Saturday, May 10, 2008

Forgive The World! Pt. II

“You see, God’s love for the whole world – His paternal affection for the entire cosmos – was so all-encompassing and complete that He freely gave His unique Son to it, so that anyone from that world who believes in Him would not perish, but would awaken to the fact that eternal life is theirs. It certainly was never God’s intention to send His Son into the world to pronounce a sentence of condemnation upon it. Rather, He was perfectly focused on saving it...on redeeming the whole of humanity, everyone and everything on the planet...through the gift of that unique, manifested Son."
(John 3:16, 17 - John In The Now)

“Let me ask you something . . . our ancestors worshipped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”
“Lady,” Jesus replied, “Believe Me when I tell you that a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. The truth is, you Samaritans are basically clueless about worship. We Jews do understand the dynamics of it, for salvation, before becoming universal, is going to originate in Israel through the Jews. But there is another and greater dimension of worship that is opening up . . . one that transcends nationality or ethnicity or religion or ancestry."

(John 4:20-22 - John In The Now)

“But I do not pray for these alone…these who know Me as I am, here and now. But I pray for those everywhere and in every dimension of time, including those in the future, who will ultimately believe in Me through their witness and their word. And I pray that they all may be one in the now...all around this world of yours, not just the ones here in this time and place. Make them all one as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You. Integrate them as You and I are integrated – unified, in harmony, inseparable. I have actually given them the glory that You gave Me, so that it would be possible for them to be one, even as We are. I have become one with them in the same way that You are one with Me, so that they may become completely one. This unification – this melding and merging of separate entities into a perfect oneness – is the thing that will ultimately show the whole world that You sent Me. They will all see that You love My followers as much as You love Me."
(John 17:20-23 - John In The Now)



Erik said...

S Drive – Imbedded Word

This is an excellent word, I did not hear it all, but heard about it. What I love about the S drive, is that every human model comes with it as part of the standard programming. I realize this may be repeating a point to the extreme. Every human is created with the same S Drive. There are unique documents and sub programs for each one; however all are also loaded with external links to every other individuals website, We are all connected in the Holy Spirit Internet, with complete Wi Fi everywhere. There is also a link at immediate connection speed to THE Creator, God , G-d, Allah, Yahweh, ….. , and the extra special The Unrestricted ALL ACCESS LINK. That is the maximum rock & roll.

However, that one is without a natural safety net. The Holy Spirit is the only net there, which of course depends on receiving the Spirit of God, without receiving, it can leave the perception of a bottomless pit. Possibly, this is how people with real revelation then experience fear and distrust of God when they connect to the All Access link, while still depending upon a safety net comprised of natural circumstances, skipping the Spirit of God as the safety net. It seems unlikely anyone experiencing this would realize it, and would likely perceive that the net they have is God, and was violated (which of course Godnet could never be compromised)and would then have self righteous indignation as the natural result. Believing that their indignation is the same as God’s, would seem to then produce justification for hating another of God’s creation. To do that by a believer, would require they remove the ‘other(s)’ from the family of God in their mind. The All Access Link can be a hard one, but so very intriguing. I think that is what the point of The Spirit of God/ Holy Spirit- in our vernacular. With The Spirit, testimony is self evident, supplanting oneself as God, skipping The Spirit injection, one can , with the revelation, assume Godship and think their judgment is aligned with God’s.

It is not, ever.

Possibly, this is the support one or groups use to diminish other ones or groups, which can lead to justification for imprisonment , killing, torture, stonewalling , dehumanizing which offers all sides pretend peace in their choices. Reconnecting , forgiving on all sides, (those closest to The Spirit of God are in the best position to forgive first ) then embracing that We are all family, regardless of any clinging perceptions, to see as God sees each one, loved and favored, forgiven of whatever, embraced. Abraham, Jacob, David, Paul, Peter are excellent examples to those who cling to the label of Jew, Muslim, and Christian. These are actually human labels that have little bearing with The Spirit of God.

‘ I wan’na rock & roll all night, & every day…..’ Thanks for the All Access pass AND the Holy Spirit to go with it.

mayam said...

Today's Blog reminded me of a recent diary entry:

"When I sought a way to feed myself
I found a job;
When I sought a way to be myself
I found a mirror;
When I sought a way to express myself
I found images and words;
When I sought a way to refresh myself
I found an adventure...
a journey through ordered steps, revelations, reconciliations, renewals, salt, and sweet/tough love - eternal love for me and the world.

P. Debye said...

"But there is another and greater dimension of worship that is opening that transcends nationality or ethnicity or religion or ancestry" Jn 4:20-22 JITN....OMGSH! All I can do is speak in tongues!.....POUR OUT YOUR SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH! LET IT RAIN! AWEsome Honey!

My heart is in GREAT expectation and anticipation of The Sprirt of God in the NOW.... Debye

Anonymous said...

It is not hard to forgive the world when looking through the eyes of the same Christ who loves all the children of the world.

In this Christ the full nature and essence of God entered this present dimension of humanities understanding through a virtuous woman and became a son of man. During this time, God suffered the full tribulation experience of his creation as a man, the Holy Ghost was held in the heavens until the complaint of man against God that we are separate entities and the each could not understand the other was completely dispelled.

During this current day there are no excuses to offer for not being a Child of the God above all gods. The Holy Ghost is freely yours to lift your understanding above the carnal level of your fleshly trials and tribulations. You can see yourselves as being beautiful in your own unique way and a unified part of the world that God so loves.

How can you not forgive the part of the world that does not yet understand this Love?

You who believe in the Christ that unifies the world are on record as being God’s evidence exhibit number two but equal to number One who has all power, glory and dominion forever.

Having this knowledge arms you against the deceitfulness of lust for power.

There is therefore nothing to fear. Holy Spirit will follow, lead and carry you when needed in your journey to give this message of Love to a world that is dying in agony for this peace to be revealed to them. Whether you are called to stand in the open battlefield where no weapon formed against you can prosper or even if you are sent to the valley of the shadow of death where the only light that shines is that within, you will stand as the victorious with the Victor.

There is truly nothing to fear.

I say again, do not fear for I am with you.

ronnie lee said...

I remember when Elohim began to annoint my eyes with eye salve to see the truth of inclusion...One of those holy instants came while i was watching Ophrah (go figure!)
Princess Rana from Jorden was being interviewed concerning her altruistic outreaches, in the course of the interview they showed scences of her daily agendas with a camera crew..she bowed to Allah three times, on scheldule as was her daily practice. I remember thinking while watching her how beautiful and peaceful she selfless and compassionate she is.
What Erik posted is so illuminated with universal truth..i must print it and refer back to it often..Hear oh Isreal that the lord thy GOD is ONE GOD...and GOD is fear or torment can abide in that place. Bishop thanks for the fore running...This is off the topic but where has clark kent flied off too? He was pretty prophetic...I think he is a prophet..I thought maybee it could have been Kim Clement stopping by..

Lisa said...

Ronnie Lee I was thinking that was who Clark Kent was too!!!! Wonderful word today!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks Erik…great stuff…for those who might not know, he’s referring to the teaching from last Wednesday night…

Beautiful, Mayam…

Thanks, honey (P. Debye)…

Whoever Anonymous is…wow! That’s book-worthy!

Ronnie Lee and Lisa, Clark Kent was on here yesterday…

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone,
I’m just sitting here soaking it all in this morning. This is all great stuff today.

Bishop I love JITN I think you did a great “spirit filled job” of conveying the full intent of the original thought. As it would apply IN THE NOW!

Erik Wow that’s heavy; amazing how you put that all together. You may be doing a book signing on that stuff some day.

Pastor Debye, Yes! I think we are already seeing into that dimension NOW! And the Lord just keeps opening up that doorway into that spiritual realm a little more each time we look into it.

Anonymous, “looking through the eyes of the same Christ who loves all”……….that truly opened up the door for me to see into what you were about to say. Good stuff!

Ronnie Lee, You got me thinking about this Clark Kent thing now…..


Avatar said...

Hello dear ALL,
Letting you know I'm here. Needing to be silent for a while.
Listening, pondering "forgive the world" and all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, laughing with the boys from AK and MS!

Avatar said...

Behold, I do a new thing.

Almost posted that with my comments a few minutes ago. Came back here for something else and found---

10 new songs, new Niagra pic [very...oh, I don't know, just very VERY!] and new color!

Decided maybe I needed to add the "new thing" comment.

ronnie lee said...

oops! (Oprah) I missed yesterdays blog...did stream in wed. night as always.. Soooo, Lisa, Dennis..will we ever know? Will Clark reveal himself? When Clark first blogged..I called him Superman, i stated I was looking into his future..Could be or could not be..he is prophetic however...
Peace and Love y'all!

Scribe38 said...

Hello Family:

Sorry for not dropping in to add contributions for a while, but right now things are peculiar, so I'm limited to online time via the library. I've missed you all though. While I've got a few minutes, just wanted to share a few brief study notes that I hope will touch someone. Here are some highlights / insight God provided from a few scriptures I read a while back...

1. Philipians 2:12-18
(Abide in PEACE, work diligently unto the LORD. Let your light shine amongst the darkness so that others are drawn to the Spirit of God Himself. Do not grumble or complain, but be gracious in all things and Thankful unto the Lord. REJOICE!

2. Jeremiah 12:10-17
(Shepherds who have led God's people astray and trampled them underfoot and brought them to ruin, the GRACE of GOD will uproot those shepherds, make them a wasteland, and then re-establish the people of GOD as an inheritance to be treasured, planting them firmly on solid ground.

3. Colossians 4:5
(Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders. Be gracious in conversation, beneficial to others, and through the Spirit of God, we may know how to answer everyone.

Peace and Love to you all. Bye for now, until the next opportunity I have to share the love.

Lisa said...

Ronnie Lee and Dennis, I've been looking at KC's wensite and watching his clips etc... I'll have to go reread some of the posts to see if they have any similarities to them!!!! CK has been pretty prophetic and came on the scene when the dates were announced? Could be so dead wrong but it is fun to try to figure out! I am so excited about being ITB for Kim Clement. I can't believe Darling Hubby is letting me make that drive alone with the babies. New things are comming and restorations are happening and forgivness is happening in my little world!
Scribe I am praying for you Sis!!!!

"elle" said...

All hail to the BEAUTIFUL burnt sienna... thank you, thank you, thank you, Bish!!! Much easier on my aging eyes ;)

Haven't had much time to breathe for the last few days, so I haven't read the blog or comments in such a way as to comprehend them. I'm pretty pooped right now, so... be back later!

Kettly said...

Dear Bloggers,Bishop and P.Debye,

Today we are been reminding to “FORGIVE THE WORLD”! PART #2

Why it is so difficult for to “Forgive”?

On Matthew 6:14-“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

In the book(Defeating the Dragons of the World (Resisting the Seduction of False Values by Stephen D. Eyre)Quotes This:

"The Discipline of Community"

“The church is more than just a collection of saved souls. But we must practice the discipline of community if we are to tame the Dragon of individualism. We need to gain a proper sense of our own identity and understand what it means to be a part of the people of God.
Jesus’command us, “Love one another as I have loved you.” The Author said: He find the starting point for the practice of community, more than a feeling, and the love of Jesus is a selecting choice.
In the same way, the practice of community is choosing one another as God chose us. He said: that’s what Jesus command means: for us to love each other.
We are all in the same room, because Jesus has chosen us and brought us in. He is, what we all have in common.

He went on to say; while that is going on in our minds, Jesus turns to us and says, “Love one another as I have loved you.” I have chosen you to be part of me, to be at one with me. Now turn to each other, all of you and choose each other in the same way I’ve chosen you.”

The basics of our choice to forgive, is not the likeability of another, but the expectation of our Lord.
The practice of community is a choice that requires commitment. We must choose to do it and to keep at it. We do it because we are supposed to, not just because it works. We can learn to forgive each other, because our Lord commanded us to follow His example.
But not because we want to.

Forgiveness is an attitude:Apostle Paul wrote, “Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye” (Col. 3:13). (When we realized how much we’ve needed forgiveness in our own life, due to our fallen humanity and its natural learning for mistakes, we can quickly understand the importance of forgiving others).

Again I say this: if it is a hard time to forgive one? How devoted can we be, to let go and forgive the world?
Unforgiveness in our hearts blocks our capacity to love, and love is the keystone of all of our relationship as Christians. Quotes: “ Clift & Kathleen Richards”. Forgiving is letting go of all feelings of resentment. It is to pardon, relieve, and overlook the sins of others.

Let’s do this: Remember, forgive others and God will forgive you. Let us forgive the world, so our heavenly Father will forgive our family.

Prayers:Dear Lord,help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us. Through your grace we choose to forgive all those who have wronged us. Enable us, O God, to forbear with them in the same way that Christ has forgiven us. When we stand praying, we will remember to forgive anyone who has come against us. Knowing that you will also forgive us. Thank you for the power of forgiveness, Father. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we will walk in love toward others always. Let your love be poured out by your Holy Spirit within our hearts so that we will always respond to the actions of others with love and forgiveness. Praise your mighty name, dear Father Amen!
(Clift and Kathleen Richards)
Love & Forgiveness To you All,

tracy said...

Off the subject- an old friend from high school just lost her 8 year old daughter to a 4 wheeler accident. Ya'll please pray- her dad and mom both went "home" within the past 5 years. This just sux and totally puts my little world into perspective.

Leesa said...

Bish/Dad, Haven't had a computer all week. Somehow the English language is seeming limited, but I want to try and describe how I feel as I get to finally get a little caught up on the blog....

First, thanks so much for letting us know what is going on with you on your journey. It takes a lot to manage the time, effort and energy to do that. I am so grateful! Secondly, thank you for the pic of you and Pastor Debye... I can't tell you how much I miss you! I am not sure about the Moons being the "true parents"...I know you are MY TRUE Parents (not to take away anything/honor of the Moons...I'm just saying.... :) and lastly, I have missed your "voice" and when I got to the "blessing"...I literally cried. I cannot find adjectives either that clearly describes what I am trying to say but you two and GOD, GREAT, and GOODNESS seem to come to mind. So be it. I love you! Namaste! Leesa

Kettly said...

forget to say this, today is my late Mother's Birthday. I usually felt her presence around me,but this time i felt her presence in the physical.Everything in my body hurts. At first I did not understand what was happening,until
I was talking to my older sister, she mention today is mommy's Birthday. She said it's strange the way her body felt.She said, her body felt exauted like someone has beaten her. I've told I felt the same way too,and she said kerling felt the same way too.That's when realized if all of are feeling the same way,it got to be with taday's date. My Mother's Birthday.I am no afraid of the experience, but I believe it's her way of showing us, her spirit is still with us.
To those that lost a loved one(s), know that their presence are always will be with you.
Just wanted to share this experience w/t my extended bloggers family.(Hope u guys don't mind me sharing,this with ya!

Peace, Forgiviness,and Love!

Ebony said...

I was talking about this very subject with one of my friends today, she seemed so surprised I was able to forgive one of my co-workers who hurt on his way of the ladder of success. I told her, that harboring bitterness would do me no good. I've moved on, got an even better job, so what was bad at the time was for my good (and God's glory). It's so sad in today's world that having a capacity to forgive, or a being kind to people (my former pastor told me once I had the spiritual gift of Mercy, I'm starting to understand what that means)that it makes you weak. I'm all about the more excellent way, so instead of a grudge I forgive, and I love instead of hate. I think Don Henley said it best.

"There are people in your life whove come and gone
They let you down you know they hurt your pride
You better put it all behind you baby; life goes on
You keep carryin that anger; itll eat you up inside, baby
Ive been trying to get down
To the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak
And my thought seem to scatter
But I think its about forgiveness
Even if, even if you dont love me
Ive been tryin to get down
To the heart of the matter
Because the flesh will get weak
And the ashes will scatter
So Im thinkin about forgiveness
Even if, even if you dont love me

To all of the mothers on this board, for every scraped knee you bandaged, for every night you stayed in the room to keep the "monster" away. For the talks after the first broken heart. For interceeding for us when we were "wilding out". For sending money. For pinning on prom corsages, fluffing wedding veils, holding grandbabies and doing it all with a smile and a heart full of love. Thank You. We appreaciated it all, we still appraciate it, and we love you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Larry Usher said...

Tracy, made me cry about the little 8 year old...devastating. I have and will be lifting the mom up to our Father. Only He can turn this into something beautiful. I was watching a movie called "Joshua" the other night where a young women who had lost her husband in the same car wreck breaks a vase in frustration and anger in front of Joshua(who is a type of Christ in the movie). She later is given a small figurine made out of these same broken pieces which Joshua has made by hand for her & realizes that only God can take the broken pieces of our lives & make us whole!
One of the easiest ways to forgive is an example Bishop brought up in church one day: he asked if there was anyone we would not want to be worshipping along side at that moment, and I realized there were a couple of people that I definitely had bad feelings for and had to let it go. Another little unforgiveness problem I have had to battle is bad drivers! I have had to consider all drivers as members of my family and treat them with a lot of mercy! Works most of the time ;)
Kettly, that is so strange about feeling the pain today, but I just wanted to wish you a happy Mother's day in advance for God sees the end from the beginning!!!
Erik- you definitely have the Creator's ability flowing through your being and being lavished upon the "canvas" of your word creations! Amazing!
See everyone ITB tomorrow, feed the homeless down at the shelter tomorrow morning, pray for them, especially those moms that are on the streets!

Love y'all,


ronnie lee said...

Tracy I will be praying for that is soo sad..Kettly you will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days...i have empathy for your pain..

tracy said...

Thanks Larry- the mom is really angry at God and has been for a very long time.She has had a VERY hard life. Abusive alcoholic father, mother who died of breast cancer and now this. No words to justify, thank you for your prayers.

Kettly said...

thanks larry,for your prayers, and your wish for me. I received your words about God sees the end from the Beginning.

Ronnie Lee, thank you for keeping me in your prayers.You also will be in mine.

Tracy, I have this to say to the Mother,of that young girl.It's perfectly okay,for her to be angry,and be angry with God,right now. (like Bishop always say,God is a big God.He can take care of Himself). Telling you not,to be angry or mad will be an understatement right now.But, I will say this to you;Pray,that the Lord will revealed to you HIS purpose for you, after all these losses you have experienced.

Elizabeth P. Prentiss said in one of her Poem:

I thought that prattling boys and girls would fill this emmpty room;
That my rich heart would gather flowers. From childhood's opening bloom: One child and two green graves are mine, this is God's gift to me; a bleeding, fainting, broken heart. This is my gift to Thee.

This touching poem was written by Mrs.Prentiss,after the loss ot two young chidren.During this same time,while thinking on how God met Jacob during his times of deep need,she wrote the familiar hymn " More Love to Thee":
Let sorrow do its work,
Send grief and pain;
Sweet are Thy messengers,
Sweet their refrain,
When they can sing with me,

More love, O Christ,to Thee,
More love to Thee,
More love to Thee!
Philippians 1:9-11
Colossians 1:9

peace to your friend and family. And also to you.
love, Kettly

famman87 said...


Prayers uup for all of you.

Please lift up my house as well. Revelation and clarity needed...

Erik, AWESOME word, my brother.

Much Love...