Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Count Your Blessings!

Hey bloggers,

First of all, the trip to Washington was absolutely wonderful...the anointed presence of the Holy Spirit manifested exactly as it did in Korea! I’ll tell you more about it later (for those of you who are part of CITN/cyber-CITN, I’ll talk about it tomorrow night). We may even have to fly through there Thursday morning for another meeting, on the way to the I.C.C.C. (International Communion of Charismatic Churches) conference in Buffalo, NY, where I’ll be speaking Friday morning. And I’ll be back in Washington on May 17 ( the day before the church anniversary and Kim Clement’s meeting) to speak to the A.C.L.C. (American Clergy Leadership Conference). I always say “the more you do, the more you can do”, so I’m living out that reality right now.

One thing I do need to say is that there has been a change of date for the Global Peace Festival. I had originally told you that it was going to be on August 23, but in the meeting yesterday the date was moved up to Saturday, August 9. I know that many of you are planning to attend it, and are already making reservations and arrangements to be in Washington, so I wanted to let you know about the change. But that's the date for sure (www.globalpeacefestival.org). The reason for the move is that the staging area for the festival will be set up right in front of the Capitol steps, and they will start building the inauguration platform for the new president around the middle of August, so that space won't be available on the 23rd.

Today is our Sofia's 1st birthday, and here are some shots from her party last Saturday...as you can tell, I'm really into the Grandfather gig...
...Sofia and Poppy crash after a long day..."ain't that a pretty name? Sofia, Sofia, Sofia!" (Harpo to Mr.)

One more thing before I go...regardless of what is happening in your life today, God is still good and you are still blessed...you have every reason to be grateful, so don't waste this beautiful day with being preoccupied with the negative...remember, to those who have MORE will be given!


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Donald said...

Bishop seeing those picture of you and Sofia together makes it hard to fight off those feelings of jealousy. Now that's living!

peacemaker said...

BEAUTIFUL...in every way!!

Peace and Wisdom'


HollyC said...

Good morning!

I love the pictures of Sofia's birthday party. She's sooooo cuuuutttteeeeee!

Today my office will be a no whining zone.. Yaahhhhh.. I like that. ; )

Anonymous said...

Just love the pictures! How peaceful you and Sofia look - sleeping! It looks like total trust. In this, I see a picture of how we ought to be with God. When life has exhausted us… as it often does… we can fall out, lay our body on Him making any small connection, just letting Him touch us, and He will comfort us to sweet rest.

We should do what our Father does; He is in a state of rest. We need to enter into His rest! My prayer today is that in my Father’s presence, I will release myself from today’s challenges, lay myself upon Him, just give Him my exhaustion and fall asleep in His presence. I truly felt how God cleanses and restores us when we think we can't go on! I saw that in this picture. How can I see God in this picture? Because when we are searching for Him, we can find Him everywhere and in everything we encounter! More of power, more of His spirit in me! That's my request today. Lord, show me how to live and what to do this day.

Seeing the picture of the Capitol makes me miss DC. For almost 20 years, DC was my home and I flew into Reagan National Airport hundreds of times on my many travels for work and pleasure. It’s a beautiful city! However, I am now RESTING in Conyers, GA!

Blessings! Lou …4 May flowers

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Holly Thurmond said...

Good Morning! Awesome pics of Sophia and your family Bishop. I am excited to find out more about August 9th in Washington. Thanks for this word today. Blessings are all around us, sometimes I thing so many of them that we are overwhelmed by the magnitude and can't see that they are there. Today I open my eyes and make myself aware of every blessing from the smallest to the largest.

Hannah and I got to spend alot of quality time together over the weekend. Although, we are together all the time, we have never gone out of town by ourselves and spent this kind of time with each other. OMG, it was so awesome and I am so thankful for that. I felt so blessed to be able to laugh and play and be with her outside of our normal-crazey life.

I thank God that every blogger/blurker today will be able to see the blessings. I pray that even the thing that does not look like a blessing-will be made beautiful in your eyes. God Bless everyone!

LIVE-LOVE, Holly Thurmond

G8TRGRL said...

Soooo cute! Those 1st birthdays are something special!

No whining? Ohhhh, coooomme oooOOOnnnn!?!

So, I have to face all this stuff that I have created, and not whine? DANG!?!

Oops. I APOLOGIZE. (a no sorry zone too).

O.K. I guess I'll have to fulfill my destiny, and fulfill the plan God has for my life, cherishing what is around me NOW, walking it out, perhaps baby steps at first.. keeping my eye on the prize!

"Don't ever let good enough be good enough"!


DoubleBack Alley said...

Sahib and Sahibette,

Nothing quite so beautiful as love undefined, yet understood. The embrace of the little one's foot as she lies beside you in the cool of the day. Mom and Wonderful-mother must be very proud. I suspect that the uncles will be a bit protective. And so it goes.

Just in case you were wondering, I have been checking out other blogs from the Great Beyond (I know the guy who lives there, He let me look) over the past few days.

Here's a sampling;

Jesus' Blog – Angels in a slump. They need starting pitching.

Satan's Blog – Today was Hell.

Gandhi’s Blog – Sick of harps, am currently petitioning for violins in heaven.

Buddha – Recycling is going well.

Hindu Blog – Very hungry today. No bull.

Madelyn Murray O'Hair's Blog – Oops...

Mohammed's Blog – Lot's of Blue Eyed Devils up here, I musta took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Pope John Paul I Blog – This is really w

Pope John Paul II Blog – onderful. I had always wanted to be Pope and am so thankful for the chance I had to enjoy a long reign as pontiff. Lots of really cool stuff happened and I got to see many parts of the world and accomplish many things. Many thanks to my predecessor.

Mother Teresa’s Blog – Oh, Calcutta! I hadn’t planned on that.

God’s Blog – See you tomorrow DBA.

Query of the day – Is Menachem Begin the Beguine?

Ain’t God Good?

linda said...

too cute!!!
thanks for the encouragement today
Maybe that should have been the 11th commandment. Thou shalt not whine, thou shalt not whine (smile)

Linda :0)

Anna said...

Morning Bishop!! I mean, really, does life get ANY better? HAPPY! HAPPY!JOY!JOY!
Got a day filled with finger and toes. Can't wait to CONNECT with my clients. The Holy Spirit WILL give me the wisdom and words to minister and/or humor these women. I'M MOVING AHEAD, I'M NOT TURNING BACK....CITN ROCKS!!! I LOVE seeing the world through 'different' eyes and couldn't say that if weren't for your teaching, Bishop.
Gotta go! Will try to finish sometime today possible tonite!!
Everyone... HAVE A BEAUTIFUL & BLESSED DAY!!! Anna Lynn

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe Sofia's one.
You can't tell she's grandpa's girl.

Man Bishop travel, travel, travel
You go you MOVER & SHAKER
Keep shaking up the spiritual foundation all around the world.

Dude is it cold outside or what but isn't it also a beautiful day?

"elle" said...

DBA... you ROCK!!!
Oh my GOD! (yes, He's mine, too)
That was hilarious! Thanks for a great laugh in the midst of artistic frustration (having to re-work something... UUGGGHHHH)
Good day to all!
:):):) ;O;O;O

Mystic said...


Does it get any cuter? I really like the B&W shot.

Obligatory after 1st party nap shot--PRICELESS!

Good Morning, Y'all!

Mercy--thought provoking and true...thank you

Donald--No Jealousy Zone


Holly--keep that office spit-spot

Lou aka 4May--preach it Pastor Lou--love you!

Elle--what you said!

Holly T--everything made beautiful in our eyes...that's great! Thanks!

G8trgrl--AMEN and TTYL

DBA--only when he's dancing

Linda, Anna, and Laura...peace and joy today

No Whining! Yes! I will take it to heart today and every day because I do know that I have and will be given more (of whatever I have)...we draw what is in our essence, our thoughts, our deepest desires...we draw it all to us whether we know it or not whether we believe it or not...whether it's positive or negative, faithful or fearful...it comes to us all in time. SO THINK POSITIVE and DON'T WHINE! (Word to self)

Positive thoughts and blessings today Blog Fam!

Larry Usher said...

Beautiful pics Bishop! Reminds me of when my daughter was little, I'd nap with her & she would always throw a leg over mine just to feel me there! One of the most fulfilling experiences in life! You & your family are blessed! Washington is larger than life for sure and a great place to dream! May the Lord continue to use you to reach across the "great divides" that are our world's spiritual landscape.
At Sunday's altar service at the end, the Lord gave me a vision of a scroll falling into my outstretched hands. I then pulled the scroll up to my mouth and began to blow on it, the scroll unfurling in front of me and pulling further into the distance.
Today, the Lord directed me to Watchman Nee's book, "The Release of the Spirit" to page 52:
"The Bible is more than words, ideas and thoughts. The most outstanding feature of the Bible is that God's Spirit is released through this Book...The world cannot understand that there is a spirit in God's word, and that that spirit can be released just as it is manifest in prophetic ministry. Today if you are listening to a prophetic message, you will realize that there is a mystical something other than word and thought present. This you can clearly sense, and may well call it the spirit in God's word. There is not only thought in the Bible; the spirit itself comes forth."
God Himself is in the Word when the breath of the Spirit is blowing upon them. Breathe on us Holy Spirit!



Larry Usher said...

Well said Mercy! "The purpose of our existence" is right!

Strength & peace to you!


"elle" said...

Waiting for the gesso to dry on my canvas before trying to attack this project again. Thought I'd check in. Y'ALL must be at work. Woohoo, I've got the place to myself :) Party on...

Check out the photo of my little Izabella! I concur with Edie Brickell on religion. What a smile!
Izzy's stock is skyrocketing in the Pomeroy household of late. She's always been a whacked-out little daddy's girl, but Louisa (mommie's favorite & the "only perfect thing in the wide world") seems to have issues of late. I've spent the past 2 weeks cleaning the large area rug & runner from our greatroom a gazillion times. Washing with enzyme product, etc, etc. The princess is perfect no more! Litter-box trained for 9 years now, she has all of a sudden decided to pee on any available rug. I'm very disappointed in her! But I'm not whining... REALLY! Yelling a heck of a lot, but not whining.

Hey, Iz/Joy... how's that llama?!? Wanna trade?


Mystic said...

Ok...wait...I missed something...Iz/Joy has a llama? :o

Do you own sheep or something? This I gotta hear.

Later...Blessings Blog Fam!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...love all of your comments...keep it coming...

Anonymous said...

The Global Peace festival sounds awesome. I remember when I went to the Washington for Jesus festival back in the day..it was beyond words! I am reminded of a big snow blizzard I traveled through and ended up in a ditch in Mt. Storm on the way. A lady (Mary) riding in the backseat lost her wig when we hit (I didnt even know she wore a wig). Luckily I was near some truck stop and went inside to get help and Mary, who was about 65, was asking truck drivers for a ride back to her house. smile. I convinced her to get back in the car and we had bright sunshine the rest of the way.

The pics of Sofia are ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!
No whining today for me...just plugging along at work and sharing a smile. WOW, I can't believe it's time to pack it in for a day.

Peace and blessings to all.

peacemaker said...

You're too funny, dude! I needed to laugh really bad. I think I was on Satan's blog pretty much all day.

Laughter...Good Medicine...Thanks.


Nancy said...

My favorite picture is the one of Sofia's face sitting in the CUTE little red chair reading the book! So curious about everything... One year old's are awesome.

Donald said...

As I was sitting here staring at my monitor which has a picture from one of your previous blogs as the desktop image (the one where all the people are standing around embracing Jesus and he is embracing them) I couldn’t help but think about how we’re admonished to become as little children. Of course, we all understand that that doesn’t mean to be childish or immature. One of the attributes of being a child is that of trusting those in whom we believe are supposed to take care of us. The people surrounding Jesus in the picture on my monitor have no doubt whatsoever that he will take care of them no matter what the need.
That’s when I thought back to the picture of you and Sofia napping. That is a picture of total serenity. There is no worry, no fear, no concerns. It appears that everything is under control with her because she knows that she is in good hands.
But as I was observing her and thinking about how peaceful she looks, I realized that you appeared equally as peaceful. That’s when I realized that as adults if we would simply do what Jesus told us to do, become as little children, that we too could enjoy the peace and serenity that little children can enjoy instead of freaking out over all the problems and troubles that we seem to have to face too often.

"elle" said...

The llama goes back to a waaaayyyy earlier blog. Iz/Joy may not even remember!
Gotta go cook... chicken picatta & grilled veggies. Umm umm!
Have a great night!

mayam said...

How prophetic that you should raise your voice in the nation's capitol - a place where the will of chosen people is counted daily -on the first birthday of your granddaughter - a most precious symbol of blessings that are beyond measure and the transformative power of a single presence.

Ebony said...

Sofia is SUCH A CUTIE!! Looks like she had a great first birthday. And Bishop, thanks for the word. Sometimes we get so bogged down in the mundane, we forget the miraculous around us. So, thank you for exhorting us to remember, and I'll stop whining too.


This is a link to an article in the LA times about an Iranian man who produced and directed a film about the life of Jesus. Granted it's told from an Islamic perspective (No Cruxifiction or Resurrection), but the thought of a Muslim doing a film about Jesus was unthinkable not too long ago. True seekers will find what they're looking for. The movie title is "Jesus: The Spirit of God"
Your thoughts?

tracy said...

The Capitol, where people make things happen and "represent". Poppy the "grand"-higher rank of others of the same class, father.Love the pics, so show the peace that the higher father represents. Maybe like Jesus the man part may stay a little "earthly" a little worrysome -a little going to the mountaintop alone to pray , but the seasoned "grandpa" (God) has been there done that and just rests in the peace that passes understanding. I dunno- that last photo of you tenderly holding her foot and both of you so peaceful- spoke so much about our relationship with God the Father.

famman87 said...

Awesome pics and an awesome word...

Awesome word IN the pics.

Donald, that's hitting the nail right on the head. Huge difference between childlike and childish. Like, total polar opposites.Childlike is not only the trust of which you spoke, but also PURE love, and an inner peace with life in general that's incomparable(until the big, bad grown-ups find a way to steal that away. Oooh, that may sound a bit cynical,huh?). And joy in really simple things. I pray that I can help my children hang onto those things forever, preferably by leading by example...

Thank God for that 13 year old lodged behind my brain stem that I just can't seem to get rid of, no matter how hard life tries to take him away.

Think I'll go kick my son's butt on Guitar Hero. Or Wii sports.

Late crowd tonight?

Much Love...

Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone,
Great Pics Bish, kinda reminds me of paw-paw and me-maw day around here. Except if we get them all in one wad we got 8 of um with another on the way!

I wrote an article today that God placed on my heart this morning. That’s the way He works with me, He gives me this huge thought all at once first thing in the morning. Then it takes several hours to put it in writing. Thaink God fur spail chekk er I koodnt rite nutin.

Anyway I don’t want to be a blog-hog, and I know that some of the stuff I put on here is long. But I was wondering if I could past it on here for you guys to check out before I put it on my blog or should I go ahead and put it on there and give you a link. I am pretty new at this blog stuff and don’t really know what is appropriate or not. I put one of my articles on here a while back then I kind of wondered if I should have taken that liberty.

I just wanted to see what you guys thought about it because it is a different view of some scriptures that I haven’t heard before.

Up to you bish. I wont be offended its Ok either way. I know everyone won’t read it or respond and that’s OK too. If I do the ones that are supposed to will. and I will hear what I need to hear.

Grace and Peace,

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey Dennis, it's fine with me if you post it and if anyone wants to comment, they can...I'm in the middle of something right now so I may not have time to get to it tonight, but I'll put anyone's response through (assuming that people are on line right now)...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bishop,


For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God didn't send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through him.
John 3:16-17 WEB

Actually when you think of God giving his son for the redemption of all mankind; subsequently God gave much more for the most sinful people because they sinned much more and needed a larger redemption payment. When Jesus took on Himself the sin of the world; he had to take on much more suffering for the most wicked of all. This is ironic in that it gives greater worth and significance to their redemption than the redemption of a lesser sinner. Jesus may have been alluding to this idea when he said “anyone who is forgiven much loves much”. Now this would be hard to wrap a dead fleshly mind around; because it would give greater value to the redemption of the most atrocious sinners. But the mind renewed by the Spirit can hear Jesus as he speaks to the Pharisee as he was having a meal at his house.

One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to dine with him, and He went into the Pharisee's house and reclined at table. And behold, a woman of the town who was an especially wicked sinner, when she learned that He was reclining at table in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster flask of ointment (perfume). And standing behind Him at His feet weeping, she began to wet His feet with [her] tears; and she wiped them with the hair of her head and kissed His feet [affectionately] and anointed them with the ointment (perfume). Now when the Pharisee who had invited Him saw it, he said to himself, If this Man were a prophet, He would surely know who and what sort of woman this is who is touching Him--for she is a notorious sinner (a social outcast, devoted to sin). And Jesus, replying, said to him, Simon, I have something to say to you. And he answered, Teacher, say it. A certain lender of money [at interest] had two debtors: one owed him five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. When they had no means of paying, he freely forgave them both. Now which of them will love him more? Simon answered, The one, I take it, for whom he forgave and cancelled more. And Jesus said to him, You have decided correctly. Then turning toward the woman, He said to Simon, Do you see this woman? When I came into your house, you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has wet My feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You gave Me no kiss, but she from the moment I came in has not ceased [intermittently] to kiss My feet tenderly and caressingly. You did not anoint My head with [cheap, ordinary] oil, but she has anointed My feet with [costly, rare] perfume. Therefore I tell you, her sins, many [as they are], are forgiven her--because she has loved much. But he who is forgiven little loves little.

Many times, even in the universal salvation camp, we will look at some “notorious” sinner and think; “well they should be happy that God is going to at least let them in” but we really don’t think that they will be worth much to God. At least not like us who “have it all together”. According to this little episode God is going to receive much value (love) from them. We really need to be careful how we judge. Just about time we think we have it all figured out the Holy Spirit will throw us a curve that will strike us out when we were so sure that the others had struck out. God is just like that He seems to turn things upside down and all around so that it all comes out even in the end. You know the first will be last and the last first. Give and you will get more, keep what you have and lose it. Love those that hate you. You have to die to live – “keep your life and you will lose it, lose your life for Jesus and you will find it”.

Speaking of this inside-out way of looking at things, Paul said it like this:
2Co 5:16 ESV From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer.

Jesus Christ put it like this:
John 8:15 ESV You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one.

It was obvious by Jesus’ manner that He did not try to assert a judgment regarding right and wrong in His contact with the world as is seen in the above story of the visit from the prostitute. But it is also obvious that He did voice a judgment with reference to right and wrong in His communication with the religious leaders as is also seen in the above story and His conversation with the Pharisees.

What are we to gather from this apparent dissimilarity in His approach and communication with these two groups?

I believe on the one hand He was saying to the religious leaders; you are not going to make it with this SELF-RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE in all your LAW KEEPING (you think your keeping). You are not what you appear to be on the outside.
And on the other hand He was saying to this evidently sinful immoral woman; you are going to make it because of your LOVE and FAITH. You are not what you appear to be on the outside!

So here we have another one of those INSIDE-OUT God things. God seems to be keeping things just one step ahead of us so that we cannot ever fully figure Him out So that we will just have to trust him and have faith that He is working it all out for us all because He LOVES US. Which is what the immoral woman was doing and the self-righteous Pharisees were not doing.

You might think as I did at first when this thought first came to me. Jesus did not suffer any more for one than He did for another, which would not be fair. So I guess He needs to go back and suffer some more for the ones that He didn’t suffer as much for? That would make it fair wouldn’t it? No in reality some have committed a lot more sins than others, and therefore would deserve more punishment and need more forgiveness. Jesus clearly agreed with this in this story when he related forgiving large or small debts with large or small amounts of forgiveness of sins.
Others would object saying that Jesus suffered the same for us all because he died for sin – singular instead of sins – plural…….BULL-CHIPS!!! Do a search through the New Testament on the words sin and sins and you will see they are used interchangeably. I realize the difference in the SIN problem and SINS problem but it has nothing to do with what I am discussing here which is FORGIVENESS of SINS not the sin nature that causes us to sin. I am dealing with after the fact not the cause of the fact. Jesus died for our SINS for our FORGIVENESS. We had nothing to do with the SIN NATURE that we inherited from Adam it came with the package like it or not. So we do not have to be forgiven for something we did not cause! Jesus took care of that too and we will be released from the bondage of that curse as well in due time.
You might say no no no, one sin is as breaking them all according to James 2:10. GNB Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all. So whether we sin little or much it would be the same penalty. So Jesus would have suffered the same for all. Do you really think God does business like that? That doesn’t seem like an exactly fair system to me – put all the murderers in with the jay-walkers with the same sentence. James and those that had lived under that “old covenant” of “the law” as a means of relationship with God – saw it as a whole unit like a chain, break one link and you break the chain, it’s all linked together as one. Look at the next verse
Jas 2:11 GNB For the same one who said, "Do not commit adultery," also said, "Do not commit murder." Even if you do not commit adultery, you have become a lawbreaker (chain-breaker) if you commit murder. It is like a circle if you break it at any point it is no longer a circle and therefore you have broken the whole thing. James certainly did not mean that if you told a lie you had just as well killed someone. In the old covenant of law there were always greater and lesser punishments and restitutions for differing sins. I think God would be as fair minded as us. The sacrificial and redemptive system of the old covenant (testament) which foreshadowed and typified Jesus Christ Who was the real fulfillment of those types had many variations of this.
This being the case then the punishment that Jesus bore in our stead would have been greater for some than others. This would paradoxically place more significance or worth on the redemption and salvation of the most horrendous of sinners.
Now enter the believer’s good works, there will be rewards and positions granted for these in the Kingdom of God which rules over all these redeemed saved folks. Its not as if the trials and testing the believers went through were for naught, there will be great rewards for these.
What’s my point? We that are believers and have the privilege of walking in the Kingdom should not underemphasize the worth and salvation of all people, no matter how things may look to us now. We should show the all inclusive, undivided, unbiased LOVE & GRACE of God with all MEEKNESS, KINDNESS, and HUMILITY without SUPERIORITY to ALL we come in contact.

Mat 23:11-12 GNB
The greatest one among you must be your servant. Whoever makes himself great will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be made great.

Mar 9:35 MKJV And He sat down and called the Twelve and said to them, If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.

Mar 10:31 MKJV But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

Dennis Caldwell

Tom said...

Bishop Swilley your granddaughter is adorable and you should be proud.

Larry Usher I really enjoyed your comments.Many times I've opened up the Bible and not only read it but find myself listening to it as it speaks to me.

BTW I loved Watchman Nee's"The Release of the Spirit",it really helped me alot.Bishop I have a topic suggestion,"books that have had an impact on your life."I think it would be interesting to see what kind of books that have shaped every one's life.


Dr. Carolyn said...

Dear Bishop Swiley:
This is my first time on the Blog. I have been visiting CITN for 2 months. I came to a Body Builders meeting and I was so blessed. I have experienced one year of alot of loss and when I started coming I was so broken. I am so appreciative of your ministry, thankyou for just doing you. I am healing more and more every day. I love the revelation that comes from you. Just continue doing you. I will be a blogger now! Please pray for me I am re-entering ministry and I am so glad that I have had an opportunity to sit under your ministry. I feel like I have been annointed afresh! You have a NOW word, A word that is for this season, a word that is for this people...and it is liberating. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty...God Bless You Bishop

Kettly said...

Hey Everyone,

I originally wanted to write since this morning. But I couldn’t do it just yet. I wanted to be right within myself, before writing down my thoughts. Bishop I know you understand what I’m trying to say.

Another thing, the picture of you and Sofia sleeping together, reminds me of my own Father when he was alive, holding one of my many nieces or one of my nephews on his belly sleeping just like that.

I do know one day my God, my Father will bless me with my own child, my own (Sofia), or my own ( Zachariah) the only problem is, Fritz and I will need a earthly Grand Paw, Bishop will you volunteer to be the spiritual Grand paw, for when it happen, may be soon, who knows with God, when…! The one thing, I know “when” is not what’s important, or my problem. The only thing is, I know it’s going to happen; and it will happen for me, because God promise me this. So as my spiritual father pray for us for when it happen I will not loose my mind.

But I do have to say this album is very beautiful, and very family oriented. You make every man wants to be a Grand paw. And Pastor Debye every woman wants to be a…..! You know (smile).

P.S. Mercy, excellent choice of words!

Love all,

Iz/JOY said...

Sweet birthday pics, Bish & P. Debye! (happy belated birthday Sophia) Safe passage on your trips.

Elle & Mystic - I have no idea! But, by God you said it. (hehe) Let's see... the Dalai Lama is for world peace. And I can agree with that.

Do I own sheep? Only in the context that whoever's joined to the Lord is one spirit.

Holly T. said...

Bishop, I know that you are traveling, but I wanted to AMEN your service tonight. Very powerful word and a great confirmation regarding the use of our prayer language. I have gotten to the place where I only pray in the Spirit. It flows within me. It frees me. It moves me. Once again, thanks for your faithfulness to your local flock and to your GLOBAL VISION. I am very proud to let people know that You, Pastor Debye and CITN are the main lifeline for me and Hannah and I know that I am so blessed to have been placed under such leadership.

Love-Holly T.

karl cobos said...

Hey Bishop,
I hope that the meetings have been going well, just wanted to let you know that I also have been praying for you and Pastor Debye last night and today, for blessings, wisdom, favor, protection.

Have a great trip to Buffalo.
My dad lived there once when I was around 11 or 12 I think, and when I would visit him, and he went to work, I think the only thing I did was listen to my new double-album of the Beach Boys!

May the Lord bless all your cross-pollinating!

In regards to Holy Spirit talk, I'm not sure, but maybe the "flaming sword" which moved back and forth between the cherubim at the Garden of Eden guarding(keeping?) the way, was the Spirit.
Anyway, I'm trying to look up things in the old testament, too, about the Spirit, that I had read some time before, and trying to find again.

Take care...happy travels.

Anonymous said...

The pics of Sopias' party are priceless! Thanks for sharing them with us..The song of "MY LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS" was playing when the one of you & Sofia sound asleep came up..peaceful & total trusting..That is how we should feel about our own relationship with God..BLESSINGS TO ALL!
P. Deb