Saturday, August 22, 2009


1. And when the Sabbath was over, which was technically just after sunset, Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of James, and Salome went to purchase sweet-smelling spices that they could use to anoint the body of Jesus.

2. And very early, before the dawn of the first day of the week, they got up and went to the tomb. By the time they arrived, the sun had risen.

3. As they were entering the garden area, they said to one another, "One thing we haven't thought are we going to roll back the stone that fits into the groove at the floor of the entrance to the tomb? Do you think we can find someone to help us move it?"

4. But even as they said these words while approaching the tomb, they looked up and saw clearly that the stone was already rolled back completely (which was remarkable because it was very large).

5. Amazed, they just walked right into the tomb without any hesitation. Once inside, they saw a young man calmly sitting there on the right side of where the body had been, clothed in a long, flowing robe of white. When they got a good look at him, they were stunned into a terrified silence.

6. The young man turned to them and said, "Ladies, there's absolutely nothing here to fear. You've come looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified, haven't you? Well...He's not here, at least not in the form to which you are accustomed. But He's very much alive!'s the place where they laid Him...

7. You should go now...there's nothing else here to see. Go...tell the disciples, including Peter, that He is going before you all into Galilee. You will be able to see Him there, just as He told you."

8. They didn't waste any time. They went out of the tomb in a frenzy...running as fast as they could...fluctuating between being in a state of shock and being in a state of hysterics. And they said nothing about it to anyone, because they were too excited...too even say a word!

*This is where Chapter 16 and the entire Gospel of Mark ends in all original manuscripts. Typically, The Gospels In The Now do not include non-original text, but to give the story proper closure, the author will make an exception...

9. Now Jesus, having freshly risen from death early on the first day of the week, appeared initially to Mary Magdalene, from whom He had expelled seven rebel spirits which had controlled her.

10. She went immediately and reported it to His followers...those who had been with Him in His they were in complete grief mode, weeping and mourning.

11. And when they heard her news that He was alive and that she had actually seen Him, they didn't even consider the possibility of it...even though she was verifying exactly what He had told them would happen, they didn't believe it for a second.

12. Later He appeared in a different form to two of them as they were walking along the road into the country.

13. And after these two were finally somewhat convinced, they returned to Jerusalem and told the others, but they didn't believe them either.

14. So then He appeared to the remaining eleven apostles as they reclined at the table, and as soon as He manifested, He began to severely reprimand them for their unbelievable lack of faith, and the impenetrable hardness of their hearts. He rebuked them for refusing to believe those who had seen Him up close after He had risen from death.

15. But He said to them, "Here's My last word on of you betrayed of you denied Me...all of you abandoned Me...none of you believed I was alive...but not one of you is disqualified because of what he did or didn't do. Now go into all the world and preach the good news of the Gospel to every creature of the entire human race!

16. Whoever believes the Gospel that you proclaim, and is baptized to demonstrate and act on their revelation of it will be delivered...but whoever misses the opportunity of faith...whoever doesn't believe the Gospel will invite unnecesary destruction into their lives.

17. And these signs of confirmation will accompany those who My name they will have authority to drive out rebel spirits...they will speak in new languages, and communicate My message in new and innovative Spirit-ways;

18. If a snake bites them while they're in this flow they won't be harmed by it at all, and if they accidentally drink anything poison, it won't hurt them. They will also lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well.

19. So then Jesus, after He had said all these things to them about their future, was translated into the heavenly realm...and He sat down in the place of God's authority.

20. And they were all energized and inspired to go out and preach everywhere, while the Master kept working with them and through them, continuously confirming the message by the attesting signs...the irrefutable evidence...brought about through the world of the miraculous which they created together. Amen - so be it!


Erik said...

The painting of Mary M, Mary and Salome, HOT Chikitas !!!! You know Mary M especially had to be radioactive, in the best way ! Spiritually, emotionally and physically for the the time and culture, she had to be the hottie of all hotties.The manifestation of Lady Wisdom and the woman in Song of Songs, at least!

They got back to the rest and shared.

In a previous post, Karl commented on the issues he faced in Seventh Day Adventist. I can empathize, but not relate. In my early youth, I had many who tried to bring me to church, and I went to a few, but opted out, It was just not fun. Seemed like what Karl wrote in one way or another.

I remember an good early friend who asked me why I did not go to church. I told him it was such a bummer, couldn't do it. He asked, don't you believe in God, I responded, of course, I just see it differently than you, Don't see the need for all the drama.

It was not until my teens that I read the Bible, needed the time with HS so it did not mess with my head.

By then, I was fortified to see The Spirit and ignore the letter.

I can understand the issues raised, just see them as needless across many belief systems.

I have come into contact with many experiences of faith. CITN is my most favorite so far. I have had a lot of contact with the Catholic church, and of those, The Jesuits are my faves.

In no particular order are Mormans, Jehova's Witnesses, Wiccans, and Buddhists.

Point is , vs 8, they were to excited or panic stricken to say anything. I go with excited, that's what life is, excitement, focused energy into physical reality.

We are excitable creations, the atoms excite to change from one to another . There is peace in freedom. No construct or expectation can limit US. Just as Jesus was not in the grave as expected, none of US are limited by a letter or an expectation.


Erik said...

I cam understand the lack of harm from a snakebite or drinking poison will leave them unaffected.

We are energized by The Spirit who The Master works through continuously with irrefutable experience and expression that infuses everyone we meet.

That is a contagion that requires no inoculation.

Son of Zadok said...

Great ride Bishop!

Mark In The Now.


I pray the same anointing that fell on the good doctor lands on you as you explore Luke.

Read something on another blog tonight, I know, I feel like I'm cheating to, right? Anyways, the post was by a guy names Louis Charles and I felt it really taps in something great and wanted to share it here.

I wish to post a thought or two, due to the amount of people struggling with my words that the truth is found within us. Some struggle to realize that anything good could be within humanity, except duality. Yet, knowing there is duality proves this point: there is the real and the false within each person. Many follow the false through focusing externally, receiving guidance from their brain and five senses. This is a house built upon the sand.

Yet, the real is also within us and something we needn't look far to find. How do we find it? Allow me to share this verse in Matthew 14:23, which says:

"Then he went up on a mountain where he could be alone and pray. Later that evening, he was still there."

Though Yeshua (Jesus) might have gone up to literal mountain tops to get away, I think there is a better understanding of what is being said here. To me, a mountain is a higher place and that is where he went to commune with Spirit. Yet, the mountain is a figurative representation of the "higher place" within each of us: the Spirit...the real.

We need to learn to go to the higher place, so we may distinguish the voice of truth that resonates within our being. But, how do we do that? It's simple, but takes practice. We need to meditate. "What is meditate?" one might ask. It is simply the idea that we can silence the thoughts of our head, which is attached to the five senses and externally focused, and allow our hearts to open up in order to reveal the truth hidden deep inside.

By learning to silence the carnal mind (our adversary, the Devil), one can learn to recognize the voice of Spirit. "Resist the Devil and he will flee" takes on new meaning, as well as our understanding of Yeshua (Jesus) being tempted by the Devil in the wilderness (Matthew 4). Resist the Devil in your wilderness found between your ears! :C)

Through meditation, one focuses on the Spirit within, not focusing on external prayer, which asks for help apart from us. Most people's idea of prayer is often just another example of separation. "Come rescue me, God!" we cry out. But, all along our answers were awaiting our discovery within us.

Through meditation, we come to know that we are one with God and learn to move as one being. The split-mind becomes powerless and Christ is brought forth as God in your Earth. This is the reign of God from within the hearts of humanity...something we are eager to see manifest in the whole.

Many blessings to those who read this... :C)


Some real God stuff there. Shut it out, shut it up, and just start being sincerely sentimental with God and see what happens.

It's going to be a wonder-filled day today, I feel it!

Son of Zadok said...


I read a really good article about the end of Mark once, I dug it up for you. Now, I'm a full fledged tongue talker, but if I found out tongues weren't real, I'd still do it! Because it helps so much to speak in feeling and emotion, without having to rely on your own thinking and understanding. So, whatever with that, but still, some great thoughts here.

Get uber-blessed today brotha!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational Mark In the Now. I love vs 15, not what they did or didn't do, they (we) are not lost- that IS the good news, the gospel.

Enjoyed the message this morning streaming, of what God is...was profound...of covering the earth with his glory and the worship WAS glorious. It brings to mind as I drive in the mornings to work just before dawn and I see clouds on a dark sky or the mountians peeping out behind fog I say,"I see you God, I see your glory". Look at that huge weeping willow- "Your glory is showing".I really love to see Gods glory covering the earth in that way.
Any way missed being ITB (very bad tire w/no spare)but,the streaming was anointed and being home I had my school of the bible to read along with you. Gods glory is covering the earth and CITN with all that is and all that is to come. Mighty things are just below the horizion and will rise with the light of the day and say "Look see my GLORY, it is yours".

Debra M.

Ebony said...

Bishop, I loved the sermon today. The Universe-(One Song) to God. How sweet it is! And it's funny that you mentioned that you were in this vein of reconciliation with the services this coming weeks and the confirmation you have received from others. I believe it is something the body of Christ-those with ears to hear-is embracing. A new church in Columbus that my friend Kathryn works for is doing a series called "2nd Change" on the enduring mercy and grace of God, and Teg Haggard was one of the guest ministers. I am sure the "religous community" of Columbus had HUGE reservations about his being there, but who better to talk about God being the God of 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th) chances than someone who got one of his own from God. It is only fair as he connects back to the vertical that the horizontal gives him a hand too. So, I look forward to the coming weeks with anticipation. None of us will be the same. Wow, it feels good to be back on BITN.

Pastor Dennis said...

My Mother and I were blessed as we worshiped with you this morning. I feel a very close connection even through the streaming (not as good as being in the building) Strong presence of the Spirit today; ...especially as you had your hand on the globe singing. Davids view of the Kingdom and message really was "global". The religious leaders of the world could easily see this if they would only take off their blinders and step out of their small world for just a second. Even so, "The Glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea"


Pastor Dennis said...

20. And they were all energized and inspired to go out and preach everywhere,


ver. word "ENDED"

Erik said...

Pastor Dennis,

Near the end of the service when Bishop had his hands on, and was turning the globe, the atmosphere's construct expanded, similar to how it changes as lightning is present, ionizes, as the charge on the ground races up to the charge above.

Very enjoyable. That's why I come, more often than not stuff like this happens. I do not know anywhere else it happens with such consistency.

It is the expression of what exists in the congregation physical and cyber, tuned through Bishop, in a way, like a lightning rod.

karl cobos said...

Erik, glad you mentioned the phrase "there is peace in freedom"

That blog from Louis Charles really spoke to me here...thanks SOZ, the ending really nailed it for me..."Through meditation, we come to know that we are one with God and learn to move as one being. The split-mind becomes powerless and Christ is brought forth as God in your Earth. This is the reign of God from within the hearts of humanity...something we are eager to see manifest in the whole."
(whew, I had to just get up and walk around on that one...feeling glory here!)



You reign,glory in the highest,You reign!

Debra and Ebony...amen!

Agreement with P. Dennis about your hands, Bishop, on the globe...made me think of God's hands over the world...(singin', He's got the whole world in His hands...)hmmm..."He's got all of the nations in His hands, He's got all of the nations in His hands,...)

Yes, energized and inspired to go out...

"Searched all over can't find nobody...searched all over can't find nobody like you!"

"The Glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea", and on P.Dennis' word ver of ENDED, I say..."it is finished!"

ver. word "BOFORMA"
-the form that something is before it is-

karl said...

Bishop Swilley...lightning rod!..a "CAN DO IT" conduit.

karl cobos said...

Real cool...after being on the computer here, I was walking in my aunt's living room and my eyes landed on the front of this art book right in front of me.

It's a painting called "The Astronomer" and it's of a man leaning over to touch a globe that is on a desk in front of a window. The light is streaming in from it's stained glass onto the globe!
Johannes Vermeer, 1668

Son of Zadok said...

I knew things were heating up.

We don't know,
where that Blast gonna' go.


Your enthusiasm on here tonight is tangible and infectious, and it cleared things up for me even more.

Christ in us really is the only hope of glory that their is.

When that barefaced, clear cut, open and shut,indubitable, understandable, unequivocal, unmistakable, make no bones about-it-able; becomes discernible, and crystal clear observable,

Mm, mm, mm!

I don't really talk like that, but your "get-it" factor got me gettin' happy myself.

Strange Days

Sounds funny huh, I thought so to. But when the heavens are revealed on the earth, strange, might not be such a bad way to describe God's glory. It's indescribable. So something associated with the mystifying and marvelous works of God, leave us astonished in the remarkable beauty of Spirit majesty. The forgotten secrets are revealed to your mindsets.

And strange days are ahead.

Each of our individual proportions and panoramas are so wrapped in this one Christ, one Faith, one Lord!

What can shake us?

When two things come together, each of those things are magnified.

The Lord and His Christ are magnified and multiplied in the days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not leaving anything out Bishop. We are both aware that some of this scripture could have been left out due to lack of original manuscript support. I do not consider myself to be a gnostic but there have been a few episodes where it seems to me that matter has been transcended in my journey. I no longer doubt any connection with mysticism though and am further convinced that all humanity are mystics. How could we help being anything else?

You have done a beautiful job with this gospel. Because of my career choice of working in the field of emergency medicine combined with an anointing, that is difficult to define, where the path that I follow is illuminated well in the direction of seeing the miraculous as being the same as tangible, I am on seat's edge for what will be revealed in LITN.