Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for a Fresh Outlook!

You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.
(Matthew 5:8 The Message)

Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I am experiencing a daily revelation of repentance. I am changing my world by changing my mind, progressing through paradigm shifts that point me in new directions, promoting the perception of my purpose, and painting a permanent picture of unlimited possibilities for me.

Today I will practice the power of positive reinforcement and will re-program my mind with the living word of God: His incorruptible seed. I will reward myself when I excel, training my mind to think the right way so that I can do the right thing.

Today I will rethink my history and will make the effort to see it in a totally positive light. No matter what has happened (or is happening) to me, all things are working together for my good because God perfects that which concerns me. The way I see it causes me to say, “It’s ALL good!”

Today I will run with the vision, even if I don’t understand every detail of it at this point in time. I will not have to wait until I fill in all the blanks before I start making genuine strides toward my goal, because I walk by faith and not by sight!

Today I will renew my faith in my faith. I have the ability to believe myself into greatness, so I will not underestimate my innate powers, bequeathed to me by the Author of the New Covenant Himself, to call things into existence that are currently invisible or intangible!

Today I will change my opinion to take dominion. My life is not controlling me; I am controlling my life, as I follow Christ. Today I will take charge of my emotions and passions because the fruit of the Spirit Who lives in me is self-control. In Him I am organized, disciplined and firmly focused on fulfilling my destiny!

Today I will experience the beauty of a whole new world by thinking a whole new way. My positive mindset will be a magnet for magnificent miracles and mighty moves of God. Today I will see the world from God’s perspective, and today I will live in the now!

Father, freshen up my outlook on life today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said...I do love The Message...(speaking of message, I am eager to hear bloggers' comments about Wednesday night's word).

I love BITH...I love CITN...and I will endeavor to change my mind.

Erik said...

Hello ALL,

1st, Bishop, I am in agreement with you for exquisite flow in your time, creativity, and expression of your heart in your connection with people, groups and processes, as well as your expression in spoken words, your interactions, written word, and art. I also believe we all make a continuous demand on you certainly through the blog, and in the service. We always want to pull whatever is brewing in you, because it adds to what is brewing in us. We produce with that, and give you back something transformed, that hopefully gives you a new ingredient for your brew, which produces a new ingredient for us.

Wed message - I often see God, ourselves, and our neighbors or those we associate with, like the strands of DNA, twisting around each other. Love for others, helps us love God, love ourselves. Loving God, helps us love others, ourselves. Loving ourselves, helps us love others to love God, or love God to love others. It crosses over in each experience. Since we know Christ works to save each person to the uttermost, when we see others, we see Christ in the uttermost of them, in ourselves, and ourselves, each other one in God. One Family Under God --- YES!!!!!! This is true NOW. Always has been, always will be. THAT IS reality, anything else is smoke and mirrors.

Wed, I received an alignment job at the service. Wed for me was a day of my ‘spirit car’ out of alignment, I was spiritually exhausted trying to keep it on the road, when the alignment was shot. The flow just was strenuous. I know by now, when I do not feel like going to church, is the most important time to go. I was spiritually sore from the day, and thought seriously of hanging it up, bed early skip church. Hit the restart button and pick it up the next day. I did not. And that made all the difference. Thank you.

HS was great as always. In the praise & Worship, HS just showed me, “It does not matter one iota (whatever an iota is) where you were in your mind all day, you are worshipping now, and all else is washed away. Just be, now” . This tied into the message. In all of our relationships, it does not matter where we have been (if that diminishes the relationship) , it is washed away, not because we are incapable of remembering, but because we love ‘them’ as we love ourselves. Yes, not much is more wonderful than ‘ Those who love are born of God, and Know God’ . Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!!!!!!!!! We love.

Son of Zadok said...

08' a year of new beginnings. Wow is that ever the truth in my life. I think theirs a progression you go through when you come to the knowledge of the revelation God is unveiling in this day. The bottom line you discover is that God really is Love and we are called to love.
I don't know if you all have ever heard of a Catholic layman named Charlie Osburn. He's got an unnatural hold of this truth and his teaching has put something in my life that I really treasure. He has an amazing testimony that you'll never forget. You can hear the audio of it here.

Anyways, a lot was said tonight. I think if your looking for a direction for CITN it was spoken right out of your own mouth Bishop. It's all about LOVE. An unearthly, supernatural, over-the-top, amazing love that will change the world. CITN you have all the revelation you need to bring that love to the world. The world doesn't need another sermon or another book. They need to have arms wrapped around them and hear the word, "God is not mad at you. Your forgiven. God really is Love and His mercy is built up forever. Come as you are all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."
We need to use the brains God gave us and come up with ideas and ways to get out to where the need is. If we are a blessing we will be blessed.

Hell is a pagan myth.

God is reconciling all things unto himself.

Let us come out of that whore which is the "church" and manifest the love of God in the earth. I believe we have and will. Amen?!

Oh and Bishop. I Love this place.

Anonymous said...

Erik, an iota is Phoenician in origin and was transfered through the Hebrew as yod. It is also the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet. Of course it is now recognized as a very small amount (a bit) but most importantly to me is that it was something my maternal Grandmother said frequently and she was truly a no nonsense kind of gal. I knew that if she said it does not matter one iota, there was no further argument and it did not even matter what the Phoenics originally thought about it.

That being said, you are right that it does not matter one iota where we wander to in our distractions of life. All that matters is where we are with God and you nailed that pretty good with your second paragraph.

There was for me a renewal of recent wisdom from the Lady when Bishop opened with I John 4, 7 and 18 and then to Matthew 22, 37-40. In first John it is good to know that those who love are the ones who know God. This point is made clear by John in most of his communication including the Revelation. Important to that thought is not just that there is no fear in love but that fear is equal to punishment. The idea of eternal punishment is associated with darkness, torment and pain. Nothing is more tormenting than the thought that we are without Love as it is often associated with God. Further in Matthew 22, and I like his account of the greatest commandment the best, the point is made that the second commandment is like the first.

Now it is my revelation that if we know Love then we are Love and any time we wander into the fringes of darkness, we are loosing touch with ourselves as much as anything else. When I say it like this it is even more clear; embrace unconditional Love with all your heart, soul and mind and embrace your neighbor and yourself as unconditional Love.

The more I operate in unconditional Love the more illuminated my life becomes with the light of goodness all around me and the less there is to be afraid of. Perfect Love does cast out fear and as pointed out by Bishop last night if one chooses to embrace perfect fear, they will loose sight of love for themselves and others and God, illumination will depart leaving them to grope in darkness with only the hope that something will come close enough for them to bite into and they will indeed bite into anything and everything that comes close just for the sake of hope alone.

Faith, hope and love abide but the greatest of these is Love.

one Heart

tracy said...

Great word, again all about perception. We spend so much time worrying about today, guilty about the past, and dreading the future we miss life and all of the grandeur it holds now, in our past and in our future. Today I will repent and call things that are not as though they are since they truly already are. Btw beautiful pics of Sofia, you can feel the love through the screen. What an amazing young woman she will become with such awesome love and guidance in her life! love u guys much and if you are in Washington or headed that way PEACE!

linda said...

Good Morning

...Today I will renew my faith in my faith. I have the ability to believe myself into greatness, so I will not underestimate my innate powers, bequeathed to me by the Author of the New Covenant Himself, to call things into existence that are currently invisible or intangible!

When I read this something inside me just began to jump.. I know that I am my own worst enemy, but I also know that there is greatness inside me as well as inside everyone else. God believes in me, so now I must believe in me too!!

Have a great day!
Love you all
Linda :0)

Lisa said...

Last nights word and todays blog entry has truly made a difference for me and the path my family has been walking. I had always struggled with insecurity and the last couple of months have been a battlefeild in my mind and in the natural. Bish you so nailed it on the head last night with you have to Love yourself. I have been so critical of my every move and is it good enough how can God use my idea I am too flawed etc... I was losing sight of the big picture and really starting to not like me and had the gall to wonder where God was. Starting to whine and and feel even worse. I couldn't figure out where all this was comming from or how to get the back into alignment. I have always been taught to Love others it is vain to Love yourself blah blah blah. Thanks for this word. I now know where I was missing the mark and I take this correction from my Daddy.
Book ideas: Have you thought about writing a book about this blog?

Anonymous said...

My positive mindset will be a magnet for magnificent miracles and mighty moves of God.

There is a line I love!

Jeff and I just got back from a pre-anniversary 26 years married, trip. So much going on we had to take it when the opportunity came up!
Bishop, last night I love the comment you made at the very beginning when you said, "when the wave comes you just get on and ride...
Our few days together were spent on the beach riding wave after wave after wave.. so much that people were coming up to Jeff and asking how him how to do it!

Body Surf Impressions

I never ever could go that far by swimming myself...
The grace, power and love of our GOD is so big and great - like the ocean itself -
So watch out for HIS movements and when you realize... It's time, don't delay---take your chance right then and move as well as is possible for you.
God's will is then right there with you and His merrciful grace is greatly empowering you. HE will do most of the job. All you have to do is stay comforted in HIS warm, surrounding love; open your eyes, ears and heart to see, hear, smell, taste...feel how overwhelmingly precious you are to our heavenly FATHER.


Anonymous said...


My ZoomText is still not performing like it is supposed to (due to a recent "crash" of my system) so I am still having to resort to emailing my comments to you. But, as it is, in having to copy and paste the blog into a Word document so that my ZoomText will read it I have (of course) a suggestion based on your comments/solicitation on the blog.

(By the way... ZoomText is a special software program I have installed on my computer as a result of my vision reduction from my stroke. The program allows one to "zoom" the screen up to 32 times, not a feature I use because I simply can't keep up with it. However, it also has a "reader" component that allows my computer to actually "read" documents to me, including web pages when that function is working properly. Unfortunately, currently the web reader is not functionng, leaving me with only this method to communicate until the problem is repaired by AI Squared {the ZoomText provider}).

Now that I have that out of the way I'll get to my point. You were (seeking) suggestions on books or writings to fulfill your need for that outlet. Why not simply use your blog material? After all, you publish wonderful thoughts on the blog.... and get really good feedback and "articles" from your blogging community. Why not just simply compile a series of books based on blog materials? You could, for example, have "Blog In the Now 2008," "Blog In the Now 2009," "Blog In the Now 2010," etc........

This in itself would furnish you with all the material you culd possibly need to produce a "book-a-year." It could be an extension of "A Year In the Now."

This would seem to also help you with "time management" in that much of the material (could) come from your fellow bloggers.

Just a thought.

Regards once again,


Anonymous said...

Where is NTL today?

Anonymous said...

To Nation of Worship......

"Deeper" - is a request...I was singing this while riding the waves!
Deep crys out to deep
God, give us a heart,
give us a heart, give us YOUR heart
for the least of these

Lord, I reach for you
Lead me to your heart
and I thirst for you, draw me deeper still
Deeper into the water, deeper until I'm under
Living water flow and overtakes us
Healing water flow and overtake us!

Close enough to feel, the cadence of your heart, for justice Lord..
Streams of justice flow, to the least of these...take us Lord
Deeper into the water....

I'm going to the pool.

Anonymous said...

NOW I feel refreshed after that Word!...and it was needed! Thanks!

Last nights word was wonderful! I sincerely strive to live my life by those 2 commandments as Jesus says it sums up the whole! It was inspiring and refreshing to hear a message on this causing me to fine tune. There was such a sweet, warm, and power of the Holy Spirit coming thru to where I was even though I was streamin! AMAZING! I was glued! I always thought the opposite of love was hate but what a revelation that it is fear! I have had a wonderful paradigm shift from last nights message! Still meditating on it! love streaming in as I am several hours praying with you all as P. Debye mentioned whether or not you should continue streamin or what ways the Lord would have you get His message out. A thought is to post the services on your website should you need to cut that everyone could still be a part or go back and listen again??? (just a thought)

Angels are with you all! I too LOVE this place!


Anonymous said...

just want to add Amen to what Erik were right Bishop when you said there are miracles around us every second..from the first moment that we wake up in the morn..just to breathe another breath & to be clothed in our right mind that we take for granted..I don't want to just have a mindchange but also a heartcheck each day...I love to hear you say that we are constantly pulling out of you what we need...I like to think of it as the food chain or the circle of life, sooner or later it ALL comes back to the beginning...Holy Spirit continue to flow thru us & ALL around us...How Great Is Our God? We only have a small glimpse...Let us see more as we dig deeper into the deep....Love to ALL the bloggers & to those of you that read but haven't YET Joined in...

Here to Worship & Serve

Anonymous said...

Last night's message and today's YITN were such personal words to me it has been hard to process all that God is doing in my NOW. It is all setting me free from years of oppression and negative words spoken over me and by me that became my paradigm for so long. While I am a good person and a hard worker, I have been unable to this point to press passed some things.

I lived a lonely existence for years as an adult because the truths I knew in my spirit to be real, even the simple truth that Jesus Loves Me were so overshadowed by the junk that love from Him or others seemed unattainable. Even when it would come close I would push it away. I now have a home and family and I need Him first and foremost but I also need them.

My cry now is to hear and process all these words and them become life to me, so I can take life to others. My heart's desire is to serve and to share the love of God with others who like myself have felt on the outside looking in their entire lives. I know and believe and declare that is changing for me. My life and my family and I will go on together and say and see and be what God has called us to be.

Thank you Bishop for your obedience in proclaiming this message it is setting people free and I am one of those people.

G8TRGRL said...

Re: the issue of streaming...


... goin' 2 another level...


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:46,
Gosh, I,m feeling the love. Just pondering today. Is all good.


Anonymous said...

NTL - We miss your out of the box comments

Son of Zadok said...


Anonymous said...

Cool SOZ! Took me a moment to figure it out....great message!

"Let your light SHINE!"


Anonymous said...

To youns that left and are lookin in:
have you noticed how, when you see someone from the church you will go out of your way to avoid them?

Not only that, but have you noticed that you are always on guard, making sure you don't see anyone from the church, everywhere you go.

Not only that, aren't you glad when you get far enough away that you can lay your guard down?

If you left the church, and you think I am reading your mail, you might as well give it up and come back home!

To youns that left and have come back:
have you noticed when you see someone who left the church and they haven't come back (yet) you want to run up to them and tell them how the H.S. redirected your path, and that there is no place like home?

I speak as one who left and came back.

Shootin' from the hip...


(ps) Eddie Brumlow, I will never forget that day you and your kids went out of your way to speak to me at the mall, even though I was avoiding you.

Anonymous said...

You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.
(Matthew 5:8 The Message)

We give out of the abundance of our heart and what we give is determined by what the abundance of our heart is and the state thereof...

To bring the heart and mind into Agreement with God's heart and mind is to choose life and live in the fullness that He created us for. ahhhhh to know the heart and mind of know that kind of unconditional love that has no ulterior motive...

Been thinking a lot about the need for more body ministry. There are times when we are full (full of faith, love, joy, favor, etc) and we need to release that overflow to others who are running on empty...and there are times we are running on empty and need someone to release/share their overflowing anointing on us.

pondering on love today...loving me, loving you and loving God!


tracy said...

Do Not Lose streaming......please, it is a life line. SOZ-no idea what the heck that was and no time to figure it out- I am sure it was awesome. NTL Awesome and Eddie B and fam props to u! Bish - your gift will make room for you and God will place you before great men, I am not sure He said what order that will come in. Sleep tight

G8TRGRL said...

Perception in SOZ's post... if you read like "normal", left to right, you see gibberish-- letters that make no sense at all. But like an MC Escher painting (thinking of 20/20 cover art), look at it long enough and see the "writing on the wall" in columns that flow!...

Love seeing our church on the GPF website as partner...

If anyone is looking for an act of kindness to participate in, I read today that the Rockdale Emer. Relief is taking donations of school supplies that they will be handing out on Saturday during some event called Praise at the Park, at the park off Parker Rd... fyi!

Be blessed, rest well, and wake tomorrow with the thought that... T-I-T-D-T-L-H-M-I-W-R-A-B-G-I-I!


Anonymous said...

Reflections of a reflection, with
the reflector of the reflected being Jesus, and that, which is being reflected is love.

When love is reflected from Jesus, to me, and then from me to you, and then from you to... oh something is about to happen...


Anonymous said...




tracy said...

OH! I get it now SOZ and that is cool. Thanks for the help g8rgrl. Sometimes after a long day things just take me awhile!

Christy said...

I am behind so I am going to respond to this week's all on one -

Stop Whining! OMG! You so slapped my hand with that one. My life is as about near perfect as it can get and still be in this realm. Or I am other wordly only existing in this realm? oooooo, deep stuff there. Maybe I have crossed over and somebody forgot to tell my body - LOL!!!!! Whining is such a waste of air! What good does it do but make you feel worse and you drag the ones around you down also. Get over it.

The pictures are great! She has the same sparkle you and Christina have in your eyes. Mischevious but on the humorous side.

WOW! AYITN is so right on as always, we are entering a transitional period at our house with many changes coming - school starting, new lives beginning, job transistioning (need some prayer for that one) BUT IT IS ALL GOOD!!!!! We are putting some things in a new order, with new players joining the team of the family. Excitement is mounting and so is the apprehension of where this next phase will take us all. I have one daughter, a senior this year preparing for college next year. My youngest daughter is entering high school at the Magnet School. Don't I look great for having two teenage daughters? LOL! God is so good to me and my family. We are some of His favorites and He loves to spoil us. He does discipline too, swiftly but mercifully.

I wasn't at the Mix Wed night and I missed the kids. I went got something to eat, went home and went to bed. My feel good hurt. I was just tuckered out and my sinuses were acting up. My kids are home now so we will be back in action week after next. We have open house on a WEDNESDAY of all nights - go figure!

As for book writing, Bishop, use the blog. You are so good at taking what you have in your hand. There are a lot of topics here or even a journal type layout. Your books are here - they just need to be pieced together. There is so much revelation here, God doesn't take something away without redirecting it. Your creativity is here, it just has to be brought together. As for your paintings, do a pic a day or a pic a week just for the blog. Then as the mood strikes you make into a canvas piece or whatever you feel led to make. Your creativity is here because your heart is here for the moment. From my background, I write from where my heart is, very seldom from where my mind is. Maybe it is the same for you?

Anyway, love you guys. It is good to "see" you all again!

Anonymous said...

I am a memeber of North Highland in Columbus and i would always love when you came to visit and enjoyed your messages so much. I was excited when i found your blog and i am blessed by your words of encouragement! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

SOZ cool .Love puzzles.
I'm a game freak. I've just played shift and I'm still trying to shift. (Shift is at Yahoo games under quick play)

Thank God It's Friday!!!
It's time to spend time with family & friends. One week till school starts back. YEA.
Fall is just around the corner. I can't wait. I love it when the leaves change color. I'm also looking forward to cooler temps.
As for now ...
Living life to the fullest.
Seeing the glass half full.
Smelling the fresh rain/reign.
Tasting fresh mana.
Hearing the sounds of mother earth.
Touching base with all my cyber friends.
Today is a new day...
Live Life
Have Fun
Don't Worry About Tomorrow
It Will Take Care Of It's Self Someway Somehow
Lastly Love Your Brother As You Love THE FATHER.