Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello From Dublin!

Hey bloggers,

I wasn’t going to post anything until we got back, but I’m ready to make contact now, and re-connect with all of you, so here I am. Our flight leaves early in the morning, and it’s a long journey home, so I don’t know if I’ll have anything posted here by tomorrow night or not. But I’m turning my phone back on, so you can go ahead and begin creating some dialogue.

Anyway, we’ve had an amazing time…a great vacation and time of refreshing. I didn’t say much about where we were going before we left, because I realize how ridiculous it sounds in the natural to be taking a European vacation right now (if you know what I mean). But our 20th Wedding Anniversary is in a few weeks, and we planned several months ago to combine a big anniversary trip this summer with a family vacation before the boys start back to school. So, with the help of a lot of frequent flyer miles that we have accumulated recently, we were able to go to England and Ireland. We stayed in London, took a day trip to Liverpool (I’ll tell all of you Beatles fans about it when I get back), took a day trip to Paris, and then flew to Ireland, where we are right now. Everything has been wonderful, and, in a way, the trip has stretched us to walk in faith and not look at natural circumstances (sort of like Abraham's reality being imposed on Abram).

I have gotten some posts since we've been abroad that I didn’t put through because I needed to put everything down (including the blog) for a few days. But I do want to say to Donald that I got your message about Ringo’s birthday today (you may want to repost it), and to DBA, I got your message, and it’s all good…let’s just pick back up where we left off (I’ll address your question when I get back).

Sounds like the service went well yesterday. I haven’t spoken to my parents about it, but from the comments on the CITN blog, it looks like my Dad took financial pledges for the church. I didn’t know he was going to do that, but I won’t question it, and I won’t doubt that he did the right thing.

The presence, grace and favor of God have been very evident in every part of the trip. We have all been inspired, our souls have been restored, and we are ready to get back into the flow of things at home, because we know that great things are ahead for all of us at CITN.

Anyway, I feel better just making a connection with you. I’ll tell you all about the trip when we get back. Be in agreement for a safe flight.

Love you all…


mayam said...

Bishop: is so-o-o-o-o-o nice to read your voice!

I am thrilled you have taken the time to vacate yourself and get some much needed relaxation and time with your family. I am sure there is much to share - God grants us seasons of rest but it seems always laced with incredible testimonies...

So much to say...still spotting covenant reminder rainbows...still endeavoring to be/become all of the "whatevers" on my destiny call...looking forward to being ITB...(must tell you about Cuba)...
sending heartfelt love to all Bloggers.

Rest easy,

Anonymous said...

Great hear from you and listening for more about the Beatles. I love pictures of the green isle and relate much to Ireland but the closest I've been to Dublin is what my chin did once when I was about fifty pounds heavier.

Tell Pastor Debye that I had to give up some tomatoes to Pastor Margo so they wouldn't spoil and I ate one myself but there seems to be many more on the way, thanks to Izumi's prayer for a miracle.

Your teaching Sunday inspired what follows as a word that is ever continuing in my heart.

There is great love, of the agape kind, among those who truly pursue increased understanding of the Word that gives direction to the way, clarity to the advancement of truth and meaning to the life that pleases God most high.

The enjoyable co-teachings of Bishop Jim and Pastor Debye on Sunday, July sixth, 2008 could have been picked right out of anyone’s mind that has been following a course of advancement in knowledge of truth. Among the concepts brought forward in that teaching is the idea that each person is to themselves the most important prophet they will ever know. Central to the teachings that have influenced me the most is that idea of searching out the truth for ourselves and no where have I heard it expounded on more than through the teachings of Bishop Jim Earl Swilley.

There are many lazy people who are satisfied to have their minds calcified with the notion that there is no need for advancement in truth. There may even be some who want that from a teacher who challenges them to advance by exercising their mind and find themselves searching further for a more comfortable place to graze and laze.

Progress is a process that goes from refreshing to fright to refreshing. The longer one moves forward on that path, the less time they want for refreshing and the quicker they move through fright. My current progress has opened my mind to the possibility that this present state of consciousness is only a part of an eternal continuum. I am finding that not only is there scientific evidence to support the thought of an eternal continuum but also Biblical language. A common expression of people from most faith systems, as if it is some deep desire transcending conscious thought, is also bringing into focus what it means to be known by the Creator before the world began. This is a unifying thought.

Science suggests that all elements in the known universe are the same as those found on earth and that there seems to be a mathematical pattern that is repetitive in the process of an apparently expanding universe. This supports the idea expressed in the Bible that there is nothing new under the sun but all things present have been before and will be again. Of course I do not agree with that biblical writer’s observation that all is vanity nor do I agree that the universe came into existence without a creative entity but I am in agreement with all who call that creative entity God. For me this ads clarity to the thought expressed as truth that God is Love.

A truly purposeful life accepts the challenge that we are the prophet of our own lives and then finds the tools by which to chart a meaningful existence in this present state as the only gift one can offer to a God who is Love. It has come to my consciousness that traveling through this journey requires the avoidance of the snags and snares associated with manipulating ideas to accommodate assumptions or restating histories to suit flights of fancy. Even the most recent reorganization of previous beliefs should be suspect of the need for improvement. The best any person can do is to live a Holy Spirit led life.

God is great without end. Let there be Love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bishop! Great to hear from you! It is wonderful that you, Pastor Debye and the guys were able to get away and restore! We all need that and you all definitely deserve it with all that you do for others and the Kingdom!!! I definitely understand the part about walking out a vacation in faith~but God is faithful and knows what we need!!
CONGRAUTLATIONS on yall's 20th!!! May you have many many more happy, amazing years together! You both are such a wonderful inspiration! Enjoyed the delicious word that you both gave yesterday!!! I recieve the complete FREEDOM Pasor Debye prophesied! Yall should team more often~very flavorful! Love you both and praying in agreement for your familys safe return! God will bring you home safely! BLESSINGS!

Anonymous said...

Yo mama an nem kept it all goin whilst younses was o,var. Yo mama rocked Wensday nite an yo daddy nos how to make Pasta Jimmy play musik that makes people give muney. Is all good an gettin mo beta as we go.

Aint got "nuthin to luze", cuz is all good.
(P.S.) can't wait to see the chips start flying.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bishop

Hope you post pictures Of Ireland & England. As you somewhat know I was born in Germany & yes I am part German. My mothers dad was full blooded German. My ancestry also include Irish & English. One day I hope to visit Europe. I would love to see my birthplace. We left when I was three.
What a cool vacation you got to take.
Sunday was cool. I loved how you and Pastor Debye tag teamed ministered.
Congrads on your 20th.
Have a safe trip home.

karl cobos said...

Bishop...nice to hear all is well. I missed the service Sunday but will get caught up somehow.

Just wondering, do you or Pastor Debye like blackeberry preserves because Zachary and I picked a whole bunch of berries right around here lately and made some.

His latest question to me was "if we call someone our great aunt, how come we don't call grandmothers "GREAT MOTHERS?", only of which I could answer, "good question Zachy, good question".

You know the last time at the service I handed you a note...and I was so wrapped up in what I was thinking that I forgot to take you up on the offer to come up and sing a song, and just went back to my seat. Maybe I would've had a hard time making the adjustment in my head...maybe not...either way, YES!...I do have a new simple worship song, the title in mind being GOD IN THE MIDST OF US...having a hard time figuring out the chords...but should trust Pastor Jimmie like the others have, to pull something together, when the opportunity of that kind of flow comes up again.

I came across a very interesting site

It has some interesting comments on REVELATION 21 and NEW JERUSALEM.
I'm not saying I agree with everything but tell me what you think when you get a chance. There is some really cool Revelation Art there, too, some of the bloggers might be interested in the reading.

Love you guys, take care!

Kettly said...

John16:7- But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless that I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

I missed you, p. Debye, and the very much. But I believe all of us do understand the reason why you wanted to go away from the crowds for a while. Jesus did! Though He has all the answers He needs to do things, yet He still find time away from the disciples to go and meditating somewhere. So Bish I am not mad at you, it’s a vacation well deserving! Besides, it goes quit well just before your trip to Uganda. Furthermore it was good that you were not home because you wouldn't do what Pop Swilley did, he allowed us to help hold your hand up, because this place is not about you alone; it's about all of us Bishop. I applauded what Pop Swilley did yesterday. He is exactly, truly the MAN for the job.
Thank for letting us know how you guys are doing. Can’t wait! to see all of you. WELCOME BACK!


Yvonne said...

I have to admit that I was checking everyday to see if you had posted anything and was pleasantly surprised today and was happy that you went to England and Paris and you are now in Dublin - you truly are a world changer. And you guys do have a lot of faith to go! Good for you! I did however get to do a lot of work on my own blog, which was a good thing. I think having a blog forces you to write, when you don't always feel like it, so I realized it pushes one pass the "writer's block" thingy.

The service with word from AYITN from John 14 - was totally in the flow of God and I love it when you two minister together, I actually think there is great power in the agreement and for years now, I can see Pr. Debye hosting a talk show. Pr. Debye, if you are reading this, you have such a dynamite (as in dynamos) that you sizzle people (LOL) and you motivate and you make us want to be better!

So, just as I believed God for your direct mentorship which turned out to be a weekly real women, I am believing to see you host a television show! If you see it, you can have it! I see it!

Anyway, Bishop, your dad did a great job and I believe he was lead by the spirit and the health of church is evident. It is a functioning body and each joint is supplying the other, even when it doesn't seem like it.

I totally get taking a little and seeing God multiplying it. So, God is "stretching" us beyond our imagination! Just know it is well.

Your parents are so cool, they way they love and support the coolest church in the world. Your dad has mentioned covenant a couple times within the last week and that's it. He gave us a really cool 4 pointer on covenant on yesterday, but the last point is that in order to have covenant you have to be willing to die. Maybe he will tell you what he said and you can post it because it was very cool! I couldn't get my pen out in time but it was definitely worth writing down!

Many say they have covenant but they don't get it and they play at it, but it is very key to our success as a body and in all areas of our lives. And you know your mom is just so cute, with her stories of her driving the RV while listening to jazz. She really does have angels, we all do, she is just blessed enough to know it!

We missed you and fam, however we were in great hands!

love, Yvonne

"elle" said...

Aahhh, Paris... c'est manifique!
So, do tell... did you mange on escargot while there? Hope I didn't ruin it for you. MORTON salt, mes amies! Lots & lots of MORTON salt ;} Oh, zut! Parisians are too sophisticated for MORTON; what I meant was 'fleur de sel.'
Hhmmm... what do Dubliners eat?
Anyway, I don't think you should be allowed to suspend the blog ever again! But I DO hope you had a grand time, and am praying for a safe return!
A bientot...

Avatar said...

"home again, home again jiggety jig!"

Google reminds me that's from an English nursery rhyme satirizing King Henry VIII. WHATever. It's what came to mind, and simply means "welcome home from Europe and blessings on your flight!"
Good thing the brain has LOTS of room to store ridiculous stuff!

Interesting that you were in Europe the same time Ingrid Betancourt and others were released.

"Ridiculous in the natural".
It seems like there is so much power there in those words. Crazy stuff. [cue Boom, Boom, ain't it great?!] I've been moving ahead, practicing forward-thinking, like Abraham--its good stretching but brings up lots of "how?" questions!! Not the least of which is, how to recognize which applies--"it is not wisdom at this time" or "ridiculous, but do it anyway"?

Hi blog fam. I didn't post on the CITN blog--IP address might blow my cover--(smile)! Missed y'all.

Machion said...

Natural, smatural. I can't speak for all, but I'm glad you went and I don't care how or why. Fine with me. You never question me when I go anywhere unless I ask your advice. Y'all have such great things to say when you get back and, yes, even the slideshows are pretty cool. Missed seeing your faces while you were gone, but your spirit was all but missed. That's one of the things I love about this CITN family. The Spirit is the same Spirit all of the time! I'm not used to this, but I'm getting there. Can't wait to see you and Pastor Debye. One.

Mystic said...

Joyful to hear y'all were able to visit such amazing places and that you had such an awesome time! Hope this much needed break was also a time of refreshing for your spirits, souls, and bodies.

We love yas...we missed yas...and we need and will be very happy to have y'all back, but I'm sure everyone will agree that we are glad you did this for yourselves...and for us...when you are blessed and recharged...we all thank you!

Safe trip home and...

Blessings Blog Fam!

My word ver was vacslads...must be some kind of vacation foods...

Cliff Hancock said...

Welcome home,
We love you.


Anonymous said...

England and Ireland, two countries that hate each other, just got unconditionally loved on in the natural and the spiritual. Woooooo-Hoooooo!!!!!

Nothing to lose.

creme bruille said...

Woo Hoo Blogs back up. I wake up and check it dailey .I mustve checked too early yesterday!Welcome home Bishop, Pastor Debye, Judah and Jonah!!!!! We missed you all. I agree w/ Machion post. I'm so glad you all got to rest and enjoy one another.

Anonymous said...

Hate, hates love, yet loves to hate

Love, loves love, yet loves the hate.

Today we all have a choice to make

I say that love is the stand we take.

Nothing to lose.

mayam said...

Bishop and P.Debye:

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.” (Comte DeBussy-Rabutin)

Welcome Home!

Lisa said...

Welcome Home!!! I hopr your trip refreshed you and the family.
The word you taught Sunday was so uplifting and so needed! Thank you for it lifted a cloud and reminded me what was beyond the darkness. The light is comming through and it is a bright sunshiny day once again!!!!! I look forward to hearing all about Ireland! It is on my list of places to see when we are able.
I want to share a little praise report. We were facing not being able to adopt our son waiting in China because of a new international law the US implemented. China had the right to deny our paperwork. Our paperwork was accepted on Independance day and logged into the system! We were told we should get final approval to travel in about 8 weeks!!!!!! God is so good! We are so excited and now have so much to do. Beds to find clothes toys etc... I am officialy paper pregnant with a soon to be 5 yr old boy ( his b-day is next week). Thanks for praying and standing with us to bring this little person home!! Changing the world 1 life at a time!!!
Blessings and hugs to you all !!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Bish & Deb,
All I have to say is if you were doing all were doing as good as you were doing; with your internal batteries down in the red zone; I cant wait to see what will happen with a full charge!!!


el ojo y la luz said...


Loved the tag team from Sunday. You and your family deserve a break and I am glad that you took one. Have a safe trip back to the US. Be blessed.

Avatar said...

I've been hearing this for a couple of days:
“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” K.Gibran

Welcome Home Swilley four!
Looking forward to hearing how the winds of the heavens have danced, the favor of God has been shown and seas have been moved!

DoubleBack Alley said...


Thank you. For everything. Well said. Can't wait for your response to my question. Here's to heavenly thoughts grounded by the guidance of a mentor.

Irish I was in your shoes,

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back I know you all had a fun,relax,and Holy Ghost filled vacation. I pray that you and Pastor Debye got some well desire rest.Glad to have you back miss y'all.

butterfly said...


Teezy313 said...


Now hurry up and give us a word!!!


karl cobos said...

That's awesome about the adoption, what a joy!
May the Lord continue to prosper the whole process until face-to-face!