Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey bloggers,

Just got in from a conference at Bishop Huskin's church...may post something the meantime, check out this amazing clip. You'll need to scroll down to the music player and pause it so that it won't interrupt the music on the video...


tracy said...


Anonymous said...

To all of those that left and are looking in, and to those that left and wish they were back, ya'll come on. Once you get to that place where you can't feel anything under your feet, you know at that moment that you are in over your head. But here's the part you don't realize, and once you can't touch bottom it hit's you. IT WAS THE THOUGHT'S THAT WERE THE WORST PART. The love is here, more than it ever has been. You are not only accepted, you'll
get the ever lovin' moosh goosh hugged out of you. woooooo hooooo

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful and powerful thing I have ever seen!!! Powerful demonstration of LOVE!! Definitely brought the tears! Thanks for sharing this! Still choked...gotta go find more tissue. Love you ALL! PEACE~


Anonymous said...

That wuz kual! Didja notis how miny time they pulled hiz tale?

I lerned that if ya pull a cats tale they will never furgit ya.

Luv nevur fales

Lise said...

Make me cry, why don't you!!!
You KNOW I'm an animal lover! Wow, they're so much smarter than most humans will ever be willing to admit. REALLY GREAT CLIP!

Anonymous said...

k-ried my eyes out. A-mazing

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

unconditional love...

Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit I did wipe a couple tears at the end; very touching watched it twice. Made me think of how love permeates the whole universe through Christ; and as God is Love and omnipresent I think He had something to do with what we just saw and was pleased.


Anonymous said...

Cool Video
Love has no bounds.

linda said...

Ok I'm crying now, this was so powerful, love never forgets


Anonymous said...

Bish, That is Amazing & POWERFUL!
Love you! Leesa

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, what a bunch of cry-babies!

No, seriously, it affected me emotionally, too. I usually don't get into touchy-feely animal vids, but a friend of ours from Nashville sent this to Debye today, and I thought that it was so compelling that I had to share it with you all.

We were away at the conference, and I didn't have time to post anything for today. So when we got in this afternoon I just put up the cartoon picture so that you could just write about whatever was on your mind.

The first two comments were posted here before I added the video, which makes Nothing To Lose's comment sort of interesting...

Anonymous said...

Cool body language.
One of the other videos said others in the pride trusted too.

High five, Nothing to Lose! Prophesy!

PattiL007 said...

Talk about déjà vu(doo)...I muted your playlist immediately upon my arrival because I had my own iTunes (desktop) program playing. I hit the video play button before reading and before I turned mine off and guess player was playing Whitney's I Will Always Love You and it was only off by a nanosecond. At first I had no idea what was going on and thought there might be something wrong with my player until I realized what was up...God's harmonies, as always, are perfectly in sounded really cool too!

He set all that up to let me know that He loves me and is thinking of me...because He knew I really needed it today. What an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!

The recent posts here have really been extremely "on" and most, I felt, were straight from the heart of God. NTL...keep tuning in and bringing it on...BTW, I believe your phrase, "moosh goosh", is the proper scientific term for an extended, loving, and sincere embrace given to welcome back a prodigal by one of the amazing people from this community. I also agree with your call...Come home, Prodigals...Come home and enjoy the feasts Bishop has been layin' down each and every service. Take what you like and leave the rest, but make sure you come and eat!

And Bishop...please don't take this the wrong way (I'm fairly certain you will not), but if that awe-mazing, spectacular, Filling, Loving Word you brought to the table Wednesday was in any way due to your recent week in Europe...then I pray you spend a week in Europe more often! Your recharged gift and our demand on that gift came together and created the supernatural word you brought us. The food at CITN is always great but that one just had some extra ZING and you could just tell it had been slow grilled over an open purifying about kickin' it up a notch...BAM!

Salivating for Sunday's sumptuous spread!

Blessings Blog Fam!

Teezy313 said...

*sobs and tears*

Anonymous said...


your moosh goosh translation is the most incredible definition of two expressions that until yesterday I had never heard of. Now, because of your ability to understand the understanding of those two words, it is because of you that MOOSH GOOSH can be released into our everyday expressions of life. Thank You.

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

So powerful!!! I just saw this video this morning! I simply wept! How beautiful is reconciliation motivated by love!!!

God is! God is!


Jesus Groupie said...

Jesus! Oh,my God! Beautiful! I'm getting on the phone immediately. I'm calling people from times past that I know and, shoot, some I thought I knew, but might not. I just want to love somebody. I'm watching that again! Wow.

dgm2007 said...

nice video.. ive been at my family reunion all weekend.. its been great.. missed CITN but we had our own family service which always warms my heart...
to the first anon.. i totally agree thoughts and perception is all that we have change those and you change the world..
Peace and love..
the whole reunion bit just makes me think of how everyday i log on here with this family and connect to something greater than me.. i love yall.. thanks for the space bish..

Lise said...

Hey, Bish & bloggers!

Beautiful message this morning... no shame in Jesus' name!

And I took 3rd? Wow! Cool! Which piece? Here's what I want you to do, Bish... sounds like all the awards were monetary; I have no idea what's in the envelope, but if it's cash, please put it in the offering for me. If it's a check, rip it up so the funds are returned to the church. Since I don't work outside the home and don't have a steady (personal) income, I don't get to contribute as often as I'd like to. And I REALLY appreciated the opportunity to participate! It's a motivating factor for me. All too often, I need a swift kick in the hiney to actually produce new work. I was kinda pleased with what I came up with in those few weeks prior to the festival. So, thank you!

I will, indeed, allow you to pray a blessing over future creations, though. I need to learn how to actually work an art business... ebay and blog auctions, etc. Will have to study up on that. And I ABSOLUTELY WANT MY PRETTY RIBBON! It will find a place on my studio wall, and serve to motivate me :)
So, please mail that to me, OK? Robyn (media center) probably has my address on file from prior orders. If not, check with Jimmie; I think he has it. He is care-taking the piece that I left there for the auction, I think. I'll get back down to pick it up eventually!

Love you guys! Have a great day!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Elle, and congratulations.

Machion, how did you post a comment at 9:45 and walk into church at 10:00?

Thanks for the feedback, everyone...

Anonymous said...

Bishop, OMG - you are walking deep brother!

Larry Usher, promotion comes from the Lord, you are so worthy of this honor and we all knew it was coming! God's unfailing love endures forever!

Water Walker!

Anonymous said...


Just thinking about this mornings message.

It somewhat relates.
Let me know what ya think.

The Courtship Ball

As I go to find Him
He tries to find me
A person of virtue
Stripped of religiosity
He comes close to finding me
I’m hiding behind the veil
Where religion can’t see
I’ve been stripped of the names
That are of earthly claim
Given my heart
His and my love won’t part
Standing side by side
The Groom and His Bride
He lifts the veil
Of a man made well
All names fall
As He proclaims it all
No more will religion play part
All the names are ripped apart
The Groom and His Bride
Add more to Their side
Religion falls short
In the Kings Court
As the wedding takes place
Religion bows to Their grace
Joined hand in hand
They welcome all who come in
The Kingdom is for all
At the Courtship Ball

Laura Benson

Anonymous said...

Yes, tears express sometimes what words cannot. Propels me to love even more and gotta get in touch with some precious folks in due season soon! So true NTL how thoughts are sometimes the scariest and just having a paradigm shift as Bish preached makes all the difference!

Powerful, awesome message this morning Bishop! So many awesome points...esp looking at Jesus' hard to do but very healing and powerrful! Just realized there was a purpose for this in the redemption message!

Also, I think we all have family that we would not want in the news...I know I do. Thank God they're not and that I'm not. As for your son, I know it has to be sooooo painful but he'll be back. It could be related to (except we're humans) God our Father having to watch some of us kids of His not always being on best behavior and someone thinking there is no way that he/she is God's kid, but He says, "Yea, that's my kid." He sees who we really are and I am so sure you's just (some)others that have a challenge seeing any of us in the process.

Gods LOVE is amazing and so is the ITN blog fams! Have a fantastic week~favor filled Monday everyone! Love you!=)


tracy said...

Bish- thanks for pointing out the first two posts were posted before the video! Otherwise mine made absolutely no sense. When I got inside from cleaning the garage yesterday and saw the empty bubble it was in essence -my perfect thought for the moment! The video later blew me away, as did the morning message. I will hit 40 this week and am tweaking alot of things in my life. The message was a perfect
gift. I know some birthdays approach with certain promises to change mindsets etc, this one for me, for some reason I am taking seriously....40 years around the mountain -over....40 days of rain- over -you get my point. Anyway- ya'll have a great week, I am.

Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad Swilley,
You were missed today by many. I always love to watch your genuine reaction to the revelation that Bishop brings to the table. Have a great week.

Erik, looking forward to when we (m)eet.

Bishop and Pastor Debye: nothing but love...

Nothing to lose.

Donald said...

Hey everybody. I missed the service today and I never like that. Just got home from a wonderful weekend with family.
Can you say "flight delays"?
We were all supposed to be home by around noon. My son just got home in Starkville and my daughter just got to Atlanta and now has to drive to Cleveland, TN.
But we had a BLAST!
Looking forward to Wednesday night. I'll need a double dose.
And once again Bishop, several times last night at the Tom Petty concert, he would say things in some of his songs that made me think of you and I must tell everybody, it seems like some of the secular musicians I have seen lately are more in tune with God's plan than alot of the church folks I talk to.