Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fast Forward!

From A Year In The Now

Yesterday, when I wrote about moving into warp speed, I didn't know that this was today's reading from AYITN. If you don't have a copy of the new edition, you need to get one, or buy one for a friend. I'll be doing a book signing on May 4.

If you didn't read yesterday's article, please take the time to do so now...many blurkers were converted yesterday...

"For the Lord God will help Me,
therefore I will not be disgraced;
therefore I have set My face like a flint . . . ." (Isaiah 50:7)

Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because my life is like an arrow shot from the bow. There is no turning back for me now . . . I am through the looking glass of self-examination. God is taking me, just as I am . . . no time to change . . . this is the day . . . this is the hour . . . this is the moment . . . for such a time as this . . . the day of the Lord is here . . . the Spirit is moving . . . go . . . go . . . go!

Today I will move at God's pace — my steps will be ordered by Him. I trust Him with all of my heart, and lean not unto my own understanding. He Himself is directing my path(s) . . . in Him I move . . . the future is now . . . faith is now . . . God is now . . . I am in the now . . . resurrection life is mine . . . ZoĆ« (life) is mine . . . the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is mine . . . move . . . move . . . move!

Today I will keep up with Him. I will move with the cloud (cloud by day – fire by night) . . . good-bye past . . . good-bye yesterday . . . good-bye comfort zone . . . good-bye tradition . . . good-bye familiar spirits . . . hello new . . . hello now . . . hello transformation . . . hello conformation to His image . . . hello revelation . . . hello rhema word . . . hello Jesus-manna . . . give me this day my daily bread . . . eat . . . eat . . . eat!

Today I will fly like an eagle. I will run and not be weary . . . I will walk and not faint . . . walk in the Spirit . . . go with the flow . . . demonstrate dominion when I can . . . relinquish control when I must . . . hold on . . . let go . . . hold on . . . let go . . . from glory to glory to glory . . . flow . . . flow . . . flow!

Today I will erase the tapes in my head that keep directing me backwards. I can't go back . . . I remember Lot's wife . . . the Lord is my rear-guard, because there is no armor behind me . . . there is nothing for me in Egypt, so I will make the best of the wilderness, even before I find my promised land . . . forward . . . forward . . . forward!

Today I will allow vision to propel me into my future. Vision keeps me going . . . vision keeps me believing . . . where there is no vision, the people perish (where there is no prophetic revelation, the people cast off restraint). Vision keeps me disciplined . . . I am moving . . . I am growing . . . I am climbing . . . I am excelling . . . vision . . . vision . . . vision!

Today I will exceed expectations. There is more on the inside than on the outside . . . I am greater, stronger, wiser on the inside. Today I will live from the inside out . . . the real, better me is emerging day by day, and today I will live in the . . . now . . . now . . . now!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ya
The past is that. Rearview image.
Today & forever will be because now my past has been truely set free.
Feelings of all hurt and pain have lost their reign
The future is what I see
Kingdom life lives in me

linda said...

Oh my goodness,
I will be a prophecy pig today,
Today I claim every word of that for me. I am crying because my spirit is leaping even as I read
Go back read it again,
His words, His promises just keep getting better and better, more and more sweet,
As Elizabeth felt John leap in her womb when Mary spoke... so does my spirit leap within me
Linda :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,

I believe that all is well with you since your trip, we were praying for you!

Give me a shout! Your poem is very prophetic, for the body!

love ya,

dgm2007 said...

thats was really good. I am in the process of starting a business and boy is it hard work to do something thats not been done before. :) great to move with the spirit. really timely. Craziness. i love the blog. What's great about CITN is that its so now and the only reason we do what we do without fail is by existing with God. its great to be a part of a ministry that such an inspiration. Nothing is ever done shabbily at CITN and thats something i take try to accomplish with my business especially in the planning stage.

Lisa said...

Wow that was so liberating after years of carrying the burden of the past! To see the kingdom is before me is so well no words just awe struck. To be able to walk freely toward what God has called me to do. No longer am I the person who had to many flaws. Those have been burned by the fire and washed away in the flood. I am flying high. Wow!
I am praying for you all!!!!
Scribe what is happening with you? Monday was your deadline what is happening? You are on my heart!

Christy said...

e H
r W
e speed!
w for
e need
g the
o feel
! I


Friend4Life said...

Wow!! Love this picture of the guy LQQKing UP at that BLUE, BLUE wonderous SKY!! #6 stuck out for me.

Today I will allow vision to propel me into my future. Vision keeps me going . . . vision keeps me believing . . . where there is no vision, the people perish (where there is no prophetic revelation, the people cast off restraint). Vision keeps me disciplined . . . I am moving . . . I am growing . . . I am climbing . . . I am excelling . . . vision . . . vision . . . vision!

With the vision I had today!!What confirmation on things to come. "Fly Like An Eagle" is playing as I am typing this.

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel"

Christy said...

Ok, it didn't come out the way I wrote it. I had the words in a blast-off formation. Well, I tried. What a great day to be alive!!!!!

Friend4Life said...

Very cool!! {Chrisy} I felt that one. LOL

{Lisa}-oh your comment is so beautiful.

{Laura}-ya poems are so timely!!

{Linda}-you had me cracking up with that prophecy pig thang. LOL

Scribe38 said...

Hello Family:

this is just a quick line to check in. i can't say much more right now other to give everyone a shout. nevertheless, love you all and miss you. i'll be back soon enough, hopefully. thanks for all the prayers.

Izumi/JOY said...

WHOOOOOOOOSH....WOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW, I barely got to tie my shoes, guys!

Loved today's post! Great pix, too. Einstein - verrry cool!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne & All of you who had me in prayer. Thank You.
Please keep them in prayer.
It was hard seeing my stepmother in her condition. It brought back bad memories. One good thing her kids and I are at a better understanding of each other.
Now I claim that all cancer has to bow to the name of Jesus and that no one in my family shall become a prisoner to it.
The Future Is Ours
To See
Kingdom Life Lives In Me

DoubleBack Alley said...


I wonder if Einstein could see this, but couldn't describe it. Interconnectedness via electronic impulses. It reminds me of the first time that I heard about a cashless society or pay television. Those were impossibilities because I could not configure my nineteen-sixties now imagination with the prescient imagination of the great thinkers of the day.

I am sure he would have thought it was possible, but could not have wordsmithed the concept of the internet and the light speed of thought. What nineteen-forties words would he have used to describe the activity that we dine on daily? How odd that we walk in the mundane of warp speed technology that would probably confound the inventor of the atomic less than 60 years.

Time wraps around the maypole with ever decreasing concentric orbits and each whirl around becomes ballistically more terse. If the search for knowledge is infinite, then, ultimately, we will discover truths before we know the question. E=MC2 has to be just around the corner.

What two-thousand words are we using to describe the twenty-tens? Will we look back in eighteen months and realize the inadequacy of our speech? What will we need to know about God that is different than what we knew about God five years ago? Future shock was the term coined in 1970 by Alvin Toffler to describe too much technology in too little time. The “technology” was the advent of satellites, microwaves, continent to continent phone calls, supersonic travel, and Superpower ICBM’s. Keep in mind this was before color movies from Mars, cell phones, internet (no Gore shots, I am feeling generous), civilian space travel, and brief case nukes.

I believe these are the end-times, but only in the context that time between the knowing and the unknown may be ending. I truly believe that omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent life is possible. Don’t know how, don’t know why. Just knowing is enough for now.


Ain’t God Good?

Mystic said...

Welcome all new converts! All who enter here are blessed beyond measure!

What an awesome day of connection and power we had here yesterday...and guess's still here! Thank you, Spirit Man (aka Bishop)! Once again you spearhead something new and amazing...something that's never been done before. It is definitely your legacy. What a privilege to be a part of this place at this time! Hallelujah! (As for's just as Judah said, it's going to happen regardless of anyone's thoughts to the contrary--God's will is done on earth-E-Specially CITN and anyone even remotely connected to us!)

Today I pray blessings over everyone's day and lift all in prayer (for spoken and the unspoken needs). I pray that healings, revelation, insight, and miracles flow, flow,, now, now! I pray that the things you see today as miraculous will become ordinary and commonplace in your life and the lives of your family and friends--I'm sure it becomes more difficult for us to be surprised by a dead fig tree after seeing Lazarus return from the dead--a day filled with Love/Light to you all.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Christy said...

Go doubleback alley! Will what we do not even know now we will walk in everyday? If that be true, in the natural, how much more so in the spiritual? That which transcends mind, body, and soul, we have the right to reach out and grab and pull into the now. We were with Him in the beginning, we are with Him now, we are reaching out to the destiny that existed for us before time began. We have already seen because He knew us before we were in the womb. Bare with me for a moment and entertain this: Reincarnation could be as each time we pass through this world we get closer and closer to the true revelation of God. We come closer and closer to that which we were before until there is nothing that separates us from Him and we exist as beings within the other but not bound by physical boundaries.

Told you it was out there - it's Bishop's fault - he makes me think beyond what I "know" to what is resounding on the inside of me.

Avatar said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...
I am INTO the pics today! E-specially the vision of the universe at the point of contact between God and man. Breathtaking, annointed choice, Bishop.

christy, your creation is circular. Makes me think of the vision pic. Unplanned talent. Even better.

Not gonna say "stop being so interesting!" Will speak supernatural speed to the projects I need to take care of though! Later.

Donald said...

That’s interesting DBA. Sometimes when I get on a kick about building something or designing something it’s hard for me to sleep at night from thinking about it. When I think about guys like daVinci or Michelangelo or others like them, I really wonder how they ever slept. When you study some of the concepts those guys had going through their minds it is unreal, especially when you consider the world in which they lived. I mean they could visualize things back then that we only had the ability to actually construct within the last 100 years. They were way ahead of their time. And the rate at which technology is advancing now? Please! Even the linguistics experts are going to have to stay busy just to keep up with the new words that will need to be invented.
Dgm I thought about you when I finished the cryptoquote for today. If there are any of you that like to work the cryptoquote and haven’t finished it yet, you may not want to read any further since I’m going to quote it. It says “The one person who has more illusions than the dreamer is the man of action. – Oscar Wilde.” Go for it! If you hit any stumps, ask questions, I’ve tinkered around with business stuff before.

famman87 said...

This has always been one of my absolute favorites from AYITN. the way it's worded just creates such a sense of urgency to leap toward destiny... how can you sit still or even think about what's behind when you speak these words aloud?

Bishop,I know you have said that AYITN was a difficult write, coming up with the right format and wording and titles and all for 365 entries, but do you recall if this one was an easier or harder one?

It seems to flow very much like yesterday's post did. Like the words came straight from inside through the pen and onto the page.

Can't wait to hit the property tonight. The total peace that comes from being there in any building is so indescribable...

Much Love...

Nancy said...

Revelation, vision, confirmation, goodbye comfort zone, promised land, emerging, propelling forward, face like a flint, blessed beyond measure. Look up and count the stars if you can. Thanks Bishop! Your words are a total inspiration to me. I love this blog!!!!

Mystic said...

Wow, head is buzzing, my spirit is singing and my heart is thrilled about the end of the world as we know it...(R.E.M is drifting through and I feel a bit like I'm back in the days of..well, a time in my past)...what a rush!

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts with the class--between yesterday's stuff and today's--y'all have moved beyond awesome again! It is provocative, moving, exciting, and so very deep...God just awes me every single time I hear Him through our Bishop and through this CITN/BITN body.

And just another word to any remaining blurkers...come on! Can you not yet perceive this?!! The power is pulsating through this entire site--I can barely stand to sit here and type--I wanna dance like David Danced! Get on board this Love Train and help us bring it all together and to the world! If you don't, someone else will share it and get the props because at CITN/BITN we FLOW...FLOW...FLOW!

Past, Present, really is all one UNI-verse! The uni-versal orchestra is tuned, primed, and ready to rock and roll! While tuning, it may have sounded a bit cacophonic at times, but now, this ensemble is gonna bring down the house under THE Maestro's command!

Lead on, Bishop--where you go, we'll follow because we hear your voice and KNOW that you are, indeed, perceiving God's voice and that you are our Shepherd.

Blessings Blog Fam! See you ITB!

Yvonne said...

Scribe, I am glad you are in the house today! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

love, Yvonne

dgm2007 said...

really neat to read about vision. i love this blog. i had a period where i didnt get any rest and I heard the Spirit say this want last for long but i want you to see what I see. so that was awesome. and i would just journal like a nut. I have just brought in a partner who im testing out so we shall see. Luv the end of Mystics second post. its just so true i was watching online today and thinking boy do I get this guy. Just hearing Bishops voice was so comforting. Really great. and cool point in the service when u talked about hanging out with so many diff ppl. I mostly hang with the muslim and hindu kids on campus and well im just this little blk grl from Lawton Ok. i love saying that. but in all honesty we always end up saying God is good and ive learned some phrases in arabic and all that good stuff. i love that i go to A church where God is enough.. I mean boy do ppl get confused .. bu they its my second post cant wait for tomorrows post.. peace love and Good stuff.

Sweepea said...

Bishop, I'm so excited about everything that's coming: Kim Clement, your trips, your new contacts, the future of CITN, my future. Anthony is coming home for a visit next month on May 17, life is GOOD!! I was so encouraged by the YITN reading for today and by your word tonight. Thank you for loving us and for sharing your anointing with your flock.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed it but Posted these on the wrong day. So I wll post them here now.

" a year in the now" WOW what a word for me this morning! What can I add to that? AMEN!


Good Evening Family,
My prayers have went up for all these needs today. God is Greatly blessing our revelation and implementation of Spirit-Cyber-Space here in BITN. (I put and article on my blog about this a few days ago). I don’t think I have ever seen this many post or emails on a blog or forum in one day! God is Truly moving among us; I see Him with my spiritual eyes walking up and down and around and through us as we sit at our computers and other devices. I see Him laying His hand on each one He passes with blessings. Unifying, connecting, comforting, empowering, and organizing a new kind of cyber-organism for a new kingdom in a new world. God is moving in new ways among us as we have available for His utilization new types of media. He can anoint anything for His Glory and purpose and this new avenue of communication is full of the anointing of the Lord! Just put your hand on the computer monitor and pray if you don’t think so. I know it seems silly but God has often used foolish things to confound the wise of this worldly system.

The gospel first went out on foot across the hills and valleys of Israel and Samaria. On hill sides and in gardens, by seashores and in houses. Later the Gospel traveled by ship, then by horseback. The gospel has echoed from pulpits and platforms for centuries. Then came amplification systems where we could speak to larger crowds. Healing lines formed from these great crowds as they worked one man to a frazzle laying hands on them. Then came radio and ears that had never heard the gospel in the most remote areas of earth began to hear the good news that Jesus Christ is Savior. Then TELEVISION! Now we could share the gospel in a more complete form and literally millions could hear one man speak, preach, and teach; this developed into “Gospel Superstars” men and women that had been especially anointed by God to share with great audiences all over the world. Much good has been done through all these avenues of ministry. And sad to say some harm; but I am not one to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

What has been missing in all of the later technological developments for the work of the ministry is authentic interaction with/by the rest of the body. This has inhibited the full function of the body of Christ as the nervous system of the body has been unable to send back signals and feedback from some parts of the body to the other parts of the body. What God has done here in Cyber-Spirit-Space is to RECONNECT THE FULL BODY OF CHRIST through the means of the internet. And for the first time in history believers can meet, fellowship and interconnect GLOBALLY! Through the internet the body of Christ has had quite a growth spurt! Everyone knows how much more a fully functioning healthy body can do as apposed to one that is not functioning at full capacity.

Buckle your seat belts and hang on! There is no telling what God is about to accomplish through this new vehicle of expression, fellowship, and ministry. Yes, I believe we are about to enter warp speed!

Cant wait to see what’s up ahead!

That word at the end of the service tonight; I KNOW WAS FOR ME. It was very exact in speaking to my spirit and my vision right now. I have mentioned it on here before; but it has to do with the Lord shortly after I was saved 31 years ago telling me to “bridge the gap” and all stuff about the light and darkness then many years later the night before I accepted the call to ministry I had a very strange dream about saving the earth from destruction and God asking who will go? This was profoundly confirmed in church that morning. In the dream I went, and it had to do with national and international themes and many different people on the ocean representing many nations or people groups. I won’t go into detail about all this, but the first was in the day and the second was in the night. I also have not seen this vision for my life clearly (men as Trees). I cannot go any farther with this here but the word was definitely for me. I know got can speak to many with the same word. The bible is proof of that. So I am taking first dibs on this one. Unless someone beats me on this post.

Thanks for your faithfulness to speak a word of prophecy.

I should have added that the first was in the "day" and the second was in the "night" as you said "the one in the day and the one in the night"


Anonymous said...

Thank God for this word today!!!!! Now is so important and through you Bishop I am learning that more and more. To be able to live from the inside out and to just be who God created me to be is so much easier than trying to live up to the expectations of others. Moving forward, not looking back!