Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recent Facebook Postings

"Nothing in life is more remarkable than the unnecessary anxiety which we endure, and generally create ourselves."
- Benjamin Disraeli
...don't worry about the future...Jesus said "take no thought for tomorrow"...live in the now...keep all your options open...be prepared (go ahead & look at worst case scenario & refuse to fear it) but always believe for and expect that your best is yet to come...it really is all good!

Boldly face the giant standing b4 u & refuse 2 b intimidated by what it says (it's all lies, anyway)...tell the beast n no uncertain terms wht u r going 2 do 2 it...run 2ward it...u've kiiled a lion & a bear...this will b no different...God's not given u a spirit of fear...b strong n the Lord/n the power of His might, strengthened wi might by His Spirit n the inner man...He's ur light & salvation...whom shall u fear?

‎"Who in the world do you think you are to second-guess God? Do you for one moment suppose any of us knows enough to call God into question? Clay doesn't talk back to the fingers that mold it, saying, 'Why did you shape me like this?'" (Romans 9:20 - The Message)...don't try to be someone else...don't envy their life......trust the Potter who formed you to make you into everything you (and only you) should and can be...

But the mercy and loving-kindness of the Lord are from everlasting to everlasting upon those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him, and His righteousness is to children's children...(Psalms 103:17 - AMP)

Went to see 'Lottery Ticket' this afternoon with the boys to check out CITN as the "dream church"...so funny that they used it (and the staff reminded me that they paid us for the use of it)...of all the buildings they could have employed or created for the movie, the choice just kind of makes you go hmmm...guess I've always called the property the field of dreams for a reason...


Mystic aka Patti said...

Don't worry, Fear not & Trust God...that's the ticket!

As for CITN being the "dream church" it doesn't surprise me at all. It is The Dream Church! A place where you feel better when you leave than you did when you entered, a place where Jesus is Lord, a place where the Truth is spoken, and a place where God reigns...no longer a dream...it's reality! God is SO Good and I am SO Thankful for CITN, for our Bishop, the amazing CITN staff and crew, and for the Body! I love you all!

I often have to pinch myself when I'm there because it really does make me feel as if I am "like them that dream."

Bishop, the only things I have ever heard about CITN from "people on the street" are things like, "that church is so beautiful," or "I know where that is, I always know I'm home when I see the sign" to which I respond...EXACTLY! I've always found it humorous that the only bad things I have ever heard about CITN are those things of which you have spoken from the pulpit...that's why I usually laugh when you say something about it. Because my perspective about CITN is what it is, I'm not even sure I would hear the "bad" about us if someone tried to say it. Then again, I've been told that I don't look at things the way most people do...and I Rejoice because of it! Of course, I'm certain I would defend you/us if I felt it was necessary, but I guess I just don't travel in the right circles...lol.

Thank you again, Lord, for this wonderful, amazing, loving, special place called CITN! The River of God flows into and out of it and us...it's a River of Love, of Life & of Change, and I don't ever want to know what I would do without it!

Peace & Blessings Fam!

Avatar said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but the title, and "field of dreams" and interestingly that these are postings from "facebook"...all remind me to be obedient to His voice...and His promises...which are also posted here. Look at God!

And look at those faces on your children's children! So, full-of-the-future-is-Now cute!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mystic's comment about hearing the bad things and any need to defend you/us.
From my perspective, I have also not been put in any positions to have an opportunity to defend you/us...I believe that comes from my knowing that nothing "wrong" has occurred that requires defending.
I guess this comes out of my God nature that does not label anything as good/evil, right/wrong or even appropriate/inappropriate..

Enjoy your day as you go about Pleasing God! (from AYITN)

Not Alone said...

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Erik said...

Yes, our unnecessary anxiety, our creation, the giant succumbs, relishing who we are, made by God, Allah, Yaweh, the Name within ALL names.

Had a fun conversation with my mom tonight out to dinner. She was commenting upon someone working at the restaurant, wondering if they realized some aspect of their fashion choice for their body makeup, etc.

I thought, then said ' I like thinking about myself and my situations too much to try to figure someone else's life out, mine is just too interesting to look away from. I am enthralled by my own life. I am sure others have really interesting lives, but I am really intrigued by my own, It is hard to look away for a minute'.

Yes, for those that are close to me, I connect with them for their desired benefit, or at minimum, I can earnestly agree with them for their best, true to them outcome, for the best, real them.

I can hear, although not really understand when someone wants to avoid their own life for intrigue in another's. All I can think about that, if they want to hear, is --- why waste your own wonderful life embroiled in another's that you do not really understand anyway?

I can say, for my own life, on my really flowing days, I am the star of the Universe. It is awesomely cool. On those days when I am less connected to myself in the moment, I still know ho wit really is, and I am just in a funk. My remembering gets me out of the funk, and I remember how interesting my life is, and me and God are on again. I am saying, 'God, you are an such an excellent potter, and I am such cool clay. What's next?' God says, 'You are gonna love this next bit', and I can hardly wait.

What will the next twist, curve, detail in revealing Allah's design for me reveal from the core clay S/He started with, so exciting, all the time The Universe has put into me. Likewise for us ALL.

I enjoy the experience of others, but my own experience is really fun, I want to fully enjoy it, which leaves no time for evaluating others. To really understand another's experience (except those that we have voluntarily joined our Spirits, engaged an understanding of our experience) you have to know their full life, every thought and decision to KNOW them.

Doing that, fully, one would exchange their own life for limited knowledge of another's. For me, that is a lose, lose proposition with no full understanding since none of us walk fully as another, or we would be that other.

Truly, truly, each one's own life is so full and detailed, giving way to what other's lives are, each one who does wastes their own.

It is lawful to do, but without benefit, and no fun.

I know for me, it is so much better being the star in my own life, than an observer of another's.

Peace out.

Erik said...

God created Us in their image.

This last Sunday, as we sung, we heard 'How great is our God' I sung and heard 'How great We are God, How great We are God' .. how great Allah's creation, how brilliant Yaweh's handiwork in Us IS. How beautifully crafted He/She/They made Us.

How excellently The Universe expresses through us, in this masterpiece of life that We Each are part of the tapestry. Each One so amazingly designed.

Again ... " How great We are God'.

Anonymous said...

Erik-how great are we-God created us in their image!"You will do even greater things than me, ask anything in my name"
I need a little PMA this day!
Bish- we don't care or hear or listen to whatever . I was ITB this sunday, and God was sooo in the room. Gos showed up!!God is in me, but ITB I feel God in all of us! It is worth driving 200 miles rould trip from north GA.
Anon in North GA

Anonymous said...

Brandon's "story" tonight was priceless...a revealing of truth in a way that only God can author...
There are many more parallels, but the basic story was of a very imposing man (one who can not be ignored) shows up supernaturally to act out a recent revelation in an everyday life situation. This man looked nothing like a prophet but carried a very prophetic message...
A self-proclaimed restorer of homes for 25 years, quickly assesses a situation and abruptly and without discussion tears down and shatters a perceived load bearing, full of holes, foundational dead structure that is 100 years old to reveal the true, pristine, green (living) foundation that is the real source of strength of the home...

Parallel this with a 25 year old church that is a self-proclaimed restorer of the homeless that is currently in the process of quickly assessing and abruptly tearing down an illusion that is the tree of death (the source of all shame, separation and ongoing suicide in our perceived reality) to reveal in its fullness the tree of life to bring us ALL back to full restoration in our creator as we walk in the absolute truth of who we are at our core...
What a simple message...believe in an alternate reality than what you see (with your natural eyes) on the surface and then you will SEE (with your spiritual eyes) the truth.

Erik said...

Anon 419 AM - Exquisite.

Mystic aka Patti said...

I agree with Erik...Anon, your comment is completely on target and amazingly insightful! Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

My questions of our Creator this morning...
As Bishop pointed out Wednesday that God is really a parental figure (both paternal and maternal), why did Jesus create a paradigm during His time of "Father"? Why did this create a limitation in our minds because of this label? Why did He not even refer to His mother as "Mother", only as "woman"? Why were these His chosen terms all the way to the end when He then cries out to God as He hung on the cross and bore all shame and separation for us all?

As we sow (or sew) labels onto people or circumstances, we reap (or create) what that label creates. We limit our own harvest...even if we label something as good...if I label myself as a giver then I somehow limit my ability to receive...maybe I should label myself as a receiver also...maybe I should only sow/sew a label on myself (and everyone else) as "of God" so as not to limit what I create from any source...in this thought this morning I am a newly defined "I am"...

dgm2007 said...

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