Monday, August 11, 2008

GPF Highlights

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Promo Flyer

Judah and Pastor Scott rapping...

Event Video

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"elle" said...

I completely missed the 'home team' while streaming. Honestly, I think Judah and P. Scott must've gone on before 6pm... yes? I was at the computer at 6. Missed 'em. Would be great to see, if you have a video available. And (of course) we all missed Bish & Debye. I was bummed! But it looked to be a special and profound event. Glad I watched.

Anonymous said...

Shrek Mcflurry

Anonymous said...

Cool pics! ...esp the one with the Capitol as a backdrop for Judah! You guys rocked!!! So sad I didn't get to hear Bishop & Pastor Debye! ...Waiting for the video.

SOZ....your posts touched my heart this morn! Gonna visit the website you gave.

Thanks Iconoclast! Will be in touch.

Song by Donnie McClurkin was playing and sometimes in a storm that is all that we can do is hold on to Him and trustingly 'STAND'!

Muaaaah everyone! HAPPY Day!


Anonymous said...

Cool Pics
Looked like you all had a great time.

Iris said...

Wow Bishop... Amazing pics... Do you have anymore... I know that P. Avery took a few on my camera... When I download them, I will see if I can send them to you... I would love to see more if there are more floating around... Also did I hear you say something about a video??? It would be great to see it again...

Love you all

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


It was originally supposed to start at 6, but they moved it up to when I noticed that someone on the blog had alerted everyone here to the streaming site, I realized that the time change wasn't reflected on the website. I mentioned it several times to the media people, and assumed it was taken care of, but when I put SOZ's comment through, I could tell that the info hadn't been changed. That's why I told Erik (who was there)to notify eveyone here on the blog that it was starting at 5, which he did (we were busy doing interviews at the time), so the people who saw his message saw Judah on stage.

It started at 5, and Judah and P. Scott (or "Shrek McFlurry" as they call themselves...a name that I'm not feelin', BTW) went on at 5:30, right after the peace quilt presentation (110 kids from countries all over the world, with the CITN quilt at center stage!)...unfortunately, those who didn't get Erik's message missed that, too.

Then Debye and I were supposed to go on right after Yolanda Adams, the last thing before bringing everyone out on stage (which is what the two bottom pics are)for a grand finale, but somehow she went long, and then three more singers went on, and then the Bolivian dance troup that hadn't showed for their original time slot finally did by the time we went on it was about 30 min past the streaming time deadline, and the mall was dark and people were leaving, so we just shortened out part.

But all of it, including the ending was amazing, and will be on video for you all to see very soon.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

should read, "shortened our part"...

Iris, the GPF photographer just sent those today, so I went ahead and posted them...

Anonymous said...

Two brothas from to diffrent mothas

Gettin' it done, before tha othas

Talkin' love, like love is sposed to be.


"elle" said...

I was wondering what Shrek McFlurry was!!! That explains it :)
Wow... I'd forgotten how beautiful DC is; it's been about 13 years since I've been. Great pics!

And your sermon yesterday was wonderful... just one that I can't speak on right away. Takes thought (and that can sometimes get me into trouble). ;) <- that's my mouth... zipped for now!

karl cobos said...

Loved the pics, that's so awesome!

Recapping yesterday Bishop of what I said to and about Judah was that he was faithful to still sing and play when all his gear got stolen, and the Lord remembered, and has taken him from the CITN stage to the capitol stage...and U.N. stage! What favor and reward!

Kim Clement prophesied about restoration and double of it to us. This month of August, as noted in AYITN, is a month of restoration (renewal). I'm praying in believing faith for restoration and renewal for all that has been lost in any way for me and for CITN and for everyone who calls CITN home! Can I get an agreement?

Bishop...also wanted to let you know that the visitor who was with me Wednesday was Don Harbour, one of my neighbors, who attends the Unification Church somewhere here in Atanta. He said that he enjoyed going, and enjoyed seeing people with their hands up worshiping, said that he wishes there was more of that where he goes to church...thought you might like to know he also came forward and GAVE AN OFFERING. - Amen!

He has a powerful story as a vietnam vet, some of which he just told me today of being caught in a stream bed right in the middle of a base camp, hiding behind a rock being shot at from both sides until a grenade was thrown his way. He said it was a miracle getting out, remembers talking to God, and knowing that God had delivered him. All hearing is gone in his left ear and he has about half in his right. He is an international martial arts instructor and includes teaching on moral values and community values wherever he travels.

I pray that he will come back and visit us again.

more later-maybe.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, I'll probably post this later, but if you want to go to,
you'll see a little bit of what went on, including interview with Erik and some of P. Debye. Check it out.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And thanks, Karl...I'm in agreement!

Son of Zadok said...

Shrek Mcflurry!

That's flat hilarious.

I love it.

Iris said...


I'm sending as I type this some pics that were taken with my camera at the GPF... I am sending them to P. Debye's CITN e-mail as that is the only e-mail I have.

There are 4 e-mails all together...

Hope you enjoy them...


Anonymous said...

On Thursday Judah and Pastor Scott

are going to "take their solution (not problem)

to the United Nations".

Cause there is a cure for the

summer time blues.

And thank You Jesus for these two

warriors and anyone else that is

going with them as they walk in

their anointings that You have

bestowed upon them. That the

message of love and world peace

is decreed by these two and the

others involved for such a time as

this, from a place such as this,


NOW being united in peace.

Peace to all.


Donald said...

Amazing pictures. Talk about having something for show and tell when the teacher asks what you did on your summer vacation.
That video gave me chills.

Anonymous said...

Man just saw the video. How cool to see how different we are but how much we are alike. One vision, one purpose, one mission.
The dancers were awesome. The guy who sang at the end of the video was great. Pastor Debye you rocked. Bishop you have a mighty warrior woman who completes you so well. Could see it by the smile on your face. You two are....
I'm honored to know you.
Go and speak to nations.