Friday, June 27, 2008


Iris said...

A pictures worth a thousand words!!!


More later...

Love Ya!!!

Teezy313 said...



Larry Usher said...

Bishop- you're a hoot!!!


Mystic said...

Bish...I just can't flow with ya on this point...I'm a Tomatoist...

Blessings Blog Fam...

Wow...whodathunkit? There are waterfalls all over NYC! Some under bridges and some flowing right out of skyscrapers! Is that cool or what? With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

mayam said... that IS funny!


Friend4Life said...

Hey are so FUNNY!! I was going through my old emails and found one about food. I saved this picture the other, because it reminds me of church on Wed. nights. (not saying your a tomato)--the califlower as us..(smile)

Anyway, had to show ya.

Neat what you can do with food, aye?

Anonymous said...

Okay Bishop you have gone tooooooo far with the pic of the tomato...All gloves are off!
P.Debye & all the other tomato lovers, I gottcha covered...There is NOTHING better than going out to the garden & seeing the most BEAUTIFUL REDDISH TOMATO BEGGING TO BE PICKED that has been basking in the sun ALL day...
First pluck it from the vine & remove stem...
turn on garden hose & wash gently..
make sure you have your salt shaker & sprinkle just a tab where your teeth are going to sink into it...
let juice ooze down your chin, lick your lips...& repeat again till it's ALL gone! YUM..YUM..

Now for GRITS...Have you ever seen a child at the beach with a pail & a shovel...Yep...that's what you walk on at the beach...also known as GRITTY SAND...No matter how they are fixed it's all the same...

ain't feeling to much love on this blog...enjoy your gritty sand & I'll enjoy my juicy ripe red delicious tomato...Please pass the TOMATO with the salt...THANK YOU...

Thanks for keeping us laughing Bishop...
Love to ALL

Here to Worship & Serve

Anonymous said...

friend4life...loved the pic..If you enlarge it...I think the cauliflower looks a lot like sheep to me...they even know a good thing when they see it..however I don't see any GRITTY sand where they are grazing... Bishop promise not to talk about our tomatoes & I won't talk about the grits...It's All good...I can feel the love back on the blog...A GOOD laugh really is good for the soul...Today is a GREAT DAY...


Here to Worship & Serve....

Scott B said...

I've spent a lot of yesterday just trying to wrap my brain around what I'm thankful for. We all could go on and on like it's been said. So let me at least say thank you to God for everything He's done and is doing. Thank you that your helping us walk by your Spirit. I know that's where we all want to be.

A link on the Drudge Report today.

.NOW: Crunch vote to rule on Internet domain names...

The jist of the article is that instead of .com .org .gov etc... in 09' words could go up for sale to all, to be used as domain names. And what word does one of the largest internet sites in the world use as its example of this?


Hmmm, seems strange to me.

Also the headline today is the "Shock Claim" that the North Pole Ice may completely melt this summer.

"Last year we saw huge areas of the ocean open up, which has never been experienced before. People are expecting this to continue this year and it is likely to extend over the North Pole. It is quite likely that the North Pole will be exposed this summer – it's not happened before" Professor Wadhams

What do you science buddies think of that Bishop?

They also talked about how their will probably be HUGE OIL FINDS their for the Artic countries.

Sound familiar?

I'll leave today with these quotes.

When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset. -MOSES

"It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word." - LUKE

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. - JFK

I know I'm not a member , but just from the outside lookin' in. I'm just thinkin.

Oh and Avatar. Right On man. Except I'll take a 1080p projector over a flatscreen. I'm having visions bigger than that even. We need to chat.

Love Ya'll,


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha
This is where I can't agree with you.
Tomato the best fruit for Hamburgers,BLT'S,Chicken Sand, Tomato Sand., etc

peacemaker said...

I'm not big on the tomato thing either. I mean...I can do it but it's kind of like eating a raw oyster...I need to be drunk, put it on a soda cracker, cover it with hot sauce, and swallow it whole.


G8TRGRL said...

OMGoodness... too stinkin' funny!

Anonymous said...

Flash: Vegetarian Party nominates Tom A. Toe as its candidate for the upcoming Presidential Election.
According to our sources, his first priority, should he be elected, will be to sign a bill doing away with the ban on tomatoes, (especilly the vine ripe) that are used for making "mater samwichs" in the deep south near the Conyers - Covington, GA area. Looks like it's going to be an interesting election.

Izumi/JOY said...

I wish Oprah would return my calls! (What would Dr. Brian Weiss recommend?)

Donald said...

I command that filthy demon of anti fresh vine ripe duh-maters to COME I-YUT RIGHT NOW-UH!!!!!!!

Christy said...

I love it! Perfect for a Friday! Poor Bob, the tomato (Vegie Tales) - think he is getting a complex yet?

ROFL . . . :)~

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I checked in, almost went out the door without it.

You started my day with laughter.

It will be a good day today.

Matt likes Ketchup but hates tomatoes. I can't figure that one out.

Guess we will just have to give P Debye tomatoes on the down low.

P. Debye said...

I have got to get ready for prayer this morning but I am laughing so hard! My fresh tomato eatin' peeps! I love you so much!

This week has been a very good but very intense week on soooo many levels. To be able to start today with wonderful laughter is so awesome! It is a sign to me of the Glory of the Lord being revealed today!!!! Keep watch over your words, you are creating your world, keep watch over your attitude your deep is drawing things to you, and be aware of the small but equally important miracles happening all around you! God is so ALL over you!

Have an amazing tomato filled day!!! Love Rules! P. Debye

Donald said...

Ah-ight now Peacemaker, get off them raw oysters!
I mean, one of my favorite activities is riding my scooter to my favorite oyster bar and woofing down about three dozen of 'em while drinking a couple of,...uh, uh, a couple of glasses of cold iced tea. Yeah, that's it, cold iced tea.

Anonymous said...


You really know how to stir a group up! This is the South! Country people love vine-rippend tomatoes taken fresh off the vine and eaten with a bit of salt! That tomatoey smell is heavenly and the flavor tantalizing to the palate.

Brings back wonderful memories of my youth!

This is where we part waves! Of course, I WONT leave the church over it!!!! Will just pray for you!


Donald said...

But then, shouldn't iced tea be cold anyway. I really meant sweet iced tea.

G8TRGRL said...

O.K ya'll, love the southern thang, but my palette craves thick slices of tomato, slices of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil leaves with a drizzle of evoo and balsamic vinegar...some crusty french bread...

Must be off to Wally World for tomato cages; my plants are in the precarious position of becoming fodder to the furry freeloaders digging spree... (In Mr. Bill voice... Ohhhhh noooooo!)


Larry Usher said...

Outrageous favor to everyone today!
Unexpected blessings from unexpected places!
Mercy & grace abounding & overtaking. Desires of the heart coming to pass.



Lisa said...

HAhahahaha!!!!! I so agree with you Bish!!! Thanks for the laugh at the end of a tough month.

peacemaker said...

Donald...don't leave without me.
Only when we got there I'd have to reverse the eatin and drinkin order. Couldn't do the oysters first...done tried ain't pretty.

Down the hatch...

Heart after Him said...

Tomato Food Facts

The tomato is the fruit of a vine native to South America. By the time European explorers arrived in the New World, the tomato had made its way up into Central America and Mexico. The Spanish carried plants back home from Mexico, but it took some time for tomatoes to be accepted in Spain because it was thought that -- like various other members of the nightshade family -- they were poisonous.

Some tomato advocates, however, claimed the fruit had aphrodisiac powers and, in fact, the French called them pommes d'amour, meaning "love apples."

It wasn't until the 1900s that the tomato gained some measure of popularity in the United States. Today this fruit is one of America's favorite "vegetables," a classification the government gave the tomato for trade purposes in 1893.

Green tomatoes will eventually turn red, but will not have good flavor. A vine ripened tomato is best. Refrigerate, but do not allow freezing. The color may be deceiving since sometimes chemicals are used to redden them.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and contain appreciable amounts of vitamins A and B, potassium, iron and phosphorus. A medium tomato has about as much fiber as a slice of whole-wheat bread and only about 35 calories.

"elle" said...

Getting a late start again today, but you just had me laughing hysterically! All due respect, Bish, but what the bleep is wrong with you! And how is it that you love tomato soup but don't like plain 'ol tomatoes? Debye, what kind of a weirdo did you marry? Okay, I guess his attributes make up for this one shortcoming!

People, let me just say... there is nothing like a Caprese Salad... all kinds of sliced raw tomatoes (grape, cherry, roma - green, yellow, red), FRESH sliced mozzarella, and fresh julianned basil with a little extra virgin olive oil & lemon juice drizzled on top! Aahhh :)

And I make this to die for BLT. Kind of California cuisine like... Avocado BLT with Jalapeno-Lime Mayo... YUM! It just wouldn't be the same without the tomato!

Oh well, to each his own... Have never tried to grow them; perhaps I should.

Thanks for the laughter, all! Will check back in later.

Izumi/JOY said...

P. Debye, believe it or not, my (oldest) daughter & I were just discussing tomatoes the other day. Specifically, how to load a turkey blt! (why do we call it bacon, if it's really from a bird?)

Anyway, yes to soft, fresh, white bread. Slather on the Miracle Whip, add tomatoes that fills the breadwidth, crunchy ice-berg lettuce & a slice of American cheese.

Sweet pickles are optional. (who came up with the word, "gherkin", anyway? And, what's up "bread and butter" pickles? They're not either. I don't get that.) My turkey bacon sandwich ocd requires a bunch of potato chips to offset the sweetness, if that makes any sense.

Agree w/g8trgrl - just wrap a slice of prosciutto around that - nirvana!

Johnny - I'll bring you & Teresa a bag of my tree's figs, for some of your tomatoes.

Hey Larry, Mystic & Avatar!

Happy belated birthday to your dad, Elle. (what kinda cake?)

Cool weekend all!

P.S. Prayer enforcement for my daughter (Amber). Dental surgery, as I type. Five extractions (wisdom teeth, plus one). Peace & healing to all.

Anonymous said...

I very much dislike tomato's. The only geat thing they have contributed to society is spaghetti sauce. Even at that they need help from oregano, basil and olive oil. This just proves you need help from others to contribute to a healthy and flavorful society. When one tomato goes bad, the rest of the ingredients just can't taste as good on their own.

Man, I needed this. I was all prepared for a "word" today when I logged on..I was all serious and had meditated on accepting todays word as truth and letting it set the course for my day..this is hilarious...boy did I need to lighten wodnerful..Ha!

Anonymous said...

the emphasis(on the contact with the ball) was on the confidence of obediance, not the power in the swing or what box he was in. However, I know exactly what you mean about the oppisite wall, which falls under what I said. The man walks in an obediance that he is confident with. To those who don't understand his walk might almost take him to be a bit cocky, yet to those who do know his walk realize his is a walk of humility even with a cost. So just for the fun of it, let's say he was batting left handed, and that rather than him facing the plate, he was facing the pitcher. The pitcher throws the ball, and at the right moment the H.S. tells him to swing and the ball goes over the left field wall. And you know the rest of the story...

Nothing to lose

Izumi/JOY said...

Anon - sorry you detest tomatoes. I repent for laughing out loud. Your comment about "one tomato goes bad..." evoked imagery of Bizarro-World Veggie Tales.

In a day's episode, "Garden gang wars" - Field workers haul in the sandy-soiled lettuce brothers, Radicchio & Arugula for questioning.

mayam said...

...I guess this means no tomato soup for're treading on saucy ground...

Larry: I receive everything you decreed today! Bless You! Bless You! Bless You!

Yvonne: a publishing company is definitely on my "To Do" list...I will keep you could happen soon...

LOL to All
mayam, aka Zoe

P. Debye said...

Just came from an amazing time of intercession! Decided to walk around the main building seven times rather than praying inside...."counting the stars" in the daytime! Lifting up our wonderful, full of faith staff (and you know why)! On the seventh lap I was decreeing all kinds of blessings and I felt led to walk one more lap...the "new beginning lap"! My prayer/talk with God totally switched to releasing NOW the "new wine" and the "new song"....did not want to wait until July 4th-Independence Day, so decided to declare our Independence today!!!! The Future is NOW!

To our staff: You have been tried and tested and as I stood/walked before the Father this morning with you in my heart....I felt the unveiling of the New Wine Skin you now represent. I had a vision of Bishop being the "Head" of this body of believers, you are the "backbone" supplying the body with all that it needs as you receive "words of life" from Bishop! Something very deep and beautiful has happened over the last couple of days as God has knitted us together in a unified way than we have ever known! One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand...imagine what we can do together!

We serve a MIGHTY GOD!

To Donald: High five on the raw oysters....on crackers w/horseradish sauce....omgsh!

Elle and g8trgrl: Caprese Salad, one of my favorites!

Izumi/joy: love the sound of your sandwich!

Oh my, I will have to eat something good soon!

P. Debye

"elle" said...

It was coconut. I'm a self-professing dessert snob, but if I can do anything, I CAN BAKE! That being said, I cheated yesterday. Used a doctored-up cake mix, and I confess, it was really pretty good. Not to compare with the recipe that I have for Emeril's coconut cake! (Did that one for my mom for her birthday - totally from scratch - wonderful lemon filling - SOOOOO good.) But Dad loved my scratch wannabe. What grossed me out was that he wanted chocolate ice cream to go with it. I left that for my mom to get since they're 45 minutes away. Eewww, not the combo I would've chosen, but I hope if I make it to 81 someone will be there to give me what I want, too!

Anonymous said...

Not only do I love maters but my favorite actor is…….TOE MATER !!!!!!!


LONG LIVE THE MATER……and the mater sandwich

My favorite quotes from Toe Mater:

Mater: My name is Mater.
Lightning McQueen: Mater?
Mater: Yeah, like tuh-mater, but without the "tuh."

Lightning McQueen: I'm serious! He's won three Piston Cups!
Mater: [spits out fuel] He did WHAT in his cup?

Lightning McQueen: I'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.
Mater: You hurt your what?

Flo: Whoo! Watchin' him is makin' me thirsty. Anybody else want somethin' to drink?
Mater: Nah, not me, Flo. I'm on one of them there special diets. I am a precisional instrument of speed and aeromatics.

Mater: I'm happier 'n a tornado in a trailer park!

Tow Mater: The Ghostlight's gonna strip my parts, and sell them on the computer auction website.

Mater out tractor tippin; Mater: Tractors is so dumb.

Praise God for maters and toe mater…Really!


Ebony said...

Rev. Dennis, Cars is one of my favorite Disney movies, but I'm partial to Ramone and Sally. Happy Friday everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed bloggers of BITN,
Believe it or not about 5 years ago I woke up one morning with a word on my mind that I did not know what it meant. The word was “Iconoclast” I thought that’s probably not even a word. But in my Quiet time with the Lord I heard “you are an Iconoclast” I thought wow! This is getting weird. So I typed the word the way it sounded into a search engine and there it was.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary

Definition: \I*con"o*clast\, n. [Gr. to break:
cf. F. iconoclaste.]
1. A breaker or destroyer of images or idols; a determined
enemy of idol worship.

2. One who exposes or destroys impositions or shams; one who
attacks cherished beliefs; a radical.

I said yep that sounds like me. The Lord is so close and personal sometimes it freaks me out.

Now as I count backward from 5 to 1 you will began to get sleepy

5. your eyes are heavy

4. your closing your eyes (but open them just long enough to read the next line)

3. your mind is defragmenting Rev. Dennis out.

2. your memory of rev dennis is being removed

1. rev dennis is gone……to mater land.

2. you see Iconoclast

3. Iconoclast is getting clearer

4. your eyes are fully open now

5. SNAP ! (that was my fingers)




Iconoclast is back!

Anonymous said...

More good reasons for being converted to a vine ripe tomato lover include the action of the tomato on the human digestive system. Most people today know about the nutrients in a tomato being linked to enhancing the immune system but some other interesting facts are that the highly acidic vine ripe tomato eaten fresh has a chelating effect in the upper parts of the digestive system that draws heavy metals such as mercury and lead out of areas where they may otherwise become absorbed. The acid of the tomato also causes the body to produce alkaline buffers that are introduced further along the pathway. They have the effect of causing more efficient absorption of lycopenes and B vitamins as well as supplements that chelate metals from fat cells.

Scott B, your concern about the polar ice melting is of importance to the scientific world for several reasons. It is important that we do all we can to slow global warming caused by man because that is bringing about the seemingly inevitable more quickly than expected. NASA has identified that the earth is slowly increasing in its season causing tilt. They theorize this began about twelve thousand years ago as a result of the ice age in the northern hemisphere. The tilt change can be calculated by the difference between the reference points of a solar calendar used two thousand years ago and today. The tilt would have been about twenty one degrees at the apex of the ice age and it is about twenty three degrees today. In another twelve thousand years it is believed the tilt will either begin to recede or that the earth will drastically wobble and cause what is now tropical to become a polar region. There is evidence that suggests this has happened before.

Although there is no immediate danger to us we do need to act lovingly toward our planet on behalf of those generations to follow us. The next closest blue planet is about twelve light years away and its blue signature although suggesting water could also be carbon dioxide. You can be certain that the world’s scientists are hard at work on a solution for what seems to be the inevitable. This just gives me one more reason to be in awe of God.

The sooner we truly identify who we all are in the greater scheme of things as Children of a God that has integrated our beings together and begin to think act and speak in unity with that God as though we are God and God is us, the quicker that Kingdom will come where the will of God is already done. It is my belief that as this happens we will stabilize our own planet and the others we inhabit will be for proliferation purposes.

I’ve checked in with Holy Spirit who has assured me that Father God loves to be pursued and as I use my new pseudonym it will be better to use lower case letters so as not to offend those who are yet to become aware of who and Who’s they are. That would be like making my 'mater hatin son watch me eat a delicious juicy 'mater. Now that might start a rasslin cession that he would not let me win this time and probably contribute to global warming.

izumi/joy, Teresa and I love figs but you will have to hurry cause I think I've already promised more than can be produced without a miracle.

One Peace


Anonymous said...

Dear CITN Family:

Happy Fabulous Friday! God is in His Heaven and in our hearts and all is right with the world or it will be. I decree it!

The first half of this year has been very interesting, very challenging to my faith, so I totally get where P. Debye is coming from. Through all of it we have not lacked even for tomatoes. January started with losing a job I had for 12 years. The first thing I did was pay my tithes because I knew God would keep us and He has. My "experience" appears to scare people and the market is a little flooded right now, so we are still praying and trusting as the belt has tightened. Remember, wherever you are today abounding or abased, God is always good and King David said it best, "I've been young and now I am old, but I've never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed out begging for bread".

Love to you all. Bishop and P. Debye we are standing with you and holding up your hands.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a tomatoist too - I'm with you Mystic. In fact I go every Saturday to the organic Morningside Market to get my good fresh tomatoes to have everyday - ummmmmmm! Just had a couple for lunch - ummmmmm! :)

Love ya anyway,
Pamela H :)

Anonymous said...

"my 'mater hatin son" ah oh ya might a just gave it away. we all know who the REAL mater hater is here.

although there may be many mater haters we have only one mater hater of all mater haters - (maters that is)

when I was growing up I liked maters so much that I took the parts for my Mr Potato Head and made a Mr Tomato Head......was a little messy though.

Mr Tomato head is healthier than Mr Potato Head as gakau has pointed out. Mr Potato Head is full of all those starches that turn right into fat.


Mystic said...

Rev who? Iconoclast? I think that worked a little too well...wait...who am I?

Just pass the tomatoes and keep the grits away from me...

Izumi/Joy...Arugula did it but Radicchio was the lookout...they were featured on the show When Good Vegetables Go Bad...

Can't go for oysters...but I'm there with the cold beverages...

Pamela...Now you've done it...I'm hungry...again...wish I had some homegrown maters...

And to gakau...Klatu Barrada Nikto...Dude...

Blessings...whoever you are...

(Loved I don't care who ya are...that's funny rite thar...)

Anonymous said...

OK, I think I'm having too much fun with this. I'll settle down.

My word verification: rppdit :)


Mystic said...

Hmmm...after consulting the Human/Alien dictionary, I have discovered there is only on "r" in bad

Izumi/JOY said...

P. Debye - uh... excuse me. It's very crunchy. :)

"Elle" - what a coincidence! My dad loved coconut cake, too. I used to bake them for him. (poke holes throughout with a straw, & pour on that thick, coconut liquidy stuff, then spill truckloads of Cool Whip across)

gakau - Agreeing for your miracle. I'll still bring ya some figs, when they ripen.

Mystic - Oysters, cold beverages & citrus wedges - yes!

Now, a word from our sponsors: "Lettuce pray."

Anonymous said...

Love them 'maters! We have about 20 or so on the vine now with 4 cucmber plants. We should be havin' mater sandwiches in the next week or so.

Corn is my favorite though.

Loved the baseball analogy - good stuff!

Love to all!

Avatar said...

Welcome back Iconoclast! BTW--I got my pseudo the same way.

Tractor tipping. I'm not sure why that amuses me, but it does. The mostly-a-blurker that I live with often accuses me of enjoying slapstick too much.

Friend4life, great find on your pic! Love the skin feet and glasses--too funny.

Posted my mater comments under the "couch potatoes" topic.

Larry, your corny Cornelius comment came through on my phone last night 2 minutes before an email from Williams-Sonoma. I normally just delete them, but opened this one for some reason. First line...Savoring Fresh Summer Corn!!! Also--here's an interesting fact on the cargo ship (Algocen) you chose as your pic: she was the first vessel to have loaded in excess of one million bushels of corn.

Scott, dang! Thanks for exposing my "too small" thought. Go for it.

G8TRGRL said...


i read this quote today, and you came to mind!

"It is the formidable character of the species to routinely seek the improbable, the difficult, even the impossible, as a source of pleasure and self-justification. Who would try to write poems, or novels, or paint pictures unless he is an optimist?"
-- Lionel Tiger

... and a few others that I liked...

" The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy." -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"The average pencil is 7 inches long, with just a half -inch eraser-- in case you thought optimism was dead." -- Robert Brault

"Optimism doesn't wait on fact. It deals with prospects." -- Norman Cousins


Scott B said...

No Avatar, not at all putting your thought down. What you said was more of a confirmation of something that's already happening here. There are a group of us now who are getting together to be with you all at CITN. We worship and love to hear the word. Keep it comin' Bishop. And sorry bout my mater' joke. Gotta little in the flesh there. Here I'll try again.

"How do you fix a broken tomato?"

"Tomato paste!"

Mama tomato & Daddy tomato and baby tomato were walkin' down the road. Baby tomato was dragging behind so Papa tomato turned around and hollard HEY, KETCHUP !!

For the record I'm with the Bish on raw tomatos by themselves. Blak! Good on different things though.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say "No" to ban on tomatoes cuz they are too good! hehehe...
A lil late but I have been pondering all the things I am thankful for and there are so many and too many wonderful people! So I am thankful for it all~the good and the bad~because He works it all for my good anyways! So as you Bishop say "It's ALL good"! Well, it is because we have an awesome Heavenly Father!
Thankful for all of you and thankful for what is to come!



Yvonne said...

Hi Bish, had a amazing time at intercessory prayer this just never know what you are going to get and we know you was there in spirit!

BITN'ers and intercessors, I am convinced that as we build ourselves up in our most holy faith, that the Holy Spirit is preparing the sanctuary for the miraculous on this Sunday.

There was a group of us who was up in the balcony throwing down - it was a Holy Ghost party, for real.

And then when P. Scott called us together, we just prayed in the spirit and then he exhorted us...that was good to be appreciated...and then we prayed in the spirit again!

Well, with that overflow and that encouraging myself...decreeing blessings and favor, I went into a herb and vitamin shop and was blessed endlessly...then one of my friends was calling to take me to lunch at one of my favorites restuarants...then I found out great news from home...God is so good!

I speak to everyone in this (even if you are on the other side of the planet) body - you can have what you say...words...your words have power...God has set before you an open and death...choose life will live and not die...but declare the works of the Lord...knowing that He is well able to finish that which He has committed.

Live today the life God has called you to the now...with no regrets...moving forward...never looking back. Call your day...seize every moment...and...bless the Lord, at all times!

love, Yvonne

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Busy day here...

To those of you who are going back into "anonymity", let me reiterate, I'm fine with either appraoch to identification...whatever you do is your choice...

Scott, your joke was funny...I just kept it to myself if that's about cyber-CITNOHIO, though...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

and, good grief…enough about tomatoes already! And, for the record, I love and eat all vegetables…in fact, I’m practically quasi-vegetarian…just don’t like gross raw tomatoes in any shape or form…

…I like tomato juice, salsa, ketchup (catsup?), tomato soup (Mayam), marinara sauce, even stewed tomatoes…even fried green tomatoes…just not those nasty, slime-filled things...and the more you talk about how wonderful they are, the more nauseas I become…I do not like them, Sam I Am…not in a box…not with a fox…not in a house…not with a mouse…not on a log…not on a blog…

And if you all don’t cut it out, I’m going to start talking at length about sushi and tuna tataki and escargot and caviar, and other things that I happen to also enjoy that you may not like hearing about…


Izumi/JOY said...

OK, I quit (for now - muah ah ah). Fortunately, I like all those things.

Just don't mention turnips, cilantro or C Longino. (bleh!)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

...should read "nauseous"...

but, in honor of Dan Quayle, you can spell it "tomatos" or "tomatoes"...

...thanks for getting the joke...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

...I have to clarify when it's a joke...someone left the church in anger a while back because I insisted in a sermon that "mauve" was pronounced with a long "o" sound...

Anonymous said...

"anonymities" I know Bish,
But when you wake up with a word you don’t know and it's you; maybe you should go with it. I have been thinking about that all along; but you just gave witness to it.

The Original,

Avatar said...

57 comments inspired by tomahtoes (and counting)...amazing! and slug talk, Bishop!
log--blog, that was good. Blessings on the mohve crowd. Their loss.

Iconoclast, perfect provocative pic! Where is it?

Scott, your message wasn't received as a putdown at all--it just revealed too small thinking which I am ALWAYS GRATEFUL for!!
I even went to imagining an entire THEATER full of Ohioans watching e-CITN together after that. How many are joining you now? Do they blog yet?

Fun Friday! Reminds me of one back in...March? Can it only be three months ago? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm goin back to Johnny until I get a really cool name like Iconoclast or Avatar.

Gakau has an excellent meaning but when you say it out loud it sounds like you're sneezing with a stopped up nose. I'm sure that the awesome God who indulged me with that, thought it was pretty funny.

OK, no more about tomato/es until the next time.

One Peace


"elle" said...

I do not like them in a mug,
Not even served with chocolate bugs!
Nor do I like them as 'escargot;'
I will not eat them... no, no, NO!
The texture's like a rubber tread;
The mouthfeel fills my soul with dread!
Will bring 'mater' praise to a screeching halt,
But drown all slugs in Morton salt!

You have to admit... the lowly tomato sure generated conversation. FUN!

And as for sushi and caviar... how unsanitary can you possibly be?!?

As for me, just met Joe for a
wonderful dinner, and he is now on his way to Braselton. All you bikers out there whisper a little safety prayer. He races at Road Atlanta tomorrow and Sunday. Doesn't usually do Sundays, but wants to race the 'millie' for the first time. Hope the bike is ready. He actually crashed in practice 2 weeks ago at Talladega (sp?). Small amount of cosmetic damage to the RZ. Went ahead and raced, coming away with a 1st and 2nd, but he probably cracked a couple of ribs. He's had some pain ever since, but do ya think he listens to wifey? Note my sarcasm! Precisely why I don't go to the races; it's just better for the both of us if I stay at home! So join with me in reminding God that He needs to suit up this weekend and hop on back! Trusting that my hubby returns to me safely and w/out incident!

Mystic said...

Elle...Amen on Joe's safety...

As for the snails...haven't tried them yet but I will usually try most any food--excluding bugs and things that try and move off my plate--once...that's how I know I don't like alligator)...but cavier? The good stuff? Like BUTTAH! Mmmm Mmmm Good! Long live sturgeon! :}

P. Debye said...

Johnny, that was funny....your gakau comment....still have a grin on my face. I will say that I feel honored that 57 plus comments have been made about tomatoes....woohoo! but, I will respect my husband's wishes and "cut it out" has been fun though and I needed to laugh....thanks to all who contributed! Still am in an attitude of prayer for all and believe our BEST IS HERE! Ah ha, you thought I was going to say "yet to come" but nooooo, it is here!

Blessings to all this beautiful Friday evening! P. Debye

"elle" said...

A million thanks, Mystic!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Yes, Johnny, that is very funny...

And thanks for the caviar confirmation, Mystic...

BTW, Elle, today you've called me a wierdo and said that I'm unsanitary or eat unsanitary, praise the Lord...what's next?

And I really liked the quotes,

Anonymous said...


Mystic said...

Wow...what's up with my spelling today? I apologize for that and thank you for the proper spelling, Bish...caviar...Yum!

Good Friday Y'all...

"elle" said...


A thousand apologies, but I'm sure I'm equally weird in any Southerner's eyes. I won't go near ANY cooked, dark leafy greens... and okra?!? Oh my! Don't remember even having tried it, but if ya wanna talk slime...

Did actually do the escargot before our trip to France. Perhaps I should've waited till we were in France. Michelins, man! That's all I can say!

As for sushi, you go ahead and enjoy it for me, too, okay?! I just can't make myself!

Seriously, you know it's all in fun, don't you? The blog has been a blast the last couple of days; sometimes the lighter stuff is like a much needed breath. Am I forgiven?

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more...

"elle" said...

Hhhmmmm... a certain sermon comes to mind... something about carnal vs spiritual...
Okay, really, this is it; I have to stop. Getting close to bedtime.
Goodnight, cyberworld ;}

Nancy said...

P Debye,
I'm with you! I just walked seven times around the building just the other day praying..There are so many miracles happening right now

Good night

Izumi/JOY said...


Since you don't know me, I should take Bish's lead & clarify when it's a joke. I meant brussels sprouts.