Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let There Be Peace

Hey bloggers,

I know that I've posted this before, but in light of what will be happening tonight at CITN, I want to acknowledge Jesus' prayer of unity from John In The Now once again, if you'll allow me. I hope to see you all tonight (the regular playlist will be back tomorrow)...

Chapter 17

1. After Jesus had finished speaking to his disciples, He looked up toward the infinite sky and said, “Father, the time has come for You to bring glory to Your Son, so that Your Son may glorify You.

2. “You have granted Him full authority over all the people of the earth, and You have given them to Him so that He might give them all eternal life.

3. “And this fulfills the purpose of eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the manifestation of Your physical presence on the earth.

4. “I brought glory to You in this dimension by doing everything that You told Me to do.

5. “And now, Father, bring Me back into the eternal now, so that I may exist in the glory that We shared before the world began.

6. “I have told these men who have followed Me all about You. Their perception was limited, having been shaped by the current world’s system, but You gave them to Me and now they have been freed from the smallness of their previous mindset by obeying Your word.

7. “They know that everything that I have came from You.

8. “I just told them exactly what You told Me, and it convinced them that I came from You and that You sent Me here.

9. “Right now I am not praying for the whole world, but for those whom You have given to be My followers, because they know that they belong to You.

10. “All that I have is Yours, and all that You have is mine, and the glory of that connection has now included them in its manifestation.

11. “I will no longer remain in this dimension or in this physical incarnation, but they are still in the physical realm of space and time. I am returning to the eternal now to be reintegrated with and in You, but I pray, Holy Father, that You keep through Your name those whom You have given Me. I pray that, even though they continue to live and move in the physical world, they will be able to transcend its finite limitations and be one with each other, even as We are.

12. “While I was with them in the physical world, I kept them safe and intact in Your name. I carefully guarded them, and not one of them was lost to My circle of influence, except for that one who just seemed bent on destruction. But his rebellion only served to fulfill the Scriptures.

13. “I am on My way back into the eternal now, but I want to say these things while I am still in this physical incarnation. If I say these things as the Son of Man, it will make it possible for them to also say these kinds of things, so that they can know the joy of being manifested as Sons of God.

14. “I have told them Your message, but they are hated by those mental prisoners of the world-system, because they don’t belong to that system in any way, just as I don’t.

15. “Father, I don’t ask that you take My followers out of the world, because it would defeat the entire purpose of My coming here if You should allow them to become escapists. I only pray that they be kept safe from the phantom menace.

16. “They are misfits in this world – strangers to its present mindset – just like Me.

17. “So let them find shelter in the truth of Your word; it is the only place where they can live now that they have been with Me.

18. “As You sent Me into this dimension, I am sending them into it – into the fullness of it.

19. “I have given Myself completely for their sake – becoming absolutely absorbed into them – so that they may become absolutely absorbed into the truth.

20. “But I do not pray for these alone…these who know Me as I am, here and now. But I pray for those everywhere and in every dimension of time, including those in the future, who will ultimately believe in Me through their witness and their word.

21. “And I pray that they all may be one in the now...all around this world of yours, not just the ones here in this time and place. Make them all one as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You. Integrate them as You and I are integrated – unified, in harmony, inseparable.

22. “I have actually given them the glory that You gave Me, so that it would be possible for them to be one, even as We are.

23. “I have become one with them in the same way that You are one with Me, so that they may become completely one. This unification – this melding and merging of separate entities into a perfect oneness – is the thing that will ultimately show the whole world that You sent Me. They will all see that You love My followers as much as You love Me.

24. “Father, I truly want everyone You have given Me to be with Me…wherever I am…so that they will see, first-hand, the glory that You have given Me because You loved Me in the now…before the world of space and time was created.

25. “Righteous Father, the people of the world at large don’t know the real You, but I know You, and now the ones who have followed Me know that You sent Me.

26. “And I have revealed You to them and will continue to reveal You through the coming manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I am committed to continuing this revelation so that your love for Me may be in them and that I, Myself, may be in them, as well.”


Anonymous said...


Erik said...


God is everyone’s God. Every prayer, thought, praise to or worship of God, is to God, without limitation on description, name, ceremony, image, words used, dances performed, songs sung.

Interaction with God is through each other, limitless in expression and diversity, hot and cold. Nature displays the variety of dance and love between the created and their praise, love and indulgence with the Creator. Rocks, trees, flowers, birds, snakes, giraffes, fish, bushes, dust, flies, gnats and camels all praise God from different perspectives, with different voices and methods . People are even more diverse than nature, while all the same body.

We people display our love for each other to the degree we are aware of our love for God. In this world is where God has given us to manifest our love for God among ourselves. One only expresses love for God by first expressing love for each other, absorbing all others, and especially those who can be adversaries or those who have disappointed or hurt us. They are especially included in that love we display among us as we celebrate our love for God.

The excitement in John Ch. 10 , many sheep in many sheepfolds we know nothing of. We have come to know some of them in each other, and will know many more as we release the camel of religion from the eye of the needle.

Peace, Joy, and Rightness with God and with each other is the fruit of the Tree of Life, and the wine of the vine of The Anointed One that lives in every one of us. We each differently and harmoniously manifest The Anointed One .

Son of Zadok said...


Eph 3:4-5 (NIV)

..then, you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Christ, which was not made known to men in other generations as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to God's holy apostles and prophets. This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

ROM 11:26 (NIV)

And so all Israel will be saved

Truly today this word finds new fulfillment in coming to pass. God never tears down the old without building the new. I am reminded of this: It is easy to point all the blame on this or that for the divisions that are bred between mankind. For those called, blessed enough to love all, let us love those still in Christ who do not. It's easy to plant the flag who's banner "we are the right ones" even if we have obtained a higher revelation of Christ Jesus.
Today I love the church. For all the pain we've caused I still love her. In the midst of it's confusion I reach out to her and call her to this love and grace we share with all the world. We cannot despise the coming together of ourselves. We cannot tell God he must work by His Spirit through our flesh alone and no longer build houses of love with rocks He has created. Where God tears down, He builds anew. This house, today, He builds with a cornerstone which is Christ Jesus, and every stone will be a living stone.
I guess without talking around it, what I'm really trying to say is: there are those who know Christ saves all, but for some reason develop bitterness for those in the "church" whom God so loves and is also using to accomplish this purpose. That is not the heart and love of the ecclesia. Let us love every religion, including the "Christians". And while I'm on it, let us love the tithe, for it is holy! God forgive us all, but let us always love one another as you have loved us. Then we will enter into fogiveness and love for all mankind and be able to partake in this unity for which we have been apprehended.

That was just on my heart tonight.


The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Place of Christ concluded...

In this Christology, however, some readers may be perturbed by the author's use of the Bible. Here, as in Privy Counseling and throughout his works, his apparent twisting of Scripture to illustrate and prove his point may bring a smile to the lips of the modern exegete. Yet this approach is typical of the mystics from Origen to John of the Cross. And it is, I believe, legitimate, and even helpful to the modern exegete.
That there is a distinctively contemplative approach to Scripture was indicated by Vatican 2 when he wrote: "For there is a growth in the understanding of the realities and the words handed down. This happens through the contemplation and study made by believers who treasure these things in their hearts through the intimate understanding of spiritual things they experience." Growth in understanding comes from the mystics who, so to speak, live the Scriptures from within. If it is true, as Paul says, that no one can understand the spirit of a man except his own spirit, how true, too, that no one can really understand the Scriptures (however much his exegesis) except he who possesses the Spirit that composed them. The contemplative approach to Scripture complements the exegetical and is, I believe, coming more and more to the fore today.

Anonymous said...

Today we do not curse the darkness; we shine the light.

Today we do not stand in the corner; we take a seat together at the table.

Today we share in love, acceptance, and fellowship as our Lord Jesus Christ.

To all those who do not understand. For those who remain in division who cannot behold the Prince of Peace; a scene from a film says a lot to me: Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith.
In the film, which takes some liberties, Mary is speaking with Joseph. The angel of the Lord had appeared to Mary and revealed Christ to her, but Joseph who believed in an eventual Messiah could not believe Mary as a virgin had conceived Him. Jesus was right there inside of her, but Joseph could only let his imagination wander into what sin or madness Mary had fallen into. Mary, left in this agonizing situation, Mary, all alone, who believed, sorrowfully and lovingly looked in to Joseph's eyes and had this to say:

"It's not your fault.....
Your ears have been shut. Your heart has been hardened by God.....
and I don't know why."

Would that you could see the Prince of Peace today. Would that He would open your ears and soften your heart with His love. For He has come. We drink and feast at the table that is set before us. Life is now. Together we give thanks to God for God's own self and for each other.


As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit—just as you were called to one hope when you were called— one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

Eph 4:1-6

Izumi/JOY said...

I love how verse 1 reminds me of 2 Cr. 3:18, "But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, [even] as by the Spirit of the Lord." (and marvel about the word "face", instead of its plural form)

Probably absurd to think this. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we (the children of God) are physical representatives of the word 'to'?

Avatar said...

Very cool.
This morning it is as if I have never seen those words before.
I must go read them again!
Later, blog fam.

Anonymous said...

Would that you could see the Prince of Peace today. Would that He would open your ears and soften your heart with His love. For He has come. We drink and feast at the table that is set before us. Life is now. Together we give thanks to God for God's own self and for each other.

This is a prayer of mine that is almost verbatum. I believe it to have been influenced by Bishop Jim but also know that most of it has been there since childhood.

Anon @ 5:38, you have captured a central theme to unity that can be made real on the earth. If we all just do what we can do (and we all can at least pray) then the frustration or vexing of our soul will be given safe passage to peace. We will truly prosper because we will have a prosperous soul.

Although I know that on a spiritual level we all are already one, there have been numerous times that what I have seen among human interchange has caused a vexation that sometimes I wrongly exspressed and gave even more power to the vexation. This is not one of those times.

There is peace on the entire earth and humankind is performing good will toward each other as well as fully recieving the good will of a loving God. We all are one in the Christ of oneness.

No weapon formed against this truth can prosper and all that attempt to rise against it will fall before they can straighten their legs.

Their is a river of life that flows from the belly of CITN to all the world in effective agreement with our Lord Jesus, The Christ of a united body. This is so because we are believers in the Word of the one true God who proclaimed it as clearly as can be spoken.

Let every ear hear and every heart recieve the good news.


Anonymous said...

Wow, One

I'd love to read your original prayer. Mine just came out from my spirit. Maybe its a confirmation of its truth. I long for all men and women with faith in Jesus to see the Christ, to truly see the purpose and significance of the One, who is God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

Anon @ 5:38

Izumi/JOY said...

I also love how verse 12 illuminates John 10:28 & 29. The words, "My circle of influence," remind me of the nail marks Christ bore for humanity.

tracy said...

WOO HOO, can't wait to welcome such a diverse(yet the same in many points) group of believers into OUR house. May each of you bloggers and blurkers alike have a day filled to overflowing, may you have plenty, may you prosper all that you touch and leave a trail of the One who created you everywhere that your feet touch!!!
See ya'll later!

Izumi/JOY said...

And then again, I really love how verse 11 pulls me to John 1:14 (And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us...)

Since Jesus was no longer remaining in this physical dimension of space and time, was He being Ephesianed 4:23? Romaned 12:2?

Was He jettisoned forward to Genesis 1:3? Is He Exodus' apothecary perfume, tempered together, pure and holy?

I just love how it all makes me wonder.

Erik said...

Good Morning,

We all see the face of God continuously throughout every day. The Word made flesh, and The Spirit manifest in physical reality- each look in the mirror and every time we look into the face of every one we see.

God looks into Godself, here , among us, each one of us, and still into the unique masterpiece each one of us is.

The Spirit lives within each, all make up The Kingdom of God, each together comprises The Anointed One. We love God, we love all others, we love ourselves, already agreed to in our presence in creation.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, with all that's going on here today and tonight, be glorified.

Anonymous said...

Tonight 7pm
A time to worship with no precept of who we are.
Just a group of people coming together to worship the One where those before followed His star.
Many beliefs dropping their difference and ready to see
We are not as different as we believe.
Tonight the heavens will open and the choir of angles will sing
Glory to the King
Tonight this group of people will see.
A new day and a new destiny
Come together at CITN
It all begins at 7pm

It's going to be so cool

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I've read everyone's excellent comments here today several times, and I have to say...wow, you are all so blessed...so enlightened...so aware of God's big picture...I love you input!

Your words are really beautiful, and they mean a lot to me today...more than usual, for some reason...

I am inspired by you all...and I'm proud of you...

Your confirmation is very much appreciated, as is your faith...

...and you revelation...

And I'd love to hear from even more of you today...

BLOGINTHENOW roll call: Who is present today?

Son of Zadok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Apparently, I've lost the ability to write the word "your"

I love YOUR input, and YOUR revelation!

Son of Zadok said...

"Tonight the heavens will open and the choir of angles will sing"

Tracy, I was just thinking before I got on here again how when Christ was born the angels heralded it with singing. I was associating that with how in a certain way Christ is being born in a new way tonight at CITN. I believe angles will be lifting up their voices with you all tonight. Who knows what ears will hear?

John in the Now is truly a work of the Spirit. You ought to do an Ephesians in the now Bishop. It's only six chapters, but one of my favorite books.

Son of Zadok said...

Hey Bishop you could have just been vein like me and deleted your post with a big ole' typo in it!

Anonymous said...

Let Your Kingdom come!
Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Son of Zadok said...

Hey look angles / angels, I did it again. Well that one is not as bad a typo as my deleted post.

Angels from all angles,

gifts from on high dangle.

Lifting up their voices

In joy for God's great choices.

Oh, the Christ revealed in me

allows our love such liberty

Where peace is present we do stand

and set the course for all the land

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Yeah, SOZ, I'd love to do Ephesians, and have thought a lot about it...great words from you today, BTW...

Also, I forgot to tell you all something about the Nile River pic...you can't really make it out, but if you look above the top right side of the "H" in BLOGINTHENOW, that thing sticking up is a huge bald eagle that had just flown over the river and perched on a high limb...I wish you could see it better, because it was awesome in person!

tracy said...

that would be "vain" SOZ, j/k- and yes tonite will be spectacular. I must give credit where credit is due though-that was Laura's beautiful quote about the angels! I wish all of you out of towners that are a part of our family could be here. We will surely update you to all of the wonderful happenings that will take place and hopefully we can bring you back a little piece of the peace.

Son of Zadok said...


Thanks Trace...

New Jerusalem: Earthly shall be Heavenly


disciple said...

Wow the eagle is right ablove your head!

Water Walker said...

All who are weary, Come
All who are thirsty, Come
There's room for everyone..
Come...GPF ITB 2nit

I know these are not all of the words to this song that we used to sa\ing in church however, Bishop I was reading through the worship edition of SOTB IV, particularly your introduction on

As I read these scriptures, more light, more revelation is coming to my eyes. I think about the countless conversations folks want to have with me about hell, and exclusion.

I have a friend who is an apostle, pastor from a holiness church. And he is always wanting to talk to me about exclusion and how pastors need to raise up a standard of holiness and teach the congregation how to be holy. He believes that people are to be ex-communicated from the church if they are caught in a sin. I don't know and I am not judging him, but that may explain why he no longer have a congregation. When you sow to the wind, you do reap the whirlwind. I am proud to be part of CITN where the net is cast out wide with love, acceptance and inclusion.

I know we have to brace ourselves because the nations are coming, in the NOW (no other way). You said on Sunday Bishop, that church as we know it is not working. It is not, the cares of this world has made it of no effect. There are many cares and I promise you I run into the sanctuary to find refuge. That is the tabernacle of CITN

The love and acceptance is a platform for the Peace produced by the Prince of Peace to be manifested.

But as you have indicated, You Must be Holy, even as I am holy. WE must be holy, we are because He is and He is the vine and we are the branch. And we are in Him. WE live and move and breath and have our being in Him.

we are holy and we are all welcome at God's table to feast on His flesh and to drink His blood and to be members in particular.

I was at Covington's library this morning working in the Heritage Room and I met a woman who was working on this huge geneology project who is from the Church of the Later Day Saints.

She was very nice and informed me as how to do research on geneology and told me about her church and what everyone's roll was and what a stake was and so forth about her religion.

Certainly, I invited her to the GPF tonight but she was off to teach other people about how to research about folks who have transitioned to another dimension.

And I thought about what Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead. I know there is a place for geneology and our history is to be honored. I am not in any way attempting to disrespect this beautiful woman or her project or her belief system.

It was just interesting that the
GPF effort to bring about peace to the globe NOW would not be a priority for every religious group or denomination.

When the angelic host ushered the birth of Jesus by saying "Peace and Good will towards All men"...it was one of strongest mandates ever....

Peace is evidence of the presence that only the Holy Spirit brings and it works through love exclusively. I am proud and honored to be a part of this work of the spirit...

All who are weary, come
All who are thirsty, come
There's room for everyone.


Water Walker

Nothing To Lose said...

Tonight will be huge answer, to many questions.

Nothing To Lose said...

"be a huge"

G8TRGRL said...


...esp. love v.21 and how appropriate it is for this evening.

... looking forward to an awesome night!

tracy said...

In reference to the bald eagle in the pic...which is super cool by the way. First and obvious Deut 32:10-He shielded him and cared for him, he guarded him as the apple of his eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions (outer edge of its wings). I gotta ahold of the eagle thing recently when I asked for a sign that God was listening and found feathers all over the house...still finding feathers as a matter of fact and its a different house! Anyway wordy but worth it....Fact about the eagle, it is the only bird that loves the storm. When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited. It uses the wings of the storm to be pushed up higher. Once it finds the wings of the storm, the eagle stops flapping and uses the pressure of the raging storm to soar the clouds and glide. This gives the eagle the opportunity to rest its wings. In the meantime all of the other birds are hiding in the leaves and the branches of the trees. WOW

Larry Usher said...

Jesus spoke about going to the prisons & to the widows and into the highways & byways, to the ditches for the lost sheep, everywhere seeking and saving that which was "lost". He asks us to look upon the face of all we see and see Him. If we see Him, how can we reject the individual before us. To the extent we are willing to accept an individual, that person adds to the puzzle pieces that make up the Christ. Want to see God? Really? Start forgiving those you think are unloveable, those that you couldn't possibly have fellowship with and see what happens. They come. They come to you & you go to them & another piece is brought to the puzzle of peace. Peace is not ignoring evil, peace is shining the light so brightly that evil is DRIVEN AWAY! We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against evil in all its forms.
Isn't it interesting that in Ephesians the "weapons" that Paul talks about are not really weapons in the conventional sense, they are tools of those sent to open the Spirit's realm to others and to themselves. Helmet of SALVATION, breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS, loins wrapped in TRUTH, sword of the
SPIRIT sheild of
FAITH shoes of preparation of
THE GOSPEL OF PEACE fought with weapons of PEACE!!!
Weapons of LOVE!
Inflicting damage to the kingdoms of darkness in all their expressions-through love and light and life and hope and compassion and mercy and grace!
When you smile at a "stranger" you may as well have just thrust a dagger into the belly of evil & hatred.
Think of this!
A "battle" fought with mighty weapons so unconventional the enemy has no way to envision how to fight back! The "secret weapon" of the Gospel...if only the devil would have known, he would not have crucified the Son of God! Too late!
Seated at the right hand of God Almighty ever to make intercession for the saints...day & night ceaslessly responding to the prayers of His own, waiting to hear the voice of His people as One! Christ is King and He shall reign forever and ever! And those whose clothing has been washed in the Blood of the Lamb shall ride with Him! Glory be to our God! Reign through your vessels Lord. Reign in the great Kingdom of Love & Light!
Fill us with your fulness and with your violent tempest blast, let your Spirit triumph over all the Earth!


jt_the_mavin said...

Yo. We are here.


Son of Zadok said...

Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some man willed that it must.

~Charles F. Kettering

Nothing To Lose said...

I was in the GPF meeting this evening and I would have to say that "in the now" just got a whole new meaning.

Awesome meeting.
Awesome people.
Awesome God.

linda said...

Thank you for having the vision for this house. Tonight's service was awesome!!!! Totally what I perceive heaven to be like.

Loved it, loved it, loved it

It challenged me to want to make a difference in this world, more now than ever before, if this world is going to change it will change one family at a time

let there be light

Anonymous said...

Can I just say OMG!!!Tonight was AWESOME!!!
I want to say what I said Wed. said again about tonight.

It's a New Day
The Water in the House
is going to flood the streets, towns and countries.
Living Water lives in each one of us. Let your Living Water Flow.

Bishop when you planned the water flowing from the church to the streets ... Well it happened tonight. It may have been bottled but the Living Water flows in each one of us.

Everyone Let Your Living Water Flow!!!

tracy said...

ntl-don't have alot of words on tonight yet. Something definately shifted in the spirit over lil ole Conyers, GA. I can say my favorite part was when all of the faiths reppresented poured the water in the bowl and blessed it in their own faith. I loved the end too when "We Speak to Nations" was sung and everybody seemed to be having such a good time singing it and meaning it. Ya know when you host a good party at your house with all of your closest friends and you look around the room and it means so much to have them all in your home-that is kind of how I felt. Glad to be a part!! More for tomorrow-a few things I have to ponder tonight myself.

Iris said...

Tonight, Tonight…. WOW!!!! A decaying dream of peace envisioned by so many, has been resurrected by the Spirit of the Living God, and manifested in the spirit of all who shared in the GPF event this evening. What we witnessed tonight, is the Kingdom of God. It is tangible, it is here, and it is NOW. The Kingdom of God is at hand. It has always been here, but we tapped into it tonight. Our perception changed and our minds were unveiled to the nowness of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God to be carried throughout the whole world. We are one people under God. We are the manifestation of the Christ. This world is not governed by world systems, but the world systems are governed by the Kingdom of God. And as we unveil the unity of peace and truly become one, we will see a global harmony the universe has been in travail for since the fall of man.

I realized tonight that I was born for such a time is this. There is not mistake of what my destiny and my purpose is. I have seen the Kingdom of God. For this I was born. For this I will proclaim until my last breath here on earth. We are one people under God. Peace to all… Peace…


Friend4Life said...

Just want to say I am here and was there too!!

Tonight my family had a good time and wants to do it again. The horn being blown...just came me holy spirit chill bumps!! I have heard it blown before, but tonight was DIFFERENT!!

I don't know what to call them; 3 wise men, 3 brothers...anyway, I love how we can come together and pray for peace, love, compassion for 1 and another.

Awesome song Pastor Scott & Judah!! ( 1 Family under God)Rocked the House!!

Asked husband what he liked. All..favorite was "He lives in You" he wanted us to sing it again.

Thanks to the Rev. Moon for starting this Global Peace Festival.

And of course...Thanks Bishop and Pastor Debye EVERYTHING!! What a Awesome place to be and serve!!


Son of Zadok said...

Sounds so amazing...

Paul Young the author of The Shack was on Praise the Lord on TBN tonight. I think they rebroadcast it in the a.m. sometime. Set your DVRs up it was shaking many things that need shaken. A lot of stirring going on tonight all over God's Kingdom.

Thursday is 10/09/08. 7:06 and 5 seconds, keep dividing down you get the point. A transference, a literal Global Paradigm Shift is
taking place this week. If you were at the GPF tonight, please share more...

G8TRGRL said...

WOW! What an experience tonight was! I would have to say my reaction still is that of awe...very much a class act on CITN'S part.. great job!!

AND to think that it even got in the spirit of my 9 year old (though I would have never thought it as restless as he was at 1 point)-- he asked to lead us in prayer at bedtime and was so specific about peace... in our own family and in the world... sooo stinkin' sweet!

PEACEFUL dreams, everyone!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, I'm going to re-post your reviews on today's...

Anonymous said...

I'm here bish, having a lot of pc trouble, totally crashed, working on it, everying sounds great!