Thursday, August 20, 2009

UNITY: The Power of US

Here's something I wrote for Streaming Faith...hope to get MkITN Chapter XV finished today...

UNITY is about the power of “US”

Isaiah prophesied that unto “US”…not unto “me”… not unto “you”…but unto “US” a Child would be born…unto “US”…not unto “me”…not unto “you”…but unto “US” a Son would be given…

The Child is born, and the Son is given only via a corporate revelation that is given to “US” (Unified Synergy)…

That’s why Jesus laid out the blueprint for the Kingdom of God in His famous prayer by saying “OUR” Father Who is in heaven…not “my” Father…not “your” Father…but “OUR” Father…give “US”…not “me"…not “you”…but give “US” this day “OUR” daily bread…and lead “US” not into temptation, but deliver “US” from evil!

The pronouns used in both of these passages are all PLURAL (us, our, we)…nothing is singular! That’s why UNITY in the Body of Christ is absolutely essential…

So let’s examine the subject…


nderstanding…understanding, first of all, that the true “Church”—the Body/Bride of Christ is not some archaic, irrelevant religious system, but is that universal company of called-out ones who are coming into the consummation of the third day IN CHRIST!

This “Church”—this living, breathing, vital organism...this many-membered man—is becoming the most bridge-building, cutting-edge, dream-inspiring, faith-accelerating, goal-oriented, relationship-building, upwardly-mobile, sold-out, forward-thinking, non-judgmental, non-religious, open-minded, ground-breaking, hard-working, life-giving, life-changing, success-oriented, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-controlled, worry-free, state-of-the-art, mountain-moving, vision-casting, uncompromising, unconventional, unprejudiced, unselfish, undefeated, understanding and prophetically powerful network of people in the world!

This unified Church is the hope for the world, and you are a part of it!

etworking…networking with the realization that “WE MIGHT NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER, BUT TOGETHER WE HAVE IT ALL!”…looking beyond our irrelevant differences to find the unity of The Faith…giving up our elusive search for a unity of the doctrine…leaving behind that which divides us so that the Church will stay fresh, current and relevant in the world...that Jesus will be able to look at His Church…His Body…and see the travail of His soul and be satisfied!

nterceding…interceding for one another in faith for the Body of Christ…faith that the Church will be real and genuine, without hypocrisy or pretense—that it will reach out to a troubled world, without judgment, and embrace it lovingly and unconditionally!

hinking…thinking outside the box…believing in the bigger God-vision of the Church of Jesus Christ….believing that the Church will put away childish things and begin to walk in dominion, growing into full stature in Christ!

ou…yes, you! It’s about you doing what you can to promote unity in the Body of Christ…about not being afraid to confront religious strongholds, doctrinal divisions, prejudice and racism, or unresolved offenses among believers…it’s about you confessing that love will conquer…it’s about all of us honoring and hallowing the Church of Jesus Christ, giving thanks for it, and agreeing with His intercession for its ultimate victory—the restoration of all things—so that He may be released from being held in the heavens.


Erik said...

I hear you all the way Bishop.

All of this is NOW, and He has been, is NOW and will forever be among all, and within all. All know and only believe Love conquers ALL. No entry exam or membership card required to get inside.

Sans membership has all privilege.

Unity is exclusive to all who ever existed.

Son of Zadok said...

Now hear a voice,

shouting in the wilderness.

Northern Light said...

There is no need to ramble.

UNITY..that's all there is to know.
What all calm & peace & blessings that can bring.

Northern Light

SCRIBE said...

Yes! Amen....AMEN !

Anonymous said...

Most excellent post sir.

This is true and has already taken humanity to a level of understanding purpose and destiny beyond all that has existed prior to its recognizable advent.

Is humanity ready to see itself as divine? There is little choice as to being ready for it. It is happening at such a rapid rate that the very concept of evolution itself is being revisited. We are living in one of those epic moments where future observers of this time will say, there was an unusual occurrence that took place where humanity jumped from anthropo-centric to spiritual unanimity with the origin of life and started what we now know to be truth.

Our consciousness of who we are has been raised from the sub margins of our thought to the forefront. It is leading all humanity toward the ultimate quest of realizing our purpose. Unity has never been an accomplishment that could be achieved by man with man. It is only in uniting with the Spirit of consciousness that singularity will happen.

To recognize the Child that is born onto us or perhaps into us gives the soul that receives that message a foot up on others still groping in dimly lighted rooms for truth. But if we make the mistake of worshiping the Child instead of allowing the Child to lead us it will only become another dimly lit room.

May that Child that is born into me grow to mature Adulthood and shine out of me to all in need of light.

This Child is the same as the Spirit of life that has existed from before any point of time in the development of humans that can be imagined. It will be present with us as we complete the taking on of Its mind to the fullness of unanimity.

Oh Spirit of Life, bless this day with the Light of Truth and illuminate the Way to Oneness.

Anonymous said...

DrKluane Spake said...

Awesome. One of my most favorite subjects is unity.

Anonymous said...

LaDonna Paulk Diaz said...

Here's to "us" - I'm thinking of you today

Anonymous said...

Grayling Chestnut said...

This was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Jim Hall siad...

There is Power in these words. Truth and Power.

Anonymous said...

John W. Brumlow said...

have given much thought to both unity and unanimity recently. The Child born or perhaps borne unto us is a unanimous proclamation from a unified Spirit in eternal existence. There is no dissent coming from that Spirit. Our destiny is to answer the unity prayer of that Child. That is happening at an exponential rate even as we talk about it. ... Read MoreHumanity has left the process of evolution that was occurring almost imperceptibly and our great brain that has been made ready is now beginning to adapt to the rapid flow of information that is increasing every day. We are what we have collectively hoped for through the years of groping in darkness to find the source of that light that appeared to be at the end of a tunnel.

Perhaps it could have just as easily been said that into us a Child is born. That Child is quickly becoming an Adult and is already doing works that are pleasing to the Spirit from which we are born/borne.

We are the body of Christ and always have been...

Anonymous said...

Bob Ricotta said...

Wow!..that's too deep. I'm from Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

Karl McIntosh Cobos said...

still reading here, but I'm remembering Jesus' prayer to the Father when He said, "that they ALL may be made ONE, that the WORLD may know and believe that you sent me. His glory will all the more be seen when we "the believers" unite more fully as one, the world will know and BELIEVE.

Anonymous said...

Cliff Hancock said...


Anonymous said...

Pamela Thompson said...

I spoke on this subject in July,
Unity in the Body

As the Father is unified in us Spirit, Soul and Body we are to be unified with the body of Christ.
Our goal is not to out shine but that the Lord be magnified and the Glory of God is praised and magnified.... Read More
To lift others up so we may be lifted in our time of need.
To Honor others and praise the father for their blessings. Thanking the Lord for allowing us to witness God’s glory.
To hold others differences as sacred. That we are not all at the same place in our walk and we should have a common goal for all of us to reach our fullest potential, our true calling and help and pray each other through, even if it means we are temporarily left behind or in the shadows.
For it is not about us, but how we respect, lift each other up and praising through . From Glory to valley to Glory and so on. As we are purged, pruned and tried by the fire, iron will sharpen iron.

Anonymous said...

Pamela Thompson said...

The most successful walks are among those who have sacrificed their personal agendas and are selfless, walking unified with their brothers and sisters lifting them up, giving them strength and encouragement. Reinforcing their revelations through the word, prayer and seeking the Father first.
Focusing on others needs and well being, focusing and... Read More seeking the Father first - leads to a unselfish pure heart that leads to pure spiritual change and unified the Body of Christ. Pamela/Holy Ghost 7/14/09

Anonymous said...

Ingrid Bryant siad...

The U hit me. It is so wonderful. I want to take the definition of "This Church" and Frame it. The whole thing is Awesome Bishop!!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa Geter siad...

Wow, well said Bishop this is one of the reasons why I attend C.I.T.N unity.

Anonymous said...

Although a very blustery, blustery one here, this was a very good day, good night.

Avatar said...

I agree Ingrid, there's something about that list of descriptive words that is empowering and energizing...and definitely important to read every day!

Son of Zadok said...

Driving home tonight, "It Is Well With My Soul", crept up inside again. Wow, I'll tell you what, after streaming Sunday's service; did anyone else just really get a hold of something from Sunday or what? I started softly singing that tune again and before long it turned into a personal version that's tunes trailed into something that was just flat workin' in me!

It is Well!

With my Soul!

You grab a hold of the truth of that and it really does start to make you strong.

I am strong!

You can meet someone for the first time in your life, and when talk turns to trouble, as it so often can, let the sweet residue of..

You are well,
you are strong,
and It is finished,

rest upon them, calling truth out from pains cocky conclusions.

But tonight, while singing, I was impressed to think of the blessing that is Nation of Worship. Not only the spoke word, but the song and sound that come through the microphone that is Church In The Now are, if I could make a Blues Brothers reference, "On a mission from God".

Let the voices of all the children of God shout for joy and the morning stars sing. Who can say at this, "Where is their God?"

More glory, more glory, more glory!
A path down the Glory Road. A walk through wonderful woods and exposed expanses together in the the Unity of the Holy One.
There's so much more glory ahead.
The Kingdom coral celebration is
surrounding you.
Their is a Now sound from the Kingdom of the heavens flowing from inside each of us all.

A term has come into culture recently thats' two words can say more than I could are this,

Oracular Spectacular!

That's what I'm seeing. From the message, comes forth a new song!

Somethings left over from that cadence Sunday.

Call - It is well
Response - With my soul

The gift of worship, the gift of life, is for everyone and everything. It's dawning new inside all the Earth.

Izumi/JOY said...

Unified synergy. Yes, I like it. Love that pic!

Clark Kent said...

n. pl. u·ni·ties
1. The state or quality of being one; singleness.
2. The state or quality of being in accord; harmony.
a. The combination or arrangement of parts into a whole; unification.
b. A combination or union thus formed.
4. Singleness or constancy of purpose or action; continuity: "In an army you need unity of purpose" (Emmeline Pankhurst).
a. An ordering of all elements in a work of art or literature so that each contributes to a unified aesthetic effect.
b. The effect thus produced.
6. One of the three principles of dramatic structure derived by French neoclassicists from Aristotle's Poetics, stating that a drama should have but one plot, which should take place in a single day and be confined to a single locale.
7. Mathematics
a. The number 1.
b. See identity element.

Anonymous said...

word verification - cormod

Christ our resurrection models omega destiny.

second word ver - trudis, now that's agreement

Phil said...

John you have tapped directly into the vein of a great truth. Many read what you wrote and agree without really intuiting the deeper meaning. But, as you said, a collective awakening is currently underway and is spreading exponentially.
It is an antiquated thought to say the "body of Christ" is exclusive to a certain group or belief system. But, I will not disagree with those who believe that to be so.
I totally hear and understand your last line that so poigently stated: "We are the Body of Christ and always have been."
I see that as humanity collective.

Thanks for Your Wisdom,

karl said...

Son of Zadok, as a part of Nation of Worship I liked your comment "on a mission from God", guess all we need now are the shades!

I love seeing everyone singing and worshiping as one, making, in your own words, "The Kingdom choral celebration that is
surrounding you."
There is a Now sound from the Kingdom of the heavens flowing from inside each of us all.
-an Oracular Spectacular!"