Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MkITN XIII, Verses 12 - 20

12. “During this upheaval, brother will betray his brother to death, and a father will even betray his own child…children will rebel against their parents and cause them to be killed.

13. For a time it will seem as though everyone hates you because you are My followers. But whoever endures until the end of this period of testing will find that their salvation is real, durable, and fully intact.

14. The day is coming when you will see the sacrilege and the appalling abomination spoken of by the prophet Daniel…the desecration set up in the Temple sanctuary, where he should not be…watch for this, because when this city and Temple are destroyed, those in Judea must flee to the hills.

15. A person out on the deck of his or her roof must not go down into the house to pack or to even collect any belongings.

16. A person working out in the field must not return even to grab a coat.

17. And worse, yet, is how terrible it will be for pregnant women and for nursing mothers during that period.

18. Even though this is inevitable, you should pray that it won't happen during the winter.

19. What’s about to happen to this Temple…this city…this nation... will be on a scale beyond what the known world has ever seen since the beginning of creation, or will see again.

20. In fact, unless the Lord intervenes and shortens that time of calamity, not a single person in this nation will survive…but for the sake of those who have responded positively to His choosing He will mercifully limit the number of those days.”

The painting at the top of the post is The Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, Under the Command of Titus, A.D. 70


Avatar said...

V.18...there's that Hezekiah-Hinting again...more clearly in MkITN...YOU have the Kingdom in your hand...I even give you the power to adjust My plans.

Erik said...

What ???

This is where I think triple What ???

When it comes to what were they thinking, hearing, when , what was going on in their Spirit, in God, when I read these. I think what was going on for God?

There are surface level things, like, is this David in macrocosm ? Or was David The Bible in microcosm?

So, I imagine what might be in me (since God is in us all) to say this about my life, or what are the areas to break so much, so only rebuilding is possible. That makes a little more sense, But then I think I would transform it without the surface level angst, drama, and hyperbole.

So, I says, there must be more to it than all that off putting, low brow, sophomoric, boring, anti-social talk, coming out of Mark, and others (I know, I am very understated in my opinion).

What is it in each of us (something different in each) benefits us to up-heaved so tremendously?

That every part of us seer (on the roof), productivity (person in the field), future (pregnant women) that I /We each should pray it happens when we are not at our most barren of light (winter) .

Experiencing our authentic selves, in Love with The Universe/ Creator and all The Created , that the transformation experience is easy and light. ( as understood by each one that experiences it, to their definition of that) --- OK .

Yeah, that makes sense.

Son of Zadok said...

What's the illusion of destruction?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the painting of the destruction of Jerusalem, AD 70to give this passage perspective and context!

Avatar said...

SOZ, you probably already know this...but speaking of your name, I've often wondered but never actually did a search on Zadok. I finally did and the timing is interesting.

"7.Rabbi Tzadok was a respected member of the sages in Jerusalem in the 1st century CE. He is famous for a fast he began 40 years before the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE wherein he would eat and live off of one fig per day only."

karl cobos said...

Seems to me that this could also go along maybe with what happened to the church(heavenly Jerusalem)during the Dark Ages and Inquisition...burning... a shaking(literally and spiritually)...the religion of Rome(abomination?)bent once again on destruction of... JERUSALEM.

...also again showing to all that God's Kingdom is heavenly(of heaven), and not of this world, yet still here being built!

Son of Zadok said...


That's interesting, I had never heard that before. Actually, the Zadok I am referring to is out of the OT.

Son of Zadok said...

I usually never comment on political matters, but is anyone else a little frustrated over the fact that "cash for clunkers" is destroying thousands upon thousands of perfectly good cars that could be donated to the poor?

Iris said...

veri word - dophkyn... would that be a baby dolphin... hmmmm something to ponder...LOL


Son of Zadok said...

You know, I digress. There are so many things in the world we could get upset about if we wanted to, but Blog In The Now is something so much better than a forum for that. I apologize.

Anonymous said...

word ver...hemakp
He makes peace...

Don't understand what is to come...Don't really worry about it either. God is God. An awesome God at that. He holds the beginning and the end. Fear must leave...I just embrace the truth that I am His child and what ever will be will be...smile

Yes..the time may be short but then it may be long. Who really knows but God. And so I rest in today and what God has me do today.


Overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb.

What is unfinished will be finished on that grand and glorious day when I get to meet my most awesome God of the universe and my most precious savior.

I think about the condition of this world and I wonder how God can possibly love as He does... Truly amazing to me. Thank God I am me and not Him because I get tired of the whining but He prevails always... What an amazing God we serve who is truly beyond words...I bow.... and I live in the Now! Thank you CITN. I am most grateful to be free of the struggle to measure up because I can't, but God always does through me!!!! HIS HANDS!!! WOW! Love the revelation!!!

Avatar said...

V.20..."for the sake of those who have responded positively to His choosing"...
This is an odd phrase. Now knowing about Rabbi Tzadok, it seems to me that EVERYONE would have known about him. Forty years on one fig a day? That surely seems like it needed to be a call of God. Could it have been so well known that it was assumed this was an honoring of a man who was considered an oddball at best. Jesus enjoyed pointing out the Godly outcasts. Its cool to me to think this was another instance of that.

MkITN rocks!

Anonymous said...

word ver: heman!!! WOW! I am smiling right now. God is so awesome. Just think about the power He has given to us! The same miraculous power that Jesus has is in our hands. We are He Mans. smile... He Mans..Full of Power..

Avatar said...

I say "odd" meaning all of the paraphrases that use "elect", BTW...which always seemed to send an "exclusive" message to
me and
seemed out of character for Jesus' message.

MkITN, though, says to me..."God will call people who WILL pray (or even do things you will think strange)"...and the days will be shortened because they will say "yes, I'll do what you say, Lord."

Hopefully that's more clear. Multitapping on my tiny phone screen makes review and revisions a real challenge!

Pastor Dennis said...

What do those doomes dayers and rapture reporters do about v17...tell there children not to have children?


Anonymous said...

veriword - imudi; perhaps a little off topic but significant the same. Had thoughts about slinging mud recently and the law of reciprocity came to mind. If I sling mud into someone's eye it lands more accurately in my own eye. This is a very strong and consistent principle and is seen in every religious system that I have pondered. It seems to be also established in such physical laws as ' for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'.

Imagine what would happen if everyone started acting and speaking impeccably toward others. That would first require the others to receive the action which might take a few repeat attempts before the recipient understood there is no evil motive afoot.

When the consistent behavior became obvious it would be overwhelming in its effect. Its worth the effort. Next time you think someone is throwing mud at you or someone you care about or someone that you respect just take a few moments to examine what is being said and exactly where the statement is directed. If the statement does not appear to be complete or if it is not directed to a named subject then don't take it personally but rather search your own soul as to why you feel negative about it.

Taking things personally has been one of my greatest struggles and it has really not ever been validated. Even those few episodes where someone has openly directed an attempt to verbally insult me, when I take the time to think it over, the action was born out of either a misunderstanding or perhaps even a moment of frustration the individual was experiencing that was not even related to their words directed toward me.

Words do have great power and that is a proven concept. What we do with both the words we speak and the words we receive make all the difference in the world.

And again it is worth saying; What we do with both the words we speak and the words we receive make ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!!!

Let there be life and it is so