Monday, July 14, 2008

Much To Consider Pt. I

Hey bloggers...I'll be back later today with some good stuff...awesome service yesterday...did a little clean-up here and there on the blog...please be cool if something you posted got's all the meantime, consider this...

Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse.(Philippians 4:8 - The Message)

For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them]. (Philippians 4:8 - Amplified)

Check back later...

OK, I'm back...there are currently 17 comments posted (some interesting stuff you should check out...)

It has been a favorite summer tradition of mine for many years to attend at least one of the presentations from Coca Cola’s annual film series at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Originally, the series was comprised exclusively of film classics (over the years we’ve seen The Sound of Music there, The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, to name a few). If you go to the theatre a little early, before the show they have live music performed on the giant Möller theater organ (called “Mighty Mo”), a sing-along, and they show vintage cartoons and old newsreels. The whole experience is a nostalgia lover’s dream.

In recent years, I have become less and less enchanted with the series because it seems to me that they continue to show more and more first-run flicks that are still on at the local multiplex, and less of the old greats that I want to see on the Fox’s giant screen. But 18 summers ago, when they were still only showing the oldies, Debye and I attended a night of the series to see the 1959 epic, Ben-Hur, and that night turned out to be very significant for us.

At the time, she was nearing the very end of her fist pregnancy (our first child together). We had had two sonograms, both of which read that we were going to have a baby girl, and we were fine with that. I just wanted a baby that looked like Debye, and would grow up to be musical, but the doctors were so adamant that we were having a girl that we had only picked out a girl’s name (Victoria Elizabeth). We had also had a very pink baby shower in which we received nothing but girl gifts.

But on that hot August night in 1990, as we sat at the front of the Fox watching the winner of the most Academy Awards in history (until Titanic tied with it), I began to feel something unusual every time one of the characters in the movie called the name – “Judah Ben-Hur”. After the first half of the movie (it’s a long one), I turned to Debye and said, “I know they are convinced that we’re having a girl, but I just want to say that if we do happen to have a boy, that I am totally naming him “Judah”…“Judah Benjamin”! And when I said it we both, for lack of better term, felt an anointing on it, and I immediately saw a picture in my spirit of a tall, young man with long, blond hair.

Fast forward to 2008…last night they showed Ben Hur at the Fox for the first time in all these years, and we took Judah to see it (along with Jonah, and Aaron Conyers and Cody Daniel, and my parents), and we had a wonderful time. I had not seen it since before Judah was born, and there’s nothing like seeing the chariot race on a 70mm screen. You have to judge it in its proper context…it has some of the trappings of the typical, over-the-top, melodramatic Bible epics of the 50’s, along with some laughable special effects…but, all in all, it was actually much better than I had remembered.

For one thing, it was cool to take Judah to see it and sit close to where we sat the night we first imagined him (and he totally got it, by the way). But also, the story is so much about the mercy of Jesus Christ, and the salvation He provided for ALL people, that I really saw and heard it with new eyes and ears last night. Everything that they said about Jesus in the script sounded like the Jesus that I preach and believe in. It was very moving and timely for me.

The famous last line of the movie is Judah Ben-Hur telling his family of how his encounter with Christ delivered him from his hatred and need for vengeance…“And I felt His voice take the sword out my hand”…

I want to talk about that some...

To be continued tomorrow…


Teezy313 said...


wait...something's wrong here...

nothing much to say..just in the mood to blog...maybe later I might have an exhortation..who know's?

For now..BLESSINGS!!

Mystic said...

NTL...thank you and you're welcome! And to all the Prodigals who are on their way back home...a plethora of MOOSH GOOSH awaits you!

I am still absorbing and processing today's Word of the was an absolute FEAST! Bishop, you are most definitely an iconoclast of the highest caliber (Melchisedecian even). I'm seeing business cards with a rather large bovine labeled "sacred cow" and a likeness of you standing beside it (perhaps in a Corleonesque--sort of pose) with a BIG honkin' flame thrower! ("Say hello to my li'l friend!) The Sacred Store is open and there's plenty of meat on the menu! Hey, Bishop! What's for supper?! YUM-YUM!

It used to surprise me when it happened; however, I believe most of us are now more familiar with The Flow. (For those who are in cyber-CITN, it has been called being ITS, or In The Stream-ing...ain't it a blast!) And as is now the norm, I have been investigating the term and the use of judgment (shocking huh?). I think I would like to share some of it with the is late and I need sleep...if it’s ok with y’all, I’ll post it tomorrow evening...if the Lord wills.

Thank you again, Bishop...and I will be thinking on these things today and hope to be back tonight...until then...

Blessings Blog Fam!

Well I'll be...that IS me in the corner...losing my religion! Thank GOD!

Anonymous said...

A missionary went to Alaska, and this was his gig. He would go to a village, start winning Eskimo's to the lord, start a church, find a pastor for the church, and move on. He led this one Eskimo to the lord, got him into the church, became very good friends with him, and then it came time to go.

Years later he went back to the village to see how the church was doing and to see his old friend. When he saw his old he asked him: how has it been, your walk with the lord? Like two dogs fighting his friend told him. A white dog(good) and a black dog(bad). The missionary then asked him which dog wins? And his friend replied, the one I feed the most.

Nothing to lose.

vaughn said...

The word posted this morning from Phillipians is very timely as I have practicing guardig my heart by preventing the yuck to effect me in every day life. When consecrating myself, I really become a gatekeeper over both heart and mind. A solid way of protecting one's heart is to filter the trash out that would come into the ear-gate by others or by our minds. The mind can truly be the battle field thereby is is necessary to think on whatsover Jesus name!

Let there be light our minds, our hearts, to our ears and to our spirit, in Jesus name!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning thinking on the subject of keeping focus on the good things in life. It was a sweet find to see agreement. That Holy Ghost is just something else!

Bish, you can erase any part or all of anything I've posted without retort, not even in my spirit. I'm just thnkful for a place to gather with those who have mounted with the wings of eagles.

Absolutely an awesome service yesterday. The central message of now is the Kingdom established that the gates of hell can not prevail against is important to continue in. And as pointed out by nothing to loose, hopefully we will let the good dog eat the most and do the most good in our personal areas of influence.

The lion clip you shared, I've already sent a copy from your site to some loved ones and will send more today. Upon viewing it several times, it became apparent that on their reunion the light haired man used some very positive body language that the lion recognized and responded to from his deep memory. They had probably communicated that way many times during the lion's development. I love watching what happens to people who are in need of being loved on when they come in contact with the CITN greeters. The same thing is going on all over the world in that Christ is using positive body language through us to help others in darkness that need to be warmed in the light of Love.

Your ministry has been like that for me and many others and is also an example of how Christ wants the body to work by cleansing and purging the bad stuff and partaking of the good stuff to keep it in a more healthy ballance.

Let us embrace all mankind as if they are we because we are of the I am.


Anonymous said...

Just have to share this. My sign off verification wors was

x b w w x g x m

If anyone would like to play on that with me, my first take is;

connected bishops connected wonderfully with connected godly connected mankind.

Izumi/JOY said...

* Welcome back Swilley family!

Enjoyed (what I saw of) yesterday's, "The Inevitability of Christ". So much to consider.

Bish, that lament, "we got issues!" (I.e. car payments, loans, afflictions, etc.) reminded me of the woman with the issue of blood.

Holy Spirit instantly nudged me with, "Yes. It IS an issue of Blood."

I appreciate your candor regarding your childhood.

Re: Book of Isaiah & pain & shame of the Cross. Here's what I'm wondering. Remember when Prophet Clement ministered this?

"The voice of the future is what brings Life."

I'm being drawn to thank God for His excellent character, lately. I praise Him for other attributes but sense His Presence more profoundly when I honor His character.

This morning, I remembered a dream from youth. I saw a symbol (character?!) in the sky. So, I drew it on a piece of paper & showed my mom, asking if she understood what it meant.

She studied & asked, "Who taught you this?" I described the dream.

She said, "King. This means King."

Today, I found this website:, searching for a likeness of that dream symbol.

The writer uses the words, "translate" and "transliterate", explaining a difference.

My point is... maybe this (Philippians 4:8) means that.

AND... also, maybe this, (from God) through Prophet Clement:

The Spirit of the Lord says, "People, listen to the voice that's coming towards you, the voice of the future, not the voice of the past.... The voice of the future is coming to you."

* Congratulations & belated hugs to Pastor Josh F., Larry, "Elle" & Natali

* Happy belated birthday, Karl

* Thanks for the nod, One

Izumi/JOY said...

Re: Yesterday's, "What the Bleep", quantum physics & "what makes you see", musings makes me laugh, thinking of this.

The other day, Trace made cup-o-soups for dinner (first trimester nausea). Colin picked out a tiny (dried, square) carrot & asked what it was. Trace explained as best she could, to a not yet 3 year old that it was a carrot.

He said, "Mommy. That's silly ("siwwy"). Carrots ("cawwots") are for dippies (dip) - not soup."

She poured hot water over the contents of the cup, waited, then encouraged him to taste it. He refused. She urged him again. Finally, he did.

He grinned & said, "This is GREAT! This is AMAZING! This is my BEST!" - meaning, his fav (& yeah, he really does talk like that)

My LOL moment was when he peered into the styrofoam. Studying the peas, carrots, green onions & noodles floating around, he gasped, "HEY! It's like a party in there!!"

Another delicious Philippians 4 nugget.

Susan Puzio said...

Hi Jim,
I do not want to mislead you in any way. I was wrong to call you the "A" word without finding out from you about what YOU believe. I made you guilty by association.
It was not an ultimatum, I needed to hear from you. I will not remove your name from my site or comments that are based in fact, and yes, I am hoping and praying that you will change if you have stepped over into dangerous doctrine. We are responsible to others for what we teach.
I will keep the comments on my site about "clerical collars", I think it is not scriptual to separate ourselves from the flock by wearing religious uniforms.
Also, I do not believe in trying to appease the catholic church with unity, as the history of the ICCC claims. It is a wicked organization with a bloody history of persecution of true bible believers.
Carlton Pearson is or was on the board of planned parenthood- is the link.
Thank you for removing the comments from your site. I do hope for all the best for you and your beautiful family!!

In Him,
Susan Puzio

mayam said...

Good Morning Holy Spirit,
Good Morning Bishop,
Good Morning Bloggers:

I've got dreams in hidden altars yet to be divinely manifested and extra smiles in the diary of my heart yet to be shared.

What a great day! I am still on a High from yesterday's message...was it just me or was praise and worship kicked up a notch?...and the rain...the assertive, refreshing, confirming, restoring rain (that no shame could elude)...Our God is an Awesome God.

Rest easy,

G8TRGRL said...

Good morning blog fam... just thought I'd share this that I got in an email this a.m..

"Arguments are won intellectually, not love. Love is won, with a dash of trust, a smidge of fear, and a pinch of letting go". (

The trademark motto of this website is "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!"

... fitting for a Phillipians 4:8 kind of day!


dgm2007 said...

g8rtrgrl... luv the comment.. very true about what you think being reality and how your express those thoughts..
two quotes i live by
Marcus Aurelius MEDITATIONS
"If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it. And it is in thy power to wipe out this judgment now. "(trans. George Long)

"A cucumber is bitter. Throw it away. There are briars in the road. Turn aside from them. This is enough. Do not add, "And why were such things made in the world?" (trans. Gregory Long)

karl cobos said...

Good morning everyone...and thank you so much for the birthday wishes. God blessed me with favor, gifts and wonderful moments with others.
Inspired by today's AYITN I say "I will outgrow my comfort zone today and will move into the next chapter of the book of my life..."

I will be active in Kingdom Revolution!

A word I pray to someone reading;
As you drive off to the things ahead of you, don't forget to enjoy and experience the moments that you have NOW...a fresh morning breeze with the window down a little, radio off for the moment...enjoy the sights and and pear trees in someones yard, crepe myrtles of pink, white and purple...stroll among a few trees...crush the leaf of a cedar and invigorate your senses...feel the soft bark of a river birch...touch a glossy green green leaf of a magnolia...observe a little bee gathering pollen in a flower...smell an herb like rosemary, and hold a rose in your hand while the dew is still on it and breathe in it's intoxicating fragrance...rub the palms of your hands on a tall oak tree and enjoy the way it messages you as you look straight up through the sunny branches to the blue sky above you...fling a few hard berries in the air and listen to them pelt on the leaves of nearby bushes...sing your best rendition of a song on your heart as you enter the concert hall of your bathroom.

These things I have had the pleasure to divulge in and experience this morning...all on the way over to my aunt's house to read and share in this blog and all within 30 minutes!

All these things are simple, but all are experiencing the RIGHT NOW moments that God has given me. I keep reminding myself, or maybe it's the Spirit, that man originally was in a GARDEN enjoying the beauty of God's expressions and the wonder within it all.

May you be like a well-watered garden and as your river flows out to others, your well will never run dry.

Bishop began yesterday's message with the tree of may you and I remember to enter the garden while the dew is still on the roses and hear the melodies of the son of God...and partake of the tree of life and find healing in its leaves.

Be blessed one and all and go revolutionize your world today.

Karl Cobos

karl cobos said...

Someone asked me about WallE here the other day...I've got to sit down when I have more time to write something about my interpretation on that but I'll try to have something.

Bishop, thanks again for the message yesterday, I am especially intrigued with thoughts on "tree of life" and New Jerusalem.
I've been reading a lot lately in the Bible about UNION or UNITY, ie-husband and wife...Christ and his church...union corporately and individually in the Spirit, in Christ...2 becoming ONE, and I see a lot more tying together.

Thanks for all the messages that you bring that reveal things and help me to dig deeper.


DoubleBack Alley said...


That was the best critical analysis of FITC that I have ever heard. Did you mean that we are part of the audience too? If so, what is our responsibility to our leaders? Are we supposed to turn on the mic? You gave me volume over which to mull.

I too, love Elia Kazan and his catalogue of accomplishments. Like everyone else, though, he has a past that haunted him until his death. I learned several years ago that EK testified in the positive for Joe McCarthy's HUAC. He named names and ruined many good people, most notably Cliff Robertson and Burl Ives (whaa?? Rudolph’s friend is a commie? Ahhh….the RED nose). I say that not to disparage him, but to say that he did what he felt to do. I wonder how he felt when he received his Oscar a few years ago and the crowd booed. Who knows, it may have been worth it to him. My God, what must he have thought in all of those years? We never know the path that leads us to our future and we can only hope the wake of our past is remembered fondly. I just thank God that someone at the Academy had the cajones to nominate and select him, knowing the vitriolic fervor to which he would be subjected. Mayam, only he knows whether he betrayed his audience or vice versa. Here's hoping we all catch a break when we need it.

God I love this place.

Ain’t God Good?

Anonymous said...


You may not want to post this. I would understand, I am being quite open here.

Can I be completely candid and vulnerable here on this blog, have we reached that level of relationship here; not having to create the allusion (I’m good at that) you spoke of in your sermon? I think we have…..

I can totally relate with the “perception” thing. I grew up hearing how “fat” I was and being called names and the like; you get the picture. Then in adulthood I lost over 100 pounds twice and over 50 pounds several times; I won’t even try to count the times I lost smaller amounts. The point is that several times I have lost down to a “normal” size. The only reason I know this now is by looking at pictures of myself in amazement seeing a person that is not over weight. The reason I am amazed at those pictures is I NEVER saw myself that way at the time. I would look in the mirror and literally still see an extremely overweight person. It is really a little freaky when you think about it; almost like you are hallucinating at the time. So this is “reality” to the person experiencing it. Very strange when I think back on it. So inevitably I would give up and gain the weight back.

I can see and understand first hand the truth of this principle; but how on earth do you change it. I mean Lord knows I have tried it all; Meditate, Ommm Ommm, recite scripture over and over, fasting often, feed on the Word, listen to tapes, read self-help motivational books, giving-sowing much in different ways, filtering everything that comes into my mind through scripture, removing all negative or harmful things in my life or behavior, yes I have tried all these things and more (well I have never had my head to spin around and spew out pea soup while having a demon cast out of me) and I still come back to the same poor self-image (in more than just my weight) that I had from a child, what do you do? I see the problem, but what is the solution?

Maybe we are all living in an illusion to some extent……

In Sundays service you coined a phrase that I really like; “The inevitability of Christ” yes I like that. Christ is irresistible when one truly hears and sees (perceives) Him.

Today I will make room for the new thing that God is doing in my interior world. I will throw out the non-essential numbers that usually define me, including age, weight, and height, and will adopt a new way of seeing myself (then we shall know even as also we are known – I Corinthians 13:12). A new definition of my personhood is being written on my heart and in my imagination. The Kingdom within is causing changes without, and is creating within me a vision for real revolution!

That’s good news to a 51 year old, corpulent, short man! But I still do not see the solution to the problem. Maybe its like those three ships; its right there in front of me but I cannot see it. Or like me looking in the mirror after losing 100 pounds; that is not what I saw.

Today I will run with the vision that is written on my heart by Jesus, the Revolutionary,

Yes, “Bridge the Gap” I will never give up; because I see the vision before me as clearly as I did 31 years ago. Someone will say well it doesn’t look like you have done much in this 31 years. Well they probably told Abraham the same thing about having a child after many years had passed. Yet he did not waiver in his faith knowing God is faithful and full well able to carry out to completion that which He has begun. And so say I, and so it is.

On the video thing that I thought was the most amazing aside from the awesome picture of reconciliation was the lions wife being so tame and comfortable with them; there is something there that needs to be investigated further.

Peace loving,

Donald said...

Thinking on the best, not the worst. We (my family and me) had a perfect opportunity to exercise that yesterday. We were returning from a fabulous, quick trip to North Carolina and found out at the Raleigh airport that flights in and out of Atlanta were totally screwed up. We all had separate flights and Her Majesty's and my flight was the first to finally leave. After we were cleared the kids flights were delayed even further.
We finally got to Atlanta only to find that our connecting flight had been cancelled. Gabe was freaking out back in Raleigh because he was supposed to have a test this morning at 8 o'clock and they had already told him that it would be tomorrow before he could leave from there. Trisha, well, lets just say that a little crap goes a long way with her.
I was trying to calm them down while talking to them on the phone from the Atlanta airport. I told them that we had all just had one of the most wonderful weekends together we had ever had and that it would be a travesty to allow this unfortunate event to send all of that into a tailspin.
I admonished them to go talk to the people at the airport about rerouting flights or whatever needed to be done to get them where they needed to go.
Anyway, everything worked out, but not according to OUR plan.
We were all a little chapped about it, but I had to keep reminding myself along with them that one unfavorable event doesn't need to cancel out a whole gob of good uns'.

"elle" said...

(chuckling) That's cool!
And I agree... interesting day, eh?!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Ben Hur at the Drive-in with my parents and I think my little sister fell asleep that night but I was all into the action. I may want to revisit it at the Fox. Thanks for the heads up.

On the topic of reconciliation, the terms inclusion and universal seem to work well with Christ as all and in all. The problem with any label is they tend to limit an idea such as all. Of the few things I get about God is there are no limits. God placed both death and life, blessing and cursing before humanity and then said choose life and blessing. The door is still open to choose the other but why would anyone do that? Is God pro life or pro choice? I think the answer is yes.

To be on a board of planned parenthood would not make someone a proponent of abortion anymore than it would define God as such just because humanity is given a choice. God is sovereign regardless of man's choice and to place one's self in a position of serving on a board that can help a developing youth make the best choice for their life is a godly deed. There are no scriptures to address the matter of planned parenthood, or are there?

Mystic said...

Don't ya just love those full-circle moments? I thank God for the entire Swilley Dynasty...what an amazing lineage/tradition/birthright/legacy/heritage...and thank you for allowing us to share in it with all of you! What a gift...and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! (Swilleyberg?) While I realize that you don't relish the phrase or comparisons, please humor me when I say...Cheers to our CITN First Fam! We love yas and appreciate everything you have done and are have 4 “normal” children and a “not-so normal” many-membered, multicultural, multi-faceted, begotten one called CITN...and we are grateful for them all.

(Now...if for no other reason than to keep my word, I have posted a snippet of my judgment study below:)

My point can be found in Chapter 34. Here, the Lord is speaking about and to wayward and greedy shepherds whose sole motivation was/is self-gratification...and the size of their ministries...but to me, one of the most interesting scriptures in the book is Ezekiel 34:16; in it the Lord states that He will FEED them with JUDGMENT...if you visit Bible Gateway or another of the sites which offer several translations and study aids such as Strong‘s Concordance, you will find that it means what it says. Just as Bishop said, judgment is ANOTHER TOOL God used/uses to FEED HIS FLOCKS NOT TO KILL THEM!

Ok, sports about this? Let's get to digging/mining/researching the Word of God. I believe this is part of our job here...we're not to come and enjoy a feast like the spread Bishop puts out every service or the great daily AYITN/BITN blogs and just walk away fat and! We have things to do! Just as our physical bodies use the food we eat by converting it into energy and nutrients, we are supposed to do something with this amazing spiritual food. First, we need to meditate on the Word and let it fill our innermost hidden room (Philippians 4...think on these things) then we are to do some research of our own and glean additional information on the topic(s), then we are to share those nuggets of truth with each other (on a blog for instance), then we should meditate and glean and share other tidbits (because you just don't know which word, thought, or idea will ignite someone's imagination or the engine of their desires)...lastly, we take those words and ideas from the heart of God and PUT THEM TO USE IN OUR DAILY LIVES! Convert them into actions and become ALL God wants us to be. Thoughts become Words become Actions!

I believe strongly that this is a big part of why we are here...why we have been given strong and insightful leaders, why we have been brought together, and why we are a family. Different lives, different perspectives, different perceptions...together under one roof...for such a time as this. It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing and the Honor of kings to SEARCH OUT a matter, so let's hear it! Let us know what God has shown/told you lately! Don't agree with me? That's it out and tell me what you believe. Let’s all do our part to increase our family’s perception/knowledge/understanding of God and His Word.

ONE...I really enjoy your posts, dude! As it is with a word through our Bishop, I can delve into the depths and spend the day exploring!

Izumi/ truly are a JOY!

Teezy, NTL, Vaughn, Mayam, Gr8grl, DGM, Karl--Happy Belated Bday!, Dennis, Donald, Elle...thank you all for doing your part and for bringing your dishes to the table--à la carte! YUM!

Blessings Blog Fam!

PS...Anyone diggin' the sights and sounds of the Discovery Channel's truly amazing Boom De Ah Dah high-def world? If you don't know what I mean...check out the commercial online on YouTube or cut and paste this link:
What a Wonderful World He has given us! Thank you, Lord! It really does make me want to break into song...Boom De Ah Dah! Boom De Ah Dah! Boom De Ah Dah! Boom De Ah Dah! OUR GOD REIGNS!

( saved yet? Muhahahaha!)

Avatar said...

Body language.
NTL, was it you that asked about my take on Wall-E? I haven't seen it but brought it up after listening to an NPR interview with the director--very interesting info on his inspiration and perception. One example: he was trying to come up with how Wall-E would look based on his mission but also how he would show emotion. Was using binoculars at a ball game and ended up missing part of the game while he played with the binocs [backwards] realizing that they could show sad, happy, etc.

Izumijoy, I was thinking this morning about a word that translates Phil 4:8 to me. When I was trying to memorize the list [I think its from NAS version] I came up with "withripple-a-e-wop". That's "withriplaewop" in acronym form and translates to "w-hatever i-s t-rue, h-onest, r-ight, i-s p-ure, l-ovely, a-cceptable, e-xcellent and w-orthy o-f p-raise. I like the transliteration best--because the "ripple" and "e-wop" make me smile first and then I go on to remember what the letters represent. Thanks for reminding me about transliteration--it was the word I was looking for to explain succinctly the word I was using so y'all would know how to pronounce the acronym! God and covenant are most excellent!

Moosh Goosh, Susan.
Your post on this Phil 4:8 day made me think of a man who was known for his "unfathomable to many" ability to see the best in anything and anyone. He was brought a picture of a serial murderer, along with a list of horific deeds and then asked, "so, Tom, what do you have to say about [him]?" He pondered everything and said, "I hear what you said that he's done, but he has beautiful eyes." Have you seen the 2006 movie "Little Children"?

Bishop, I'm in agreement with ONE. I've been doing some summer cleanout of my own--fresh manna is all that matters to me. Besides, I may have said something stupid and I'm more into Jubilee years and Jesus' new every morning mercies!

anon@7:24, love seeing into your mathematical mind! My word ver is neplmpk--transliteration for trying to skip too heavy a rock across the pond--just one bounce.

Love y'all. Withripple-a-e-wop!

PS Bishop, I have nuzzled my head into Christian's "Lion of Judah" face and felt his paws several times today. Thanks so much for the new happy place in my mind!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....that is such a beautiful~incredible story about Judah's name and birth and who he is! God is sooooo good and is in every detail of each of our lives! What a wonderful, amazing God-Father we have!!!

Just thinking on things that are pure, good, lovely,etc... This I believe is where change and paradigm shifts come as well as kindness, goodness, love, peace, joy, patience, self-control. It begins with a thought that is put into action or becomes or feeling.

Inspired and blessed by everyone here!



Avatar said...

Hey, Mystic, I've been singing REIGNS all day--(big smile!)

Dennis, since everyone with a navel has an answer to your how question, I'll start.
"No CLUE!"

But here's an interesting exercise to find out at least some of what is on our amazing mind's video and audio tape.

Stand buck "covenant" [see 7-13-08 teaching for translation] in front of a private mirror with paper and pen.
Say, "I'm beautiful", then write down any rebuttal. Keep saying it and writing any rebuttal until there is no rebuttal. You now have your list.

1. Review list, ponder the sources and move on to #2. Or skip #1 and go directly to #2.

2. Throw the list away.

Repeat daily until there is no rebuttal!
Now, you are in agreement with God.
The rest is your journey with Him.


Anonymous said...

tweren't me that asked you about Wall-E.

Susan, moosh goosh times ten.

Nothing to lose.

Mystic said...

DBA...I was unintentional as I have enjoyed your past input very much.

Anon...absolutely...the answer is yes!

And yes, thank you for pointing out to me (privately) that while Corleone and Montana are both characters created by Pacino, they are indeed from different films...I got it...(it is a bit like someone not caring enough to investigate and understand the word "catholic", but still using it to bash someone, isn't it?) I just felt Bishop would get the idea...besides, Don Corleone would never hold a flame thrower...he would hire someone like Montana to do

Avatar...Our God Reigns...Forever Your Kingdom Reigns! AMEN & a withripl-a-e-wop to you too!

tracy said...

very cool about Judah-calling things that are not as though they are..... Also- thank you for deleting my post, part of my tweaking and I So appreciate it. Susan -God loves you and so do we. Love the post about the prodigals coming home, come on -we will make room! I feel like in a way I myself am coming home not sure to what yet- but just a feeling of coming home. Also....came literally home today to the kids "grooming" our two poodles-let's just say -propheticly(sp?) use what is at hand and God knows, if He does not call you to groom poodles DO NOT DO IT, mine look like they got caught in a weedeater.

Mystic said...

Tracy...your poor poodles...but I made the mistake of picturing them and am having't breathe...turning blue...sides hurting...tears streaming...OMG! LOL!

MOOSH GOOSH to Susan et. al. Come on back, y'all...we'll have MOOSH GOOSH waiting for everyone!

Goodnight Blog Fam, sleep happily, comfortably well, and may your night be filled with joyful and prophetic dreams.

Boom De Ya Dah Blessings Blog Fam!

Teezy313 said...

I thought maybe I would have something to say but I am really just enjoying the prescence of God that is so real on BITN! Love the comments guys!

Mystic-Swilleyburg?! LOL That's amazing!

Mayam-I say good morning to you in the Spirit even though it's 10 at night in the physical..don't know what that means right now for you but I just felt impressed to say that!

He reigns in glory, reigns in majesty!!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone on the phone, and then you meet them for the first time, that they never look how they sound? I think it's pretty cool that you look to your dad how your name sounded to him, and also, that you are living up to the name you were given.

Nothing to lose.

Izumi/JOY said...

Thanks, Mystic.

Avatar - re: transliteration -> I've looked everywhere for a NASA version - gotta find one of those! Thanks!

Friend4Life said...

Hey Blog Family!! Wow--what have I missed out on?? Been doing alot of cleaning and moving stuff.

Love your story about "Judah".

Have to say we knew what we were having..just couldn't really come up a name for our son.(had about 5 names) When we tried all the names that we had, he smiled on "Elijah". So, that one stuck.

Haven't seen the Ben-hur movie. I'll have to check that one out soon.

Missing every-1..cya later.