Thursday, March 11, 2010

Accept Your Part

You are Christ's body—that's who you are! You must never forget this. Only as you accept your part of that body does your "part" mean anything.
(1 Corinthians 12:27 - The Message)

You're blessed when you're content with just who you are—no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought.
(Matthew 5:5 - The Message)


Northern Light said...

It's interesting to me that we raise our children and tell them from an early age how special and unique they are and how wonderful it is; but as we look at ourselves and other adults we rarely utter the same sentiments.

Well, I, for one, DO tell others how wonderful and perfectly put here they are, just as they are, but with the ability to be ALL THEY CAN BE, WITH GOD. HE made us, perfectly and wonderfully made. I will not ask the Potter "what were YOU thinking?"

We all have a part in this whole of creation. Let me do my part, with you, as you do your part, and how wonderful it will be !

Peace ~
Northern Light

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Ben Sturgell said...

Very true. How is everything going! (:

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Teresa W Mason said...

Good word nugget...where do you find all these great pictures?

P Nancy said...

Matthew 5:5-The Message
One of my favorites...

River said...

You be you
I'll be me
We'll get along
When we see the difference
And accept it so graciously.

Erik said...

Yes, we each bring something that is unique and beautiful. That is true regardless of what any person thinks, God made each one specifically, and each if us is wonderfully created by God, specifically, especially, every single one, on purpose.

Each our authentic part of God’s experience. No exception, God expresses Godself through each one, equally valid. Each is necessary to authentically express God.

Which each single one is a proud owner of God’s unique expression for every one is righteous. It is a gift for every single one ever. Always and forever, no matter what. Grace and Mercy are complete, supreme overall. Human choices, frailties, manipulations, intentions, are of no value compared to Grace and Mercy. This is in part why we love and bless and are gracious to who we perceive as enemies.

This is who WE are, and the expression of our contentment in Peace, Joy, and Righteousness.

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Nonnie Lemmon said...

Woohoo! Love this

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Larry Usher said...

Great word! The moment you hear God say He made you and He made you "good" is the moment you relax and say, "so it's ok to be me!" Phew, I thought it was just me! Ha. Then the next step is realizing He made all the other folks the way they are as well, so you can stop the efforts to change them. It's a beautiful world!

karl cobos said...

Love this word...a nice dessert to Wednesday's service.

Bishop, after I read the post I turned up the music and what a confirmation to hear "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris!!

...the final phrase of that song being "how beautiful is the body of Christ"

So when we look at someone, even ourselves in the mirror, or in our lives we can say "Hey beautiful!" in a whole new way.

We are beautiful, you are beautiful...feels strange at first, but yes, I will say, "I am beautiful"...because I'm part of a beautiful body!

The song "You Are So Beautiful" comes to mind.

Have a great morning! all.

Northern Light said...

Looking back from yesterday, these posts are almost like "old times"...Avatar must be working on the yard, but I surely expect to see a post soon ! Love those always. too !

Ahh......reminiscing.... we all are a part of one big family ~ let's get back here and sit a spell.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

No, Northern Light, it's the depth of this post and it's connection to Wednesday's teaching as well as the pix. I go places that are sometimes hard to put words to when the subject is the Body of Christ. Or when the Rhema snippets are so personal that I prefer not to "go there" publicly or with words.

Karl, your mention of Twila's song made it even more so. I've been known to press replay on the blog playlist for hours but cannot on a BBerry check of the blog...yet your post was as if I could hear it. How beautiful, indeed. Speaking of "old times", I've shared here a little of how God used that song. Again, much of it is kept in that secret place we all save for just Him, but I will say this...that song never gets old for me.

Erik said...

Today’s service (031410) was yet again another excellent day. The Spirit was already tangible even before Praise & Worship, (which was synergistic) and just exponentially increased in expression from there.

The individual singers, every song took off from the one before.

The message, Bishop, you were ON.

In all of it, I thanked God once again for the opportunity to be here. I am sure everyone has the experience they desire wherever they are. I know for me, I really could not have imagined better, especially when the authenticity (as I experience it) of God is so openly and plainly expressed in real life terms. I loooooove seeing it, hearing it, being engulfed by it. For me, each unfolding is more than I imagine.

For some reason, in these last few services, each time I get a montage of my life, no good or bad attached, just the montage. I am in several places in my life at once, ‘overwhelmed by all that He does not say’, while humbled by the things S/He does say.

I know for myself the last few years have been some of the best and worst I have experienced. As my life montage fills my thoughts and vision, I see that the times I experienced the best (whether in the natural I see them as the best or worst) are the times I abandoned myself to The Spirit, diving in with only the belief that God’s will always leads me (each of us) where God’s will keeps me (each of us).

I thank God for the thorns in my side, and God’s grace and the basics that HS has taught me as ground zero always in my life. When I attach to that, Love, in every manifestation, I know that Peace, Joy, and Righteousness is in every moment.

Thank you CITN for being such a present expression of that for me.

Northern Light said...

Avatar ~ just in case..
I hope you didn't think "working in the yard" was meant in any negative way. I meant that you were doing something else you are passioned to do and just weren't here yet !

Just wanted you to know that, because I so understand what you are saying ~ and I so enjoy when you say what you say here. LOVE YA

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Hey Northern Light, we're cool. Thanks.