Thursday, June 3, 2010

Acts In The Now 2:14 - 21

14. Then Peter, being the first one to speak up, as usual, stood with the Eleven, raised his voice, and boldly addressed the crowd, saying, "Listen, all of you who live here in Jerusalem…and listen, all of you who are here visiting. Let me enlighten you as to what is happening here and now…listen carefully to what I say!

15. You are trying to make sense of this spiritual occurrence with your natural minds, which is why you have opted to believe that these people are just drunk…but you can’t honestly believe that. Not only is it only nine in the morning, but you know full well that drunkenness doesn’t enable anyone to speak fluently about the wonderful works of God in languages that they don’t know!

16. No, this is what was spoken centuries ago by the prophet, Joel, when he said,

17. " 'In the days of fulfillment, God says, I will pour out of My Spirit on all people…on the entirety of humanity…and when everyone, everywhere, ultimately encounters a revelation and manifestation of My Spirit, both your sons and daughters together will prophesy, your young people will walk in visionary insight, and your old people will dream the dreams of God. In other words, this outpouring will not favor one generation over the other.

18. Neither will this outpouring have any preference for station or status…it will touch the full range of servitude, from slaves, to the totality of the working class…nor will it discriminate because of gender, for it will be equally experienced by both men and women, alike. I will pour out of my Spirit with full abandon in those days, and they will all prophesy...every one of them!’

19. Then, speaking in poetic, prophetic vocabulary, or in the symbolic language of prophecy, (Genesis 1:14 - 16; Isaiah 13:9, 10; 34:4; Amos 8:9; Ezekiel 32:7, 8), Joel went on to say, ‘I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, that will appear as blood, fire, and billows of smoke.

20. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the full manifestation of the great and glorious day of the Lord.’ In this way He used the same imagery that the other Prophets of old employed to speak of the downfall of earthly authorities and governors.

21. ‘And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved from any chaotic fallout that will come as a result of the transition of power, when the earth is no longer ruled by natural thrones and crowns (“suns and moons”), but totally and completely by My Spirit!'


River said...

Spirit & Natural
Two worlds living inside each of us. Mostly living in the natural,
The spiritual is spoken into us.
Hard to understand
Dreams & visions hit the mind
The spirit is speaking all the time.
New and exciting things we find
When we open our spiritual mind
The natural world is short lived
The spiritual will always live
There is a big miracle just in reach
Open your mind for that which you seek
Today will pass and the future brings
Untold adventures for each of us to hold
Open your spiritual mind
Understanding is not what you need to find
The spirit is moving and in your thoughts so should you
Focus on what the Father has said to you.

Erik said...

Excellent Bishop !

Every moment in existence is Love, Peace, Joy, and Rightness with that is creation.

For every moment we exist, we agree with what exists from the Creator, or create and recreate something else.

God allows us and gives us authority to create differently than the Love, Peace, Joy and Rightness that we always exist in.

We can choose to create an pretend environment in which we are bitter, fearful, doubtful, angry, limited, sinful -- which things do not exist in The Universe's experience, are vapors, -- that we can then use our energy to create and recreate every moment. They are wiped away the moment we create them. We are only separated in our imagination from Love, Peace, Joy and Righteousness.

This outpouring that Peter spoke up about, expressed the wonder. And the wonders Paul continued to in his epistles.

S/He allows it. We can call the experiences whatever we like, Love or fear, and many other things. Whichever we choose, it does not change our part in The One.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Tiedemann said...

Anytime I go to BLOGINTHENOW, the most amazing song starts playing. It is ALWAYS right on time. Want to make my own playlist. Think I need to just go to yours and pull from it. The songs are always so meaningful. Love it. Thanks!

P Nancy said...

We are one in the spirit
We are one in the Lord
Be what you like to be..
Some have more skills than others
One flourishes, the other struggles
3 things to consider
Location, location, location
The soul is concerned where you are going to a place called fear?? or a place called love?? Where are you coming from?
One succeeds...the other not...
Not because of what one is doing but what both are being

Open, friendly, cheerful ,confident, caring, helpful, considerate, joyful ,in his work


Closed, inconsiderate ,grumpy, distant ,uncaring ,even resentful of what he is doing

Choose LIFE!! Goodness, compassion, mercy, love, forgiveness, Godliness

What would be your experience??
We have a body used in the creation of the soul's desire
What is the soul's desire?? It goes on forever...
Whatever you are is what you attract
Because HE died and rose again…Amazing LOVE!

Northern Light said...

vs. 14 & 15...

IT makes me chuckle that the "explanation" for what was happening would be called "their drunkeness". How predictable that whenever WE don't see something or understand, WE call THOSE THAT DO "odd, wrong, different, misguided, high, drunk, lost, etc". have Peter put them in their place and point this out to them is just what we need, still today, in many circumstances.

Peace ~
Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Still feeling enveloped in the agape love that manifested at church Wed night...words can not express what transpired and we were all changed on some level...Let it rain...
Amazing anointing, amazing love, amazing grace, joy grateful I am for my increasing awareness of the Spirit present in us all that creates these authentic connections...Help us all to heal on a soul level and evolve beyond our individual egos...Namaste

Anonymous said...

Karen Disher Long said...

Bishop thank you for all of your writings... Can't wait to read all of Acts in the Now... So much revelation... so much insight...

Missed you this morning...although your son did an awsome job.... it was quick and to the point but anointed as always...

Thanks again... Thanks for a place like CITN... Thanks for still delivering inspite of all the stuff...... See More

I still smile when I think of you and Dony and Reba.... My three favorite people in the whole world doing what God has anointed them to do together... My heart is very happy...


Anonymous said...

Shelley Watts said...

Gotta love Peter....who once was hot headed,and now says you shall never stumble!2Peter1:5-9.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Sherrie Whittaker Hicks said...

I miss CITN:(

Izumi/JOY said...

God morning beloved Universe. What a great way to begin the day. (laughing)

Love how v.14's, "as usual" gives us insight into Peter's personality. (how his name was formerly, Simon/Simeon - "hearing") Love how reading the words, "the Eleven" caused me to see comic book characters & a caption, League of Extraordinary Champions.

V.... See More17 - wow... to dream the dreams of God. I want that. But... hold on. Some may say it's whatever-o-clock, and we've been drinkin'! (could ruin your witness for the Kingdom) But, then, I ask, what about John 4:32? Wouldn't that appy to God's tavern, too? (carbonate me, Abba) Love how this outpouring won't favor one generation over the other. So, in my carbonated, accelerated zeal cloak, I lasso with Light, all of my family's generational blessings, and distribute them liberally, as it pleases Him.

V's.18 & 19 - "full abandon" - love how this reminds me of King David. (also, his son, King Solomon when he built God's house of rest.) Is it a celestial clue? A pattern of a building, hidden in its living inhabitants? I.e., the treasuries, upper chambers, inner parlors, mercy seat. Candlesticks, lampstands, illumination. Instruments for every kind of service, like in 1 Cr. 28?

v. 19 - Don't you just love how it was Peter who stood up, and shared?. The brash, blunt, impetuous, reputed "simpleton" of the guys. Look at his eloquent, glorified self! Plus, it kinda makes sense that he would speak with authority about wonders of heaven above. Remember his cloud walk with Jesus in Mark 9? (got to glimpse Moses & Elijah, too)

This is such fun reading, Bish!

Facebook post Friday at 8:26am

Anonymous said...

Dennis Caldwell said..

Service this morning was great, Judah has become a preaching machine! really encouraged me to continue through the fire... Reminded me of Ray Boltz song "I think I see gold, in the fire".... Also watched Wed. night service, WOW! I was blessed - there is no time or space in the Spirit....

Anonymous said...

Karl McIntosh Cobos said...

verse 20...this "day of the Lord", what is your take on that? Is the day of the Lord here spoken of involving His cross/resurrection? Pentecost? The revelation of the Spirit in you creating a brand new day(grace and saved reality mentality)? Anyone?