Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Everything There is a Season...

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
- Anne Bradstreet, British poet (1612-1672)


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To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven...
(Ecclesiastes 3:1)


Erik said...

I must respectfully disagree with the poet Anne Bradstreet. The Spring has its own beauty to me, and the Winter its own. Winter does not change my appreciation of Spring, nor Summer of Winter. Each blessing is enjoyed for what it is. I do not need cold to enjoy hot, both have their specific beauty and blessing in and of themselves.

We experience what we experience in each moment. It is not necessary to experience one thing only in contrast to another. All things are possible with God. One can also say, nothing is impossible with God. I can hear the second part, but do not have a connection to it. I can hear that it is said that satan is an opposite to God. I have no understanding of that statement, it is disconnected.

Ultimately, to know one is how one knows another thing, person, feeling, experience does not resonate with me. I do not require whatever satan is to appreciate God.

I know God loves, I enjoy heat, I enjoy Spring, I enjoy salty, I enjoy soft. I enjoy Winter, I enjoy sweet, I enjoy cold, and I enjoy hard, and many other experiences as they are. Contrast is an experience itself. Separate from the experiences that contrast each other.

We can enjoy each experience for itself, completely. I know, as the poet wrote and as often it is said, that contrast is essential to appreciation. I disagree. Contrast itself is an experience. Balance of one for the other is not required nor asked by The Creator.

S/He is unbalanced, unlimited, unrefined and delightfully perfectly efficient and flamboyant simultaneously. There is all in all, each moment unique, separate, and every moment sewn into the next and previous.

Anonymous said...

Yes Bishop

King Solomon was very right. The problem is the human failure to accept certain situations. Well stated that without winter it would be very hard to know the beauty of the spring. so i can perfectly assert that challenges come to define for us the sweetness of the good times in the waiting.

we tend to live by observation rather than revelation more so if we accept that we're born of the spirit of God. None of our hard times is permanent just like the varying weather seasons. As the winter closes it's doors then spring swings in with all her divine definitions. Glory be to God.

Pr. Ben Nadiope

Karl said...

...thinking of a song we sing at church sometimes:
"It's the season for the favor of the Lord, my soul is thirsty for an outpour..."

Donald said...

I understand your take on that Erik. I certainly enjoy the individual seasons for the unique characteristics that each possesses. For instance, if I am going to go Christmas shopping, I want to have to bundle up; if I'm going to the beach I want it to be hot, etc.
But, there are times during the summer when I would love to enjoy one of those milder days offered by one of the other seasons, just as much as I would love to have a hot day after a week or two of cold weather (which is something we rarely have down here).
And I guess it's that way in every walk of life. Certain occurrences make me appreciate other occurrences more while those same occurrences may be fully enjoyed at other times for their own peculiar qualities.

Northern Light said...

Nothing deep from me...just personal thought ~

I just look at the 4 seasonal CITN pics and realize that of all the times I have been ITB (thinking about 9 trips) I have only been there Spring & Winter. The times I've visited GA in Fall and Summer I have been locked into ATLANTA and couldn't get to Conyers.
Next trip for the Anniversary Celebration is till Spring. WELL WELL now, that's gonna change. Two weeks in July already on the calendar...there will be my Summer, and a Fall trip will just have to fit in the agenda before New Years...oh yeah,definitely THAT IS IN THE PLAN,again !!
(my plan, anyway...HE decides)
Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Nonnie Lemmon said...

In my cartoon balloon, the text reads, "Who healed you?", and one who was mending, shrugged her shoulders, not completely aware. Jesus conveyed Himself away (a multitude being in that place. Kinda like Piccadilly's on Sunday.). But, I hear her wonder while He opens her sight: "Lord knows. But, West Texas in Spring. Hilltops and wildflowers... I'm feeling alright."

Karl said...

Northern Light: Sounds like you are slowly but surely transitioning into a Georgian. LOL