Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!

Hey bloggers...
BLOGINTHENOW is five months old today! Thanks for making this cyber-community all that it is. I really enjoy connecting with you here every day, and believe that a lot of positive things originate on this site. I even think that some of the growth that we are experiencing at CITN right now is due to the strength of the relationships formed day by day in this part of cyberspace (did you notice how big the crowd was Wednesday night?).

Today's entry in AYITN is Stay Alert!, and I believe that it's a word to all of us right now. Rev. Jesse Jackson is most likely wishing today that he had been more alert to the fact that his mic was still hot the other night when he made some unfortunate comments about Barack Obama. But what's done is done.

We've all done and said things that we wish we hadn't done or said...but once we've done or said them, we have to take responsibility for our words and actions, do what we can to make things right, learn from our mistakes, and then get past it.

Yesterday I was thinking about the concept of turning the other cheek when encountering a verbal blow, and it occurred to me that it's the ideal, symbolic head movement to make to allow things to go in one ear and out the other.

From AYITN...

Stay Alert!

I went by the field of the lazy man, and by the vineyard of the man devoid of understanding; and there it was, all overgrown with thorns; Its surface was covered with nettles; Its stone wall was broken down. When I saw it, I considered it well; I looked on it and received instruction: A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest; so shall your poverty come like a prowler, and your need like an armed man. (Proverb 24:30-34)

Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I am actively involved in my world and on top of every situation facing me. The names of laziness, procrastination and foolishness must bow to the name of Jesus in my life!

Today I will be sober and vigilant—a watchman on the wall. I will pay attention to what is happening around me and will trust the Holy Spirit to show me things to come. I will keep my eyes and ears open in the natural realm, as well as in the spiritual realm, and will be a doer of the word so as not to deceive myself.

Today I will remember that the only person who is going to be with me for my entire life is me, so I will befriend myself by taking responsibility for my own productivity. I will enjoy my hard-earned successes and victories and face up to the unfortunate consequences of my lapses in judgment and poor choices. But even though I take full responsibility for my life and actions, I will still count on goodness and mercy to follow me all the days of my life, and to turn around for the good every negative situation that I have brought on myself. The buck will stop with me, but the government will be on Christ’s shoulder!

Today I will enjoy the blessing of hard work and the benefits that accompany it.*

Today I will choose how I start and finish my day, knowing that attitude is everything and that I have control over my feelings and reactions to what happens around me.

Today I will really listen when people talk. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and I will use my ability to wisely hear the hearts of those with whom I communicate.

Today I will “look well to the state of my flocks” and will recognize a wake up call when I hear it and a reality check when I see it. I will not be clueless and taken unaware by circumstances. I will not let myself be blind-sided by the snare of the fowler. I will be on top of my game today, and today I will live in the now!

Father, help me to stay alert today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


For CITN members: This Sunday will be Pastor Joshua Foster's last one here before returning to the Philippines, so please plan on being ITB to see him. And I think that it may be November (instead of October) when I go there, for those of you who want to go with me (still working out the dates). Bishop Tommy is going to be here in Oct. Also, those of you who are going to Uganda, or are interested in going to Uganda, please see Pastor Avery Rogers for details and information...

*(picture taken in front of Buckingham Palace)


Erik said...

Hello you alerted beauties.

No raw tomatoes (darn !) and ‘No Anchovies Please’ (ala J Giles band). I am a friend to myself. In all we have been through, is there really ANY one else we would rather be than ourselves???? H-E- (doubletoothpicks) NO!!!!!!!!! We are just to freakin’ great! Each one of all of us, unique, alert, masterpieces of God. ‘Be a lert, the world needs more lerts’ :) .

I am still on a high from Wed night’s service. Good thing I did not have to drive. I know I have quoted the group ‘Kansas’ lately, but one of their songs (actually several) fit last night so well. I was raised up on ‘Kansas’ but that is another story for another day. Today, their song ‘Paradox’ for which the lyrics were sent to me by a wonderful, highlighting last night. The actual music so compliments the words. I know for me, it is hard to live in our own revelation, and yet, that revelation is relentless in our existence. It demands to be experienced, and that splendor in surrender is beyond explanation, as long as I stay there. Why do I resist at times? -- Only God knows. However, in deed, in truth, and in Spirit we the created live, we worship, and we exist. We, the Created, do – we touch – we become soiled. We are washed and soiled again. Clean and soiled, cleaned again. We , the Created, do not know a sanitized God, we know God who is real, in us, around us and through us with all of the mess, all of The Fire, all of God’s Creation. Over and over again. One eon is ending as another begins, and so it goes... (Shout out to Linda) – breathe in, breathe out..... plant – harvest. Love – Live---- Enjoy – Embrace.

‘Paradox’ by Kansas.

I'm on fire
Burning with the question in my mind
Strange desire
Seems there's nothing else for me to find

'Cause I've been here, and I've been there,
Seems like I've been everywhere before
I've seen it all a hundred times
Still I think there surely must be more

I've been livin', I had to take my time and change my style
Now I wonder is something gonna make it all worthwhile

I know there's more than meets the eye
Like to see it 'fore I die for sure.
Something tells me it's all right
Only one step farther to the door

There ain't no feelin', feels the same as findin' out the key
Now I'm reelin', thinking of the things that I might see

I'm not afraid to face the light
I'm not afraid to think that I might fall
I was going nowhere fast
I was needing something that would last

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate words are like toothpaste…….when it comes out you just can’t put it back in.


Anonymous said...

Hey All

Just wanted to say Hi.

Not sure really what to say.

One word


One action


Erik said...

Hey All,

Just thinkin’ a bit.

Yes, there are many ways to The Anointed One (The Christ). And Faithful and True , That with a name no ONE knows is the only way to God. Since no ONE knows THE name, all ways lead to the UN-DEFINABLE, INDESCRIBABLE. Yes, I live in America and know God through Jesus, but if I lived in a different culture, I would know the same, sane, God through some other words, also, ultimately un-definable, indescribable – God.(insert Allah, G-d. Yawheh, Emmanual, Vishnu, The (Prince of) Shanti, ) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The Christ is broader than any one can imagine. Any limitation on The Christ, is in words the antichrist aka The diminisher of The Christ. The Christ is all, in all, and through all. Limit the All and limit The Christ, become the antichrist. The Christ is the Body each one of us in existence is a part of. The heart cannot say to the bowels ‘You are unimportant’ , without the bowels, the heart ceases. Both are beautiful and critical. I might be part of the bowels and I might be part of the heart, it does not matter. I am of the body.

All descriptions are now off. There is no limitation to The Christ in our minds, No ONE is separated in our minds or in any other way. Eden has long been renewed, Each existence has always been, and is now conscious of each connection to each other (The Body – The Christ) and The Spirit – God. Eden, peace, love, acceptance of The Christ in each one of us. There is joy and Godly pride in our bare nakedness -- our Spirits, our Love, our Selves. The expression of God in our reality/perception exists no matter what we do. Each of us can change our perception of God’s expression, we are incapable of changing God’s actual expression, which includes all whom have existed, do or will exist. Praise God !!!!!!!!

God id beyond excellent !!!! Un-definable.

love-kettou said...

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately STAY ALERT on the WORD.
Word like COVENANT…. LET THERE BE…. RELEASE....RECEIVE… DAY of the LORD….! All of these words give me some kind of revelation that make yearns more for the Spirit of God to reveals more of His anointing on me.

Quotes #2: Today I will be sober and vigilant-a watchman on the wall. I will pay attention to what is happening around me and will trust the Holy to show things to come. I will keep my eyes and ears open in the natural realm as well as in the spiritual realm, and I will be a doer of the word so as not to deceive myself.

Quotes #6: Today I will really LISTEN when people talk out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And I will use the ability to wisely hear the hearts of those with whom I communicate.

I will stay ALERT by affirming my confidence in God’s inerrant word.

I will stay ALERT by treasuring its truths.

I will stay ALERT by acknowledge the Creator-God as my Heavenly Farther.

I will stay ALERT by claiming Jesus Christ as my Lord-the very God who came in human flesh.

I will stay ALERT by making Jesus the object of my WORSHIP and the subject of my PRAISE.

I will stay ALERT by recognize the HOLY SPIRIT as the third member of the Godhead, incessantly at work convicting, convincing, and comforting.

I will stay ALERT by believe the offer of salvation is God’s love-gift to all.

I will stay ALERT by anticipating my Lord’s promised return, which could occur at any given moment now. (In our hearts)

Today I am ALERT by been grateful to be part of a local church which exists to PROCLAIM God’s truth, to ADMINISTER the ORDINANCES, to stimulate GROWTH toward MATURITY, and to bring glory to God.

With confidence and joy, I declare this to be a statement of the essentials of my faith.
That’s where I stand… ALERT!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Holy Spirit,
Good Morning Bishop,
Good Morning Bloggers:

Happy Fifth Month to All! BITN is so-o-o-o-o-o RICH!!! I love this place...

...and it is nice - having the aroma of hot, fresh bread in the atmosphere...

Bishop, I will endeavor to walk in the proclamations you set forth today, particularly: "Today I will really listen when people talk. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and I will use my ability to wisely hear the hearts of those with whom I communicate."

Erik, thanks for your enthusiasm!
Hey Dennis!
Hi Laura!

Anonymous said...

By just being alert today, I really believe that someone is going to find that one thing that is needed, to take whatever it is they are dealing with to the next level.

Nothing to lose.

peacemaker said...

"Yesterday I was thinking about the concept of turning the other cheek when encountering a verbal blow, and it occurred to me that it's the ideal, symbolic head movement to make to allow things to go in one ear and out the other."
Man, that's beautiful! That statement should and could make every quote link on the internet. No one, from Gandhi to Einstein, has said anything more profound. If everyone embraced that ideal, there would be no more victims.
I'll do my part to get it out will change lives.

I woke up this morning with the idea that vigilance and alertness needed to be the course of my day...then your post. Synchronicity never ceases to amaze me.

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between the average person and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this and stays alert, deliberately waiting, so that when this cubic centimeter of chance pops out, it is picked up.”
(Carlos Castaneda)

Heres to percieving things to come.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Bishop and all,

Bishop your thought of turning the other cheek being like letting negative words go in one ear and out the other will be food for thought for me today. My first series of thoughts so far include that is important to allow them in the one ear so they may be processed appropiately. For now the going out of the other ear is like allowing what has been processed to rebound spiritually without speaking a verbal response until there is a clearer understanding of what was said.

This will be with me today as a point of being alert without immediate and inappropriate response.

There are measures of action that must be quickly adressed for survival sake but words are not equal to those kinds of actions.

I wonder how many times someone has said something intended as light hearted humor or even a compliment to another and ended up in a conflict that escalated to vital combat.

Hearing is good, listening better but to understand the heart of the one who has spoken to you is the best of all recievable communications.

Erik, it is great to hear your heart again. You have been and no doubt will remain among the most favorite of souls I have encountered.

Iconoclast, I hope you were talking about the toothpaste coming out of the tube and not when you spit it in the sink, yuk!

Laura thanks for your sweet heart's expression.

Love-Kettou, the richness of your support shows like a light. Your heart is blessed and it blesses.

Nothing to lose, finding that one thing that is needed, ah yes. Your poem yesterday adapted from Jesus loves the children, ah yes.

Mayem, your obsevation to hear the hearts of those speaking is at the center of listening.

There are no other bloggers to address right now and I'm not using spell check either so I believe all is well recieved and from your hearts to mine it is.


Donald said...

Good morning everybody! Don't have much time to talk right now. The weather looks like the bottom is going to fall out here at any second which means the schedule at work will shift to the right and we will rain out just about everybody and then I will be forced to sit in the office rather than be outside (which I love). But whatever!
I feel great today. I get to be with both of my kids tomorrow as well as their significant others and I'm excited about that.
Talk later.

Lise said...

How about 'sushi and sanitation'?
;O Go ahead... smack my knuckles, but I was just kidding! (not)

Erik, I love your celebration of us!

Most of you know that I don't have kids... at least not human ones, therefore, I don't normally lean toward kids' movies and such... just not a Disney kind of gal (unless it's a dog movie that gets my girls all worked up & singing - FUNNY). But when you open your heart to receive, you often find treasure in the most unlikely places. For some reason (perhaps because of Dustin Hoffman), I've wanted to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium for quite some time. Last night, I just felt the need for something light and fun, so Joe and I rented it. Actually, had sketchy sleep , because one little line in that movie played over and over in my mind... as if it had been written just for me. "Your life is an occasion... rise to it."
WOW, I think I needed that.
One of the definitions for 'occasion' is: a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, etc. A convenient or favorable time or juncture; opportunity.
I hope to make a more pronounced effort to rise to the occasion that is my life, rather than getting caught up in drudgery.
That little line in that little children's movie was a word for me. EVERY day should be celebrated... somehow.

Want to touch on something else that has been strangely on my mind lately. Need to research a little first. Back later...

Anonymous said...

Is the Light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

One is under a bushel
The other on a stand

Tell me which one
Of them are you
Show me if you can

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

And they spoke
A heavenly language
Which no one understood

Their words they burned like fire
But somehow
Always doing good

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

We must now get ready
Here comes a big surprise
Some day the door will open
When the bridegroom brings all in

And that light
Will then be shinning

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Dennis Caldwell

Anonymous said...


I agree that the ideal of what Bishop said is Highly profound and like many things he has penned in writing will continue forward in its action of improving lives who recieve it and especially those like you and most of us at CITN who know his heart.

A funny thought occurred after my shower and general hygeine this AM.
What if there was a way to capture used toothpaste and recycle it? Now, don't get grossed out just yet. There are many water treatment plants that recycle you know what and people then use it for potable water. If we could recapture wrongly expressed words and recycle them into useful words, wouldn't that be like redeeming the time wasted on them otherwise?

Was that thought intended for humor, profundity or serendipity?

Who knows, Thank God its Friday.


vaughn said...
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linda said...

Good Morning!!

Be Alert, don't procrastinate, listen carefully when those you hold most precious are speaking, you get to choose how you react when things are not going quite your way. Wow, I needed to hear all that today.

Today, I choose to be alert to my surroundings, my companions, my moods, today I choose not to let procrastination rule me, today I choose to have a great morning, a great evening and a wonderful everything that comes between. and, if I make mistakes along the way, I choose to forgive myself and know that God perfects that which concerns me and goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

Thanks Bishop for your annointing

Erik, I'm breathing(smile)

Love you all

Let there be light
Linda :0)

Lise said...

Okay, here's the other thing. NO IDEA why this has been on my mind. Maybe all of the tomato talk a couple weeks ago planted a seed (huh, huh... oh my). Anyway, Bish, perhaps you can shed some light.

I have been contemplating Cain's offering to God and wondering, since Cain was a farmer by trade and gave of the fruits of his labor, why his offering was found unacceptable. I can't find anything in the first few chapters of Genesis (Message Bible) that required a living sacrifice as an offering. Genesis 4:2-7: "Time passed. Cain brought an offering to God from the produce of his farm. Abel also brought an offering, but from the firstborn animals of his herd, choice cuts of meat. God liked Abel and his offering, but Cain and his ofering didn't get his approval. Cain lost his temper and went into a sulk. God spoke to Cain: "Why this tantrum? Why the sulking? If you do well, won't you be accepted? And if you don't do well, sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce; it's out to get you, you've got to master it."

Was God's rejection of Cain's offering a ploy (for lack of a better word) to force Cain to deal with sin and its consequences? Was it to make an example of Cain, because someone needed to be set up as an example of the consequences of sin? And is there any scriptural reference to Cain even being jealous of his brother before God rejected his offering?

It just seems ironic to me in comparing that account with this day and age. Produce, especially organics, seems to be the cure-all, life giving source. Meat, perhaps not so much. I don't know...
Any thoughts?

Ponderings from a card-carrying carnivore... who loves veggies, too!

Son of Zadok said...

Before we put a lid on this. Let's consider these prayers for ourselves & all those who the Lord brings across our path. Whether face to face or through writings & the web. We are called to love & pray for them. Amen !?

You are a God that reveals secrets. Lord, reveal your secrets unto (me/them).(Dan 2:28)

Reveal to (me/them) the secret & deep things (Dan 2:22)

Let (me/them) understand things kept secret from the foundation of the world (Matt 13:35)

Let the seals be broken from Your Word. (Dan 12:9)

Give (me/them) the spirit of wisdom & revelation, & let the eyes of (my /their) understanding be enlightened. (Eph 1:17)

Let (me/them) understand heavenly things (Jn 3:12)

Open (my/their) eyes to behold wondrous things out of Your Word (Ps 119:18)

Let (me/them) know & understand the mysteries of the kingdom (Mk 4:11)

Let (me/them) speak to others by revelation (1 Cor 14:6)

Reveal Your secrets to Your servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)

Let the hidden things be made manifest (Mk 4:22)

Reveal the things that belong to (me/them) (Deut 29:29)

Let Your Word be revealed unto (me/them) (1 Sam 3:7)

Let Your glory be revealed in (my/their) life (Isa 40:5)

Let Your righteousness be revealed in (my/their) life (Isa 56:1)

Let (me/them) receive visions & revelations of the Lord (2 Cor 12:1)

Let (me/them) receive an abundance of revelations (2 Cor 12:7)

Let (me/them) be a good steward of Your revelations (1 Cor 4:1)

Let (me/them) speak the mystery of Christ (Col 4:3)

Let (me/them) receive & understand your hidden wisdom (1 Cor 2:7)

Hide not your commandments from (me /them)(Ps 119:19)

Let (me/them) speak the wisdom of God in a mystery (1 Cor 2:7)

Let (me/them) make known the mystery of the gospel (Eph 6:19)

Make known unto (me/them) the mystery of your will (Eph 1:9)

Open Your dark sayings unto the harp (Ps 49:4)

Let (me/them) understand your parables; the words of the wise & their dark sayings (Prov 1:6)

Make darkness light before (me/them) (Isa 42:16)

Give (me/them) the treasures of darkness & hidden riches in secret places (Isa 45:3)

Let Your candle shine upon (my/their) head (Job 29:3)

(My/Their) spirit is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of (my/their) belly (Prov 20:27)

Let (me/them) understand the deep things of God (1 Cor 2:10)

Let (me/them) understand Your deep thoughts (Ps 92:5)

Let (my/their) eyes be enlightened with Your Word (Ps 19:8)

(My/Their) eyes are blessed to see (Luke 10:23)

Let all spiritual cataracts & scales be removed from (my/their) eyes (Acts 9:18)

Let (me/them) comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth & length & depth & height of Your love (Eph 3:18)

Let (my/their) reigns instruct (me/them) in the night season, & let (me/them) awaken with revelation (Ps 16:7)

Gods word will not return void !

Love Ya'll

Scott B

Iris said...

Good Morning Everyone….

I have thoroughly enjoyed what everyone has said today… Thank you all...

Bishop, to be alert and aware… Today, I choose to be alert and aware… to be a watchman on the wall… Not to be in a defensive mode… but to be alert to my surrounding… who has God put in my path today… who’s miracle am I going to be today… or who is going to be my miracle today… I want to be an instrument to change the perception of God in someone’s life… and or allow someone to do the same in my life… So yes I am alert and aware waiting for my orders to move and bless someone’s life

Erik, your right, it is hard to live in our own revelation… but thank God that revelation gives us a new way to live and see things… revelation is like changing a room in ones home… all of the pieces were already there... it is just getting a new perspective on how things are placed… yes one might get some new furniture because the old furniture does not fit with the new revelation…and sometimes living in a new designed room is hard to get use to… but the new perspective gives you a new out look on god…a new way to live…A room with a different view… a new perspectives…Thank God for new revelation….

Also thank God for His grace that continually cleans us up after we have been soiled over and over again… And we don’t have a sanitized God… This reminds me of a teaching that Bishop did when we were in the KITN building… He was teaching about the 3 sacrament… which was the washing of His disciple’s feet… The reason why foot washing was done so often is because the road traveled feet would continually get dirt…they needed to be cleansed repeatedly…

And as far as your last post… Thank God that the western God is not the real God… God or the Christ is indefinable… He does not fit into anyone’s mold… We have to release the mindset that puts Him into our limitations and allow Him to be who He really is… immeasurable…endless…”We have to change our perception of His expression”… and see that everything is all God….

Elle, I do have children… hence the reason I have watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium… and Oh My God…. I had to go buy it so I could watch it over and over again…. That movie really spoke to me… It was kind of like what I was talking about the other day about the Wizard of Oz… The magic was always inside of her… she just had to believe it…. There was so much in that movie that is prophetic and spoke to me on such a deep level… Love… Love… Love…. The Kingdom is in us…. We just have to believe and walk in it….

Another very prophetic movie to me… also realizing that the Kingdom is in us… and all around us… is August Rush…. Wow… that movie…Hum… I have no words… you just have to see it….

You know guys I try to keep my blogs short…. It just ain’t happenin’ for me…. To much bottled up I guess… Once I start to pour it just keeps flowin’…

Love all,
Food for Thought: Today, remember to think good thoughts, and then you will live in paradise…

Teezy313 said...


Bish....I'm sorta glad you didn't publish my first comment because I now see and it has been revealed to me how I misunderstood or may have partially interpreted that scripture and more specifically those three words...

On today's topic...
The prayer at the end of number one on the YITN is my prayer going into this next school year...I made it thru my first year of college in good standing as far as my GPA is concerned but it wasn't all that I shot for..even in my extra activities outside of school I have been known to procrastinate and be lazy at times...but now I am taking complete authority over it!

In the name of Jesus I say that the names of procrastination, laziness, and foolishness must flee not only in my life but in the lives of everyone connected with this ministry whether thru CITN or BITN...I add my agreement to the prayer that Bishop prayed when he wrote today's AYITN and say that it still stands! I say that everyone is not only alert of their needs but the needs of others as well whether they are physical needs or spiritual needs and that you supply everyone's needs. Today you are bringing not an "A" game but an "A+" game with as double portion of extra credit! God is truly perfecting that which concerns you..he's not making all new things but he's making all things is going to be a great day for all..THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Luv to all,

Donald said...

Well, well, well!
I'm just sitting here at my desk minding my own business when one of the VP's walks in with a handful of envelopes and hands one of them to me.
I ask what it is and he tells me that it is my bonus for the work on one of our previous projects.
I give him the "I never stepped foot on that rig" look and he just says "Don't ask!" I say "Okey, dokey, thanks."
Sometimes unexpected surprises are so nice.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Teezy...FYI, I didn't get any other previous comment from you, so I don't know what you're talking about...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And, thanks, PM (and One) for what you said about the "turning the other cheek" concept...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And, Elle, I've always just thought that it had to do with the necessity for blood sacrifice, but I need to do a little more study on it...truth be told, the whole Genesis story is more mysterious to me than is the Revelation story...

Anonymous said...

The concept I was raised on concerning the cheek issue was this: after the second slap, there weren't anymore cheeks and IT WAS ON........
Your concept is a whole lot better, especially for the one that was doing the initial slapping and had no idea what was coming after his second slap.

dgm2007 said...

peace that passes understanding.. yeah.. thats how i feel.. peace isn't extreme.. its just... ahhh.. I feel like im living in a toothpaste commercial or maybe mouthwash.. after that burning feeling u get that ah... i just had to make a hygiene comment because i read about the toothpaste.. oh the blog..
ps.. in the pic at buckingham palace i love the guy in the green shirt who doesnt totally want to be in the picture and cant tell that he is.. oh technology..ahhh.. nice and clean

DoubleBack Alley said...


Multi-faceted beauty blooms from the boughs of this blog.

Re: Jesse Jackson

I am reminded of the little known Andy Griffith movie, "A Face in the Crowd". One of RO’s favorites and mine as well. In the climatic last scene, he loses his empire because his mic was on. If no one hears him, nothing changes. Amazing isn't it? If you never expose your heart, you are judged by perception. If you open your mouth and are controversial, you can be undone by perception, even if you don’t say what you meant. It seems the political word of the season is the various incarnations of “regret”. Perception rules and it's kind of unfair. Not sure what to do with that.

My mentor, (pretty scary when you think about), Kurt Vonnegut once said that the scribe is much scarier than the orator. After many takes, the scribe can produce "Mein Kampf" and convince the reader he is of sound mind and quite lucid. The orator has one chance and must make the best of it, or spend countless hours undoing his doing.

Words are powerful and power is wordful. In these last five months, I have watched the bloggers thrust and parry with words that sharpened the épée of their fellow en gardists. It’s been a grand time. Je me suis beaucoup amusé.

Here’s to the next round. Rest well my friend.

Ain’t God Good?

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great observation, DBA...and it figures you would reference Face In The Crowd...I love that movie (and bascially everything Elia Kazan directed), and was just thinking about it.

I watched an awesome movie on the plane, RKO 281:The Battle Over Citizen Kane...very cool...see it if you can...

Don't know why, but nearly all of my favorites are in black in white...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great stuff, all of your observations, including the ones you sent today to post under previous articles...

Teezy313 said...

Hey Bish..

Don't worry about it...let's just call it divine intervention that it didn't get posted because about an hour later I realized where I went wrong!


Anonymous said...

Perceiving things to come--oh yes! I want to walk in more of this, too. Bishop, your story of W.Disney "looking at his mountain" comes to mind OFTEN! followed shortly by "how he do dat?"

Elle, little lines in children's movies--first one that comes to my mind is "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." But I know I’ve stored a whole lot more!

Erik, heart and bowels. That was creative!

Elle, a thought on Cain’s offering: I’ve pondered the possibility that God selected Cain to offer him the opportunity to walk with Him. He needed to introduce the concept of blood sacrifice for the big picture and we know God loved them both and gives them the desires of their hearts. Abel flocks and Cain fields. So when God “made a change” [it couldn’t have been the first time they brought an offering] instead of going to God to discuss it, Cain despised God’s change and choice—and killed the one chosen instead of asking God “why” or “I have no flocks, is there something you want me to change?” or “how can I please You now, too?”

Donald, WOOHOO! Favor beats facts every time!

I am wordy today too, Iris. Must be all that tongue-holding from two days ago. (smile)
I’ll break this up into two.

Anonymous said...

PM, One, and Bishop--recycling nonpotable words--I've always thought of words that come "in one ear and out the other" as going straight through. But now, turning the other cheek would mean they'd have to make a u-turn—indicating more like what you said, One, about processing the words. Imagining a scenario where non-potable words are slapped into an ear, the turning head seems to show the words WERE processed and not “just ignored" [if ignored there’s the possibility of provoking repetition!]. So the turned and offered second cheek really does send the message through a cleansing u-turn and back out—toward the non-potable mouth, to be processed and maybe even sponge up the mess it came from. (smile)

I’m in no way implying this is always the appropriate action—shout out to Vaughn, Bishop and Jesus—sometimes a well-constructed re-action, tailor made to the blinded or asleep offender, whether written or hand-fashioned whip, is the most appropriate and effective. Which brings us to walking by the Spirit—or at least to joining Sinbad’s mom in her “Dear Lord Jesus, don’t let me kill this boy” prayers! [shout out to Son of Zadok]

A related true story: forgetting the half consumed water in his carryon, a man on my flight jammed his bag into the overhead just in front of me, spilling the contents onto one man dressed in a very nice suit that I guessed he was wearing to a business meeting where we were going. He looked at his two companions but with no expression—I mean NONE and I was close enough to see. And I also know that nothing was EVER said for the entire flight or as we landed. You gotta know—that was powerful. And to me, a clear indication of at least one aspect of how the man got to the place where he could buy the nice suit [and other things] he had on.

Also, “the spiller” apologized. Once. Got some towels from the stewardess and moved on. Kingdom actions? I think so.

On nonverbal communication, has anyone seen Wall-E?

TGIF! Today's blog is full of movies I gotta check out! And great blogs to re-read!

Lise said...

Isn't it great to find the profund in the simple. 'Mr. Magorium's...' might just find its way into my DVD library, too. Something else struck me after your post earlier today. Remember when he referred to his 'departure' rather than his 'death'? Kind of paralleled the necessity of Jesus' departure to make room for the Holy Spirit. Ya think? Magorium was a miracle worker in his own right, but he had to leave so that Mahoney could recognize that she had that spirit or 'sparkle' within her. Once she allowed it to surface, that spirit manifested in and through her to work wonders and to touch those that she came into contact with. Interesting...

And several of you have mentioned rooms lately... "revelation is like changing a room in one's home... getting a new perspective on how things are placed..."
Strange (to me) how the spirit mimics the natural on so many levels. Just last week I repainted a couple of accent walls in our great room... not because they needed it, but because I was bored with my surroundings and needed a fresh perspective. For 5 years I was not satisfied with them. They were supposed to have been a rich brick red color, but the paint didn't match the swatch, and these 2 walls ended up being more mauve. I am not a pink person in any tone, hue, fashion or flavor. Suffice it to say that I pretty much hate pink, but I lived with it because it worked with other elements in the room. I lived with it until it was finally enough! Revelation! Fresh perspective. I painted those 2 walls black, and absolutely love the way that the depth of that color pulls out some of the golds and other rich colors in my artwork. The change got my creative juices flowing, and I came up with some sculptural, textural pieces to hang as a unit on another wall.

This quote regarding living in the House of Spirit came to mind: "There is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person."

Anonymous said...


Enjoying everyones post....thanks Teezy for praying over us! Alert to staying alert, really listening with my heart and 'turning the other cheek', or just letting certain things flow in one ear and the out the other, giving them no deserved thinking! hehehe This is all too good!

TGIF and yall have great evening you wonderful lil Gods peeps! =)


Larry Usher said...

Hi to all!

Just in from Milwaukee and head right back out tomorrow to NY. God is omnipresent. Everywhere our feet tread shall be called blessed. Keep ordering my steps Lord. Just because evil happens to be present somewhere along the way does not take away from the Glory of the Light that travels with us and in us. Just because the accuser happens to go on a rant against you, is this not his norm? Shouldn't we rejoice in the fact that the accusation cannot touch us in the Secret Place?
I was watching the (bad) news this morning on tv and after a few minutes I just simply pulled a "Neo" (in the Matrix 1 where Neo looks at the bullets fired at him by the agents) and said "no", I'm not going to entertain your crappy words and attitude today, no, I'm not going to let you determine my template for the start of my day...No!! I WILL walk in the Light because I AM an ambassador for Christ and the Kingdom and I bring great tidings of Great news, not some recycled hash the adversary churns up from the pit.
I am walking in a world that has had the wool pulled over its eyes and is walking in a dream state that they must be shaken from by the irresistable power of LOVE!


Love to all, blessings to all, peace to all. Great, great things are being wrought in the heavenlies! Amen!


Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys are just going to have to humor me a little bit, but this song just came to me this morning and I have kept thinking about it today and revising it in my mind. I’m not even sure about all the meaning of it, but some is obvious. I do think it is from the Spirit and you know He doesn’t care if you’re a song writer or not of if it sounds good or not. Anyway just sharing some private times in the Spirit with my blog fam. Here is how I revised it as the day went on. (I don’t expect any applause, thank ya thank ya thank ya)


Is the Light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Is the fire still burning
Have you seen what I’ve seen

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Is the fire still burning
Have you seen what I’ve seen

One is under a bushel
The other on a stand

Tell me which one
Of them are you
Show me if you can

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Is the fire still burning
Have you seen what I’ve seen

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

And they spoke
A heavenly language
Which no one understood

Their words they burned like fire
But always doing good

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Is the fire still burning
Have you seen what I’ve seen

Five of them were foolish
Five of them were wise

We must now get ready
Here comes a big surprise
Some day the door will open
When the bridegroom brings all in

Then that light
Will be shinning

Is the light
In your eyes
Do you know what I mean

Is the fire still burning
Have you seen what I’ve seen

Rev. D

Anonymous said...

I was an elder at a church in Covington along with Kerry Livgren,
about fifteen years ago. I always loved to hear him talk of his journey as he was seeking the Lord.
He gave me a Decade CD, and I wore it out playing "All Creation Sings"
Loved it. Hey erik, keep on keepin'on...

Nothing to lose.
(p.s.) Bishop, found a huge peace of information towards my project today. Being alert to detail rocks.

Anonymous said...

This is too cool y’all,
Google has a FREE directory assistance service. It is completely voice activated and also can give you maps and info in a text about where you’re calling. Check out this short video on this link:

Anonymous said...

Erik - No tomatoes but plenty of watermelon. LOL

Everyone take what I'm about to say to heart.

Love one another
Don't let your thoughts be anymore than love.
If you have a broken bridge, Try to mend it.
Don't let it be blown to smithereens.
I am looking at my world around me .
Things are looking better than they have been.
I still have a major mission and I know I can accomplish it in it's time.
Can I Love
Love I Can
Standing on the rock that is made of love.
North to South
East to West
His love endures all the test.
With His love in me, I can stand the test.
Forgiveness & Love
That's the true test.

Anonymous said...

This is a late post, but I could not miss the chance to comment on an Elia Kazan film - I very much respect his work.

For me, in "Face in the Crowd" (thank you DBA for bringing it up - love the film!), another important element is betrayal: Rhodes (Griffith's character) betrayal of his audience, and Marcia Jeffries' (Patrica Neal's character) betrayal of Rhodes at the height of his popularity and presumed power. Rhodes was, in fact, off the air, but Jeffries, overhearing his comments, deliberately flips the switch that allows him to be heard - an act of entitlement on her part since she played a pivotal role in "making him": in her mind, since she made him she had the authority to break him. It is Jeffries' confession to Rhodes that conributes to the overall weight of the film.

...and what about the role (responsibility?) of the audience?

Situations of this type (like the one with JJ) often remind me of my own frailty...Thank God for His Grace...but, we do seem to like the show.

Rest easy,

Erik said...

Hello night bloggers,

Anon (Nothing to Lose) - If OK, please email me, I think you can clicking on my pic or name that goes to profile.

ONE – Thank You.

Iris & Elle – Rooms. I have been thinking a lot of rooms, in the spirit and in the natural. My ‘Living’ room, ‘Renewing’ room (Bedroom) , ‘Working’ room (office – work from home) and ‘Cooking’ room. Although in the natural these rooms have undergone, or are in process of change, re-design. In the natural, I had water damage from a broken pipe. That caused significant disruption to my physical living room, and expressed shifting in my life ‘living room’. Furniture, walls, flooring all required replacing. Interestingly, the floor had to be completely removed down to the foundation. So, my ‘Living’ room is new from the cement foundation. Some things have remained, but new walls, new colors, new furniture. My “Living’ room, altered to the foundation with new interior, but the foundation, structural bits still sound, but all else renewed. Even more interesting, literally days before the damage occurred (which happened when I was out of town) I spoke out that, ‘I think I want to change the living room, maybe some new furniture, new color on the walls… need to budget that “. I did not know I would have physical new walls to have painted and the rest repainted, (new colors) that the furniture would become unusable, and even better furniture would be in its place, and especially the floor. It was a parquet floor I spent a lot of sweat and blood (cut myself a few times) to put in. I was not bummed when I learned of the damage, I remembered what I had said. It turned out to all be covered by insurance, ( aka grace & mercy) full replacement cost. ( ‘fully restored’) So the old floor, walls, furniture are renewed at no cost to me, not simply given its used value, but fully renewed. The things that did survive, are even better when combined with the new. My perception of my expression in my home/ life can change, but my expression continues, relentlessly – speaking to me. I enjoy my new physical living room, and my new real ‘Living’ room --- praise God. How it all works … want to ponder, infuse.

Son of Zadok said...

Our written voice & songs.. in my heart turn on the light…

In their meanings hum,. .In our thoughts from Him delight...

But their is one thing,.. One thing I feel throughout this land…

The lost among us,.. tired and thirsty, take their hand.

And help them understand... .

And lead them in this love.
What else really matters?
He taught us to forgive.
Exchange their tears and tatters.
And on this Earth we'll find,
His love in all designed

They've heard so many lies,.. and God knows how they've tried..

Still even they don't know..Lord God to hell itself we cried..

Now every word we every grace between we find..

Help lead us closer to.. the love to fully know His mind…

That they may know Your mine

God please help us know!!

And lead them in this love.
What else really matters?
He taught us to forgive.
Exchange their tears and tatters.
And on this Earth we'll find,
His love in all designed

Amen, A-amen
Amen, A-amen
Amen, A-amen
Amen, A-amen

Anonymous said...

Son of Zadock,
Hey I'm glad i'm not the only one that has these strange spiritual flowings in my Time with the Lord..... Great Spirit Song!


Anonymous said...


I will Grow up

because I am maturing in the Kingdom of God

I will be myself, and lighten up about my expectations of myself, which may or may not be realistic

I have the ability to endure – to grieve if I have to – and then to move on.

engaging in mature communication with others

making a mature confession

I will pray maturely

walking in the full stature of Kingdom adulthood

Father, help me to grow up today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

AMEN Bishop, I needed that today


Anonymous said...

BTW everybody, I was quoting AYITN


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blog in The cool we share the same birthday!...July 11...of course I have 38 more years in the earth than the blog(however the blog child is very smart)...yep July 11 and I am 43 years YOUNG!!!

Man, want to write more but gotta you Bishop and family.

Karl Cobos

Anonymous said...

Working outside today. Came in for lunch and a quick "hey!"

Icono and SOZ, its cool to read your flowings--keep em coming.

There is so much in all of TGIF's blogs but I MUST be disciplined and get outside "while it is still the day".

Birthday week blessings blog!! and Karl too!

Lise said...

Happy Birthday, Karl! Hope it's a great one!

Thanks for the insight yesterday, Avatar. Feel like my day is slipping away from me, too. Bought a little chair for the great room today, and just spent the last two or three hours rearranging stuff! Nothing is simple with me... ever!
My interiors are very eclectic and artsy, angular and textural... so this one little piece threw everything off (at least to my
eye). Anyway, I think I FINALLY got it right. OCD... I need pills (kidding)!

Now I need to go get groceries. I don't want to. Whaaaaa... cry me a river ;{ Bless God, anyway! I HAVE A NEW CHAIR!!!

Anonymous said...


I did see WALL*E. Great message!

The little guy was just continuing to carry out his directive with only a little thought given to self awareness by gathering a few articles of interest for both self preservation and entertainment.

Then she came along. That certainly got his attention! His devotion to duty became redirected to helping her carry out her directive. Because of their working together to accomplish that directive an entirely separate species was awakened from their slumber and joined in the effort of bringing life back to a place of desolation.

Happy belated bday Karl. You and Zachary also saw WALL*E. Can you add some more insight.

How about your insight Avatar? I enjoyed your analogy of Bishop's blog on turning the cheek.