Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'll Be Back!* **

In my opinion, the last two or three days on this blog have been the best, yet. There certainly has been a lot of activity here…

One reason that I’ve been so engaged in the last few hours is that we’re taking a family vacation next week, and I’m going to put the blog on hold until we get back. I’ve been pouring a lot into the dialogue before I leave because I’m going to miss it – and all of you – but I need to take a break from everything for a minute. I know that there is a setting I could put the blog on where the comments would be on auto-post, but I’d rather not do that for several reasons. While I’m gone, please use the CITN blog to keep the conversation going.

I will be at church tomorrow (live), and I’ve got a great word for you. In the meantime, you can go ahead and post, and can continue until early Sunday evening.

I’ll be back later today.



Hey bloggers,

I was going to post this, but I’ll just give you the site and you can go and read it there for yourself. Pastor Greg Crawford is a good brother and friend of mine…a real blessing to me and to the ministry. I guess you would say that he is unofficially part of Now Ministries (many of you know him from Body Builders). Anyway, I had breakfast with him last week when he was coming through town and he shared this word with me about Isaac sowing in famine. I think it’s a good word for all of us right now. Go to and read it (Go Not Down to Egypt) and tell me what you think…

I know we've been all about Egypt lately (I still believe that there is corn there), but this is a story for a different purpose and paradigm...



Thanks for the feedback from today...Happy 4th of July...see you in a few days...

Love you all...


Heart after Him said...

I'm all about this place... and appreciate the REALNESS of it! Love and acceptness is here. Priceless!! Everyone enjoy your Saturday and soak up the day!!!!

Friend4Life said...

Yes it has been, Blogmaster!! I just came home and saw how many comment on the "No TOMATOES!"-70..oh my, oh my

Like I told ya, all I need is a picture and things get started for me. (smile)

Anyway, heading off to bed. Good Saturday Morning Bloggers..I am sleeping in till noon or longer. (yeah) Cya later...zzzzzzz

Much love to ya

Anonymous said...

Two loggers decided they were going to chop down trees, and see at the end of the day who had chopped down the most. So early in the morning, they started chopping away. Throughout the morning it was a pretty close race. Finally, the one logger told the other that he was going to
stop and sharpen his axe. As the one logger left the woods to go sharpen his axe, the other logger decided to stay and to keep on chopping wood. He thinks to himself "while the other logger is away sharpening his axe, I'll just keep on chopping and get way ahead". After a time, the logger who had stayed and kept chopping wood started to realize that his axe was getting duller and duller. It was starting to take more and more effort to chop the wood. He thought to himself,
"it's getting harder and harder to chop the wood, but at least I am in the lead". Meanwhile, the other logger was up in the shade of a tree sharpening away. The blade on his axe was getting sharper and sharper. Every once in awhile, he would stop to take a break, get a drink of water, or stop to look at the beautiful scenery around him. Finally he got the axe very sharp.
When he got back down to the woods, he found that the other logger had gotten way ahead. So he just went to chopping with the axe he took the time to sharpen. The wood chips were flying all over the place because of the freshly sharpened axe. Almost effortlessly it seemed he started catching up to the other logger.
By the time the sharpened axe logger caught up to the very dulled axe logger, the dulled axe logger had to stop beause he had worn himself out because he never stopped to sharpened his axe. The sharpened axe logger at the end of the day had cut twice as much wood as the dulled axe logger and still had enough energy left to make it to chuch that Wednesday night.
Bishop, I said all of that to say this, stopping to sharpen your axe is something you have got to do to keep the chips of fresh revelation flying.

Nothing to lose.

mayam said...

Hope to see/hear you any event...

Rest easy. mayam

Anonymous said...

Friends Swilley,

Enjoy your vacation. You all deserve a geat one, especially Mom and Dad.

One Peace

"elle" said...

In the spirit of contrition I feel somewhat compelled to respectfully call you 'Bishop' today!
Hope I didn't offend yesterday ;{
(darn those disgusting edibles)
Anyway, I hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation... wherever you'll be, and a welcome respite from the whirlwind that has been your 2008. Recharging batteries... priceless!

And to 'nothing to lose,' a big AMEN!

Time to grab some hot tea and settle in for Food Network Saturday. New episodes, I hope :)

Have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Vacation is one of the best ways to sharpen your axe. (didn't want to be misunderstood)

Nothing to lose

Izumi/JOY said...

Have a relaxing vacation & safe trip!

creme bruille said...

I finally got caught up on the blogs. We are so intertwined
with this body.
Paster Debye post really spoke to my heart,so when we got to the salon, I told Gary I was feeling in my spirit to walk around our building 7 times. It was AMAZING, I walked the 8th time for a Victory Lap, "YES I DID!!!"(Read this phrase as if Mary, from So You Think You Can Dance said it.LOL,I'm obsessed w/ her, ask Gary LOL.
Gary comes in and pulls up AYITN and this is the first one
Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I have the ability to walk circumspectly (to see in a circle), observing my past, present and future from one vantage point – the now!
I Love this word!!!!! When he read it out loud, I fell on my knees. Blessing, blessings, blessings on everyone connected w/ this ministry,Bishop,BITN.
I can't wait for church tomorrow . I feel like going to camp out in the parking lot like we use to do at Turtles Record Store the night before tickets were going on sale.
I so agree w/ Robin Darby's post on Jun. 24 I have both, In Our Site and Possibilities hanging in our Salon. Both have aroused DEEP conversations LOL. If you don't know ,dont ask!
Mercy, your post on Jun. 24 was priceless.
I love you all,
Sheri Travis

creme bruille said...

We pray that you guys have the Best Vacation of your lifes!!!!
We hope you get total R&R!!!! We will be praying for you all safe travels and perfect weather.
Sheri Travis

Anonymous said...

I have really become “attached” to this blog “addicted” might be a better word. It is just great to be able to share and connect with so many friends in the faith. The openness, honesty, insight, revelation, wisdom, and intelligence of all this family is incredible. This is definitely a unique group and I love you all and love being here. I am so comfortable around you all as apposed to the uneasiness that I feel when I am around those who lack faith in the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all loving, absolutely sovereign, impartial almighty God we know and serve. I am amazed that those who “don’t get it” can’t see something so simple and clear. But I guess that’s what the bible is talking about when it speaks of those that are blinded. So I have all the more reason to offer thanksgiving and praise for the light he has given me/us. I don’t know why he chose to reveal the light of Christ more fully to me/us than to others. God knows I don’t think it was because I am anything special. And so this realization causes me to abound even more in praise and thanksgiving to the one that is pure light pure life pure love. Gods blessings are on this group/family and I think we all know it. Now it is our responsibility to share what God has done for us; that the light of the life and love of Christ might flow out to others as the family of God reproduces and grows into a the light of a city set on a hill that cannot be ignored.

Praise God,


Bishop and all,
I invite you all to come over to my place when Bishop is away to continue the conversations if you would like. I will be putting out something for you to snack on and maybe a full meal from time to time. Just come over kick your shoes off and make yourselves at home. You will find it is a lot like here.

if you would like, you are welcome to post over there while you are away either as a contributor that will go directly on the blog (you have free posting privileges, I don’t even have to approve it) it is posted instantly. Or you could just post as a comment. Or you might just need to completely get away from IT ALL for awhile. I think we would all understand. I just want you and everyone to know you have that option.

For those who would be interested my blog is at:

Mystic said...

Bon Voyage, Bish and Fam...Relax, Refresh, & Recharge.

You know that we'll be here when you get back...which I'm sure is both the up- and the down-side...on any given

See y'all on the return. Until then...

Blessings Blog Fam...

Reign! said...

There's No Place Like Home! I give a shout out to every staff member and volunteer at Church In The Now that contributes in the spirit of Excellency! (We are spoiled!)

I believe when God directs you to join a church, then all of your spiritual needs will be met at that church & as a result I hardly ever visit other churches. I had an experience today that allowed me to cement my commitment to that belief. Thank you CITN for not only operating in excellency, love, graciousness, & selflessness; but also for utilizing good ole common sense!! God bless education, but some days common sense will take you to the bank!

Thank you CITN for teaching us to look to God and not allowing circumstances & situations dictate how or even if we're going to flow! (I’m telling you, it’s the corn :)

Bishop & Pastor Debye,
I decree that your vacation will be a time of refreshing, replenishing, rejuvenation & rest.
Have fun!

dgm2007 said...

I just wanted to type a quick thank u... thanks Bish for helping in ways u really wouldn't know unless i type.. u help me to remember what a faith walk really is.and plain and simple its real... and real things real relationships take work.. there not fairy tales but beautiful things that last...they arent easy but the concept is very simple.. and real i cant use that word enough.. i was a tad down then i decided against it.. life is... and thats all ..i have joy and will always have joy.. so big thanks to really being an example.. cheers

Machion said...

Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bish,
I put an article on my blog today with you in mind; but good for us all.

Enjoy your time.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone…I really appreciate your words…just don’t forget that I WILL be ITB tomorrow!!! I don’t want y’all to read these bon voyage messages and think that we’re already gone…I need to see everyone tomorrow…

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And I read the article, of Jubilee sounds the most appealing to me right now (probably to everyone)...

And Sabbatical Year would work, too...but I'll try to use the time I have next week to sharpen the ax (thanks, Nothing to Lose)...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And did y'all read how many salmonella cases have been linked to tomatoes* recently?

I'm just sayin'...

*(not sushi, Elle)

"elle" said...

(yeah, yeah, yeah)...
I'm going back to 'Bish' now...

Oh, and imagine my surprise when Sandra Lee made her version of succotash today, with okra :{
Paybacks are... well, you know!

"elle" said...

And by the way, Mystic...
Joe came away with another 1st and 2nd today. So, one day down... one to go...

Scott B said...

Someone’s been praying for me. Someone’s been loving me in the presence of our Father. I know my mom still does sometimes. Moms are so good for that. No someone else has been praying. And if I'd have to pick from a pool of company I'd guess it was someone here. Thank you for your prayers.
When you wander in the wilderness for 10 years you don't thrive in the Promised Land in a day. God is putting me back together, even to something new. And the grace by which He's led me here surpasses my understanding. You all are such strength and a blessing to me.

Father thank You for loving me. You are not a God we have to appease to love us. We do not need to ask You to make You desire to bless us. We love You just for who You are. We contently sit in Your presence and just love You for who You are. We love You Father. We love You Jesus. We love You Holy Spirit. Thanks and a life of Praise be unto You. In spirit and in unity we arise as 1 Body in You. Have Your way in us and in Your house as we gather together.

Amen & Amen

Iris said...

Salmonella…Smaaaamollia… Spinach… Peanut Butter… Tomatoes…. What the heck… If you can’t beat um… might as well join um…

A poem before you leave perhaps…

There ain't nothin' in the world
that I like better
Than bacon 'n lettuce 'n homegrown tomatoes
Up in the morning, out in the garden
Get you a ripe one, don't get a hard 'un
Plant 'em in the spring, eat 'em in the summer
All winter without 'em is a culinary bummer
I forget all about the sweatin' and the diggin'
Every time I go out and pick me a big 'un

You can go out and eat an that's for sure
But there's nothin' a homegrown tomato won't cure
Put 'em in a salad put 'em in a stew
You can make your own very own tomato juice
You can eat 'em with eggs, eat 'em with gravy
You can eat 'em with beans, pinto or navy
Put 'em on the side, put 'em in the middle
Homegrown tomato on a hot cake griddle

If I's to change this life I lead
You could call me Johnny Tomato seed
'Cause I know what this country needs
Homegrown tomatoes in every yard you see
When I die don't bury me
In a box in a cold dark cemetary
Out in the garden would be much better
'Cause I could be pushin' up a homegrown tomatoes

Homegrown tomatoes,
What'd life be without homegrown tomatoes
Only two things that money can't buy
That's true love and homegrown tomatoes.

Bon voyage Bishop and P Debye… I just got off my mini vacation… and will be ITB tomorrow… and I look forward to being there… I know how much you need some time away… You have been going strong for months now… Enjoy… Soak up God… I did this last week… it was so refreshing to commune with Him without the voices and the stress of everyday life…To be under the stars and just listen… He seems to do a lot of talking when it is silent…

You will be missed and certainly celebrated when you return….

Love you both SOOOOOOOOOOOO much

Anonymous said...

Hey all
Bishop have fun on vacation.

please pray for our family.
My husband's job in Atlanta is about to shut down. My husband is hoping to be transferred to the Gwinnett site. Please pray that he gets transferred or finds a better job.

"elle" said...

Iris, Iris, Iris :):):)


Laughing hysterically... again!

And just for the record, Bish, here is a word comparison (according to my Random House College Dictionary):

weird: involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or eerie - fantastic; bizarre - concerned with or controlling fate or destiny

normal: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual - approx. average in any psychological trait, as intelligence, personality, or emotional adjustment
(and a bunch of other stuff that I don't feel like typing)

So, um, do ya REALLY want to be 'normal'? Whatever floats yer boat, but please call me 'weird'!

PS: always praying, Laura! God is good!

Teezy313 said...

Bish, can't wait till tomorrow..I know that you've got some good porterhouses with a home grown tomato filled salad on the side straight from heaven!!!

Have a great time on your vacation!!


Donald said...

Hey folks. Sorry I've been missing out on all of this, but I've been having a mini vacation of my own. Been white water rafting today. I'll tell ya' that stuff will rattle your chitlins'.
I don't know if I'll be able to tune in tomorrow morning, but have a good vacation Bishop.

Lisa said...

I read Do Not go Down to Egypt and so got it. Thanks for sending us there Bish! Look to God stay put and keep giving do not fear and watch the rain come down on our land when the drought is all around us. There will be rain as long as we Believe! Thank you again I so needed that word!!!!!
Have a great vaca!

Anonymous said...

I went to that site and read the article. It was very good after thinking on it a while here is what came to me.

Isaac had a fresh new calling not like the one Abraham had been given; where he was to “go out” looking for natural resources; “a land flowing with milk and honey”. Where as Isaac was told to stay where he was and expect supernatural resources. Where he would see God bringing about a hundred fold crop in a drought stricken land. Also the name of the place was Gerar this comes from a word that means “to drag roughly’ this may indicate it wasn’t Isaacs first choice if you know what I mean. Or his coming to that place really was beyond his control. Then I noticed that after settling down in this seemingly dry land Isaac began to “dig” wells.

What I see here is that instead of trying to get out of these “tough times” by natural means we need to make our mind up to stand our ground “IN” these tough times and use supernatural means through faith and faithfulness sow our seed right here in the middle of this mess and continue to proclaim Gods goodness. Continue to plant our seed of the spoken into the dry bones and ground all around us. Continue to plant the seed of our finances into the kingdom of God. Continue to plant the seeds of our time in spending time before the Father who is listening to every word. Began to “dig” “search for” “search out” “explore” the “deep” things of God down where the living waters flow and bring up these “deep waters” to “water the seed” we have sown in the land of Gerar (that is dragging people into it) and bless this place right where we are. Then through the seed (word of God) and the water (Holy Spirit) we will see a supernatural crop! Now I hear Paul the Apostle: “So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up, or quit”. (Gal 6:9 MSG)

Keepin on,

Anonymous said...

Iris, you are my all time tomato hero of the day. You are quite a poet too.

Bishop, thanks for sharing the article from Pastor Greg. The encouragement is right on time and Iconoclast did an excellent job of identifying the meat of the message.

My thoughts agree with the idea of continuing to be faithful right where I am. It will not make any difference in the scheme of things to run in fear and I would most likly miss the blessing of a lifetime if I did.

We are all in the same boat anyway so why worry. Just be content with this present state and know that God is greater than the works of evil doers.

Where they are seemingly profiting from the loss of others is only an illusion. The truth is that we are coming through that point of darkness that is just before the dawn of a new and glorious day.

If anything falls away, it needed to. What ever is replaced in that void will be exponentialy greater than what was percieved to be lost.


Anonymous said...

Bro. Greg confirms Kim's word about the new sound that CITN has received.

For today, here's what stands out to me:
--the nations of the world are crying for the sounds of tomorrow
--I'm giving you the power, the power to bring tomorrow, for you to create
--that which is on the horizon is a portion that Daniel saw, Abraham saw, and has been kept for this day
--they say lack, they say recession. I say, what buffoon has made this statement.
--there's a mysterious influence [called Christ] that is coming upon the people that are prepared to launch out into the deep.
--the same sea that offered no fish is about to offer an abundance
--God is waiting to hear the sound of people that have future in their voice.
--There is NO LACK!
--There is only a shortage of God's presence.
--When you praise it breaks your enemy's power.
--There's a Holy One, waiting for someone, to make a sound of praise, just like David did, so that the earth may know, there's a people that will praise Him.



Izumi/JOY said...

Good morning sunshine! The earth says hello!

I'm speedtyping this - won't make today's service. (helping kids install an air conditioning unit)

Read all the posts - big smile.

Pastor Crawford's article is interesting. Much to say about its content (like, how my first impression was Psalms 16:6).

More, later.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bloggers for praying for my friend Karyn Kochan (car accident, broken neck, etc.) She came through surgery and is hanging in there. She is a strong woman. She will live. Please keep praying. Love, Charlo

Izumi/JOY said...

Thank You, Father, for Karyn Kochan. Thank you for the praise report, Charlo. Will continue praying.

* Please continue prayers for daughter, Amber. Dental surgery went well, but there's still facial swelling.

peacemaker said...

I'm battling something in my body today. Couldn't be ITB but I streamed. Need this community to be in agreement with me. Really don't need this right now...know what I mean?

Bish...I don't think I responded about my anonymity being jeopardized after my posts about CL to DBA. I'm of with that. At first, the pseudonym was for anonymity, but that since has changed. The people who really know me know and know how I think about things, probably figured me out a while back. The newcomers to the church and the out of towners who really don't know me, haven't, and probably don't care too anyway.
I use the pseudonym now not so much for anonymity as I do for identity. I've come to realize the more I identify myself as "Peacemaker" the more I sense I am becoming one. A transformation taking place in me; an evolution of sorts, and I welcome it. I accept it as a part of my path and destiny.

You all have a fun, restful, vacation. Alot has been, and is yet to be, happening, so enjoy the R&R.

Much Love

"elle" said...

Service today...
count me among those who TOTALLY dug it! Understood parts, and will perhaps have to chew on others, but what a fresh word! And the word seems to get better each week... something to do with perception, maybe...
Enjoy your week, Bish!

Teezy313 said...

All things new...not all new things...sooo amazing!!!

Enjoy your vactaion Bish....BITN fam we'll chat it up on da CTIN agreement with all and everyone!!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...

Wow, the word this morning kind of took a little different turn than I had anticipated...and I'm still not through with what I want to say about it...hold that thought until I get back...

BTW, some people have already started posting on the CITN site, which is totally cool...just letting you know that we're not leaving until this evening, so feel free to post here until then if you want to...


(and I speak peace to Peacemaker's body, in Jesus' name...)

Water Walker said...

Bishop and Pastor Debye, we are in total agreement with you as you vacate your life for a much needed "rest". There is so much wisdom in that. We were priviledged to see the funny side of you today Bish and the sacrastic side and the revelatory side, and the political side and the pastoral side and we are grateful, it was so much fun.

There are times I come and say I am just going to get the word and then leave but I have embraced the body as family and so once I get in the house, that dissapates.

Let me leave you with this, as God is doing new things in each of us, in the New Jerusalem -new light is coming to us, I believe to all of us in some dimension or other. There are different ministries with different anointings on them and in some way, I believe Church in the Now to be a "new type" of deliverance ministry. WE are delivered through the relevance of the Word, with you as a Conduit (and Pr. Debye) as we are washed with written word, we are made new. I loved that transalation when you spoke of the lambkin with the aminiotic fluid still on it, OMG. Just the visual of that is so powerful to me. Anyway, you said so much more, I will listen to the CD again but know that it was received, by the spirit.

We have been given so much power and authority and dominion in this earth and you have ushered kings and lords to their rightful place in this "New Jerusalem".

I had a conversation with someone recently who told me that they didn't like my church and they gave me all of their reasons.

And I respectfully told them why you are my pastor. I took the challenge of knowing you by the spirit and never having a converstion with you for almost a decade, which means that I don't know you by the flesh. I have never needed a counseling session with you because I have allowed the Ghost to shrink my head, a lot.

But in those Sunday's and Wednesdays, devotions from AYITN, blogs, one on ones, SOTB's, CD's, DVD's and books and pictures, I know you by the spirit. You are my pastor and yet I know you nor pastor Debye aren't perfect, that mirrors my imperfection just fine.

Like everyone else who have been in a church any length of time, I have seen many things in the body that has hurt me but this ministry allows me to see my sisters and brothers and leaders by the spirit and I am healed by being set free by the Holy Spirit in His love, with forgiveness.

This is not a goodbye, just a Bon Voyage and to let you know you are loved and understood, and we get you! I speak a blessing to you and your family of traveling mercies and rest and peace.

Water Walker!

Anonymous said...


There was by far more imparted this morning than you may have yet comprehended.

One thing that was clear to me was that our loving Father/Mother sang for you through the prophet’s voice to remind you of what is being done for and through your ministry.

There are no new things being made but all things are being made new.

The new day dawning for you, CITN and the whole world is not unlike other changes that have signaled the perception of a new day. It is like the same day being made newer than the last one believed to be now at the time. This one is much brighter than the last.

The future, where the Kingdom of God has already been established, is coming into the now where the heart of humanity longs for it and is willing to receive its fullness.

You and Pastor Debye will enjoy being with the boys as a real family and the refreshment that comes will delight all of our hearts.

Blessings to all and from all received,


Erik said...

Hello All and ‘The Bishopnator’

George Carlin - ‘” Religion at best , not to be confused with God, is like a lift in your shoes. If it helps you for a little while, and makes you feel better, great, but you don’t need it forever or it will cause you to be disabled. You wear the lift you want, but let me walk in my own shoes. And let’s not go and nail lifts into the shoes of everyone else, making them disabled too.”

Having just a great time. Absorbing the theme from the recent messages , we are who The Lord says we are. I see the word from The Holy Spirit in everything, television shows, road signs, sunsets, storms, food, license plates, emails, fortune cookies, conversations, product labels, work, play, dreams, commercials. It is relentless. The Kansas song below is such a great worship song, ‘Relentless’ which is how I experience The Holy Spirit , Relentless and Unchanging, in how HS works through me. Many words have passed between us all on the blog, and surely we are not the same , there has been no turning back, and here we all are Now, alive, at the end of an age. In GPS speak, ‘ We have arrived’.

--- Kansas - 'Relentless'---

In the time we spent together
Many words have passed between
And the feelings that we shared are all behind us now
'Cause a change has come upon me
And I'm surly not the same
There is so much more than what we feel and live every day
Relentless, unchanging
Though the world is still before me now> I'm seeing forever
I will keep my heart and mind with you
So joyously I'm waiting for the day
In a single timeless moment
When the old was cast away
The new was born into a world of simple joy
And my life is still for living
Though it's seen through different eyes
And the knowledge of the truth's
A burden easy to bear

It's drawing so near
It's shrouded in mystery
Histories fall, the end of an age
The feeling we're waiting for, hoping for
Now, the time to come alive
The end to which we strive
Will soon arrive

Now the gift is truly given
If you only would receive
For you're standing in the crossroads
And you can't turn back
Though we can't conceive forever
And it's sometimes hard to care
Our lives do not compare to what's awaiting us there

So, A moment about The Tomato – Fruit or Vegetable? Debates go on and on. I say both, like Rev. Chap 19, both the whore and the Bride, as the apple symbolized the lack of trust in God, (Fruity) The Tomato symbolizes the unity of Fruity and Vegetable (healthy) , both in one, transformation, repentance, grace’s sufficiency , The Bride is who she is, and changed, like we are as we are when the old is cast away, we are still who we are, but see through different eyes. HS is relentless in cultivating each of us into what God has put into our heart, our foundation, so we are all both who we were and who we are, fruit and vegetable, The Tomato in its raw form. The successor to the apple. The apple exhibits the adamic, the tomato exhibits The Bride and The Christ. …. Maybe.

Bishop, last Wed. service, excellent as always. Saw it deep in the wooded Michigan territory. Great part was. ¼ mile in any direction from where we were, spotty or no cell reception. However, right where we were, had total broadband card and cell reception, go figure. My mom watched along, an avowed agnostic bordering atheist, commenting that you are the only preacher she has ever heard with any sense – intelligent, articulate, well spoken, strong presence, actually able to speak coherently (no offense to other clergy) . I teased her that she has a little crush working, she was not as amused as I was. So, in the middle of woods in Michigan , your message was carried in the sound waves in a narrow spot of internet access, speaking to those who could easily not listen, but were attuned to a voice literally in the wilderness. I love how that works.

In the last few weeks I have enjoyed services at churches in Washington state and Indiana and the messages were in sync with the word at CITN, HS is working throughout the world, everyone is hearing what HS is saying, as Bishop shared from his experiences in the Middle East, South Korea, and in the US.

We All Are. There is no separation. We all are remembered and in the presence of God now and always, no exception.

Bishop, all excellent blessings for you, Pastor Debye and your family on your wonderful vacation.

Avatar said...

A wobbly Lambkin.
Effective imagery.

Bishop, I will hold that thought and others while you are refreshing. But did I correctly hear you say "still slimy"? Would that be like tomato slime?
[okay, that was just wrong, A.] [I know. Donald made me do it.]

PM, agreeing for peace[shalom: nothing missing, nothing broken] in your body. Also, I’m noticing cool side effects of the pseudos, too. First, removing revealing details is a literary challenge but second, it has made them superfluous in real life.

I did this more at first, but its an interesting exercise to imagine that an anonymous is someone I’m irritated with. And then imagine them as someone I'm not irritated with. Very interesting.

Bishop and Pastor Debye, may you breathe in a deep, cleansing breath of Life and, like Disney staring at "his mountain", receive the next clear view of the New Jerusalem--shoot, let's declare ALL the Mountains you can HOLD!

Anonymous said...

Because an apple is in the vegetable kingdom and broccoli is a fruit of the earth, as we have come to expect, Erik is correct and a tomato must be both.

Anonymous said...

Read the article...really good! Just have to say there can't be a testimony without the test and without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE God! With God it is always an adventure~never boring! Seeking to obey, trust, and believe HIM! He IS always faithful!

Praying a fantastic and restful vacation for you and the family! Yall will be missed!



Winning Women said...


Have a great time with your family on vacation! The Word this morning was awesome- still has me thinking...

Thank God He makes all things new!

Anonymous said...



Vacate: leave

Shun: to keep away from

OK, so go ahead and go, stay away as long as you can. Just remember that we will be waitng like little birds waiting on their mother to bring them lunch! Have fun!

Nothing to lose.

G8TRGRL said...

Psssst- hey! While the Blogmaster is away, any endeavoring family members want to go "tp" the other blog? We could hit Iconoclast's while we're out too.

Let it roll...


Anonymous said...

Whlie the cat's away we will par-tay.


Anonymous said...

Hey guy's

Great service today.
The art festival came to a close.
Great art work artist.
Bishop going on vacation.
So you know what that means.
The best fruit we can share.
Hee Hee

Anonymous said...

Any body know how to make tomatoe wine?

Nothing to lose.