Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wisdom of James (Re-Post)

Many teachers become not, my brethren, having known that greater judgment we shall receive, for we all make many stumbles; if any one in word doth not stumble, this one [is] a perfect man, able to bridle also the whole body;

lo, the bits we put into the mouths of the horses for their obeying us, and their whole body we turn about; lo, also the ships, being so great, and by fierce winds being driven, are led about by a very small helm, whithersoever the impulse of the helmsman doth counsel, so also the tongue is a little member, and doth boast greatly; lo, a little fire how much wood it doth kindle! and the tongue [is] a fire, the world of the unrighteousness, so the tongue is set in our members, which is spotting our whole body, and is setting on fire the course of nature, and is set on fire by the gehenna.

For every nature, both of beasts and of fowls, both of creeping things and things of the sea, is subdued, and hath been subdued, by the human nature, and the tongue no one of men is able to subdue, [it is] an unruly evil, full of deadly poison, with it we do bless the God and Father, and with it we do curse the men made according to the similitude of God; out of the same mouth doth come forth blessing and cursing; it doth not need, my brethren, these things so to happen; doth the fountain out of the same opening pour forth the sweet and the bitter? is a fig-tree able, my brethren, olives to make? or a vine figs? so no fountain salt and sweet water [is able] to make.

Who [is] wise and intelligent among you? let him shew out of the good behaviour his works in meekness of wisdom, and if bitter zeal ye have, and rivalry in your heart, glory not, nor lie against the truth; this wisdom is not descending from above, but earthly, physical, demon-like, for where zeal and rivalry [are], there is insurrection and every evil matter; and the wisdom from above, first, indeed, is pure, then peaceable, gentle, easily entreated, full of kindness and good fruits, uncontentious, and unhypocritical: -- and the fruit of the righteousness in peace is sown to those making peace.

James 3 - Young's Literal Translation


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SCRIBE said...

WISDOM, Righteousness, Peace, and Fruitfulness.... Amen! Without hypocrisy or pretense demonstrates a Renewed / Renewing of Mind (new attitude, new ideas, new revelation and insight...) for these things come about through an intimacy with God whom desires to birth out HIS best in us, even in the times where it may seem dark. When one day passes and another day arrives, it is still yet dark outside for a while, HOWEVER it does not mean that we have not arrived in the newness of days, perhaps we may not be able to clearly see and discern what has happened until the sun begins to rise and sheds light on the renewed creation and recreation. And as the Son of God- THE CHRIST arises within us we then shall know and be known (such as the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon only to realize that he is no longer the strange worm in unfamiliar territory who may get stepped on at any time, but NOW a BRILLIANT, Colorful Butterfly with WINGS to soar above those places where he / she was previously grounded); Renewal in its most unique form... how often does God's people perceive themselves to be that caterpillar slinking around on its belly with limited mobility and have not seen their true identity as that Beautiful Butterfly with wings, where a simple adjustment such as stretching, flexing, or BEING STRETCHED brings about the realization that they are no longer limited--- they are now able to fly as high and as far as they can set their sights (vision, thoughts, instinct, intuitions) on by using the winds of change as momentum to catapult them into new dimensions. As we enter into the newness of days, may we all proclaim HALLELUJAH! I SEE THE LIGHT and as the sun rises on "this thing" it will become more visible and viable--a tool, mechanism, idea, or avenue to help, minister to, and meet the needs of humanity as a whole. Transformation at is finest and as we lift up our hands unto the Lord in Worship, Adoration, and Thanksgiving, we too shall discover that we have grown and developed STRONG WINGS to fly!

As we SEEK, we shall find, as we ask and believe, we shall receive. We should take notes/ lessons from the butterfly, butterflies have NO audible voice--- yet they understand they they don't need to be loud just to BE who they were created to be and bring BEAUTY to their surroundings, lifting the spirits of other life forms throughout creation, while wearing their fabulous colors so well because they are comfortable in the skin they are in... accessories and adornments included.

May the adornments that we wear-- Peace, Joy, Righteousness, Discipline, Self-Control, and WISDOM serve as our coat of many colors. And as we go about being who we are called to be IN HIM, through His Grace and the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, we shall be gracious and content without having to be bridled, muzzled, or tied down by other people or influences-- inwardly or outwardly. Food for thought: If we are unable to conduct ourselves in discipline, walk in peace, and self control--- then we certainly cannot control another, and shouldn't even desire to! As Bishop states: "I've taken myself on as a project and its a full-time job, so I don't have the time or inclination to get in anyone else's business." Let every person work out his / her own salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord so that His Peace which surpasses all understanding may reign supreme in our livelihoods, empowering us to serve as a blessing to others as God so graciously blesses us.

Northern Light said...

I looked at that pic and immediately thought " OUCH...that hurts, man". Then I thought, "Yes, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE TONGUE AND WHAT COMES OUT OF THAT MOUTH DOES" others and to us.

Tame it, control it, shut it the heck up !

Peace ~
Northern Light

Avatar said...

Great teaching last night, Bishop, on recognizing the words that have gotten into us and getting what we say to ourselves (#7) to agree with what God says (#1)!

Years ago, one of the first things your teachings opened my eyes(thoughts) to was that God had "spoken" the world into existence and being formed in His image, we do the same thing.
Life-changing stuff!

You mentioned sharing specific Rhema's that have strengthened us...many of mine can take WAY too long to set up in order to make sense, much less to convey the depth of their effect...but I want to share one because the guy whose tongue God used to teach me this truth literally glared at me to make me go away.

In downtown Atlanta, I was waiting to use a phone (obviously pre-cell days), the one in a bank of two that was working. As I waited, the stressed out guy who had been huddling in the phone space trying to keep his conversation private, loudly said "I KNOW THE SCRIPTURE! GOD DOESN'T PUT US THROUGH MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE, I know THAT!...but..." and then he glared.

I went away...and it was only a few days later that I desperately needed to know that previously un-found truth. It went in deep originally, BECAUSE of the glare...was confirmed by its power when I first needed it and continued to be repeated out of my mouth [which I just realized now from your teaching] until it just became a part of what I know. Thanks for asking...its a cool milestone in my journey that I'd forgotten.

One more thing: last night's teaching also gave me an interesting perspective for watching a couple of back-to-back episodes of Friday Night was cool to notice that nearly every "situation" was created, steered or established by either positive or negative words...

3rd wordver: fieres...yes, fires...destructive but also's all good.

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Berita Mooneyhan said...

Talking about changing the topic, loved your sermon last night. The 7points affecting my faith. I deal mostly with what my PAST speaks to me. FAILURE can really paralyze you. Also, what you SAY to your SELF. Getting through all the legalism taught in the past, chronic physical pain, emotional pain from childhood, u know, the normal garbage!!

Enjoyed the teaching and wished I lived in Conyers. When my workman's comp check comes in, I will tithe on it to your ministry. Believe me, if I lived in Conyers and went to your church, I would not drag you down with all the garbage. It seems like the WORD from the pulpit does the job quite well. Meets the need without any human intervention, except for the effort of being a mouthpiece for the Word of the Lord. Love you brother!