Friday, June 3, 2011


It was beautiful...perfect, all of you who helped make the evening such a success I say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...I love you!

"Bish, tonight was perfect and felt so complete, so right! The ballroom...ahhh I loved it. So happy to see you truly happy deep within. Midtown just does not even know...they better get ready, bc they're about to find out. I love you. xoxo"
- Lindsey Pettite

"You were great and AWESOME! We felt your happiness and peace. We are so excited for you, us, our new family. It was the most beautiful room of peeps I've ever seen. Much love to you sir. So proud to call you my pastor."
- Sheri Travis

"My divine Bishop, "there's a sweet sweet spirit in THAT place...and I know that it's the spirit of the LORD" A very humble thank you for a beautiful service."
- Javalyn Hall-Johnson

"The New Date Night: Thursdays - 7pm at The Biltmore (CITN - Midtown). It was awesome, it's going to be awesome - what a great night!!! We loved it!"
- Rowena Silvera

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Bishop I loved it! everything about it was blessed just like I said it would be! "new" spot now on Thursday nites! So glad to be part of it!!!! Love you much!!!"
- Ethel Higgins

"Wow what a wonderful place, and people and message!! The whole evening was a beautiful begining for CITN Midtown!! Thank you for letting us have a part in it!!"
- Linda Green-Richardson

"CITN Midtown had a prosperous turnout!! It was a wonderful experience Jeff and I were a part of tonight!! Thank you again Bishop Jim Swilley for getting the word out!!"
- Bryce Hardin

"It was electrifying tonight at the Biltmore - it was so cool too from where I was sitting I could see the Peachtree St sign - it was like Atlanta was soaking up everything - from our music to your words Bishop - even my fortune cookie was right on the money tonight - great evening - thanks Bishop - many more to come."
- Pamela Holbrook

"I never miss a service..even if not ITB...So wish I could have been goosebumbs looking at the pics and seeing you standing there...very confirming..and feeling/seeing the support from all that love you was beautiful!!!"
- Debra Murphy

"Jim, your dedication and commitment to the people you come into contact with is simply amazing. I wish you the best and hope that you continue to inspire and lead by the example of honesty and compassion you extoll every single day. You are amazing. Atlanta is a better place with you here and working in the capacity you do."
- Rich Sullivan

"The service was awesome. The Spirit of God moved in a mighty way. You folks are real and real awesome. I look forward to being there again sometime. Peace and love, Namaste, jeff"
- Jeff Rust

"I could tell by the pics, it is the right place, the right time and the right season... I am thinking of the first message I sent to you several months ago"
- Claudia James Weaver

"Great turn out and awesome Premier Service at Church In The Now Midtown last night! Those who missed it, missed the start of something great. But no need to worry, next Thursday is just around the corner. Bishop, I am so proud for you!"
- Bobby Newsome

"It was bliss for us too. An absolute pleasure. Very excited about so many new people getting to know Church In The Now!"
- Eddie Brumlow

"Bish I'm soooo jealous, i wanted to there for the opening night....seem like it was a beautiful service based on the comments below. super happy...all smiles. Go Bish.
- Renaldo C. Blocker Sr.

"O What a Night! The first of many...and already additional room is needed. It was a rockin' night filled with the fresh and new. CITN Midtown is THE Place to be on Thursday nights! Way to go, did it...I'm so very proud to have been present at this inaugural event and so proud of you. It's great to see you so happy and relaxed! Peace & Blessings!"
- Patti Cook

"Moving on up, moving on that beautiful Imperial Ballroom on Peachtree. Loved the atmosphere. Loved the spirit. Loved the beautiful people that showed up tonight. So proud to be a part of CITN Midtown tonight. Look up and count the stars in the chandellier. CITN Midtown shines. In fact, the parking attendant ask us to say a prayer that she can attend a service some time. Already reaching out and touching..."
- Cheryl Tiedemann

Not sure how to even express what I felt last night. Not the music which -my God - Jon Scott , Dan - it had no choice but to be awesome. Not you - who are always life changing, but the feeling in the room. A mix between the overwhelming joy you feel when you watch someone marry, or even those Home makeover shows - always sob when they move that bus. Anyway, there was a tangible feeling of happiness, belonging, acceptance (maybe for the first time ever),someone finding their way home, and more than anythng else, know me i am not a visions, doves, gold dust, - yada yada, kinda person, but last night was something I have never felt, and a bunch that I have all rolled into one - I, as you, have been in services where blind see, etc, etc, but last night was an inside thing, hearts, wounded spirits...beautiful. God I hope that makes sense.I love you immensely, and am honored to be a part of any and everything you do.
- Soni Dailey Brumlow

"Church in the Now Midtown was the bees knees"
- Jonah Elijah Swilley

See you next Thursday night!


Anton said...

Good Evening Bishop,
On May 22nd, I walked into CITN East for the first time in my life and I was amazed at what was going on; it was an experience. I never knew it was CITN's 26th anniversary and indeed the number has so much significance in my life as you related it to the story of Abraham.
I also had another experience on this premiere service. Many people definitely appreciate what you are doing with CITN Midtown. The diversity within the church is amazing. As a young black man in a foreign country, I feel like I can get used to this environment. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Anonymous said...

Mekeba H. Bryant said...

Wow...looks so beautiful and exciting...wished I had been excited for you.

Avatar said...

Tony and Soni...your posts bring to mind "new-mom-in-the-hospital pictures." Mom isn't usually very pretty--no matter what everyone tells her. Some people don't even take those kinds of pictures because mom is sweaty, disheveled, exhausted and nearly spent...but she smiles. And that's the point.

Congratulations CITN-East... Midtown is a gorgeous baby! You done good. When you're ready to have your professional photographer's mom-baby pictures, EVERYONE will want a copy.

Thelonius Bostik said...