Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JULY IN THE NOW (From A Year In The Now)


Red, white and blue banners to brighten things up...

Marching bands to move you...

Parades to pick up your spirits...

A dazzlingly deafening display of light, color and noise to excite you as it explodes above your head in the heat of the summer night...

Celebrate it all - all that the summer brings...

Baseball games, barbecued ribs, and bare feet...

Cotton candy, carnivals and convertibles...

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream...

Long, lazy afternoons, lemonade, and laughing out loud!

Put the top down and go to a drive-in movie...

Remember to ride a roller coaster...

And celebrate life!

Make a joyful noise all the earth!

"When you win, we plan to raise the roof and lead the parade with our banners. May all your wishes come true! (Psalms 20:5 - The Message)


Pastor Nancy said...

I love the YITN . . . and especially the month of JULY because summer is my favorite time of the year.

God bless America!!

haro44 said...

Only one thing more, and it is something that we didn't realize was cruel when we were little, and that is catching a jar full of lightning bugs! We did always release them,so not feeling guilty about the fact that you rarely ever see one anymore! Keep the faith! H

Brenda said...

Summer is my time and I am enjoying every day of it. I shall enjoy it more as I leave Friday for the woods of Alabama. I going to walk the grounds of my dad's 49 acres farm. I'm going to fake fish in the lakes because I'm not putting my hands on bait or any slippery fish. So I'll just put the line in without bait and make believe. If my computer will pick up anything I will watch church on Sunday but I doubt if that will happen, because I'm talking about the sticks, next to nowhere. I'm just going to relax with no phones ringing, no tv, just me and whatever I want to do. If that's not the life of Riley then I don't know what is. My dad says I'm going to pick peas and squash and whatever else he plants but that's not part of my reality so I think I'll take drinking lemonade in the shade. I'm going to dangle my feet in the water and watch the cows as they wander around the fields. I'll commune with God and rejoice in the the fact that he loves me.
Have a happy and safe 4th and I will see ya'll when I get back.

Mystic said...


We are HIS...


It's OUR's ok to go celebrate it...

Happy Independence Day, Blog Fam!

Wordver: chetos...'nuff said :-)

Anonymous said...

What a prophetic holiday - Independence Day!

Last night, I heard a prophetic declaration of independence from Bishop as he declared (a decision we all agreed upon in the spirit) a spiritual authority and dominion over the natural world system of religion as usual when he said "This is why Church In The Now must exist"...

Today is..."After This..."

By the Spirit that dwells in each and every one of us, I believe that what God has decreed and put in motion will continue along with His full provision of all resources required...

The incubation period is over...

Rest in His peace...God's Word always brings peace...

Avatar said...

Oh my Haro44...THAT's cruel? When my mom showed us how cool that was and told us she and friends used to remove the "lights" and make glow in the dark rings, I thought jars were humane...durn.

May childlike freedom be real for us ALL...

Izumi/JOY said...


Maybe I've never been to heaven. But, once, on my daughter's day off, we shared a bucket of shrimp, steamed in Old Bay.

Maybe that's close.

You're a soggy Nemo towel, drenched in Capri Sun grape. I've got you draped across one shoulder, and a Coppertoned sleepy toddler on the other.

The smoke from your campfire clings to my jacket. (won't wash it for weeks)

I wore you home in my sandals. And, when I tapped your shiny beach grains from my toes, I blessed every Pilgrim traveling through you.

Karl said...

The whole neighborhood used to play baseball in my grandomother's large front yard.

In July we went to the cabin in N. Georgia by the lake, fish, skip stones, and go out and pick blackberries by the dirt road for an evening cobbler. Nighttime consisted of cards and board games with a symphony of catydids, crickets and sreech owls in the woods surrounding us, and an occasional scary movie like Frankenstein!

I love July; my birthday on the 11th, celebrating July 4th and wedding anniversary on the 18th!
This month I plan another sign of freedom and celebration-getting baptized!...seeking to go deeper in the things of the Spirit and His kingdom, and to not be afraid of the fire!

Love all, have an awesome day, awesome people!

River said...

That's all good But you left out Head to the beach and enjoy God's awesome wonder.

Anonymous said...

Something mentioned by Bishop last night that although a little off the point but still within context has given me some great meditative thoughts today. He briefly mentioned that he saw a picture of John (Conyers) when John was in the Navy as a young man. Don't know why but today I could almost visualize Francis Scott Key penning down the words to our National anthem but it was a much older version of John Conyers face with white hair and everything, dressed in period clothing of course. That kinda makes sense in a way because Key ended the song with home of the Brave and we all know what a Braves fan John is. I saw another vision of Patrick Henry saying give me liberty or give me death with the same face on it but this time John followed it by saying wait a minute, I'm good with the liberty thing but ya'll can keep the death part.

Its great to live in a free part of the world in our present time. I pray for peace and believe it is as Anon @ 7 AM said, a product of God's Word.

Blessings to all who are serving the world on behalf of freedom for all this forth of July.

Thanks for the beautiful word last evening Bish, the sweet Spirit of our God rest upon you and your household. Enjoy fishing and hope you can bring in a hundred fifty three or more.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner on September 14th - John's birthday. Weird...but maybe you knew that.

Anonymous said...


I know you say that you tend to overuse alliteration in your writing, but you employ it quite nicely in this July AYITN poem. Well done!


Larry Usher said...

One of my favorite memories of summer was running after the popsicle truck in the early evening and then later "Mr Softie" who had soft ice cream, hot fudge sundaes & all. I still remember several specific times and the locations in our neighborhood where we caught up to them. This was at age 5.
We also had summer swimming at the Clinton(NY) pool and we used to love getting under the COLD water outlet until we got brain freeze!
Yah, lightning bugs in a jar.
In NY, the 4th was the first holiday after school got out so it meant going to the St. Lawrence River to the family cottage, SOOO many wonderful memories, but more the FEELING of ease and timelessness and family and belonging. Moonlight over the water in the night from the rocking chairs on the front porch, watching the big ships go down the seaway all ablaze with lights from bow to stern, sparklers running through the yard, mosquito repellant all over us while attending the Tabernacle "tent movies" at 9pm, watching the falling stars from the rocks out front in a sky so dark & stars so bright you stood there with your mouth open! Going up to the local grocery store to buy "Blue Boy" colas for 8 cents a can and baseball cards for a nickel, being thrilled at anything that said "Yankees"(sorry you Yankee haters! :)) Saluting the big ships with the large flashlight till the wee hours of the morning and staying up after most everyone else had gone to bed trying to stiffle laughs so as not to wake them.
Lighting a "wheel" of firecrackers we thought would only last a couple of minutes only to have it last 10 and have the cops in attendance at the end watching the illegal contraband breathe its last!
Oh joy! Oh Summer! Oh, Life! Oh, for the days of Heaven on Earth!

Bro Lar

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,

Actually I didn't know that without looking for it but obviously some One in the nether knows it and wanted to send a little cheer. That really cool and makes the both humorous and serious reflection of John in that role even more meaningful. You both deserve kudos for your support of CITN and I really do see John as a patriot.


River said...

Today I'm in memory mode. I remember my mom (God rest her soul) use to prepare all the cold food the day before the 4th. She use to make potato & pasta salad, deviled eggs & a dessert. Today I found myselfmaking some of the things my mom did. Good memories.
For those who may have lost a loved one my prayers are with you. Just remember the good times. Have a Happy 4th Of July

Erik said...

"When you win, we plan to raise the roof and lead the parade with our banners. May all your wishes come true! (Psalms 20:5 - The Message)

Remember to ride a roller coaster.

And celebrate life!

Make a joyful noise all the earth!
The Blog entry by Bishop, ended with the above.

When we win. An absolute, imminent (in our understanding, our paradigm, where a day is a day as we understand), We/They plan to raise the roof and lead a parade with banners. We/They, Elohim, speak – All Our wishes come true. Riding the coaster, celebrating life, and expressing Joy everywhere.

Assurance. Already put in place. Of course that brings parades, sensual pleasures of laughing, joyful feel of experience in our ears, on our skin, in our mouths, before our eyes, and through our noses. Combined in our holistic experience of the sensual and spiritual helix, expressed in our individual and corporate lives that fill time, space, the Earths and The Heavens (Kingdoms).

4th July, and all the independence days celebrated through the year by different societies are equal. The independence and freedom represented by the salvation from our paradigm of good and evil, expressed in The Word made Flesh, from The Beginning, and Present, and The End. The One who has a Name only The One knows, has already made it so.

We celebrate the freedom and independence with interdependence between each of us, Elohim, the sensual and the spiritual. Free, saved, blessed, celebrated, honored --- every one.

Erik said...

A fun, interesting, aspect of this particular 4th July.

Democracy, one person, one vote who elect others, and especially the head of state. It is not surprising for a people to raise up against a tiny minority who insists on enforcing their decision that apparently, or absolutely confirmed is different than the people who voted selected.

On this particular 4th July, we in America and other countries are concerned and even appalled at the results in Iran, and that a small minority has selected The President over the apparent decision of the people, although there is no actual count that supports the people, however, it has the strong appearance that the real numbers have not been reported.

The people challenged those with the power (guns) and have been forcibly quieted, with arrests , as well as deaths and injuries.

Of course, it is much more interesting when it is clearly acknowledged, and confirmed that people voted and one person was the people’s choice, but a tiny elite minority enforced their decision of the one who was not as President. In that instance however, the people accepted the wisdom of the tiny percentage that decide such things, than the people’s own judgment. There were no street protests, no unrest, no strikes, but rather acquiescence to the better judgment of those who clearly know better than the people.

Had there been civil disobedience, would Marshall Law have been declared ? Arrests made and fatalities ? Not in America, well, except for Kent State and Chicago, but that was decades ago. That would never have happened in 2000. Of course, in 2000, the much wiser electoral college (Supreme Council) corrected the will of the people, which of course we were glad they knew better, and corrected the rest of us. We would not now think of the type of response the Iranians have, we are civilized and know the score.

Those silly Iranians who protest now, do they not know the Supreme Council is much wiser than they. They need to take a lesson form America, accept the better judgment and realize that when the people disagree with the elite scant minority, the people are wrong.

Elsewhere, along with America, many other nations who support the Iranian protesters, do not have democratically elected heads of state. So, we believe Iran should eschew our example, and defy the elite minority. At least someone should do it, but we and many of our friends will not.

The Iranian leaders are doing what we did. Enforcing the decision supported by their social contract, that the tiny elite minority make the decision. When the people agree great, when they do not, the people’s decision is void. The smart ones do not complain, the silly ones do.

Mystic said...

I guess I will have to be silly then...

Peace blog fam!

River said...

Happy 4th Of July

Remember those who fought for our freedom.
Remember those who are still fighting to keep our freedom.
Thank You To The
Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard,
Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air Force Guard,
Navy, Navy Reserve,
Marine Corp, Marine Corp Reserve, Coast Guard, & Coast Guard Reserve

Anonymous said...

Great satire Erik. Spoken like a true American.

Yea, we kept silent and suffered the consequence and that is all part of the American experiment. With the benefit of hindsight, had it to be done again, things would probably be different now but wait a minute! I voted for the one deposed by the supreme council that year and also prayed that God's will be done in that election on behalf of what America needed most. Now we have grown to see a greater prayer being answered on behalf of the whole world. Would that have happened without the manipulated vote that appeared to be against the will of the people in a race almost too close to call? I don't know but I am grateful for what has happened to bring our nation to its knees in seeking the will of God.

Our nation's equivalent to radical Islamic factions that thought it could control this past vote by sending out numerous fear messages against our current president failed miseribly and many true followers of the Christ that were caught up in that faction have had their eyes opened to God's Love that has cast out fear from our nation. As much as our current president is a man of destiny so were those previously in that position and they have all worked together for our good because we in America are called for the purpose of promoting liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all humanity.

Yea I agree to be silly to. My voice like yours and Mystic's will be happy to have its words directed toward the accomplishment of peace on earth and good will toward all humanity.

One Faith

Larry Usher said...

Oh that pesky Constitution, would that it were never written(sarcasm).
Oh and did we not loathe the one one who was "selected" by that "Supreme Council", did we not as a nation revile him, did we not mock him, equating him with monkeys and Hitler and donkeys. Did we not speak against him over and over and over again. And we wonder at the results?
This country is suffering from the ignorance of its own people to its own form of government, the complacency of its people to become informed and the unwillingness of its people to act. We have become a voyeuristic, couch potato society of watchers, content to sit on the sidelines and let other people live our lives for us(present company excepted). The real change we need is for our nation to pull its collective head out of the sand and be pioneers again, responsible for our own actions and quick to assist our neighbors without request. The people, not the construct of government are the answer- the true revolution lies with them.

Reading in "Spiritual Authority" by Watchman Nee a paragraph I thought was great(unrelated to the above discussion):

"God is working towards recovering the oneness of the body. But for this to be accomplished there must first be the life of the Head, followed next by the authority of the Head. Without the life of the Head there can be no body. Without the authority of the Head there can be no unity of the body. To maintain the oneness of the body we must let the life of the Head rule.
God wishes us to obey his delegated authorities as well as Himself. All the members of the body should be subject to one another. When this is so, the body is one with itself and with the head. As the authority of the head prevails, the will of God is done. Thus does the church become the kingdom of God.

A blessed, happy and prosperous weekend to all and I bless the country and the world and speak peace and unity to all.

word ver: BERIVER- Be River, be the flow of life that blesses all it touches!

Northern Light said...

Ah.....I love the Fourth of July!

The day starts with such excitement and expectation. The kids can't wait to rush down to Main Street. We mix in with the crowd, to claim our spot on the curb, and to wait for the endless Parade that will past us. The Jet fighters Fly above the crowd and people cheer and some have tears, too. The sounds of firetruck sirens and clown horns, so LOUD, and the funny little cars with big grown men riding in them, delight the of children - of all ages. More cheers and giggles and roars and tears. The clapping of hands, taking off of hats, and the placing of hands on hearts, as the men and women who have bravely defended our freedom walk or roll by.......cheers and tears for sure!

Home for a day of games and food! OH THE FOOD.........what a day.

Now we get ready to head out for an evening of fellowship and family fun, wrapping up the evening with the beatiful sight of FIREWORKS, bursting overhead, lighting the sky.

Ah.......I love the Fourth of July!

Northern Light

Larry Usher said...

No fear...
Truth fears no lie...
Truth stands up to falsehood...

Stand up! Stand up for freedom!

Stand up for a house united.

Stand up for a land of the free and a home of the brave, no matter where that is.

Northern Light said...


Apparently I love 4th of July so much, that I hurriedly posted......the typos/mis-spellings are awful....especially when I held a job that PAID me to proof another's typing.

But it was a beautiful day!


karl cobos said...

Hi Bishop,
yep, it's Karl, up late.
I just wanted to say that I really look forward to getting baptized tomorrow(today).

It's kinda like my proclaiming that I AM redeemed!, and for any unnecessary or negative religious clutter to be washed away!

I also pray for a deeper understanding, realization and experience of oneness with the Holy Ghost, what I already have in Him, and being used all the more fully within His gifts. If Jesus wants to baptize me with fire, then I want to understand that and experience it, or where may I have already been baptized with some fire.
I will trust that He will give me more revelation and knowledge to love and praise Him even more!

ok, gotta go now. Thanks!

karl cobos said...

Almost forgot...remember that other blog I told you that I was creating?...well, Me and the Holy Spirit just launched it over at

The plan is for it to be all about the Kingdom. Seeking it, finding it, living in it. Hope it will make you proud, 'cause I'm sure I'll be using some of your stuff, too.
Please pray for God's hand of guidance on both blogs, they mean a lot to me, and I hope that they will to others, too. God bless!

Erik said...

Hey Everyone,

Posting this comment re Karl's blog, thought fit well here on this still July, and July 4 expression here.

My comment follows the post-

(Hope its OK to do so Karl)


Friday, July 3, 2009
Set Sail
Welcome to the launch of Kingdom Quest! exciting place to embark on the journey of seeking, finding and living in the Kingdom of God.

Hoist the sails...let the wind blow!

May God give us eyes to see.. ears to hear...and a heart that beats in rhythm with His desire for His kingdom to come and His will to be done ON EARTH, as it is in heaven.

The Kingdom of God should unite humanity. It is a place that goes beyond religion. A place where we are all one royal family under God and His flag. Let His banner yet wave over His land, His dominion of the free.
Posted by Karl at 5:04 PM

Erik said...

Dominion of the Free. This Royal Family that all existence that we know is a part of.

The Wind blows our sails as It wills. We embrace that. In that, we often find our path interesting and surprising. Sometimes, the waters we are in are in one sense, in the natural, waters we never fathomed until we are in them, and yet, in The Spirit, we know exactly where we are. We fish, express, transform where we touch without knowing what the end result is. We know that darkness has dissolved into Light, its actual reality. We did not do it, but our presence is part of the transition.

It is the intent of Our Spirit, not necessarily our actions, that manifest. Likewise, our actions often express our intent, even if not clear at the moment. Judgment, a fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, does not accept our intent or action. Nevertheless, transformation occurs. Our sails, our hearts are filled with The Wind, and only transformation follows. Royalty is unveiled in every aspect of where We find ourselves, in Every Moment. We shift our rudder in concert with The Wind, nourished by The Fruit of The Tree of Life. No scurvy here !

Every water we cross, each land (life) we sail to, sees their own exquisite unveiling that sometimes we may never understand. To understand is not necessarily our mission, only to hoist our sails, and go with The Wind, however it blows. Amen !!

Erik said...


Thanks for supporting my point so well. The people are rarely able to select their head of state without the guarding of an elite minority to ensure the people have selected wisely.

The elite minority is clearly in communication with God, to determine the best leader, and void the decision of the people if necessary.

That is why America is a Republic and not a Democracy. God has blessed many nations with such an arrangement. In the instant cases we thank God for the Electoral College and The Supreme Council, since we the people cannot be relied upon to select the correct Head of State.

Democracy is OK for mayors and Senators, etc, but not for President. Clearly God lead our founding fathers in this, as well as Iran's Revolutionary government.

God has also led most people's hearts in America to not make any serious attempt to change our Constitution in this regard, and apparently given such clarity to Iran's leaders as well.

Praise God, Praise Allah !