Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Line Upon Line...

lessings on all of you bloggers! Unconditional love to the blurkers. My concept of my relationship to bloggers vs. blurkers (in case you don’t know, “blurker” is a cyber-term for the peeping tom, eavesdropping “looky-loos” who just observe the dialogue, but never engage in it) is similar to my thoughts on givers and non-givers. I Timothy 4:10 says that Jesus is the Savior of ALL people, “ESPECIALLY” those who believe, and that concept helps me better deal with all the non-participants in my ministry. In other words, I truly love the many, many non-tithers and non-givers who regularly receive from me through CITN and cyber-CITN, but I am SO GLAD that I don’t have a church full of them, or there would be no CITN or cyber-CITN at all! In that respect, I am the pastor of ALL who hear my voice, but “ESPECIALLY” those who believe in my message enough to help it continue to be heard! In the same way, I am the webmaster(?) blogmaster(?) of ALL who frequent BLOGINTHENOW, but “ESPECIALLY” those who actually blog, because without them there would be no point in doing this. In my mind, blurker is to blog what non-giver is to church…you gotta love ‘em, and you appreciate that they admire what you do, but the presence of too many of them would shut your entire operation down. They’re not intentionally or consciously dangerous or threatening to what you do, but you seriously have to hope that they don’t reproduce after their own kind. I unconditionally love ALL of the people who are close to me (or who say that they are close to me) who never acknowledge what I am doing here, but I want all of you regular bloggers to know that you are "ESPECIALLY" loved by me…you are E-SPECIAL to me!…

et me say, however, that this does not apply to those who have just found this site through surfing the net, because I believe that, for them, reading my/our words here provides a non-threatening, non-intimidating way for them to understand what we are all about, before making a decision in regards to their possible participation here or at CITN. So, for those of you who silently and secretly observe what goes on here every day because you are trying to figure us out…you are more than welcome…you are our guests, and you are free to engage. or not engage…at your own comfort level…

n the other hand, I make no apology for making a demand on your potential as a supporter of all that is Church In The Now, Now Ministries, or Jim Swilley Ministries (including BLOGINTHENOW). You know good and well that you were connected here supernaturally, so why wouldn’t God supernaturally enable you to fully support it in every way? Look, if I can believe that, eventually, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord…how can I not believe that, eventually, every seat will be filled at every service ITB, that every member will become a participant in every way…attendance…service…GIVING…and that everything I/we put our hand to will prosper…most importantly, that everyone will, eventually, TOTALLY GET IT?! Jesus said that, lifted up, He would draw all peoples to Himself…I believe that His drawing power is working right now, even as I write this…even as we lift Him up in every service, sermon, song, act of charity, manifesttion of reconciliation, illustration, prophetic utterance, conversation and blog entry on this site!

od is moving by His Spirit in the earth right now, and this metron is a major player in that movement! Isaiah 43:18, 19 in the TNIV says "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; DO YOU NOT PERCEIVE IT? I am making a way in the wilderness and STREAMS in the wasteland.” That question “Do you not perceive it” haunts me sometimes, because I always want to PERCEIVE when God is doing something significant in my world…I don’t want to be so preoccupied with small stuff that I miss the power of the big picture! The thought of that happening is, well, suffice it to say that I ask myself every day “DO YOU NOT PERCEIVE 'IT'"? And, speaking of the blog…do you think that it is by accident that what comes over the internet is called “streaming”? Why “streaming”? Hey, I just want to know…is there anyone living out there in the wasteland who receives life-sustaining support from this STREAM? Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

plan on living out my promised 120 years (Genesis 6:3), but since turning 50, I have become acutely aware of how important and precious time is. I don’t want to waste what time I have here with doing or thinking anything trivial or pointless…I want to be a part of something that changes the world (I just added “With My Own Two Hands” by Ben Harper to the playlist…check it out)…Speaking of music, I have officially stopped saying that there was no good music after 1979. As much as I love 60’s and 70’s music, I am discovering some really cool new artists like him who are prophets and poets…I’m happy to announce that good music isn’t dead! And life is beautiful…I’ve got an awesome word for tomorrow night…this morning Pastor Murray texted me and said that they are shooting for the last week in May for the Israel trip, so it looks like it’s a go (I haven’t even told Debye this, but while she stepped out of the office yesterday he talked about me/us coming to Paraguay in August)…I just proofed the article for Hope Today Magazine (they e-mailed the copy this morning to make sure I was happy with it) which is very cool…I just had an amazing conversation with Kim Clement (we’re definitely on the same page), and I’m waiting for him to call back to confirm a May date because we are discussing him coming here as soon as possible…just while I was sitting here, Bishop Huskins e-mailed me and asked me to speak at the ICCC conference the first week in May in Buffalo, NY…I have been invited to go to Nashville this Thursday for a sold-out rock concert with a group of Hindus (don’t ask…it’s along story…and this has nothing to do with the other stuff…this is purely for fun)…when I get back Friday, Christina and Sofia will be here for Sofia’s first birthday (we’re having the party Saturday)…I can’t wait for what’s going to happen Sunday, and Monday, Debye and I fly up to Washington for the steering committee meeting for the Global Peace Festival this summer…when I say it’s all good, I mean IT’S ALL GOOD!

ever underestimate the power of a covenant connection (and I don’t mean the thing that we do at the end of the Sunday services). I’m quite aware that the concept of covenant has been abused in some places, and that there are some Pastors and Bishops who have selfishly manipulated their congregations with distorted ideas about it…but to the pure in heart all things are pure…I do believe in covenant, and I believe that it is empowering. The more connected we become…through prayer, conversation, communion, exhortation, fellowship and financial exchange…the stronger we become. In the second chapter of Acts it says that the early church grew because they were DAILY in each other’s homes, breaking bread…in the 21st century, a blog is one of the most effective and efficient ways to visit each other daily to “break bread” in our respective homes. This blog is here to help increase the power…the light…the strength…we might not have it all together, but togehter we have it all!

ruth comes to us, line upon line, precept upon precept. You know how I’ve taught about putting the right words together in the right sentence to find the right paragraph so that you can be on the right page in the book of the history of the world? Well, every time we connect in covenant, we form a sentence, because each of us is a word from God. When I join to you in some way our two “words” become a powerful phrase. For example, “I” is a word, and “can” is a word, but separately they don’t communicate very much. But when you connect the two, “I can” becomes a phrase that can change the world!

ow can you say you love God Whom you haven’t seen, if you don’t love your brother who you have seen? Yesterday in one of his comments, Peacemaker mentioned about giving horizontally…instead of giving or tithing to try to vertically appease or “pay off” a divine entity (my words)…I agree…God has declared the end from the beginning about how he feels about us, but we’re still building the Body of Christ with each other here. Our efforts are for each other…we give of ourselves so that all can be blessed…

.A.C.H. – EVERYONE ACTIVELY CONTRIBUTING AND HELPING…that’s a dream to which I am completely committed, and, believe me, it’s a walk of faith. I’m actually writing this acrostic, letter by letter (line upon line)…I’ve never done a post like this before…usually, I write it and then post it…but I want this to have a feel of the immediate, so while I am writing, some of you are already beginning to comment on the part that has been posted, which is what I wanted to happen (Yvonne, I guess you realize now it wasn’t just “b.l.o.g.”). Anyway, I just read Donald’s “vent” (BTW, I got your card yesterday…thanks), and I thought he brought up an interesting point about people thinking that their “widow’s mites” don’t make a difference. Let me put it this way…you could live without your two front teeth, or your little toe, or your little finger, or your tonsils, or any number of “dispensible” body parts – but would you want to? Look, you all know this stuff…you’ve read Romans 12…walk in what you already know! Everyone is important. Everyone is needed. Everyone matters!

o matter what you perceive to be happening around you in the natural realm, remember that you are already in the Kingdom of God…you just have to be born again to “see” where you really already are (Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born again.” – John 3:3 TNIV). If you didn’t hear my message about that last Sunday, you probably should get a CD or DVD of it ASAP. I think that it is an important word, and everyone who is connected with this ministry should be on that page. Interestingly, that’s what Kim said he ministered on last Sunday where he was, and he even talked about Jesus telling the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat! Things that make you go hmmm… By the way, I just talked to him, and it’s confirmed that he will be here on Sunday night (May 18), Monday night (May 19), and possibly Wednesday night (May 21st)! The 18th is our church anniversary, and I will be preaching that morning…he and his family are coming back early from Europe to be here for that night because he believes that it’s really a God thing. Then he will be back the next night. Tuesday night of that week is one of the high school graduations, and then Wednesday night we’ll see how it’s going, and if there’s a flow he’ll be back that night. I know it’s a big week (3 huge graduations) but it’s all good, and I want everyone to be excited about it…we run and are not weary!!! Listen people, we’re about to move into warp speed, so you might as well get used to the schedule. This is CHURCH IN THE NOW!!!

n that Sunday morning, the 18th, I’m going to be ordaining several ministers in the service, and I want to say something about that. When I lay hands on someone to set them apart for ministry, or to acknowledge their gift or calling, it is by the direction of the Holy Spirit. It’s not something that people should ask me for, or should apply for. That may be the way that it works in other ministries, but it’s not the way that I flow. On occasion I have had people ask for me to ordain them into the ministry, and it just wasn’t necessary for me to do that…what they were doing (or wanted to do) for the Kingdom was important, but it didn’t require an ordination to do it. And in reality, all of us are called…all of us are anointed…all of us are able ministers of the New Testament. Ordination is about relationship…about covenant…about certain connections that need to be made for various reasons…so everyone just needs to be happy and supportive and mature about who I believe needs to be (or doesn’t need to be) ordained on that day. I believe that you hear what I am saying with Spirit-anointed ears…but I also command a blessing on everyone here who is actively doing something in the ministry…I decree that your gift makes room for you, and that your calling is irrevocable. Be blessed in everything you do in Jesus’ name!

hen you finish reading this, I want you to do something, especially if you have been reading while I have writing. I’ve literally been writing this, off and on, all day long…stopping only to answer phone calls or texts or e-mail, or talking to Kim and scheduling the meeting with him, or running a few errands…but, basically, I’ve been in the flow of this all day, and there is a strong presence that I am feeling right now, even as I write this. It should be posted around 7PM, EST, and when it is, I’m going to put my hand on my computer screen, and I want you to put your hand on your screen, and for a few minutes I want us to pray for each other over the internet and just see what happens. I want to take this blog to a new level today…to do something that hasn’t been done before…so as I begin to pray, and as you begin to pray (or connect, or meditate, or whatever works for you) wherever you are around the world, let’s all unite in the Spirit. When you’re through praying, post a comment and let me know what you experienced. Selah.


Friend4Life said...

Hey BLOGGERS and blurkers!! Well, if I am the first to blog on today's blog..well, thanks. I just couldn't wait for someone to post a comment first.

Bishop you know how I feel about BITN!! For the blurkers that don't blog...you are missing the big picture of connecting with each other.

Love to read every-1's comments. To see every-1's uniqueness come out. Miss BITN when away from a PC for a day or two.

Love it ALL,

Donald said...

I'm not living in a wasteland, but I certainly receive alot from being able to stream and blog.
I feel you about the nongivers though. Aw, there's no need in me giving, all those other folks are giving enough to cover everything. My God have you seen that place, they obviously already have enough without my two mites.
How many excuses are there anyway? It sort of reminds me of when I was getting ready to open up my little store last summer. I hung up fliers and emailed brochures to all my friends and relatives. Man I got tons of responses about how they would definitely be there, and how we've really been needing something like that around here.
I've met nothing but strangers since the place has been opened. The few customers that did come in that I already knew didn't know I owned the place.
Now when some of those folks that promised me they would come by see me and ask how the store is doing, I just say, "Oh just fine" when I really want to say "Oh just fine, no thanks to your sorry butt."
Do I sound like I'm venting alot lately? I don't mean to.

Anonymous said...

Bishop, I hear ya, I perceive, I receive and I feel ya.

Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit to take the time to pour out to the givers as well as the receivers, the bitn'ers and the people who are in space. God loves us all and His unfailing love endures forever. He is the God of all!

Can I say one thing, you know how you explained on Sunday,that the El Shadaai is really the God that is too much, well, could you believe that the Holy Spirit through your transperancy and realness is "too much". I believe I am also sometimes "too much" in the spirit. Many don't know what to say. If I really responded to all that was in my spirit pertaining to the demand of my the day the Lord gives me, I wouldn't get anything else done in the natural!

Thank you for loving us (bloggers) and getting us. I totally get you, by the spirit, you spiritual man you. I absolutely loved the acronmyn for BLOG, it really flowed!

Peace and continued Joy,

Lisa said...

I'm floating down the stream with you all! I have my shades and my cooler!! I've been riding a few rapids over the weekend. Cleaning out my spiritual closet out and not knowing how to dispose of the junk so I haven't posted in a couple of days. Now hearing you speak this afternoon Bish I know where to file stuff away at and die to this level and move forward to the next glory. I have found BITN to be addictive and need more and more each day.

G8TRGRL said...

There is such a sense of family here. This whole relationship "thang" is what it is all about!

Just last night, I spoke to my niece for the first time in close to 25 years. She had found me on myspace, and we started communicating-- very cool. This is my brothers first daughter, with whom she and her sister have, in the web of dysfunction, not had any real contact with the family in that amount of time. It is unfortunate that it is an issue of sickness that brings us out of that "web", but there again, He uses all sorts of situations to get His point across!!

So, family, can you please pray for my brother David? He is back in ICU, they have him injected with "nuclear medicine" to try to trace the origin of the infection in his body, and he HAS to get well so he can get back on the transplant list for his liver. He HAS to get well-- he WILL live on to see his youngest daughter graduate from high school in May, and see his oldest daughter receive her Associates degree in July! (which is huge b/c she was a HS dropout!) Please pray for my parents as well - I know they are grappling with all of this, in their "grew up in the depression-stifle our emotion generation" way, if that makes any sense...

There is such a flow, in the stream... I encourage the blurkers to jump in and get your feet wet!

Thank you!

P.S. Donald-- WELL SAID!!

Lisa said...

Amen to that! I had just posted on my blog that we'd had another petty setback with our adoption and it was resolved in 6 minutes! It could have taken waaaayyyy longer. I know you all are praying for us and I for you all. It is working. I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish in this family.

miraclegirl said...

Hello Bloggers. I'm loving being in covenant with the creator of heaven & earth. Need help... it's there; cry out... get answered; looking for something at the store... find it (just love getting the last one on the shelf); parking spots... you guessed it, consistently get the good ones (God knows I like a good parking spot). It's working for me guys. I tithed my way out of a bad situation into my own place and now I stand on my own two feet and support me and my daughter.

How sweet our Lord is.

Scott said...

A couple of random thoughts:

I'm blogging not blurking today.

love Ben Harper---always have---so many artists that we often consider secular are changing the landscape for "good"

Great news about Kim Clement

Hope Jon plays "Dead or Alive"--(you'll get it later)

Lise said...

Hey BITNers!

As I read the entries for today, I had to stop for a moment and wonder why, like Lisa, I didn't decide to clean out my spiritual closet today... as opposed to sitting here in a ratty old, paint-splotched VW tee shirt and sweats, having just cleaned out and painted my physical closet (in the studio). 'HOLY COW' would be politically incorrect. 'HOLY CRAP' just sounds ugly and irreverent, and like something that could possibly send me to fabricated 'hell.' But, 'HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...' where did all this STUFF come from?!? I have art supplies that I'd pretty much forgotten about. I'm waiting for the closet to completely dry. THEN comes the task of weeding through all of the debris and trying to fit the keepers back into the closet. I didn't wake up this morning with this mission on my mind. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? A higher purpose, I suppose. A motivational exercise to get me touchy-feely with my art supplies again so that I will actually use them, perhaps?! Yes, we'll call it that! Anyway, have to clean up a bit and go pick up a few things so that I can continue.

Hope everyone is having an excellent Tuesday!


Erik said...

This metron is indeed a major instrument in this movement…..

Dangling Modifiers –

Didja ever notice those dangling things that modified you, those ones you really didn’t notice until layers are burned away, and then there’s these dangling things in your spirit, mind, that now show up ‘cause the stuff around them is burned away, but there they are, hangin’ off, and you think.. ‘what are these things, I never saw them before’. Then you realize they were always there, but covered up by the layers before they were vaporized. OK great, so what’s up with these dangling modifiers, why didn’t they get scorched too, after all, a lot of other things got singed , and these are still here after being in the blue flame—what gives?

So I says, why? So I hears --- ‘ These are the actual pieces, doubts, fears, disbelief, etc, etc that you covered up with all the fluff to distract yourself from the core disbelief, plugging your ears, and now I am turning it over to you.’ ‘But I don’t want it turned over to me!’ I respond. She replies, ‘ Oh, stop it, this is something that you are completely able to do, it is all happening now, with them or without them. It’s a lot more fun without them.’

God shows me the rhapsody He is getting ready. Every person ever is an instrument in it. She has custom made each one, finely crafted, no dangling modifiers, no matter what it is in their life will change the beauty of the score He has written, and everything actually becomes transformed into part of the preparation. The symphony is being placed, each person in the exact spot for the perfect sound. The interaction between God’s design and individual choice is expediently symbiotic, all sewn together in a dance, no choice wasted, everything is used. God brilliantly cast the vision that everything ties into, by the undeniable attraction to the rhapsody created. She shares how this piece has been written over all time, and is about to be played. He is so pleased with the setting, and the perfection of the coming music. The experience has been brewing within Him, and everything that exists is the manifestation of that brew. She gives the preview, the pleasure and enjoyment from the creation has crescendo after crescendo, no decrescendo as we can understand. He enjoys every step of the design and preparation, knowing the pleasure, the rapture that pours forth from the coming play.

She shows the picture. Vast orchestra pit, every person the musician and instrument. God, the intimate conductor. 1st, the spotlight is off the orchestra. Then sound and light simultaneously begin. One small part of the orchestra is illuminated, the music beyond sublime, awakening , expanding each soul as it sweeps into God, around every thing. Then a next part of the orchestra , across the pit, is illuminated, the music joining the other, the notes dancing with, between, through each other and every thing. The pleasure of God is filling every one. Then more, and more places in the orchestra are visible and heard, the music like sparks falling in different parts. She smiles, in every soul. Then the audience comes into view, it is all of us, every thing, we are the player, the instrument and the audience. He wants us to know every part, to be in the same rapture She is in. His creation , Her rhapsody, God’s perfect conducting, every stitch, every note, every step completely grafted into this aura of awe without and within every thing.

He smiles, ‘ See what I have made. Nothing done changes the beauty I see in the timelessness. No dangling modifiers affect the music you are. It is your choice which you want to give your attention to. Know the music you are. Everything else transforms into it for you then, as it always does for Me. I have crafted every piece, now all enjoy as I do, love as I love, see as I see. No thing can separate this from you, not even yourself. Allow it, rest in it, live in it.’

The rhapsody begins.

DoubleBack Alley said...


Love the progression of the post. It feels more immediate. I feel all of the BITNers who are talking about connectivity. I have some disconnectedness in my family. My mother and aunt haven’t talked in the past few months and they had been so close for years before that. Really petty stuff to everyone but them. I guess that's why I value this PX.

God bless Avatar, Donald, Dennis, Izumi, g8trgrl, friend4life, lisa, peacemaker, teezy, kettly, Linda, dgm2007, miracle girl, mystic, ebony, Yvonne and all of the anonomi. All of us are better than any of us. The light in my eye is profoundly more dim without your insight. God bless the blurkers (did they go to Blurkley? That may explain the rebellious attitude) for they are timing their plunge into the skip-roping world of blogging. Most of all, thanks to the caretaker of the venue. A blessing on the Sahib as he finishes today’s post and undertakes the great tasks of the next few weeks.

Connecting the dots...

Ain't God Good?

DoubleBack Alley said...

and elle!!

Ain't God Good?

Friend4Life said...

I like this too(DBA)the progression of the blog. Thanks for the blessings and more blessing to you and all the blurkers.

I had to come back and check out the comments..and notice more letters and lines. I was like...OH ok..almost feels like Christmas or New Years count down.

Now just waiting on the E. NOW. By the way, (E.) missing from E.A.C.H. Its ok us bitners know what you mean.

LQQK-4-ward to the rest,

By the way very cool about the first week in May. My b/day is that week and I was born in Buffalo, NY. So, very cool.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...wow, Scott, someone from my staff actually blogged! An end-time prophecy fulfilled at last! I have to visit Phil Bray in the hospital so I'll call you about tonight...but before that I have to get my tire fixed before the place closes...I need some armor-bearers!

DBA, I was just posting that about the immediacy of it when you posted that about the immediacy of it...

you, too, Friend4life...I know about the "E"...for some reason I can't download it from the site I was using...got to go...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Ah, there it is...I tried it again, and now there's an "E"...really got to go...

But you can all keep posting...I'm believing that blurkers will become bloggers today!

Friend4Life said...

Very funn(E)!! Go..we'll B-waiting 4 the rest. I don't know about every-1 else. Today's blog has been fun to see what's next.

Amen to that!!(Blurkers turning into Bloggers)<--Beautiful Butterflies

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bishop, I get that there is more than blog/and that it will be different acrostic from the previous bloginthenow -the other one blew me away you wrote about a month ago (maybe a little longer.

I am amazed at how much creativity you have, not that I am coveting your skills, God just uses you in such a very cool way. I am just praying for more of Him. When I grow up Bishop, I would like to have the creativity you have (LOL) - you know I was one of the ones with the Hula Hoop of March 30.

The blurkers are cool too, they are coming to the water, the sons and daughters as the rain of the Holy Spirit continue to saturate us!

Peace, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

I came in at "Blogin'!"

B-ackatcha, B-ishop!
L-ovin' em
O-ne by one, dunkin' em in the
G-ushing stream...need to live to
I-nfinity...and beyond...yes!
N-OW!....power, light, strength...


can you say "pass the SALT, please!"?

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Bishop, fellow bloggers and now blurksters!

I didn't get to see the progression of the post but I know that it was cool.
I don't know what I would do without CITN and now BITN. All during my mom's illness the words that I heard coming from the pulpit kept me going. Now that she has gone on to be with her Lord, this BITN has become almost as important as service time. I enjoy looking into the lives of you all and reading the awesome ideas that you share.

As far as not giving to this ministry. Where else do you know of that with every dime you contribute you are making a difference in this world, not wondering, not hoping that some of goes to the right place, but knowing that every time I give something wonderful is going to come of it.
I feel such a part of the church that when I walk in and see that the lights are on, I know that I helped pay for that, and that if I take care of God's place that He certainly will take care of mine.

Have a great day, I've got dirt under my fingernails, I've been plowing in the garden, putting in some seed, wonder what going to come up? Whatever I planted, thats what! Sow good seed, it will reproduce after its own kind

I've seen sun (fire) and I've seen rain. It takes both to make these seeds grow. It takes everyone, doing their part to make us as a church what God intended us to be.
Linda :0)

Lise said...

Erik... WOW... beautiful!

Thanks for including me, DBA!

Came 'out of the closet' for awhile, but YIKES, gotta go back in (not much time before the husband gets home).

Yvonne... GOD HELP ME!... I just had Micky D's fries (gag)! It's been MONTHS since I've had fast food, and really haven't even had the desire. That's what household painting and being in a hurry will do for you :O YUK, I feel an extra intense workout coming on.

Bish, take a deep, cleansing breath!

Gotta go...

Anonymous said...

Hey All

I'm playing catch up. Man Sunday sounds like what I said it would be
Off The Chart. Sorry I missed it. We were heading back to GA. My stepmother is excepted to go on any day now. Please keep her family in your prayers.
You know those who come to this site and leave nothing miss out on blessings. you may have a word for someone and you lose it when you don't share. You may say I just want to be fed well so does everyone. We need to hear from you too.
I have a strong feeling that Sunday we are going to see and feel the Holy Spirit like never before. I feel this is a week of worship and His Reign is going to fall like never before.

Bishop Two Words
Mover & Shaker

It is time to shake the foundation like never before.

Storm In The Heavens
There's a storm in the Heavens
The wind of the Spirit is starting to blow.
There's a storm in the Heavens
A flood of His glory has started to flow
The rain of His presence is falling like never before
The cry of His people is a shout of praise, a sound of war
By Jimmie Mayo

Just Wanted To Share
See ya soon

G8TRGRL said...

Jack Johnson's version "With My Own Two Hands" featuring Ben Harper is beautiful...melodic, in a childlike- nursery rhyme way... cool. I had just added it to my own playlist, being Earth Day and all--

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bish.

Amen, Doubleback Alley. God bless you, too. (praying for reconciliation for your mom & aunt)

* Signed occasional (nay, frequent) "blurker". (hehe)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

OK...got my tire fixed and cancelled my other plans so I can stay in and watch the primary and finish this...and I can see Phil tomorrow...

Donald said...

Well it's been a good 'un!
I must be growing spiritually. A perfect opportunity arose today for me to be ultra sarcastic and I made no effort to seize the moment. I went to a gas station on my way home for lunch and decided to pay with cash. I gave the lady the money and told her which pump I was on and went back outside to pump the gas. I waited and waited for the pump to be reset and nothing ever happened. There was only one other person at the station and he was already pumping his gas which meant he had paid at the pump. I went back into the store and asked them if they could please reset the pump. The lady was standing there with my money in her hand and asked me if I was the one that had given her the cash. I said yes ma'am knowing that on one else had been in the store since I got there. Then she asked me which pump I was on. I thought, look out the window dear sweet lady, see the two vehicles at the pumps, and figure out which one nobody is standing next to pumping gas and it should be a dead giveaway. But I answered the questions politely as if they had been asked by someone who was actually thinking.
And bless her heart, I have a daughter who is away at school, and I got an email from a store where she had an advertisement forwarded to me from their website. She has found a raincoat that she absolutely cannot live without. This is a RAINCOAT. Regularly priced for $100, but it is on sale for a mere $65. I get to enjoy a savings of 44%. I wrote her back and told her that I couldn't figure out how I was saving 44% because I never intended to buy the thing anyway. I told her that rather than saving 44% that it appeared that I was actually losing 56% more than I planned on losing in the first place. Alright math whizzes, don't tell me that I'm actually losing 100% more than I planned on losing in the first place, because I know, I know. She wrote me back and said, "come on papa bear." I don't know who she thinks she is, but she's getting the blue one.
G8trgrl I don't know if you know anything about alligators, but I have a girl that works at my store who actually catches alligators with a reel and rod. I ain't lying. Well, she did it during a special season.
DBA, thanks for the blessing. I'll take it and pass one back.
Linda, I'm sorry to hear about your mother passing. It made me think back years ago to when my mother was suffering and to when she passed on. She always had a saying (I've literally heard it thousands of times) that she was not ready to go, but that she was prepared to go. She was in the hospital and I had an uncontrollable urge to go visit her on a Wednesday night. She couldn't even utter any words because she was so weak. I got down on my knees at her bed and got right up to her face and said, "Mama, you know how you always said that you were not ready to go, but that you were prepared to go?" She sort of moved her head a little bit to indicate a yes. I said I think you're ready to go now aren't you? She nodded again and tried to say Uh-huh.
I got back home and Her Majesty asked me how my mom was doing. I told her that I should be getting a phone call any day now telling me that she had gone on. I got that call two days later. I haven't cried many times about it, but I'm sitting here right now sobbing like a baby and it's been nearly 18 years since she died.
You'll probably always miss her, but you'll make it.
Bishop, I've enjoyed today's post immensely.

tracy said...

While laying hands on my screen and praying in the spirit for ya'll- as you requested -Bailey asked me (for whatever reason) if i was making a rainbow. How cool is that?! The progressive blog today was very cool and I am so glad it FINALLY got here. Been searching the heavens for a word or bit of encouragement all morning and finally got it. Elle- I had McDonald's french fries also today for the first time in ages and I hate to tell ya, but mine were awesome. I am happy I skipped the Big Mac I considered because (close your ears everybody) if I were to do that there is a 20 minute bathroom window, and I was 35 away from home. Anyway - love what you all have had to say today and for me, today started very quietly and ended with a little stir in the atmosphere- can't wait to see what tomorrow brings- a Tsunami of blessings and activity? A tidal Wave...whatever it is I AM READY!

G8TRGRL said...

..restoration, reconciliation, healing... knowing that there are miracles out there for the asking and taking... I feel it.. I can't be there with my brother, but I know I have a whole slew of prayer warriors lifting him up! The Holy Spirit has our back!! that is what I feel as I reach out in one with ya'll.

I have expectation in my spirit that I will hear that in the morning, he will be doing better... years ago, when he was a field technician for the local water treatment plant (in FL--and alligators were still on the endangered list) they would "accidentally" run into them with the trucks as they checked the treatment tanks... my first taste of gator tail!

Did you know that they really like marshmallows too?

Gr8 progressive blog today, Bishop! Kind of like the progressive dinners of days gone by, a different house for a different course... you fed us a different course every time we checked back-- with great gourmet expectancy, I must say!

Anonymous said...

Refreshed to find N.O.W. at about 6:45. Stopped after reading "N." and went to Wiki to search Star Trek and "warp speed". Though I didn't find the quote there, I decided I would post "Live Long and Prosper works for me!" with the warp speed pic you see, (very cool depiction of "how" warp speed works by the way) and finished "O.W." Joined the prayer at 7:40. Email alert told me about Donald's post of 7:41.

At this point, other than the presence, I'm not getting anything new but I'm remembering my 5:35 post to Donald on "Monday, Monday".

Before that post, I had been sensing a strong presence and need to drop to my knees, though I didn't at the time. Decided I would check for new letters (there were none) and respond to anon's post about "group peace" and go home to enjoy some knee time. Going there led me to reread Donald's post. As I typed, grief overtook me and I cried like you say you did remembering your mother, Donald. I retyped some because I sensed it wasn't quite right, crying the whole time. And when I finished I cried as if the pain was my own. It seemed to me then that I was sensing your Dad's pain and plea, Donald, not directly from him but through Jesus.

Headed home. Will continue with hand on the small screen. I love you all. deeply.

Friend4Life said...

I felt Peace and Understanding. I am not even going to read the comments that are on the bottom page; until I post my comment.


Thank you Bishop for today. I can't even explain in words how connected I feel here today. I even feel the HS as I am typing this. Let's do this again soon.

Don't even want to break the flow of praying for each other right now. (I'm not going to stop!!) I love you ALL.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I am a bl, bl, blur, blurkerrrr... :)

Bishop, I think at "O" you are speaking to those who found BITN by surfing, but I want to thank you anyway for making a demand on my potential.I can't even imagine what my life would be like without CITN and all of you who have spoke to the woman I am today. Thank you.

I love Ben Harper (thanks to my Husband, Scott). My favorite song is "BLessed TO Be A Witness"-AMAZING!!

Excited about all that is happening! I am so blessed to be apart of CITN!!

I totally feel like God is pulling me out of my box....which is really good. I need to be confident in who I am and know that I am not forgotten. AND what I have to say could help change someones life... ya neva know...

When I put hand on the screen, closed my eyes and began praying in the spirit I started seeing all these faces... all different, all praying at the same time, all praising His name.... It was a very cool experience.

Jesus, I love you so much. I love to worship you and feel your presence. Thank you... for loving me and always believing in me.

Wednesday is going to be WONDERFUL!

Lindsey Pettite

Anonymous said...

Donald, thanks for the words of encouragement. I have done pretty well so far, I seem to cry and drive for some strange reason. I know that she is at home and that I will see her again. I know that she is where she has always wanted to go. Our family learned to love well done (burnt) food because Mama would start supper and then remember something that she wanted to share in next weeks Sunday school lesson and there would go supper.
The first time I remember going to the movies as a little girl and getting popcorn, I handed it back to the clerk because it wasn't done. Popcorn you see.. was supposed to be black. Mama was mortified and I got hurried into the theater before I could say anything else while my Dad just laughed and laughed.
My Mom was great and I know that I will be okay. I just kinda miss her today.

Take care, Thanks for listening

tracy said...

G8Rgrl- funny how a minute apart we both posted we liked the progressive word today. Also- my brother just got out of ICU yesterday and came home. He was in for totally different reasons- he is well in body now and we are praying for the in spirit part. He actually just came in and kissed me good night, he is staying here for awhile and
I KNOW what it feels like to hurt and worry for a brother -so my prayers are with you.

Lisa said...

Got in on this at 8:30 The kids went with dad to work on putting in kitchen cabinets so I had some quiet time ( wow forgot what that was). When laying hands on the screen and praying in the Spirit I felt a warm electricity and when I close my eyes I see typed writing miles and miles of typed words even now all I can see is words that I cannot make out what they say. Maybe it means our words are getting out there and stretch out all over the world. Back to enjoy my quiet house!! Shh don't tell but I miss my kids and they've only been gone 3 hours!!!

Donald said...

Avatar I read your post from yesterday only a short time ago. I appreciate your words although I haven't fully absorbed everything yet.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time blogging. I just want to say that I am in agreement with the things that have been said. I have been tithing since I was a child, but I have really seen the reason why it should be done since I have been under the leadership of Bishop. I have truly been blessed and I have never had to worry about being without. It's amazing how much God cares for us and will always be there for us. Now it may be in His own time, but it will always be in the nick of time! I love CITN!

Anonymous said...

American Idol was on in the background and right when I layed my hands on the screen, Carly Smithson started singing "Jesus Christ Superstar"...I thought that was pretty cool, Dacia

Anonymous said...

Hi Elle, the mickey dee's ff's s cool. I hear ya, girl, as long as you know there is a great huge workout on the horizon. I am working on cutting out sweets (well, white sugar and anything that turns into sugar). It is a beast, that stuff is very tive and in just about everything. Are you really in South Carolina or was that a really cool name for South Cobb (county) or what?

If we have our Art fair this year, we would love to see the creativity the Lord has given you, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Confession!! I have been a blurker. Every once in a while I will post a comment, but sometimes I have felt like I do not know what to say. Oh Well, those days are over. Bishop, I need to be connected in every way that I can. As I touched my computer screen and began praying, I know because I know that this daily connection is a powerful lifeline and not to be taken for granted. I am so in!!!

Donald said...

You folks are talking about eating this and eating that. I have a foolproof plan making sure you do not eat anything unhealthy or fattening.
Simply stated, "If it tastes good, spit it out!"

Anonymous said...

Bishop, I am screaming at the computer in disbelief. I have been meditating and praying all day on what God wanted me to write about Sunday's service, for my post I was writing. That is the holy part I couldn't speak of on Sunday. Anyway, I went to Acts 2 since you made several references on Sunday and Holy Spirit just totally through down throughout the service. Today I convinced myself I was not going to read your blog after the first two times (kind of familiar being at home with family) because I wanted something that was organic and authentic to me that the Holy ghost was speaking through me.

Believe it or not, in between phone calls, and writing, I was reading the comments and responding. How about, I just read the rest of your bloginthenow and you are quoting the same scripture making some of the same points, and I am blewn away. I was screaming and throwing imaginary pillows at the computer screen. OMG, well anyone your word was confirmed.

It is good to see Pastor Scott and Lindsey in the house today!

I guess organic is the Holy Ghost - however and whatever he wants, it is his will. You know you touched on people sharing, blessing, writing, ministering and that's is what this is. Acts also said everynight they met in the temple, can I submit to you in the 21st century, the internet is used as a tabernacle, if you will where BITN'ers can bless each other. On that note, I would love to see a physical community board at physical church for those who have beds or chests or clothes or anything that may be stored in their garage that someone can use who may be starting out or starting all over again. That could be a way that we (the body) have all things in commom. A thought!

It is funny because in says in the later part of Act 2 , as they were praising God, favor and goodwill was in the midst.

Is that not what we have going on here! God is truly awesome.

Bishop, you are producing after your own kind!

How cool is that?

In His love,

linda said...

Speaking of food, I was listening to one of Bishop's messages on my mp3 today and he spoke briefly about his grandma baking a pound cake, well nothing doing but I go out and buy all the stuff to make one. I mean the kind so full of sin that you just have to share the love!!!
I have to find someone to give this thing to it must have a bazillion calories
Smile, I'll pay for this tomorrow

famman87 said...

Oh, my God... I miss a day or two and I feel like I've been shipwrecked on a deserted island, I'm so far behind... I thought about going back to comment on what I've missed, but that wouldn't be very NOW would it?( I could probably ramble on for days about the illusions, but I've probably worn that topic out already. Maybe later.)

P.Scott and Lindsey...Welcome aboard!!! Hope to see you here more often.

There seems to be alot of "new" names here. Cool. Welcome home. take off your coat and stay awile.

Love the acrostic. You are just "flowing" all of the time these days...How awesome is "this place" you have shepherded us to.

The word "immediate" really is hitting home right now...
The connection between "now" and "immediate" and "suddenly" is really showing up in my life so much, and I see in the reports from the regulars here how much they are showing up in their lives as well. I believe the covenant that happens through this awesome blog is truly blessing everyone who "gives" of themselves (Perhaps PM's "Horizontal" giving), and expediting the process for all of us.

By the way, Bish, it's very cool to me that you are going to Buffalo, having grown up near there. Please leave them some light, they need to see...

I know you're not much of a carnivore, but while you're there, treat yourself to a Beef-on-Weck(thinly sliced beef, roasted to perfection,served on a Kimmelweck roll, little bit of horseradish.oooh, bring me one,pleeeeeeeese.) It blows away the wings...

Friend4life, can I get a witness?

I've missed you all. I won't stray away so long again.

Erik, I think the danglers are left because we have to realize and accept the fact that we allow them to be there before He/She(love how you do that)can allow us to remove them ourselves. All free will and personal responsibility, changing the illusions that we have created for ourselves, you know(oops, said I wasn't going there.sorry).

Much love...

Iris said...

Good evening 3B’s, (Bishop, Blogers and Blurkers)

I’ve been trying to get a chance to post for several days now… and even though it is late for me to start blogging… as I have to be at work at 6:30 a.m… I have to write… it is burning within me… My sleep will be multiplied and I say that I will be well rested in the morning… SOOOOO…

I feel so connected to ALL of you… This blog “Sight” is such a joy to me during the day… I’ve laughed… cried… prayed… loved… soaked… and played in the “stream” of the revelation given… it’s been fun…

I’ve been pondering something since Sunday…A friend of mine had a vision at the end of the service about a tree… Even though I don’t believe what has been on my heart is the interpretation of his vision… it got me thinking anyway…I began to ponder the times my boys had climbed trees…some times they would get so high they didn’t know how to get down… so they just sit there and wait for the revelation of what steps they need to make to get down… Then I thought about the Holy Spirit… when He calls us to go out on a limb…

You see branch sitting for me is not an option… Some branches that we climb become reliable… they are thick and perfect for sitting… Just like the ones my boys would sit on for hours… It’s easy to sit securely on the comfortable… predictable thick branch next to the trunk and look up at the limb God wants us to climb… “It looks so thin”… “That is no place for a man to go!”…”There’s no place to sit”…”There’s no protection for the weather”… “It’s hard to sleep from a dangling twig”… It’s easier to lean back against the solid trunk and watch as others dangle…

I know common sense advises not to go… “Called by the Holy Spirit?... Come on!”

Self-defense screams not to do it… “What will the family think?”… “Who will believe me?”… “God’ actually talked to me? Yeh… right”…

Convenience says not to do it… “This branch is comfortable” “It’s stable for the family”

Pride declares not to do it… “How dare they expect me to be committed to this thing”… “I have to much going on to get that involved”…

But God is speaking… and maybe that is what bothers some….

Some think life at the trunk is good… most are happy where they are at…plus there are scores of other branch sitters near by who have made their contributions to the Tree Community… after all, don’t they make regular visits to the sick at the “North Branch Medical Center”?... Maybe some even sing in the Treedom Singers Chorale… Some have even graduated from the religious heritage college, appropriately entitled “Our Family Tree”? Surely God wouldn’t want anyone to leave… I guess you could say that some have taken roots there… (every pun intended…LOL)

Besides aren’t the kind of people who go out on a limb radical…extremist…liberal… always going overboard….always stirring the leaves… People full of strange ideas in search of foreign fruit…Aren’t the stable ones the ones who stay close to home and leave well enough along…

But the Holy Spirit beckons us to go out on a limb… climb higher…

I know for all of us who are committed we are climbing out on the limb…. Bishop you have been out there for a long time… we are right behind you… like you we have sunk our fingernails into the bark to get a better grip… some times the butterflies swarm in the pit of our stomach when we realize changes are in the air…The limb or even twig is thin… but… WOW the revelation is fresh… the fruit up here is like none other… His presence is stronger… tangible… touchable… let’s go out farther… actually this is really fun… I’ve always loved a true adventure… this is totally better than any roller coaster ride at six flags… huh???

I know for me the only thing worse than to venture out into the unfamiliar revelations of the Holy Spirit and to experience Him completely, is to deny Him… and not know Him they way that He desires to be known… so with all of you branch climbers… I too grasp the smaller limb… With a tight grip and a determined glint in our eye… We place one hand in front of the other until we dangle in the air with only our faith in God as our safety net…at times the limb bounces furiously in the wind… but to shut our eye’s is not an option… cause we have come to see Him…

I know one thing for sure… all of us branch climbers will never regret it… there are such sweet rewards for our courage…One look at the God and we want to climb higher…It’s cool to go out on a limb for God… It’s not always easy… Limb-Climbing has never been easy… just ask Jesus… He did a lot of limb climbing… He knows better than anyone the cost of hanging on a tree…

So for all of you limb-climbers out there… I’m ready to change the world… how ‘bout you????

Hey… that looks like a fine piece of fruit up there… anybody want to climb higher with me to see what one taste like… It looks really juicy….


Anonymous said...


Oh hey there, I was just trying to figure out if I wanted to remain the blurker but as you can see the blogging won out.
I joined in with the laying on of hands and prayer and I felt such a peace come over me. I had been feeling a little uneasiness all day but the minute I connected with everyone it was Peace, Peace, Wonderful peace...
I have enjoyed the way the blog has progressed today. I too felt like it was Christmas and that one more present was ready to be opened. My prayers are with each of you and we covet yours as well.
peace and blessings to you all

Jesus Groupie said...

Wow. I am just getting around to reading this and realized that I actually miss a blog. This blog. My only blog ever reading or participating in on any level. I am still caught up in the "streaming" thing that I want to get naked (spiritually) and dive in. I visualize a stream as never "not moving"... pretty much like time. Operating under the Holy Spirit at CITN, and pastored by Bishop, and embraced by the CITN family I stopped realizing that time was actually going somewhere. More than likely, it's because my wife and I have stopped living "for the moment" and started living "in the moment"... you know... living in the now. Good to be here. I think I'll stay. Whole life.

Friend4Life said...

Well, glad some blurkers turn to out to B-Bloggers today!

Iris..when I saw your comment I was just about to post a shout out to where r u?? Glad your here. (Still, praying so you came to my mind.)

Goodnight All!! c-ya later
This sheep needs some sleep..lol

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for all the comments...keep them coming...hey, without going into any detail, just say a little prayer for Jared tonight before you crash...


famman87 said...

You've got my agreement on Jared... and peace to you as well..

Ebony said...

Bishop, how you have time to post an acrostic, while running a church, planning various trips around the world, church events, personal events? I'm convinced you run on 36 hour days or something. It's a funny thing you mentioned missing parts. I had to have dental work done a few weeks ago, and I thought that once the tooth was pulled it wouldn't be that big of a deal, it was near the back of my mouth and it wouldn't be that noticeable. And it isn't in the grand scheme of things, but my smile (while still very nice) isn't the same. We tell our students that when they take tests like the CRCT because a lot of them think that their scores won't matter, or that the smarter kids will balance it out. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Why risk it? And I know I need to give more, that's why I'm so determined to get all these bills under control, but when I do give-even if it's $5 or $1-I feel like a part of something. Ironically enough, when I tithed I never ran out of money or over drafted my checking account, so I know it works, and I'll be able to again.

Lise said...

Man, it's late. Been working away in the studio. Will be SOOOO thrilled tomorrow (oops, today!) when I'm finished, and everything is fresh and clean and in its place. Must have organization in order to think! Thought I'd check the blog one more time.

Iris, this will sound ridiculous in reference to your awesome post... but how I loved to climb trees as a kid, and dangle upside down on the monkey bars, etc.
When I read this:
"so with all of you branch climbers… I too grasp the smaller limb… With a tight grip and a determined glint in our eye… We place one hand in front of the other until we dangle in the air with only our faith in God as our safety net… at times the limb bounces furiously in the wind… but to shut our eye’s is not an option…"
I was reminded of the kids' toy Barrel of Monkeys. Remember it? It started out easy... trying to link the monkeys together, but as the chain got longer, the more difficult it became. Sometimes the chain would collapse, still, determination always prevailed. Kind of symbolic to me... how we all need each other in some capacity. Even if it's just to 'hang out' for awhile :)
And while pondering monkeys, I was reminded of a trip to the Columbia zoo that my husband and I made many years ago. How resourceful those little star-trek looking monkeys were. We stood and watched at one display for quite some time as one of them whittled a tree branch or something into a leverage tool in an effort to free itself from the cage. Amazing!
No cage for me! I'll gladly join you on the branch!

PattiL007 said...

Praying for Jared...and for all the prayer requests reflected and represented here.

God I love this place...a place of peace, of love, of compassion, of light, of truth...a place like no other--an extension of a place like no other. A special shout out to DBA--thank you--in return I say that freely you have given and freely you receive pressed down, shaken together, and running over...just a heck of a messy blessin'...for you and for our--(I pray it acceptable for my borrowing your reverent Term of Endearment just this once)--SAHIB and for our entire blog fam!

You all have become such a connected, communicative group and each of you provide such support, direction, and divine intervention for me...a safe haven; a shelter of comfort...and I thank you for all we have done together up to this point. Now I must also say...when I touched the screen, power raged through it and through me and words come up in my spirit and sing through my soul...words like movers and shakers...words like integral and important...words like central and forefront. Words of destiny and deliverance, hope and joy, love and forgiveness. It’s time to step on up out of it all...together as the body God has drawn here.

The words from the song about the “Storms in the Heavens”...well the bottom dropped out a few days back and we have been thoroughly drenched ever since and that water leads us to fire which leads us forward still to purity of purpose and purity of gold. During the sunset tonight I watched through my window and witnessed yet another of the maestro’s masterpieces as he draped the sky in the last rays of sunlight before allowing it to dip below the horizon...it changed from moment to moment and each time I believe it cannot become more beautiful, it does. Now I read the posts and find another blogger spoke of a massive symphony that God created before time began and most of our lives have been spent just tuning up our instruments for this performance to be played by us, for us, and through us as we take all forms of participation...conductors, musicians, and audience alike...just as Bishop said, we are to become a participant in EVERY area together...it’s the only way we will get to where we are going...as the Christ...a body for the people, by the people, and through the people (us). The flow rolls through us all picking up treasures from our overflow, it enters into others depositing necessary blessings and picks up from their overflow more blessings to flow with into the next and it continues to do so...when it returns it is filled with all that it started with and more and it is ready to move again...the flow is never static. We must FLOW...We must MOVE...We must behold the Lord in the faces of each other...and of ourselves...only then can we love. Hallelujah!

Bishop...I am so proud of CITN, of all you have accomplished and all you are preparing to launch in the earth...what a mover & a shaker of a world changer you are! (Yes, you will need to make time for Stockholm soon!) We believe in you, we will bear your armor, your lunchbox, and anything else that needs totin’! As for the new “hires” coming in...well, God bless them because they’re stepping into the stratosphere on Faith! Whomever God has given you to ordain in this way...we support you and them...and any petty azz person who thinks they don’t like it will need to be still before the Lord until they get a clearer picture. I hear the sound of an abundance of rain--it’s not over yet--but I also hear the sound of CITN/BITN becoming one entity that will propel the body of Christ into new dimensions. Bishop has given the command, “Warp Speed!” And we, like Scotty, say, “Aye, Captain, Warp Speed!” I feel an new energy here...a new wave of sound and fury that will enjoin us more closely to each other and then cause us to pour ourselves out upon all others. We’ve heard the sounds of the nations calling...And away we go with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire burning bright...we will go for you! Here am I, Lord! Send me!

Anonymous said...

Well looks like I got here too late tonight to join in the party. It’s been a long day and I like you Bishop have been trying to put a post on my blog off and on all day. Don’t know if it is blogger or my server but I have really had some problems with it today lost my writing and other stuff a couple of times and had to go back and do it over whew! It is late but I feel I need to leave a post here with you all; maybe you will read it in the morning. There is a flow of the Spirit here even through cyberspace. It CAN BE FELT, really. I am glad you brought the subject up Bishop. I have been feeling very strongly lately about the reality of the connection of this cyber community. I even posted an article on my blog called Spirit-Cyber-Space. There is a real connection here. When I put my hand on the PC and prayed I felt a strong anointing like I do at church or with a group of believers. It sort of surprised me even though I have been thinking along these lines for a while. For some reason I can’t get “somewhere over the rainbow” out of my head so I have just been enjoying it for several hours now. I started to write its odd that…….. But then again nothing is odd when God is in control it’s just His way of doing things. (Am tired and I am rambling) OK it’s not odd that you brought up our giving and partnership with this ministry. That very thing has been on my mind all day well off and on. I am a supporter of CITN but I have been spreading my giving/tithing over several ministries as this is how I have been doing it since coming into the message of UR and having met so many ministry leaders in the past several years, so I have been spreading it out to those ministries. But I think God is calling me to a deeper commitment to CITN since it is becoming obvious that I am moving more and more in step with this ministry and less with the others. Not that they are not good, they are. But God has shown me that this is where I am being fed and where I am fellowshipping, whether it is by blog or “streaming” it is still fellowship in the Spirit. So I am looking forward to seeing the new opportunity to plant in this fertile field and watch the fruit of the Spirit being produced and bring blessing not only to me but the many others that are blessed by this ministry. Not only locally and nationally but now globally!

Father I pray for bishop Jim and Pastor Debye, for every member of the staff, for all the local congregation of CITN, for all the blog family, Father I pray for leadership, guidance, protection, provision, healing, knowledge, wisdom, growth in our relationship with you, I pray for all needs to be met at the right time in the right way. Lord helps us to join together in as a threefold cord that is not easily broken. Help me keep my new commitments to this ministry and help us all be committed to and keep our part in this body. I pray for blessing, Grace, Peace, and Love overflowing from one to another and out to others that they might know that we belong to you and this love and commitment is from you. Help us be mindful of the needs of others, putting them ahead of ourselves. That the love of Christ would be seen and not just heard. Help us to be mindful of the many types of needs and try to be sympathetic and empathetic where we can be to others life situations and experiences. I pray that we would emulate a spirit of unity to all that observe us. I pray that we would be bridge builders and Gap fillers, way makers and friends to all we come in contact. I pray that the Spirit of Christ would so overflow within us, flowing out from us that anyone within our reach would sense a love and a peace that they would be compelled to ask us about you. Then give us the words to say, the faith to believe, and the resources to give to that situation. God help us to take up this banner of Love and go into our entire world. Father help me to Carrie out your plans and purposes that you have had laid up for me since before I was born. I pray for a special anointing for me and all in this community and Church to carry out these things. In Christ Jesus name Amen.


Anonymous said...

Hi BITN family,

Bishop, yes you have my agreement and prayers for the your oldest son. Without going into details, please pray for eldest daughter, she erroneously lost her job a little while back and God has been fantastic with using people to pay her bills, she needs a supernatural breakthrough as she waits for that call about her new position.
And to all of the BITN'ers out there, I speak a blessing over your finances, you are blessed coming in and blessed going out, you are blessed in the city and blessed in the store. As you give, the Lord will give to you pressed down, running over, shaken together will God cause men to give unto you. God's will today is for you to prosper even as your soul prosper! This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Walk in unspeakable Joy,
In kind regards, your sister

Donald said...

Bishop I had not read the final part of the post until this morning. I was getting ready to go to the gym and decided to sit down and check things out before I left.
Quite honestly I feel sort of stupid right now because I had started trying to clown a little bit yesterday evening and now I realize that I wasn't exactly on the same page with everyone else. My apologies to you and everyone.
But I sat here this morning and did lay hands on my monitor and did pray for all you folks out there and also for Jared.

Anonymous said...

Between the wings of the cheribum... Bless the Bread. Bless the Water. Heal the land.

Amen and amen and amen.

Anonymous said...

Re: Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!




Anonymous said...

" a year in the now" WOW what a word for me this morning! What can I add to that? AMEN!


peacemaker said...

As I laid my hand on the monitor,I also felt the flow of words, Mystic. Words like: unity and oneness, connectedness and entanglement, awakeneing and enlightenment. I also felt a warmth...not just from the screen...but the warm of another palm pressing against mine. It felt alive and full of energy. I felt everyone of you.
There has been such a response to this post, time won't allow me to respond to all the wisdom and insight here, so I'll say corprately; I add my agreement to all the dialogue, my faith to any need, and my excitement to all the good news.
I've said before and I'll say it again, what has been created here in nothing short of a phenomenon. Everyone who adds a comment to this site plays a part in the glory of God covering this planet as the waters cover the deep and that's no stretch. I really cherish my connection here.
Listen all you Blurkers...YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!! You know you do. You have a word for someone. You have a fathomless wellspring of Wisdom that can change a life and help change the world. Draw from it...We need you. Please...stop blurking...start blogging.

Bishop...I'm excited about everything that's happening. I think you know how I feel. Say hello to my Hindu brothers and sisters and ...Rock ON! Happy Birthday to that beautiful "Wisdom Child" who was born into your family for such a time as this. Great news about Kim. Continued Peace as this continues to unfold.


G8TRGRL said...

... WOW! the YITN today...what flow!!

Iris- your speaking of the tree last night; I don't know what time you started that blog, but I was on my knees in my children's bedroom, giving them each their opportunity to pray. I began myself, and in praying and speaking the word over my brother's health and healing, the image came to me of FRUIT. Fruit from the tree, that the blood transfusion he was receiving would nourish him like a ripe, juicy piece of fruit picked just for him from the tree of life...cool!

Still waiting to hear some news this morning...

"Sunrise, I'm gonna praise his name! Sunset, I'm gonna praise his name"... sure wish we'd sing that song again!

linda said...

BLESSINGS TODAY TO ALL BITNer's. yesterday was very special, spiritual, awe-inspiring.

Especially remembering Jared and anon's eldest daughter.

Dennis, your prayer, wow, amen and amen

Have a great day
Linda :0)

DoubleBack Alley said...


This seems to have struck a resonating chord with the Blogmunity. Number of responses evidences that fact. Loved the progression. It's like walking on a treadmill while someone is talking to you; time seems to fly. "Sending out an SOS" to Jared, I love that song and felt like it was the right thing to pray.

The structure of the blog put me in mind of a continuing word from God. The expectancy was such that we all felt compelled to comment as it was happening. I guess we are cat-like by nature.

Put my hand on the computer this morning and the connection is still good. No expiration date on that I would imagine. Peace my bro and the best to Jared.

You may be the progressive candidate I have been looking for in ’08.

Ain’t God Good?

Anonymous said...

I am putting this into the atmosphere/spirit realm.....

To our beautiful Jared....have been praying for you and as I drove in to the office this morning taking in the majestic color of God, I had playing in my cd player, Hillsong's "Came to My Rescue"....I began to cry and am crying as I type this because you are on God's mind in an intense way....

Falling on my knees in worship
Giving all I am to seek Your face
Lord all I am is Yours

My whole life
I place in Your hands
Humbled I bow down
In Your presence at Your throne

I called You answered
And You came to my rescue and
I want to be where You are

In my life be lifted up
In my world be lifted up
In my love be lifted up

May Peace, Hope, Joy, Mercy and Grace keep you in the secret place of the Most High until you fully awaken to who YOU are!

You are so loved!

Unknown said...

Happy Admin Professionals Day!!

Praying for Jared, Anon's daughter, G8Rgrl's brother, Tracy's brother, my 2 brothers...

Dennis - your prayer.. WHOA!! You covered it all and I add my agreement.

YITN = Just what I needed to hear!! "You make all things new! Yes, You make all things new and I will follow You FORWARD!!!"

Make your day great!!

Anonymous said...

Blurker Central, here. Hear ya loud & clear, Bish! But also respectfully object to being lumped in with non-givers & non-participators. Am neither. Never have been, never will be. Just listen more than I talk, read more than I write, blurk more than I blog. My deepest apologies for sitting on the sidelines for so long! Also feeling pressure to come up with an intriguing pseudonym - it's a smart crowd, so I'll have to give it some thought.
Am very excited about all the upcoming events! Even talked to a Korean gentleman yesterday who is moving here this summer and very much wants to attend CITN just based on our 5 minute conversation! Small world.

Anonymous said...

What a cool "Upperworld" (vs. underworld)we have going on here at BITN!

Do you perceive it? I love that question! I want to ask it 1000 more times! My boyfriend and I have a motto between the two of us - don't sweat the small stuff, it all works out in the end. We just don't fight over stupid stuff. We have learned it is just not worth it. Peace reigns supreme here! We have to know where we are really heading - the BIG PICTURE so we don't get distracted and bogged down by the everyday mundane. God is so huge and yet cares about those very things that weigh us down.

Us - hmmmm. Master of the Universe, Creator of all things, Giver and taker of all life, how does HE perceive us? What is/are "us" to HIM who knows all and sees all? Does HE perceive us finished and complete? Or does He see us where we are and shows us where we can be? Both even? He presents choices - life and death -everyday. What will we chose today? He sees all things and knows all things and yet HE ASKS US to reason with Him and asks US to perceive what HE is doing. The Creator with His Creation - me, you. He is so alive and talking to us everyday - hey look at this or see this, what about this, what do you think, etc. He wants us to perceive at HIS level so we are able to rise above our circumstances. You have to see it as a win-win all the time. With God, you CAN NOT lose. Example - terminal disease diagnosis - either be healed and have a great testimony or die and get to spend eternity in heaven.

It is how I reconcile what happened with PB, it is so terrible that she is gone but look at what she left behind - great children, great friends that remember her fight and determination. She has a legacy that NO ONE who knew her will forget. What a pure spirit!!!! It has taught me to be so grateful for everyday that I get to spend with Greg, my girls and my family. We are not promised tomorrow sometimes - all we have is today - we have to make the most of EACH day. That is why you don't see me a lot on Sundays because I only have time with them on the weekends. My girls will be off to school within the next few years and I won't have them close by any more so I am taking the time I have with them now to stay close.

I am rambling but it is what is going on in my spirit since I read the blog last night and fell asleep with the computer in my lap. I did pray this morning though and this is what came from my prayer - Talk to God - don't just pray - TALK - converse - listen to what He is saying all the time. I have been to church less than I have ever in my life and yet He and I are closer than we have ever been. I am STILL tithing though because I am there every Wedneday with the teens. Love you all so very much!!!

Friend4Life said...

Goodday Every-1!! Bishop, before I went to sleep, I saw your post and prayed all night for your son.

When husband got up I told him to pray for Jared. I had your playlist playing all night too. For some reason I had a vision of Jared this morning. The song "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"-Joshua James was playing when I told my husband to pray for him.

I told my husband, I can see Jared singing this; this Christmas @ CITN!! Oh my, the vision was so clear. Very awwstrucking!!

I am in agreement of all the prayers here. Let's see if we can make the comments today (100 or more)

Peace B-W/ALL,

Anonymous said...

I remember a time in the old sanctuary when Robert Rutherford was doing what he does. He stopped and waited. When someone burst out with a shout, he said "that's what I was waiting for". PM, I was praying for you while driving and waiting for your post to add an "Amen". Sooooo--Amen! to all that you said and especially regarding the ex-blurkerati.

[waited to be off the road to say it here though!]

Hay-eeee! DBA. D-efinitely d-immer without de D-BA!

Did anybody see the googleized "google" name yesterday. It's gone now [was for Earth Day] but it was a flowing stream coming off the "L", mountains in the background, greenery surrounding and on all the other letters. Interesting.

Donald, you were in the flow, just unaware naturally.

Iris, g8trgrl--a tree is on the new AYITN.

mystic--you ARE! [petty azzes, funny!]

Jared--The boy's name Jared \j(a)-red\ is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "descending" or "descendant". Related to Jordan. Biblical: Jared was a pre-Flood ancestor of Jesus; Yared is the grandfather of Methuselah. Jared may also be taken as a variant of Yered, one of the names applied to Moses.

Later, y'ALL--GOT to get some work done! Hand on the screen, agreeing on requests.

Anonymous said...


Perfect folding lawn chair daze
The breeze in your hair
The sun on your face
And a splash of cold from a garden hose


A circus in clouds
A perfect smoke ring
In an old bag of clothes
Your favorite torn jeans


A metal string that rings
And sings or stings
And draws you close, close, closer
Up under Love's wings


That coin found in a parking lot
Heads or tails
Matters not
You kept Me


The first and last flower
More potent than warm beer sips
Bandaid to the dour
And "white noise” to black lips

By Love's power, I keep you, Jared.

G8TRGRL said...

Hi blog family, I just talked to my Dad. My brother is now experiencing kidney failure, and arrangements are being made for him to be home instead of in the hospital. He is aware, and has requested to only be on pain medicine. My Dad was really upset-- and I'm kind of numb. In January my brother was in a similar state of sickness and came through, so believe the best with me for whatever the Lord has in store for him..."the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is mine"... (and his!)

Be blessed...

Erik said...

Hi Everybody,

Peace, Wisdom, and Favor – the prayer for all, and in particular the ones raised up here as we move in this next dimension. –Jared, Anon’s Daughter, G8grls brother, Tracy’s brother, lindsey’s brothers,& Laura’s stepmother. Hope no one missed.

Iz/Joy, “I AM” – spectacularly soulful. The Earth is shifting.

This place is blooming, all of the additional people blogging, the progressive ‘blog meal’ by Bishop, the laying on of hands on each other via the net. The tasty fruit on the next branch up, the tsunami of blessing, warp speed ( warp x , x times the speed of light, let there be light, and move even beyond the ‘illusion of the limitation’ of the light) love the ‘Aye, Aye, Capitan’(Q was funny) , the internet tabernacle , construction boots on for the bridge building,

Laying hands on the computer, saw the chord of this tabernacle connecting all of us, like an umbilical cord, nourishment received and exchanged, an environment for maturing. The ‘thousand(s) points of light’ across the Earth, intersecting here, then arcing out, spreading the food, and intersecting back again.

Erik said...

G8trgrl ,

In complete agreement and belief with you.

Anonymous said...

g8trgrl, with conquering Love! Has your brother indicated what he is believing for?

f4l, cool new pic! (#72)

linda, if you didn't finish that cake, Nation of Worship EATS!

christy, ummm, you can sit a little really close on the pews we have. (smile)

izjoy, magnetic-electric I AM blessing!

LINDSEY! Hey, Hey, Hooray-- welcome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erik,

Apropos of "the progressive blog meal of Bishop", I thought you'd find this cool: At the castle in Boston, we were seated in the Chef's Room!

I join my faith to all the previously mentioned prayer requests. And supernatural provision for the unspoken needs.

Avatar : magnetic-electric. I like that. How about...God = a bevy of beauty!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers...I'm glad that you're still grooving on this from yesterday...it's not over...stay connected to this...faith is flowing...God is great...

Anonymous said...

Laura, you are a shining star for all the world to see!

Peace and blessings, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Family,
My prayers have went up for all these needs today. God is Greatly blessing our revelation and implementation of Spirit-Cyber-Space here in BITN. (I put and article on my blog about this a few days ago). I don’t think I have ever seen this many post or emails on a blog or forum in one day! God is Truly moving among us; I see Him with my spiritual eyes walking up and down and around and through us as we sit at our computers and other devices. I see Him laying His hand on each one He passes with blessings. Unifying, connecting, comforting, empowering, and organizing a new kind of cyber-organism for a new kingdom in a new world. God is moving in new ways among us as we have available for His utilization new types of media. He can anoint anything for His Glory and purpose and this new avenue of communication is full of the anointing of the Lord! Just put your hand on the computer monitor and pray if you don’t think so. I know it seems silly but God has often used foolish things to confound the wise of this worldly system.

The gospel first went out on foot across the hills and valleys of Israel and Samaria. On hill sides and in gardens, by seashores and in houses. Later the Gospel traveled by ship, then by horseback. The gospel has echoed from pulpits and platforms for centuries. Then came amplification systems where we could speak to larger crowds. Healing lines formed from these great crowds as they worked one man to a frazzle laying hands on them. Then came radio and ears that had never heard the gospel in the most remote areas of earth began to hear the good news that Jesus Christ is Savior. Then TELEVISION! Now we could share the gospel in a more complete form and literally millions could hear one man speak, preach, and teach; this developed into “Gospel Superstars” men and women that had been especially anointed by God to share with great audiences all over the world. Much good has been done through all these avenues of ministry. And sad to say some harm; but I am not one to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

What has been missing in all of the later technological developments for the work of the ministry is authentic interaction with/by the rest of the body. This has inhibited the full function of the body of Christ as the nervous system of the body has been unable to send back signals and feedback from some parts of the body to the other parts of the body. What God has done here in Cyber-Spirit-Space is to RECONNECT THE FULL BODY OF CHRIST through the means of the internet. And for the first time in history believers can meet, fellowship and interconnect GLOBALLY! Through the internet the body of Christ has had quite a growth spurt! Everyone knows how much more a fully functioning healthy body can do as apposed to one that is not functioning at full capacity.

Buckle your seat belts and hang on! There is no telling what God is about to accomplish through this new vehicle of expression, fellowship, and ministry. Yes, I believe we are about to enter warp speed!

Cant wait to see what’s up ahead!


Anonymous said...

That word at the end of the service tonight; I KNOW WAS FOR ME. It was very exact in speaking to my spirit and my vision right now. I have mentioned it on here before; but it has to do with the Lord shortly after I was saved 31 years ago telling me to “bridge the gap” and all stuff about the light and darkness then many years later the night before I accepted the call to ministry I had a very strange dream about saving the earth from destruction and God asking who will go? This was profoundly confirmed in church that morning. In the dream I went, and it had to do with national and international themes and many different people on the ocean representing many nations or people groups. I won’t go into detail about all this, but the first was in the day and the second was in the night. I also have not seen this vision for my life clearly (men as Trees). I cannot go any farther with this here but the word was definitely for me. I know got can speak to many with the same word. The bible is proof of that. So I am taking first dibs on this one. Unless someone beats me on this post.

Thanks for your faithfulness to speak a word of prophecy.


Anonymous said...

I should have added that the first was in the "day" and the second was in the "night" as you said "the one in the day and the one in the night"


Anonymous said...

Thanks Avatar for the invite to the pew! I am usually a front row girl but now like to sit in the mezzinine to take it all in. God, what a sight to see His people worshipping and watching the anointing flow from the stage to the crowd and back again.

G8trgrl - It is all good. It will make you angry for awhile but when you step back and see how God is/was all over this, you will reconcile it to yourself. If he doesn't make it, he will be out of pain and suffering. If he does - WOW - what a testimony to give to other people who will be where he is now. I know, I know, I know it is hard to see the good in it but rest in in knowing God is in every situation but He also works within our faith and where we are and the desires of our heart. What is your brother's take on this - live or let me go? Get a feel for where he is at and you maybe have and I missed the blog somewhere. Rest in God, rest in God, rest in God - that is what keeps coming out of me. Rest. Phil 4:8 - Think on the good stuff! Peace to your family. If it helps, I was there when my grandmother crossed over and it did so much for my faith as I watched her as she saw Jesus, my grandaddy, her brothers, her parents and so on. It was the saddest and the most beautiful thing I ever saw. It opened up my worship so much more because I saw that little Southern Baptist woman lift her hands from her death bed as she saw her Savior. She just kept thanking Him over and over. It changed my life forever. I hope that helped you.

Jared - Dude, whatever it is, it ain't all that! Get it together, pull yourself up and be the conqueror we all know you are. Stand up on that Rock and firmly plant those feet and DON'T MOVE! Remember, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. IF YOU MAKE YOUR BED IN HELL, HE IS THERE WITH YOU BUT I SAY TO YOU NOW, PICK UP THAT BED AND WALK OUT OF THERE.