Thursday, May 15, 2008


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to make a comment without the compass of Bishop's directive.

It is time, if you ever have done this and understand it, to lift the arms of our leader.

Should those arms fall CITN will fall.

For whatever the reason there is no comment posted and for that matter even when they are posted, there is also reason to pray and interceed for our Bishop.

famman87 said...

Good Morning, all...

Sorry to have missed you yesterday. Started training at anew job, and had to rush to get my family to church.

praying for us all,and will catch up afrter training today...

Great things are coming to us all today!!!!!

This IS the day...

Much Love...

Anonymous said...

Oh to hear Him say "well done". Today that we would all decide to decide to follow His lead in all that we do.

peacemaker said...


Anonymous said...



"Be still and know that I am God"

DoubleBack Alley said...

A blank canvas Sahib? A call to meditation? Perhaps contemplating the lint in one's navel? Intenal musings of the origin of eye floaters? Will the Bears ever draft a running back? If the alley is truly doubled back, was there ever entry?

Contemplation is the key contentment.

Ain't God Good?

Avatar said...

Top of the Mornin', ALL!

Hmmm. No Title or comments for direction.

Guess I'll assume that the direction I have a desire to head in is the right one.

First, I was up to see deCrussade's quote. Even had a thought all typed out, but sensed that it needed something and decided not to post it.

So, it feels a little weird not seeing anything posted and not seeing y'all, but also exciting. Woke blank this morning too.
"Walk by Faith".
"Love Anyway".
"Seek to Prophesy."
All logos words for me today.
I will watch to see what you say today, Lord. Otherwise, I'll do what I know to do.

Be back to let you know how it goes, y'all. This is fun!

Anonymous said...


I'm not just sitting here, I blogged something!


Anonymous said...


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey bloggers-by-faith,

Everything’s cool…very, very full day yesterday…trying to locate the current of faith in the river of God to take us to the other side of CITN financial situation…board meeting after church went until after 11:00 PM…got home and was still taking care of stuff (emergency hospital call at 1:30 AM)…posted a quote to which Avatar referred, but it wasn’t really where my head was at so I deleted…creative tank running on fumes…still taking care of stuff this morning…was scheduled to speak in
Washington this Saturday but need and want to be with Dony and Reba in Nashville that day, so trying to work it all out…will get refilled and post something later today…thanks for starting’s all good…the just shall live by faith…

G8TRGRL said...

AYITN... #3 Today I will transcend impossibilities, as the pressure applied to me personally from striving to reach my goals affects me positively by activating my faith. When things look impossible, I will simply find a miracle, because I will not have an alternative. When push comes to shove, and Pharaoh's army is at my heels, I will use what I have in my hand to part the Red Sea!


'nuf said...! TTFN

Anonymous said...

‘Hello Daddy.’ As we climb into His lap. ‘Hello Favored’ responding in the welcoming and resonating smile. We love Him, it flows in and out of us and in and out of Him. ‘Thank you, You are everything ‘ we are energized, at ease, and strengthened in His arms. How the power and light consumes, while supporting us. We sit up, peer into His face, smile, He is wonderful, and inspiring and so very safe. He sees the glint in our eye, and laughs a small chuckle that rumbles through us. “ What is on your mind, favored, I can see it in you’.

‘Remember the guy who asked for a miracle, about the wet wool/dry wool deal? Asking You for that small thing so he would believe You were there? ‘ And giggling a little, we remind ‘ And when Jesus was kind of put on the spot by Mary making the wine at that one wedding. How Elijah kept it from raining for years. How Joseph affected the lives of thousands/millions by his decisions, in how he knew the dreams. How David went on conquests, changed lives based on his own desires. How those many times the Spirit confused an army who then went running, or how hearts and minds were changed by You, like Pharoh’s. How fun it was when Moses spoke how You said. How money could be found, diseases healed, and then salvation provided across the board. How trust in You changes everything. That minds can change by people connecting with You, or if You ‘drop’ in on them like Paul?’ ‘You can change minds and hearts, like the sheet rolled down for Peter, kind of ‘out of the blue’ (we crack up at that one—out of the blue.) Sometimes You change the minds , sometimes You let them change at their pace. Remember’

“Yes’ He says amused. ‘Where are you going with this?’ (as if He doesn’t know, but He does bring Himself to our spot, we suppose to enjoy our expression, intensity, hope, so He sets aside knowing what we are thinking to enjoy our thrill of the approach).

‘You like to do things really big, and have said we should be bold.’ His smile is broadening. ‘Come on spill it’, He presses, giving us a little tickle. Enjoying the playing, we laugh, falling back into His arms. ‘Well, we are asking for a nuclear event in some particular hearts and minds. Something that will astonish, confound the most wise, and that will bare Your awesome arm of Love and expression, that no one could ever see coming, or ever see as anything but Your presence. How You can split into the very fiber of the heart and mind of any of us, unveiling Yourself in us’

‘Go on’, he nudges. We are really having fun.

“ OK, consider invading the hearts and minds of the entire Middle East creating a fusion reaction - Every culture, group, belief in The Middle East mutually edifies each other, finds hostility so sickening they immediately puke it up from their spirit, Love is awakened in every heart, Repentance from their fear, distrust, produces a mushroom cloud in the Spirit over all the area, love, joy, peace, seeing Your radioactive glow in each other. Something that cannot be mistaken for anything but Your move, in a day, overnight, suddenly, all of them are praising You in their own language and manner’.

‘Why these brothers and sisters of yours in particular’, He inquires, smile broadening if that seems possible.

‘’Cause it seems the rest of the family gets so ruffled when they fight, probably because we love them all so much. Besides, it has great splash value. Talk about confounding every expert in the universe. Just visualize Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Yemenis, add in the Turks, Greeks, and Libyans to go really over the top - all waking up from the stupor. Their hearts and minds unveiled, the world would be wonderfully perplexed. Talk about 24 hour news coverage Everything is possible for You, wondrous Abba’, we laugh and gleam.

He laughs warmly, ‘ That is a bold one. No one would expect it, you all are right on that count. There is nothing else you ask for first, like getting rid of cancer, or unveiling the abundance around everyone? ‘, He tests. ‘Oh, that will come’ we respond in chorus. ‘Will come?’, He raises His eyebrows, ‘ So you have a timeline on this in your minds ?’ ‘If it is OK with You, we were thinking this weekend would be wonderful.’

‘Ohhh, why THIS weekend, if I may ask’, clearly joyously entertained by our boldness and time frame.

‘Because, there is an anniversary celebration THIS weekend in Georgia, you know, the one in Conyers, and it would be so exciting to dance all around seeing Your presence in this way around the world, everybody talking about You and the miracle non-stop. We are asking because You said we could ask anything in Your name, and in Your plan, and You would do it. This is certainly something only YOU can do, talk about The SUPER in the natural. Then all the creativity, hope, new ideas, mind shifts in the natural. Them fighting all the time hurts and confuses us, and we certainly have not been able to bring them together. We love them so much. We can see they all have been so stubborn, but like You showed Peter, All of it is Your creation, and All of them are good. Please, for us. We love You like crazy. Anyway, this is way better than wet and dry wool any day of the eons!’

Anonymous said...

With what is going to happen this weekend it is no surprise that there is no comment.
Miracles & Blessings are in the air.
Reach for them. Keep your eye's & heart focused on the Father.

lhollow27 said...

I speak peace to all of us today. As there will always be storms we as a people know that joy comes in the morning. Let us all sit back and take in today what the Lord is saying to our spirits. Anxiety of the current situation has certainly played a part in my attitude today but I am strong in the Lord and I know that this is the "to" that is taking me to my next Glory. For some reason the word "whisper" is revealing itself. Lord, there is a lot of noise going on and I am faithful and will listen to the whisper that is transcending from your spirit. I thank you that when all heck is breaking lose that I find your peace that calms me down and helps me to think rationally. No need to panic, for we are all being kept under the wings of his righteouness and glory. The noise that is so loud is only that....noise. Listen to what is being said in the soft voice of triumph. May all that have breath PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!
In Jesus name amen!

Anonymous said...

Good morning All,
I felt impressed to write this, this morning.

Speaking in tongues silently:
This is a subject that I have never shared with anyone. I never felt the need to or was around anyone that I thought would be open to the subject.
I remember the first time I was baptized in the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues; it was at a revival at an AG church the same month of my 30th birthday. I remember the preacher asking me what I wanted and I told him I wanted it all, salvation, baptism of the Spirit, and a new start. I had wandered away from the Lord and I wasn’t even sure He would take me back; some of you know what I mean. I was about as low as I thought I could get. Well the preacher had me pray the “sinners’ prayer”, you know how it goes; then he said “I am going to anoint you with oil and you are going to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and speak in other tongues when we pray for you. He called two other preachers over there and they laid hands on me and prayed that I would be filled with the Spirit. I almost immediately was filled and began to “stutter in other tongues” they said I was speaking, I think I was stuttering. It was like I was drunk; I started dancing around and even ended up running around the room. This was all totally out of character for me as I was usually very shy especially in a crowd, not that night, I didn’t care, I and my savior were having a great time. Something changed inside me that night that has stayed with me to this day. But the tongues did not stay at that time.
I did not speak in tongues again until about a year later. It was a strange experience. I was at home alone in my apartment reading and studying the bible and listening to classic hymns on a tape. I went over to my bed and knelt down to pray as I was accustomed to do. As I was praying I just suddenly started speaking in another language; it freaked me out! I started to pray again and I switched from English to another language again. Now this was really freaking me out. I was even a little frightened of it. I hadn’t asked to speak in tongues; I wasn’t studying about spiritual gifts. I thought what in the world is going on here. I found that I could start or stop at will. Now I believe the difference in my first experience and the second is that the first was “the evidence of” tongues, and the second is “the gift of” tongues. I am not trying to make anyone else’s experience fit mine. I am just saying what I believe about my experience with The Spirit. Well to make a long story short from that day to now I can speak in tongues any time I want and I do often. I have learned that this is another level of prayer to God that just can’t be entered into in my natural tongue. It has deepened my relationship with God and changed my life. My relationship with God has had many unusual events; things that didn’t exactly fit the standard church paradigm; that’s just how God has dealt with me through the years.
In a short time I found out that even when I am praying silently I can pray in English or tongues! It sounds the same in my head as it does coming out my mouth. So I pray in tongues silently often throughout the day. This has really become such a part of me that I have sometimes forgotten and began speaking in tongues out loud in public. Of course I caught myself and stopped; like Paul said some unbelievers will think you’re crazy. And I have gotten some odd looks a few times. Although at certain times, I do think that the Spirit prompts me to speak in tongues in public when praying for someone when I meet them out shopping or whatever. When I say “in public” I don’t mean the church.
I was wondering do you ever speak in tongues “silently”?


Kristy said...

Bishop, just wanted you to know in the parking lot last night before service, I prayed for "His word" (the one I specifically needed to hear) and as amazing as ALWAYS you delivered! Right on Time, EVERY TIME. THANKS Hope you are blessed on all your travels this week and everything goes smoothly.

Mystic said...

"Hello Daddy"...was most interesting...thank you for taking me out of "me" and putting my mind on something that matters to the whole earth. I know that my mind will probably head back to my own issues later (have to be honest)...but for now...well that's really cool. Thanks again. I do love this place and all of you wonderful, creative, marvelous, spiritual people.

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