Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, Monday (And Then Some)

Hey bloggers...

I'll be back later today with news about the Israel trip and about Kim Clement coming back to CITN...

In the meantime, go ahead and post something on yesterday's article if you want to...also, I'd like to hear your take on yesterday's service and/or last night's new member's dinner. You can write it here, or put it on the CITN site...

So many people told me last week that they love and read the blog every day...several times a day, in fact...but have never contributed...

What's up with that?



Hey, I told you that I would be back later today, so here I am...

Thanks for all of the comments posted here and on the CITN site about yesterday's worship really was special and unusual, even for us! Whatever was happening here a few weeks ago seems to have come back in a major way...

I just met with Pastor Murray from Baltimore about the Israel trip, and about our involvement with the Global Peace Festival this summer on the mall in Washington D.C. He's a real sweet, spirit-filled brother who has a United Pentecostal background and is finishing a degree from Liberty (Jerry Falwell) University! How's that for diversity?!

Anyway, we just signed on to be participants in the festival on August 23 (Alisha Keyes is tentatively scheduled to sing at it)...I'll tell you more about that later.

Still trying to pin down the dates for Israel...I thought that the conflict was because of Jimmy Carter being there right now, but come to find out it's because President Bush is going there on those dates. If it's the third week in May we'll have to go later (August or September, as long as it doesn't conflict with the Uganda trip)...but if it's the last week in May, we're good to go.

Next Monday, Debye and I are flying up to Washington and right back to be in a meeting for the GPF, since we are now on the steering committee of it.

Kim and I have texted back and forth several times today, but still haven't spoken. He's flying all day, so we are speaking tomorrow at 11 am to plan his meeting here. He texted me that he knows it's God for him to return, and I think that it should be soon.

There's a lot happening...stay in an attitude of prayerful expectation...



Kettly said...

Comment allez vous Ce Matin,

Bish, the only thing I can say “He (Holy Spirit) did it again.” And I am still awe about the all service today.
I wanted you to know, after, Jesus finished feeding the five thousands people. He has about twelve baskets more left to distributed, for, whenever the crowds would get hungry food will be available to them. So, I just want you to know the still"PRE-MAIN
COURSE YOU OFFERED ME (us) today did not fill me up. Can you add some more from the rest of the MANNA to us (me). Because I am going to continue to be hungry until I am overflow fills up and satisfy.Thank You, for your blessed words today, it wakes me up,for I should always be grateful for the little things, as well as the big things, the Lord bless me (us) with. Again thank you for teachings us how to look forward instead of backwards.
Peace. Love & Unity to you all

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Mondays,Its a beautiful morning in NE AR. and God is Good All the time. Cant wait to see what He is up to today. Thank You Jesus for being my freind.

Love, Peace & Grace,


Anonymous said...

Pray for this Pastor, I read this story this morning and my heart really went out to him. I dont even know him. but I feel he needs our prayers.

Phillip Miles, from South Carolina, has been in custody since his arrest on Feb. 3. He was arrested several days after customs agents at a Moscow airport found a box of 20 rifle shells in his luggage. The court sentenced him to serve three years and two months in prison, with the sentence calculated from his detention date. Miles has said he brought the .300 caliber cartridges for a friend who had recently bought a Winchester rifle. He said he did not know bringing such ammunition into Russia was illegal.

Aparently Miles had brought the ammunition for a friend, "as they are both inveterate hunters."


Linda said...

Good Morning Bishop and fellow blogsters!

The service yesterday was too much for words. But then again it seems that every Sunday is. I get asked alot about our services and I can never find words to explain or express the service. It is like they are too holy to spoil with words. It is more of a feeling of completeness within my spirit. (I know that that is not a good enough expression but there are not words to explain what I get every time I enter the building) I could say it in tongues but not english. I tried typing in tongues but it looked like I was cussing, so... can't do that!

Bishop, thank you for totally submitting yourself to the Holy Ghost. Thank you for guiding us sheep to the river of water so that we can drink... Thank you for making us grow up so that we can find the water for ourselves too!!

Have a great day
Linda :0)

PS Shout out to Pastor Debye: She is always beautiful but her outfit yesterday was SLAMMING, Kinda new hip Lucille Ball... Too Cool
She is the best role model for women, mothers and Christians in the entire universe!!
Much love Pastor Debye
Linda :0)

peacemaker said...

I guess the trick is seeing both realities simultaneously , then choosing the one that works. Our life is composed of an infinite number of possibilities. The one we give our attention to is the one that becomes our experience. The thing is, it’s our choice. The verse that stood out for me in Matt. 6 is “…if your Perception is without fault, your whole life shall be enlightened.” I guess you could interpret that to mean without seeing through sin-consciousness, but I interpret it as saying, being able to see anything or anyone without judgment or prejudice. Not seeing fault of any kind. If you see a situation, or even a person, without judging it/them as good or bad, the whole experience is illumined enabling the seer to see and choose in clear light. It’s not a coin toss anymore, no 50/50 chance choosing the right perception.

Is my image of God different than a few years ago? Without a doubt. I no longer view God as someone separate from me whose attention I need to placate. Who I need to appease with praise, worship, or money. While these things are very important, I see them important only in regards to my horizontal relationships. That, to me, is where covenant is established and in knowing these things, giving becomes more joyfully fulfilling and singing songs of P&W becomes a vehicle of unity and connectedness in the body corporate. God is honored as we honor those who manifest His Presence or Nowness on the Earth.
I no longer I look “at” God, but now I look “into” God. We live, and move, and have our being IN Him. Jesus even said: “No one has seen the Father at any time”, but He also said: “ If you’ve see Me, you’ve seen the Father”. Seems contradictory, but I think all He’s saying is God Himself can’t be seen with natural sight, but His attributes can be perceived in us. Jesus also said, “God is Spirit”…pneuma, ruach, Brahman…”breath”. The life giving source of everything that is. We must return worship the same way. By being truthful in all things and extending life in word and deed to everyone that inhabits our experience in this reality we call life.

Peace and Life

Anonymous said...

Bishop, I feel you brother, I have a blog, as you know, and people call me, email me and tell me how they enjoyed the article and go into a conversation and I keep saying, please put your comments on the blog and somehow, they say there is a problem commenting or they don't know how or they don't have time. And some of my close friends just totally refuse to comment or even read it. It makes me feel a little, I don't know, disc'ed for lack of a better word. But I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has prompted me to start this blog and I will continue doing it until He releases me from it. So I feel you, Bishop.

I thought about this Bishop, you have several thousand members and maybe another thousand or so in the cyber-congregation and then you have inquiring minds, let's say you have 4 5 thousand folks who potentially view your blog and the highest number I counted in comments was about 47 (if I am not mistaken). So, you have approximately 1% of the viewers leaving comments. In advertising, there is usually 1 to 2% response. Your response is about right for the world, but in the kingdom you should have way more comments because we have a different set of rules as kings and queens in the earth, having dominion and being the redeemed who has the say so. So, I am just saying, I feel ya.

BTW, what the Holy Spirit served us on yesterday was in direct response to what the He put in your spirit Bishop and in your mouth. I know you know you have intercessors, I heard you say on Wednesday you were very sensitive to the intercessors and know that we are very sensitve to you. Therefore, when God gives you a topic or subject to present to the people, it is our responsibility as watchers, or watchmen to decree a manifestation of the heart God, which is flowing through you at the particular moment.

The Lord is faithful and His unfailing love endures forever. What happened yesterday in service was the answer being manifested to unity of the faith, agreement of the believers, receiving the second time (we receive when we pray) and I believe His will.

So, Bishop, there are no chances in God, a good man's steps are ordered by the Lord. His word says..if you decree a thing He will establish it so I believe you can have (and we did) what we say! I would encourage you to ask for whatever God puts in your spirit Bishop, I believe it is the asking for the taking, you son of God!


Izumi/JOY said...

Good morning all,

Dennis, we've never been introduced. But, I've read your previous posts and am quietly singing and making melodies in my heart to God, for the pastor in Russia.

For some reason, the rifle shells remind me of gunpowder which leads me back to yesterday's topic of sulfur.

Can God turn the situation around for Miles of His Glory? (is this God's original intention? For good - not for evil. For salvation of many?)

Sulfur's found in meteorites, in the vicinity of volcanoes and hot springs (!!) It's also recovered from wells sunk into salt domes!


I just read that early alchemists gave sulfur its own symbol which was a triangle at the top of a cross.

And at midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God and the prisoners heard them.

Oh, the Glory
Of Your Presence
We, Your temple
Give You reverence
So, arise to Your rest
And be blessed by our praise
As we glory, in Your embrace
As Your Presence
Now fills this place

Thank You Lord, for the deliverance of many captives. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there's liberty.

Ringing the bells.

Amen and amen and amen

Anonymous said...

Prayer Breakthrough Alert: I got a call from a long time friend/pastor that is a Baptist (doesn’t have a church right now for some reason). He has been on my prayer list so a long time. He started out the conversation with the usual “how are things going” but soon it was obvious that he was wanting to talk about my web site. Although I feel very strongly about the truth of universal reconciliation, I am never “pushy” in one on one conversations. I can be somewhat aggressive when in a teaching position. I am sorry but I am tired of hearing that my God is a loser. Anyway he said “you know I really don’t see why everyone is having such a problem with the way you believe”. The conversation then went on for at least 30 more minuets.

To cut it short he went on to say that he had been reading a lot on my web site and that he wanted to meet with me and talk some more about this.

Don’t know why but my heart especially goes out to pastors. This has lead me to several meetings with many in this area. If I could only make them “get it” the good news would go out like a flood, “RAIN STORM” in this area.

God is working and I am just trying to join Him in whatever way I can.

Grace and Peace,


Jennifer Westray said...


All I can said about yesterday's service is WOW!!! The spirit was soooo powerful I can't even begin to describe all the emotions that were stirred up in me yesterday. But the most prominent was definitely JOY absolute and utter joy. I felt the food being absorbed into my soul like it had been fasting for years. And honestly, I guess it was starving.

Thank you so much for being that vessel and delivering that to those of us that are starving for this knowledge. I was so filled with the spirit that I felt like I was floating.

I am a new member so I really really enjoyed that. I was at the New Member's dinner as well and it was great as well. I really like what you and are doing for us and I want to take this time out to thank you! I know that God uses you to reach us but I thank you for allowing him to use you to minister and teach those of us that so desperately want to receive all He has to give. THANK YOU BISHOP!!!

Kind regards, Jennifer

Izumi/JOY said...

Re: Yesterday's service:

This is gonna be tough because there's so much & I didn't get to take notes. (grrr)

Bish, I might have forgotten some comments about supernatural provision (I.e. finding a coin in a fish's mouth) if my youngest's phone call this morning, regarding a wisdom tooth & dental appointment.

She was concerned about insurance coverage, bills, etc. Then laughed, "Well, I guess if Jesus said there was money in a fish's mouth, then I shouldn't worry."

I said, "THANK YOU - I'm gonna blog that!"

It makes me wonder about faith again. Like... did the money manifest in the fish's mouth the instant Peter cast in his hook? Or... when he pulled it from the water (hands, signifying works)? Or when he opened its mouth and looked? (sight)

Too out there?

Oh well...

Still fun to consider.

dgm2007 said...

i really enjoyed yesterdays service. when you spoke of fire being purification it just made me think of hell. ppl always say all hell is breaking loose in my life so on and so fourth. but if you look at it through the lens of a refining fire that will only make you stronger its a beautiful thing. so many ppl hold on to the whole burning in hell thing but its kinda cool to think that maybe satan and those evil spirits are just constantly going through a refining process. i really believe in God being the ultimate power and so i have never seen the devil as a threat in the least. i hope im making some kinda sense. really good service and i love how the Spirit is always a visitor. cant wait to hear more about the Israel trip. Im dying to go to Egypt for a semester thats about as close as most schools will let you get to the fertile crescent. lol

Izumi/JOY said...

Repentance: Dear Lord, please forgive me for coveting the trips to Israel & Africa. You know I've wondered about Israel since I was 10. (was reprimanded by my parents' neighbor for drawing crosses beside the Star of David on my artwork)

She laughed, "You're not even Jewish!" (I release her from residual resentment if there's any in me)

At a nearby creek, my siblings & I used to pretend we were in Africa. Am I only going there via prayer? (sniffle)

I'm jazzed about Prophet Clement's return to CITN. Maybe there'll be another clue for me.

Bish, you don't know this. But, before leaving Hawaii (our last military duty station) my pastor's wife told me to check out a prophet from S. Africa, if the opportunity ever arose. I'd never heard of him before.

We'd only visited CITN, maybe twice, before the prophet was on your stage. And somehow, so was I.

He asked, "Where's your church?" I told him we didn't have one, yet.

He sang, "You've come for the right reason! You've come for the right season! Everybody tell her: You've come for the right reason! You've come for the right season!"

I'm like.... alrighty then...

I didn't despise the prophetic word. Immediately, at least. I just didn't grasp the fullness of what God was saying.

You know how you (Bish) have said that the prophetic word sometimes messes with your head?

That's kinda where I've been, since joining CITN, years ago. Having lived a military lifestyle, I got used to "seasons" of 2-5 years. Most commonly 3 year assignments.

I've always wondered when the season began and when the assignment would be fulfilled, so we could get on to the next part.

When I consider what you've said about the elephant's gestational time, my spirit leaps. But, I don't know why.

DoubleBack Alley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G8TRGRL said...

Doing some spring tidying, and went to a stack of CD's on the back of the counter (because my darling daughter bumped and knocked some onto the floor!)

What CD was on the top of the stack? KIM CLEMENT'S TENDER MOMENTS!!

I haven't listened in a while, but how crazy is that?

Our first time attending CITN was the Sunday in May of '99 when he first visited. We came again that night to "experience" him... at the time I didn't even know what prophecy was... I was such a "newbie" to the Holy Spirit. If that is where the spirit is leading us to have him back, which considering what the flow has been lately, I say

As far yesterday goes, it was amazing confirmation to what is going on in my/our life. I had some things definitely revealed to me! I have to continue MOVING FORWARD... knowing that the future does indeed look much better than it is right now!!

DoubleBack Alley said...


I felt very reverential as I watched the service. As if watching a majestic vessel being christened and sent down the slip to its' new surroundings. Very solemn and holy to think that she will cruise the seas of the world and leave her imprint on each port.

Something very important happened. I can only speculate, but I think it will pale in comparison to the eventuality.

Better check the manifest, there could be some really cool stuff on board.

Ain't God Good?

miraclegirl said...

He is SOOOOOO good. I can't get enough of these services. This is some kind if awesome. Thank God I'm here and in my right mind to experience something like this. WOW. I never knew God was so big or so good. Thank you awesome Father God. I can never ever thank him enough. There are no words...... no words.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, thanks for the looks as if something has been deleted by me, and I don't remember intentionally deleteing anything today, so I hope that I haven't accidentally rejected a comment that I meant to publish...if I did, pleaae forgive me and repost...thanks

Mystic said...

I'm one of those that have been in a quiet season listening...but something is about to burst open in and through us all. It's a strange kind of feeling because I want to shout about it but I keep finding myself nearly whispering as if I'm in some grand old cathedral admiring the views...whispering because I'm so awestruck and completely excited about seeing it. It's almost too wonderful to peace...and our being a part of it (even if vicariously)'s just so awesome. I agree with another writer...there are no words...not in any language on I speak in tongues of angels...what an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!

peacemaker said...

Your post gave me chills. What an awesome way to put it.

Peace Begins with Us


Ebony said...

Growing up I always heard the only way peace would come in the World would be if the Prince of Peace came and established it. I thought that meant the 1000 year reign after the great tribulation when Jesus literally came back to earth after the battle of Armageddon. But now, to see you going into these places, your steps ordered. Not trying to chance or convert (in the traditional sense) but being an ambassador for Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It's beautiful.

linda said...

Good evening,
Things are happening all over!! I was on a storyteller networking website when I saw this reference to brimstone.
Brimstone (that which is supposed to rain down on our heads in punishment) was used by ancient alchemists because they thought it turned base metals (us) iinto Solid Gold.
Wow, when I read that I had to go back and re-read that a few times.
the ancients had an understanding that the church still doesn't get.

Good nite :0)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, everybody…great comments... (Linda, that’s very cool about brimstone)…

I’ve gone through my Blackberry and I can’t find what I originally deleted, but I did find that I accidentally deleted this comment from Yvonne. The “publish” and “reject” icons are hard to distinguish from one another when you’re driving, but I will pay more attention to what I’m pressing in the future, so don’t get paranoid that your stuff isn’t going to make on here…we post by faith and not by sight…

One thing though…Yvonne, I want to make it clear to anyone who didn’t hear what I said yesterday that I wasn’t saying anything negative about traditional “black church” culture…I loved that church that I attended in Florida…I’m just saying…don’t want anyone to think that I was hatin’…but I do apologize for deleting your comments, and here they are:

Yvonne said -

Bishop, at intercessory prayer on this past Friday, there was a prophetic word about what took place on Sunday by Alfreda Clark concerning what she saw in while experiencing while in an open vision. This is what I remember of the prophecy; there was a water fountain in the middle of Church in the now and the water was saturating us (CITN). She stated that the water was gushing out of this fountain and running out of the building unto the highway. This is the second time the Lord showed her this vision! And the sons and daughters shall prophecy as the Holy Spirit pours out his spirit on all flesh. True prophecy will be confirmed!

There is a pouring of rain and fire at the church in the now. I believe it is in psalms, where the psalmist spoke about fire and water and the concordance described this outpouring as a manfestation of deliverance. Well, I believe just as salvation comes in stages, so it is with deliverance. I believe many of us needs to be delivered on many different lines and different percepts, from Glory to Glory.

There was healing and deliverance on many different levels yesterday and even on today He is delivering me.

The whole black church thing is so crazy and so true. Believe I know what it means to get to church at 10:30 and not to finished until 3:00 and rush to eat only to be back at church at 4:00. We would have fellowship in the church by my God, it was a Marathon. That is how the black churches still roll, Bishop,and you know I speaking the truth.

On yesterday, we went until 1:30 pm and for some later, but when the Ghost is in the house it is all good! Time stands still just like the SOTB's, time doesn't matter. I guess because we are in the Now, experiencing the I am.

In His presence is fullness of joy!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And I'm assuming that everyone can hear the playlist now...

speak now or forever hold your peace...

Anonymous said...

Jesus...Jesus...Jeeesus... there's just something about that name. Master...Savior...Jeeesus...Like the fragrance after "the RAIN"

Yvonne said...

Bishop, I totally got that, as I believe I get you on most things and for the most part I am in agreement with you. I was simply adding my Amen. I embrace all churches and all people, I did before I came to CITN 8 years ago. Anyway, Bishop at CITN there is majority black, so one would call us a black church, would they not. Could be, could be not!(LOL)

God doesn't judge that or care about black or white at all as you know, he looks at the heart of man. Anyway, Bishop, you have a brother on the inside of you, as you have stated on several occassions. Can I get a witness up in here.

Believe it or not, I was never Catholic and I make frequent trips to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit to locate that Peace that I think I need to find,on occassion. And if I am there around mass time, I go in and I cross myself and I kneel and pray and frankly I love it. About 5 years, I met a Catholic woman who was there on retreat from Washington DC with her entire family. We were in the sanctuary together and we began to talk and she explained what the eucharist was and the position of the priest and who she believed Mary to be! I told her about CITN and that I undertood the bible to say we were all priest and that we could accoring to John 20, remit or retain sins and so the dialogue continued on certain topics. But here this woman was almost a thousand miles away from her home, in one place, breaking bread with me, with one mind and on one accord and it was amazing. There was no boundaries, although she was white and definitely had a very different history than I did. But when we shared what our prayer requests was with each other, she told me she only wanted God's will in her life.

When I told her my prayer request, she said Yvonne, I will pray for God's will in your life. I will never ever forget that meeting.

She might as well have been an angel to come and say what the Lord said in the garden before His crucifixtion, not my will Lord, but your will be done.

Can I be really real with you right here, I was facing repossession of my car. Later that day when I went in the garage, to do warfare and anoint my car, I couldn't pray a fleshy prayer. I prayed in the spirit and I raised my hands to the Father and was able to say, Lord, your will be done. I experienced yet another death which you touched on this past Sunday, I had to die on that level as I released a worldy possession that I thought I would perish without to God. That morning about 2 or 3, the repo guys came out to get the car and we ended up talking and you are not going to believe this. The Holy Spirit allowed me to minister to them about the love of God. I took everything out of the car and they helped me but I had a crocheted cross that I had received as a gift from TBN. I said, I will leave this cross here. And then God's power was present, I looked at one of the guys, his name was Matthew and I asked him if he understood what the cross meant. He said no, and was I was instructed by God to tell him that the cross represented the Love that God had for him. Tears came streaming down his face as the Holy Spirit poured His love and healing out on Matthew. He said, God loves me, God loves me. I said yes, in all of your muck and mire, God loves you. I know that Matthew received salvation that day. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Anyway, I needed to interject the victory part of that story because I know there are people in the cyber-congregation facing some very difficult decisions about possessions, whether it be a house, an apartment, a car, or unemployment, so I took the risk to let the world know, that God's love for you is greater than the material wealth. And as importantly, we are all are all epistles written on the hearts of men. So, I pray the readers will be blessed by my transparency, as I am being lead by the spirit of God to keep it really real this morning. I may need to say that every transportatin need was met by the body at CITN and four months later, the Holy Spirit instructed one of my relatives to let me have full usage of their van for the next 6 months. The Lord blessed me with a large settlement and I was able to purchase a car in cash and I have since purchased another car. The Lord is not just love but he manifests love and he allows us to go through death for a more exceeding weight of glory.

But back on track with the subject of black churches.

Bishop, I was born black however the blood of Jesus has miraculously transformed me into, a spirtual woman who embrace all churches and God's creation.

Now, my family is totally Baptist. Baptist born, Baptist breed and when they die, they will be Baptist dead. I am sure you have heard that. I was married to a Baptist preacher who is a third generation minister. So, when I tell you, I hear you on the CP time, I am not disc'ing the black church, but it happens to be a fact. You can really be in service for 4 to 5 hours, no doubt.

When I visited my family's church in rural Virginia in January, I personally loved it, albeit I was glad I attend CITN. There testimony service was ridiculously long, as in they are thanking the Lord for the mail in their box. Lord, have mercy. We must have tarried with the testimony service for over one hour. And the pastor just sits there and read his bible, and prayer request, the newspaper, and anything else he could catch up on(LOL).

Seriously, although my taste in music is different, I loved the hymns and spirituals and the organ music that this little sweet church offered.

You have so graciously taught us to embrace all denominations and to respect that which is holy in them (what is that word, Nemasta, I think).

There is a great history in the black church, as you know Bishop, and in many ways the church was the only hope for the community. So, Sundays was and still is in some denominations set aside for fellowshipping and just generally being in the house of the Lord! There belief is it is the Lord's day so the entire day is dedicated to church.

I try to be aware of how things come across in emails because I understand the power of words so it is my hope that I have cleared up my position on what I really believe about the black church, it has been our cornerstone in America as far back as slavery.

Anyway, I believe the nations of the world is coming to CITN for all the world to see how great is our God! And by the way, we absolutely love your humor, although I am also aware that when you are the funniest, you are preparing us for a strong word. Thank you for being obedient to the eternal Spirit.

In His love,

Avatar said...

I had a short post last night that appears to be lost, but its not the "missing one".

I had been, actually still am, sensing a different presence of the Holy Spirit, a lot. No sense of any "message" or "reason" yesterday, so I was going with He just wants to hang out, until I read your words Bishop, "There's a lot happening...stay in an attitude of prayerful expectation". I sensed then that that was an understanding combined with Debra's post on CITN about the "deliberateness" of the presence she saw. Cool word, deliberate. Leads me to anon's...deliverance.

"what Bishop said!", Linda. PM said(hold on thar...DBA maybe?, sometimes I can't remember which one of you said something--are you the same person?)(smile) said it a few days ago about getting into what was going on in the lives of the people whose prayers we've preserved. It was probably VERY clear to the early church what the message of brimstone was...I can't think of anything in our culture that would say "raining fire on us that combined with that healing stuff that turns everything it touches to the most precious thing on earth" so poetically! I love that you found that in YOUR field of storytelling and that we have this place for you to share it.

Hmmm, "field" would be a cool word to study out...Karl?!

anon, this spoke to me, "our responsibility as watchers, or watchmen to decree a manifestation of the heart God". Makes me think of Bishop's comment about the prophets preparing the environment so that Jesus could manifest.

--Jesus testimony is prophecy [is that a "true to the spirit of the message" rewording Bishop?];
--the Spirit testifies of Jesus.
--ICor14:39-"Therefore, my brothers, be eager to prophesy."

Avatar said...

Is the statute of limitations on "now" still open on holding my peace?

I was surprised that Keith mentioned "sound" issues on the playlist. Thought it was my home computer. And it appears that it still is. No problems at work.

Yvonne! The pastor read the newspaper? For real?

Donald said...

Bishop, seeing what you and others have had to say about fire and brimstone (original meaning of words, etc.) has caused me to really dwell on that subject lately. I have not gathered sufficient data to conduct a proper statistical analysis, but from passive observations it appears that there are many in the church world that actually prefer the commonly held teaching on the subject where eternal torment is taught rather than seeing the two elements as being used for purification and healing.
I actually had a man tell me that scare tactics had to be employed because “You shore caan’t love ‘em into heaven!” There’s no misspelling there, I was simply trying to put some extreme southern drawl in there since that is how it was said to me.
And thinking about the recent post about perception I can’t help but believe that church folks respond to their fellowmen the way that they believe God deals with people. If they believe that God will ultimately torture people forever, it makes it somewhat easier to be less compassionate to evildoers. A recent comment in a letter to the editor of our local newspaper by our resident religious expert noted that people who didn’t have the sense to accept Jesus as their savior like he did deserve to spend eternity in hell.
But to get back on track, God uses the fire to make us better or get out the impurities, which can sometimes be painful, but then in his compassion he rubs on the liniment to help us through the healing process. When He says this is going to hurt Me more than it hurts you, He seems to actually mean it. His correction is not intended to last forever, but as long as it takes to get the desired results.
I can remember my dad using the “hurt me more than hurt you line.” He lied. We used to get whippings until we were literally bleeding. Then, if we didn’t quit crying within a reasonable amount of time, he would tell us if we didn’t “dry it up” we were going to get another one. There again, the perception of eternal torment makes it easier to keep the punishment going. Did dad spare the rod?.....Hay-ul no!
There now, that was therapeutic. I’ll see you next week for your next session and remember to call the office if you have a setback before then.

Yvonne said...

Avator, no not really. I have just picked up some of Bishop's outrageous humor! My point was he was reading everything he could find because we were just so absolutely bored out of our minds with these very wordy testimonies. just LOL. Laughter does the heart good like a medicine!


Anonymous said...

An excerpt from "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" by Gregg Braden explains to me why you are where you are (individually and corporately) in the big picture.

Beliefs That Change Our World

While the theories of belief are interesting and the experiments can be convincing, when it comes to accepting the role that belief plays in our lives, my scientific training still likes to see something real - a meaningful application of what the theories describe.
As I mentioned in "The Divine Matrix", one of the most powerful examples of group feeling and belief affecting a broad geographic area was documented as a daring experiment during the war between Lebanon and Israel that begin in 1982. It was during that time that researchers trained a group of people to "feel" peace in their bodies while believing that it was already present within them, rather than simply thinking about in their minds or praying "for" it to occur. For this particular experiment, those involved used a form of meditation known as TM (Transcendental Meditation) to achieve that feeling.
At appointed times, on specific days of the month, these people were positioned throught the war-torn areas of the Middle East. During the window of time when they were feeling peace, terrorist activities ceased, the rate of crimes against people went down, the number of emergency-room visits declined, and the incidence of traffic accidents dropped. When the participants' feelings changed, the statistics were reversed. This study confirmed the earlier findings: When a small percentage of the population achieved peace within themselves, it was reflected in the world around them.
The experiments took into account the days of the week, holidays, and even lunar cycles; and the data was so consistent that the researchers were able to identify how many people are needed to share the experience of peace before it's mirrored to their world. The number is the square root of one percent of the population. This formula produces figures that are smaller than we might expect. For example, in a city of one million people, the number is about 100. In a world of 6 billion, it's just under 8,000. This calculation represents only the minimum needed to begin the process. The more people involved in feeling peace, the faster the effect is created. The study became known as the International Peace Project in the Middle East, and the results were eventually published in "The Journal of Conflict Resolution" in 1988.
While these and similar studies obviously deserve more exploration, they show that there's an effect here that's beyond chance. The quality of our innermost beliefs clearly influences that of our outer world. From this perspective, everything from the healing of our bodies to the peace between nations; from our success in business, relationships and careers to the failure of marriages and the breakup of families . . . all must be considered as reflections of us and of the meaning that we give to the experience of our lives.

The whole book is very cool, but I believe this excerpt specifically speaks to the great gift and call that God has placed in you as you lead us followers (who actually are a group of leaders that are placed here to expand your vision, but I digress) into this place of peace that will affect the world. Only 8,000 people - WOW! - what a huge impact a small group of like-minded people can have as we hook into the divine.
Feel Peace!

Avatar said...

anon, cool find, amazing encouraging numbers.
Light a candle in a dark room, every corner is revealed!

Dear God, Donald.
Can you hear your Dad pleading with Jesus? Asking Him to give you every Fatherly blessing He ever made available? Pleading to restore the years the canker worm consumed? Watching you overcome, to walk out your destiny, RUN to YOUR finish line a champion--so he can meet you there?

I pray you can.

darlene said...

This is your Mom saying to you from both your dad and proud (in the good way) we are of you and how God is using both of you in the large scheme of God be the glory, great things He has and is doing...and I was able to log in or the special cybee-space prayer mtg....the presence of the Holy Spirit was in (the parsonage) as you call it!! We are so excited to see things at ThE NOW MOVING HERE AND NOW! so much love,Mom Darlene