Wednesday, February 9, 2011


From Saturday...

Kimberly Loveless Whaley - AWESOME DAY TODAY!!! I loved it!! A sincere, heartfelt thank you Bishop, for the affirmation to be exactly who God made me. I will be back to CITN.... ♥

Billie Smith - Awesome day at CITN! Thank You!

Bonnie Robinson - Today was AMAZING!!! I enjoyed every bit of it, seeing that this was my first School of the Bible seminar. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Bonnie Robinson - had such a great time at C.I.N. today! Bishop Jim Swilley knows the Word, contrary to what you religious people think. Can't wait for more teachings in the future, starting tomorrow morning. Kind of getting the hang of this Bible thing!

Keith McWhorter - Today was truly incredible! Or as I called a prior SOTB, "freaking awesome!" I felt so much love and understanding today. Just an amazing, wonderful, enlightening day! Thank you!

Charlo Stamps - Wow! God will really open your mind...... if u let Him.

Soni Dailey Brumlow - Today was totally amazing - just no words. No really, life changing truth, so many things to "hear deeply", wow just amazing ... So thrilled to be a part of this .

Debra Murphy - What a wonderful SOTB much much love...thank you!

Jere Luck - Wow!!! Awesome!!!!

Terrell-Muzicboi Christopher Teezy Grae - Well I hope you're happy....once again you've taken us into a place where we can't come back from...AND I FOR ONE AM SURE GLAD YOU DID!!!! Thank you for rightly dividing the word today, thank you and your guests for providing historical background, thank you for liberating the religious mindsets, thank you for confirming that which has already been in the hearts of the people....we are indeed taking dominion under an open heaven in 2011...TOMORROW'S GONNA BE AMAZING!!!

Sandra Rosser - Bishop, so LOVED the grace and love of SOTB V today...

Brian Anderson-Payne - Today,,,,,?? UNREAL!!! You're transforming lives by renewing minds, dude!

Don Pollard - Great spirit and flow today, Bishop. What an almost overwhelming abundance of truth. Thank you. Namaste.

Linda M Curtis - Today was REAL, it was GOOD, it was RIGHT, it was ALL it should be. Peace & Love ~ me

From Sunday...

Brenda Bevelle Yarbrough - Yesterday was great and I'm expecting only greater things today...can't wait to be ITB.

Patti Cook - Greater things are yet to come
Greater things are still to be done
In This CITY!

Richard K Smith - great learning.....thank you

Brenda Jaynes Forrester Pollard - I am unable to express the extent of my gratitude to God for preparing my mind/heart to receive yesterday's SOTB. Spiritual 'groundbreaking' comes to mind...

Keith Mitchell - Just another love fest CITN style ...

Pamela Holbrook - What can I say? The confirmation today was in our praise and worship this morning...confirming the truth spoken yesterday, the truth of God's love...we are setting forth what has never been done before.....I am soooo honored that God has chosen me to be a part this wonderful move of God...this is a storm that will rise up and blow in every corner of the world and it will touch every heart... so let it be done...

Jean de Sousa - Today was wonderful!!! Bought the SOTB DVD. Sorry I couldn't be ITB. I am so happy to be a part of this move of God...Love and Blessings

Marcia DeArmond - So sad that I didn't get to attend yesterday. Circumstances prevented me from being there, but I picked up my notebook today and wll get the DVD next week. I can tell the Holy Spirit was ITB today... Spiritual reverberations abounded today!

John Wanza - Outstanding! Is the best way to say it...
Outstanding! Outstanding! Outstanding...

Ethel Higgins - Awesome!!! It was amazing! the Holy Spirit filled with love, understanding and acceptance, this is what it is all about! I didn't want it to end! Thank You!!!

Linda M Curtis - It was ALL ♥ ... how COOL and RIGHT

Janice Langley Sobers - What a day at CITN at the SOTB; the beautiful spirit in the room was so overwhelming for me I could not hold my emotions. I so miss being ITB but glad we made the trip to experience the word. You are so genuine and REAL and bring so much perspective and enlightenment to those that are willing to hear. Much love to you and our CITN family.

Brenda Bevelle Yarbrough - Bishop Just when I thought we had reached the ceiling it there are no limits and each round just goes higher. Loving you and my CITN family.

Loretta Keeler - Bishop...Always at CITN...THE TRUTH IS liberating, everyone on the planet should have been there Saturday...guess it's up to those of us who were there to keep spreading The Word. Thank you for continuing to be a blessing.

Linda M Curtis - Since I don't know about SOTB I-IV, I can't say. I SURELY can say that SOTB V was more than I thought it was going to be. That's saying ALOT ! Heck, 9-5 wasn't long enough, just sayin ~ :)

Rosalind Evers - I rejoice at the REDEMPTIVE WORK OF CHRIST! Who the Son set free, is free indeed! Continue, Bishop.

Larry Usher - Was glad I could go and learned a lot...feel enlightened, have more reasons to love! CITN will receive the outcast and the ostracized with openness. The more we model the Christ, the more there are that will want to be a part, get ready, cuz here they come!(To cite another Rare Earth song! ;)

Donald Earl Paulk - loved it Jamal! thanks again...Darnell

Harold P. Lovelace - Bishop...

Thanks so much for giving me the honor and privilege to speak again at the SOTB. There was such a thrust of power in the spoken words that went into the hears and spirits of those hungry listening ones of us all. The Spirit was so cutting and yet healing. At the same time it discerned
between the "thought and intent."

I am so glad that I was there to hear. It was a wonderful day and time that will spread even into other areas. We must make known "the goodness" of the Lord.

I wish to express my thankfulness to all the people and to CITN for the way they showed their love.

Thanks to you and all your staff for everything,


Richard Garganta - I was totally awesomized by the opportunity you gave me, your genorosity, your hospitality and the wonderful oasis called CITN. My opportunity to reconnect with a live audience instead of a camera was a healing for me and I left a changed and very blessed man.

Thank you my friend!

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