Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MkITN XV, Verses 1 - 15

1. Very early in the morning, after having deliberated through the night, the chief priests, elders, and religious leaders, along with the entire Sanhedrin, reached a decision. So they bound Jesus, and led Him away to be handed over to Pilate.

2. When He finally stood before the governor, Pilate asked Him, "Are you the King of the Jews?" Jesus calmly replied, "I am to each man whoever he says that I am...if you say that I am the King, then to you I am the King."

3. At these words the chief priests started in with another litany of charges and accusations against Him.

4. When Pilate had heard enough, he stopped them and turned his attention back to Jesus, asking Him, "Aren't you going to answer your accusers and defend yourself? Don't you see how many indictments they are bringing against you?"

5. But Jesus by this point had said all that He wanted or needed to say about what was unfolding...He was still...He was silent...He was serene. Pilate was amazed at how someone who appeared to be so resigned to His fate could at the same time seem to be in charge of everything that was happening around Him.

6. Now it was the custom at the Festival to release one prisoner...anyone that the people requested, regardless of his crime.

7. And a man named Barabbas was in prison with the insurrectionists who had committed murder in an uprising against Rome.

8. So the crowd assembled before Pilate and asked him to do for them what he usually did during the Festival.

9. "What is your pleasure?", asked Pilate. "Do you want me to release to you the king of the Jews?"

10. He made the suggestion, knowing that it was out of envy that the chief priests had handed Jesus over to him.

11. But the chief priests were already moving through the crowd...stirring them up...influencing them to have Pilate release Barabbas instead.

12. "Well, what do you suggest I do, then, with the one you call the King of the Jews?" Pilate asked them.

13. "Crucify Him!" they shouted in unison.

14. "Crucify Him? Why? What crime has He committed?" asked Pilate. But by now a mob mentality had set in, and the people assembled were just mindlessly chanting louder and louder, "Crucify Him!"

15. And, wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. Then he had Jesus brutally flogged, and handed Him over to be crucified.


SCRIBE said...

Wow! That is so typical of those whom of little understanding, while they are so easily influenced by the musings of the crowds and masses. As opposed to stepping aside and asking of themselves whether they really wanted to be a part of this madness and chaos, all of them seem to be in unity over the fate and what they perceived as impending doom of the Christ.

Isn't it ironic that even though they arose and was so quick to agree that Christ needed to be crucified, that when all was said and done, HE gave of Himself to die for the salvation of even these? Quite uncanny, isn't it?

Those whom we are assigned to save / rescue, even to draw off the path of destruction, whether they understand our purpose and mission or not, are more often than not those who quickly assemble in mutiny without grasping the true revelation of why it is that we are amongst them to begin with. Yet, through it all, Christ held true to the Greater Purpose that was to be accomplished without reservation. Even through the mocking, slander, and abuse, HE knew WHO he was, what He had been sent to do, and did not attempt to dissuade others from the intentions of their hearts. He allowed them to believe whatsoever they chose to believe, knowing that regardless of what He said or did not say, it would rightly be misconstrued and twisted, where the people would remain as much in the dark as they had always been, until the appropriate time for the True Nature of the Christ was revealed, where the scales and blinders would fall from their eyes and they would feel the grief and remorse of what had been done. Nonetheless, it was all for their sakes, and in the end, when it was finished, the New Beginnings were birthed, bringing about renewal, resurrection life, and complete atonement for all, even unto they who still had not a clue....

Love Now said...


I have wanted to comment on MITN and last few Wednesday and Sunday's messages, we are a wonderfully blessed people. Thank you for always being very transparent and just wanted also to let you and the team going to Uganda know you will be in our prayers.
This has been an eventful week with Natalie's daddy passing, but it all made me think again of your uncle. I thought maybe you knew Natalie's dad through him since they both had been in ministry for many years. Many times judgements are made about people before we hear the whole truth, that is why Proverbs says,"a man who answers a matter too quickly, to him it is foolishness". I know I'm paraphasing terribly, but I loved your Uncle's ministry and always will respect him for the man of God he was. Far too much has been said by people who don't know the whole matter and possibly never will. I think it is wonderful that the message of inclusion and mercy we preach is about to be practiced by Real People who serve the Real Jesus at CITN. Welcome to Pastor Don and The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

Erik said...


“…..after having deliberated through the night, the chief priests, elders, and religious leaders, along with the entire Sanhedrin, reached a decision. …”

Night time, chief priests(or chiefs anything) ditto elders, religious leaders and entire Sanhedrin (or counterparts throughout time and cultures) do not produce anything we can support, pretty much. Note to Universe, keep such a group in public view overnight.

It is excellent …. “He was still...He was silent...He was serene. Pilate was amazed at how someone who appeared to be so resigned to His fate could at the same time seem to be in charge of everything that was happening around Him. “ ……

That’s how JC rolls. …..

Scribe, ---

“the New Beginnings were birthed, bringing about renewal, resurrection life, and complete atonement for all, even unto they who still had not a clue.... ”

yes, of course, with full intention and purpose.

And what Love Now said, every single person ever have many excellent aspects that is why God created and loves every single one as much as God loves ANY single one. It is true for EVERY one or NOT a single one. No judgment about any person, any other person or people make is made by people is fully known because none know ALL that God knows.

Praise God!

Erik said...

Watching ‘Saving Grace’ tonight. Near the end of it, her angel , Earl, is talking to her as she is about to go up to the roof of a 12 story building where someone she was introduced to is looking to jump.

Grace is hesitant to go up when earl appears. She asks him, ’Am I going to die today?’ He responds, “I don’t know”. She wants him to go with her, but he says she has to go alone.

He follows with, “God loves you more than I ever could… You are in His hands” . Sh*t! Is her response.

I smiled, how are we each challenged when our reliance is faith alone, not something we control in the natural. We may or may not use the word, but is the gut feeling inside similar? Is that what Peter felt in the courtyard?

In the show, the woman ,Neely, said to Grace on the roof, she wanted God to prove He loved her.

Grace asked if that meant to stop her from jumping off the roof, no Neely said, to survive the jump. – The leap of faith ? Neely jumps, Grace goes to grab her and they both fall. They land in bushes, alive. Neely opens her eyes to a smiling Grace.

Peter survived his jump. Haven’t we all ? Don’t we all ?

Anonymous said...

"I am to each man whoever he says that I am......

and so are we....

Pilate was amazed at how someone who appeared to be so resigned to His fate could at the same time seem to be in charge of everything that was happening around Him.......

and so can we.....

Son of Zadok said...

Pastor of pastors. Got to finish up Sunday's service tonight. Wow! You already know that when you stand and speak to yourself from the heart, your sheep are hearing the same voice. You speak to ministries and to the heart. I felt some of Sunday bare's a record of repeating.

~From Sunday

To me, it’s absolutely appropriate. It is a flawed, beautiful, building, that has a very powerful message, and it can’t be spoken in something that's pristine and perfect.
It has to be, a little bit, messed up, because that's the way this vessel is. You know, when you can finally get into the place where you embrace
"Let all that is within me, bless His holy name",
or you can be like Paul who said
By the grace of God I am what I am.

"You're blessed when you're content with just who you are—no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought."

Matthew 5:5 - The Message

It is well
I am strong
It is finished

Whatever you’re going through your confession needs to be,
It is well.
When you in the middle of it, your confession needs to be,
I am strong.
And in the final analysis, the way you sum everything up is,
It is finished.
Doesn't mean people are going to understand it or even totally like it, but it is finished means you know it is what it is; lets move on to the resurrection, but this part of it is finished, its done, the price had been paid.
Here's the thing, I believe Jesus paid the price for sin when He said it was finished.
But has anybody noticed that the world is still full of sin?
You know in the natural, you can look at it and go,
"Jesus, you know, really? Was it finished?” and He goes,
"No, it's finished!"

Son of Zadok said...

It is well
I am strong
It is finished

Hey how are ya'll doin'?
It is well
How's your marriage?
It is well
How are your kids doing?
It is well
What's going on with your family?
It is well
Everything ok in your finances?
It is well
You feelin' good?
It is well
Everything going ok on your job?
It is well
You got anything your dealin' with this week?
It is well
Hey, how are those enemies workin' out for ya?
It is well
What happened to that guy who was sayin' all that stuff about you?
It is well
Hey are you worried about your bills you gotta pay?
It is well
I heard you lost your job.
It is well
I heard you might lose your house.
It is well
Have you been dealin' with some depression?
It is well
What's goin' on?
It is well
Did you fall off the wagon?
It is well
Did you make a big mistake?
It is well
Did you do somethin's gonna get you in trouble?
It is well
Cmon, tell me what's up?
It is well
No seriously whats really up?
It is well
No somebody tell me what's really going on?
It is well
I want to know what's happening in your life?
It is well
Are you out of touch with reality?
It is well
So what your tellin' me is ,"It is well".


How ya feelin' today?
I am strong
Ya you know, but you got some weaknesses
I am strong
Ya I know your strong, but you've got some sin that so easily besets you.
I am strong
I know what you did last summer.
I am strong
I know you got some problems.
I am strong
You don't look strong?
I am strong
You don't sound strong?
I am strong
I heard some stuff about you.
I am strong
I heard that you couldn't make it.
I am strong
I heard somebody say that your not made out of good stuff.
I am strong
So are ya' healthy?
I am strong
But I heard you were sick?
I am strong
You don't look so good?
I am strong
Did ya' put on some weight?
I am strong
Did you lose some weight?
I am strong
What's happenin' in your life?
I am strong
So what your tellin' me is, your strong?
I am strong
Let the weak say I am strong.
I am strong

And to everything that earthly word's cannot begin to contain or express..

It Is Finished!

It is well with my soul
It is well
It is well with my soul

How Great Thou Art
It is Finished

Son of Zadok said...

And I stumbled across this and...
Cmom' it's Elvis!


Brenda said...

Bishop I got it! Wow I really got it! Last night something amazing happened but I didn't realize it until this morning and I said wow I just went to sleep and then it hit me that I was strong, not because of me but because of HE that is in me. I don't have to do it, it's already done because HE is in me therefore I am strong. Then I read verse 5 and that verse put the icing on the cake, He was still...He was silent... He was serene. Then I saw the curtain rise.

Son of Zadok said...

Wondering how Jesus could handle all that was taking place to Him and I think,

"Not by (physical) might nor by (mental) power, but by my Spirit."

We have that same Spirit in us. The hope of glory.

karl cobos said...

Like a sheep before it's shearer is silent ,so He opened not His mouth.

Because the same Spirit is in me,
I am well and I am strong, I am peaceful and I am serene, I am aware and I am in control.

My battles are the Lord's and they are finished...I am not overcome, I HAVE overcome, and I am victorious!

word ver: trophsna
trophies now available

Izumi/JOY said...

Pilate's question in v.9 is pivotal. I like comparing it to Luke 12:32. Verse 10 reminds me of John 3:16.

dgm2007 said...

Really beautiful message tonight.. And such a sweet spirit in the building.. Lovely
ps.. my word verification is anerd

Larry Usher said...

Saw the rainbow tonight! Beautiful...
Just a quick hello...been in the trenches...
Thank you Spirit of God and Body of Christ!
Love never fails!
When nothing else could help, Love lifted me!
He who began a good work in you is able to complete it!
I am well.
I am strong.
It is finished.

Blessings to all and may our hearts be open to receive from the Lord all He has for us!

Bro Lar

Son of Zadok said...

Missed the service tonight.
Anyone have an outline they can post?

Erik said...

SOZ, this is my summary --

This is not news, but always good to repeat.

All people existing are automatically born into salvation. Born into sin has not existed for more than 2000 years in linear time, and Jesus was so kick As* what He did was universally retroactive to the foundation of all that exists. Adam holds no candle to JC. (Adam is cool with that, never wanted to. He was pleased he was back walking in the garden au natural with God and Eve, talking about the day).

Religion, doctrine, dogma are all fine as fashion accessories, baubles to bring out different aspects of G-d, highlight various parts depending on culture, society, season, etc. Religion, doctrine, dogma, philosophy is like a recipe that has plenty of flexibility and can be altered by any individual ay any time, even mix and match for new, interesting designs or flavors, etc. Religion is a servant to people and each relationship with The Creator. It is incapable of being the center of attention, it is an accessory to the individual. Dogma’s function is to bend and accommodate each individual’s unique relationship with God.

The Christ experience amplifies this, as The Word in Flesh transformed the limited letter into the borderless, infinite Spirit. Pace, Joy, Righteousness times infinity.

Erik said...

Whoops, Pace at the end should have been Peace.

Erik said...

On second thought, there is something I suppose can fit into a ‘doctrine’ that is pretty much Universal in itself.

– ‘Love God with every part of you and love yourself and everyone else with the same depth’.

Son of Zadok said...

Thanks Erik.

Izumi/JOY said...

I've heard it before, but hadn't considered the significance:

v.1 - Pilate = armed with a dart
(Verses 4&5 remind me of Eph.6:13-17.)

v.7 - Barabbas = son of Abba, or of a father. And/or, son of shame;confusion. (some texts report that his name was Jesus Barabbas)

Reminds me Romans 2:4. Wonder what became of Barabbas; what path he took after it briefly converged with Jesus, the Christ.

Izumi/JOY said...

Just for grins...

v.2 - "I am to each man whoever he says that I am..."

Wonder what would have happened, if Pilate had a light bulb moment?

A revelation of chronos converging with kairos?

If the Old Testament is a foreshadow of future events, and, if all things are possible...

What if Pilate had wondered aloud of Jesus, "Say... are you related to that young roe we ran off yesterday, in the last chapter? Boys, where'd you put his garment?"

Just like v.49 of XIV states, "...none of this even makes sense unless you define it by what is written in the Scriptures and the Scriptures must be fulfilled." (and yet, oddly, it does!)

V.52 of the same chapter reminds me of Gen.39:12.

Joseph interpreted dreams of Pharaoh's chief cup bearer (a servant in charge of the wine), and baker.

Check them out: Gen.40:10-13. "Coincidentally", the baker dreamed, too. (17-19).

Seems reminiscent of Herod's birthday party in Matthew 14:8.

Avatar said...

v.2 "I am to each man whoever he says that I am..." I like the way MkITN opens the door for a larger understanding and closes the door to just a simple understanding of "It is as you say" being a fancy way to say "yes"

v.5 resigned but "at the same time seem to be in charge of everything that was happening around Him." Did Pilate perceive the strength and control of a man completely submitted to God's will? I wonder if Jesus actually felt in charge?

This question reminds me of Twila Paris' Warrior is a Child..."deep inside this armor, the warrior is a child." Whatever, this is a paradox that provokes thoughts on our own condition of redeemed while appearing not to be. Interesting too to think that Jesus might still be walking by faith as each segment unfolded.

And finally...
v.6 "regardless of his crime"
Funny how Kingdom Love was already operating in Pilate's kingdom...even if only once a year.