Thursday, May 15, 2008

OK, Here's the Deal...

Wow, a lot’s going on today…so what else is new? First of all, thanks to those of you who went ahead and posted comments this morning before I wrote anything (see below). There are 15 posted at the time of this writing, including my explanation of why there was no article here earlier today.

As far as the financial stuff goes, all I can tell you is that I was basically preaching to myself last night, and I’m being attentive to walk in that word today. God’s reality for this house must be my/our reality, so I will speak of the non-existent things as those they already exist, as He does (Romans 4:17 AMP). I may have more about that later, but the bottom line is that, at this point, I need for you all to hear directly from the Spirit of God concerning your responsibility to whatever level of covenant commitment you have with this ministry. The flesh profits nothing, so I will leave it at that.

Anyway, here’s what is happening now. I have had to draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit as Comforter a lot this week because of the death of Dottie Rambo. Most of you wouldn’t know it, but back in the day, her ministry was a big influence on my life, and had a direct connection to my own songwriting. I loved her very much. And you obviously know how close I am to Pastors Dony and Reba, so of course I wanted to attend the funeral in Nashville on Monday, if for nothing else than to be there for them. The death of a parent is one of the biggest and hardest things that anyone ever goes through in life, but it is especially difficult for only children. I have always related to Reba as an only child, as I’m sure any of you who are only children would understand.

But I couldn’t go because there would be no way to do that and get back for the Kim Clement meeting that night, so I found out that there was going to be a time of visitation at the funeral home on Saturday, so Debye and I decided to drive up Saturday and right back to be here for church on Sunday. So when P.Dony found out that we were coming, he asked us to come up Friday night and stay at their house and go with them to the funeral home on Saturday.

I was certainly glad to do that and to have some time with them, the only problem was that I was tentatively scheduled to speak in Washington on Saturday at the American Clergy Leadership Conference. So I thought that I could get out of that, but this morning I got an e-mail from Rev. Jenkins stating that they were definitely expecting us and were bringing in all these pastors from the D.C. area to be at the meeting which is about the Global Peace Festival. So I immediately returned his message and said that I wouldn’t be able to make it because I had to be in Nashville on Saturday because I couldn’t be at the funeral on Monday.

Then, as soon as I sent the message to him, I got an urgent message from Kim’s secretary that there has been an emergency with Kim’s mother in South Africa that sounds like a life and death situation, and that Kim has had to leave Israel to go to S.A. and needs to postpone the meeting here. So I called Rev. Jenkins and told him that I could, indeed, speak in Washington on Saturday, and then called Dony to tell them that we could be at the funeral after all, so he invited us to come up and stay with them on Sunday night and go to the funeral with them the next day, and maybe even participate in it (which would be a great honor for me).

So…Debye and I are back on for Washington on Saturday, the Sunday service is still going to be amazing, we will be able to attend Dottie’s funeral, and we have Kim tentatively scheduled a couple of weeks later on June 14th and 15th, which I think is Father’s Day weekend. At least that’s the way everything stands at three o’clock on Thursday afternoon.

If anything changes, I’ll let you know.


P.S. I'd like to hear from you today, so post a comment. It doesn't have to be lengthy or profound...just let me know you're out there.

And, Dennis, I accidentally posted this on your bad...but I deleted it.


Friend4Life said...

Im out here..LOL Was going through my email just now and got Jane's. See that you have had a busy day, Bishop.

Very cool that you get to do ALL.

This weekend is going to be "Amazing"

Cya around,

((Love ya ALL))

tracy said...

IT IS ALL GOOD.....Repeat after me. I personally had rather hear from you anyway. No offence to Kim. Daddy God knows what He is doing and He has it ALL covered. Things look bleak for us financially right now too, but that is through my natural eyes. He is about to do something AMAZING and I can't wait to report back. A big hang in there to anyone else experiencieng the turbulence before landing.

Lindsey P said...

Lindsey Pettite?

I love CITN soooo much and all that it has to offer!! Have Your way here Holy Spirit!!

I just speak peace, strength, clarity & lots of extra energy to Bishop and Pastor Debye for the busy weekend ahead. In the name of Jesus!!

I lift up Kim Clement’s Mother… In Jesus Name.

SUNDAY is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Holy Spirit, I love You and I thank You for this day!!
In Jesus Name.... AMENNNNNN!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still on board.
Tell Pastor's Dony & Reba my prayers of peace are with them.
I'll Keep Kim Clement and his mother in prayers also.
Isn't it great that God worked it out for you guy's. Wish it was on better situations but at least you are doing His good works. I pray peace over you also and that your travel will be productive.
Be Blessed

mayam said...

I am here, walking in faith/belief with you and seeking the personal command on my life/duty/covenant with CITN.

My prayers are with Kim, his mother and his entire family.

Love you and Pastor Debye

Rest easy,

creme bruille said...

It's all good... I agree w/ what Tracy wrote.All hell is breaking loose in our lifes and yet I've never felt so calm. We believe in this ministry and the life of it , CITN is our home. I feel so proud every time I drive on the property, "Where would we be..." if we didn't have Bishop and Pastoe Debye. This is the Greatest Ministry in the World!!!!!We will be praying for you guys this weekend. Looking forward to Sunday.Peace

HollyC said...

I think there must be something in the water.. My day has been just as crazy.

Heyyyyy Friend,tracy,lindsey,laura and Bishop.

lhollow27 said...

I think it would be an awesome week for a whole lotta praise and worship. What about a fundraiser.....we could title it
"We need a PROFIT!" LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we pray for something that is very dear and close to our heart to happen and for a time wonder why God is not responding. It is when we let the thing go that God opens our eyes and reveals that what we needed was right before us with in our reach all the time. It was his timing and our lesson. But there it is, and then we rejoyce.

Glory comes in the morning, his blessings, grace, love, support,
etc...all are new, new, new, every day. That is such a comfort.

Friend4Life said...

Like that idea..{lhollow27}


AMEN(Pastor Lindsey)

In agreement w/ALL!!

HS..Cover us in all our needs TODAY!!

peacemaker said...

In a previous response, I told you something to the effect: "...the plans will work themselves out". I think then I was responding to your post about the Israel trip. It's beautiful to see that still working concerning all you have going on over the next few days. Once again, the plans worked themselves out on your behalf. That seems to be a perk for staying in the Now.
It seems though, that Kim's Mothers illness is part of the "plans working themselves out" thing, so I feel very sure she will be fine and this is not a sickness unto death. Kim will reschedule and everything will be better than ever.

I wish I could give you a word of assurance concerning the financial situation, but you have probably heard enough "words" about it to put into several volumns. What you need to, and I believe will see, is "action" that speaks louder than "words". I stay in continual agreement with you for that.

I'm glad you're spending time with Dony and Reba. Washington is great and I'm glad it worked out but your time with the Rambo family is exactly why everything lined up. The words you speak to them will be awesome but it will be your presence that will bring comfort and healing. Even in the midst of your own greif.

Peace to you...


Mystic said...

I apologize for not posting; it seems many of us are going through personal issues lately...but I'm with you and with CITN, Bishop. You have my prayers and complete support.

Bloggers: I have missed y'all and am praying for you/thinking of you...I'll be back soon.

Blessings Blog Fam...

"elle" said...

Wow, life does get crazy sometimes, doesn't it? Prayers for peace, comfort and strength! Take a breath or two. Rest in Him silently, and listen for His guidance. It (He) will be there... wherever you lay your head.

dgm2007 said...

wow. thats crazy. Man the sermon yesterday was awesome. I cant sum it up at all so i will leave it at that. walking in the message is so tough. I told myself that this year God would do everything. and boy does prophecy over urself really work. its like he is doing everything and he so listens to me and I him but its crazy how much you have to really walk on faith.. its blowing my mind, I was trying to plan out my life and it hit me.. i submitted myself to god and I was just getting frustrated trying to write anything down and stick with it.. not that we shouldn't have goals or plans.. but i think im going to learn how to pray for ppl this summer. I keep hearing my prayer language and i totally ignore it. then i just hear the spirit tell me a name of a friend to pray for. Its so annoying i am trying to ignore it.. but i guess im going to have to pray for ppl :) so yeah thats the delima.. oh well.. and God is so in control.. what can i do with out him. what can any of us do... nada.

dgm2007 said...

ps... i think its really cool to think about the way we use the word hell. a few weeks ago you talked about the purification of fire and it just made me thin kof how ppl always say that all hell is breaking loose. so all purification is happening hte trying fires.. i dunno probably has been said but im just saying..and ive been all over that renewing my strength like an eagle.. cool stuff.. its growing back!!!!

nancy said...

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Our prayers are with you Bishop and Pastor Debye as you travel to Dony and Reba's.
Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Thank God we can cast our cares on him! He is working it all together for our good.
Grace and Peace on your journeys..
P Nan

lhollow27 said...

So really, would it be low class of me to ask for a number that we need? I mean if it is our church and we need money, then I think it may not be a bad idea to publish the number we need. So the concept from spending years in sales is to put your number in front of you at all times and dont rest until you execute it. It worked for me...I never missed my goal and didn't rest until I hit it. I'm not like physco here by bloggin it up, but this is on my mind. For months we have been hearing about the funds. I give based on my agreement with HIM, but if an extra commitment from everyone could get us to our may work. ((Sales Manager Mentality)) I'm just thinking.....
We talking hundreds?
If we're going to take this serious then we need to take some sort of action to get there. Maybe AYITN today said it best something about using whats in your hand to part the sea. :)Two is Gods plan but the other requires action...I'm just sayin...
Together I have faith that we could move mountains. Can I get some ideas?
While streaming if we can't make it to Conyers, it would be cool to get a banner/tower that allows you to give. (HEY, YOU'RE SAVING GAS- THERES SOME FUNDS)

Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone,
I know it is difficult right now for the Bishop with all this at one time. But it was also wonderful to see God work it out. My prayers have been going up for it all, God will handle the financial part too – (through us and others, its not going to rain hundred dollar bills)

I posted this on the other untitled post toward the end so I don’t think many saw it and I am really just curious; am I just weird or something or has anyone else had this kind of experience?

Good morning All,
I felt impressed to write this, this morning.

Speaking in tongues silently:
This is a subject that I have never shared with anyone. I never felt the need to or was around anyone that I thought would be open to the subject.
I remember the first time I was baptized in the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues; it was at a revival at an AG church the same month of my 30th birthday. I remember the preacher asking me what I wanted and I told him I wanted it all, salvation, baptism of the Spirit, and a new start. I had wandered away from the Lord and I wasn’t even sure He would take me back; some of you know what I mean. I was about as low as I thought I could get. Well the preacher had me pray the “sinners’ prayer”, you know how it goes; then he said “I am going to anoint you with oil and you are going to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and speak in other tongues when we pray for you. He called two other preachers over there and they laid hands on me and prayed that I would be filled with the Spirit. I almost immediately was filled and began to “stutter in other tongues” they said I was speaking, I think I was stuttering. It was like I was drunk; I started dancing around and even ended up running around the room. This was all totally out of character for me as I was usually very shy especially in a crowd, not that night, I didn’t care, I and my savior were having a great time. Something changed inside me that night that has stayed with me to this day. But the tongues did not stay at that time.
I did not speak in tongues again until about a year later. It was a strange experience. I was at home alone in my apartment reading and studying the bible and listening to classic hymns on a tape. I went over to my bed and knelt down to pray as I was accustomed to do. As I was praying I just suddenly started speaking in another language; it freaked me out! I started to pray again and I switched from English to another language again. Now this was really freaking me out. I was even a little frightened of it. I hadn’t asked to speak in tongues; I wasn’t studying about spiritual gifts. I thought what in the world is going on here. I found that I could start or stop at will. Now I believe the difference in my first experience and the second is that the first was “the evidence of” tongues, and the second is “the gift of” tongues. I am not trying to make anyone else’s experience fit mine. I am just saying what I believe about my experience with The Spirit. Well to make a long story short from that day to now I can speak in tongues any time I want and I do often. I have learned that this is another level of prayer to God that just can’t be entered into in my natural tongue. It has deepened my relationship with God and changed my life. My relationship with God has had many unusual events; things that didn’t exactly fit the standard church paradigm; that’s just how God has dealt with me through the years.
In a short time I found out that even when I am praying silently I can pray in English or tongues! It sounds the same in my head as it does coming out my mouth. So I pray in tongues silently often throughout the day. This has really become such a part of me that I have sometimes forgotten and began speaking in tongues out loud in public. Of course I caught myself and stopped; like Paul said some unbelievers will think you’re crazy. And I have gotten some odd looks a few times. Although at certain times, I do think that the Spirit prompts me to speak in tongues in public when praying for someone when I meet them out shopping or whatever. When I say “in public” I don’t mean the church.
I was wondering do you ever speak in tongues “silently”?


famman87 said...

Bishop Dad,

I'm sorry for the circumstances, but not sorry that you are able to do all that you need/want to do.

maybe cliche' but, every cloud... and God works in...

Dony and Reba, Kim and family, all of here who are going thru... many prayers.

Remember that...WE ARE GOING THROUGH!!! There's no stopping us and the other side is going to be incredibly more than we can ask or imagine.

Tracy, I agree. Kim is awesome, but I feel the Spirit of prophesy will be strong Sunday anyway...

lhollow... funny.. LOL with ya...

Supernatural...(dc talk)

This worlds a tortured place to be
So many things to torment me
And as I stumble down this road it takes a toll
These days and nights I turn to you
No human hand can pull me through
No cosmic force or magic brew will ever do

But I can see it coming
Youre not so far away
cause I can feel your power
Surging through the whole of me

God is there and he is watching
He tells me all is well (its supernatural)
God is there, theres no denying
He's supernatural (its supernatural)

Beyond this physical terrain
Theres an invisible domain
Where angels battle over souls in vast array
But down on earth is where I am
No wings to fly, no place to stand
Here on my knees I am a stranger in this land

I need an intervention
A touch of providence
It goes beyond religion
To my very circumstance

God is there and he is watching
The signs are everywhere (the signs are everywhere)
God is there, theres no denying
Its supernatural (its supernatural)

In six days, the universe was made
And from the dead a man was raised
They say he walked across the waves
And I'll believe it to my grave

But I can see you coming
You're not so far away
cause I can feel your power
Surging through the whole of me

[yeah, yeah, yeah]
[god is supernatural]
[yeah, yeah, yeah]

Much Love y'all.

vaughn said...

Bishop and Pastor Debye, Pastors Donnie and Reba, we are here and we lift your arms up in the spirit! Take refuge in knowing...The Holy spirit is with you!

We will continue to watch as well as pray!


Ebony said...

Have there ever been times that you wanted to say something to someone that would encourage them, but you didn't know what to say, or were afraid to sound cliche and scripted? That's where I am right now. But I do know that this is all working out for good, and now that God's still in charge.

dgm2007 said...

yo dennis read my post.. i u can.. fun-e i pray so much in english i think the HS is just like.. talk to me some more.. lol.. i dunno if im making sense.. but thats true the whole nother level. type deal of prayer. adn he answers every prayer every doubt.. its hilarious.. he told me what school i was going to and which wouldnt take me.. and he was right. ive learned to trust the HS... but i just dont want to commit to the whole prayer in tounges thing outloud. i hear it in my mind like u do dennis but im like i really dunt wanna.. so i think im having an internship in prayer for the summer. :) pz yall

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tracy. I would rather hear you Bishop than anyone even Prophet Clement. You feed us every week and I look forward to eating from the table you spread before us.

Anonymous said...

Bishop & all,

Greetings in the name of the Lord. Blessings and a full meal from the table of the Lord!
I speak the overwhelming Peace of God into these situations, knowing that He that began a good work in us is able to complete it. His hands are neither slack nor weak to those that wait upon Him. The compassion of the Lord is upon these words and undeserved favor has risen in us through the Spirit.
The Spirit of peace has been heavy upon me all day, a peace that sends care and worry to the recesses of space. All is well.
Like you said the other night Bishop, God will not change to agree with our circumstances, we must change to adhere to His will as it is in Heaven. Peace reigns. Mercy reigns. Joy reigns. Abundance reigns. God reigns. We reign.
Far be it from me to know all the inner workings of God and His plans. Like a father will not share all that he knows at once with his young children, God gives us only what we need to know for the day and a sprinkle to lead us into our future.
Aren't we glad we know God and aren't we glad we can simply take His hand silently sometimes and just look up to Him knowing that wherever He is leading us is good.

Love y'all!


Anonymous said...

We're thinking about you and know that God will give you the strength you need.

I listened to your blog music almost all day and it really strengthend me for all that I had to do! It was so encouraging, and uplifting. There is nothing like music that really touches our hearts and confirms that God hears and knows everything we're going through. He is always there through the thick and the thin.

Not by power nor by might, but by His Spirit! That's how we keep moving on ... and up!

We love you and Pastor Debye and know that because you're called, you're always called on.

Peace and blessings,

Smiths (Hen, Lou & Les)

mayam said...

I am in agreement with Larry and all...and pray that a Now touch from God uniquely sustains, restores and refreshes each of you according to your circumstances - those who read and did not write as well as every blogger.

I pray for Kim Clement's mother, for Kim, and for his family; that they may receive the fullness of God's comfort, love, and peace.

Holy Spirit, compel each of us to continually seek the now bread we are hungry for and the fresh now water that we are thirsty for.

With love, with unselfish desire, and In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Avatar said...


Groaning too deep to type.

Teezy313 said...


Well that was surely wierd....everything gets changed around...deffered of our original plans only because of a move of God....I always believed that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and I feel no different here....something really good is going to come from all this I know it.....

Strength and traveling mercies to Bish and P.Deb...



Tom said...

Bishop Swilley,I just want to say I appreciate you very much.Sometimes you are the only voice of sanity in my life.

I think it's important that you attend Dottie Rambo's fueneral,because you have a healing presence.Their's an anointing on you to restore the beaten down and the broken and the Rambo family will need you,because if any one went through hell it's Dottie Rambo.

Grace and peace to you Bishop,healing to Kim Clement's mother and comfort and joy to the Rambo family.Love to all.Amen

Teezy313 said...

by the way blog family...

I went back and looked at some of the commentes from the "blank slate" post and I totally agree with the very first anonymous is really crunch time and has been lately and we need to keep our Bishop and first lady constantly lifted in prayer...not only them but the entire CITN/BITN staff and congregation.....

Love to all..


Teezy313 said...

Oh and Dennis...

Yeah...I've prayed in the Spirit silently...can't say that I did it so much that the first words I said were in the Holy Language afterwards but I can see how that would gives new meaning to spiritual thoughts.....



Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop and Pastor Debye,
Thank you for all the selfless hours that you pour out of your heart into us at CITN and abroad to bring healing and restoration.

I feel your heart right now and I know that God hears you. He knows exactly what you have need of and He will provide. Remember all the miraculous ways He has brought you through in the past. Don't be concerned whether people "get it" or not and don't take it personally when they don't. The Holy Spirit will help people catch the vision and see the financial needs by His Spirit.

Praying for you and Debye to have incredible peace in the midst of this storm and supernatural joy. Praying that your soul rejoices with the Holy Spirit and your mouths are filled with thanksgiving and praise. Crazy Praise! Praying that not only will you both feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit, but that you will see the manifestation of the mighty hand of God in the financial realm and in the spiritual realm like you have never seen before. Praying that the mountain of debt will crumble and everywhere you look is "blessings, blessings. blessings." Praying that you feel renewed strength and faith!


Anonymous said...

God is totally in control.. everyday.

peacemaker said...

how did I miss that...sorry.


Anonymous said...

I know that in my own "natural mind", I am being freed from the world system of reality, the world system of Mammom. It's hard to explain how deep the renewal that is occuring has left me with the Peace of God in all I do. My financial situation the past 4 years or so has been less than God's perfect will, but I realize the reality I live in is of my own creation - not His. At my insistence of not desiring to live this way anymore, my renewing mind is changing my reality (I believe the CITN influence has been key to my "seeing").
Through this transition, a couple of weeks ago, I awoke with a completely different paradigm on prosperity and abundance. I am still having difficulty "in the natural" explaining my revelation and the shift that is occuring - all I can tell you is that it is Spirit-driven and really defies explanation. Since that time, we have actually supernaturally prospered. (What recession?, What about the price of gas?) It is all temporary.
Years ago, P. Debye handed out gold bookmarks at Real Women to first-time visitors. The one I received quotes Matthew 19:26 "With God All Things Are Possible". I have had this taped to my computer for years and ultimately that is the only "vision board" that I require. As I walk more and more in His reality, I create the peace that passes all understanding in my reality. At some point, I know that I know, my reality will overlay and merge with His and at this point (as I allow it in my mind) this scripture will manifest in its fullness.
The only reason that Lazarus was "dead" for 4 days, was because of natural minds doubt and unbelief. Without doubt and unbelief, no purpose would have been served by the delay. Even though I have this revelation, I am still progressing in applying this to my everyday stuff.
God is Good - God is Faithful - God is Patient - God is in Control.
A couple of years ago, I heard Joyce Meyer say that the trip to the promised land was an 11 day journey that took the Israelites 40 years to complete. My immediate response to hearing that was "God, please don't make me spend 40 years taking an 11 day trip!" Since that time, my journey has, overall, been at warp speed and incredibly exciting. God could enlighten us in 30 days - but we could not receive it "all" that quickly. He is changing me at the perfect pace for me. I am grateful that I am receiving as quickly as I am, but also grateful that I am receiving as slowly as I am - It's all good! Receive yours in your perfect timing.