Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Blast


OK, it's later. Thanks for getting started (currently 9 comments)...

BLOGINTHENOW is 6 months old today! Thanks for helping to make this cyber-community so vibrant and cutting-edge for half a year!

And thanks for the comments here and on e-mail about the service's the passage we discussed from John In The Now:

Chapter 3

1. Now there was a man named Nicodemus who was a Pharisee, a member of the Jewish ruling council.
2. He secretly approached Jesus under the cover of night and said to Him, “Rabbi, it is obvious to all of us that you are a God-sent, God-ordained teacher, for no one could perform the amazing signs you are doing if God were not with him.”
3. Jesus replied, “This is what is important – even more important than the signs – this truth is absolute: No one can perceive the concept of the kingdom of God without experiencing a rebirth of sorts…without having actually revisited the human birth process.”
4. “What are you talking about?” Nicodemus asked. “How could any adult be born again? They obviously couldn’t return to the womb, so how could rebirth possibly happen?
5. Jesus answered, “I’m telling you, unreservedly, that no one can access the kingdom of God unless they are first physically born of water (the natural birth that begins when a pregnant woman’s water breaks) and then have their thought processes reborn by having them washed with the water of the Word, which is the result of the birth of the Spirit.
6. “Every living thing in the physical realm gives birth to, or recreates, a physical manifestation, and everything spiritual gives birth to a spiritual reality. Whatever is birthed from the Spirit is the essence of spirit.
7. “Look, you shouldn’t be so surprised to hear Me say ‘You must be born again.’
8. “Think of it this way…the wind blows wherever it wants to blow. It has a mind of its own. You can hear it, but you can’t locate its place of origin and you can’t predict its destination. This is how it is with everyone who is birthed out of the Spirit-wind.”

I didn't emphasize the word "blast" in JITN as I did in my sermon yesterday, so here's the same passage in the Concordant Literal New Testament (the translation I used)...

1 Now there was a man of the Pharisees, Nicodemus his name, a chief of the Jews.
2 This one came to Him by night and said to Him, "Rabbi, we are aware that Thou art a Teacher come from God, for no one can be doing these signs which Thou art doing, if God should not be with Him."
3 Jesus answered and said to him, "Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If anyone should not be begotten anew, he can not perceive the kingdom of God."
4 Nicodemus is saying to him, "How can a man, being a veteran, be begotten? He can not be entering into the womb of his mother a second time and be begotten!"
5 Jesus answered, "Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If anyone should not be begotten of water and of spirit, he can not be entering into the kingdom of God.
6 That which is begotten by the flesh is flesh, and that which is begotten by the spirit is spirit.
7 You should not be marveling that I said to you, 'You must be begotten anew.'
8 THE BLAST IS BLOWING WHERE IT WILLS, and the sound of it you are hearing, but you are not aware whence it is coming and where it is going. Thus is everyone who is begotten by the water and the spirit."

The Blast is blowing where it wills...

Please spend some time today praying for peace in Russia and Georgia...


Larry Usher said...


RIP Isaac Hayes. Another classic gone...prayers for his family & friends.

Carpe Diem...

Son of Zadok said...

Yesterday's Blog headline…

There's No Place Like Home

I've shared some of my testimony here with you all in posts before. So for anyone who reads the Blog; you have an idea of where I'm at in my life and where I'm coming from. It's been a time of personal harvest for me. A harvest of love and revelation and fresh relationship with Father.
This church has been such a part of that harvest to me. A well spring in a dry place. Honestly, words would really fail me to say what a blessing you all are.
So much so, to the fact that I was really resigned to the fact and anticipating that once I graduated and got some things in order in the next few months; I was going to move to Atlanta. Just to be with you all and serve in God's Kingdom now. To have friends that knew that God was Love and were operating in it, doers of the word.
It is truly "raining" in Conyers. And I've seen that what now is a light, guiding, refreshing mist is soon going to be a MONSOON! A BLAST of His Spirit that will shake the World and help usher in Father’s New Age! I know this in my heart.
Recently driving up the main interway close to where I live; I've noticed a sign for a church that's been meeting at a school. It’s only about 2 miles from here. The church's name is PARADOX. I felt inclined to find out what they were all about, but their sign is only been up on Saturdays and I had it in my head that they were called Paradigm. Where would I have come up with that, hmmm, ha-ha? Well after seeing the sign again I found their website and let me say, wow God is up to something their. You can stream some of their services online and last night I was listening to one of them. As I was, I also was spending some time in prayer; I'm a multitasker ;). Well, the sound shut off the stream and at that point I continued in my prayer because the presence of the Lord became more important than what I was hearing. Well when the sound shut off I had an internal "vision" from the Lord. This is what I saw.

In my vision I was with all the bloggers and we were praying in a circle in front of the alter at church. After we prayed, you all sat down on the front row. Bishop, I knelt in front of you and began to wash your feet. At that point the gratitude and love I have for you all so rose up in me; I wept and sobbed into my pillow. Kind of like the feeling you’ve had if you've really love someone, but they don’t feel the same way about you or you just knew you weren’t going to be with them. I'm not saying that you feel that way, I'm just saying it was a feeling of great love and loss. In my vision I worked my way down the row with all you wonderful saints washing your feet. You all came to my mind and heart and much love and prayer was offered up for you. Then I heard the Lord say, "CITN is your family, and you have a part to play in their lives and ministry. However, I have a family for you here. You are not to move to Atlanta; I have a work for you to do here in Dayton. I cried some more because I have so wanted to be with you all in my heart and love each of you ...........Glory to God..................I get choked up just thinking about you all.
Anyways, it's all good. This morning I went to Paradox. They had about 50 people their. A lot of young people. They have been meeting for almost a year, but have only been down the street from me for the summer and are getting ready to find a new location when school starts. The pastor is young, seems about my age, but he spent 5 years in Israel studying the word and has also lived among the Arab community at certain times. He has revelation and a vision for Dayton, but also for the world. He also whole heartedly believes in Reconciliation!!! Praise God!!!!!
When we spoke He had goose bumps up and down his arms and really received me and what I spoke to him.
So a long post I know, I'm sorry. But I just had to let you all know about it and really it’s a celebration and not a funeral in my life. And although I'm not moving to Atlanta; I will be visiting sometimes and maybe I'll have some friends from Paradox with me to. And you all can lay your hands on us and pray because Dayton needs what you’ve got. And that's the revelation truth of the Holy Spirit and His Love!
I really feel God has given me a word for CITN and it is this.
Your ministry is the tip of the sword! It is piercing into the dark with a blinding radiant light and the darkness cannot hide from its power.
In my heart I followed that sword and it traveled right up I-75 through Dayton. Praise God that we can be partners in reconciling the world for Christ! Ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven!

You all are with me always and I'll always be a the game.

Big Love in Christ,


a.k.a Joel (middle name) pronounced Jo-ule

a.k.a Christopher (what my mother wanted to name me, but thought my last name was to long and I'd have trouble writing it!)

a.k.a Son of Zadok

There's No Place Like Home

my ver word is pewggvol

May we all be in God , no matter where our "pew" is. Not just Sunday, but everyday, and in all things.


Son of Zadok said...

Big Love

Written by Lindsey Buckingham.

Looking out for love
In the night so still
Oh I'll build you a Kingdom
In that house on the hill
Looking out for love
Big, big love

You said that you love me
And that you always will
Oh you begged me to keep you
In that house on the hill
Looking out for love
Big, big love

I wake up alone
With it all
I wake up
But only to fall

Looking out for love
Big, big love
Just looking out for love
Big, big love

Son of Zadok said...

Another one of these nights for me. I'm such a night owl!!!

Well, if you haven't heard enough from me already; I've got more.


O.K., so I was on the Paradox website and, I was looking through some of the sermons you can stream and I found this...

STOUT THEOLOGY: The Bible & Alcohol

A sermon by their teaching pastor, Nate Helm. (Helm is a funny name by the way, it's very close to Hel , which originally meant a covering, and is where we got the words Helmet and Hell from. Give the King James guys that at least.)

O.K., well you might be thinking, I know where your coming from and this is just going to be some sermon telling you it's alright to drink etc...

Well, the message is really not like that at all. Theirs a lot of revelation that I doubt you've heard before...I hadn't. And Bishop if I may make a petition on your time: I'd like you to listen to it.

I think if your anyone who was involved in our conversation recently that this word will truly bless you. It applies to much more than alcohol.

Their is also a link to a pdf entitled

The Bible & the Question of Alcohol

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.
GoodBirth Ministries, Fountain Inn, SC

You can find it all at the Paradox site I mentioned in my first post under:




Really not trying to get this going again, but this word is hot!

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later LOVE is gonna getcha...


Avatar said...

Soz. On Sat, four of us talked about the church we could see you already starting in Dayton.
Favor and blessings are upon you...and I'm most joyful for the body that built the pew prepared for you!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't found that love, (the God kind) could be you've been "lookin' for love in all the wrong places".

That God love is lookin' for you, and if you hang out here for just a bit, soon and very soon, there's gonna be a connection between that love that you hunger for and you.

Nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Hey SOZ, Hope you got my answer to your question about recording.......

I praise God that there has been found yet another fountain of truth springing up in Dayton....Give all the Brothers and Sisters there a high five for me......

This awesome word of reconciliation is going out all over this land and I will rejoice with them all, Praise God!

I was given revelation of this message; I guess it has been about 5 – 6? years now; I have lost track. And since then I have had opportunity to travel around a lot of this beautiful country, to several states and different towns, churches, and meetings. I am always encouraged by the new growth I am seeing all over this land; new churches, and meetings, springing up all over like the buds on the trees and the Easter flowers pushing through the soil in the first of spring. Gods Spirit is speaking to hearts all over the world as He brings in this new age of Jubilee and the reconciliation of all. Once this message gets established in the strategic locations around the globe, God is going to turn up the pressure on the spout where the Glory comes out, as He pours out his Spirit sends a blast of eye opening truth in love to all and this message is going to go out from His chosen locations like wild fire. People all over are going to be saying "well Duh" why didn’t we see this before. But there is a time and s season for everything. And the Seasons of the Ages are surely a changin.

Burning bridges,
Building new ones,

Anonymous said...

There's No Place Like Home?
Is that a place or a state of mind?
Do we really haven a place we call home? In a world of movement do we really have a place to call home?
The building's we call home can be taken away with the boom of the wind. The body our spirit calls home can be taken away with the boom of a disease or a wreck.
So what really is home? Is it the people with hang with? Is it the places we know? What is home?
I live in a building but home is where the heart is.
My spirit lives in a body but home is where the heart is.
When you come down to it where your heart is, is where your home is.

SCRIBE said...

What do you do when the BLAST blows life to bits and pieces, leaving us unable to regroup, gain composure, or pull it all back together again? Just a thought, for I know that there are others out there wondering some of the same things, yet afraid to ask....

Son of Zadok said...

I'll amen that Avatar,

I'm ready to help hold up the hands of the man of God and we'll take the land! Paradoxs first 7 months was in another city and God put them just over a mile away from me for the summer, to find at just right time in my life. This seems so much like God. I'm really excited about being apart of an emerging part of the body, here to help reconcile the world to the Love of our King. Paradox doesn't meet on Wednesday, so I'll be sure and mention to everyone WHERE IT'S AT on Wednesday night!

Yes Clasterbomb,

I did get your reply on that and thank you. Also, when you said there was another fountain of truth springing up in Dayton; did you mean in addition to one here already or just one in general?


Love your heart bro. You are like the watcher on the wall, sending your song out in the night to the weary thirsty traveler to come home ,and drink, and find rest.
Not the by the river, shady pines, oasis type of kick your feet up rest Bishop, but still rest for the soul indeed.


Amen, Conyers will always be a "home" away from "home" because a part of my heart is indeed with you there.

Yes Bishop,

Let us pray for Georgia and Russia

Also, I'm glad I can still watch my Reds & Bengals go at your Braves and Falcons without any mixed loyalties. I'm all about the home team!

A gust of the Spirit, our Helper, as Adam was given a helper by God, blow upon you all this glorious day!

For anyone interested in the picture of the sword of light I found last night and have on my profile now, enjoy this. It's from

The Future Fate of the Milky Way Galaxy - Collision Scenario for the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies

The Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy are approaching each other with a speed of 300,000 miles per hour.

It's not certain yet whether we're in store for a head-on collision or a simple sideswiping by the massive galaxy, which is a near twin to the Milky Way. Astronomers will first need to use powerful new telescopes to precisely measure Andromeda's tangential motion across the sky. (Just as a baseball outfielder estimates whether a ball is heading directly toward him or is going to miss him by determining whether the ball is moving sideways.)

A direct collision would lead to a grand merger between the two behemoths, and the Milky Way would no longer be the pinwheel spiral we are familiar with, but would evolve into a huge elliptical galaxy.

It would happen no sooner than five billion years in the future. By then the Sun may have burned out, and the Earth reduced to a frigid, lifeless cinder. It's impossible to predict if there would be any vestige of humanity colonized among the stars, not to mention extraterrestrial civilizations around to witness this great collision.

The collision will take several billion years to fully run its course, so it will be hard for any one civilization, like ours, to fully understand the vast scale - both in time and space — of the collision.

However, by studying pairs of other colliding galaxies and using computer simulations, astronomers can assemble a series of snapshots of the collision process and get a preview of what might eventually happen to our galaxy.

Here is a scenario of how the Milky Way might change if it were to have a head-on collision with Andromeda.

Milky Way/Andromeda Collision The Andromeda galaxy appears simply as a spindle-shaped smudge of light in the northern autumn sky. Because it is 2.2 million light-years away — or roughly 20 times the diameter of our Milky Way galaxy - it only appears four times the width of the full moon. As the two galaxies approach each other, Andromeda will grow ever larger in the sky, resembling an eerie glowing SWORD OF LIGHT!

Milky Way/Andromeda Collision When the Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy are close enough, huge clumps of cold, giant molecular clouds, each measuring tens to hundreds of light-years across, will be compressed. Like plugging in a string of Christmas light bulbs, these dark knots will light up as millions of stars burst into life. Most of these stars will be in brilliant blue clusters, many of them 100 times brighter than the original globular star clusters already present in the two galaxies.

The disk of dust and stars that for billions of years marked the lanes of our galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy, will also begin to come apart under the gravitational pull of the two galaxies. As Andromeda swings past our galaxy, the sky will grow increasingly jumbled with tattered lanes of dust, gas, and brilliant young stars and star clusters.

So many new stars will be born that the fraction of massive stars that are present will increase dramatically. These stars will begin popping off like a string of firecrackers as they self-destruct as supernovae.

Milky Way/Andromeda Collision After swinging by our galaxy, Andromeda will take perhaps 100 million years to make a slow and graceful U-turn, before plunging nearly directly into the Milky Way's core. Another, even more spectacular burst of star formation will then occur, with the winds from the supernovae driving most of the remaining gas and dust out of the galaxy. Soon both the old and new stars of the two galaxies will intermingle to form a single elliptical-shaped galaxy.

"Well done , good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord."

Matt 25:23 NKJV

Son of Zadok said...

Georgian president's Web site moves to Atlanta

Aug 11 12:48 PM US/Eastern
AP Technology Writer

The Web site of the president of Georgia, the small nation that is battling Russian forces over a breakaway enclave, was moved to a U.S. hosting facility this weekend after allegedly being attacked by Russian hackers.

The original servers located in the country of Georgia were "flooded and blocked by Russians" over the weekend, Nino Doijashvili, chief executive of Atlanta-based hosting company Tulip Systems Inc., said Monday.

The Georgian-born Doijashvili happened to be on vacation in Georgia when fighting broke out on Friday. She cold-called the government to offer her help and transferred and, the Web site of a prominent Georgian TV station, to her company's servers Saturday.

Speaking via cell phone from Georgia, Doijashvili said the attacks, traced to Moscow and St. Petersburg, are continuing on the U.S. servers. The president's site was intermittently available midday Monday. Route-tracing performed by the AP confirmed that the sites were hosted at Tulip.

Master'sMime said...

Romans 12:2
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Being born again means continuously and consistently renewing the mind and allowing oneself to grow by embracing new ideas, while simultaneously holding fast to the Christ ideals. Such renewal brings about a transformation of character, thought, and action.
While it is true, we can’t think our way into salvation, we also can’t talk our way in with mere confession or even just by consuming only certain foods or embracing a lifestyle that focuses more intensely on things than the love of mankind . For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, Romans 14:17 . Righteousness, is not being right all the time, it is being willing to do what is right at all times. Peace is being assured that worry will not trump faith while being anxious for nothing. Joy in the holy ghost, is true worship in the spirit and anointing of God. Joy will remain, when happiness flees.
I no longer want to miss the boat, because I boarded a sinking ship.
Walking on water, requires getting my feet wet.
(My Blast), Love is a verb and requires action, it is not a feeling that requires senses.

The Master’s Mime

tracy said...

Scribe -i am not a scientific person per say and I know alot of folks on here could go deeper and probably more accurately. BUT I do believe that the Universe is made up of so many magnetic felds and what ever is supposed to be put back together will be. Just because it looks like a mess doesn't mean in His eyes it is a mess. Hang in there it will all work together for good.

Anonymous said...

Son of Zadok,

Really enjoyed your 1413 post. The cosmos is a favorite subject for me. Of the wonderful parts in the whole of creation, what I have been able to see in the observable night sky away from city lights was probably the first tangible sign of a really big God to me as a child. I still enjoy readings on that subject today.

I feel certain, from a hope in divine Love perspective, that we will experience even greater marvels than we can yet concieve from the greatest place of either imagination or observation.

In some ways the thought of galactic collisions are very beautiful and promising of life. There are many though who are vexed by the thought of such seeming violence. Violence is a misunderstood word itself in that it is mostly associated with destruction. However, it is to and fro violence and peace that they both come and go rendering life as we have known it, do know it and shall yet have improved knowledge of it.

It does not matter at all whether the creation story is literal or poetic because it bears witness with the same revelation that can be recieved from understanding that life was born from a cold carbonic cloud of crystalliferous plasma.

The condition prior to life as we know it was static and is now dynamic. Even when we return to some form of static condition, be it the perfect peace of heaven or compression into dense matter by means of the theoretical gravitational vortex of a collapsing universe, nothing will be lost but only changed.

Perhaps our tools of observation in existence past was telepathic in some way. There seems to be some hint of that now as witnessed by the unusual connected thoughts of people who meditate on the same thing such as worshiping our Creator. Certainly our tools of observation will be something more than what can be perceived with the use of our five so called natural senses in the age to come. The most important thing to consider right now though is what can we come together in single mindedness on.

We are all the children of God and must work through our differing views of who and what we say that God is.

For me, God is perfect Love but I am not willing to argue with someone who thinks God has a face like Zeus or is a multiplicity of persons with a single purpose. I am convinced that Jesus Christ is the expression of God in the image of a man and is glorified back in the right place with God. My faith in the name of Jesus with myself as an adjunct has rendered more wealth to my existence than any amount of money can buy.

Is there really any such place as home? When we are with people we love and know that we are loved by, we feel at home no matter where our hat is hanging. I'm glad Bishop said he was glad to be home because that says to me that he knows he is loved here no matter what else the circumstances appear to be.

Scott, you will always be home with us or any part of the body of Christ you find yourself in.

Be blessed Brother


Son of Zadok said...

Hey thanks JB,

Cool thoughts. You know what also escaped me in that scenario. Two universes combining would not only look like a sword, but also a Cross of Light.

karl cobos said...

Hey everyone...don't know about you but I had a BLAST yesterday!

Thanks again Bishop for the word you shared, blasting into my religion again.

This came to me yesterday...IconoBLAST.

CITN (Christ in the Now)

Son of Zadok mentioned...A BLAST of His Spirit that will shake the World and help usher in Father’s New Age!
Just before I had read that I was thinking about how PENTECOST was such a BLAST of the Spirit taking the church to the next dimension. The church coming out of the FLESH and being BORN OF THE SPIRIT, unfortunately most of religion is still trying to put man back into the womb( the flesh...or something like righteousness by works).
Christ came first in the flesh then He came with a SPIRIT BLAST and many were born that day.
That's just kinda in my thought right now, love to write more, gotta go!

Oh, Larry, I have an uncle who played an electric violin in a concert with Isaac Hayes way back. It's funny 'cause he showed up with his regular violin and didn't know about the electric he'd have to play! He has since played with Rod Stewart and a few others up in Chattanooga.

Oh, at the service, Cheryl I believe, gave me a word that a loved one I've been praying for for 3 years will have immediate deliverance and come out of confusion into salvation. My first thought is my dad, but I'm praying for confirmation, any agreement here would be awesome. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love what you said, about what

you have read, about the things

that I've said, that were written

to be read.

In other words, you are right on

bro. Peace to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

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