Thursday, October 15, 2009

LITN XII, Verses 1 - 21

1. Meanwhile, an enormous crowd began to gather...thousands trying to get close to Him, literally trampling on one another. Before addressing or even acknowledging them, Jesus began to speak to His disciples, saying: "Beware of the yeast or leaven of the's nothing but sheer hypocrisy.

2. The truth is, there is nothing concealed that will not be ultimately revealed... nothing hidden in the now that will not eventually be made known.

3. Everything that you have said in the secrecy of the night will be heard in the bright light of daybreak...what you have whispered in the ear in the secret rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops."

4. Then He began to speak to the larger crowd, saying, "I'm speaking to you all as My dear friends...don't be intimidated into silence, or forced into phoniness by the threats of religious bullies. It's true that with the cooperation of this present government they have the power to destroy your physical life, but then what can they really do? There's nothing that they or anyone else can do to your real self...your inner being.

5. If you're really going to be in awe of someone to the point that it makes you tremble and shake, be in awe of God...the God Who holds both your entire external and internal realities in His hands.

6. Look...aren't five sparrows sold for just two pennies in the open market? Do you realize that not one of them is forgotten by God?

7. You are so important...your existence so valuable...that every single hair that grows out of your scalp has its own, personal inventory number. So you have nothing to are worth much more than many sparrows!
8. You define your terms with Me...public acknowledgment brings public acknowledgment...if you act like you really know Me, I will act like I really know you, even before the angels of God.

9. But when persecution comes on this nation, if you act like you don't know Me to save yourself, I will treat you the same way...even before the angels of God who can protect you in the hour of persecution.

10. And speaking of the power of words...everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Let Me's all about the power of your words to create by the ability and influence of the Holy Spirit. Every sin and blasphemy can be automatically forgiven people because of the mercy extended to the limited flesh, but when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, your words become so effective that they literally create your reality. So when you speak things out of your mouth which are contrary to the purpose and nature of the Holy Spirit, you actually speak blasphemy against Him...and He can’t forgive you in order to prevent those words from coming to pass, because He has empowered you to have what you say. You’ll just have to deal with the consequences of whatever you’ve said, whether for good or for evil. You can speak against Me as the Son of Man, and I’ll automatically forgive you of your wrong words; but when you are empowered by the Holy Spirit, the words that you speak against His nature will have to stand just as you said them. They will not be erased through forgiveness.

11. And when the persecution comes, and you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, that same Holy Spirit will be there for you. Don't even worry about how you will defend yourselves at that time, or what you will say.

12. The Holy Spirit will inspire your words and teach you at that time what you should say."
13. Then someone in the crowd called out to Him, "Teacher...command my brother to divide the inheritance with me."

14. Jesus replied, "Who appointed Me to be an arbiter between the two of you in these matters?"

15. In response to this, He said to them, "You all need to watch out! You must be on your guard against all kinds of greed, because real life doesn't consist of an abundance of material possessions."

16. To underscore His point, He told them this illustration: "There was a certain rich landowner whose crops yielded an abundant harvest.

17. So when he realized how much he had, he thought to himself, 'What am I going to do with all of this? I don't have adequate facilities to store my crops.'

18. After giving it some thought, he said, 'All right...this is what I'll do. I'll tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and I'll store all my surplus grain there.

19. And then I'll say to myself, "Self, you have plenty of grain laid up for many years...more than enough to take care of yourself. Take life easy...don't worry about anyone else..don't even think about someone else's needs...just spend your time eating and drinking and having one big party!" '

20. But God said to him, 'You foolish, selfish clown! Tonight your physical life will be who will get what you have prepared for yourself, seeing as how you cared more about things than about relationships?'

21. This is how things will turn out for those who only store up things for themselves, but never acquire spiritual prosperity."


Erik said...


The last bit Wed posting – ending with the reply -- ‘ … blessed are those who hear the Word of God and fully embrace it! “ – Wed posting.

Tying in with Wed service. Seeing as God sees. And Thurs posting - All that we speak in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Are you ready ? As we speak, so it is. And so I speak --

– brings me to share something, a conversation I got to hear. AT first I thought it was a conversation I was having with HS, but it was not exactly what I would ask, and then I realized none of the voices were mine, so, of course, I listened.

This convo ties in with both the LITN and Wed nights service (of course), and the nature of every service. --

I think I entered a little after the beginning …

.. P= Person, H = Holy Spirit.

P – “ So, Christians are right.”

H – “yes”

P – “But then, from what you said, the Muslims are right too?”

H – “ Yes”

P – “So then the Jews are right, the Hindus, the Buddhists?”

H –“Yes”

P - “ I am getting a little dizzy. Don’t they all dispute each other? “

H – “ Yes”

P – “But they are all right ?”

H – “Yes, and many more, Native American Indians, Ancient Greeks and Romans, Wiccans, New Age, and all that you can name, and of course the un-nameable.”

P – “What? I got to rest a minute. What does that mean? I have enough trouble getting the protestants and Catholics.”

H – “ You understand One Body, hand and eye, etc.”

P – “yeah, but I have hard time knowing the Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics, Mormons, Jehova Witnesses, and all the reformists and non denominationals, -- and that’s just Christians, I don’t think I have room for more.”

H- (Smile) “ You are thinking of just the liver, or maybe the lungs, and there is a lot more to The Christ, or The Body than Christianity. The Christ is called many different things across The Universe, The Christ is far more than Christianity. Although Christianity is beautiful, and valid. So is every other limited belief system.”

P- “ Can we slow down?”

H – “ Not now. The liver does not share the experience of the eye, or the nose, or the lungs. What each experiences is foreign to each other, possibly unintelligible . However, all are necessary for full health, full realization, full life. The Body , The Christ is all of these beliefs and more than you can imagine, but not so much you cannot experience. Light is more than visible, Green cannot say to Blue, it is wrong”

P – “What?”

H – “Remember the Blood touches every cell, bringing nutrients and oxygen, life force to every cell, those cells that the liver sees foreign in the lung, eyes , or finger. Like Abrahamics see in them selves, do not comprehend their close siblings (Jews, Muslims, Christians) and even less so those that are not part of their same system. The fun comes in understanding the Blood cells that promotes the health of every one of them, even those outside the understanding . Do you see the joy of riding the Blood vessels, to the cellular, the molecular level? If you want to, you can see every perception, understand and be a part of it like God is. The Blood is beyond Christianity, as is The Christ. No system can singularly define The One within each one. Release yourself from that view, and join God in the variety, or remain in the singular view, both are supported. Remember though, any one view is a piece. God is beyond every religion, doctrine, paradigm. God is all of them and more. “

P – “ I need to rest a minute. What you’re saying is making me nauseous. “
H- “ Relax, breathe in what is. You know Me. Trust Me. The change can be dizzying, nut it is alright. Think of everyone you have seen, thought of, read about, seen on TV, you have always seen Me in them. Rest now. There is more. I am going to bring you with me to every part. You will be fine. You will see what I see.

Erik said...

Continued --

P – “Maybe I do not want to. It may be more than I can think of. “

H –“ You will be well. It is time, come. There s more than you can ask or think, and it is all good, all that you hoped for, and more. Full peace, connection with all. It is what you have hoped for, - to understand why the world is the way it is, to understand, without physically dying, to understand in this life. “

P- “ Will I be different?”

H – “ Yes, in every way you have hoped would be true, letting your fear and suspicion of yourself and others go. Revive, it is time. “

P – “ I feel so relieved, it is more than I thought, I see more than ever before, I want to cry and laugh, tear my hair out and scream praises at the top of my lungs. Is this normal ? “

H –“ It takes many forms, yes. Now go and live this. You are free. Take a little trip with Me”

P – “ Thank You”