Monday, October 12, 2009

LITN X, Verses 38 - 42

38. Then Jesus and His disciples went on their way, and they came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him in a show of hospitality.

39. And Martha had a sister named Mary, who sat at Jesus' feet, listening intently to everything He said.

40. But Martha, in an effort to be a good hostess...and to make Jesus and His disciples feel comfortable in her home...became distracted by all the preparations that had to be made for dinner. So she came to Him and said, "Lord, does it not bother you to see that my inconsiderate sister has left me to do the work in the kitchen all by myself? It certainly bothers me! Tell her to get busy and help me!"

41. Unmoved, Jesus replied, "Oh are worried and upset about so many trivial and unimportant things.

42. You should re-prioritize, and embrace the fact that only one thing is really necessary...and your sister, Mary, has chosen that one, superior thing! And the thing that she has chosen will never be taken away from her."


Erik said...

Bishop, LITN, continues to be what I think the best of the paraphrases. All excellent, but this presentation of Luke is something more human and divine in its word art.

This ties so in with Sunday’s service. I will start in the middle, the message you and Pastor D.E. delivered. The Human and Divine, are entwined, THAT is our DNA , the entwined reality that is 98%+ the same with every person that has ever been, is and will be. The Human is as important as The Divine in this reality. Mary instinctually, and very likely consciously knew that.

There is one God, no matter how any culture, society, belief system describes God, all is the same God. As we walk around the experience of God, we see what others see, and then know it is another aspect of the very same God, Creator, Universe, we saw from the ‘place’ we were standing in, or the ‘kitchen’ where Martha was, and Mary was out walking around, seeing the different aspects, who saw angles different than the single, also beautiful vision , Martha had. – Imagine, there’s no religion, just God, it is easy.

God’s face is in my mirror, and in every mirror across the world and all time. God’s face is in every face I see or imagine.

I was very blessed today in worship, the message, and the end worship. I was refreshed by the many faces and sounds of God around me in worship. Going in, I asked HS to help me open up, I have been running flat recently, all good, just a little stretched. The energy is always available, and there is something really open and overflowing at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit / CITN presence together that is enhanced.

The message, even today, has been previously heard , but often before had been at two levels. Something on the surface lighter, while an underlying deeper message for whoever would hear. What I enjoy so much now is that between Bishop and Pastor D.E., both sharpening each other, the raw unfiltered message cannot help but to be an overflowing spring, bubbling and supplying all of the roots to the surface. This is refreshing, easily available, running the cup over with our having to pull from the well. The well bucket is jumping out of the well.

Keep going, this is like the ultimate Spa, all of the oils, lotions, salts, essential herbs, brought to us, massaged in, as we simply enjoy. Even though they can be had otherwise, the point of a Spa is that all you have to do is relax and receive. Like Mary, this is a Spa to simply enjoy.

Bishop, Pastor D.E. , my request is to keep going with this limitlessly. It is like a fresh spring, that pours out what otherwise has to be welled for, digging, pulling up the bucket, etc. You both simply make it pour out of each other. Really nice for the rest of us, both those who put the bucket down and those who would not. Whosoever will drink, it is undeniable.

Thank You.

Erik said...

Forgot to say how perfect Sunday's Year in the Now was for me today. Always a winner, and there are days, like Sunday, it is absolutely perfect. Then to be manifested in service, ... God is so wonderful.

More on the Spa scenario. I often enjoy a good spa. The salts, oils, massage .. the respite. I know many good spas and therapists, and a few shamans across the US, and my fave in the natural elsewhere.

By far the best Spiritual Spa that I have found is CITN, and with The Cathedral addition, prime anointing oils and salts, well applied .. there is nothing like it I have found. I imagine there are equally available locus of nexus elsewhere, but from where I have been, this is clearly the best, and even more so now.

Once again, Thank You to all who make it happen. It is such an excellent oasis, that also adds value that is easily applied to the rest of my life. That is the thing about spas, or other invigorating experiences, they add to every aspect, cleanse out impurities and energize.

That is what I get from CITN, and even more so from the CITN/Cathedral infusion.

Like Mary, and add the exponential sharpening, just say... ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

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Amy Frey Tiller said...

One of the coolest things I have ever seen or read...thank you )

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Keith Mitchell said...

You've done it again. I can relate to these sisters, which brings it to life .

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Mike Collins siad...

Excellent Message - did you two stay after and help with the Brain Cramps from overload? You only get encouragement from me Brother - Keep Pressing ON!

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Melissa Geter said...

Awesome service Bishop, I am truely enjoying it......

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Pamela Thompson said...

It was more than words could adequately describe and I did not want it to end. Thank you for yours and D.E's obedience to the Holy Ghost. The word is alive and ever evolving, as we call for deeper revelation of the word, the Holy Spirit and your gifts to receive and bring the word is never without great blessing to your sheep and the kingdom will never be the same. You guys are definitely World Changers. Thanks, blessings and favor precede your every step.

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John Wanza said...

Bishop, What an amazing day at Cathederal In The Now, I am so enjoying what GOD is doing with you and Pastor D.E. in the word.. WOW! Also, just to share with you I had a dream about today's word how cool is that.. As the Church, as we know it, embraces the truth that the Spirit of Christ as always been, then the hope of Glory will be seen..Amen

Anonymous said...

From e-mail

Man Bishop,
It is so awesome (truly) to see you two going through what your going through. I thought as a church that we have been in the flow of the Spirit a bunch of times, but this one seems set apart. Overly special. A bit more powerful.

You know Bishop, in the pit of every being is this thing we call the Spirit and everyone has it. This is where the truth lies in everyone. I am seeing such a confirmation in the depths of everyone at church. Man, its new to them, and its nuts, but its so right.

I don't know where we're going or what is to be expected, but I know its going to be beautiful. Awesome. Life giving. Good. Powerful. When Jesus said, "it is not for me to know the times appointed by my Father", I'm like, yeah man, no doubt. But I know it will be good. If I know anything, I know this.

This word you two are giving is rooted in the depth of every person, but there is a lot of shaking involved to get it to the surface. I write this to you, I guess, to encourage your faith. You have every reason in the world to believe in what you are believing. God is awesome. You two are awesome. Everything else has no choice but to be transformed into awesomeness around you. And that's what's happening.

Keep it up,
Love you,

SCRIBE said...

Ahhh... choosing the superior thing, the excellent portion is what is essential. That which cannot be taken away from us is when we abide / rest in GOD as HE dwells within us. For those that worship GOD in Spirit and in TRUTH will not be brought to complete ruin or destruction. For GOD honors HIS own, that "thing" within us that calls and cries out to HIM even in the seemingly worst times of our lives. Sacrifices of worship and praise unto GOD is what HE treasures greatly. For sacrifices are not simply gifts / offerings, it is those things that we generously lavish upon GOD even when we are unable to see our way clear or have a firm grasp on the "how to's" of tomorrow. And regardless of the opinions and idiosyncrasies of others, GOD not only sees the good part, superior thing / excellent portion, HE graciously welcomes and receives who we are as we are at one in HIM. Those things that greatly trouble, worry, and overly concern our brothers and sisters about OUR PERSONAL TIME and EXPERIENCES WITH GOD--- GOD HIMSELF delights in, for HE SEES and knows all, acknowledging, welcoming, and eagerly receiving that which HE deems as excellent and superior TO HIM.

So, as Martha desired to squelch the praises, enthusiasm, and personal depths of Mary's heart and desires to simply bask and soak in HIS PRESENCE, Christ was not bent out of shape at all, for HE knew Mary's Heart, delighted in her much and praised her / approved of her for in her choice to worship HIM despite everything else that was consuming and taxing her sister. As Martha was busy about making preparations for the guests, had Mary not been there, perhaps Jesus and the Disciples may not have enjoyed themselves as much. Mary was simply excited to be WITH THEM as Martha seemed perplexed and overwhelmed by all the preparations to be made. She too may have been able to enjoy the company of her guests if majority of the preparations had been taken care of a little in advance.

Therefore, we should not get so caught up in preparing for HIS VISITATIONS where we completely miss out on the beauty of His Presence and enjoying HIS companionship while HE is with us. It seems that Jesus may have been saying to Martha: "Martha, Martha, Don't Be Hatin', there is enough of me to go around, sit down a while, stop being so uptight and GET YOURS, stop sweating your sister because she knows what time it is! She is seizing the opportunity to JUST BE WITH ME, instead of making a fuss about the environment around me. Martha...while you are busy with trying to make dinner, Mary is already feasting on the Words of Life at My Feet. Now, which would you say is more important? Had Martha calmed down, she may have opened the door for Jesus to simply say "Let the preparations for this meal be complete." and so they would have been! And then the word coming forth may have been "NOW, lets eat, Dinner is served by ME- The Christ, to you in your home. REST, for IT IS FINISHED! Amen.

Northern Light said...

Martha & Mary.......ah those two sisters. Always a favorite passage, but I always had a hard time keeping "who is who" straight in my head. Being raised in a Sicilian family, food preparation is utmost important before a 'guest' arrives. The effort and quality is as much of the meal and it is a gift.

Now, that brings up a funnier point, as my mother's name was Maria (although she went by Mary to many). She was NOT a Mary. She was all Martha, and often times missed the whole party and socializing because of the hostessing and running to and from the kitchen all the time.

I, also realized long ago, how many parties and celebrations "I" missed out on being with my guests, because I was busy being Martha. It has to be done, but not so much so that you miss the opportunity to be Mary. I hate asking friends later, "so, tell me, what were you and so and so talking about, I saw you but just couldn't get there."

Mary had it right, she knew the preparations were made, the food was cooked, the house was cleaned, and once the guest arrived, it was time to visit and enjoy.

I am Martha until the first guest arrives, early or late...then I try my best to enjoy like Mary. Everyone gets what they need, after the first serving from me, I want to enjoy and visit.

Thanks for reminding us of this, especially as we are just about upon the holiday season. Be glad for who comes to your door, spend the time with them.

Heck, if you have to, just order a pizza!

Northern Light

karl cobos said...

I am enjoying the spa of His presence right here in everyone's comments... seeking the superior thing of being fed by Him.

In verse 41 I heard Jesus say, "Oh are worried and upset about so many trivial and unimportant things. I hear Him say in a sense, "don't let the thorns of worry choke the word I'm giving you."

If there is a Jacob/Esau struggling within us there definitely too is a Martha/Mary scenario.

Let us not be so distracted from the main event by worries of preparations and having everything "just so."

It's like having guests for dinner to "spend time with them", and "getting to know them better", yet through all the prep, thought and clean-up you feel you really didn't see them, connect or relax...should've just had a pitcher of sweet tea and store bought cookies.

I am thankful for all the times I have followed Mary and sat at Jesus' feet. I know there've been more than enough times that I jumped up and followed Martha into the kitchen not letting Jesus respond with, "it's ok, stay here."

Word of God speak, would you pour down like rain, open my eyes to see Your majesty, to be still and know that You're in this place, come let me stay and rest in Your holiness, word of God speak. -Mercy Me

word ver: irdbegag
"I will not let the Word be gagged."

2nd word ver: mentau
"a spa for the mind"

Anonymous said...

From Matthew Henry's concise commentary:
A good sermon is not the worse for being preached in a house; and the visits of our friends should be so managed, as to make them turn to the good of their souls.

Sitting at Christ's feet, signifies readiness to receive his word, and submission to the guidance of it. Martha was providing for the entertainment of Christ, and those that came with him.

Here were respect to our Lord Jesus and right care of her household affairs. But there was something to be blamed. She was for much serving; plenty, variety, and exactness.

Worldly business is a snare to us, when it hinders us from serving God, and getting good to our souls. What needless time is wasted, and expense often laid out, even in entertaining professors of the gospel!

Though Martha was on this occasion faulty, yet she was a true believer, and in her general conduct did not neglect the one thing needful. The favour of God is needful to our happiness; the salvation of Christ is needful to our safety. Where this is attended to, all other things will be rightly pursued.

Christ declared, Mary hath chosen the good part. For one thing is needful, this one thing that she has done, to give up herself to the guidance of Christ. The things of this life will be taken away from us, at the furthest, when we shall be taken away from them; but nothing shall separate from the love of Christ, and a part in that love.

Men and devils cannot take it away from us, and God and Christ will not. Let us mind the one thing needful more diligently.

clark kent said...

Today I will possess a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to what is important in life.

DNA = Divine nature applied

Izumi/JOY said...

Such a contrast - v. 38's, " of hospitality", and 40's, "...effort to be..." to 39's "...listening intently to everything He said."

(the image at the left of the upraised hand reminds me of the Holy Spirit)

Anonymous said...

Great responses from all here. Have to say that Sunday's teaching is still resonating. I like Erik's Spa analogy. It was exhilarating and still feels refreshing today. I also agree that these moments of worship are like that superior thing that Mary chose that will never be taken away.

Among many great contemplative thoughts stirred by these teachings for me is the notion that we are gods of God. I've come a long way in understanding the difference between crawling worm doctrines and what can only be compared to godlike beings with ability to fly on spiritual wings above perceived circumstance.

This present state of existence serves a great purpose and that is more in focus today than ever before as we see the benefits to humanity coming from the collective parts of many different humans contributing to those benefits. It is easier to see humans as many gods in this process of moving humanity toward the goal knowing the God of our origin. Each successive generation has grown through many tribulations to get this far and there appears to be some distance yet to go. But with so many exciting developments clearly on this side of the horizon there is definitely cause for hope to rise. I do believe there will be an era of peace in my lifetime unlike any that has existed among humans and it will open the door for humanity to enjoy greater truths outside of our previous belief in earthbound constraints.

This age we live in is like that described in Romans eight when the offspring of God are being revealed to a creation that has been awaiting it for a very long time.

These teachings are right on time with what is happening in the now. I hope it will continue for many days and even years if needed until all humanity hears this good news that the God of gods is pleased with creation and creation's creation. There is no greater praise than when those offering it are doing so by emulating the One being praised.

Oh that men would praise God to the ends of the earth!

Larry Usher said...

Once again on mornings where we go down to feed the homeless, it wasn't so much what was said as it was the spiritual hunger and environment in the house! My mind will sort of "check out" and allows my spirit to run the show, and I was fed yesterday very well...thanks to all!

Bro Lar