Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Happy Wednesday, bloggers!

I have several things on my mind that I want to talk about...

First, here's a couple of pictures that we took Sunday after church which Debye just sent me. We had a great time with the kids last weekend, and I must say that the grandparent gig just gets better and better...

If you haven't read today's AYITN, check it out (it's on the CITN site if you don't have a copy...and why wouldn't you have a copy?!). I think that it's a good follow-up to yesterday's lively discussion about whining (Title: Extra Mile!)...

Again, thanks for your participation in the Million Acts of Service and Kindness. I'm really glad that you "get it". It's important...

And it looks like the GPF is coming together, nicely. Debye and I are on the new promo video for it, which should be up in the next day or two. Rev. Run and some other celebrities just signed on...

Also, be in agreement with me for the global schedule to work out. It looks like the MEPI trip to Iran is for real, and I have been officially invited to go...I've just got to squeeze it in somehow between Uganda and the Philppines...need some supernatural intervention to make all that work out, but I'd really like to go to Iran...

I've been noticing how many of you have written here lately, "I LOVE THIS PLACE!", and I love it, too. The only problem with that, on my part, is that the blog so satisfies my need to create on a daily basis, that it seems to be preventing me from creating other things! My practice since the turn of the millennium has been to author at least one book a year, but since I've had this constant outlet to write and communicate what's on my mind, I haven't been writing anything else. I've started about four different books this year (and I know that I still haven't done Matthew, Mark and Luke In The Now) but so far, nothing has really flowed or kept my attention. And it's nearly August!

I also haven't painted one thing this year!

So I'm also asking that you be in agreement with me for some balance and better time management, because I'm totally committed to the blog, and plan on continuing it. And I wouldn't mind some suggestions for book topics to help me with direction. I need for someone to make a demand on that part of my writing gift.

If I'm not mistaken, I think Obama is in Israel/Palestine today...pray for the peace of Jerusalem (and Ramallah)...

Hope to see you ITB tonight...I'm beginning a new series...


Anonymous said...

HELP! God hid my Bible

Did God really say that?

Iris said...

What lovely pics of Sophia and her Grandparents… She is adorable…

Bishop I know exactly what you mean as far as the flow of the desires of your heart … Like you, I paint, play several instruments (I learned to play because I love worship) and write…but sometimes I to am so occupied with everything that is going on in my life, I begin to wonder will I ever be able just to flow in those talents like I would love to… Not having anything to put in the art festival at church was quite a disappointment to me this year… with my fathers and Dottie’s home going at the same time… it was just not happening… I am not complaining or whining… it is all good… I know that my course was set… and God allowed me to develop other skills that were either dormant or needed birthing…

I love the scripture Proverbs 18:6 “A man’s gift makes room for him”… you had actually did a teaching on this scripture several years ago…Well the circumstances in the last months has definitely made room for ones I had no idea were in me…

God has put a gift or talent in every person that the world will make room for….It is these gifts that enables us to fulfill our vision… It makes a way for us in life… It is in these gifts that we will find real fulfillment, purpose, and contentment.
The second part of Proverbs 18:16 says, "A man's gift…brings him before great men" (NKJV).

The gifts we all are sitting on is loaded…

When we exercise our gift…not only will the world make room for us… but it will also pay for it…. their gifts become a commodity…
You have amazing gifts Bishop… yes in the arts, literature, teaching, song writing…and so much more… but you also have something else that the world is crying for… and they have made room for you… God has placed you before the world to be a gift to them… “A man’s gift… brings him before great men”… Wow that is powerful…

All of the other will come in due season… The books will be written when they are suppose to be written… and the paintings will be painted when they are suppose to be painted… But until that time… enjoy the gift that you have become… Literally the world has made room for it… They need this gift that is in you right now…

It is all good….

Food for Thought: Alexander Graham Bell believed that sound could be converted into electrical impulses and transmitted by wire… No one remembers those who thought he was crazy…. We remember only the man who had the vision and created the telephone.

Anonymous said...

I am in great agreement with Sister Iris concerning your writing and painting. She is right with her comments, YES! YES! The world does need you right now the books and the paintings can afford to wait for a little while longer. The work you and Pastor Debye are doing is so very important to the world right now, so please continue to be patient with your writing and painting. I believe the time for that will come but not at this time. So don’t stop your Evangelist work to go to the World to Teach and to bring them the Message of PEACE. We at CITN! And the rest of the World Need this word of PEACE, UNITY and LOVE. You were signed for this assignment since the Beginning of time way before you were born. And may I say it’s an honor to be a part of a Church where every week you can expect the unexpected.

Yes! I will definitely keep you on my prayers.
To add up on to the two Scriptures Sister Iris gave you I’ll said of this verse on Philippians 4:13 YOU CAN DO ANYTHING THROUGH GOD WHO GIVES YOU STRENGTH. AMEN!

PS. P. Avery I Keep My end of the bargain I write.

Anonymous said...

How awesome it WILL BE when we all are going through in our giftings what Bishop is going through in his.


mayam said...

Good Morning Holy Spirit!
Good Morning Bishop!
Good Morning P. Debye and Sofia!
Good Morning Bloggers!

Sofia...what a blessing...the pictures are adorable...and her little hand caressing P. Debye's face is priceless!

Bishop, I pray that God will redeem the time and allow you to pour out all that He would have you say and do in this hour and in the days to come. You are destined to be a global presence to His Glory, in fact, you are walking in that destiny Now...

I pray that you will see the fullness of each day with spiritual keeness and joyous obedience - recognizing the daily, divinely appointed checklist that God has laid out before you with fresh awareness and due deligence...that you will have peace with each creative gesture and completion of every idea within priorities that line up perfectly with His will.

I pray for your journeys - written, painted, walked, witnessed, spoken, imagined, dreamed, and envisioned - to be quilted together for your expressive benefit and to His glory...that this day is a sufficient foreword to your tomorrow.

...Now, I give You, Lord, permission to fix Your Hand on my perception and understanding of my assigned multiple roles in serving You through my support of CITN...I pray that You will instill creative ideas in me - and that I will totally receive them - to facilitate the specific call You placed on my life to financially serve CITN.

This is a prophecy and a prayer asked in Jesus' name,

Anonymous said...


Your books are cherished and referred to often. I wouldn't make a list of the most important in order because that changes from time to time. Two of them that I seem to go to most often are the "Power of Life and Death" and "Keeping it Real". Of course I read something out of AYITN almost every day.

A suggested title for a new book might be "The Heart". Your recent anointed teachings seem to be related to the ideas of what is in the heart of man and God and how the two are united. A central theme that is important to humanity is how much we have in common rather than how much we differ. The things that we have most in common are matters of the heart like caring for other people that are family to us and it also seems that humanity seeks to please some force outside themselves whether they choose to call that force God or not. Jesus said that we speak out of our heart and that has made me think in terms of keeping my heart focused on the goodness of everthing around me but why am I distracted from that at times?

I would really enjoy reading your account of what it means to search the heart of a matter and be one who is after God's own heart and Jesus going into the heart of the earth and so on.

one Love one Heart

Anonymous said...

If the Lord can take five pieces of wood, fourteen nails and a hook, and mix those items with the gift He gave me, and create something as simple as this, I know that I know that He can take the gift that He has given anyone and do something with it. No matter what the gifing is. You first have to believe, and then take the first step...

Donald said...

Bishop I would think that your next book or at least a soon-upcoming book might be about your experiences concerning the Global Peace Festival and events related to it.
You are keeping good notes aren't you?

ronnielee said...

Great Pics..I get the whole Grandparent addictive! P.Debyes hair rocks! B E A utiful lady! Topics to write on "The Sacred Feminine" wow how cool to have a Charismatic Man and Minister write on that subject! I feel like one reason T.D. Jakes is so well received in christian and secullar realms is his connection to Women of all backgrounds, not to many Charismatic men get the whole Goddess concept.

vaughn said...

Good Morning Bishop,

A couple of things...

Your blog has been phenomenal and very healing and therapuetic and provokes many deep thoughts to many of us...especially me.

The blog gives me an outlet because I too am a writer, or at least God thinks so and I also have books in me. I completely a large portion of this book God gave me, "I hear you Lord, a map to communicating to God" several years ago. I must say I was working on it full time for months in the midst of much adversity, determined to complete it, when...

I came home from church one Sunday (CITN) only to find my home ruined with sewage...every room except the room I named "the angel room" which was sedt aside for ministry and where I wrote this book. Anyway...God was awesome as I walked into the situation blessing God for his provision in the midst of this a very audible way. Needless to say, after 4 months of living with a church member, God vindicated me with decent settlement.

Well, that was almost 5 years ago and although I write, somehow it has been with hesitation and fear and trembling.

Well, to bring myself into the Now, BLOGINTHENOW, has encouraged me to create my own blog - by the spirit of God. There are not many comments on it but I realized by blogging on this and posting articles on the Garden of Yve, whatever blog that I had from that tragedy tapped into the writer in me, so to speak.

On a retreat this month, the I was admonished to use some of the blogs, posts, and various other written materials and to comprise what the Lord has put in me. It actually was confirmed in me.

I just have a difficult time writing without your influence because your ministry and vision and writings are so impressive to me. So I do (unintentially) refer to your writings (AYITN) very often.

Honestly, sometimes AYITN is so profound to me, that I have often been encouraged to send it to some folks on my personal email accounts and you would be surprised at the five fold ministry response to your writings. I am just saying Bishop...BITN is anointed and many wonderful writings and authors are being born again again...
So I encourage you to do whatever you are lead to do, with no limitations and boundaries...just create after your own kind...

One more thing, everything you do, from my humble vantage point is so different and unique and specific to the spirit of I the now...that who says you must write a book every year. It is like me holding my breathe all year for another SOTB, anxiously awaiting for the announcement and then last month realizing he may not every do another SOTB.

But even that is cool because it forces me to go back and review all of the SOTB's to only realize how rich, how deep and wide the revelation and rhema word...

Bishop it is all in it is all in me...whatever you do is All God!

Vaughn Evan

Anonymous said...

Both of you are in the MONEY!
Truly that can be the title or the name of the book.Or can the book have a photo of a BIG WORLD on the cover that said: THE MAN THAT GOES AROUND THE WORLD TO CAPTURED THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF THEIR DENOMINATION FOR PEACE?


peacemaker said...

Maybe you should pause, just for a moment, and look back at this incredible journey so far. Going to Korea, as I recall, seemed like it was going to be a scheduling nightmare. To say it just "worked out" so you and Debye could go would be a huge understatement. You remember all the circumstances and how they seemed to arrange themselves in favor of the trip. Totally supernatural and metaphysical.
Look where you've been since then.
Iran is no exception. Logic and reason were thrown out the window long ago. You've established momentium now. Just go with the flow...and go. Destiny awaits.

Time is on your side.

Peace and Life

Nancy said...

PLEASE start a series of children's books with your beautiful art work on each page. Sophia and all your future grandchildren and our future grandchildren will be inspired!

linda said...

Good Morning Bishop
I love all your books, my favs are AYITN and 23, how about a writing revelation. All my growing up I was so afraid of that book, of what was going to happen to the world and everyone who took the mark of the beast. Never until you had I heard of the mark of the Lamb! And I was raised in church, every time the doors opened we were there. Under your ministry I learned that God is truly for me and not against me. I always believed that even if I were lucky enough to make it to heaven, I had better hide in a corner somewhere, because you know good and well that I didn't deserve to be there. Now I know that that was all religion and that my latter is going to be greater than my former and that God not only knows my name but that He has planned for me to suceed and to do it mightily(spelling). Anyway, sorry I rambled but I think a book of the retelling of Revelation would be wonderful.
On another note, I wanted to update everyone on my uncle, (he is the one who had a heart attack while on vacation in NY), he came home from NY last night, his wife and children drove him to Philadelphia so that he could fly nonstop to Atlanta and he made it home safe and sound. Thanks for all the prayers, God is good and Uncle Luke is going to be fine.

Have a great day!
Love you all
Linda :0)

"elle" said...

Morning, you crazy people!
Let's see... didn't sleep well last night... been moving the sprinkler around for nearly 2 hours already, trying to keep our grass from dying in this BLAZING heat... failing miserably in my fitness routine of late... am INSANELY jealous of Karl for having fun in my favorite place on earth... MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA... I want my mommie!!! :)

Okay, did I sufficiently bring you all down? Didn't mean to, really! Hhhmmmm, funny things... the words of our mouths. Interesting how they affect others as well as ourselves.

Just now getting caught up on yesterday's entries. Good stuff. Aawwww, thanks for missing me, Iris!

I confess (after all, Bish, you do sometimes wear a collar. Maybe I should cross myself for good measure!?!), I was joking in the first paragraph, but there HAS been one little area that has caused me to whine recently. I've been watching entirely too much HGTV. It has forced 'house envy' upon me. HORRORS! Thing is, we have a decent house. Bought it new 12 years ago. Would like more space, but technically 1800 square feet is really enough for two adults and two little dogs. I made it my own, so to speak, 5 years ago. Did all the work myself... no hired help... but after 5 years, I'm finding myself slightly bored and prone to 'tweaking.' Exciting for me... scary for my husband ;O But, isn't it better to tweak than to whine? Especially since it's unlikely that we will move anytime soon. Nothing major, just a somewhat fresher look here and there. So, that's where I've been. Blurking in between. Trying to redeem not only time, but also myself from the whine monster.

Bish, I agree with those who say the peace effort is needed and is priority. The rest will flow when it's meant to. But I know what ya mean! I got what I think might be a really good idea for a piece of art. Just a few days ago, as a matter of fact. But I'm sure it will have to fester for awhile. I'd like to be more disciplined than that, but I'm afraid I'm just not. You have an excuse... you're BUSY! I'm just undisciplined. Pray for me ;)

Okay, time to move the sprinkler, and then get back to the tweaking.

A most excellent day to all!

Anonymous said...

Hey all

Cute pictures
Sofia is growing up so fast.
She's just too cute.

I hear ya on the writing situation.
It's time to focus.
Get back on track.
Most of my stuff deals with overcoming life situations.
I feel that is what most people want and need to hear.
I'm also would like to see a book about breaking down your own walls.
This is a part to one of my new poems

Finding Him

In my heart and soul I searched for You
You were there all along
I walked around You
Till my walls were broken down

Laura Benson

I find so many times He is letting us build our walls to see if we can break them to find Him.
He always been there for us but can we honestly say we've been there for Him?
I feel it time to break out of our walls.
Stop letting things get in our way for the true search for Him.
Stop making excuses and just take the time to get to know the real Father.
I would love to see a book on prayer.
All my life prior to CITN I've been taught to pray scriptual prayers and not to pray for myself.
Why do some beliefs only pray on bend & knee.
What about communion?
Why do we practice it today?
Why does the church do what it does. (service traditions).
How does the other beliefs do these practices?
I'm putting myself in seeing the church the way a non believer sees the church.
What if the Bible had not been written? Would we still be the church?
What would the earth be like if
Adam & Eve never ate from the tree of knowlege?
What if no one ever challenged
the Father?
What if no one ever challenged the
Where would we be if not for His Grace?
Riddle Me This Minister

Anonymous said...

OH!!! I so love Nancy's idea!!! You could write a book about not judging, loving your neighbor as yourself, the words of your mouth! Such awesome subjects for kids to learn about!!! I always think about how more full of love our kids will be, b/c they will start off at CITN and not know anything else.

"elle" said...

I think Linda is on to something! Revelation in the Now. I echo her sentiments, and think (since hearing a different take on the 'scary' book) that it must be the most misunderstood book of the Bible. Good idea!

Anonymous said...

Great day everyone!

Oh, I just love the pictures~BEAUTIFTUL! They both made me smile..esp the one with Sophia's hand lovingly on Pastor Debyes face! Sophia is one lucky (blessed)little girl!

In agreement and praying for you and your requests Bishop! Mayam had an awesome prayer and prophetic word!

In due season it all will come forth! Maybe God has you in a different season at the moment? However, I can relate to the struggle of balancing time and getting certain things accomplished. It is challenging sometimes to know where the focus should be!

A childrens book sounds awesome and needed. Esp the kind that you would write. Or maybe one on the fruits of the Spirit, or just about Peace? Marriage, Guarding our hearts, presevering thru trials and tribulations with a positive perception. He will let you know what it should be! =)

Loved this posted by Mayam last night....Life is not is perceived, and to me, joy, peace, love, etc. are options...we have been given authority and power to choose.

Have a fantastic day!



Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, thanks everyone! Your comments are very refreshing to me, and I am energized by your prophetic insight. I hear you, and I love you…

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

BTW, I did hear back from the person whose e-mail I posted yesterday. He said,

It doesn't need to be anonymous... and you are certainly welcome to use it. I really wanted to put it on the blog originally but couldn't because of the issues I am having with my ZoomText currently. So, the next best thing was to convey my thoughts to you directly.


Rick Vanya

BTW, his wife’s name is Carolyn. Thanks, Rick.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Also, thanks for your kind (and accurate) remarks about my granddaughter. FYI, it’s “Sofia” with an “f”…

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 18:16

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 18:16.

The gift makes room.

Anonymous said...

Many plans are in a man's mind, but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

Amplified Bible

Anonymous said...

I too love the idea for the children’s books!!

Additionally, I feel what makes you such a great Bishop is your desire for Revelation, your willingness to speak it to the church, and your journey towards living it. What about a book about that concept?

Title: The Revelation of Christ in the Now?

Possible Chapters:

1. What is Revelation?
(Of course CITN knows....but your readers are far more widespread)

2. Revelations in the New and Old Testament

3. The importance of Revelation today (in the now)
(Why we still need a modern revelation instead of just relying on what’s written in the bible) When I was a young person growing up in the CITN/Word of Faith, the thing that drew me to this ministry was your ability to portray the "characters' in the Bible as real, living, breathing, messed up, and human people encountering Christ and God. People need that realness. This chapter could be about the importance of His Word being spoken today. Too many religions just look at the Bible as a guide without actually consulting the real living Christ that exists today. You said something not too far back to the extent of "The Bible is still being written" I totally get that!

4. You're experiences with Revelation and the responsibility (fire shut up in my bones) that goes along with it

5. A Revelation of Peace, A Revelation of One Body, A Revelation of (you fill in the blank) this could be your way of recording what you believe has been revealed to you throughout years of ministry. You could also have a write about your efforts towards global peace and where God has taken you because of your Revelation)

6. A suggested guide to receiving revelation for the average Joe. – I know this sounds trite but many people are clueless about how to even begin hearing from God. I know you have said you don’t know how to tell people how to get Revelation, but people need to feel hope that they can…

Talk about making a demand.... could take some time off, not feel pressured to publish anything right now, and enjoy the journey God is taking you on...I mean really, can you fit time in to write when you're time traveling from GA to D.C. to Iran to the Holy Land and to places not yet revealed. You're going to have to write on planes if this keeps up. The demand for you writing is truly coming from within you because in the natural it seems absurd to ask us to demand you to write. Peace

Anonymous said...

All I can think about is God’s plan for ultimate universal reconciliation; which includes world peace and every other form of peace. To me that is what you and your ministry is all about. That is your message to the world, no matter what affiliation it is incorporated with.

Burning bridges,
Building new ones,

ver. word: ohvrp


Anonymous said...

Also Bishop,
I know this is very hard for you. I have read this from your spirit. But you need to delegate more. God has gifted capable people at your disposal that "could" help. You cannot do it all. Your ministry has grown beyond your capacity to "personally" do everything and be everything to everybody. If you cannot figure out a way to clone yourself you need to get some HELP with all this.

This just came to me as I was thinking about today’s post just now. I feel like it is from The Spirit and felt I needed to post it. You can take it as you feel lead.

Burning bridges,
Building new ones,

Anonymous said...

I can’t help this but I keep hearing:

New phase

Cant do a new thing an old way

Mystic said...

Bishop, the main theme of your ministry, your books, and of CITN is to (as you stated when signing AYITN) "Stay in the Now"...yes? How could you be more "in the Now" than you are right here?

I think that may be why this has so satisfied that need for you...first because it is, of course, writing...but mostly because it's in the Now. It's almost instantaneous, and it garners immediate response and feedback...just as happens while you are preaching. It's "Live"...not Memorex...and I believe you enjoy that a great deal...I would think you'd have to in order to do it as well as you do.

You know that in time you will complete the books that remain in you...they are as much a part of you as are your hands and have control over them and when "the fullness of time" comes, you will write and/or finish them. You'll know when it's time just as you knew with others. The spirit of the author...

Until then, Stay in the Now...just blog it...

Blessings Blog Fam!

PS...what is "3 Days In The Heart of the Earth"? To whom does that belong? Anyone else hear that or is it just a bat fluttering in my belfry? lol

Anonymous said...

It's awesome to be able to create in my annointing, as I sit under yours.
Anon 7:29

Ebony said...

Only got a few minutes before I go to the Dr. n but have you ever thought about a memoir Bishop? Since you're 50 now, it'd be a good time to reflect on your journey and where it's going. just a thought.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks,'re all awesome...

You hit the nail on the head, Mystic...the instant gratification from a blog is very different from what you get in the writing of a book...but both mediums (media?) are valid and attractive...

Peacemaker, the phrase "time is on your side" is well-received...thanks...

...just got a call that we've got to go back to D.C. tonight after church or in the morning...

It's all good...

DoubleBack Alley said...


Perhaps you could write a book about those of us who believe in a good, loving, heavenly entity. My reasoning is that I continue to see church marquees that say things like, "We will not condone what God has condemned", or "Eternity is a long time to pay for a bad decision".

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that they believe that and I honestly do not fault them for that reasoning. I realize my knowledge is antipodal to theirs, but that's perfectly acceptable. It really is. I know they find God there and are close to Him because of that revelation. Honestly, it's probably easier for believer of that "ism" to attract followers. I find that people work better when they can read lists and adhere to that strategy.

The challenge would be to write a book about a fluid, ever evolving, belief system that does not become systematic and staid at having been scribed to paper. I would love to read it when you complete it.

Write On Bro!!

Ain’t God Good?

Avatar said...

Well, I got interrupted and now no longer need to make some of my comments. The body of Christ is most cool!

For your "make a demand on me" request, I'm jumping on the children's books bandwagon; not only because you started this page with pictures of Sofia but because one a year as she grows to teach her something you want to teach her at her level could be inspiring, challenging and fun. I've heard that writing good children's books is more challenging than it appears--and illustrating too!? oh my! Not to mention that thinking like a kid could have all kinds of benefits--(smile!)

So here's my GG request for beautiful books to help me pass on a love for the Word and the real God through all their developmental years!

mirome said...

It's all good. God has got you working hard in other areas. Mabye now is not the time for painting and writing books. Maybe God has you doing HIS will at this moment. I'm sure the books and paintings will come when they are necessary. And you will know. And I'm sure you already know this. I love you.
Keep listening to God.

"Now we are aware that God is working all together for the good of those who are loving Him."


Anonymous said...

Oops...sorry a beautiful name and baby girl!

God Speed to Washington and supernatural energy and refreshing!

...agree with Ebony too...a memoir one day sounds awesome!

~God of Wonders is AWESOME!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I really appreciate your counsel, everyone...and your book suggestions are interesting and helpful...

We're not leaving for DC until around noon tomorrow, so feel free to continue the discussion...

Anonymous said...

awesome word tonight!

safe trip tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Bish, I am totally on the children's book series bandwagon.

You could just use the Heart idea as one of the many mini books in the series.

Not only will Sofia be good inspiration but could also be a character in the series.

The great thing about children's books that are inspiring as yours will be with revealing the truth to toddlers is that often those books become cherished memories that eventually translate into lifestyle choices. What a way to affect world peace.

one Heart

dgm2007 said...

hey.. something that hit me tonight and i just keep thinking about.. You said success in God.. and that hit me.. its so flipping different from anything that is taught or sought after in the world.. what is success in God? there are lots of questions.. and things to think on concerning that subject.. so i would read a book on that.. and how personal your walk with God is.. If God is love.. or what the crap is God really.. that would be a fun read.. I really enjoyed the service tonight the presence of God who is always there at least when i show up.. lol.. uhh im learning what this year of new beginnings means and thanks to pastor Debye for those words tonight..really Good stuff.. what is the new wineskin.. is that what we want do we really want change and something new.. its totally tough but worth it so i would like to read about why its worth it.. what is success in God..
pz and love..

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe I have ever heard such frankness, sincerity, candor and such transparency from a preacher. ( not just tonight) I mean you get down there where you and I live and tell it like it is ( all the fear growing up stuff with your parents sitting right there) I think this shows a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit. You get up there and it just comes out. I will be careful what I tell you; you can be sure of that.

Great word tonight, how you reversed the phrases and showed a different angle of that truth I had never seen before.

Bishop when you were talking about how you withdrew for a time avoiding being hurt because of past experiences you don’t know how that shot through my heart. I needed to here that from someone else in your position.

Debye, Wow you are so anointed, you need to do more with that, it is awesome!

Burning bridges,
Building New ones,

Donald said...

I don't want anyone to factor too much spirituality into this, but after tonight's service I looked at my thumbs and they were both a brilliant purple.
So you may ask, "What meaneth this?" Let not thine heart be troubled. I had to shell peas while the service was on.
But I must say that I was spellbound from the moment Pastor Jimmie started the service until the last word that was spoken by Pastor Debye.
Great worship, great word(s)!!!
Well, I guess I won't be meeting Matt in Gulfport for a cup of coffee.