Friday, May 9, 2008

Forgive The World!

Yesterday was the 60th Anniversary of the Nation of Israel, and, coincidentally, yesterday I received the itinerary for our upcoming Israel trip. It includes sightseeing in the Old City of Jerusalem – The Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, Mount Scopus, the Western (or Wailing) Wall, Church of the Ascension of Christ, the Tomb of Mary, the house of the Upper Room, the Tomb of David, The Basilica of the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, and more. We’re going to walk the Stations of the Cross, and visit the 700 year old home of an Ambassador for Peace in the heart of the Old City.

And all of that part is certainly going to be cool, but what I’m really excited about is the list of topics that we will be discussing with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders throughout the week, such as: “Abrahamic Faiths: from Coexistence to One Family under God”, “Israeli Perspectives”, “Palestinian Perspectives”, and “Strategies for Peace - Non-violent Social Change”. Later in the week we will be touring Jerusalem and then Ramallah, where I will be ministering on the topic of “The Reconciliation of the Sons of Isaac and the Sons of Ishmael”.

Interestingly, I have been in the flow of reconciliation here in Conyers a lot in the last few days through my involvement with the Rockdale School Superintendent’s Advisory Committee and the United Rockdale Summit. I had recently hit a little bump in the road with the latter group, but that was all resolved this week, and through it I had a wonderful exchange with Pastor Gallman from Trinity Baptist Church. I was sad to hear that he is leaving Conyers to take a church in Florida in a few weeks, because he’s a really open and humble guy with a sweet spirit, and I’ve gained a lot of respect for him through our collaboration with the URS this last year. And also this week I have been involved in a series of conversations that has brought some reconciliation and healing in many of my personal relationships.

At the same time, I am also aware that there are so many divisions among people right around me, particularly among many people of faith, who build walls between themselves instead of bridges. Covenant relationships are being severed right and left, despite the great move of unity that is taking place among so many others.

Yesterday I had lunch with Dr. Lovelace, and at the table he made a statement that I’ve been thinking about a good bit over the last few hours. He said that everyone just needs to learn to forgive the world. I think that that is a powerful concept, because there are too many people that are angry with the world for different reasons, and that is why there is so much strife and violence and war and unnecessary death and killing.

I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t even want to waste my energy on trying to explain to those angry, small-minded people who don’t understand CITN or my/our message...those who think that love and grace and forgiveness are taboo subjects, and signs of unorthodox theology. Those who want a fight will not find one with me any more. I want to be a peace maker…whether it’s helping to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Charismatics and Southern Baptists, or just in my own personal relationships.

I believe that all of the physical upheaval that is occurring right now on the planet (cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.) is evidence of the whole earth "groaning and travailing together in pain, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God" (Romans 8:22, 23). This earth is convulsing, because a new one is about to be born. I have more to say on this subject, but I’ll continue it tomorrow.


PattiL007 said...

Joyful, Joyful played as I read and as I wept. This is actually happening and we who support Bishop and CITN/BITN all have the distinct pleasure and privilege of being a part of it all! How AWESOME IS GOD!! I am so faklempt!

It is ALL coming together now...truly and with a swiftness...that NEW THING arrives, envelopes, stirs, tears down AND builds up...then what? Another NEW THING! Every piece fits securely in our new view, our new paradigm...yes, even peace in the world...PEACE...NO WAR...agree to disagree if necessary but just Let It Be!

My heart sings with the truth, excitement, the chorus of lands and of all God's children in sync with His creation in perfect unison with His Universe. I hear the strains of the opening...notes burst out into the atmosphere and fill all of us with their vibrations. Like human tuning forks we too begin to become part of this great work. SEE...THE MAESTRO is playing HIS Composition in/through us...will we not perceive it?

How Great Is Our God...
Sing with Me How GREAT...
Is Our God...

Strains then slide effortlessly into a rhapsody in Spirit as the music begins to rise and fall. We are the instruments and the music...the symphony to be heard INSIDE the world...we must now begin...His Uni-Verse...the only one that will heal, restore, edify, exort, and reconcile us ALL!

I came to clap my hands...
I came to stomp my feet...
I came to lift my voice and sing of His Love forever. Amazing Love is that sweet sound...

Dear God it's nearly too wonderful, too awesome, too amazing to bear...that sweet refreshing that comes on the heels of the hot coal touching our lips to cleanse us...we've had a taste and all WANT MORE! WE CAN DO IT! CAN We Handle The TRUTH? My spirit says, YES! YES! YES! and a million times YES! As my tears flow unchecked. I praise you Lord with all that I have and all that I am! Listen! He is speaking, fellow travelers! What is He saying to you today? Hal El to Jah!!

Beautiful Blessings Today Blog Fam! I LOVE YOU ALL!

(Don't forget: Join your prayers in the spirit to the Intercessors Prayers at 9AM this morning and let's Rock OUT this MONTH!)

Erik said...

Loving The World

Hi Bishop, lovely blog fam, exceedingly wonderful universe,

Loving The World is probably my favorite thing. God is truly awesome. The world is perceived in so many ways, the combination of people who click into the spot in which everything is revealed is absolutely wonderful. It is, and always has been, taking place, It has always been unlocked, the combination perfect, and is always being newly unlocked. To forgive The World, To Love The World is within each of us. Our World, those people, ourselves, the situations we have unfolded on our lives that make Our World is at peace, loved, forgiven. The Lions in our lives do lie down with The Lambs. The Children within us do play at The Serpents den without injury, as we love, as we forgive.

I am beaming with love inside that the community I am part of is lead by Bishop, Pastor Debye, their family, friends and staff. I always knew this combination of community and the connection of it throughout The World existed. I am humbled that God brought me here, to see and enjoy it in the flesh, what I had enjoyed so much in the Spirit before. It seems the 8 years this July of first seeing it manifest, has gone by so quickly, and at the same time has been so full, it seems 8 years is not enough to cover it all. Of course, really, it has been a combination together since before time began, and more of it is manifest each moment. As heady as that can sound, it is still such a small bit of the whole, and here we all are at the center, involved in the binding ingredients.

Reconciliation of the Sons if Isaac & the Sons of Ishmael has always existed. As has the reconciliation within each family, and the family beyond them. We are actually all related, even with those that may appear farthest away – those who we see close and are far away, and those who we see as far away and are actually very close. No one is seen by God as above others, that we are all children, which child can ever be loved more than another by their Mother/Father. Each one of us has a separate relationship with God, unique, no more or less than any other. It is only distrust of God that leads to any ONE thinking others may have less. At peace with God, trusting God, We know We are Each loved, without diminishing the love Others have or We have.

We trust God, and Love every bit of God’s creation, knowing ALL people have God’s Love, and are Our brothers and sisters. Yes We Love The World, and Forgive any perceived affront, because We trust God, and God has already Forgiven and Loves each one as God Loves and Forgives us. What’s for the goose is also for the gander.

Michelle said...

Good Morning Bishop and to all my family. It is a glorious morning and it will be an excellent day!

How wonderful it is going to be to take the journey with you. How awesome it is for you to take this journey. I hear the excitement and see it in you. All the pure emotions and feelings. It makes me want to get in the luggage and go with you. How Awesome the Discovery you are on, and as we.

I have been going thru some of the emotions with people around me. I believe God has been teaching me what is important to me. I have had to discover what is important in my life. First my spirit is being filled with love and grace. I am learning some much more than what I believed. I am a slow learner, sometimes.Relationship are another. Their are friendship and people in my life that I love and care for but in the now, it is not a healthy relationship. I had to let them go. I don't wish ill and bad things to come to them. I wish them all the best for them. I pray for them and keep them in my thoughts.
I can't waste time try to make it work. I don't have the engery to do it. I want to be able to go forward. I know there is something wonderful going to happen with me. I have no idea what it is but it is coming. I saw and felt this yesterday! I dont' and won't live in the past or negative. I am not a perfect human being. I am just me wanting more for me. It is about making the right choices everyday. Walking with God in my heart and soul. Staying with healthy people and that are same path with me. We all walk different trails but are on the same journey.
It just amazing on how I see things lately. Thank you Bishop, Pastor Debye and all the wonderful beautiful family I have at CITN.

from April 27, 2008 "My Confidence is in the Power of the Holy Spirit"
May our Holy Spirit take us on a glorious fulfillment discovery journey today. I am, (we) are, making our destiny with today!


Anonymous said...

So often it is confirmed in your very choice of words that you are my Pastor. Forgiveness has been a recurring theme of emphasis for me over the past 3 months along with reconciliation - reconciliation on all levels - personal - which for me is spiritual, professional, political, economic...and global. As I meditated on the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation three concepts recurred most prominently:
1. God salted every tear that has been and is to come when He moved upon the face of the waters: the capacity to forgive/let go is an eternal option/opportunity.

2. Brokenness makes newness possible: we are capable of seeing ourselves in others, and, as such, we may also serve as a reflection/image for others when they are unable to see themselves through another/different/new lens.

3. Be sweet, and draw different sides to the same table: Love never fails

Israel is critical.

Love, Peace, and Joy to all.

Anonymous said...

Hey All

Song playing now Is Don't Worry, Be Happy

Why do people blind their own eyes?
7 possible reasons
1 doubt
2 fear
3 misunderstanding
4 resentment
5 jealousy
6 gossip
7 lack of faith
What happens when number seven happens
The rocks will cry out

7 Possible Answer's

1 courage
2 bravery
3 understanding
4 bridge building
5 encouragement
6 building up your brother
7 prayer & show the way back to Him

Follow these 7 and you will cry out

Anonymous said...

Amen! Bishop, there is such a cool flow with you and Pastor Debye and it is felt among your flock. As I was reading your blog and the itinerary for your Israel trip, I got the most excited feeling in my spirit almost like a nervous stomach(good thing). I am so proud to call CITN my church and You and Pastor Debye my Spiritual leaders. We have so much to be thankful for!!!!


Lisa said...

Amen! The whole process to changing the world by changing ourselves is painful. The letting the old die the cleaning out of closets to make room for the blessing. The letting go of thoughts and concepts that have brought us comfort for no reason that makes sense. This process brings pain and anger and frustrations that are sometimes so hard to understand and know how to deal with. You know it is the God thing to do and you push forward. With that all said: When the closet is cleaned and the shaking is over and the emotions subside Oh what a Beautiful Beautiful Shining Clean Glorious Vessel God has to fill. We are here we are shaking and are learning how to deal with how to control our senses. So we can go out there and never be shaken again. We can just trust that our new senses are there and the old are disfunctional. We are the Sons of God. We are called to make this happen we are called to Be the Sons of God. We will be the shining vessel that the Holy Spirit uses to bring about global change!!!!!
I am thankful that God has given us a family to go through the transformation with. It was so hard to make these changes alone.
Blessings to you all on this beautiful day

famman87 said...

Good morning all,

Just a good morning to say thanks...

Father God, thank You for making us all that we are, and all mthat we are going to be... Thank You for your mercy and grace and love...for your Son and your Spirit... and every miraculous thing that you place before each day, whether we see it or not...

for being my pastor, and leading us all by example...what you give is so much more than we can ever really thank you for... for being such a true reflection of Him...

Blog fam, for being here to pick me up every day, with just what I need to see you say...

Have a glorious day. Let's all make peace with at least one person who we think doesn't even deserve it. Let's all be a grand reflection today...

Much,much love...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bishop. I love how the message qoutes this scripture. Eccl. ch.11 3-5. When the clouds are full of water, it rains. When the wind blows down a tree, it lies where it falls. Don't sit there watching the wind. Do your own work. Don't stare at the clouds. Get on with your life. Ah...that was sooo good. That's what we here a CITN are doing. Let's go on. Those that missed it, We'll see them at the finish line. Its not when we get there, its how we get there. But, they will get there one way or another. For some reason, the word love has never been an issue for me.Oh, my name is Clover by the way. When God named me, he put LOVE in my name. When my friends and I have a disagreement about something, love always takes over. I love so much, because God loves me so much, so its not hard for me to love the world. The same grace that that God shows me I pray that same Grace for the world. So I agree, People need to love the world. The earth is goaning with pain, and it all the famine that's breaking out in the world is a result of it being loveless. Where's the love? Just like Peter said. When Jesus wraps this all up, it's your faith, not your gold, that God will have a display as evidence of his victory.I truly get it. I don't have to argue. thank you Bishop for pulling out what's already inside of me. All the gifts of the spirit. To be truthful Bishop, even though I do go on with my life, I try to let certain things go, and as soon as that person or that thing changes their heart, I melt right back. That's the Agape, the unconditional, selfless love. There will be many that don't understand. Some people are driven by the wrong kind of pain. They don't know love its right in their face. You know them when you see them. Just like you say, you can tell a Baptist, from a Catholoic when they start talking. You know a pain driven person when they start talking. We're gonna get there one way or another. Sometimes we say we're not gonna waste time doing this and that, but we do, and we ask ourselves, why am I doing this. Its the God in us that loves so much, we just wish that others could just taste how good God Truly is. This was my first time blogging, and it won't be my last.

Peace to you all on this beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

God morning All,
I feel like the bishops trip to Israel is prophetic some how even the itinerary. It is shouting in my spirit and I cant understand what is being said. All I know is that it is GOOD REAL GOOD.

As I thought on these words “forgive the world” the first thought that came into my mind was Jesus saying “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Yes truly, the children of God shall be called “peacemakers”

Mat 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

If you think about it BITTERNESS, ENVY and SELFISH AMBITION are the three great causes of strife among us. I don’t quote James too much; bless his heart I don’t think he could wrap his mind around Grace to good (part of him was still stuck in the old school) nevertheless all that he said was true. I think Bishop Jim is a very wise and understanding man which is how God is using him like He is. This portion of scripture came to my mind as I was thinking on these things.

Jas 3:13 TNIV
Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
Jas 3:14 HCSB
But if you have bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heart, don't brag and lie in defiance of the truth. (the truth that you are not wise)
Jas 3:15 BBE
This wisdom is not from heaven, but is of the earth and the flesh and the Evil One.
Jas 3:16-17 TNIV
(16) For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.
(17) But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.
Jas 3:18 AMP
(18) And the harvest of righteousness (of conformity to God's will in thought and deed) is [the fruit of the seed] sown in peace by those who work for and make peace [in themselves and in others, that peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts].
In my conversations with some in sharing my faith in the Gospel of Universal Reconciliation and salvation of all; most reject it because they think that we are saying that there is no sin. They have a hard time wrapping their mind around the concept that God has forgiven all sin at the cross and therefore all will be saved and still yet “the way of the transgressor is hard’ and “we shall reap what we sow” here in the flesh. I tell them we have to come to realize that the very need for forgiveness is verification of the fact that there is something to forgive. Too many times we try to say that something is alright because it is forgiven; no it’s not alright, it’s forgiven. If it were alright it would not need to be forgiven. So I think an important part of the healing process is to admit the wrong; and then accept the forgiveness. Otherwise we are living in denial which breeds all kinds of troubles. The mind and conscience cannot co-inhabit the same body with conflicting facts (data). Thus there is no peace.

John said it like this;
Joh 3:19-21 MSG "This is the crisis we're in: God-light streamed into the world, but men and women everywhere ran for the darkness. They went for the darkness because they were not really interested in pleasing God. (20) Everyone who makes a practice of doing evil, ADDICTED TO DENIAL AND ILLUSION, hates God-light and won't come near it, fearing a painful exposure. (21) But anyone working and living in truth and reality welcomes God-light so the work can be seen for the God-work it is."

So when we come to the light with a pure heart and motives. Truly desiring peace and reconciliation it’s a two sided coin, one side cannot be had without the other. We have to humble ourselves, admit where we are wrong and where others are wrong; and then get past that and accept the forgiveness of God. Come into the light and take a good look at ourselves, get under the spout where the glory comes out, grab that bar of Holy Ghost Zest [soap] ( it doesn’t even leave a ring around the tub!) and go on with our lives clean and fresh. With our eyes opened by Holy Ghost “Coast” ( its really an eye opener) so that we can see our way clearly to help others get their bath “water running”. Then we don’t need to go around saying; hey did you know that ______ had that dirt in their.... or did you see that part of ______; I don’t think "THAT" could ever get clean.Or that dirt on______ "now that's dirty dirt if I ever seen dirt". We have to be carful not to put our own eyes out trying to get the sliver out of someone elses eye when we have a plank in our own eye. Or let our own opinion of which sins are greater than others effect our judgment. Lets just love each other and know that God did the Judging for sin at the cross. We have to work out OUR OWN SALVATION, NOT THAT OF OTHERS.

As I see it,

peacemaker said...

My Friend...
There are times when your posts encourage, edify, exhort, admonish, and give the courage and faith to journey on another day. Then, there the ones, like today, where your heart is not only heard loud and clear, but felt as well.

I don't know exactly how to explain it, but by putting these particular thoughts to print, you turned a corner. By assuming the role as a peace maker, you truly became one. This post was for you, written by you from deep within your consciousness.

The heightened awareness of global peace that seems to be at the forefront among people of faith, science, and government is astonishing. Is it really possible? Can all the obstacles standing in the way be removed? Obstacles like: poverty, famine, education, greed, and war. Will there be a generation who corporately awakens to the fact we are all One. That will realize, as you said Sunday, war is obsolete. Will that generation band together and say NO MORE. I believe so.
With that hope in mind, what you are doing and are going to do is not only important, but mandatory.

No one builds a building without counting the cost. This building you are helping to erect houses the countless thousands, perhaps millions, who have been cast down and out by religion. Who have been deceived into thinking God is anything but Love. Because of your faithfulness to the project, you have, and obviously still are, incurring some portion of the cost. It hurts, I know, but you can handle it. You have been given very deep pockets.
I believe some who have cut a covenant with you and are now breaking that same covenant will repent. I'm believing those relationships will be stronger and more valuable than ever.

Excited is an understatement as to how I feel and think about all that is happening now. My mind has never been so open.
I am honored to be in covenant with someone who is so involved with such an undertaking as world peace.
Again I ask; is peace possible? With your involvement and watching for almost 14 years of you overcome countless im-possibilities, my answer would have to be...YES!

Peace Now

Donald said...

Hi all y'all doing?
Been busy, been reading the blogs. Agree. Been edified.
Keep it up everyone. Gotta go.

Anonymous said...

In tune with mystic, Eric and others I join the song of the redeemed.

Most importantly it is my prayer for the world to live as one.

This initiative for peace that Bishop is part of in Jerusalem will be completely successfull.

The ministry to the S\sons of Ishmael and Isaac will reveal to them how important it is for their paradigm to change from being sons of men to that of being Sons of God. They will recieve the message with gladness and their hearts that have been separated by tradition will be made whole as one heart delivering life giving blood to the world that God so loves.

It is the promise of peace on earth and good will toward man that was made available before the first independent decision of man was concieved that is being revealed. The same promise given to man by heralding angels through out all time and the same message lived out by the Son that is first among many Sons and Daughters.

It is the mandate to deliver peace on earth and good will toward man that when complied with gratifies the heart and soul of God's offspring.

Holy Spirit is in complete agreement with this message being given and recieved. The feet of those who carry this message have been made beautiful and will be kissed in gratitude for the gift they bring.

Glory to the King of peace.

Let all the earth rejoice!!!


Anonymous said...

Afternoon!-been reading the blogs.

Words that come to my thoughts right now, thus far, are;
MANIFESTATION, hope, peace, forgiveness, family.

Bishop, sounds like an awesome trip coming!
I believe the Holy Spirit is preparing your way, as I also pray the way be prepared for the other leaders who are coming with peace initiatives in their hearts.

I also pray that bridges of peace and forgivenes be built right here at CITN and in our community, and in our homes and family.

Thank you to those who prayed for my wife Natasha, she had another good phone call with Solange Warner (president of International U.S.A. chamber of commerce), and has been invited to a meeting Monday. Please remember her that things would come together well for this and God's will, blessing, and favor. I do thank you.

Love you guys, and reading your words. Try to talk later.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bishop and fellow bloggers, readers, and contributors!

Happy Birthday Israel!-save some cake for the sons of Ishmael who are coming to the party.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is peace, and each one of us is called to be ambassadors for peace in the heart of the Old City to point the way to the New One.

I believe there are already bridges that connect the canals of separation between the sons of Isaac and Ishmael, but they are "DRAWBRIDGES", some of them raised...letting the boats of envy, bitterness, strife and hate come through.

On occasion a boat might be too big, however, when the boat finally goes through, the split bridge lowers and the flow of peace can travel over...carrying its goods back and forth!

I would like to use some familiar wording from our own Pledge of Allegiance and say;
-One nation...or family, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice FOR ALL!!!

In one of "Lois" articles where she interviewed Superman, she asked him, "why are you here?", and he said, basically, "to fight for truth, justice and the American way."

I think part of our mission here, too, is that with love and peace as our weapons we can fight against hate...SO let us fight also for truth, the justice which gives life, and the way of the Spirit of Christ, for Jesus said,
"I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life."

Our words/deeds whether spoken/written can build walls or tear them down, build bridges or make them fall.
In the words of a famous song by the band "Pink Floyd", I'd like to say...
"Tear down the wall!..."

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the "Forgive the World" statement made by Dr. Lovelace. He started us ALL thinking of the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness begins with us. Blessings to you both.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Usually I thank you all for your comments, but today I thank you for your prophetic words…your prophetic insights…I am blessed by your love, discernment and maturity…

Mystic, the anointing is all over your word…

Erik, your word is full of light…and cool pic…

Michelle, you will be going with us in the Spirit…

Mayam, it’s an honor to be your Pastor. “Israel is critical” – yea and amen!

Thanks, Laura…

I feel your excitement, Holly…

There’s a great teaching in there, Lisa…

Very meaningful, Famman…thanks…

Welcome aboard to The Flower…you are clearly one of us…

Great stuff, Dennis…as always, your words give me strength…

Peacemaker, I receive it...and I agree about the future reconciliation of seemingly severed relationships…your word will stay with me…

Hey Donald…

JB, the glory of the Lord is risen upon you…

Always glad to hear from you, Karl…

Love the Superman metaphor, Clark Kent…have you ever read E.W. Kenyon’s or John G. Lake’s articles on “The World is Ready for the Superman” ?

Thanks, Anonymous…

DBA, your word went under yesterday’s article…did you intend for it to come here?

And Pastor Gallman, I didn’t even know that you were aware of this blog, but I got your e-mail thanking me for what I wrote about you…I really appreciate it, and I believe that great things are in store for you in the days ahead. God bless our Baptist brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...

Good evening all,
I just read back over my post. Besides catching all the typos, it seemed like I was trying to be “the teacher”. That was not my intension, I just started in typing and that’s what came out. I Just wanted everyone to know that I am here for the fellowship, communication and spirit of unity we all share here, not to teach you anything. This is a wonderful fellowship and that’s what I enjoy most.

It is Mother’s Day this weekend and I will be going up to Missoui to her house. We are going to watch CITN and I am going to take her out to eat at a restaurant that she really loves called “the cotton patch buffet”, believe it or not, Good ole country cookin; (I’m really a Chinese, Mexican, Italian, sort of guy) oh I like it too but she grew up around share cropping cotton and working in the fields so she really relates to that stuff. I even remember going out pick cotton when I was very young, had my own little tote sack that my grandma made for me. Needless to say I didn’t get much cotton picked. I Think I remember making thirty five cents one day! By then my Mom and step Dad lived in St. Louis and we would come down during cotton pickin season sometimes and visit. I guess I have been fortunate to have experienced life in many different circumstances; from visiting and staying with my great grand parents who didn’t even have electricity or running water, cooked and heated with a wood stove and had oil lamps for light to living in St. Louis. My grand parents did have utilities but still had the little brown shack out back for a long while if you know what I mean. I have never been rich but I have been at times, without worry for financial needs. But I have also been dirt poor. But we were happy and that’s what counts. I think God gave us a special joy back then that is lacking today with all our prosperity. Maybe just because I was a kid and every day is a new adventure then. I think that is still in us we just have to let it out. Don’t know why I am rambling on like this, just getting away from the heavy stuff and just visiting I guess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bishop,
you dont know what a blessing your teaching and preaching have been to me. And what a daily encouragment this blog is.


linda said...

Hey Bishop
Loved the topic for today, it is very timely. We just experienced a death of a co-workers grandchild,(very sad) and in the midst of all the sorrow the step-dad started acting out against his family for no known reason. After reading today's blog it really helped me calm down and realize that people are going to be people and we just have to love them and decide not to react in anger. This was not a decision that I wanted to make I wanted to go and kick #@*, but, I won't, I think the better thing is just be there for my friend and listen

Thanks for being you,

I love you and Pastor Debye
Linda :0)

tracy said...

I tried to blog earlier today,and it never went thru-due to word verification...ughhh didn't have time to rewrite the whole thing. However, I have to say -this is one of the greatest & most timely posts so far. All night in my sleep God kept speaking peace and forgiveness to my spirit and truthfully- we have had a tough 3 weeks with my brother...the same one who was incarcerated and recently spent time in ICU for alcohol detox. He has chosen a very rough path and has hurt alot of people along the way. My flesh wants to kick his @## and drag him back, but i can't. I have to believe that the Holy Spirit will rain on him and he will come back willingly and soberly. In the meantime all of you have spoken critical pieces into my puzzle and I thank you for that. I choose to forgive my brother and await the return of the prodigal son , I choose to forgive the perceived injustices of the World AND I choose to forgive myself for whatever I may have done or said to hold up the progress of the Universe. I can't say that it is gonna help World peace, but I can say I hope it helps my piece of the world.

mrkoolcat said...


Me and my family want to say we love you. See you Sunday.

Joshua, Angela, Isaiah, Niya, & Laura

famman87 said...


You're teaching whether you mean to or not... It's a good thing...

I need all the edjumakation eye can receeve..


tracy said...

awww Happy Birthday Holly T!! Bailey says Hap Butday to Hannah mom, she is making you a card. Look for me Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Dennis makes a good point about every day being an adventure for a kid, they are generally so IN THE NOW.

If we can more fully cast off the past like them, and forgive like them, how much more fully will each day be a greater adventure for us, living in the now.

Here's to jumping and running like a calve out of a stall!

God bless you all, and thank you Bishop for your words to everyone.

Tom said...

I've been reading the past few days John chapter 4:.There Jesus meets with the woman at the well in Samaria.As their conversation continues she points out the difference in their places of worship or sacred places and Jesus proceeds to tell her that the day was coming when you would worship God in Spirit and truth,not in a physical location.The sacred is not a place made with hands but a place with in us all.A place were we are embraced by God and we can embrace Him.Maybe if mankind can get a hold of the idea that God doesn't dwell in building's any longer but He dwells within ourselves,within others and our enemies,we could value one another and see one another as being sacred?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.God bless you Bishop and God bless everyone on this blog.

Donald said...

Ahhh! It feels nice to finally be able to sit down here and relax for a while.
It's been a fantastic evening. My son and I went to Mobile to pick up his suit that we bought Wednesday night. Then we went out to eat. Folks I don't mean to brag, but there ain't nobody in GQ who's got anything on that kid when he cleans up! Tomorrow we get to go through Hattiesburg and pick up my daughter, then its on to Texas to go to a wedding. And if Gabe's dog would quit bringing that tennis ball over here for me to throw I might be able to get something written.
But anyway, that peace thing has really bit working on me lately. I had been considering writing some articles in our local newspaper about some of this new-found truth that I've been exposed to in the last few years, but I realized that it would only cause an onslaught of retaliation from all the religious experts that we are blessed to have in our midst around here. I really don't want to have to deal with all of that.
I remember years ago a bunch of us young christians would gang up after church on Sunday nights at one of our houses and watch John Ankerberg. We all truthfully thought that the information we gained there would help us defend the gospel more effectively. I suppose that some of those friends still believe that. I have come to realize that the information we received on that show, while actually being informative, was only teaching us how to be combative.
Then today I get an email from my sister-in-law that was supposedly written by some guy named Professor Wichman who wrote a letter asking all the Muslims to leave the country. You can check it out on
It seems like all that kind of stuff only adds fuel to an already blazing fire and rather than reaching for a fire extinguisher, people just reach for a gas can.
I can really relate to the "not wanting to fight about this stuff anymore" philosophy.
Dennis, you mentioned some of the things you experienced while growing up (cotton picking, outhouses, etc.) and it sounded as if you wanted people to actually believe that you folks in Arkansas have moved on from those times. Just who do you think you're kidding? We all got the recent news report about how the Governor's Mansion caught fire in Arkansas and the flames were so intense that it took it all the way down to the wheels.

Donald said...

OK I spotted it, it should have been "been" instead of "bit".
I'm in Mississippi OK, that's almost as bad as Arkan,....I'm sorry Dennis, I didn't mean that.

Anonymous said...

Yes you did Donald,LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bishop for mentioning the article about Superman, and no, I haven't heard of it, but have started "googling"-as they say, and see what I find.

Have a great morning!

DoubleBack Alley said...

Yes, Sahib

My word did not prosper to the day that it was intended. Should have posted on Friday.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

The itinerary for Israel has my Spirit leaping! Words escape me about how significant this trip will be for us all. The covenant community of CITN, BITN, ITS etc, etc is connecting as one to join your Spirit as it ministers an incredible and powerful message of peace and reconciliation. A new mindset will be born/revealed and the Spirit will be poured out on all flesh through your anointing. WOW! - Blessings as the Holy Spirit manifests in ways that rival the upper room experience. The recognition of the Kingdom by all is near. God is so powerful and yet so simple - embrace the enormity and the simplicity. Embrace change - recognize and allow the Holy Spirit to do a NEW and a NOW thing!
Bishop, God has been preparing you for this day for a long time - enjoy the fullness of His outpouring.

Erik said...

Remixed Bathing –

Re forgiveness there has been a lot of baring. Forgiving each other, forgiving God, forgiving parents, forgiving spouses, forgiving children, forgiving our leaders, forgiving our friends, forgiving our enemies, forgiving ourselves. Forgiveness is a strength. It displays power, loving power. Asking for forgiveness displays humility infused with power, Great power under great control, -meekness - or under divine authority. We willingly submit our abundant power to divine authority, we ask for forgiveness readily and forgive quickly. We are free, while under authority. The authority is real by pure desire, not by force or obligation. Only by Agreement, By Yes. We choose to join God, welcome The Spirit’s authority, by engagement, desire.

With that, we dissolve the effects of the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, absorbing the nutrients of the Tree of Life. In that, we become bare, naked, before God and all (spiritually in this context) . We All are washed by the Word, smelted by pur - purified , made translucent – bare, open for God, all to see- unashamed.

Picture this – The world we know, ALL of us, past, present, & future – bathing in the water, basking in the pur, naked , transparent, no walls, thriving – then, seeing through the torn veil –. It is, has been, happening, we are in the midst. Naked, full mixed bathing. One God, One Garden, One Tree, No Shame, No Separation many unique parts. Whole -- Then expand to the panoramic view , the universe, all of creation, same as above. Repeat, Expand, Exponential.

There is no end to what we do together….