Friday, May 16, 2008

Eternal Life!

"That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of Life – the life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and declare to you. . . ETERNAL LIFE. . . therefore let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father. And this is the promise that He has promised us – ETERNAL LIFE." (1 John 1:1, 2; 2:24, 25)

Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I am living my life from the inside out: spiritually, first — mentally, second — physically, third. My reality is determined by the eternal part of me, where the fullness of the Godhead lives; I am a spirit being trying to find definition in the material world.

Today I will let that abide in me which I heard from the beginning — those eternal God-words that I heard when I was in Him at the creation of all things. I will base my knowledge on the speech of the spirit – those "I Am" concepts that my finite memory has not contained, but are still a reality in my inner man!

Today I will be empowered and energized by my awareness of what is eternal in me. The transient events of the day will be trivialized by the triumph of the ever-living, ever-lasting Mind of Christ. The "eternal me" is bigger than the events of this day, so they will not be able to overwhelm or overpower me in any way!

Today I will examine the building blocks of my world-view, and whatever I find in my foundation that is not based on the fundamentals of eternal truths will be challenged to change. I will make the choice to begin to receive my information from the voice of my Creator, rather than from the alternative messages that I have received since my earth-birth.

Today I will take the concept of seeing the big picture to a whole new level, as I focus on the larger ideas of purpose and destiny. My life is more than my current circumstances — I am here for a reason — my life matters because it is a valid and viable part of the grand scheme of things. I will believe this until I can feel it.

Today I will be able to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and still fear no evil, because I am alive forevermore. Death has no sting for me, because the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus liberates me from its grasp, and His eternal love produces fearlessness in me!

Today I will really live my real life, and today I will live in the now!

Father, help me to stay connected to my eternal life today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Anonymous said...

This is so good that I GOTS TA TELL SOMEBODY, so they can know bout it, too! Thank ya Jesus.

Kettly said...

Luke 1:37-“For with God NOTHING shall be IMPOSSIBLE.”

To My Dear Brothers and Sisters

The word IMPOSSIBLE is not in God vocabulary. We serve a God that knows no IMPOSSIBILITY! In Genesis 18:14- The Angel asked Sarah, “Is there any anything too hard for God?

Judges 6 tells us that “OUR GOD OF SUDDENLY ARISE.” The Bible says: When we arrive at a Red Sea situation and we desire that our Jehovah should arise and surprise our enemies “which is right now our FINANCES. We serve a good God, a Suddenly God, whose benefit we should not miss.
Our God is the God who does things unexpectedly, speedily, and quickly.
He does them at a time we do not expect, in a way we cannot imagine, so that He and only He will take the glory.

We serve a SUDDENLY God that hears us when we cries to Him. Why don’t we all come Tomorrow/this Morning to the Intercession Prayer, invoque the Lord concerning the Church financials difficulties, about Healing, Restoration, Unity, Love, Deliverances, etc.
Our Church needs us point blank! If we cannot bring ourselves to help with our MONEY, than let’s do it with our Prayers. Let’s make a COLLECT CALL to our Suddenly Father, to help our Church with its VISION for us and for our kids. Come on let us, let our Prayers reach so far that nothing else can be done except to OPEN UP HEAVEN. I believe, because of the I am that lives inside of us; we are on a position right now, to say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH.”

The Lord said “ASK FOR THE NATION, AND HE’LL GIVE it TO YOU/US. So, let’s stand. LETS ASK HIM (GOD) for the Nation, better yet why don’t we just go for all?
Remember! The I am live inside of us. Because He is we Can Expect the unexpected Miracles, ECT.

You are ALL invited to this Miracles Power Prayer
1877 IRIS Drive
Conyers GA 30013
Tomorrow Morning/ Friday May 16, 2008 AT 9: AM
Thank You ALL.

My prayers go to Mrs. McGuire and the whole Family! Know the Lord Will supplies you with all the Strength you need. He will be with you always.


Anonymous said...

Good Early Morning Bloggers and Bishop,
It’s a new day, and I thank God ahead of time for all the blessings He has brought with it. What really jumped out at me in today’s post was “inside out”. This reminds me that salvation is a “process” in I believe three phases, spirit, soul, and body. We are justified then sanctified then glorified. Our SPIRIT WAS SAVED and justified by the blood shed death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our SOUL IS BEING SAVED by the sanctification of the Spirit. And our BODY WILL BE SAVED by the resurrection. I was, am being, and will be saved! I believe the spiritual part of me (that innermost man) is completely saved and in perfect harmony with the God; but the soul that fleshly mind that is the seat of my emotions and fleshly will (the “me” that usually thinks in my head and heart) is being sanctified by the baptism of the Holy Spirit as I give the Spirit control and walk in it; my body which is always at war with the other two and has to be continually brought under control will be saved and glorified at the resurrection. We are made up of three parts; spirit, soul, and body; and are saved in like order. There are many scriptures I could use to show why I believe this but I will not fill up blog space putting them all here.

1Th 5:23 NIV May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your WHOLE SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rom 3:24 NIV and ARE JUSTIFIED freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Rom 15:16 NIV to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles with the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel of God, so that the Gentiles might become an offering acceptable to God, SANCTIFIED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Rom 8:30 NIV And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also GLORIFIED.

2Th 1:10 NIV on the day he comes to be GLORIFIED IN HIS HOLY PEOPLE and to be marveled at among all those who have believed. This includes you, because you believed our testimony to you.

Rom 8:23 NIV Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the REDEMPTION OF OUR BODIES.
I believe “body” here is individually and corporately as the word is singular in the Greek and could mean either way; so I think it means both.

As I see it,

vaughn said...

You Bishop, I do embrace the eternal me that has been since the foundation of this world and I know that I am other worldy. When I think about A Year in the Now, it is an eternal work that will not be shaken and voice of hope to a hopeless world.

In 2002, just before you annouced (maybe a week)you were in the process of developing a devotional, I felt this book very strongly in my spirit. I wanted to translate your sermons, and put them in writing. At the time I had a devotional by the Copelands, and while it was good, it didn't have the prophetic voice I needed. Therefore, I said to my daughter that I was going to see if I could get permission to start a devotional with your golden sermons. One night on a Wednesday, you announced AYITN and the rest has literally been eternal.

One day while in the midst of the flu, I read your book for maybe, one hour, but aloud. Do you know that the flu symptoms dissipated and I realized that AYITN was so anointed and rhema that diseases were healed in the reading.

The pictures you are pairing with this masterpiece are phenomenal and I know suggest that we have the priviledge of having a desk AYITN. This just a suggestion however that has been in my spirit over the years and I know that it will have a tremendous effect.

I have ministered to many people over the years through this work and I want to bless you again for the compilation of your 30 odd years in ministry and on the church's 23 anniversary.

Silver or gold, have I not, but such as I have...

Eternal love,
Vaughn Evan

"elle" said...

Morning everyone!

Safe travels to Bish & Debye. My prayer is that in your efforts to promote global peace, God fills you with even greater supernatural peace... from the inside out!

And I agree with Vaughn... AYITN is a timeless treasure!

Be blessed, bloggers! Enjoy your Friday!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how AYITN prophesies a Now word every day we read it, and every day it is appropriate for what's happening Now! No one could have written a book that works this way except a servant inspired and used by a God of the past, present and FUTURE! A servant walking in his purpose and destiny.

Nothing can ease the pain of losing a loved one more that knowing that we were eternal before we were wrapped in the physical body and that we give up this physical experience and return to our original state.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that even when we lose someone, we are assured that they walked in their destiny and gave their gift to the world as Dottie Rambo did. We are reminded that we, too, must make our mark with the gifts and talents God gave us. It's interesting how we can be inspired in the midst of pain and difficult situations.

Bishop, Dottie Rambo inspired you and you have inspired many! We are all blessed and inspired to do the work of the Lord.

May you continue to do the work you were called to do!

May flower

Anonymous said...

That which we have heard from the beginning is a phrase that has intrigued me for a very long time. The best take heard to date that agrees with my spirit has come from Bishop Jim. He has spoken most things that have been resident in my heart concerning God’s Love that is all existent throughout the setting of eternity (if there can be such a setting).

In agreement with Kettly who says there is no impossibility with God, My spirit has cooperated with my carnal mind that embraces science, fiction and science fiction to the degree that my imaginings have carried me to a place from before the beginning of the earth where we all existed (if no where else but in the mind of God) in a condition of perfect Love. It was there that I saw the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.

We could not fully understand the Love we existed in because there was no contrast so that Love gave an example of contrast by leaving perfect peace and became the first born into pain, anxiety and tribulation. As we followed, the travail of our soul was so great that we became alienated from perfect Love to the degree that many have come to believe it never existed. The confusion was so great that we began to organize the chaos by developing laws that had to be continuously corrected because of their own imperfection.

Then came God, in the fleshly dimension we now were trying to comprehend, God came as a man and performed the tangible work of temptation, presentation of Love, persecution for doing such, rejection by both man and the dimension of perfect Love (for a short time), entering the complete darkness of death through the cruel work of crucifixion, resurrection back to a place of present consciousness and finally leaving a witness of hope by ascending back to the place of perfect Love to be glorified as the Way, Truth and Life understanding of what we have known from the beginning.

The blood as described by Dennis is the same that flows through the veins of all mankind for all time. Our soul, spirit and body is kept blameless because our Christ came, saw and conquered everything imagined by God that is in opposition to perfect Love.

Vaughn, you are right in my book of understanding to embrace the eternal you and we should all seek to do not only do the same but let those who have seen the work of perfect Love from their own perspective know that we are in agreement that they are loved by the same God who loves us. In addition it is important to let that world know that we forgive them for their lack of understanding that has led to more tribulation on earth and acknowledge the role that we too have played in that same tribulation.

Should we be willing to negotiate with those who a society considers to be terrorists?

The social group of people belonging to those us may call terrorists also think of us the same way. If there are any among those who want to negotiate then it is a work of the same Love we have known from before the beginning that we should communicate.

Anonymous said...

Bishop - really needing to draw from "eternal life" today - thanks for the good word. Also, we're all receiving the promises of God regarding our/CITN's finances and I reaffirm that we are the seed of Abraham and thus HAVE the blessings of Abraham. We're somewhere in the future and we look much better than we look right now...and we're starting to look GOOD!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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, s u n

Scribe said...

Hello Family:

I have very little time online, but I felt the urgency from the Holy Spirit to post this. Hope that I'm able to get it all in before my online session expires.

This is part 1...

Written: Thursday Afternoon/
13 MAY 2004 @ 1329 Hours.

"Glory Hallelujah! For the Spirit of the Lord god Almighty has come to shake foundations and tremble the people from head to toe. This be a day of Divine Appointments / Opportunities, says God, and nothing shall be as it ever was before. for I, The Lord of Hosts have come to set the record staright and to usher in a new and greater Glory. The time has arrived for remarkable changes to take place and precedence, says GOD, for I have performed miracles and exciting things that are just being released in the tangible forms, says God. I do nothing without Divine Purpose, asyas God and all things that I do are of a master Plan, which is far more intricate than any could possibly image. Therfore, anticipate glorious lights to breakthrough the dark places and awesome revelations to be brought forth plain and clear. Because i am God, I require no assitance or input from the gathersing or masses, says God whin I desirre to do incredible things in the lives of my people. Surely I shall perform all that I have decreed, and even more than that because My Spirit is forever moving and yet providing everlasting peace to they who have been troubled, yet cry out to me int their times of distress. I am the Lord God Almighty and I have flooded life back into those barren places because wherever the spirit of the Most High God abides, there is life, truth, and abundance, Divine Health, WISDOM, and Deliverance, says God. Everything that you now see is subject to change RAPIDLY, says God, so lift up your Holy Hands and receive the glory, salvation, and Favor of God Almighty.

Because I alone am Lord God Almighty over the great and the small, know above and beyond all else that not only am I a Keeper of My Word, but my word never returns void. And this is a day of Supernatural Favor, Grace, abundance, and outpourings of Love. Despite the attacks of the enemy, praise me anyhow because clearly I have never seen te righteous forsaken or my children out begging for bread. Supernatural change and miraculous happenstance is enroute to your now. Those things which you were denied before have been approved and release to you right now.

Anonymous said...


Scribe said...

Part 2: Continuation from Last Post that I did not get to finish..

Cont. Written: Thursday Afternoon
13 MAY 2004 @ 1329 Hours

"From the smallest to the greatest, I am STILL GOD. So, let everything that have breath praise ye' the Lord, for you shal surely flourish and not fail, live and not die, be the LENDER TO NATIONS and not the borrower, as rivers of living water shall pour out of you suddenly and immediately. therefore, worry not over trivial things or timely provisions because I have made everything that you be in need of tangible, available, and enroute to you right now. The harvest is bountiful, but the laboreres are few. Be not weary in well doing because I have brought forth manifestations that you have not tasted of yet. Very quickly, says god, you shall see my face and hear my voice unlikeyou have never seen or heard before. I shall visit thee right where you live and everything that was locked before will be OPENED and OVERFLOWING! At all times, let the words of thy mouth and meditation of thine heart be pleasing and acceptable to unto ME. For truly, it is not what goes into a person that makes him / her unclean, but what comes out of him / her. Lift up your hands unto me and you shall receive tremendous blessings unexpected. Just because you have never tasted the fruit from the chosen lands does not mean that Possession isn't already YOURS. Because you have believed and trusted in me for all things you be in need of, I shall do even more than that and you will constantly be surprised at all tie wonderful things that your Father in heaven shall do on your behalf.

Stand still and know that I am God. I have gone out before you and made all the crooked places straight. No stone shall be left unturned because I am overturning tosehidden treasures and lost, untapped wealth. give me all the glory, honor, and praise because I am truly a magnificent Father and your Lord god Almighty that heals thee everywhere you are hurt. All needs have been provided for and nthing shall go neglected or lacking. The enemy is a liar and the gates of hell shall not prevail- not now or ever. Because I am God and I require no formal introductions or invitations- I always show myself mighty and worthy to be praised. You need not worry or stress over anything because I- Jehovah God have covered you in Love, Mercy, Power, and Grace. All assignments of hell are hereby broken, for you are on a Glory Mission for me and. No person, place, or thing will be allowed ot hinder you or impede your vision as you walk in humility and steadfast obedience unot Me- the Lord of Hosts. Shout Hallelujah for incoming phenomenal financial increase.

Selah... AMEN.

Anonymous said...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JUST BELIEVE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Donald said...

Bishop I am grieved when I think about the fact that CITN is in the midst of a financial situation. I fantasize about winning the lottery and being able to hand you enough money to pay off the mortgage. But until that day comes I’ll keep doing what I can. I love playing craps while simultaneously not having a deep fondness for casinos, but I’ve been thinking about going over to Biloxi and hanging out a couple of hours each weekend and getting a little extra jack to send to the church. And yes there is actually a sure way to win at the craps tables but I WON’T share that information.
But quite frankly it ticks me off that there are apparently members of the fellowship that are not doing their fair share. It won’t do anybody any good to whine to me about their financial hardships because I have already faced that battle. I know how it feels to lose everything and have bill collectors threatening to do this and do that. I know how it feels to be totally broke and then have hospital bills come in that exceed everything else that is already owed. I know how it feels to be totally broke and have two kids ready to go away to school and have to figure out how to pay for that.
When the going gets tough the tough get going. If you’re working at a job that doesn’t bring in enough to allow you to meet your obligations, then get another job. If you’re making enough that all your needs are met and you still aren’t supporting the church then SHAME ON YOU! If you can’t get a better job because you don’t have the right credentials, then go get the credentials.
I’m not heartless, but there are no excuses. I AM a betting man and I would be willing to bet that there are plenty of folks that sit on the pews of CITN each week that are awed by the teaching that they receive from the Bishop and are moved into the presence of God by the praise that is led by Pastor Jimmie or benefit from any number of the other “going ons” that happens at CITN but never contribute financially. That’s just WRONG!
I’m going to stop right now because if I keep going I’m gonna start cussin’.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you rock - which one you say, LOL. I just thought it was uncanny that out of 12 comments, 7 are anonymous, LOL

I speak peace to you today!

Scribe said...
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Friend4Life said...

Good Afternoon Every-1!! Love the pictures, Bishop.(Especially #5..want to be there--peaceful)

To Donald's post: I understand how you are feeling. Husband and I were talking about it last night. Looks like I need to fast again. It helped 2yrs ago; I know it will help again.

Waiting for Sunday's RAIN!!

mayam said...

Bishop and Pastor Debye:
I pray that you travel safely, speak boldly and walk in the fullness of your destiny...that you may return new beings to the platform place that God has ordained for your leadership. I pray that, upon your return, you find a new gathering of people - believers still, yet with freshly renewed minds, hearts and understandings.

I pray that we who call you Bishop and Pastor will explore the depths of our love for you, our commitment to the mission of this ministry, and the reality of the prophecy that we are each called to fulfill therein to loosen the deep things into manifestation and light. Let us travail, compel and prevail as one.

These things I ask in Jesus' name.

Anonymous said...

Hello all! Just stopping by on the eternal walk to say hi.
What is in your hand?
What is in your mouth?
Have I not given you all you need?
Are you not perceiving that you have all you need already?
I believe and therefore I speak!
I spoke the worlds into existence.
What is in your mouth?
If you abide in me and my words abide in you ask what you will and it will be done.
Speak it, don't wish it. Know that I am not a man that I should lie.
Believe and therefore speak.
What is in your mouth?
Speak it!


linda said...

knock'em alive in DC,
Losing your mom is a hard thing, as you know mom went to be with the Lord April 12.It really does help knowing that she is where she has dreamed of for so long. I still look next door at her house every morning and think that I need to go down and tell her the latest. Then I remember she's not there anymore so I just tell her outloud where-ever I am and somehow that makes me feel better. The great cloud of witnesses is very real to me lately,
That knowing is what helps me.
We love you and we will be there for you
Linda :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey All

Be Still And Know

Today has been a different day. I went to prayer this morning and there was a sweet sweet feeling in the house and I know that it was the presence of the Lord. I had situation that arised last night. I could have easily got upset and cursed out the people involved and it would have been a justified anger.You know It pays to keep guard over your mouth and thoughts.
I prayed over the situation and I sent an e-mail to check on the situation and I am happy to report all is well.
Whatever your going through watch your mouth and thoughts, pray & see what the Lord will do.
All Honor To His Name

creme bruille said...

Donald, I love ur blog. You are where I was at last Weds!!! :) Pastor
Scott said it so well, you don't show up to the party empty handed you can at least bring a 2-liter!!!
I loved Pastor Debye's voicemail she sent out today. She always gets me fired up.I want to do something radical w/ my giving this weekend. I've been really praying about it. This is to the tithers and the people who believe in this ministry and believe Bishops words haved changed their lifes,who when they here the words "Where would I be feels the wind knocked out of them, this is the people who I'm talking to right now! ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE, we've all agreed and are feeling the pains. I pray that you stretch your self even more. Whatever you have comitted to give, stretch your giving, give for your neighbor who's not getting it! Give,give,give!!! CITN is the only place I feel peace.Where would we be?I'm so excited you've been doing this 23 years and I'm thrilled to be a part of this ministry during these times. Let's give the largest offering in the history of CITN!!!! Have a yard sale tomorrow, have a bake sale, set up a friggin lemonade stand, cash your change in. Everyone needs to bring something to the party!!!! I'll leave it at that or I might start cussing!:-)

Avatar said...

Creme, loved your "thinking of ways to make some extra cash" list--especially that it is each person finding their own way! I'm doin' it. Heard of someone today who is going to tithe on money that is owed to them. Pretty cool.

I'm still groaning deeply today.
I don't think I've ever been here this long. But I sense it's the place to be for now.

Sometimes a name surfaces, which I speak out loud. One time something I was to do surfaced [which I did].

"SEE!" surfaces, often. I know each time which scene I'm hoping to "see", or just beginning to "see". I don't mean see as in manifested in the natural, but in the same way that Walt Disney said, when asked what he was staring at, he answered "my mountain", while he stared at the place which was to become Space Mountain.

SEE! The Kingdom has come in you.

Dennis, thanks for your comments on tongues recently. I'm intrigued by what you said about a possible difference between "evidence" and "the gift".

I have not received tongues as evidence or the gift. On my own years ago, I studied and asked God for a long time about tongues and for it. Still ask Him, when it comes up. I do especially love listening to it in others.

My search led me to "groanings that cannot be uttered", and "the greatest gift is Love." and eventually "just trust me"[God, that is].

Someone said to me once, "This is a tongue talkin' Church! You need it!" And then asked me if I'd done all the things they had done. Yes. I have and probably more. So, thanks Dennis. You inspired me to look for MY "evidence".

In your paradigm, I think I would say the clear evidence of "receiving the Holy Spirit" in my life has been an insatiable desire for the things of God. There are other evidences, but that was the first and at the time was the clearest.

Was it a second work of Grace? Could be. Or maybe a tenth or a fiftieth work? Daily salvation. Daily gifts. I daily want to be with Him more, learn more of Him and have the power to do the things He's given and gives me to do. And I'm grateful to know that other parts of the Body speak ALOUD the things that I trust I am groaning about.

Today I will really live my real life, and today I will live in the now!

Avatar said...

Godspeed, Bishop and Pastor Debye, at warp speed--from Conyers, to DC, to Nashville and beyond.

I say that the vision of the lyrics of the BITN playlist manifests in your sight this week, more than you've asked or thought!

lhollow27 said...

Great comments. News at work was great today, announcement went out about my new position. "They don't even know me like that!"
I want to blog, but I am too full and mushy and just deleted like a 500 word blog. ok just deleted another 500. It is not in the flow right now. Love to all the bloggers, I need to veg out and not think for a bit.
---peace, lhollow.
ps. TGIF, this week was nuts for us all. :) God has moved Bishop and P.Debye's schedule around for a reason. We are lifting your wings and it is apparent that where ever you are your steps are totally ordered. "Listen for the whispers....." I can't explain that but its there and I keep hearing it. The drama is just real noisy right now and negatives are trying to manifest. Shhhhh. LY

Anonymous said...

This note is from one who is in agreement with all who are in covenant with The Father.

I spent more time than usual with some true friends lately. All had profound things to say about what they would do with a little extra money that could be spent without adding more burdens to their current situation. One of them in particular made my heart leap when they said I would love to give to every charitable organization I know of.

Wait until you see what the leadership of CITN does with the gift from God through man in the form of currency (a now word) that comes in this Sunday and the following nine as a testimony of the Love continuum.

I agree with all as stated in the beginning and further agree with Anon who said “If you abide in me and I abide in you, ask what ever you will and it will be done” and Mayem who asked these things in Jesus name. There is reasonable evidence to me that abiding is a very real thing.

Evoking the powerful name of Jesus has worked some mighty miracles for me and as a witness it has for many others too.

I ask all who love CITN to bring an offering in addition to your regular offering in some denomination that has twenty three in it. Let it be twenty three dollars if that is what you can give extra or two hundred thirty or twenty three hundred or twenty three thousand or two hundred thirty thousand. Imagine what could be done with a quarter million dollars. Learning from Abraham’s mistake I will not stop there. Let there be two million three hundred thousand come in from the donor that has been holding back until now in Jesus name. And all who agree say amen.


Avatar said...


Interesting that you signed IHS, anon. My verification word started with those letters and I almost commented on it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone

Prayer this moorning basically involved peace. For those of you who have been praying for my stepfamily thank you. My stepmother went to be with the Lord about 30min. ago. Please keep the family in your prayers.
Peace To All

Friend4Life said...

Our prayers are with you, Laura.

Master'sMime said...

In the NOW, yesterday is made up of the experiences that led us to TODAY. Tomorrow is the HOPE we are NOT ASHAMED of. In the NOW, our LIFE takes on the gerund form. In the NOW, our plan may speak to TOMORROW, but our purpose speaks to TODAY.

N – navigating O – our W- way to the fulfillment of the purpose of Christ in our lives. In the NOW!

Philippians 3:13
Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do (NOW), forgetting (GERUND) those things which are behind (YESTERDAY), and reaching (GERUND) forth unto those things which are before(TOMORROW),