Saturday, February 20, 2010

Acquire The Fire @ CITN

Here are some pics from today @ ATF (thanks, P. Avery)...I don't have any of Box Stars performing (P. Judah and P. Scott), but they were outstanding! Many thanks to the amazing CITN Staff and Volunteers for making this weekend such a complete success!


Northern Light said...

From a distance I am watching MY church, CITN, host a wonderful conference. Not watching in the visual sense, but by wonderful reports from bros & sis there and your posted pics.

I am so happy that the church is there, loud & proud to proclaim the Good Works of HIS love.

Bish, your dream & vision is enjoyed and shared by so many, even numbers that can't be known. God is are rewarded for your faithfulness. We are blessed to be any part of it ~ keep on keepin' on !

Northern Light

River said...

Wish I could have been there. Seeing the teens Sunday that came to service showed me a taste of what happened. Love it when worship is true and not routine.
I'm coming back to the Heart Of Worship and it's All about YOU it's All about YOU JESUS