Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey bloggers,

I said in the earlier post that I'd be back later today, and here I am, but I've changed what I was going to write because my busy day took a very different turn. While having lunch with Dr. Karanja from Beulah Heights University, I got a call that my parents had been in a serious car accident in Covington. The driver of an enormous cement mixer truck wasn't looking, and plowed into them, virtually destroying their car, and knocking it about 40 feet, and into the woods beside the road. Miraculously, they walked away in one piece. Dr. Sheila X-rayed them, and is going to treat them for possible whiplash, but apparently it defies logic that their necks weren't broken.

They're shaken, but OK. Mom said that she read today's AYITN entry this morning, and particuraly concentrated on #2: Today I will walk in safety, with no fear of accident or calamity, for the Lord is my confidence!

She prayed the affirmation, and believes that that is why their lives were spared. If you saw how huge the cement truck was, and how bad their car looks, you'd know how blessed I am that I didn't lose my parents today.

Anyway, I'm sure that you'll keep them in your prayers. Also, I've returned most of the calls, e-mail and texts that I've gotten today...a lot is going on with a lot of people right now...but I ask for your understanding if I don't get to the rest of them tonight.

I love you all.



linda said...

Rejoicing with you on the safety of your parents! God is faithful

tracy said...

Dang Bish-that is alot to go through today. We are glad you are all ok, get some rest. Stupid question, but did the accident happen around 7:15?

"elle" said...

God is SO good!

Nothing To Lose said...

I am very thankful that your folks are OK. Thank You Jesus.

I pray that you are OK.

I also pray that the driver of the truck is OK.


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful your parents were able to walk a way!!! What an incredible MIRACLE! God is just so wonderful and loves us so! It is a bit shaking still to go thru such a brush with death...I pray for any whiplash or symptoms that may try to linger. (i had something similarly recently and that very morning someone had sent me a message of Gods protection which i also prayed)

Acupuncture and chiropratic care is really helpful should whiplash try and present itself/praying against it in the name ABOVE ALL~JESUS!

Lots of love to the fam!

Crown Jewel

Erik said...

Praise God !!!!

All are safe and covered, and healthy, in the hands of God, and the good hands of Dr. Sheila.

They have vehicle accident favor, as I recall other such adventures are in their repertoire.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for prayer and being covered in the blood of Jesus!

What we do without it?? This is a miracle and a testimony! God is soooo good! We are happy about your parent's safety.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for His safety for your parents.
Praying for healing over mind & body.
Prayers for the driver of the truck also.

Mystic said...

THANK GOD! So VERY glad for their being well and HERE! It's not yet time for them to join that great cloud of witnesses! Also praying that any physical issues...even soreness or other aches/pains that might be associated with such an NON-EXISTENT (for everyone involved). every day...we have all been greatly blessed, Blog more ways than we know.

More Blessings Blog Fam!

G8TRGRL said...

Thank you angels for "encamping and protecting"! Swilley's, rest well tonight in His care and covering!

Iris said...

Thank you God that they are safe... God is good and His mercies endure forever....

We proclaim that every sore muscle, bruise, cut, or anything else that may have been caused by the accident, be made well... That they will sleep well tonight and wake in the morning without any ill effects... all soreness gone... as if the accident had never happened... And all will proclaim 'How great is our God"

Love you Mom and Dad Swilley

Donald said...

Thank you Lord!

Friend4Life said...

Glad to know your parents are ok, Bishop.

Thank you Lord for answering even our smallest word prayers, "JESUS"!!

Call on your name and you know the need.

~Peacefully sleep Swilley Family~

Anonymous said...

I must write a praise that says...only a supernatural God could have spared us from sure devestation....Praise the Lord as I read ayitn, and prayed the affirmation, I heard in my spirit that I would need it later! We were spared from an awesome valley of the shadow of death....and walked out of a crushed car!! Thank the Lord for the deliverance, for Debye being able to come to our aid, and your wonderful bishop (our son) taking us for xrays.....remember, God is our constant help as your bishop reminded us sunday!! take advantage of the daily supernatural help you have at your disposal also...keep paid-up with God and he will send his angels to keep charge over you too when a tank hits you with such force!! to god be the glory!!! love to all, mom & dad swilley

Pamela T. said...

Praise God for his divine protection. This is another awesome example of the power of prayer and the words we profess out of our mouths I know first hand that your prayer of protection over the congregation as you dismissed us in October 07, and my cry to God as it was happening saved me from what could have been a fatal accident. Thank you God for your protection and miraculous saving grace in this horrible accident. Let this be testimony of God's beautiful and loving hands on us at all times. I love you guys and am glad that you are ok. Love, Pamela T.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank God for his ever-watching eyes and strong guarding, protecting hands about us at all times, thank God for his providence in all the seemingly haphazard events in our lives; working all things out for the good of all. Miracles all around, yes thank our wonderful loving heavenly father and savior our Lord Christ Jesus. Yes Praise Him For this great deliverance of the Mom and Dad Swilley Today. May it be a great witness for the goodness and greatness of our God!


Mystic…….thank you for the good word yesterday…you are right on…and loved the word “the decisions were already made long ago...” just what I needed.

Thanks to all for your prayers…its good to know I have a family like you all on my side….we saw the results of that today with Mom and Dad Swilley; Praise God

Bishop….you don’t have to answer my email from Sunday…. I just wanted you to know

Machion said...

I'm overjoyed they're ok. Not surprised, but happy as .... well, you know. I adore your folks! Whatever they need that I have - they have.


Nancy said...

He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

How truly amazing is the Father's love toward us!

For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways...
I will be with him in trouble,
With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.

Mom and Dad Swilley
We love you
Jeff and Nancy

Mystic said...

Glad I could be of service, Pastor Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Special Prayers for Mom & Pop Swilley

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the benefits and provision of the blood of Jesus. Thank you Lord for the protection of the blood of Jesus that covers Mom & Pop Swilley, while they were on the road today.
Father, thank you for blessing our Bishop; with the gift of his parents today!
Like the Scriptures on Isaiah 54:17; and Ps. 91:1 said: No weapons forged against you will prevail, in the Name of Jesus. You both are blessed when you go out and bless when you come in.
Ps.91:1- He dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. “The Lord is your Refuge and your fortress, Our God in Whom we trust.
Bishop love made you asked for my family’s about back home, so, I believe love protects your Mom & Pop today. May the Lord continued to bless you and yours always & always.
Love K.

Son of Zadok said...

Father, thank you for bringing Mom and Dad Swilley through this. I speak healing to your bodies and a fresh awareness of He who saves you. I also pray for the driver of the truck that You would reveal yourself to that person somehow through this trial and that a great work will arise out of tribulation.

You have sent your angels to deliver us from the hand of the enemy.

-Matt 12:11

Your angels have charge over us and deliver us.

-Ps. 91:11

Your angels ascend and descend upon our lives

-Gen 28:12

Son of Zadok said...

Obviously there's more work here to be done for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

coming in late to join the bandwagon but want to say.

Praise God for deliverence and preservation.

For some reason I feel like this episode is delivering better health to your parents than they would have had otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome God! He reigns over heaven and earth!

To Mom and Dad Swilley,
A promise of protection from God:
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in Him I do trust." Psalm 91:1-2

Glad you both are safe!!! "Greater Things are yet to be done in the City!"

Avatar said...

I add my agreement to all of the prayers, declarations and expressions of Love, Mom and Dad Swilley!

Exceeding health springs forth with even more opportunities for you to be witnesses for His great Love and Mercy!

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad Swilley...Just found out about the accident..Now that is a Praise report... Just wanted to add my Amen to everything that has already been posted..Thank you Jesus for your covering over them & the driver of the truck...what a mighty God we serve...
neither one of you are going anywhere for a long time...God still has way to much for you two to do here...
We love you both...Have a restful nite...
Here to Worship & Serve

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...peace to you all...