Saturday, October 17, 2009

LITN XIII, Verses 18 - 35

18. Then Jesus asked, "How can I explain the Kingdom of God to you? What illustration will make it understandable?

19. All right, think of it this's like a seed, say, a tiny mustard seed, which a man took one day and planted in his garden. And that insignificant seed eventually grew and became a huge big, in fact, that the birds of the air were able to perch in its branches."

20. Then He said, "Let Me else can I describe it to you? How can I fully reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom, and its progressively increasing influence in the earth?

21. Here's another's like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour, until it worked all through the dough. And then she waits for all the dough to rise."

22. He went on teaching that basic message of the Kingdom from town to village... village to town...but, little by little, He was really making His way toward Jerusalem.
23. On the way, someone asked Him, "Lord, in the end, will only a few be saved?" And He said to them,

24. "You need to be thinking about the now...about making the effort to enter into the Kingdom mentality by the narrow door that provides access to it. Many will try to grasp the concept of it, trying to enter it without repentance or revelation, but they will not be able to get in.

25. It's just like when the master of a household gets up and officially closes the door for the evening. You may stand outside and knock on the outer door again and again, saying, "Sir, open up to us!" But he will most likely answer you, "I don't know what household you come from...certainly not mine."

26. And then you may reply, "Hey...we ate and drank with were a familiar voice in our community."

27. But he will say, "Seriously...I don't know what household you come're definitely not a part of this one. Get out of here, and go to your own homes, you strangers!"

28. And you will have to stand outside all night in the cold, where your teeth will chatter from the cold, and where you will grind them in anger as you see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the prophets enter the house because they understand what is happening in the Kingdom of God in the now. Your anger will be increased because you yourselves will be driven away by your own lack of understanding.

29. And if that's not enough to set you off, you will also see people come from eastern lands and western lands...from the north and the south...all the people that you thought were not invited to the celebration at all, sit down and feast at the table in the Kingdom of God.

30. You don't realize this, and don't believe it when I say it, but there are some who are now 'last', as it were, who will then be 'first'...and there are some who are now considered 'first' who will then be 'last'."

31. Within an hour of hearing Him speak these words, some Pharisees came up to Him and said, "You need to get out of for your life! Don't you know that Herod is determined to kill You?"

32. And He replied in a very direct manner, "Please...feel free to go and tell that fox for Me that I expel rebel spirits and perform healings today and tomorrow...and on the third day I will triumphantly finish My course. I don't have time for him or his empty threats.

33. I'm going to do what I'm going to do, today and tomorrow and the day after that. Besides, it's not proper for a prophet to come to a bad end outside Jerusalem...the whole thing will have its consummation there...and it won't happen until I get there!"

34. But then in a moment of feeling the conflict between being simultaneously connected and disconnected from them, He said, wistfully, "O who continue to kill the prophets, and to stone those who are sent to you! You have no idea how often I've desired...yearned, gather your children together around Me, as a hen gathers her young under her wings. I'll fulfill My own destiny, with or without your support...but, truth be told, I truly wanted to embrace you, but you just wouldn't have it!

35. But it doesn't matter now...what's about to happen is about to happen, and your house is forsaken. You won't see me again until the day of reconciliation when you all confess together, 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of God.'"


River said...

Today's version it's like the scene in Men In Black to when K&J go the bus termial locker and see the locker people & also the end when K opens the door to reveal that they are the locker people to another world.

River said...

Whoops that's MIB 2

Anonymous said...

That's deep.

Erik said...

All people from every direction, past, perception, are welcome as they are.

I had the pleasure to watch a taping of Pastor Melissa Scott of yesterday who had this same message.

Triumphantly we ALL go forward, self aware of our divinity, fully in synch with our divine selves and God of gods.

We exist well past the age of reconciliation, enjoying every fruit. We ALL are blessed as we come in the name (ALL names, understood or not of God – every name uttered) we ALL come in The Name ( the names known and unknown) .

We ALL embrace God in ourselves and each other in every moment, always. There is only confirmation and clear access. We have long been reconciled, the confession was made at the foundation, merely agree. It is impossible to accept, just as it is impossible to ‘decide’ that the sun shines, the wind blows, we breathe. It is beyond our ‘decision’ of critical components of existence. We can add to, but what is basic is there for ALL, is ALWAYS.

Destiny is fulfilled in each ONE regardless of anything else, enjoy and rejoice. It has long been finished. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!

Pastor Dennis said...

My, My, My, what a worship service today! Then some real meat on the table uumm umm umm. I cant wait to see what happens next!

Love your new version of the Gospels too.....

18. Then Jesus asked, "How can I explain the Kingdom of God to you? What illustration will make it understandable?

That is just what you all are doing...

"When He gave us His Life He gave us His Christ"


karl cobos said...

I never would have imagined until this week that the song "Imagine" by John Lennon could or would actually be sung in a church.

...but this is Church In The Now.

I was imagining John Lennon looking down and nodding his head with a little smile as it was sung, him thinking, "wow,finally!"

What if Yoko was in the audience?
... ya know, we should get the word to her and her son somehow that a christian church actually did this song in it's main service and everything worked out just fine, and our world here at least, is joining to "live as one."
I like verse 21 right now, maybe because I've actually got bread rising and waiting for it.
hmmm...I wonder what SIXTY POUNDS of flour looks like when it is rising!?..I've worked with maybe 5,tops.

Cool how in verse 22 Jesus is mixing through the towns and villages just like the yeast He mentioned.

I guess you could say, too, that the yeast is working through the earth, bringing a whole new meaning to "Earth Rise!" (ha), yeast is working, God waits for it to rise in and among people, until it's just right for baking, for just the right texture and taste! I'm sure he loves the smell of bread in the oven, too.

word ver: guing
" dough"

Avatar said...

V.20..."and its progressively increasing influence on the earth"...YES!

Again, I love the flow from one parable to the next. Of COURSE the Master of being in the flow (Jesus)...and the Master of creating flow (Holy Spirit) would have been and are seeking to communicate in the way of Master Teachers...line upon line.

It is easy to ~IMAGINE~ how happily giddy Holy Spirit is with Gospels In the Now!

Pastor Dennis said...

still hearing "Imagine"...... :)

Ver word is "house" ...really...

Pastor Dennis said...

I think God is messin with the verification words.....

Avatar said...

Pastor Dennis! I get posts to my phone, and was singing and pondering the singing of Imagine in the service at the same time your post came in...

karl cobos said...

thoughts from service and Romans 8:

it's interesting that after verse 19 which talks of God's sons (children) to be revealed, that it was GOD who subjected creation to futility (frailty or frustration), in the hope that the creation itself will also be "set free" from the bondage of corruption (decay, I think?) into the glorious freedom of God's children.

v22...the whole creation (nature) groaning as in labor...

thoughts to me are...Mother earth giving birth!
While we are in our mother(flesh), we are inside "darkness" with a chain(bondage) like an umbilical cord, but still receiving "life" from the blood, waiting to be "born" into the "LIGHT of DAY"-born of the Spirit.

The Spirit helps to expel us from the "flesh womb" into the arms of our Father, into the "light", the "day", kingdom of light, into His heaven. HE cuts the "flesh-cord", the chain(bondage) and separates us from our mother's womb, into this glorious freedom.

He is our "Father of light", but it took a "Mother of (or in) darkness" to make known the riches of His glory!
It took darkness to know light, and it took bondage to know freedom.

For GOD HAS BOUND ALL men over to disobedience so that he may have MERCY on them ALL. Romans 11:32

God created the light spectrum which on one end includes the darkest colors.

Love you guys-Karl

word ver: oustr
"one who helps oust something, like a midwife, the Spirit helping oust the child!"

Northern Light said...

ANY chance of seeing via DVD the performance by P. Judah singing IMAGINE at service ?


word ver batized
you know when you look at that you all read cool was that?

Avatar said...

Wordver: jamoserm...looks like wordver agrees with your 10-18-09 post about the service, Pastor Dennis--(smile). Me too.


Okay, I know this is wrong...but I just can't's almost Halloween, NL...there IS another way to read your wordver!!

(I know...I'm headed to the timeout corner...but it was worth it...(more smiles!)

karl cobos said...

Good morning and quick hellos before I read a little... blessings and a good productive day to all.

Bishop, prayed for you, DE and the church this morning.

Love and peace, Karl

word ver: nonag
"what every man wishes his wife will be... a no nag (ha)."

Northern Light said...





Avatar said...

Keepin' It Real, Karl...and it WAS funny...

Yeah, NL, I was ready to "play" a little...and I had recently been to a Halloween party that was TRULY "bat-ized"...they were everywhere, in all different sizes and forms, it was the decoration of it was easy to go there.

Anonymous said...

been off line awhile. great stuff here fellow bloggers. lotsa laughs and smiles and yes the teaching Sunday is still doing its work in my soul. What a blessing.

You gotta love this word ver - emphell. What can be said about that one? Maybe a message to the children of God to End Man's Perception of HELL.

Hell, no we won't go!


karl cobos said...

Mornin' bishop and house of God!..and peace to you.

NLight, yah, guess I'd better watch it with that one, huh?

Avatar, that party sounds like quite a "BAT-tle"(ha).

Johnny, "emphell", like empty hell.

Bishop, I feel like my flesh is groaning, waiting for a son of God to be revealed...I'm pushin', I'm breathin', I'm screamin', my veins are poppin' out, and I feel like slappin' somebody! see anything yet!?...ok, ok, I'll wait for the next contraction, but I think I need another epidurel on Sunday!

Avatar said...

V.34 "in a moment of feeling the conflict between being simultaneously connected and disconnected from them"...

that's deep...

...and a cool look at Jesus being touched with our feelings that fight the remembrance of our Oneness. Scripture doesn't specifically reveal...but I imagine that he cried. A parent trying to gather rebellious kids...and watching them become desolate does.

wordver: smongu...makes me think of "Spirit Among U"...dividing as with a sword...