Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thanks

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 4:6, 7 – NLT)

Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. And God's peace shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 4:6, 7 – AMP)

Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

(Philippians 4:6, 7 – The Message)

Finish this sentence: "Today I am thankful for…"


Anonymous said...

Today I'm thankful for...
One God (Lord)
One Faith
One Baptism
The Cross
Knowing that God loves me Unconditionaly...
Waking up this morning clothed in my right mind...
My relationship with the Holy Spirit...
Bishop & P.Debye ministering the truth no matter the cost...
Being set free to be ALL that HE wants me to be...
My husband Jim that puts up with ALL my craziness!
My Armor Bearers that God has put in my life...
My Church family...who I need & love dearly...
Friends & Family...
What the Holy Spirit is doing ALL around the World...
That He has given me another day to do what He wants & created me to do...
New Revelations daily...
Creating in me a new heart every day...
The past,present & what the future holds for ALL of Us...
Being so Blessed to be a part of what He is doing NOW...

Here to Worship & Serve

mayam said...

I am thankful for the excellent adventure of several hours ago: driving towards an approaching severe thunderstorm, I saw the most beautiful rainbow arching the sky in seven broad, vivid bands of color; as I drove through the storm and as it began to ease, I saw the end of one side of the rainbow toward the ground just to my left. The storm began to intesify again, but not before I noticed a second rainbow in the sky with fewer bands (4) but color as broad and vivid as the first - highly unusual for a reflection or secondary rainbow. Within minutes I seemed to be driving through the worst of this storm cell when I saw an end of the second rainbow at the ground to my right.

I love the fact that light passing through water can produce the spectacular show they put on in the how beautiful they phenomenal they are... how fleeting they are...

Having gone about my day to the best of my ability as I decreed:
endeavoring to walk in my destiny, sing, dance, laugh out loud, shout my name, show some compassion, exhibit love, and be the best me I could be, I took the rainbow as a big high five for effort.

And as I drove through a third and even worse storm cell, I had no fear...I was too busy looking for/anticipating the next rainbow...

...nothing like this has ever happened before...and I am truly thankful.


Teezy313 said...

Today I'm thankful for life....I am thankful for the body of Christ that is represented @ CITN, cyber-CITN, and BITN as well as in the world.....I am thankful for my Bishop and First Lady as well as my youth Pastors, Care Pastors, and worship Pastors....I'm thankful not only for my family but my extended family as well....most of all I am thankful for the Holy Spirit....everyday I am learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit and yeilding to what he wants to do...

Believing for everyone's needs for today...adding my amen and yes..God is not through with you fact you have yet to tap into what he is really doing...someone is in a proces of having their name changed..having a total paradigm shift and an identity change...or for some of you a total identity theft!!! The process may not be easy but God will equip you with all that you need...change is in the atmosphere....change is good!!

blessings all around!!


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the process of preparation it takes to becoming prepared, and for the ability to finally not be in a hurry for anything, and to enjoy the now.

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

The carnal mind vs the spiritual mind is a great analogy for what happens between people who are closed and open in their view of life. It seems the more open I am the less worry there is present and consequently the more rigid I become the greater the worry.

The spiritual person will always find the message from God in a matter or in the view of another but the carnal minded person will only chase those things that gratify the desires of their flesh.

One of the prominent desires of the flesh that has been identified as worrisome and destructive is to control others. Likening that to witchcraft is an excellent way to show its falicy. Control of one over others can not be maintained for long. It is better to lead and maintain the teaching and then allow the student to explore on their own to confirm the lesson and expand on the knowledge imparted. That is the wisdom seen in the approach God's grace itself.

Can mankind achieve that ideal?

Yes we can and we will!

Peace in unity


fairydust said...

Today I am thankful for:

A shepherd that speaks the truth no matter what.(I pray for your daily strength)

This blog and music that saves me every day by the power of the Holy Spirit.

and above all, our LORD, for his gift of life, mercies,grace and love.

Living the Vision

Anonymous said...

Today I am thankful for my teacher when I was in the primary class at Mountain View Baptist Church in North Carolina. She is the one from whom I learned the complete love of Jesus. Because I felt she loved me unconditionally I could understand that God could love me unconditionally. It has been a wonderful revelation that has taken me through some difficult times. I am loved so I am free to love others.

Water Walker said...

Lord, count me as one who comes to you today to say thank you! I have been in you since the foundation of this world as your presence and your protection has always been apparent in my life. Lord I thank you for saving me so many times, through allowing for the soundness of mind in spite of the reality of the levels of dysfunction in my family. I thank you for a sound mind. I thank you always giving me favor and opening doors for me. I thank you for angels that kept me in mulitiple car pile ups. I thank you for sparing my life in a many "near death" experiences. I thank you for my daily bread and teaching me by your spirit not to worry about tomorrow in spite of my flesh. I thank you that although many have been my abusers (physically, emotionally, spiritually and verbally) you continue to heal me, to restore me, to affirm me, to enlighten me and to love me through the deepest of wounds and for the way that only You Lord can apply that balm that causes that wound to be a instrument to minister to others.

Lord I thank you that I am a living epistle written on the hearts of men! Lord I thank you today for all of the gifts being expressed through me because you are just you! Father I thank you that although others don't understand my sensitivity, You made me in your own image and I can stand strong knowing that you made me exactly the way You wanted me to be and for my royal priesthood! Holy Spirit I thank you for warning me in dangerous snares and instructing and directing and teaching and manifesting your presence to me personally and in the corporate settings.

Lord I thank you that you are made tangible to me in a real way! Father I thank you for many lessons you teach me because you love me and who you love you chasten. Lord, thank you for sticking closer to me than my sister or brother and for your faithfulness, so much that I can say,without a doubt, that You God, never lie, never deceive, never not show up and you don't betray.

You are just wonderfully dependable and reliable and I can always count on You. Lord, I thank you!

Holy Spirit I thank you for the flow of your spirit, the breathe of your spirit and how you use the bloggers all over the universe to connect with one mind, in one body, on one accord and to speak to the You in a uni-voice.

Lord I thank you that you have made me forgive 7 x 70 when I didn't want to, only to show me how to take the high road and that your love was the more excellent way. Father, I thank you that you always see to it that I have food and shelter and energy and transporation and health and all of my needs are supplied whether I have money or no money, a job or unemployment and that it is All in you, as you are truly my source.

When my father abandoned me as a child, you have always been a father to me and when my husband left me you have been a husband for me in t he midst of a scandalous divorce.

I thank you because you allow me to know that you love all of your creation because they all call you Lord or father or friend or husband or provider or miracle worker or way maker or Alpha and Omega or Advocate or Paraclyte or chief cornerstone or wonderful counselor or Holy One or Jesus.

Lord I thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally for that is who you are... Thank you for being love, Lord and knowing what the greater things are we are doing in You, in the mighty name of Jesus! Lord I thank you for teaching how to walk on water and to keep my eyes on you knowing you will never ever leave me nor forsake me!

Water Walker

DoubleBack Alley said...


I have a twin? Is he good looking? Can he dance? Good sense of humor? Look good in black? Republican (we just won't discuss politics if he's not)? How much has RO influenced his life (that IS critical)? The only deal breaker would be sports. I will not sit and watch grown men cry and bleed over athletic events that are probably pre-determined like so many "rasslin" matches.

"Down the Rabbit Hole" sounds intriguing. Have you seen "The Singing Revolution"? It seems as though you would enjoy that. I referenced it a couple of days ago. Estonians collectively willing their independence (without a single shot being fired) by gathering in a town square and singing patriotic songs. When I saw it, I think I got a glimpse of peace through will power. I still want my gun, though. Just in case.

Decree away, oh Peaceful One.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

O.K., this may be "t.m.i", but I keep a devotional bible in the bathroom... somedays that is the only time and place, 1st thing, that I have the quiet to start the day. That being said...

TODAY, I am thankful for... the fact that I turned to a random Thursday, and it was ABOUT Philippians 4:6!! I so needed it, b/c upon waking, my mind had a "flood" of thoughts... bordering on worries. Now I get here, and voila.

WAY cool.

I am also thankful for this, that, you, me, all, us and them, in this beautiful ONE world He has given us.

Teezy-- I absolutely receive your yes' and amens... changing (and endeavoring) is good!

TTFN... 4got 2 sign in...


dgm2007 said...

today i am thankful for today... all of it.. everyday is so beautiful... and God is so wonderful... full of wonder!.. that has become my new hang up.. How great is our God.. so today is everything i am thankful for today... I love all the post here really good stuff... AHHHH today..
ps i did the funniest thing last night.. i pasted the post into word and saved it as a pdf file... did u know that it will read what you type aloud in adobe... coolest thing ever to hear ur pc talk about God and Now... of alll the crap a pc can do.. i made it give God thanks.. and well now my pc is living in the now.. lol

Izumi/JOY said...

I can never finish that sentence, but I'll add some:

"Today, I'm thankful for..."

* The line, "that peace which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

"Garrison" and "mount guard" over your hearts and minds," coincides
with something that happened while meditating about verses in the book of Job, (38:22 & 23). The Holy Spirit "interrupted" my study time with a casual, "Who can withstand Love's arsenal?" Good thing my face was already on the floor.

I'm also thankful for:

* Air conditioning

* Fruitista-slushies @ Taco Bell. (Especially when the air conditioner was out.)

* Realizing that somehow, gas prices have made prayer closets out of automobiles & evangelists out of "ordinary" people.

* Heir conditioning

* A stamp, when you need one

* Basil

* Laughing 'til I almost embarrass myself

* Wondering how Lucy, rolling in the grass in the back yard, can instinctively know when I'm opening a bag of Jelly Bellies in the house.

* Our kitchen 'fridge magnets. Many of the alphabet letters have mysteriously disappeared. Leaving messages is hysterically challenging.

* You

Lindsey P said...

Today I'm thankful for...
~ His mercy and grace
~ His love that is unfailing
~ The Holyspirit and His presence
~ My amazing Husband
~ Our quaint, cozy apartment
~ For the babies we are gonna have one day... (I know y'all see my picture- go ahead and start praying) :)
~ For the house we are suppose to buy...
~ Health, safety, and blessings
~ Our family and friends
~ CITN and the words of life that flow out...
~ Bishop, P. Debye and their family
~ Street Jam and what it will help accomplish for our community
~ Smiles & Hugs
~ All things working together for my good...
~ My job
~ For never going with out..
~ Life
~ Peace
~ My enemies and their familes - I pray a special blessing for them today...
~ The chance to be a better me
~ This day - For this is the day the Lord has made! I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!

"elle" said...

Imagine my surprise when I saw the topic for today! How fitting...

Today is my darling Daddy's 81st birthday. It has been perhaps a little over a year now that the doctors gave him 'about a year.' His cancer is dormant, still there, but dormant... so my dad is stable. He hasn't had chemo for, I guess, about 4 months. He has 3 spots on his lungs. At his last consultation, the doc said that 2 of them had not changed... no growth, no spread, but the other one appeared to be dissipating. Cancer shows up on scans as bright white, and this one is now looking very foggy. His doctors are pleasantly surprised. No surprise here :) Thank you for praying for him back when I requested it, and if you think about it, please continue to lift him up once in awhile. I realize that people don't live forever. And if he were in constant, unbearable pain then I would be praying for God to take him. His quality of life certainly isn't what it used to be, but he's doing OK, and he has a great desire to be here. There's alot of fight in him. What can I say? He stuns me! And I am very thankful!

Now... in regard to your sermon last night: carnal mind vs spiritual mind. When you were recounting your baptism experience in the Jordan ;O... HEAVENS! All I could think was how religion seems to enforce OCD. You know how there used to just be ADD (attention deficit disorder) and then, all of a sudden, there was ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? Well, maybe a new category should be added to OCD... ROCD (religious obsessive compulsive disorder). Ya think? Would be a great business opportunity for someone: Pharisee Pharmacuticals - A Pill for Every Paradigm (pop as many as it takes to chill out and be nice)!

Also, want to give your dad kudos for his awesome dismissal. Great point he made; we DO live so below our privilege!

Alrighty then, I have a cake to bake. Must go...

Want to leave you with one last thought:
I'm just TARRED 'o the WHO-SANE... just tarred uf it! How 'bout ch'all?

Cliff Hancock said...

I am thankful today for new life

We brought Tucker Jace Hancock home yesterday and all is well. I can see already he is a man of great peace and strength. He was 8lbs 10oz and 21”.

Leslie is doing super.

I thought of Paul’s letter to the Galatians as I cut the cord and separated him from his mother’s womb.

Births are so revelatory anyway.

It was defiantly a “suddenly”. She went from 4 cmm to 10cmm and birth in 20 minutes. (of course she was at 4 for 13 hours or so, she may disagree with the suddenly part.)

Thank you for your agreement over us. We are completely relying on the Holy Ghost as to how to do this, thankfully we are clueless (my preferred state)

I love you all

Ebony said...

Today I'm thankful for:
Salvation found in Jesus
My family
my friends
My church
every experience in my life because it taught me something, and made me the woman I am today.

Anonymous said...

Today I am thankful for...
Knowing Jesus
Know that Jesus cares & loves me
Waking up one more morning
Having a caring daughter
Having a hard working husband
Having good friends
Being under a great ministry (CITN)
Being able to see, smell, feel, touch & taste
Air Conditioning
PC so I can tell you this
But mostly I'm thankful for life.

mayam said...

.......and, thank you God for, you know...

Bishop, Debye, Mom and Dad Swilley, Judah, Jonah, Christina, and, of course, Sofia...thank you!

(Abraham...sounds like you have a DITN: Daddy in the Now).


tracy said...

I am thankful for my daily bread and for peace that passes understanding, friends that love me no matter what, a husband who always gives me the benefit of the doubt, the three best most beautiful kids in the world, P. Debyes energy, the Word we receive daily from this house- the time you Bishop put into this site to edify, encourage us and enlighten us-it has to be a huge sacrifice of time. PM and DBA's exchange about Longino for making me laugh- and thanks DBA for the clarification- you could not possible be Longino-I have seen him dance(sorry Linguini) and as for sports our friend bleeds with them. However, if you love The Godfather, let little special needs kids hang on you when you don;t like to be touched and don't just pick birthday gifts to fill a spot, actually pick them because the recipient will enjoy the gift then you may very well be atleast related.

peacemaker said...

I said "soul mate". I didn't say twin.
"Is he good looking?" If you think Carey Grant, Jimmy Cagney, and Frank Gorshin are good looking...then yes, he is.
"Can he dance?" Man, I saw him dance so much one night his toes turned black.
"Good sense of humor?" Absolutely hysterical!!
"Look good in black?" Makes Johnny Cash look like Alfred E. Newman.
"Republican?" yes/independent.(at least on the legalizing hemp issue)
You sound like your may be his "balance" on the sports thing, though. Can you say OCD?

After you referenced "The Singing Revolution" to Sahib, I Goggled it to find out more. Actually, its playing here in town. I think tonight is the last night so I think I'll call Longino and see it he wants to go see it. That sounds like it would be right up his alley. It looks like a great story about the power of the collective mind. Kind of like the symbolism in the story of the Tower of Babel. When a group of people become one in mind and agreement nothing imaginable will be impossible.
If we see it, I'll post a comment to you.

Peace Brother

I'm thankful for this wonderful venue where a group of thinkers can come together in unity of spirit and share meaningful dialogue on a veritable plethora of ideas...IN PEACE!!
I'm thankful for the man with a thousand names who had the vision to put this thing together. Who knew the risk of open dialogue, especially on the internet, but said, What the hell. Revelation is well worth it.
The risk and the hits you taken for this blogsite are certainly paying off. What a diverse, insightful community it is becoming.

Thank you, Bishop...God speaks here

TheOriginalLahLah said...

Today I am thankful for the "at last". The "at last" has yet to come to past in my life as of today, but I am thankful for it TODAY anyway!

Master'sMime said...

Today, I am thankful for Today. Today is what I make it, and I am making it purposeful.

Today, I am thankful that yesterday has past. It allows me to have reflections and accomplishments.

Today, I am thankful for the hope of tomorrow. It is my chance to improve on today

Today, I am thankful for my health. I have survived two catastrophic illnesses, and have lived to testify of the healing power of God.

Today, I am thankful for my children. I am very proud of the people that God has made them and his hand in each of their lives.

Today, I am thankful for new ideas. God is a creator, and he inspires me with much creativity.

Today, I am thankful for every one of my 300 pair of shoes. Because I today, I can wear them and my feet are not swollen from treatments and surgeries.

Today, I am thankful for a sense of humor. Laughter gets me through some of the hardest places in life.

Today, I am thankful for this blog. It helps me to addresses my need to outwardly express thought.
Today, I am thankful for all my natural senses, and my supernatural senses. They allow me to understand that

…….GRATITUDE IS AN ATTITUDE!!!!!! and I have embraced Thankfulness.
The Master’s Mime

Avatar said...

THANK YOU, FATHER, SPIRIT, SON! For the "you've got to be kidding me" abundance you sent this week!!! You are such a "you've got to be kidding me" God!

...AND...for letting us know that you had released "the never before thing" on us...

...AND...for the over the top DREAM confirmation you sent this morning in my email...

AND...for the "I had only dreamed it" awesomeness of the restored old and the abundant new RELATIONSHIPS you have blessed me and us with. They are SO REAL, so without any pretense, so full of love, your love, really-real love--that I am pinching myself to make sure I'm not going to wake up!!!

Thank you, Father, for trusting me and teaching me to trust YOU and myself--so that I can be the creative blessing in the earth that you created me to be and so that I can enjoy ALL of the blessings you have placed here!

YOU ARE SOOOOOO COOL! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I'm watching and listening for the next thing you want me to do. Until then...stay a while...I really LIKE it when you're here.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Congratulations Pastor Cliff and Leslie! I was going to call you today to find out what was happening...

You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

In this now season, I had the "opportunity" to visit a food pantry for a sister who lived in another county who had no transporation. I didn't know that I would have to use this same pantry in my county because I would be low on groceries, too in the months to follow. Nevertheless, this Southern Baptist denomintional funded food pantry had a very nice set-up to help the folks in their county and there was a system. While at the end of the sign-up the woman who was assisting me asked if I would pray (right at the time they normally pray for you), after I sat there and talked to her endlessly about the goodness of the Lord. So, I started thanking the Lord for that particular ministry and for the workers and the new day and their help to the community and blessing the Lord and giving Him praise. So when the prayer was over, the woman wrote on the card under Prayer request/pray needs that God would know how thankful I am for all He is, all He means and all He does.

I pray that for all of us, we can in all things, "give thanks" knowing that this is the will of God concerning our lives. We thank you God.

GLU&SDI (Glad loves you and so do I)

Anonymous said...

I ask again for your prayers....big financial decisions being made today concerning my life. Pray for those who are making them to the one who is in control of them and all things. And I thank Him ahead of time for the outcome....Praise GOD!!!


Anonymous said...

Bish, I referenced your lesson last night in an earier post as an example of part of my current understanding of God's grace. There is more of course but the most important thing to me from last night was how you revealed who you are as a leader of this community of believers.

In one sentence, I am thankful for what was and is and is to come.

My life is truly wonderful.

Elle, your praise report about your Dad is heartening. He is in all our prayers.

izumi/joy, it is great to hear your voice. We all are thankful for you too.

DBA, I don't think Longino is as good looking as PM says he is but he is still one of my 34 y/o son's favorite adolescent mentors or should I say tormentors. I don't know you personally but will say you have been paid a very high compliment.

Congrats to Cliff and Leslie on Tucker Jace. Sounds like a keeper.

Avatar, blessings rock! Good to see you cup overflowing. I am sure that it always will.

One Peace


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for life itself - how awesome it is that I get to live - that I am actually a person and I get to see, feel and love and be loved. But most of all I am thankful to my creator who has given me the life.

I am thankful for God blessing me with CITN. He brought me to a place where I could find love. I am thankful to God for you Bishop and Pastor Debye for the love of God that is in your hearts.

I am especially thankful for what God has given me to do - what I was created to do - I am so honored.

I am thankful for my job, my cats, my house, for what I have received by asking (to come)- my help mate, enough money to meet all of my needs and wants and then some (my cup runs over) without HAVING to work.

HE has truly blessed me with all blessings - oh how amazing He is!!!!

Pamela H

PS - Oh yes, I am thankful to have a week off from work next week - Yes!!!!

Anonymous said...

lindsey p.,
The picture reminds me of a little-bitty-kid I met 25 years ago this past June 7. I'll go ahead right now and thank you and Scott for the new name I'll soon have "GRANDY"(grandfather of many)


Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggers,

I am thankful for everything! This sounds a bit global, but I've learned to just take everything in stride. Not easy to do, but not impossible. All that has happened to me, the negative and positive, from a human perspective, is just God working His will in me and moving me into my destiny.

Nothing is a's all gain for the kingdom!

Blessings to all!

May flower

Donald said...

Dennis I'm praying for a good solution to your situation.

DBA are you...(excuse me I had to spit my snuff)... are you in some way implying that professional rasslin' is rigged?

Just kiddin' about the snuff.

Anonymous said...

lindsey p.,
you and I know my last blog was a prophecy, not a pregnancy announcement. but I can sure tell when it gets here the party will be on.


Christy said...

Taking it another verse further:

8 FINALLY, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

I used this verse almost every time I spoke to the prisoners. They have a lot of time to think. Once, I had them write it down and told them to place it where they could see it every day. You have to look for the positive in every situation. I get accused quite often of being a "Pollyana" or "seeing through rose colored glasses" but what is the alternative? Wallowing in self pity? Puh-lease. I have better things to do with my oxygen. I get down like anybody but most of you would never know it. I hide it well. Too well sometimes because a lot of times people had no clue what was going on when I needed help the most. Life took me down a different path than expected but I am thankful for the old path and I am thankful for the new path.

I am thankful for . . .

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

To Lindsay and Lindsay's Dad (and Lindsay's husband)'s all good...(Lindsay, got your message)...hope I didn't complicate anything by calling P. Scott to ask...just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And, Peacemaker, thanks for what you said about the blog...that meant a lot...and thanks for exploding a CITN urban legend about DBA actually being CL. I asked him about it sometime back because it had bothered me, and he assured me that it was not true...

In many ways I prefer the use of psuedonyms here for several reasons (I'll write something about that later), but I wouldn't like to be the vicitm of a hoax.

There is something that I have wanted to ask DBA, however, that would put the speculation to rest about the possibility of it. DBA, I'll e-mail you, or you can get in touch with me.

Of course you realize, Peacemaker, that you have made your anonymity somewhat vulnerable now.

A day in the life of a blog...

P. Debye said...

Amazing Love how can it be....that you my God would die for me?!....Thank you Father, Son and Holy Ghost for giving love, showing love, teaching love, sharing love, living love, redeeming love, and spreading love....what a beautiful gift to love and be loved. Thank you for my amazing life full of love in all ways...agape, storge, phileo, and eros (woohoo, love that one honey!)....

Thank you Father for a covenant group of people that I am privileged to serve with in the Kingdom for such a time as this! Thank you for all of the opportunities that I have to SEE miracles! You are an amazing God! Thank you for a Bishop who truly desires TRUTH and is bold enough to "Bring It"! I love you babe for your integrity and honesty! May your gift make room for you!!!! Thankful for great kids, the most beautiful grandbaby, vineripe tomatoes for tomato sandwiches, and the smell in the air after a summer rain! Our God Reigns!!! P. Debye

Anonymous said...

p. debye,
Did you say vine ripe tomatoes?
The one thing I learned the most about in Sunday School was

Nothing to lose.

linda said...

Today I am thankful for...
A God that truly understands me
because He made me just like I am
White Sand, Blue Water and warm temperatures
a quiet walk on a summer afternoon
the most wonderful church in the world
revelation from the best Bishop/Father ever


P. Debye said...

Anon, I will let you know when I get a good batch of tomatoes that have never seen a refrigerator! I will share since I am the only one in my family who eats raw tomatoes...:)

p. debye

Anonymous said...

P Debye, I am so happy you love vine ripe tomatoes but of course you know that you will be running over with them now. As well loved as you are I only hope mine come into production first. I've had a tiny firstling already and it was awesome. When the biggerone ripen you will be first to get one. I also have Christian neighbors (Fro and Margo) who like tomatoes so I may be waiting a while to get one myself. My son Matt doesn't like em. I don't know what's wrong with that man but that at least explains why he chose to live up north in Chicago. Ya think maybe Bish has a northern influence of some kind, he has said he doesn't like em either.

Bish, If I had known you prefer psudonymns, I would still be Jesus Brother. I really need a new machine. This one has not allowed me to establish a sign in yet and that anoys me because I really don't enjoy being anonymous. I prefer being something that is real, but I'm just sayin'.

One Peace


Avatar said...

Rev. Dennis, got ya covered.

Scott, very cool iris pic on your myspace. Also cool that you're letting Ohio know about CITN. I can see streaming parties. Shall we be in agreement for a giant flat screen for you?

Izumijoy, you have sooo been missed. We were limping around without the strength of our very profound funny bone!

Mayam, twos are coming up everywhere! That's all I'm sayin' about that.

DBA, hmmmm. Well, then. PCs keep coming up in posts today. We need to be thankful again for Al?

Iris, tell us more.


P.Lindsay, we see it! Your faith words manifested here! (smile)

Johnny, I receive your faith words, dude. Some of mine are too, but I still feel the reality of them!

Teezy, man you're flowing in the prophetic lately.

Elle, Pharisee Pharmacuticals. Fun-knee. My word ver ends with OCD.

Bishop, no words. Now can you believe it? (smile)

All, what a joy to be able to share in your thankfulness.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Johnny, I’m happy to have you here under any name or circumstances…you are a poet and a seer, and you always bring something valuable to the table. I wrote some time ago that I respect the decision of all participants, whether they choose to identify themselves or opt to use a screen name. Both scenarios are fine with me.

I remember when and why you revealed your identity…Rev. Dennis did the same thing (he was originally “Iconoclast”). As I’ve said before, there are some whose identity I know, and others that I think I know. Interestingly, most of the regulars who live out of state use their real names.

For me, the advantage of pseudonyms is twofold. First, the whole concept of virtual reality is appealing to me in a spiritual sense. Somehow, when the bloggers use assumed names it creates a virtual environment wherein it is easier for people to really “hear” each other without bias or prejudice. It’s like they have to know each other by the spirit, whether they want to or not, because they don’t know who they’re talking to in the natural.

Secondly, it makes it more enjoyable for me, personally, because it’s much easier to be a blogmaster than a pastor. Please don’t anyone misunderstand me…I’m glad that many of you feel free to make prayer requests here. I’ve even made them here, myself, so I understand the value of having quick access to a community of intercessors. No one needs to apologize for requesting prayer, or to qualify it, or to be offended that I said what I just said. Really, when people ask for prayer or want to talk about a personal problem, they’re not asking or telling me as much as they are asking and telling the whole community. I understand that. And, apparently, the prayers of the cyber-saints have availed much, because many praise reports have been posted here about the answered prayer of agreement.

(At this point I feel some of you getting offended at me…just settle down…you know I love you…)

It’s just that practically every conversation I have in a day, whether face to face in a counseling appointment, or over the phone, or through text or e-mail, involves someone’s emergency/crisis/drama/situation/dilemma…in other words, I rarely have the chance to just talk to people, because usually when people talk to me it’s about me helping them with their problem(s). I’m not complaining about it…it’s my job, and I do it well. Dealing with crisis comes with the territory, and as a pastor I’m completely used to it.

I guess my point is that the blog concept is different, in my mind, than the church concept. This site is very important to me, and has worked some things in me that I think are positive. The downside of it is that I really need to be writing a book right now (I’ve started four in the last four months), but writing on the blog every day satisfies my need to communicate so much that it has made it hard for me to get the next book going!

This comment is turning out to be so long that I should use it for an article! Maybe I will.

Anyway, I love all those who use their real names, and I love all who use screen names. And feel free to request prayer any time.

I hope someone out there understands what I’m saying…

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you are saying Bishop Jim Earl Swilley.

Aquiring God is what all of us are about and you are a revelator of that wisdom.

G aka U

Ebony said...

I think I get what you're saying Bishop. One of the reasons why I have a myspace is when I log onto it and I complete the surveys or post funny youtube videos, I can be "Ebony" and not "Ms/Señorita Thornton". I can relax, have fun and enjoy my friends and I know they'll get it, but if I want to talk about something more substantial I can too, so I can tell you I am not offended.

Pastor Debye I feel you on the vine-ripe tomatoes and tomato sandwiches. My roommate even bought a tomato plant so I could have some last summer, but it ended up dying on us.

I am also thankful for:

being a teacher
good health
peaches (Georgia peaches)

Anonymous said...

Bishop, you are a man not only of your word but of The Word. If anyone is offended by you that is their problem. As far as I am concerned each day can be inspired by AYITN and the blog can run itself.

I love your books,all of them and look forward to more and, seeing as a seer that you will live an abundant life to a hundred and twenty, also look forward to Bible in the Now.

No offense intended on my part by earlier comment. I am on a trek with help from Holy Spirit to know what it means to aquire God. My new psudonymn will be G aka U (God also known as You); known only to you unless you choose to let it be known one time right now to those currently on the blog and that is good as gold with me.

Thank you for your teaching and giving me not only the liberty but the mandate to get my own revelation from God. You are an unusually good shepherd to that which has been intrusted to you.

with all the love my life is worth,


mayam said...

...and that is why we love you're open, creative, articulate, flexible, couragious, collected and cool...even if you were ever tore up from the floor up only God (and Pastor Debye) would know. You wear life so well...

Hey, PD - FYI: I make tomato soup that makes your toes tingle...even in brag, just a hint...I prophesy many tomatoes in your future...

Pastor Cliff: Congratulations!

Paster Dennis: Did it, and know you got it because so many bloggers were in agreement with you for it.

Avatar: You know that I know that you know that I know....

Love the BITH Pastor Jim Swilley; Bishop Jim E. Swilley; Bishop Jim Earl Swilley; “Bishop” Jim Earl Swilley; “bishop” Jim Earl Swilley; Jim Swilley; Jim E. Swilley; Jim Earl Swilley; Bishop Jim Swilley blog; Bishop Jim E. Swilley blog; Bishop Jim Earl Swilley blog; “Bishop” Jim Earl Swilley blog; “bishop” Jim Earl Swilley blog;Jim Swilley blog; Jim E. Swilley blog; Jim Earl Swilley blog; bloginthenow; BLOGINTHENOW; Church In The Now; CITN

Larry Usher said...

I am thankful that my Jeep overheated again today because:

1) I would not have had a chance to pet the horses and talk to the young ladies that were tending them where the vehicle stopped;

2) I would not have had a chance to talk to the 19 year old kid going to college that I could share life experiences and values with;

3) I would not have met the young man from Haiti at McD's and seen his face light up when I told him two of my best friends Fritz & Kettly were also from there;

4) I would not have shared with the lady in the dealership's waiting room (who was in total agreement) from the Bahamas about treating everyone like family when out in the world and looking at everything(even the supposed negatives) as a blessing;

5) I would not have seen my former workmate at Toyota, who being a brother in Christ was very thankful I had looked him up...who also told me someone had asked for me I hadn't talked to in 4 years who I will contact;

6) I would not have had the opportunity to speak with the courtesy driver who gave me a ride home who spoke about his mom raising him to be thankful in all situations, having had his father in prison when he was young & then abandoning his family...told him with his great attitude that good things would naturally come to him;

7) I don't think I would have been as thankful for those of you on this blog today whose words I have devoured and digested and taken as medicine in my soul, at one point laughing and crying at the same time(do you ever do that?)

I just want to say I am thankful for others who validate the GOD IN ME, without whom I would just think I was nuts!...

...and to the Lord who is my everything the following:

You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful to me

Can't you see

You're everything I hoped for

You're everything I need

You are so beautiful to me

Such joy and happiness you bring

Such joy and happiness you bring

Like a dream

A guiding light that shines in the night

Heavens gift to me

You are so beautiful to me

Love to all,


tracy said...

No offence taken on the pseudonym thing. I totally understand why the out of towners feel more free to use their real names, and I understand the folks in the building who choose not to, I also understand why you Bishop would sometimes choose to know us by the spirit. I personally started off anonymous- and then decided to "come out" as a therapeutic thing because I am so dang private in reality that it was like a step towards being part of a community of like and some un-like minds- but a community nonetheless. I have referred several times to my hermit ness and for me it was a good avenue to change that.

P. Debye said...

G aka U, I have always loved you but you my dear brother, have taken it to a "whole nutha level"! You did not just say that you grow tomatoes.....I will fight Pastors Fro and Margo over them.....I am not kidding....:)

Mayam, do not tease me with the tomato soup...btw, that is one of Bishop Jim Earl Swilley's faves! I will be looking for you! I wanted you to know too that on my way home from the office, I witnessed the most awesome rainbow...full arch and all....and all colors were standing out as if to say...."Our God is an Awesome God, HE reigns....look what HE can do!!!!!" It most certainly was a sign to me of what is happening in our NOW! Get ready, Get ready, Get ready!

Kettly said...

Give thanks to the grateful heart.
Give thanks to the Holy One.
Give thanks because He’s giving us Jesus Christ His Son.
And now let the weak say I am strong.
And the strong say I am weak.

Ok that’s how far I can go! (Can one of my brothers or sisters finish it for me? Thank you).

If I had not written something down today, I would have been one ungrateful woman; because last Wednesday, I received a car from my husband that I did not expect.
I am very grateful to God for blessing me with a man who’s not only a husband, but represent a father, and a friend to me. I thank God today for my sisters and my brothers. I thank God for blessing me with all my church family. I thank the Lord for Dreams that are coming true in life and my husband’s life. I thank God for blessing our home with the Man of God from Uganda Africa. I thank God for people I met here in Georgia and the one in N.Y. I left behind.

I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit that blesses my life, my husband life, each and every day. I thank God for You Bishop Jim EARL Swilley, for letting yourself be open for the work of the Holy Spirit to be done in you. Thank you for that. P.Debye thank you for being wild (on a good way) for the Ghost to used you any way he wants. No longer shall I be a shame to worship Him FREELY. Thank you for that. And to all of you @ CITN Cyber-CITN and BITN I thank God for you.
Larry, Felicia J. I thank God for your. And to my husband, like I said to you Tuesday the night of our Anniversary I thank God for you and I thank you for agree with God to say to be my husband.

O Lord, thank you for loving me no matter what I do, and help me to remember that I am your daughter and you will never forsake me. I am grateful to You Dear Lord for listening to me with love and patience. I pray for a thankful heart always for Your deep love. Amen and Amen.

Kettly said...

P.S. Larry, you make me cry!
you're our friend too. and DON'T EVER FORGET THAT.


Anonymous said...

For the last few days, I have had a repeat of a vision concerning you. I keep seeing you standing in the batters box in a baseball stadium. The pitcher throws the ball, you swing and hit the ball with a smack as never before heard. It's not that you hit the ball with a powerful swing as one would think, but you hit the ball with a confidence of obedience beyond any natural imagination. What was really different about the way the ball flew through the air was that it did not start to come down after it passed over the wall in left field, it just kept climbing. Every person in the stadium could not believe the way the ball just seemed to disappear as it ventured out of their sight, still climbing. For several moments the entire stadium was completely silent from the feat they had just witnessed. And suddenly, as everyone was still on their feet, facing the wall in left field, and not saying a word, there was a thud that was heard by all. The thud came from the baseball that entered the stadium having come from over the wall behind the home teams dugout, landed in the infield and rolled towards the left field wall. It was the same ball that you had hit. What I get in my spirit from this is that a revelation is going to be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit that will be so powerful, that it will be compared to the vision I have explained. So powerful, it will be as though a homerun ball went over the wall, went around the world and landed in the same place from where it left.

Nothing to lose.

Yvonne said...

Good Evening Bish,

I am thankful for having the ability to be thankful today when I didn't feel that great in the natural, circumstances could be better, more of the same setbacks, more disappointments so like Pastor Christy says this blog forced me to think on what is good. It is always wisdom to have an attitude of gratitude however it is comfortable in our flesh to wine and complain and groan and mumble about everything. The gas prices, the food prices, a rash, your friends undependability, just stuff.

So, today, I made myself write list(s) (several) of what I was thankful for.

That is a reality check - God is good, very unbelievably, phenomenally super Good!

You are wise Bishop to make us do inventory and just to give thanks with a greatful heart in spite of the stuff!

Anyway, Bish, I am guilty of spending way too long on your blog, Rev Dennis blog, my blog and I was thinking this week, this is so good (our blogs) that just maybe I could...

I am sure you have had the same idea. It probably is a God idea but this blog is healing and therapeutic so I bless the Lord for it, however sometimes I have to be a blurker for time sake!

By the way, I have met some of the screen names ITB and they are all very sweet and special. As for me, it allows us a venue to be protected especially the extroverted ones who are really introverted. You just get to say what is in your heart respectfully, poetically sometimes, with no fear of being concerned about folks judging you or knowing your business (often times they are testimonies that encourages others in the body) because as you know folks can misunderstand.

I am just saying, it takes the yuck out of being transparent and real.

I was thinking that you might have a screen name, one never knows, that's a thought...

Mayam, I did catch your thought about a publishing company...I think that is cool! Is there a derivative of your name, what does it mean?

I always thought our local body should have a written venue that can be published. I know God has given me books, that I must publish and I will in Jesus name

love, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Well I never!......handin down a chastisin like that to little ole me….I swan Ida neva thought it….cus I nose you was talking at me….why I almost swallered ma scoal…..naaaa…. Just messin with ya Bish!

REALLY THOUGH THANKS FOR EVERYONE’S PRAYERS. THINGS ARE LOOKING PRETTY GOOD NOW. When the Lords in it you cant loose….. unless it’s something you are holding on to and need to loose.

I am thankful that God is opening up new opportunities to me everyday.

I thank God that He gives us a new start every 24 hours.

I am thankful that God has forgiven and forgotten my sins in that last 24 hours.

I am thankful for new thoughts and ideas.

I am thankful for the favor of the Lord that surrounds me.

I am thankful for the knowledge that my God has a perfect plan for my life and He is full well and able to carry it out and intends to do so.

I am thankful for red ripe tomatoes that have that slimy slick ooze that squirts out when you bite into one and runs down your hand when your eating a BLT………..


BTW…P Debye I do love tomatoe sandwiches with miracle whip on them!


Reign! said...

I have so many things that I am grateful for, but right now I’m especially thankful for being able to spend Father’s Day 2008 with my Dad. It was even more special that I did not have to share that time with him with any of my siblings, nieces and/or nephews. I can’t remember the last time I saw him on Father’s Day. It was a very emotional time for both us. Growing up, I was verbally, emotionally and physically abused by him. I still have the scar on my left eye. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to NOT see it when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning. At times it’s been a helluva way to start the day! It is what it is. At least I no longer let it define who I am….although it has definitely played a part in shaping the person I have become.

We were able to experience reconciliation without mentioning the past or making excuses or apologies. The abuse ceased from being the elephant in the room years ago. My Dad has always been in my life. Needless to say, we’ve never been close. But I’ve always, always loved him. This year I was hit with the realization that I may not ever see him again. I don’t want any guilt on my heart/part where he & I are concerned. And I don’t have any. I always thought I could take him or leave him. I found out that I don’t ever want to be without him! Instead of feeling sorry for myself for the relationship I had growing up with him as my Dad, I choose to love him, I choose to forgive him. I’m thankful that I was and am able to show and tell him just how much I do!

No Longer Trying to Figure It Out.
Letting God Work It Out,
While in Egypt Eating Corn.

(P.S. Ya’ll can fight over the tomatoes, give me the corn :)

P. Debye said...

Miracle Whip on whole wheat (some prefer plain white, but, I digress) Salt and pepper, omgsh!
On your BLT, try turkey bacon, it is way more healthy and just as good! Am rejoicing for all of the answered prayers that are happening as we blog! "No thing" is impossible with the Creator

P. Debye

Anonymous said...

Pastor Debye
Fresh Tomato's one word - YUM - LOL

For anyone with a garden may your crops be plentiful.

That also speaks to your finances.

Donald said...

@3eh3weq6 h8ty65. Oops, had my fingers on the wrong row of keys. Wednesday night Bishop mentioned how considering ourselves rich or not was relative. We may not consider ourselves rich based on what we are comparing our situation to, while others may look at our lot in life and think that we're sultans.
With today's topic being about thankfulness, I am realizing more and more that being thankful can be relative. Let me explain. I don't do much work on my automobiles anymore because I just don't have that much time to spend on it, plus I would rather pay someone else to do it. But back when I did choose to work on my own vehicle if it needed it, and a wrench would slip and cause me to "bust" my knuckles, I never saw anything to be thankful for in that situation.
It's been over a year ago that I was working under my little work truck and sure enough, the wrench slipped off the bolt and I tore the hide off my knuckle. It was bad. So bad in fact that it would have probably killed the average man. But I managed to crawl out from under the truck and I remember sitting there on the ground and quite frankly I was writhing in pain. But the strangest thing happened. I started sobbing hysterically and began to thank God that I was alive to be able to experience pain. Because you see, only a few months before that I had gone through an experience where I actually had died and had to be brought back with a defibrillator. As I sat on the ground next to my truck, I realized that simply being alive was enough to be thankful for even though we get out knuckles bashed every now and then.
Am I thankful? I'm thankful for things now that I would have cursed at an earlier point in my life. I, and probably the rest of you, could write enough stuff to be thankful for that it would probably crash the server or at least be mistaken for Dennis or Erik (just kidding guys).
But I also read something by one of the other bloggers that impressed me. "Nothing to lose" mentioned something about a vision he had experienced about Bishop. What I am saying here neither validates nor invalidates your vision, but if it really does have any relevance it occurred to me that Bishop is left handed. As all of us left handers know, we usually hit the ball into right field. Since the ball went over the left field wall in the vision, any half way decent game announcer would have said that he "went the other way with it".
I believe that says alot about how Bishop has made his impact on the world. It has been remarkable, but he didn't do it the way it was expected. He went the other way. I'm sure the outfield was playing him toward right field when all of a sudden, POW, out of no where that ball was outta here!
Keep hittin' them grand slams Bishop!
It's been some interesting reading today. Very thought provoking at times. It's been a good day at work today. Finally got some fires put out and won a few battles with an overly arrogant customer.
Looking forward to a good weekend in Tennessee white water rafting with my daughter doing the guiding. I might miss the service Sunday because I don't know about internet access where we're staying. I just don't want to hear banjo music playing, if you know what I mean.

Mystic said...

Our Bishop by another other name would still be our spiritual Father...loved by one and all.

Blessings Blog Fam...

(My wordver is: ibfrogyv)

Mystic said...

...and I am thankful for all of y'all, for CITN, and for all the promises of God being fulfilled in my the now...

More Blessings Blog Fam...

Iris said...

I'm just Thankful for it all... from God to life to everything and everyone who is involved in my life... Life is Great... I am just thankful...

Avatar I will write more possibly tomorrow... Been on the road back home today... It's hard for me to write in the car...

P. Debye I am with you on the tomato sandwich with turkey bacon... BLT... UMMMM.... haven't had dinner yet tonight.... my mouth is watering....

Love you.

P.S. Food for thought... Remember that the law of attraction is your best friend... We attract by the words of our mouth...

Larry Usher said...

I LOVE you guys!!!

Donald, I am laughing so hard I fell off my mule!!!
"...would have killed a lesser man..." LOL!!!
...but WHAT a revelation, I'm crying just thinking of it!!!

Life is SUCH a gift!



ps- Love the tomato stuff, love those fresh, garden picked tomato & jalapeno sandwiches & mayo!!! Ohhh!

Question: Which man helped Peter realize that the whole world could have the abundance of God?

Ans: Corn-elius!


Ebony said...

"and now, let the weak say I am strong,
let the poor say I am rich,
because of what the Lord has done four us

and now let the sick say I am whole
let the bond say I am free
because of what the Lord has done for us

Give thanks"

There you are kettly.
I'm thankful for my two nieces, my parents marriage being restored, heck I'm just thankful for a lot.

Mystic said...

...ok...I meant to any other name...not another other...but it's all good...I meant to do that...uhuh uhuh...

I agree with P-Debye...God has supplied all our needs as we blog! REJOICE!

I do love coming in here...y'all crack me up...THANK YOU!!

Bless you to Kettly, Yvonne, Mayam, Nothing to lose, Water walker, Teezy, Dust...all y'all.'s all's all God! Really enjoy your insights so keep 'em comin'...k?

Iris...get yourself some dinner before...better yet, make someone cook for ya! LOL!

This is special...for Donald...neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer (yes, that is the sound they make)...y'all have fun raftin...

May I have some 'maters too...nothin' like a home grown 'mater/cheese/mayo sammich...YUUUMMY!

To LindseyP...are ya sure you're not yet? You've spoken it...CITN family members have agreed...I'd say it's a done deal...Got names? Do share...

And Special Congrats to the Hancock family!

Amen Ebony...I am rich, I am strong, I am whole, I am FREE!!! Halal to Jah!

I love ya Lar...but Oy vey! LOL!

Izumi/Joy...I love to read your posts...moreover...I love talking with you too!

A Plethora* of Blessings Blog Fam...

*For our etymologists: Webster's states...extreme excess; "an embarrassment of riches"...don't ya love that!
Also fullness (fulness in the KJV) relates to the root...Strong's's one of those awe-mazing words that I LOVE! (According to Proverbs 25:2: It is the honor of Kings to search it out!) Enjoy!

PS: Yes, Mystic is my pen name...I'm Batman :o

Donald said...

Now Mystic that's funny right thar!
Corn-elius! Man, Larry, you need to get on away from here!

Kettly said...

Ebony, thanks for helping me with the rest of the words. God Bless you. Yes Ebony we need to always lift up Marriages in prayers, because our Marriage represent Ministry and also a COVENANT with the Lord.

Mystic- I bless you too in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for always acknowledging us. love U.

Yvonne-I declare a blessing over your situation.In Jesus's Name. Do not feel discourage like you don't have any friends or all your friends are: "UNDEPENDABLE". Because they are Not!

Bishop_ Maybe "LOVE IN THE NOW" can be or can be not,be your new blog name. What do you think? whatever new name you choose YOU'RE STILL OUR SPIRITUAL"FATHER, IN THE NOW"
and WE LOVE.