Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Added Years!

My son, forget not my law or teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments; for LENGTH OF DAYS and YEARS of a life [worth living], and tranquility [inward and outward and continuing through old age till death] these SHALL THEY ADD TO YOU. (Proverb 3:1, 2 AMP)

Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I am walking in the kind of wisdom that adds quality years to a life lived in obedience to God. It is written: “Happy...is the man who finds skillful and godly Wisdom, and the man who gets understanding [drawing it forth from God’s word and life’s experiences]. For the gaining of it is better than the gaining of silver...and fine gold. Skillful and godly Wisdom is more precious than rubies; and nothing you can wish for is to be compared to her. LENGTH OF DAYS is in her right hand, and in her left hand are riches and honor” (Proverb 3:13-16 AMP). The wisdom of God will not just give me a long life, but a prosperous one, as well!

Today I will receive instruction and recognize good, sound advice when I hear it. It is written: “Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, and THE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE WILL BE MANY” (Proverb 4:10).

Today I will worship the Lord in reverence and awe, respecting His commandments and loving Him with all of my heart. It is written: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. For by me your DAYS WILL BE MULTIPLIED, and YEARS OF LIFE WILL BE ADDED TO YOU” (Proverb 9:10, 11).

Today I will realize the importance of this day and will invest myself in it, totally. Every day of my life is important and special and significant. I will not take the gift of this day for granted.

Today I will make the decision to be satisfied with my life as it is. “With LONG LIFE I will SATISFY him, and show him my salvation” (Psalm 91:16). There is great confidence that comes from a life of contentment without complacency, so I will walk in that confidence by an act of my will. Life is good! God is good! Today is good!

Today I will make the effort to walk in health and safety. The name of sickness, disease, accident, calamity or any other potentially life-threatening thing must bow to the name of Jesus!

Today I will celebrate all that life has to offer, acknowledging in all my ways the God Who adds years to mine. Today I will LIVE, and today I will live in the now!

Father, help me to keep Your commandments today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Son of Zadok said...


Beautiful BITN today. The pictures and words are both stunning.

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Loss of Self continued...

At the beginning of his treatise he makes a statement that echoes through the whole work: "He is your being and in him you are what you are." Lest this sound pantheistic, the author quickly adds, "He is your being, but you are not his," as if to remind us that while God is our being we are not God. But having made this distinction he keeps stressing that the great suffering and illusion of man is his failure to experience that God is his being. Rather does he experience his being apart from God. The whole aim of his direction is to lead us to the experience that "he is your being and in him you are what you are." It is not in isolation, not in separation from the totality that man finds his true self; but only in God. The knowledge and feeling of any self other than this must be destroyed.
This leads to the inexorable law that the incomplete self must die in order that the true self may rise. "Unless the grain of wheat falling to the ground dies, itself alone remains; but if it dies it brings forth much fruit."
In this context we can perhaps understand the author's relentless assertion that the thought and feeling of self must be annihilated. Yet this annihilation is less terrible because it is the work of love: "For this is the way of all real love. The lover will utterly and completely despoil himself of everything, even his very self, because of the one he loves. He cannot bear to be clothed in anything save the thought of his beloved. And this is not a passing fancy. No, he desires always and forever to remain unclothed in full and final self-forgetting." If we love, death will inevitably follow and self will be forgotten with terrible finality. But it will be a joyous death.

Mystic said...

Thank you, Bishop, for taking the time to locate and post these amazing photos...they are truly spectacular. I felt that you were counting each and every one of your blessings as you searched for the right ones to match the entries from AYITN...your gratefulness to God is palpable...especially tonight...I happily join in your worship for their Added Years.

How Great Is Our God...

Blessings Blog Fam...for many more glorious years, for you and your loved ones, on this most awesome planet.

Erik said...

Most wonderful adventure!

Bishop, these pics are great selections. Generally I have not commented on all of the excellent choices. This time however, as I saw them I was reminded again of God’s beautiful weaving. I have experienced these places, or ones just like them in my life. I recall how as a child with no natural prospects of seeing the world, I called airlines (no internet then) and asked for brochures. All of the international airlines, and major domestic ones. Many would send trinkets with the brochures. I spoke as a world traveler, deepening my voice and asking detailed questions about their primary destinations, I got great stuff in the mail, and the beautiful brochures. I read all they had to say, cut out some of the pages. Through my life, I have been to many places , and seen these places in the pics, or ones like them – even the northern lights 3-4 times in Alaska and The Yukon of Canada.

The point of this, there are still so many places to go, and so many places I have been. In my younger adult years, a job I got, turned into a 90% travel job. I had no funds to travel then, but I did not need the funds, I was getting paid to travel and explore new opportunities and fix problems. The child that had no means or expected means to do so, was then an adult doing so with no means. The job did not begin as such, was a standard corporate job. I never saw it that way from the beginning, it was one more adventure, and it changed my life and the people I met. I always thanked God for every opportunity, and the rest followed. I became known as able to go anywhere and do anything in my company. I did not highlight it, and I did not deny it. Now, these years later, I can say most of the time I had no idea how I was going to handle, or even if I could succeed on various assignments. I would get asked, and of course I said ‘Yes’, often having no idea how I could accomplish what was expected, I just wanted to go. The Spirit always gave me an insight, a person I met along the way who gave me a key, or sometimes nothing until the middle of the situation that I more or less bluffed through until I got something. As I write this some particular times come to mind, that I had no business doing, but it all worked out. I look back and think, how did that happen? But it did.

Not sure why these pics , and the YITN, maybe because I have always had the hugest crush on Lady Wisdom, and so love the world God created (which Lady Wisdom was there as the foundations were set, laughing and enjoying God’s creativity ), I have always thought she has GOT to be the hottest, holiest woman/ Spirit around. I sometimes think She was who Eve was fashioned after, or alternatively the female expression of God, in the male dominated Bible (Jesus male human expression of God ) . I don’t know why all of this is sparked, maybe something for someone else. Hey, I yam what I yam. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Cool pics.
What a wonderful day.
Focusing on the word wonder.
What wonders will we see today?
What miracles will we witness?
What challenges will we face?
Living in the moment.
Looking toward the future.
Seeing the glass over half full.
His Reign Covers All

Mystic said...

One more thing before I retire for the evening. Someone sent me a poem 10 years ago and I have kept a copy and passed it on whenever I thought someone might need or enjoy it. It is a "Native American" poem, unfortunately, I do not know from which nation it came; I do know that it means a lot to me and I wouldn't care if I discovered that it were written by someone for a greeting card...because I like it and have used it to quiet my soul at times. I use it because today is an anniversary for me--of the day I first received a copy of this poem...I do pray that it will be as pleasing to you as it is to me on days that might be predisposed to moments of sadness. Psalm 91, Psalm 23, and this poem have always lifted my spirits on days like these.

Be blessed Blog Fam...

Native American Prayer
I give you this one thought to keep --
I am with you still - I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in morning's hush,
I am the sweet uplifting rush,
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone --
I am with you still - in each new dawn.

Erik said...

Mystic, - Poem – Excellent . Thank You.

SOZ, OK, now we’re talking. – from your comment “ No, he desires always and forever to remain unclothed in full and final self-forgetting."

As you expressed yesterday, all is now, and yet there is a process of experiencing all of what we have had from the foundation, I personally get frustrated between the eternal now, and the process. Yet every life and experience is a different process or expression of God. I understand that. I am pained by the perceived separation that seems to be experienced by some. I want to blast through that barrier for them. I understand each step is necessary as part of the experience. There is something to each step, even though at certain points it can appear there is nothing, that is where I feel so compelled to break the perception, declare what is at the end, however, truly, for each of us, there is equal importance to each step, even in the seeming distance.

That is my own issue. Sometimes, I need to respond outwardly, because I do not know what to do with the distance inside, which is crazy, because I can see the endpoint, even though I experience the now point. Sometimes the distance is of no relevance, and at other times it seems so far. I prefer the no relevance. I live in both simultaneously. Most of the time, I focus on the end is now, so no relevance of the distance from the other vantage point. But then other days, the distance seems so real, part of the process, and many steps I want to skip. So, I appreciate those who document the steps, I can relate to a part, but want to ‘cut to the chase’ , most likely because that is how I have thrived. When I stopped to take in my current perceived step in the process, too much distance, so I demand and declare over and over --- Eden Now. Really do not want to tolerate anything else.

Beauty is – Now is, and so Eden is. Alternatives fall in perception, and perception the key. The eons apprehended, and then it is how I hear God, so that eons are reconfigured. Sometimes I read from the back of the book to the beginning. So much more fun that way, to me anyway.

In a zone right now, hope this make sense. It does to me.

Anonymous said...

Mystic - I needed that. I'm up late because after Bishop's parents close call I started thinking about my parents. I have been looking at the leukemia site.
Even though it's been a long time since they passed I think why did they have to go & what cause both of them to get that disease. I needed to research the disease but really there was no answer just a list of symptoms.

Bishop you are truly blessed to have both parents.

Nothing To Lose said...

Oh, that today won't mind me squeezing every last drop of life out of it.

And as I go through today, that it won't be jealous of my planning for tomorrow.

And that tomorrow is just going to have to wait, just like yesterdays tomorrow had to.

And though I'm not guarunteed that I will see tomorrow, I sure do want to.

But for right now, Today Rocks!!!

And Mom and Dad Swilley, I decree all day, today, it's all good.

Long life to us all.


Anonymous said...

As I was reading the post today (beautiful pics) It was so speaking to me and I felt alive and safe and then I scrolled on down to what I missed yesterday and read of the accident and it took a whole new perspective. Bless God oh my soul and all that is with in me, bless his Holy name.God is good and this is for something as their lifes were spared.I am at a loss but I know this is big for some one.Really BIG...

Anonymous said...


DoubleBack Alley said...


If the latest initiative is successful, will we all have the mark of the BLAST? Let's hope so.

Ain't God Good?

peacemaker said...

I am so very thankful Mom and Dad Swilley are ok. Even with that knowledge, I still felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read about the accident. The "what ifs" always creep in behind the initial relief and joy. Family and friends never seem so important until the reality of potential loss invades our comfort zone.
Please tell your(our)parents I stand in agreement for their total peace and complete healing.

Your "adopted" Brother

Ray Muscarello said...

Good Morning Bishop,

We are happy to hear that your parents are okay after that accident. We pray that they recover fully and quickly from their bumps and brusies and the shock they no doubt experienced. We further pray that no other ill-affects transpire from this accident.

We will be retuning back home from Philly this evening. We look forward to returning home and seeing out CITN family.

Love, peace and prayers.
Ray and JoAnn Muscarello

Pamela T. said...

Hi Mystic, liked the poem, It made me inquistive and I looked it up. That poem is titled "Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep", it was written by Mary Frye its history and origin may be uncertain, but most documentation and research leads to her being the author. It is believed to be written in 1932, for her best friend Margaret Schwarzkopf who's mother had died.

Thanks for the poem and Bishop the word for today and the beautiful pictures. Can we have an update on your parents, they are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Pamela

Anonymous said...

def. of blast: a sudden pernicious influence or effect; the blast of a huge epidemic.

Sweepea said...

Praise God Mom and Dad Swilley are OK. I'm in agreement that they will suffer no ill effects from the experience. It's a reminder how quickly something can happen and how we can't take anything or anyone for granted. I speak healing and health to every cell in their bodies amd peace to their spirits.

Mystic said...

Mahalo, Erik...Glad I could help, Laura...and thanks for the info, Pamela!

The song that was playing when I hit the blog with all those great photos was Christ Alone...perfect! That arrangement with its grand and passionate Celtic style which inspires ideas of such "sweeping vistas"...it somehow fit so well...just as well as did Rare Earth's I Just Want To Celebrate which followed as I gazed at them again.

I pray today brings you great joy, a peaceful heart, and overwhelming blessings.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Mystic said...

Ok...this avatar photo actually has 2 names...Momma Said... and the plain and simple Duck Butt...can't help it...just saying it makes me laugh...try it...Duck Butt...laugin' yet?


JoAnn M said...


First let me say I am so thankful that your wonderful parents are safe and sound. We will be sure to see them on Sunday. As Ray said before, we are coming back home today. I can not wait to be back home! You commented recently about returning from a trip. I think your exact words were "Home is good". Amen to that. It is amazing to me that this Philly girl is so entirely at home in the Peach State and especially in the Town of Conyers. But you might remember that once I told you that I knew I would live in the south--I believe this is when P Debye would say it is by devine appointment.

We Love you and will see you all on Sunday

JoAnn and Ray

Son of Zadok said...

Atom-Smasher And The ‘God Particle’

In the most complex scientific experiment ever undertaken, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be switched on Wednesday, accelerating sub-atomic particles to nearly the speed of light before smashing them together.

On Wednesday the first protons will be injected into a 27-kilometre (16.9-mile) ring-shaped tunnel, straddling the Swiss-French border at the headquarters of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Physicists have long puzzled over how particles acquire mass. In 1964, a British physicist, Peter Higgs, came up with this idea: there must exist a background field that would act rather like treacle.

Hubert Reeves, the French astrophysician, told the Swiss daily Le Matin that the invention could bring "unexpected results" that would change the world of particle physics forever.

"This machine will probably bring unexpected results that could turn particle physics on its head," Reeves said.

"It's a really impressive tool. It can go as deep underground as the length of a cathedral," he said. "Whatever the LHC finds, or fails to find, the results will tell us a lot about the structure of the universe," he added.



Teezy313 said...

Wow Bish....you would do the YITN "Added Years" on my birthday(So glad to be 19!!)

Here's hoping all is well with everyone...just thought I'd check in since I got some down time before band class..

Blessings to all,

"elle" said...

Again, giving thanks for angels of mercy and protection!

A bit reflective on this my 14th wedding anniversary. Am including something in my card to Joe from all those years ago. We were engaged around Christmas of '93 at the Peaks of Otter in Va. We were on our way to NY to spend part of the holiday with his family, but before we made it as far as Peaks of Otter, we stopped in Blacksburg... his old Hokie stomping ground. Got a bite to eat and were walking around, when I saw a sheet of paper taped to a storefront that said JOE & LISA '94. I thought, "Oh, that's funny; what a coincidence!" We kept walking. The sheets were taped all over town! Turns out he (Joe) had one of his old school buddies do it. I gathered up several of them and kept them all these years. Even gave one to his mom as a keepsake. Strolling down memory lane today, I remembered I had them and decided to slip one into his card :)

I remember some things so vividly, while others I barely recall. Generally speaking, I think we've gotten better over the years, as I suppose is meant to be. Growth and wisdom allows love to conquer all. I believe that's across the board... not just in marriage.

Erik, I loved your take on Lady Wisdom and Eve... Eve being fashioned after her. It would seem an oxymoron, as most would agree that Eve made a very unwise choice. But did she? Perhaps she unknowingly made the choice that she was supposed to make. I don't know, but in regard to the trees of the garden, it's not just black or white to me. I see the many shades of grey, and don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. But that's just me...

She (Wisdom) visited me today. Kindly whispered in my ear, as I contemplated trying on my old wedding dress, "Perhaps you don't need to reflect quite so much ;) You were only 108 pounds then. Just maybe some memories are best left hanging in the closet!"
She was right. I listened :)

Mystic said...

Thanks for the info, SOZ. I watched the video...how exciting! Our great minds are on the job to reveal more of God's amazing mysteries--allowing God to speak in yet another way to reveal His power.

I have to admit though that the fearful peeps that had challenged this experiment in court in the fear that it would destroy the world by causing a black hole on the earth's surface may be watching too much Eureka on Sci-Fi, however, I pray they are wrong...and trust that this will simply be fascinating...not terrifying.

It does tend to spark the imagination, doesn't it? I believe that is the purpose of science and experimentation...and finding the "God particle"? How cool is that? There is a chance that physics, quantum physics, etc. everything could be rewritten!

This reminds me of something I thought about (and blogged) before...I was speaking of the tenants of Faith which may be only mostly unchangeable...again, I don't intend to offend or anger anyone but what if...what if everything is open to revelatory renewal, rethinking, revamping?!

This could be huge and have such effects in the world...not only in the scientific community, but in the whole world! This is WAY COOL!

Lord, show us something we have never seen...again! How awesome is this place!

Blessings Blog Fam!

And Happy Birthday Teezy! :-)

Teezy313 said...

I just read yesterday's post....


Mystic said...

Happy Anniversary "Elle"! Wishing you many, many more years of joy!

Blessings Blog Fam!

Ok...I had to...
word ver: jiglboob

(Forgive me, for I have laughed and laughed and laughed...I know I shouldn't but OMG!)

"elle" said...

Thanks so much, Mystic! And that word ver would make me laugh hysterically, too, although I can't really relate ;}!

Happy Birthday to you, Teezy! Hope your day is special!

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful.

The autumn pic reminded me to look for signs of change today.

Guess what?

Anonymous said...

There’s a wind a-blowin’, all across the land
A fragrant breeze of Heaven
Blowin’ once again
Don’t know where it comes from
Don’t know where it goes
But let it blow over me
Oh, sweet wind, come and blow over me

There’s a rain a-pourin’, showers from above
Mercy drops are comin’
Mercy drops of love
Turn your face to heaven
Let the water pour
Well let it pour over me
Oh, sweet rain, come and pour over me

There’s a fire a-burnin’, falling from the sky
Awesome tongues of fire
Consuming you and I
Can you feel it burnin’
Burn the sacrifice
Well let it burn over me
Oh, sweet fire, come and burn over me

"elle" said...

Hey, all you motorcyclists...
The issue of Road Racing World that is on the stands now has the article on Joe and RZ/vintage bikes. Thought I'd let ya know, if you want to take a peek. A very well-written article, actually, with 3 pretty cool pics.

The whole thing still makes me nervous, but what can ya do?!?

Have a goodnight, all...

Machion said...

The pictures are awsome. Our Father gives us such great supplies to work with. Bishop, you seem to have way of storing the supplies on the right shelves. You put them right where we can get to them when we need them.

Machion said...
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning

Good Night

The darkness

And The Light

It's All Good


Larry Usher said...

Bishop- was at Bible study tonight & heard the news about your Mom & Dad! Tell Pastors Jim & Darlene they are here in the "land of the living" for important reasons, many of which remain undreamt. Very glad they are ok!!
It's interesting to me that yesterday morning I woke up having had some dreams which made me feel uneasy as if there was an oppression trying to take over my day. I haven't been reading AYITN lately, but this day I got it out and read the affirmations aloud forcefully. Changed the atmosphere!
Tonight at Bible study, we were about to discuss the "covenant of grace", when I get a wrong number phone call asking for "Grace"?!
Things that make you go hmmm...

Beautiful pics today...reminded me of the sky out there driving this afternoon...thankfulness to still be alive, to be in my right mind and to be connected to a great body of believers.

Hi Joann & Ray! Hope you had a great time in Philly, one place I've never been...

Blessings to all & to all a good night!


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the feedback...I speak a blessing of long life over all of you!