matters alone, they may suffer unfortunate situations that they have brought upon themselves for refusal of abandoning their quests for information not meant for them. I am the Lord of Hosts and I shall not leave my people whom worship me in Spirit and Truth out in the wilderness to die- neither allow them to dwell in ignorance and abide in darkness. Oftentimes, becoming privy to more than ones’ own share of information may prove dangerous, even deadly. So, dare not allow my admonishments to fall upon deaf ears, and I implore of you to not get caught with your pants down around your ankles or downplaying my forebodings.

SCRIBE said...

I am the Lord of Hosts and I lead my people into Divine Truth. Offer unto Me sacrifices of Worship, Praise, and Thanksgiving- while inquiring of Me for whatever is necessary, foremost seeking my presences for WISDOM to carry forth in the Kingdom of god. I provide what is necessary for my people at the right time—according to my Divine Timing. My ways are not the ways of humankind and my thoughts far greater than the thoughts of my people. I provide seed to the sowers and bread unto those who feed my sheep. If I am God Almighty in my peoples’ lives they are to serve me with Gladness, yet if they have set something else up in their lives to be their God, then they are to serve those things! For a person cannot have more than one master, for they shall obsess over one and neglect the others. My people are to examine themselves through they eyes of the Holy Spirit that they may clearly see what else in their lives they are utilizing as a “god”--- whether it be a child, home, job, car, bank account, financial portfolio, spouse, obsession over finding a spouse, a parent, old relationships, or any other habitual rituals- including religion and old mindsets. Selah…

SCRIBE said...

Unless comes to acknowledge and understand the nature of a beast, they may wrongly perceive the beast to only be a pet or “pet demon”. Then, as the beast attempts to rise up and overtake and devour them, they cry out to me for help. Yet, because they chose to wear blinders and wander aimlessly in the darkness, continuing to feed the “pet”, only to recognize that they nursed it, fed it until it became an unruly creature, outgrowing the encasing, plotting hostile takeovers and swallowing alive its trainer / owner / parent / guardian. Selah… Wherefore, if the trainer had rightly perceived the potential of nurturing what would become a “pet demon” / beast in the making, perhaps they may have trained it up differently in the ways of Wisdom as given by the Holy Spirit, to establish foundations of truth and authority in Christ, maintaining proper order and dominion--- as opposed to disorder, and complete dysfunction that leads to infrastructure breakdown and surefire calamity. Selah…Amen.

My people are to lead by example, then the examples that they set shall promote truths that dwell within them. Therefore, my people are to carefully examine the seeds that they have sown into the lives of others. Be it not wise to sow seeds that one does not desire a harvest of like kind from--- be it good, bad, ugly, or indifferent. Although long-suffering, temperance, patience, and kindness are Fruits of the Spirit; many suffer needlessly because of what they have haphazardly parceled out. Whereas, some of my prized bondservants undergo scrutinizes and persecutions of sorts, not because of their own transgressions, yet for the sake of others they will have to pick up and nurse to health sometime down the road. And theses trials, My Precious People are NOT for the fait at heart.

I am the Lord Almighty and never shall I leave or forsake you. Stand in awe of Me, for no greater Love has ever been demonstrated than that which I- the Lord Jehovah offered up as the sacrifice for humanity- My Son the Christ. Those whom dare to obey me without regard to personal cost; they shall one day count it all as pure joy. They walked in sowing in tears and blood, yet shall inherit the greatest gifts of reaping new wine and first-pressed oil, fresh grains, and rare gemstones. Great is my faithfulness indeed. Let every nation rejoice, for I am a RIGHT NOW GOD and the time has arrived for Breakthroughs Galore and the tearing down of strongholds and incineration of wicked imaginations that have attempted to exalt themselves above the knowledge of God.

Standfast! for I am the Lord Almighty! I come forth by My Holy Spirit to set the captives free. So, REJOICE as I open the floodgates of Wisdom and Manifest TRUTH, Light, Favor, and Provision. I AM Light in the darkness, Shelter in the times of storm, Your VERY PRESENT HELP AT ALL TIMES! I am the Lord Jehovah, so Shout Hallelujah in continual Praise and Adoration….

Selah… Amen.

P. Avery said...

I've been re-listening to "Navigating the Winds of Change" and reading MkITN and had a, for me, aha moment on the Testaments: "renaming" them to Old Testimonies and New Testimonies seemed really cool.

I'm not sure I can convey the depth of what it means to me, but understanding that the two collections of books are to reveal "their" testimonies of the wonderful works of God.

The new "name" opens up my sight more to the question of "what are the testimonies of the wonderful works of God that those who have come since the cannon was closed?" "What are the wonderful works those who do not know His name know?" "What are the wonderful works the person next to me knows?"

I know this is inadequate, but for me its a very cool awareness.

elle! Good to see you, stranger!

I agree, Bishop, on Jonah's playing last night. It had an interpretive-prophetic-new joy sound to it. More please, Jonah!

Erik said...

Well, it seems this blog issue is pretty open, so I will post the beginning of a story I started. It is fun.

Also, Bishop, yeah I understand about the specific issue of not watching the news. At the same time, the news in general is pretty much the same tune with different words year after year. The news is so B list.

Here is the story first part, hope you enjoy, It seems fun to me.


So, I am walking in The Garden, just kind of stumbled in. Smell a BBQ, always a good sign. Following my nose, I came across them. A big smile on my face, of course they are here. Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad stoking the grill, roasting... let me see, sniff, sniff... lamb, beef, chicken, and… fresh veggies cut up, smells are wonderfully intense.

As I approach, they say “Come on, want some?” “Yeah, sounds great!”, as I take a piece of lamb, they start heartily laughing. The lamb is really good. I ask what they are laughing at; Abraham says “You are more impressed with the lamb than the three of us”. Feeling like I may have made a faux pas, I swallow the bit of lamb in my mouth, wipe my hands, walking toward Abraham, “ Thanks for the invite.”.

Muhammad, laughing, “ I grill a great lamb, of course your attention was there”.

“Show off” Jesus chimes in, all of them begin to laugh again.

I see this gorgeous woman,super hot, the most beautiful, and clearly in sync with everything in the Universe, off to my left, my eyes fixed on her, more laughing , “ Isn’t this what you expected? “ The Spirit of God asks. “Wow”, is all I can get out. “Any presence is available, this is the one that you bring out” she explains. “Good for me” I say, almost hypnotized. That is broken by roar of laughter from Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Jesus, interrupts the laughter, regaining His composure “OK, OK, we have had some fun , enjoy the rest of the food, the best you’ve ever tasted, let’s talk”.

I fill my plate, eat, Abraham asks me if I want a beer, “Sure”, it is the best beer ever. This is so cool.

“So,” wiping my mouth, “What’s the scoop?”

Muhammad begins. “ The Abrahamics, you know, Jews, Christians, Muslims, really got to get a clue. The rest of the world is waiting for you to catch up, your development has been reaaaallllllyyyyy sloooooooowwwww . The Spirit of God has been in all of you, everyone, but especially you Abrahamics, filling, nourishing, transforming, to get you up to speed. It is in you all to express the inside out into The World and really get on track with the depth, breadth, and width of Love”.

Abraham follows , “ We have been engaged. Of course The Spirit of God could simply do it, but what fun or actually growth would there be in that ? Y’all are really the hitch, soaking in The World’s attention, you’ve got receiving down pat, but really struggle in the giving of what is central to Life. You argue about EVERYTHING! Doubt of self and of G-d, Allah, God, consumes your thoughts. “

Jesus adds, “ Trust Jah, Trust and receive The Spirit of God in each other. You are kind of gumming up the whole works. Yeah, Elohim could simply do it, but We want you to WANT to. Remember the Cheap Trick song that stuck in your head ‘I want you to want me…’ and many others, well, duhh!!! It’s all cool. Just chill with each other and it will be the most fun ever.

He continues, "Creation is the best of the best , ALL of Creation. The least of you, The Abrahamics, have been given the ability to open the paradigm. By altering yours, the veil drops. Elohim has provided such blessing and favor to get you over the hump. So take it, do it. All the same, The Universe goes on and we are having a great time, just want you to join us. “

Erik said...

continued- I exceeded the character limit, finishing here.

The Spirit of God calls out, man, it so easy to pay attention to Her. “ Relax, We are all just talking. Anything to add?”

“You are really beautiful from the inside out” I respond like a schoolboy entranced. She replies, “I know, I mean, have you noticed anything?”

I take a few moments, I realize we are all naked. Which is a good thing, especially with The Spirit of God. I bring this up, again laughter. “No shame, good. All is exposed every moment, what you see with your eyes and Spirit is always visible, a wall’s only benefit is for design and style, to accentuate not to hide or defend. Truth loves exposure”.

“Well, we share your enjoyment of your vision of The Spirit of God” , Abraham smiles.

I grin,can't help it, “Hey, Sarah was amazing Abraham, strong, inspired and beautiful. Mary M was quite the excellent woman Jesus, filled with understanding and insight. Muhammad, Khadijah was an entrepreneur, successful, smart, accomplished and beautiful. I am following the path you all blazed, let alone the rest of The World. Muhammad, you had eleven or thirteen, I am still way behind. “

“ A sense of humor, he has” The Spirit of God laughed. “Wonderful, Trust transformation of doubt into trust”.

Izumi/JOY said...

God morning beloved Universe.

Yep, Bish - still, "out there"!

Bro Erik - What was in Muhammad's lamb recipe, again? I'm sitting here laughing out loud.

Great stuff, everyone!

JOY bubble, buzzing by to nudge, "hey!"

Anonymous said...

Great post Erik, several of your points are excellent but it is the 'just chill with each other' point that I am most drawn to. We all live in our own universe it seems, many of them closely parallel each other and all are composed of the same elements but just arranged a little differently. In my universe there are no judgements, only observations and actions taken (either in thought, word or deed) to maitain a form homostasis. For instance, You are in my universe as a highly intelligent source of acceptance. When percieving there is rejection forming from a source of ignorance, I just take a dose of you and mix it in until there is a peaceful flow again. Izumi/Joy is a source of encouragement that brings stablity to a percieved source of condemnation. The thing is though, that there probably is no rejection or condemnation to begin with, just an incorrect interpretation of what is being observed. For there to be any ripple in my universe that is chaotic is dependent upon my faith as much as that same faith will establish a continuum of order and what exactly is the difference between order and chaos anyway other than what I say it is. So, as long as I can keep my percieved sources of acceptance and encouragement along with all other forms of ballancing compounds at hands reach until such time that my understanding of truth rules out the need of them, I will be able to keep on chillin with what ever other universe that is encountered. It seems more likely to me at this point that truth will confirm the existence of unity as though all eternity is the same thing rather than different things but that is yet to be seen in my searchings.

I would also be distracted by the beautiful woman and in my universe tend to see the feminine as more beautiful than the masculine but truth says they are the same. In each other universe there will never be enough information for me to gather that will allow me to completely understand what that universe is all about but I do know this much, all of us are made from the same stuff that our collective consciousness has arranged according to its ever changing understanding of the truth. In my universe, seeking truth is the only truth there is and my God exists both within and without the infinity of universi.

Blessings to the cosmos and to our God who was and is and is to come.

dgm2007 said...

Any problem that can be solved with a checkbook isn't really a problem, it's just an expense. -Harvey Mackay
I like this quote.. Have a safe trip... Everybody
Peace and love
my verification-psific

Son of Zadok said...

When you dial into Holy Spirit,

you dial into Everything.

Son of Zadok said...


I didn't have time to read the posts here earlier, but now that I did, wow, that was awesome! I had that same sensation reading that story as I did while reading "The Shack", which is to say, I could feel the glory in it. Maybe you should write a book, "Weekend with Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammad".

"It’s all cool. Just chill with each other and it will be the most fun ever."

That is so much what it is all about. That's where we see God in everyone in every situation and setting. Being able to see and experience that in life is a very holy thing. We are so blessed to be learning how Jesus loves.

Last night I had a wonderful time in the Lord. Something I came away with was this. Even the hardness and trials in your life, the things that cause you great pain and struggle...Thank God for them. Their may be a bitter cup that you have to endure, but this cup is from the Father. Accept it, you may not want it, but you want God's will to be done, so you drink it. You thank God and count God in all things. Those who are called to pick up their cross and follow and also crucified, and we live not only in the crucifixion, but also in the resurrection. So thank Holy Spirit, and keep your desire upon It.

Son of Zadok said...

That last part should have read.

Those who are called to pick up their cross and follow are also crucified.

Have a great night everyone.


A move of The Spirit different from what you have yet tasted Sunday. Don't miss it.

Son of Zadok said...


I also meant to say how good it is to hear from you. I was thinking about you last week. Their is no shame in absence, just a season for everything.

"elle" said...

Multitudenous thanks, P. Avery & SOZ... it's nice to be missed :)

Hope all is well with each of you out here/there in cyberland. Think of and pray for you all often!


Son of Zadok said...

Wow Elle, that was a quick reply.

Does your blackberry go off when your name is typed into BITN?

Just read this on another blog and it was kind of a conformation to what I was talking about.

We all go through difficult times. We all feel like our suffering will never end. We all wonder why it is we hurt the way we do. But when the pains of life come and you feel like you want to give up, just remember, you never know what may be waiting for you. So, hold on, take a breath, and push through. If you do this, you may just find that your present suffering is nothing compared to what God is about to reveal in you.

Northern Light said...

SHAZAM BATMAN.... leave them alone to their own devices and look what you get.

I've been away from the puter for a couple days and WOW, what intense and powerful and Enjoyable reading.

What a place we have here, to be heard, amazed, entertained (in a good way),and definitely BLESSED by the outpouring of emotion and beliefs that make us each who we are.

Many of you are quite the "word-smiths", many are deep and soulful, recollective and interspective.

Whether deep into the walk or just taking the first steps, it is all here, all accepted, all family. It's all GOOD> and all GOD.

Let me say hey to each of you here today...nice to connect one to one.

Karl..saw your baptism and prayed through the streaming. Enjoy reading what's up.

p avery...I ALWAYS enjoy your serious, commentative posts, but today I am still smiling about Edith Ann....gosh, I'd misplaced my delight and how much I loved the Lily Tomlin show and antics.
Your song tweets in the morning are a delight and I look forward to them. (ahh.. Donny & go girlfriend ~ ha)

Scribe...WOW...I have to read and re-read your posts. The depth; I need to be sure I'm getting it all.

elle...So good to see ya! I haven't passed thru your place recently either, forgive me, but I'm coming. made a point straight out of my day, way cool. Like, how'd you know, man? The cross ~~

My brother, Erik, when you stoke that grill, send an invite up North, K ? There will be a party with food for us all, I know it's coming~ and I will be there.

Of course, Bish...thanks for this place and letting us roll with it, even when you're away. We miss your daily input, but that was a season and there's another one around the corner. We know you check in on us and we love it when we hear from you. You ARE busy doin the things we learn from and wait for you to share. Selah.

Northern Light

Son of Zadok said...

Keep shining N.L. and a big hello back to you.

After I typed "keep shining" I looked down and saw the ver word.

ver:stsun - saint sun (northern light)

I'm going a little ver word crazy, but it's just so fun. Even when it cusses at you...

Northern Light said...

I love the word vers....
and I love that one ~!

Thanks for mentioning it, so cool ~


Erik said...

Izumi/Joy --- Glad it brought you laughter. The lamb recipe seems to change , but I have the essence of it, it is variable, but always good. Maybe that means you need to come over with others and your fam for a party ? Of course with lamb as one o of the courses  .

Anon 941 AM 072409 -- Thank you. ‘Just chillin’’, I agree is the main point. Relax, enjoy, --- Peace, Joy and Righteousness with each other, in The Tree of Life, just say no to the drug of that other tree. That addicting crack pipe of judgment/condemnation – the freak out of knowledge of good and evil --- just say no. Go Ms. Bush!!! Just say NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the consideration in your Universe. Honored.

SOZ - Yes, just chilling does bring the most fun ever. Maybe I should know, hanging with the guys and all, but who is Zadock? ]

Elle, always wonderful.

NL – grill is fired up, roasting tomorrow. Let me know when you will be around, and we will plan a feast!

Love to ALL, hearty and full.

karl cobos said...

Bishop, something about this man in the picture, the eyes I think, that reminds me of your dad.

karl cobos said...

Hi Bishop...The day the Box Stars were in New York I had this dream around noon Thursday while napping which included the song "Father Abraham", here goes;

It involved Santa Claus singing the Box Stars song "Father Abraham" while he was sitting down writing Ebenezer Scrooge a reconciliation note, and Scrooge was in another location thinking about good things he is supposed to write Santa and his heart was being softened.

They were both thinking at first about the disagreements like, "even though you do this, and do that..." but as I woke up I knew the ending was about them connecting with each other.

Scrooge was very much against Christmas, just like many Muslims/others are against christians. The song is about reconciling because we're all of the same father.
I just feel from the dream that the song is going to soften many hearts on both sides.
Take care!-Karl

Karl said...

So cool I had to share this after reading the comments.

The main thing that popped out to me, like someone else said here was "just chill", but what was really neat is that is what I had already put on my blog earlier in the day even with a cookout picture.
...and if you go back to May 27 of the AYITN entitled PERFECT PEACE, which is what I was reading at the time, part of #7 says this...

Today I will settle down,inwardly, and trust God with my life completely. Today I will JUST CHILL, and today I will live in the now.

If you want to see a good shot of someone "just chillin'" and the cookout picture go to and you'll see the connection of why I thought that was neat about "JUST CHILL"

...really enjoy the comments and writings here today.

By the way...Pastor Chad had a really nice meeting at The Flow tonight which included Pastor Henry reding, and poems from Laura Benson.

Izumi/JOY said...

God morning all,

Thank you, Anon 9:41 AM.

Erik - sounds fun! I'll even bring cilantro. :)

P. Avery said...

Agreed, NL, lots being shared and all interesting. Thanks for the shout out. The songs are actually in my head when I wake. Its a way Holy Spirit has communicated with me since we went through a rough path straightening time many years ago(yikes, just calculated--32!)

Northern Light said...

P Avery,

Well thank you, even more, for sharing HS morning specialties. How Generous. Yes, many times I want to tweet back and tell you how that song feels; but you know, the whole "follow you , follow me" Twitter just won't see it. So I had to tell ya' somehow and LOOK HERE>>>>>we have this place ! haha

Peace, and keep singing!
Northern Light

Northern Light said...

I never forget an invite, so just don't you be surprised when I try to get a hold of you for that meal~

Actually, I am packing today for a week in Atlanta, doing another mission trip with our teens from my home church and Church on the Street, there. However, no time is mine, so it won't be this week. I WILL be back later in August or September,for personal time, some job interest & relaxing, so.............ha
...but I'll be smelling the air and maybe I'll get a whiff all the way to Atlanta next week :) grill on!
Northern Light

P. Avery said...

Agreeing with you, Bishop, about Christina and the news. Lots of studies on the effects on military wives also agree with you.

Our connection with each other leads to thinking we need to "go through it with
them." Studies found its
more helpful to maintain "normal" for the soldier to return home to.

P. Avery said...

NL, apologies for that. It's a decision I made when I first joined Twitter. Point of twitter is open communication, so I choose not to follow when updates are blocked. And yep, updates not blocked here, so its cool we have this place :)

Northern Light said...

Sweet P Avery,

Oh, no apologies needed

Twitter is a mixed bag sometimes....I had no understanding of that Twitter world at first, then saw some very unusual and shall I say "shady/inappropriate" sites/people following, so that scared me off the total open thing. Then I went to "the invite to follow choice". That's why.

It's all good... :)

Fed Ex just came...I have to get caught up on my CITN dvd's and I got a few books for "Christmas in July" for some friends...this is a good morning !


P. Avery said...

NL, those individuals can be blocked. Twitter even monitors "blocks" and shuts down questionabe accounts. I block some, some are already
shut down and some I leave by the Spirit.
Twitters protection of their tool is one of the reasons I like it.

Blessings to you. Enjoy your package.

Northern Light said...

P Avery,

You should work for gave me more info than they do! I did, in fact get a notcie, along with one of the "follower" that it was not recommended or questionable, something to that effect. That's when I got leary.

Thanks for the extra info.


Northern Light said...

I know you were emotionally moved by the story of Nevaeh, the 5 yr. old MI girl, whose body was found by fishermen near the river. I posted on the prayer blog about her some new released info. (you may or may not want to read, but FYI for prayer)

I can't stop thinking about her..and praying for the justice, but not judgement by me. I just can't/don't understand the how~and thank God HE didn't call me to be a judge in the courtoom. That's honest me.

Northern Light

Northern Light said...


A pot of Sicilian Style Arichokes are getting started. Want any to go along with your roasting tomorrow? Big yum I tell ya'

Northern Light

Ebony said...

Hello Bloggers,

Hope all of you are enjoying the beauty of this lovely Summer Saturday. One of the things I love about Bishops sermon's is their quick application. And the sermon last Sunday has stuck with me, especially the part about the Joy of the Lord being my strength, even when you are unhappy. And I was able to do that this week. In preparing for the new school year I went to ask my administrators where I would be this year since they hadn't told me before we left. So finally they told me that in all likelyhood I would be floating this year (going from room to room on an aerodynamic classroom on wheels). And while this news, coupled with the paycut and the furloughing of days certainly made me very unhappy. I still was able to be joyful in the fact that I had a great job with awesome co-workers, the furloughs are a small price to pay to ensure all of us are contracted, and the end of the year room inspections and inventory lists are a pain, so, they did me some favors. Instead of bemoaning having some kids again, I embrace the oportunity to make one really good final impression on them (pray for me that I keep this attitude) It truly is all good. Plus, I got the great news that one of my student loans was cancelled and closed due to my classroom service. Is this the beginning of a reaping, harvest or the start of my return?? Could be, could be not? Looking forward to tomorrow when you're back ITB Bishop. A

¡Amor, Besitos, y duchas de bendiciones y favor del espiritu santo! (Love kisses, and showers of the Holy Spirit's blessing and favor)

Larry Usher said...

Shock waves through the Body of Christ from the Head, the Christ, the Spirit...increasing...past, present, future...increasing....shock waves through the Body...increasing.

Awareness of the Head, awareness of the Body...increasing...

Sense of interconnectedness increasing...

Floodgates opened, Spirit poured out...increasing, ever increasing...

No containin', no 'splainin', no complainin'...just Rainin'...

...get ready...

Son of Zadok said...

Oh my God,

Rhyme of the year!

No joke.

Northern Light said...


ERIK...the pot of artichokes was intended to go along with YOUR "roastin".........Keith just wanted some! ha

Northern Light