Thursday, September 24, 2009


Erik said...

I am copying the comment that I did late last night, actually fits better with the picture and post Bishop has for today.

Wed night services was excellent again. To whatever extent flows in our spirit,or how about, how much of The Spirit we drink, breathe in, .. or how about to the extent one is intoxicated with The Holy Spirit, is the degree one is at peace with all others.

The part about 'the sins you remit are remitted, and the ones retained are retained'. I always thought that was crazy talk, I mean what sane person retains sins? Every sin retained lives in us, under our own lock and key, diminishing our experience.

When one retains the sins of 'another' it is really one's own sins retained. Yick. The sin is something that is anti-thetic to ones genuine self, determined by oneself.

Remit, Love self and others as deeply, which is easier to say, Love, Remit, Engage, Forgive ....

Anonymous said...

Life is stronger than death. Its power is persistent and its passion transcends all other percieved states of existence. Life is the very Fire of God's Love stirring the cosmos. All elements are born of this Fire so that if they were to form a confederacy to quench the Fire, they would simply be transformed back into elements giving more strength to Love.

This is the essence of eternity.