Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MkITN X, Verses 1 - 16

1. Then Jesus left that place and went into the region of Judea, and across the Jordan. And again crowds of people came to Him, and, as was His custom, He went right into teaching mode.

2. And some Pharisees who were in the crowd came to Him again and put Him to the test by asking, “Is it legal and right for a man to dismiss his wife…to divorce her for any reason that he may have?

3. He answered their question with another question, asking, "What did Moses command you?"

4. They replied, "Moses permitted a man to simply write a certificate of divorce and just send her away, no strings attached."

5. “Moses set up this system basically because of the hardness of your hearts…specifically, your insensitivity to women. He permitted you to easily dismiss your wives with no regard for required responsibility to them, because you have had no concept of covenant", He said to them.

6. But in this Moses did not have the heart and mind of God, considering that this self-serving male convenience was not in God’s original plan...at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.'

7. This is why a man has to leave his father and mother at some point, and be united and bonded to his wife.

8. And when that happens, the two of them become, in a sense, one single entity, so that they are no longer two separate physical bodies, but actually become one new one.

9. And if a particular union between a man and a woman is, indeed, God-ordained, then no human being should do anything to create a disconnect between what God has intentionally put together.”

10. When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus to explain this further.

11. He answered them, "Whoever just casually dismisses his wife for no legitimate reason, and marries the next available woman who comes along, really is only committing adultery with her. His shallow flippancy in such a case shows that he has no understanding of the seriousness of covenant.

12. The situation is somewhat different if the wife has been unfaithful to her husband, but the real issue is still about the apparent disregard of covenant. So if she divorces her husband and marries another man for no good reason, she commits adultery, as well, because there is no genuine commitment to the covenant of marriage.”
13. Around this time people were beginning to bring their little children to Jesus for Him to place His hands on them and bless them when He was ministering; but when they did, the disciples would insult them by preventing them to do this.

14. One day it happened, and when Jesus saw what the disciples were doing, He was furious with them. He said, "You let these little children come right to Me, and don't you dare tell them that they aren't allowed or welcome! Childlikeness is the standard for the Kingdom of God, so, in essence, the Kingdom belongs to such as these.

15 The truth is that anyone who will not perceive and receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it in the first place."

16 Then He stopped what He was doing and saying, and started taking the children who were there in His arms, placing His hands on them, affectionately, and taking the time to bless each one of them.


Anonymous said...

This is a most excellent post. It is very timely and an honor to those who truly love the children of God.

Son of Zadok said...

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal can exist.

Herein lies the peace of God.

Son of Zadok said...

Ran into some cool quotes this morning. Don't know where they all came from though.

"The unanswered questions aren't nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers."

"We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking only to
learn that it is God shaking them." - Charles West

"Naked is having no clothes on. Nekkid is having no clothes on and
being up to something."

"Our truth, when it becomes the ONLY truth, ceases to be truth."

"While we're not fearful of tasting new things, we don't necessarily swallow all that we taste."

Avatar said...

"the seriousness of covenant"

This paraphrase, together with MITN 5 and 19 reveal a key to the Kingdom that is deeply buried and often not found...especially by many who search the scriptures for "a way out"...or even by those who "stay, but...".

MITN 19 boldly says "marriage is for men, not boys" (we know, of course, also women and not girls)--"those mature enough to value human, adult relationships."

I like the way MkITN adds to MITN and together they help clear the misconceptions, remove the clubs that so many take from other translations to beat up the divorced and/or those considering divorce and reveals the true concept Jesus was trying to open our eyes to...there is power in covenant...AND...it takes maturity.

MkITN also reveals it was no accident that the disciples kept the children from reaching Jesus at that time. A little wink from the universe adding the hint that being like a child in those situations would also be necessary?

These paraphrases will cause many to seek THAT, a child-like maturity, so we will be able to enter into ALL of the joys of covenant and life in the Kingdom!

PS...the pic is AWESOME!!

Izumi/JOY said...

I love how I have to keep turning back the pages (scrolling, really) to find out where we are in Mark's good news.

In v.1 I wondered, "what place?" Oh yeah, Capernaum (field of repentance, city of comfort) where Jesus confronted His disciples.

OK...He left there, and went into a region defined as, "praised", "celebrated".

Right into teaching mode - that gives me insight into His personality.

Also, His kingdom; His university.

The second verse reminds me of Gal. 3:24 (The law was our school master to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.).

V.3 is fascinating.

Wonder what would have happened if somebody in the crowd whispered, "What did Moses counsel with You, Lord? Up there on that mountain top. Waaaay up there in the clouds - bathed in God's radiant glory. Back in the beginning."

Jesus countered their question with a question. (probably testing their acquaintance with the law)

How did He manage only to groan within Himself?

He'd demonstrated His authority over rebel spirits, multiplied sustenance, healed the afflicted, and comforted the multitudes.

After instructing the disciples about the reward for those who simply offered a cup of cool water to those bearing His name, they encounter the Pharisees wanting to put away those who bore their own names!


Plus, look how the disciples got a little territorial about their Rabbi.

Since the undercurrent is covenant, it's perplexing how Jesus had to repeat Himself to His disciples in verses 13-15. (re: chapter IX, v.36,37,42,47)

Larry Usher said...

Just a quick observation: "He answered their question with another question."
Always a good technique to allow one to think of the appropriate answer and to probe more to find the purpose of the question. Answers to be properly framed and slowly given- good lesson for all.

Word ver: COUSKI- Polish cousin ;) No offense to my Polish friends!

Larry Usher said...

"He permitted you to easily dismiss your wives with no regard for required responsibility to them, because you have had NO CONCEPT OF COVENANT", He said to them.

To understand covenant is to understand the One who cut the covenant- the walk in it is to walk in Him first, no other way.

Anonymous said...

The covenant of marriage is for the benefit of intended offspring.
Whether those offspring are biological, spiritual or in some other way affected by the covenant of those joined together, there is a responsibility to those offspring that superceeds all other desires of the parents. Yes there are divorces that are the result of irreconcilable difference, or in some cases reconcilable indifference, and that brings to the forefront what is most important to the original union; the offspring.

It is well to note the children and their wellfare in these situations and it is noticed by all who have a heart for agape what the effect is on those children. All who know the struggles of divorce with children also know the true meaning of allowing those children to have the benefit of as much love as the estranged union of their parents can offer.

The context of these verses show the importance of chidlikeness as central to the Kingdom of God. The first twelve verses of the chapter, giving attention to the question of divorce very well lays the trap for the carnal minded agenda of the original question and then BANG! The Pharisees must have been blown away at Jesus rebuke of his own disciples for following the male tradition of that day by pushing the children to the background of social recognition.

For all who give to the progress of children into maturing adults that respect and contribute to the betterment of others, there is much power given to their record as followers of the Christ but those who nurture hatred in a child are building the stone that will sink them into a great chasm of torment.

Another great rendering here Bishop. It really makes the connection of childlikeness and the Kingdom stand out.

Avatar said...

Anon@1104...while I agree with most of what you brought up, especially "allowing those children to have the benefit of as much love as the estranged union of their parents can offer", the covenant of marriage is about more than offspring.

On a sidenote: the sometimes toxic communications and issues of parents who "stay together for the kids" but don't have enough keys of the kingdom on their ring of life can do greater harm than a love-filled separation...but I digress.

My understanding of covenant in marriage, as well as other relationships, is a picture of how Christ loves and respects the Church. He respects us to work out our own salvation with and through Him. He wants us to know how our actions and reactions affect ourselves and others and He hopes our covenant with each other will show Love from a God perspective.

Sometimes showing that kind of Love requires carrying a cross. Some people come to an understanding of how to absorb and redeem the sins of others like Jesus did, some cannot...some can do it in some situations and not in others...but the potential is always there for covenant to triumph both on the horizontal part of the cross and the ground up part of the cross...showing on earth, as Jesus did, that the heaven down part of covenant is real and trustworthy and unchangeable.

Son of Zadok said...

YHWH - The Spirit Video



Northern Light said...

Whoo hoo......I remember these verses in the last paraphrasing bringing out such emotion and discussion. It IS worthy of it, and carries so much for those who define Covenant personally.

Avatar 12:12.....your words seemed like the "balm of Gilead" today. It was a word for many, I believe.

For right now, that's all I got !~

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken and on task to the overall relationship between two people that have pledged their lives to each other.

The covenant of marriage is for the benefit of intended offspring.

This statement is not intended to be the only benefit of marriage but is intended to be the primary benefit of the offspring of any type of marriage.

Whether those offspring are biological, spiritual or in some other way affected by the covenant of those joined together, there is a responsibility to those offspring that superceeds all other desires of the parents.

This applies to the union of husband and wife as well as partership in business and the relationship we have at CITN by our covenant with Christ through the ministry of a man named Jim Earl Swilley.

The Pharisees must have been blown away at Jesus rebuke of his own disciples for following the male tradition of that day by pushing the children to the background of social recognition.

I do believe that teaching a child to love is key to the success of any unit in society including that of an intire nation.

This message was inspired by the rendering of MkITN and was not intended to offend. Please forgive me if that has happened.

Izumi/JOY said...

WOW... loving the exchanges today! (and that Spirit video - whew - no words)

There's so many points on which to agree.

Anon @ 2:21 - You so didn't offend.

Here's another turn of the kaleidoscope: In Christ, there's neither male nor female.

Spirit. All, One in Him. (Gal. 6:28)

By verse 3, I'm remembering Col.2:17.

These rules were only shadows of the real thing, Christ Himself. (heaven's template for earth)

The context there, was of condemnation of forbidden foods or drinks, abstinence from celebrating certain holidays, etc. (may be somewhat comparable to the Pharisees' query of legality)

It makes sense to me that Jesus asked what Moses commanded. Like the first verse says, "He went right into teaching mode." (mode, being an appearance, form or disposition taken by a thing)

In music class, He may have had to change His tone.

In Physics, He might have had to vary His oscillation pattern.

In Biology, what if He became the heart strings?

Christ was/is the new covenant.

In earth realm, we seem to keep going 'round and 'round the same mountain: Did I offend you? Hope not. Didn't mean to. Please forgive. A bazillion apologies.

For me, enough already!

Digging the different thought bubbles. And, if I actually did offend, all I can say is: Get in line.

(was that wrong?)

Avatar said...

NL, it came from a deep place...

Anon@221...absolutely no offense taken...just sharing my understanding of covenant...as are you...isn't it wonderful how the inspired Word of God speaks to each of us wherever we are on our journey?

Izumi/JOY - No.

Izumi/JOY said...

Thanks, Avatar. And, I'm in agreement with you about that awesome pic.

Roseanne Rosannadanna would probably wonder what they're all laughing about. The caption's probably not, "I cheat at dreidl."

Now, that would be wrong.

Avatar said...

Izumi/Joy...neither male nor female in Christ...I'm looking forward to the day that that part of childlike-maturity manifests!

I remember a scene I read about 25 years ago (have not been able to remember WHAT book or locate it again, though I've tried a lot). The only piece of it I remember clearly was a scene where the writer found himself in a glen, being approached by three beings, sensed as women. They began speaking to the writer but after a few minutes sensed that he "still had the sense of male/female" and told him so and also that they would see him later after he was cleansed.

Clearly, I've been intrigued by that scene ever since...

I laughed, since I don't think it's possible to cheat at dreidl, its funny! I love the way the older girl is staring at Jesus...almost as if she's already got some religion in her and she's trying to take in who He really is and become like the younger ones.

Avatar said...

BTW...SOZ...all your quotes are cool...I especially like the ones @425am!

Later, blog fam.

Izumi/JOY said...

Avatar, "looking forward to the day that child-like maturity manifests" - what a kind and gentle way of (subliminally) telling me to grow up!

I laughed at the pic because the one with the bowl hair cut reminds me of a little me. (still trying to figure out what she's holding - cuz I dunna know what that is)

Is it a plant? A fruit? Are they laughing because she picked it up? And, they wouldn't?

It can't be harmful. My Jesus wouldn't allow that. Would He? Cuz, that one little blonde haired boy is shoving her hand away.

What's he got against left-handers, anyway?

Good God, He loves us, anyway.

Son of Zadok said...

Glad you liked that Izumi/JOY.

Finding that video was like manna from heaven for my soul today. I've had about 4 servings of it and it just keeps tasting better each time I watch it.

I love how we talk here and stay in unity. You know how rare that is on the internet. This place is special. Thanks Captain for always keeping this ship sailing straight with a loving spirit.

That spirit of unity is a major part of the awakening that is taking place right now in the earth. Beyond that, or maybe after that, lies a presence in God that we have seldom, if ever tasted in this life. But it is coming. The Spirit is coming. The Spirit is coming for us in ways we have never imagined. The world may rage, but we will stand in the wonder of God's glory in this life. When the muslim, jew, christian, and all faiths and creeds fall on their face together before God, the nations will rejoice in wonder, and the glory will overflow from the sanctuary, as billows of gold.

We hunger for this.

Really looking forward to worshiping with you all tonight and hearing the word of the Lord, I need to worship.

Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Izumi/Joy, you are so often my backbone here.

I Love you all with AGAPE!

One Faith

Izumi/JOY said...

I did enjoy that, SOZ - may have to bookmark it.

Thanks, Anon @ 4:38. You're not Batman, are you? I mean, what's with the cape?

Oh... wait. Never mind. (heh)

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibi;lity that speael chek kan b added to this blag?

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

First, I would just like to say...MY BLOGGERS ROCK! Seriously, everyone...your collective insight expressed here today (and every day) makes maintaining this blog very rewarding for me...

SOZ, I just looked at the video, and found it to be a definite confirmation to the flow that I was already in...I may touch on it tonight...don't know for sure...I'm wrestling with revelation today...it actually feels (spiritually) very much like it felt Saturday (physically) when I was fighting to bring in a big fish...which brings me to the question...did you refer to me as "Captain" intentionally? Cause, if you did, I'm going to have to say "I'm on a boat!"

All kidding aside, the boat/fishing metaphor has multi-layered prophetic implications for me right now...

Don't know if I'll get this chapter finished today or not...and I'm leaving early in the morning for Fayetteville...

My spirit and my soul are both speaking...competing, really...both trying (needing) to be heard...please agree that I will have the right balance tonight...

I want to hear (let) God speak through me...

Izumi/JOY said...

Anon. 4:45 - Don't worry about it. President Andrew Johnson said, "It's a damn poor mind who can only think of one way to spell a word."

* Going to dinner tonight, Bish. Hope to be home in time to stream. (may have a fruity libation - don't ask me to be ITB)

Adding my agreement for balance (God knows I have so much to spare).

I want to hear God speak through you, too! (unless He sounds like Gilbert Gottfried - then, not so much)

Safe passage on your trip!

Son of Zadok said...

"I'm on a boat!" Laughed out loud on that one there.

Yes your the Captain! Who else could be the Skipper? But Erik gets to be the professor!

I've been slowly getting involved on another blog lately. It's kind of getting to be a pretty big portal for reconciliation, over 400 members now. I'd rather not mention its name for my own personal reasons. However, saying that, I wanted to let you know I am placing a headline there right now extolling the wonderful virtues of streaming CITN! Yes, pat yourself on the back nowsers (in Christ, you are that awesome, believe it!), your best days are still ahead of you, and you are blessed!
I think their are a lot of people on this site that don't have home churches and may not know about streaming and would be Mega-Blessed by getting in on this Holy Ghost Pow-Wow!

Just letting you know that you might be speaking to an expanded audience tonight and over the next few weeks.


Avatar said...

Izumi/Joy...good point...my sentence would have been better expressed: I'm looking forward to the day that the 'neither male nor female' awareness part of childlike-maturity manifests in more of the Christ on the earth"!
(anything subliminal was intended for the universe, not an individual...especially one as wonderfully childlike-mature as you are!--which makes me miss MJ, but that's for another day.)

I think "you" in the pic have a flower in your hand...there's two more in the lower left corner.

Agreed, Bishop. What a great feel-it metaphor you used...

Son of Zadok said...

Well after typing a pretty wordy invitation, I accidentally hit Control/something and the whole page closed and was deleted. Rather than give up, I was not deterred from my leading. I barred down, asked God for help, and gave it another try. Here's what I came up with.

First let me just say what a blessing it is to be here. This site is a fantastic work of love that I see generating great fruit in the days ahead for the Kingdom. Each day I like to peruse the site and have often found wonderful manna from you all here. Thank you so much for all your contributions, they are a blessing. I have a lot I could share about my life, but today I really want to focus on a life-line of grace that God has given me, and offer to share it with you in hope that you also might also be blessed in the days ahead.

I suffered in depression for 10 years because I couldn't stomach a world where the God I knew, who had showed me so much love, was sending most of mankind to an eternal hell. It was a slow fade of hurt and pain that I'm sure many of you can relate to. I'll never forget the night that I stood outside in the dark and shook my fists at the heavens in such disgust and anger at God for creating this world that was destined for an eternal hell. That was a breaking point in my life; I wandered out alone into the barren desert.

But God...

Years later I was awaken in the middle of the night to the MSNBC special, To Hell and Back. Carlton Pearson challenged my spirit, no, God challenged my spirit, and suddenly for the first time in my life I pondered the possibility that what I had been taught was an illusion. I was drawn to search for myself to see if these things were true.

I'll never forget after weeks of study, what was amassing as a lot of head knowledge suddenly, like a warm balm from the Master, sank down from my mind and settled into my rocky heart. Tears began to flow down my cheeks after years of wishing I could find one tear, and then, like a flood burst, the Spirit watered this heart of stone and a fresh tree of life sprung up inside from my deepest being. The revelation of God's saving grace to ALL mankind became real revelation to me at that moment, and I have never been the same.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Dr. Harold Lovelace. Through study on his website and his recommendation, I was led to a church in Conyers, GA called Church In The Now. I realize that God is doing many new things in His body, home and cell churches are all over, and praise God. But bless the Lord; God is still alive inside of some four walls, as surely as He is alive in me and you. On that Sunday, I logged in for the first time and streamed what happened to be CITN's 22nd anniversary service, on my 32nd birthday. It was, and continues to be such a mega-blessing from God to me and my family. The worship and word of reconciliation that come to me live each week from Atlanta to my computer in Dayton, Ohio has been nothing short of a pure God thing in my life. And because I am so blessed by it, I want to offer an invitation to each of you who may not have a church, to be with us in one accord and one Spirit at CITN. If you feel so led, I pray that the same comfort and revelation that I found there, might be found by you.

It's been said that it's good to taste everything, but you don't have to swallow. Everything there may not line up perfect with your doctrine or your comfort zone. But I can promise you if you are missing church and you have a spirit of love and unity dwelling in your heart; their is a touch of God and a word from God, and a place for you at Church In The Now.


Live Streaming: Sunday 10:30 & Wednesday at 7:00

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to shake something I heard on an Oprah rerun last week (I saw it the first time and did not hear what I heard this time). It was the show about extending life. It talked of many things, but one segment was about regenerating body parts. They discussed growing replacement organs and such. The story I remember clearly and made such an impact was about a 70 year old guy who through an injury lost part of his finger down to the first joint. His brother is responsible for developing a product used to regenerate body parts. He sent some to the injured man and told him to apply it to the injury. I don't remember the specifics but it was applied and his finger regrew including nail and all in about 4 weeks (as I recall). This nail now grows faster than the others - he says its because the rest of his body is 70 years old but this new part is only 2 or 3 years old.
The part I can't get out of my mind/spirit is a statement he offhandedly said about the reason the powder works is because it keeps the wound from healing and this allows the regeneration to take place.
We are all so focused on healing our wounds and moving on with less than we started with, but this just covers them up with scar tissue, but the wound must remain open and tender for a while for complete restoration and regeneration of skin, bone, nail etc to occur. I have not quite wrapped my head around this, but feel there is something very significant here to meditate...
Just sharing my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It keeps the wound from healing and this allows the regeneration to take place.

I'll take that.

Seminal message tonight. I sense many a stronghold have been laid waste this night.

Larry Usher said...

Wed night service- had to work late & just got in in time for streaming the message. I believe once again that the plowing of the ground and the tilling of the soil as was evidenced tonight indicate that the growth and fruit is closer. Because to recognize in ourselves something unwhole, and moving past it indicates the whole is moving in to supplant the former.
Like TD Jakes says: "Get ready, get ready, get ready!"
Those that want God will find God, and the more pure the presentation of God, the stronger the bond formed between the Creator and His created.(As seen in the shepherds receiving the message from the angels of THE GOOD NEWS!)
Thank you Bishop for allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable before our Father in a way that encourages us to do the same- we are all such lumps of clay with such scars & unevenness but wonderful potential.
Our openness before God I believe has a lot to do with His openness before us, as a covenant is shared and does not exist in a vacuum.

I believe that what God has planned for CITN is so unconventional that if it was dumped upon us at one moment, we would regurgitate it straightway; this is both frightening and exciting concomitantly.

Lots stirring and being shaken!
(Unlike James Bond who always preferred shaken- not stirred!) ;)

Anonymous said...

An uncompromising, crowning culmination of personal and corporate advancement and breakthrough in the word tonight.

A conclusion of an evolution, and a simultaneous bright dawning commencement of new life, in the church, and in the personal tribe.

Big League Blessings lie ahead.

ver: permash

A cloaked clutch of phariseeism is permanently mashed, unleashing the path for love's truth! And it comes blazing on the dawn.

Bishop, you choked it dead in you right before our eyes tonight. I watched you struggle under the anointing as your hate for the lie, and love of the truth, tore it out from its very roots. It crumbled in the light of the weak pathetic fiction it always was, in you and in many others as well.

"O Lord, I know that the way of man IS NOT in himself: it is not in man that walks to direct his steps" (Jer. 10:23)

"Sons are taken captive BY HIM at HIS WILL" (II Tim. 2:26)

Son of Zadok said...

I come downstairs from that most excellent message, turn on the television, and the first words from the set as it came to life are Billy Graham thundering with authority:

"That's why you cannot judge on appearances! Because God only looks upon the heart!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Izumi/JOY said...

I think I understood what you meant, Avatar. (manifestation of the child-like maturity on earth) Thank you for your kind words.

I like to think that the little girl in the pic just discovered wild strawberries.