Friday, January 8, 2010


"NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
(Hebrews 11:1)

Today I will live in the now!

I will live in the now because I understand the now-ness of the God-kind of faith.

My faith has a voice that speaks in the present tense, and today it will produce results for me because of the power of these three words:

Today I will live my life according to what I believe.

The faith-realm, rather than the sense-realm, is my reality today.

Because of that reality, I will not be moved by what I see, hear, touch, smell or taste, but will, instead, move through this day guided by the sixth sense, which is (my) supernatural faith.

Today I will create the world in which I want to live by my faith-filled words.

I will do this because I am in the God-class, and because God created His worlds by the words of His mouth.

And, as God maintains His worlds by His words, I will maintain the quality of my world through the creativity and authority of my words.

My words will have power because they will be filled with His Word, and His Word will not return to Him (or to me) void.

Today the pressure applied to my circumstances by my faith will change them for the better.

I will re-shape the seen world by changing things in the unseen world.

I will look to the unseen things because they are eternal, and will prevail over the seen things because they are temporal
(2 Corinthians 4:18).

My faith celebrates the triumph of what is eternally real.

Today I will have the substance of the things that I hope for.

Although hope is in the future, the substantive material of my faith will pull what is out there in tomorrow into my eternal "now."

I will believe I receive when I pray, because faith says, "I have it now."

The future is now because of the substance of my faith.

Today I will have the evidence of things not seen.

I will need no other confirmation than the evidence of my God-kind of faith.

My faith is enough to overcome the natural world today, so that the material becomes immaterial to me – matter will not matter – faith is what is real!

Today I will live by faith because I am justified, and the just shall live by faith. My kind do not live by bread alone . . . or by the air that we breathe . . . or by the life in our physical bodies . . . we live by faith, period.

Because faith IS (not WAS), I will believe and not doubt; I will walk by faith and not by sight.

Today the power of faith will enable me to live the champion's life, and today I will live in the now!

Father, today I will walk in “now” faith, by Your word. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Ben Nadiope said...

Thanks Bishop Swilley,

Faith is the opposite of fear. we tend to fear things more than have faith that the situation will go away.Anon a great philosopher said about death, " It's useless to fear the inevitable" Some situations arise to make us strong.

Regardless of the current turbulence, may be sickness, financial constraints, may be a child is doing foolish, or not scoring good grades, let's have faith. Our God is a God of peace not in the game causing calamity to those that love him. when he allows one door to close, he opens another. Fear keeps you looking at the shut door, faith tells you to look for a better new one opened.

Today i choose faith, no matter how bad the situation looks. i know with God all things are possible.

Thanks Bishop for this word of great revelation.

Pr. Ben Nadiope

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Amalia Amaki said...

love the image

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Nonnie Lemmon said...

Here's what I'm wondering: Does sound amplify in cold weather? Are the weapons of our warfare mighty through God? Do they (directionally/gravitationally) affect strongholds?

What if George Costanza was onto something, when he approached situations from a different perspective? I've plucked up, pulled down, spoken out (rageously), shouted, declared, decreed, fasted, marched, petitioned, danced, stomped, entreated, whined, groveled, etc. (results varied, depending on circumstances)

Faith has substance; good stuff. I like it. And, if we could see it, wonder if it resembles cartoon bubbles. What if we didn't have to climb mountains to find it? What if faith resonated from our innermost being, and was as natural as breathing? (Hey, don't laugh. Everybody who went outside to start their cars, and saw warm plumes hovering in the air, sees God's faith in microcosm)

('s a beautiful day)

Anonymous said...

Faith is a "knowing" deep inside that God IS the Great I AM…that God Hears/Sees us..And that He will ALWAYS keep His promises because He cannot lie. Our Faith increases as we reflect on times gone by when we needed a miracle.. a job, money, healing, a car, etc…. and God came through, as He Always does. Sometimes God's special miracles are so small that we take them for granted, like breathing...

I had my eye on a patio set at Lowes that I was waiting to buy when it went on clearance. I checked every Saturday, but my particular patio table (there was only one) had not been reduced yet. I went the next Saturday and it was gone. My heart sank...I asked the clerk if there were any more of the set I wanted. As I was describing it to her, a man was standing there and told me that he bought the table last night on clearance and was bringing it back because he couldn't find the chairs for it. I followed him to his house (5 minutes away) and got my table at less than half price. :-) What are the chances of this man being at Lowes at the same moment I was and be standing there overhearing me describe the table? But it gets better… I went back to Lowes to buy the one chair they had and asked if any other Lowes had the chairs. They called around and there were 4 chairs in Mcdonnough which were on clearance. God is cool and He even cares about the little wishes/desires that we have.

Anonymous said...

"Today I will live my life according to what I believe."
I believe that ALL things are working together for me... so I have no reason to fear not one single thing... now to apply that to my life and thoughts.

OMG... So crazy... Was thinking this morning "I will not be moved by..."

Thank you HS for this confirmation made just for me... peace to my mind, spirit and body....In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Cliff Hancock said...

"What if George Costanza was onto something, when he approached situations from a different perspective?" - thats great!

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Nonnie Lemmon said...

Thanks, Cliff. Re: Different perspective - I'm reading yesterday's note while situated amidst snowy mountains in VA. (is God hilarious or what!) The Costanza reference has been a joke w/my kids. (if situations don't appear to work one way, we try seeing it (in their words) from, "every angle."

One of my daughters lives in another state. Temperatures dropped there, and water pipes froze. Accck! No water for a couple of days. (was advised there was nothing to do except, "wait it out") Time passed. (shake the Etch-A-Sketch - you don' wanna read some of those cartoon balloon sentiments) Fast forward to this afternoon. While riding through Boiling Springs, NC., I daydreamed about how wonderful it would be if those springs could communicate warmth to the water pipes @ my daughter's house. I just held my hand out in a friendly wave towards the road sign, and wished resolution to the problem. An hour later, she texted. Water was back on!

The natural mind might argue that it was just a matter of time before the situation arighted itself. (I don't care. It is well.
I dig it!)

Ettore Grillo said...

We are so accustomed to the duality that we tend, in our life, to discriminate the faith from the reason, the good from the evil, the science from the religion and so on. In the Genesis we read that Adam and Eva lost their immortality just because they wanted to know what is good and what is evil. In fact the life is an whole. You cannot live it only by faith or by instinct or by reason. Life is life and it includes everything. On the other hand, if God exists everything is His projection. We just have to live the life and it will teach us the right path to follow.
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