Friday, June 27, 2008


Hey bloggers,

What can I say? I have some things to share with you, so check back later today...



"elle" said...

Don't even know where to go with THIS one ;O

Mystic said...

This just proves it...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

The song that was playing, of course, was Peace Train...

The dreamers have (and are) awakened! Thank you, Lord!

Blessings Blog Fam...

Heart after Him said...

Anything is possible
In Him all things are possible
All you do is keep the faith
don't give up 'cause it's never too late

Anything is possible
In Him all things are possible
You can have whatever you say
Cast your fears away

There is a way
That you can have everything
that you've always dreamed of
There is a way
Just keep your feet on the ground
while you reach for the heavens
There is a way
It may take a little time
but never stray from the vision
Just keep the faith
You can't give up now

There is a way
It may be hard for you now,
but it's gonna get better
Your life will change
I've seen it done in the past,
so never say never
Where is your faith
You can speak to the mountain
and it will be moved
That is the way
To receive all He has for you

Anonymous said...

At first glance it made me think that hell no and hell yes are at least sitting together!

Nothing to lose.

P. Debye said...

Just came from an amazing time of intercession! Decided to walk around the main building seven times rather than praying inside...."counting the stars" in the daytime! Lifting up our wonderful, full of faith staff (and you know why)! On the seventh lap I was decreeing all kinds of blessings and I felt led to walk one more lap...the "new beginning lap"! My prayer/talk with God totally switched to releasing NOW the "new wine" and the "new song"....did not want to wait until July 4th-Independence Day, so decided to declare our Independence today!!!! The Future is NOW!

To our staff: You have been tried and tested and as I stood/walked before the Father this morning with you in my heart....I felt the unveiling of the New Wine Skin you now represent. I had a vision of Bishop being the "Head" of this body of believers, you are the "backbone" supplying the body with all that it needs as you receive "words of life" from Bishop! Something very deep and beautiful has happened over the last couple of days as God has knitted us together in a unified way than we have ever known! One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand...imagine what we can do together!

We serve a MIGHTY GOD!

P. Debye

Anonymous said...

The letters asztyic in front of your name on the blog I sent you at 11:12 today are the letters from the word verification from the first attempt I made to send it. I have not a clue how that happened.

Nothing to lose

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a great week.
Past is past.
The future is to be.
Don't look back.
Today is what you make it.
Live in the now.
Celebrate those around you.
Love those who may have wronged you.
Speak great things over your life & the lives of those you come in contact with.
Love the Father
Love your brother with that same Love
Main word for today & everyday

Avatar said...

Gotta go here: see for confirmation. The most highly lycopene loaded food is----to-may-toes.
Fortunately tomato soup counts. (smile)
Do you share recipes, Mayam?

Nothing to Lose, very cool tomato observation! I googled Sharpton/Robertson and found the ad that the current blog pic is taken from [they are sitting on a beach--excellent ad images]. I've always found it fascinating that the ad-sters pick up on what's in the atmosphere--"If these polar opposites can come together on this important and moral issue, why can't you?"

Anonymous said...


Please pray for my friend Karyn Kochan. In a terrible car accident. Broken Neck, broken vertebrate, along with other injuries. She is a wonderful christian woman always supportive of me and goes out of her way to help others. Just lost her son to cancer. Pray also for her husband, Ed. Thank you. Charlo Stamps

mayam said...

...strange ad-fellows...Sharpton left, Robertson right...ironic though, they had to sit in the opposite positions from their perspectives in order to have that viewer

P.D., I am totally connected to your energy, vision, intercession, and Spirit today...I stand in agreement with all that you declared/declare and took/take every step you made/make today...Yes!...the last two days have been Glo-o-o-o-rious....Do Jesus!

Avatar: must warn you...I am an intuitive cooker...will attempt to write it down.

Bishop: Even though I posted earlier that I assumed, based on your first blog/image (I am still laughing!) that it meant no toe-may-toe soup for you; well, know...

...where He leads....

mayam, aka Zoe

Izumi/JOY said...

Agreeing w/Charlo for Karyn & Ed Kochan.

I trust that the atmosphere is pregnant with wonder & miraculous healing virtue.


mayam said...

You got it. Both are in my prayers, and you also.

Rest easy in faith,

Mystic said...

For Charlo's friends Karyn and Ed...agreement for healing...

Izumi/ is Amber? Praying for her as well...

Praying for all the needs and requests of the BITN/CITN community.

Blessings of Answered Prayers Blog Fam...

Avatar said...

Me too, Charlo. I speak Supernatural wisdom to the docs.

Works for me, Mayam.

"elle" said...

Miracles abound... trusting God in each situation!

Izumi/JOY said...

Mystic - Am's out of surgery & probably snoozing right now. Braden (son-in-law) left a cute message describing her gauze-stuffed cheeks. (fortunately, she'll be too out-of-it to read this post - hehe)

God is good!

Thanks for your prayers.

"elle" said...

Okay! Y'ALL are just trippin' now! "Lettuce" pray for the couch potatoes! (And stop being funny; I have things to do ;})

Cliff Hancock said...

perhaps the wolf and the lamb feeding together thing (Isa. 65:25) is more about the opposite ends of the spectrum finding common ground.

Perhaps it is speaking to us of reconcilliation.

"They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountian" Says the Lord

DoubleBack Alley said...


Now I'm curious. It seems as though there is a query in need of promulgation. Wonder what....hmmmm? Hope none of my statements were taken as pejorative. If so, I apologize for whatever.

PM, did you get to see the movie? I have looked online and did not see a release date to DVD. If you didn’t see it, keep looking. It is AWESOME.

I correspond with a friend of yours. She's the one who introduced me to this site and she knows you as Peacemaker and as your real name. We are both extremely health conscious (she is one of my best customers) and she speaks highly of you. Just thought you would want to know. Feel like I owe you that since you compared me to your friend yesterday.

All things really are possible. Any "thing" is a tool for the people of God to use to improve or destroy their world.

Here's hoping the 2008 elections give us the tools to improve.

Ain't God Good?

Anonymous said...

In unity with all in need of a touch from the Master Healer.

Agreed with DBA for humanity using tools wisely to improve the world.

Grateful to Bish for sharing the news in North Korea.

Gotta love that Love!

One Peace

Anonymous said...

Carlo Our prayers are with Karyn and the doctors. God's healing her as we type.
Rest in His peace.
All is well

Anonymous said...

Charlo I'm sorry I just realized I misspelled your name sorry.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


Yesterday I wrote to someone here about what I like about the use of pseudonyms on the blog, especially in the sense of how they enable people to know one another primarily (or exclusively) by the Spirit. But there is also a downside to not knowing someone, personally, especially when your only interaction with them is just reading what they write. I was really glad to see your comments begin to reappear on the blog the other day, but I haven’t known how to respond to them, because I can’t discern the tone in which they are written. In other words, you sound different to me than you did a couple of months ago, and I’m trying to figure out why, without the benefit of knowing you or having met you (to my knowledge).

I know some discussion between you and some other bloggers about the direction of the blog went on while I was out of town, but I assumed that was all resolved. Anyway, if it’s my imagination, disregard what I just said…and if I’ve offended you in any way, please forgive me.

To the point…when you first started contributing to the blog, I did think that you were Chuck. But then as you continued, regularly, I realized that you weren’t. Other people thought that you were him, too. The thing that I was referring to yesterday was a (complimentary) comment that you made about the “Bishop’s Wonderful Life” video that Curtis made for my birthday service. It wasn’t what you said, it was that we didn’t show that video on streaming because of licensing issues, so when you commented on it, the people who still thought you were Chuck believed that you had to be him, or at least someone who was ITB that day, because, supposedly, you shouldn’t have been able to see the video.

It became our office’s version of the “Paul McCartney is dead” conspiracy theory.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter now, and I need to respond to what you wrote under the thing about N. Korea. I may not get to that tonight.

Whatever, I’m glad you’re back.


Anonymous said...

Lord, today felt like to me what an engine would feel like after an oil change. Thanx for the fresh oil.

Nothing to lose.