Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey bloggers,
I know this picture looks very much like yesterday's. For some reason, sunrise pictures seem to appeal to me...I like the concept of the dawn of a new day, and I like to look at it. From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same, the Lord's name is to be praised!

Yesterday was a great day at CITN. Both services were very special in their own way, and it was a nice surprise to see Bishop Tommy Smith at last night's communion.

I'll be back later today, but in the meantime, make the decision to enjoy your Monday. You may have a busy week ahead of you (I know I do), but we all just have to take it one day at a time. Stay in the now. Be in the moment. Deal with tomorrow when it gets here. This is the day the Lord has made.

Carpe Diem.

That's all for now...


Anonymous said...

1Co 13:7 NASB (Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Bishop preaching on that this morning brought back a needed revelation of just how awesome that verse is and what it is saying. The reason I say “brought back” is I can remember way back when I got serious about studying the bible and came across that verse I stopped dead in my tracks and backed up and read it several times. Even then the Holy Spirit was giving me revelation saying to me “look at this, look how awesome the love of God is” then (because of the traditional teaching I had learned) I distinctly remember saying in my mind naa that couldn’t “really” mean that “ALL things”? I just don’t know enough yet to understand it.

Anybody been there?

Revelation is like the sunrise, as you come out of your darkness into the day of your enlightenment it shines brighter and brighter until the full light of the perfect day!

I think I’ll keep that one….


Anonymous said...

You all keep me in your prayers. Big decisions are being made this week by others concerning major things in my life.


Erik said...

Thank you Bishop for (Sun 0907) AM message, and your vision that provided the environment for us to gather and experience The Spirit on days like today, form the moment the Praise & Worship began to leaving the building, and how it unveiled another part of what we have with us always.

Love (We) believes All. Yes and Amen.

Outside of the people I know from CITN, the vast majority of the people I connect deeply spiritually with are not Protestant Christians. There are Christians - Catholic, LDS, Jehovah Witnesses, and then Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Native American Indians, New (In fact Old) Age, and some of my favorites cannot be put into any of these labels- I especially love Them, they always seek earnestly and are not satisfied by anything other than God in every sense, no borders, I really love them. They are who I probably most connect with spiritually, because they see the same as I do – Dogma Schmogma, Doctrine Schmoctrine.

However, I super duper really enjoy CITN, so I accept the label Christian, although really have to make my own spiritual point that nothing confines me, as nothing confines God, The Christ, with many names, and names we do not know.

My favorite name for the physical manifestation that we call Jesus, is ‘Indefinable, Indescribable’ . John : 10 many sheepfolds we have no understanding of – I want to understand them ALL –

That speaks to me, as when in worship at CITN, I see the Indefinable and Indescribable one, and since I see her/him there so much, I keep coming, like I keep breathing. Which is why I support CITN, there is nothing matching it I have found.

Thank You again Bishop, Pastor Debye, CITN staff !

I understand to accept the many people I love specifically, and All people I love because God does, at face value re their beliefs. The sacred in me loves the sacred in them – and every person ever, now, and will be has sacred in them. I know, if I have sacred, then everyone else does. This does nit make me diminished, it exalts my experience. I know, from God, If I can know this then every other everywhere is capable. Not because I am less, but because if I (any one of us) connects with God, we automatically see every one else we can ever perceive connects as much or more than we do. Once any of us knows we connect , we see every other in God’s eye. We then KNOW all others are equal to or deeper than in God. Once we see, it is impossible otherwise. Any time we see, we can ONLY see ‘upward’ so everyone we perceive, can ONLY be equal or above. I soooooooooooo LOVE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctrine and Dogma are the husk of the Sacred. They can get us there, but are easily cast into the waste bin once at The Sacred. Once there, The Sacred is what Is Nutritious, the husk passed through as fertilizer for the next generation in All cultures and belief systems.

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Loss of Self continued…

This imperfect state of incompleteness, isolation, and separation from the goal is the basic source of man’s existential anguish – anguish that arises not because of his existence but, because of his separated existence. Sorrow for this separation, says the author, is much more fundamental and much more conducive to humility than sorrow for one’s sins or anything else. Hence the anguish running through the writings of the mystics and reflected in the agonized cry of St.John of the Cross: “Whither hast thou hidden thyself, O my beloved, and left me to my sighing?” Here the mystic is separated from the beloved whom he has inchoately experienced; and he longs for completion, for union, for the goal. If this means death, joyfully will he die – “Break the web of this sweet encounter.” As if he were to say, take away the veil that separates me from my beloved and my all. Clearly the anguish is that of separation and incompleteness at the level of existence. One can experience one’s incompleteness emotionally or economically or culturally or sexually; and all this is painful. But how terrible to experience it at the deepest level of all, that of existence! For all these other sorrows are partial experiences of one root experience of existential contingency. And this, I believe, is that the sorrow of the man who knows not only what he is but that he is.
All this is not far removed from the anguish of the existentialist philosophers about which we at one time heard so much. Their agony was not necessarily theistic. Rather did it come from a radical sense of man’s insufficiency, contingency, incompleteness, mortality, summed up in Heidegger’s terrible definition of man as “being-to-death.” Here again it is not precisely existence that causes the trouble, but limited existence. Man, faced with the prospect of extinction, is not in control of his own destiny.
So much for the existentialists. With the English author it is mainly in Privy Counseling that the notion of separation with all its suffering is stressed. But now his language is more precise. The suffering of man is not that he is but that he is as he is; and the author makes his existential prayer: “That which I am and the way that I am….I offer it all to you.” Now he has made it abundantly clear that the problem is not existence itself but limited existence, and so he has no need for further explanation.

Erik said...

Hi Cloud of Unknowing,

I love you SOZ, and got to say . What ?

Whoever the writer is, they seem (at least from the excerpts you have shared) to be lost in the fantasy of separation. I can understand the idea, the fantasy or novella, of lost at sea, adrift, fairy tales and horror movies. However, when it comes to reality , we have always been, from the foundation, in complete unity with our beloved. Intimate ecstasy in every imaginable way. Death is meaningless in that encounter, as we repeat the ‘little death’ in the physical recreation. The veil, fig leaves, loin cloths have long been gone.

We All are fully engaged.

There is really no insufficiency, ALL exist, now, whole. It has been long finished.

Nothing negative to these writers, but it sounds like a polished version of the 1970's fictional Hee Haw song.

Erik said...

The husk ---

Thrown away on the threshing floors. Burnt. The kernel is what becomes the Bread of Life. The nutrition that brings us into another glorious day. Ah, the kernel, I live for the kernel in my faith, the assumption of my expectation !!!!

The eons are apprehended to adjust to the declaration of God, of the declaration of my expectation. That is the service of the husk the service of dogma and doctrine – to serve us each, then fall away to be recycled for the next generation to bring the kernel to them. That is the exquisite function of dogma and doctrine - to serve each generation of kernels to sustain manna for them, and be burned away again, new revelation. In the lake of fire the dogma and doctrine go, since once the kernel is harvested in each generation, the dogma and doctrine have no purpose.

The nutrition from the Bread of Life carried on , washed down by the water of The Word, and baked in the fire of The Spirit , which also warms the heart in winter, to bring us into Spring (rebirth) again and again.

Mystic said...

Services were Tres Awesome, Bishop! You and the rest of our CITN cast and crew were definitely Rockin' the Ghost--and He was all up in it! Thanks again, Daddy-O.

Pastor Dennis, I've been there and am still praying for you but let me give you the inside scoop on this deal, ok? But I MUST begin here because if I don't do something with this right away I'm concerned that my head may explode...but I promise I'll be right with ya...

A)NOW Faith IS an assumption of what is being expected, a conviction concerning matters which are not being observed, for in this the elders were testified to (another statement extremely worth resecting/comprehending). By FAITH we are APPREHENDING the EONS to ADJUST TO A DECLARATION OF GOD so that what is not being observed has not come out of what is appearing.

Now this verse has somehow "apprehended" me and I MUST complete the resection of it in which I am currently involved...I just think there's some HUGE KEY here! On the surface alone I see that we are literally apprehending the EONS--TIME! We apprehend TIME...which could be why it's always eternal NOW with God...the closer we get to Him, the more NOWNESS we walk in. And now He says that WE--you, me, us...WE are doing the Apprehending Eternal Time (talk about a Circle of Life!) in order to adjust it so that it lines up with a declaration of God! OMG! This is FREAKIN' AWESOME! According to this word, we are taking charge of eras, eons, ages of time and effecting them by adjusting them changing them to fit God's declarations! So God has said that we are righteous and forgiven and loved and are to take hold of life with both hands and manifest His Love through the calls and gifts He has given us and we have made wrong choices and ended up in very "un-called" places using our gifts unwisely. Now conventional wisdom...wisdom of the world not necessarily of Lady Wisdom...says...too bad so sad...forget it. But this...THIS STATES that WE CAN JUST GET OUR BUNS UP OFF THE Ground and grab hold of the circle of eternal time and FIX IT! REPAIR IT! ADJUST IT! As if it never went wrong at all! you think that's what God meant when He spoke about REDEEMING THE TIME?! RESTORING the YEARS?!

Dear God, I do think my head might explode on this one...this is just from a preemptive examination without beginning a major word study resection...but this is SO good just as it appears on the surface! Maybe I'll leave it here...I'm sure everyone else will have something to add about this AWESOME WORD! Aw...I'm kiddin' myself...I'll be studying this out before I go to bed this AM.

Bishop...this is one of those life changers. Soon I may be telling you that OMG you saved my life! Again! Woo effin' Hoo! Ok...forgive my being a bit ecstatic here but in my defense, it really seems to be boring itself into my brain and my heart and is attempting to meet in the middle. I MUST HAVE to GET Everything out of this before I can let it go...I know, I mind has gone wandering again and I've only just caught up with it now...ok, I will remain calm and I sure hope y'all will add your understandings of this amazing piece of Hebrews from the CLNT...please do add your ideas and understandings...we have to have each other in order for it to all work and I certainly want y'all on the're amazing! So bring it on...what do you tell...if that is, it's ok with Bishop.

Ok Pastor Dennis...listen, I really have been through this and what you have to know is that the decisions were already made long have what you have said and I'd just about bet that you have spoken out what you want to have come about in these decisions...even though they are to be made by I close? Ok, I also would almost bet that you've spoken that everything will turn out in your favor because everything HAS TO...yes? Well, since you have what you say...and since we're all praying for you...this is a done deal. I speak peace, prosperity, a good report and outcome, and abundant blessings upon you and your family and even on those making these decisions. The promises of God are 'Yes' and 'Amen' Yes and Amen. That's all you need to know...that and what you have already written on your blog signed them "Peace, Dennis"...Do that, k? This is indeed a day the Lord has made and you do and will have a great many reasons to rejoice...including some new ones. Be at peace, my brother, my friend. You are blessed and Highly Favored of God and He's had this under control since Day 1. I do hope I have been able to express myself and be of some help to you...if not, I'm sure I could find an expert to explain it much better than I have.

I am praying for you as are all your CITN/BITN fam...we care...we love you...and we want you to tell us when you get the wonderful news, ok?

Well...I'm going to have to go and investigate these verses some more...I'm excited! I may be here a's all good. was truly a SUPER Sunday. The word you gave was CHARGED with POWER and His Spirit showed out with FIRE! This evening's communion was awesome--I love getting to take communion with my family...I just want to love on everyone and let them know how much they bless me and what awesome additions they are to the body. I enjoy's my favorite part.

Oh and if you need any more resources for free sunrise pics, I have a friend who takes amazing photos (one of which is my current avatar photo of a gorgeous sunrise no less) and LOTS of them are the same type of sunrise shots in different places with blazing colors over the oceans...they're really good if I do say so myself...and, well, I do. If you'd like to see some of them, I'd be glad to show you. Perhaps I could use some different sunrise photos for my avatars...I don't think anyone would mind...they sure are glorious work those sunrises...done by the hand of a Master Creator.

Well I think this may be my last post for the day (could be...could be, but if it is...I add my agreement to a Fabulously Blessed Monday for All of CITN/BITN! Have a wonderful day and an amazing week y'all!

Blessings Blog Fam!

PS...If my zeal has offended anyone, I apologize but this is the kind of stuff I LIVE FOR! It's like an anthropologist discovering a perfect and complete set of bones that had to be put together like a puzzle to discover what it all meant...that's what I'm doing with the Words Bishop introduced to us today, and I want to discover each and every nuance of every meaning of every word...again...if y'all like that too, please post your ideas on feels so different...and not just because it's from the CLNT I don't think.

Mystic said...

One more sunrise before I go for the night.

More blessings Blog Fam!

Mystic said...

Ok...another one...but these are just the first few...there are many more which I probably won't post all of but some...I'm proud of my friend's photos.

Sweet sleep, beloved of the Lord!

Mystic said...

Ok, this one is the first in a series of 7 or 8 that actually end in a previous one...the one I was using when I began showing these other sunrise photos. My lengthy post made at 2:15AM today is the last in the series...this will be the first the ones in between are pretty cool too.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Son of Zadok said...

Rather than the idea of separation as an end, I feel what the author is trying to convey is more of a loss of self in exchange for a more full awareness of his life in Christ. This process of being more like Him, finding our life in Him.

Consider Paul's words in Phil. 3: 12-13 (CLNT)

Not that I already obtained, or am already perfected. Yet I am pursuing, if I may be grasping also that for which I was grasped also by Christ Jesus. Brethren, not as yet am I reckoning myself to have grasped, yet one thing -- forgetting, indeed, those things which are behind, yet stretching out to those in front -- toward the goal am I pursuing for the prize of God's calling above in Christ Jesus.

I believe all of our benefits and realities of the resurrection are indeed ours now, but I believe their is a process to obtaining them or maybe rather apprehending them. Lest we think we have arrived and never have any need of further need of discipline and correction in this life. My full reality of Christ is in a process of being revealed in me. And I'm looking forward to all that He still has to show me concerning it. And I'm sure if perfection is my goal, it's going to involve some further repentance as well.
As well, I do not believe all in this life have obtained this fullness of forgiveness and love. In reality it is theirs fully, but in practicality they still must hear and obtain/percieve it. Jesus said it was easier for the lame to walk than for someone to believe their sins are forgiven. That believing is the greatest miracle of all.

Ephesians 4:18 (CLNT)

They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.

But who hardens them? Well the bible says God does. He has everything worked out for everyone, but everything in its own time. But I want to behold Him now! How can this be more perfectly achieved?

Erik, your a great thinker and a true cyber-friend. Your thoughts are always taken by me in the spirit of love and friendship which we so richly now dwell, and of which we both, and all here pursuing.
Let me also remind, that this is not the work itself I've been posting, but rather an introduction chapter to it, written by a William Johnston. If you would afford me a little while longer with these thoughts, you might be pleasantly surprised at the ends its anonymous fourteenth century author reaches. But in the meantime, any further point of view or clarity from you is always appreciated. It makes me think.

Son of Zadok said...

Unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground dies, itself alone remains; but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.

Nothing To Lose said...

Today, it's gonna be good.

May we find:


A place to plant a seed.

A place to water a seed planted.

What we have been missing.

An answer from a different angle.

A good surprise.

A new friend.

An old friend.


What has been lost.

A shorter way to where we're going.

Cheaper gas.

That we really are gonna make it.

Time to stop and smell the roses.

The idea for that whitty invention.

That it was God, all along.

That it's all good.

That Mondays ROCK!


Nothing To Lose said...

One Day at a Time

I'm only human - I'm just a man
Help me to believe in all I could be
And all that I am
Show me the stairway I have to climb
Lord for my sake, teach me to take
One day at a time

One day at a time, sweet Jesus
That's all I'm asking from you
Just give me the strength to do everyday
What you'd have me do
Yesterday's gone, sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
Lord help me today, show me the way
One day at a time

Do you remember when you walked among men
Well Jesus you know, looking below
It's worse now than then
Pushing and shoving, crowding my mind
So for my sake, teach me to take
One day at a time

Anonymous said...

To yesterday's anon @ 332 pm,

Your blog rocked and yes, the Holy Instant your referred to is what I live for.


The contribution of the cloud of unknowing reminds me somewhat of readings I've done by Thomas Merton. I don't get the same take on what you mentioned at the end of your post at 1257 am though but don't have access to all you have read either. I don't think I would care to read someone who has come to the conclusion that there is no need for further explanation.

My life's experience has taught me that further explanation is what has brought the most joy to me. I wouldn't even attempt to go near the cloud of unknowing if there was no hope for further explanation. Perhaps my view of the cloud of unknowing is askew but it seems to work for me so I think I'll hang on for further explanation. BTW I have started reading Shack, its OK.

Bishop and Nation of Worship really brought it yesterday. The entrance into the atmosphere of worship was very well facilitated by the team and its anointed psalmist.

Thanks Bishop for the delivery of a timely word that does not disapoint.


Avatar said...

Today's sunrise looks like a "just opening" eye. Very cool!

Butterfly, your praise report yesterday was huge! Love IN you building this house. Awesome.

tracy said...

Bailey is loving the sunrise pics- ya'll know how she feels about the sunrise!

tracy said...

BTW- Can we do sunsets next, sometimes my joy comes from ending one day and knowing I will have a fresh start tomorrow. Or to symbolize one season ending....

Teezy313 said...


I feel ya totally!!

Anonymous said...

Sunrise I'm going To praise His name
Sunset I'm going To praise His name

Love the pictures of sun rising and setting over water.

Shine Your light on me Lord
Shine Your light on me
Just Shine

Susan said...

Bishop, you never fail to enlighten, enlarge and empower me with your sermons. I had missed several sermons in August due to out of town trips and serving in the nursery, but Sunday's sermon was right on time! What a NOW word! It reaffirmed, reinforced and rejuvenated my inner views. Your sermon was an eloquent way of saying what I had been feeling. (ps. this is my first blog ever...)

G8TRGRL said...

Oooo, Laura! I love, love, love that song! It brings fond memories of singing it "back in the old building"...

In light of Saturday's leadership meeting, I thought I'd share this:

“Be easy on people; you'll find life a lot easier. Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity" (Luke 6:38 Message).


Mystic said...

Susan! WE love you! Welcome to the blog! (I won't welcome you to the "blog fam" because you were already technically a part of it because it's a part of CITN/BITN)...but we're so glad to see you. WE have several first-timers lately--love new perspectives and ideas like the different facets of a diamond...beauteous! Welcome to EVERYONE who has joined our Blog Fam and/or our CITN/BITN crew all were prophesied and you won't be the newest "newbies" for long because MANY others are following you into the House that LOVE Built...Bishop heard it said, "If you build it, they will come..." and they have, are, and will keep on coming in...there's no better family in which to belong. All are welcome...come into the light...all are welcome...oh, wait...think I was having a movie moment...but it still fits for CITN/BITN!

So...I pray everyone is having a brilliant Monday! Pastor Dennis...remembering you in prayer well as all of our CITN/BITN fam...

Blessings Blog Fam!

(And yes, I love sunsets too and have many photos of those as well.) And yes, I'm posting another sunrise photo on this post. We called this one...Sunrise Prayer

Anonymous said...

There is something that from me needs to be brought into the light of this day.

I associate with some people who do not like Bishop Swilley for what ever reason, none of which have ever made sense to me. I can not severe my relationship with them anymore than any of you can severe a relationship with family members. However because I may share dna with them does not mean that I share their views.

Yesterday, when giving an interview for some promowork being done at CITN, I said that I give here because I love the gospel of Christ and believe that it is proclaimed better here than any place I have known of. That is my truth and I stand by it.


Son of Zadok said...

Well everything should be judged together. What's the Word say, something about 2 or 3 witnesses; I can't remember? I 'd still like to continue making The Cloud posts, I find the book fascinating, but if it continues to not ring true with anyone I'll gladly cease and desist :), keep me filled in. But I'm tellin' ya, just hold tight, theirs plenty more explanation and revelation just around the corner. And JB as far as The Shack goes, the first 3 or 4 chapters of the book are really just a setup to the real story and are non-remarkable, even quite melancholy. I agree it would seem to be nothing special, again just press and hold on because the book really takes a "land of oz" type twist, and once it does, its hard to put down. Please comment again on it when you get further along.

Have a blessed day my friends!

tracy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tracy said...

Sorry the last comment was deleted by me. What I said didn't come out quite right. Let me try again...JB I agree with SOZ-hang in there with The Shack. Starts slow but is a really cool book. And I am sorry you feel as if you have to defend your position, I don't know if that is just for your own sake or for someone elses. I will say this I have somewhat been in your shoes before-keep sticking up for what is in your heart. Most of the disenchanted or disheartened have reasons that more often than not have nothing really to do with the ministry or the pastor or whatever. It is usually just something they are working out within themselves.

Son of Zadok said...

Tracy, I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I understand what you meant. I don't feel anyone here is disenchanted or disheartened. Someone could tell me, "Your flat wrong and a liar!", and it really wouldn't bother me. I'd shake it off. But I really don't feel that was at all the spirit in which Erik and JB were coming from, not in the slightest. And I hope I'm not having to really defend anything, rather just provoking discussion and thought. Its all good! Tonight's cloud post is really stellar and brings a lot of this together. You'll all like it I promise. :)

Son of Zadok said...

Ok wait a minute. You were talking to JB about having to defend his position about CITN. I had to back up there and re-read everything. Sorry about that, I get it now. HaHa! Lost in Translation!

tracy said...

HAHAHAHHAH! That was funny! Just goes to show things aren't always what they appear at first glance!

Son of Zadok said...

Yea Tracy that was funny!

Hey Mystic,

Did ya put that there bones puzzle together last night?

Mystic said...

(As for my avatar...I call it...Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

JB...I'm sad on your behalf...though I don't know any of your specifics, and don't know you very well, I do know that you have shown yourself a true brother in Christ to me through comments here and at CITN...your comments have encouraged and blessed me and I appreciate you for that as well as your posts; and I appreciate all I have heard Bishop say from the pulpit regarding the hard work and value you and your wife have added to CITN because I know how much this body is blessed by dedicated members like yes, I am sad that these things have to occur at all.

It seems that disconnects are a major part of life when following the Lord...especially when you are following the real truth...instead of what everyone thinks is true--tradition and familiarity and what they’ve always heard from mama ‘n ‘em--it began with the original 12 and continues to this day; however, I know from personal experience that it is not always easy...then again, sometimes and in some cases, it is, isn’t it?

Jesus said that some may have to "give up" houses, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, wife, children, or "fields", for His name's sake and that some who do that will receive 100-fold returns on anything given up...”(yes, I know what comes with that...and so does everyone who has ever read it...but it’s usually worth it, right?) , so I pray you can take some consolation in that...and in the fact that my prayers are with you and yours.

In fact, I pray Abundant and Special Blessings for the commitment and dedication of JB and fam...and for all who give and serve and do what is "their reasonable service" and then go above and beyond it and sacrifice so much...for us...your CITN Family...THANK YOU! You are always in my prayers.

Blessings Blog Fam!

SOZ...I’m still working on is REALLY COOL though! Hope to be able to share it worries on the ‘Cloud’ info...I enjoy seeing things from many different perspectives...(as does our very cool friend, Erik)...and often find that, whether I agree with them or not, they may lead me down entirely new avenues of discovery. Peace, SOZ. It’s all good!

Nancy said...

Sunrise...I'm gonna praise His name
Sunset...I'm gonna praise His name
Sunrise...I'm gonna praise His name
Sunset...I'm gonna praise His name

Anyone remember that Clint Brown song?

LisaA said...

As I told you all before, I'm a long time bluker and I've just got to say...YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT! (glittering, striking, distinctive)You have no idea the impact of your words on me! I love you all. There is always the deep calling to the deep here and of course a good laugh now and them.

Anonymous said...

You are the rock of my salvation, you are the strength of my life.
You are my hope and my inspiration, Lord unto You will I cry.

I believe in You, believe in You, for Your faithful love to me.
You have been my help in time of need; Lord, unto You will cleave

Mystic said...

To Bill & Susan...I am sorry for your loss...your family is in my prayers.

JB...I read what I wrote earlier and wanted to explain that I did not intend to try to tell you to sever your relations with your family or anyone in any way...perhaps, your manifestation of love will lead them to a revelation of their own by your staying in their lives. I only meant to show my support for y'all and to let you know that I appreciate you. I hope it didn't sound like I said anything else.

Blessings Blog Fam!

Erik said...

1st look back at the blog today with time to write.

Most of all SOZ, I love you and what you write. 1st, as you expressed, what was written was only an intro, and there I am, speaking about a matter before it is finished, --- what did Solomon call that, oh yeah I remember, a f…. fo…. foo….. fool, (finally got it out). I hope that was the only thing in that category I will say. (well, at least today) . Keep on writing re Cloud, I am just in a certain vibe right now, and jump ahead of myself in times like this. Whoops , and forgive me, to all on blog and off.

Mystic, excellent stuff. Yes and Amen. Apprehending the eons, restoring the years, bending history to conform to God’s and our declaration. It does get pretty ‘medicine heady’ in that space. You ever notice how when your breaking those perceived limits how everything shifts, sight, sound, taste, hearing, touch changes, even how you ‘see’ and whole new connections on the same things? The previous was not wiped out, just added to, but then it is all different, even as some pieces are exactly the same, sort of ? It so fun! Just wait for waking moments that seem like dreaming and dreaming moments same as waking, (this is without drugs) but complete mind/spirit altering experiences.

Keep posting sister.

Mystic said...

Erik...really appreciate the kudos, my brother...and to SOZ/Cloud as well. (See SOZ...I knew he didn't mean it as it may have sounded...he's MUCH more open-minded and laid-back.)

There is a GREAT DEAL of info in those few verses and it is quite "heady". The more I see in them, the more I feel as if I am or have partaken in some sort of mind altering substance or ceremony (of course, I have known nothing of such things...but if I had I might say, "God bless those Native American Shaman and their knowledge of nature's goodness"...hehehe).

But's as the Word says, "We were like them that dreamed..." We have been given the power...we ARE Christ Here and Now...and God said the time would be redeemed...throw all that in with our knowledge of Quantum Physics, the theory of relativity, etc. and what do we find? There is no then and no later...there is ONLY NOW (sounds vaguely familiar, yes?)...and we are to redeem and, most importantly, BRING ABOUT THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS! And yes, it's different, but the same somehow? (definitely a ? Now that's what I call a Time Warp, BABEEE!

It causes my mind and thoughts to race and it begins to look something like a fractal! I KNOW that This is a Kingdom Key and there's so much more to discover in it! I'm still digging, and enjoying the search...thanks so much (and to SOZ/Cloud) for the encouragements. And yes I will post...I'd never Bogart anything all of you who understand that...shame on you! *wink*

Blessings Blog Fam!

Anonymous said...

Special Prayers for Mom & Pop Swilley

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the benefits and provision of the blood of Jesus. Thank you Lord for the protection of the blood of Jesus that covers Mom & Pop Swilley, while they were on the road today.
Father, thank you for blessing our Bishop; with the gift of his parents today!
Like the Scriptures on Isaiah 54:17; and Ps. 91:1 said: No weapons forged against you will prevail, in the Name of Jesus. You both are blessed when you go out and bless when you come in.
Ps.91:1- He dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. “The Lord is your Refuge and your fortress, Our God in Whom we trust.
Bishop love made you asked for my family’s about back home, so, I believe love protects your Mom & Pop today. May the Lord continued to bless you and yours always & always.
Love K.