Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's Possibilities (And Then Some)

Hey bloggers,

Thanks for the wonderful, poetic/prophetic comments (currently 9 posted). I love this picture, and I appreciate your insights on it.

Couple of things...Don't forget that TODAY IS THE VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE!

Also, I put a short playlist of David Phelps songs on the blog to advertise for the GPF tomorrow night.

Will you be there?


Cheryl said...

Today (or yesterday, since it is past midnight) was truly a special and very blessed day @ CITN. This may run a little long, but please bear with me. I have got to get this out. I initially found CITN right after 9/11. I had been searching for a church home for a long time. I had been growing in an unusual direction that no longer fit with my seriously Baptist and 'traditional' upbringing. After much prayer, I discovered the 'disco-looking' church in Conyers. I had seen the sign from I-20 but just couldn't quite figure out what the place was! My first visit was immediate confirmation that I was in the right place. It took me a few months to finally join but I knew that CITN would always be my home. A couple of years in, I got a job that required frequent travel - a lot of it being on Sundays, so that I could be in place on Monday mornings. Well, my attendance at CITN started to slip. I never lost the love and always referred to CITN as 'my church'. You know how it is when you've been away for a while, it becomes easier to stay away.

I do have to admit that from time to time, I'd come back for an isolated Sunday. I knew that God had big plans for me, but I wasn't ready. So I ran. You might not believe it, but EVERY single time that I'd come back, the message or the service would be something about accepting what God is creating in you. New beginnings, the birthing process, God's destiny for the greatness inside of us -- all of these similar themes were awakening something in me. The truth was that I was fighting something that God had already ordained but I didn't want to go through the birthing process because I didn't think I was ready.

In the middle of last week, my best friend very casually asked me, "When are you going back to church?" Since we both know that there are no real coincidences and that recently I had been thinking the same question, I realized that this was something that God had obviously put on his heart. After he confirmed that, my response was, "Well, I guess soon." So this morning I found myself at the service ready to 'come home'.

And again, I am not believing this! Today was another 'special' service about starting over with a new vision and thinking outside the box to recreate our reality. I came into the service today with one question on my mind - How can I or how do I 're-join' the church family. As you can see, it was already ordained for me to be in this place, at this time, on this day because my answer was the WHOLE service! Well, I signed up for 4 ministries!

Well, I'm back and I am thrilled to be able to be active this time around! I thank God for having a place to go that fills my needs and makes me proud to be a part of something so great! As I continue to pray for my CITN family, I ask that you please pray for me as well. And thank you for making it possible for this wandering (and wondering) sister to come home again!

SCRIBE said...

Good Morning All! Just because it is dark outside does not mean that the NEW DAY has not already arrived! So, ARISE to the occasion and give GOD all Glory. Here is a little "breakfast" to jumpstart your day! God Bless!

Excerpt from Book Entitled: “MIRACLE ZONES”
Author: C.FORD

(Not YET Published, but material IS Copyrighted!)

Journal Entry Written:
Sunday Morning
05 October 2003 @ 0730 Hours

Hallelujah! As we are called to worship the Lord thy God in spirit and in truth on this day, there is a quickening of the Holy Ghost that shall be loosed with fervency and a sense of urgency pouring forth to set the captives free, proclaims God Almighty. Surely, the race is not given to the swift, or the battles to the strong, but to they who have endured until the end, while fighting the good fight of faith through prayer and supplication. SELAH…

The time has come for all commitments that were previously broken to be restored in good faith and godly character. Behold! I am the Lord God Almighty and I have no interest in the comforts of my people, but in the condition of their hearts and the countenance of their character and integrity. Verily, I say unto thee, all people that have wavered in commitments, tarnished covenants, and faltered in the partnerships that I have placed them in, shall be grabbed by the nape of the neck and dragged kicking and screaming to right those whom they have wronged. Be not dismayed, for I have sent forth a violent wave of the anointing to make amends and bring forth recompense for all that was not done decently and in Divine Order. Get ready, proclaims GOD, for the time has arrived and the places have been marked for Divine Order to be steadfastly confirmed and reestablished. All those that have thrown their houses, lives, and families into disarray and discord shall be forced to reconcile with the spirit of humility, grace, forgiveness, and total repentance, for I have called all to the ministry of reconciliation. Therefore, be not accused of receiving the command but choosing not to follow the command. Verily, I say unto thee, partial obedience is absolute disobedience. So, my people that I have chosen according to my holy name are not to become partakers of that which is not of my spirit- the Holy Spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God almighty delivers from them all. All humanity have fallen short of the glory of GOD, but my grace and mercy restores, the Holy Spirit Power sets the captives free, and unconditional love covers a multitude of sin. SELAH…AMEN. In all things and through all seasons, be of good courage, sound mind, and a merry heart, for a merry heart breaks down the roots of contention, strife, and bitterness. SELAH…

Offer up reasonable and acceptable sacrifices of praise, worship, and thanksgiving because as bondservants of the Most High God, the people are required to produce and reproduce the fruits of faith, hope, and love. Yet, the greatest of all these is love. Where there is no love, hope vacates and faith dissipates, declares the Lord of Hosts. Walk not by faith, or by sight, and lean not to thy own understanding, declares GOD. The vision is yet for an appointed time and the appointed time is about to arrive. Suit up in the full armor of GOD and in having done all that one can do, just stand on the word of GOD both day and night, never failing to give thanks unto the Lord of Hosts at all times whether feasting or in lands of famine. In the seasons of storm, remain steadfast in prayer. The foundations that were built upon the rock solid relationship with the Lord thy GOD shall not crumble into the sea, nor blow away with the passing winds, proclaims God Almighty. Do not be distracted by what is seen, for surely everything that is now seen is subject to change. There is hereby a change in the season, a shift in the heavens, a flood of the anointing, and earthquakes that birth manifestations. SELAH…AMEN

Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, but in all things, acknowledge me and I will give my people the heathens and all their spoils as an inheritance. Waste not and want never, declares Jehovah Jireh. I am your provider and all needs are met according to my riches and glory. Grace, grace, abounding grace shall overrun thee and favor shall be the orchard that you harvest from, based on seeds of obedience and faithfulness sown unto ME, says GOD.

Broken focus must not be, declares GOD. For everything that the enemy has stolen and destroyed in the lives of those that worship me in spirit and in truth, proclaims GOD, it shall be poured back into their lives one million fold and multi-dimensional. Love, favor, peace, wholeness, prosperity, covenant relationships, and fresh anointing shall seek out the pure at heart. The exiled and confused will return because the Holy Spirit has convicted them about the mistreatment and negligence of relationship with the prophets of GOD. Give no care or particular thought to this or any other matter, for the angels are encamped around families of holiness who hold my purposes in the forefront. Those dwelling places and covenant partners of the Lord of Hosts shall not be overtaken by death, harm, or destruction. In all things, regardless of what circumstances of situations dictate, I alone am still the Lord God Almighty and I have never seen those in right standing with me forsaken or my obedient, faithful, humble Sons and Daughters our begging for bread. I am the Lord of Hosts…I am not a man that I should lie, neither the son of man that I should repent. Whatsoever I have decreed, it is so, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. AMEN.

Arise! Even the angels rejoice because the victory has been won. The enemy has been declared as the walking dead and they may contemplate the demise of my precious people, but fear the grave repercussions; certainly, the enemy recognizes those that travel the High Road of God Almighty and the paths less taken. AMEN. I am the Lord of Hosts and I have emphatically stated, “Touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm. Whatever has been done to the least of them has also been done unto me- God Almighty. No person shall dare curse or come against they that GOD has blessed. The promises of GOD are always yes and amen to that who are obedient! Selah...

I have given unto my people of purpose, godly character, and purity of heart, the power to tread upon the heads of the serpents while snapping their fingers at the vipers and vultures causing them to flee swiftly. This is no laughing matter! For they who have laughed and mocked my chosen ones, declares GOD, shall be dealt with harshly. Immediately after the smoke clears, all laughter will have ceased because the enemy will be laid to rest for the dead to bury its own, proclaims GOD.

Let this be a day of rejoicing and celebration. Let the glory, favor, and honor of the Lord thy GOD rise among us as we collect the spoils that are left behind by the enemy that GOD canceled out. Dead men can tell no lies or properly disburse wealth. Surely, the wealth of the wicked is transferred to the righteousness of GOD and the gates of hell shall not prevail. AMEN.


Nothing To Lose said...

When you find the key, the sky is the limit.

Twenty Three years ago, to fill up some folding chairs.

Tomorrow night, the world is coming.

peacemaker said...

"Twenty Three years ago, to fill up some folding chairs.

Tomorrow night, the world is coming."

That was perhaps one of the most profound things I have ever read on this blog.

Ah yes...the key. We all have it and it unlocks many doors. What shall we call it: Compassion and Peace, or judgment and separation. The first, opening ALL doors, the second...well,not so much. The choice is ours.

The picture...
It's almost like I was there myself.
I see, even when the flow gets rough, peace, focus, and resolve. Knowing with confidence, that the current is still carrying you towards Destiny's call.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008. A day that will live in honor.


Donald said...

The sky is the limit, NTL?

Let's not cut ourselves so short. There's already footprints on the moon.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here in my study and look out the window facing east, I can see the sun’s first morning radiance over Crowley’s ridge here in NE Arkansas. The trees are only a silhouette beneath the morning light in the heavens. My windows are open and I can here a dog barking in the distance, a bird greeting the new day with a song, and a crows cawing. I think about newness and how God is birthing a new day right before my eyes. As the sun rises higher the trees and the landscape change from dark shadows to diverse and varied colors and shapes as I begin to see the distinctive shape of each leaf, blade of grass, bushes, and wild flowers in the pasture. And so it is with our relationship with our God, creator, and savior; as His Spirit rises in our hearts the world around us begins to make sense and become clearer and clearer.

I think I will hang out with Him today and do some stuff.

Peace, Grace, and Love,

Nancy said...

The picture of you on the blog OMG!

Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nations, come oh new Jerusalem!

Church in the Now
"Church on the Nile"....
Facts on the Nile River:
At 4,132 miles (6,650 km.), the Nile River is the longest river in the world. It has its origins in Burundi, south of the equator, and flows northward through northeastern Africa, eventually flowing through Egypt and finally draining into the Mediterranean Sea. Three principal streams form the Nile. In Ethiopia's highlands, water flows from the Blue Nile and the Atbara. Headstreams of the White Nile flow into Lake Victoria and Lake Albert. The Nile River basin is immense and occupies an area about one-tenth of the continent of Africa. It includes portions of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, The Sudan, and Egypt. It is estimated to drain an area of 1,293,000 square miles (3,349,000 sq. km.)......

They are coming Bishop...Oh yes, they are coming!!

Ray Muscarello said...

Hey Bishop.

Great new picture!!!!

I'm a little late getting back into the blog since your return.

I got a chance to speak to a few of you this past Sunday, but I just wanted to welcome everyone back home from Uganda.

Love and Peace,
Ray muscarello

G8TRGRL said...

Just a thought...

If you have My Space or Facebook, copy and paste info for the CITN/GPF event onto your profile!

Let's get it out there!

Disciple said...

Of course we'll be there!

Water Walker said...

The key...God has given us the key to the kingdom and so in the name of Jesus, I pray that light will come to our spirits that we will kow what the keys are to our destinies, our puposes, our finances, our health, and our relationships. I believe the holy spirit is the source of the key, creator of the key and activator of the key. But He must use us and ignite us so we may what is the hopeof our calling.

The kingdom keys are mysterious and thought provoking however I will say that there are many doors (in the spirit) that remain unopen until we have located the key.

GPF - is global and universal and other worldy, the thought of Global Peace is such a kingdom thought that we can only imagine what the connection to this advent will mean for Conyers. Jane Conyers sent me a link to send out to other ministers, pastors and friends and the internet is a great avenue to get the word out. In professional outside sales, we did something called walking and talking, it is very effective to hand out the postcard flyers in Walmart or Home Depot or your subdivision.

It is imperative that we invite as many people as possible, as I believe this can potentially be a life changing event for all who attend.

C U ITB 10/07/08 at 7p
Water Walker

Anonymous said...

THE KEY.....I see opens up the heavenly realm to endless possibilities here on earth! ...LOVE it!



G8TRGRL said...

Here's to the CITN being a big rock... with a big ripple!

"When you think a new thought, entertain a new dream, or mentally choose a new goal, your thoughts "leave" you and go out - in every direction, to the farthest corners of the planet. They carry a life force all their own, like ripples created when a pebble is tossed into a pond."-- email

Larry Usher said...

"The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one- and it would not be a wasted life." Katsumoto in The Last Samurai

To know life in every breath we take, every meeting of the eyes, every nod of the head, every touch from the heart, every God word spoken, every selfless act- is the way of Love's Warrior- those that have clad themselves in the armor of light.

Unsearchable, I bow and fall, drawn inexorably by your mercy. Irresistable, I lean and collapse upon your grace.
Lovely, shining, I am swept into your beauty and pulled to your throne.
Worthy, I cast my crown before the Maker of the Crowns.
...and rest in our oneness...

Larry Usher said...

Yesterday I noticed a new excitement in the house, as if a light switch had been thrown. I DO believe there has been a turning point as P. Debye said. Very excited also to be ITB tomorrow night and see what God has in store! God will not be contained!


Glad to hear your testimony(in many ways similar to my own)- your steps are definitely ordered of the Lord and you couldn't have picked a better day! Look forward to hearing from you on the blog and ITB!

Scribe- some REALLY heavy stuff there!

NTL- well said! Those that have been considered "untouchable" will have the touch of God!

Pastor Dennis- totally agree! Nice "mental imagery" as well!

Nancy- oh yes, they are!! Woohoo!!!

Ray-thanks again for the gift, you & JoAnn share in the rewards my brother!



Ray Muscarello said...


You are very welcome. Glad to have you and everyone else back safely. Sorry I missed talking to you this past Sunday. I'll be at the Global Peace Festival. Hope to see you their. We'll catch up the next time we see each other.

Peace my brother.

linda said...

the key... what does it unlock, what do you need?? what do you have in your hand? Whatever you have in your hand will unlock whatever it is you need!!!
Bish love the picture of you by the river. It's too prophetic for words...
Can't wait til Tuesday!!

Let there be light

The Cloud of Unknowing said...

The Place of Christ continued...

Here, indeed, is the very climax of the author's thought, couched in the beautiful prayer in Privy Counseling:

That which I am and the way that I am,
with all my gifts of nature and grace,
you have given to me, O Lord, and you are
all this. I offer it all to you, principally
to praise you and help my fellow man
and myself.

This is truly the peak-point when the contemplative together with Christ offers himself to the Father for the human race. Now he has put on the mind of Christ so completely that, in a sense, only the Father remains. It is Christ within who prays and offers himself to the Father - "I live, now not I, but Christ liveth in me." And of course the whole prayer is eminently Trinitarian and bafflingly paradoxical. There is one God, who is my very existence. And yet my existence is somehow distinct and I can offer it to him.

Anonymous said...

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics: Jim Steinman

[Full congregation]
The Keys to the vaults of heaven
May be buried somewhere in a prayer
The Keys to the vaults of heaven
May be heavy or lighter than air

Open up the vaults
Open up the vaults
We've got to find the keys

The nights have been growing darker
They're darker now than sin
We'll open the vaults of heaven
The treasures are there within

The keys to the vaults of heaven
May be seen in a pure child's eyes
The keys to the vaults of heaven
May be heard in our desperate cries

[Solo & Children]
Open up the vaults
Open up the vaults
We've got to find the keys

The nights have been growing darker
Even darker now than sin
We'll open the vaults of heaven
The glories are there within

[The Children]
One sweet day when the whole worlds ready
We'll awake to a glorious sight

[Swallow & Children]
Our saviour returns to guide us
We'll be gratefully blinded by light

[Full congregation]
We've got to find the keys
We've got to find the keys
To open up the vaults
The nights have been growing darker
So much darker now than sin
We'll open the vaults of heaven
And the answers are there, within.

We've got to find the keys
We've got to find the keys
To open up the vaults
The nights have been growing darker
So much darker now than sin
We'll open the vaults of heaven
And the answers are there, within.

From: Anyone Can Whistle

tracy said...

We'll be there. We would hate to know that we missed something that everyone will be talking about. And to be a part of something so important and close to our heart...this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity! Looking forward to it!

Son of Zadok said...

The talk of the folding chairs really hit home with me today. Being a part of a new church here in Dayton, Paradox, who is renting out space at a local school right now; setting up and putting away the folding chairs are all part of our present reality. And frankly I love it. It's great to be a part of something fresh and new. Truly CITN is at the start of something new even now.

I've been meaning to share something with you all that I've been enjoying online lately. Three times a day an hour long program is run here online.

Some very good instrumental praise music is played while Scripture is occasionally read over top if it. It's very annointed, and an excellent way to spend some time focusing on the Lord.

Times : 5 a.m. / 12 p.m / 9 p.m. eastern

Sometimes its hard to get in a habit of prayer, but I believe it is critical if we are to evolve into what we are truly called to be. And if many join together at once in these works, all the better.

Can't wait to hear a report about tomorrow night. I see the New Jerusalem descending down from heaven upon us all. Come Lord Jesus, come.

Avatar said...

It is the most awesome thing to find you have a "key" within you that opens the Kingdom to someone.

Annie Sullivan comes to mind as I type. She had a big lock to unlock.

I'll be there!

ray muscarello said...

Hey Bishop,

This dates back to a Wednesday night Service a couple of weeks ago. Just can't seem to get this song out of my head since you mentioned it.

Dave Mason, We Just Disagree.
First link is a younger Dave Mason.
Second link is an older Dave Mason.

Love ya.

Nothing To Lose said...

I have only been through Mississippi a handful of times in my life, usually driving like a race car driver on my way to Dallas.
I never paid any attention to the sky there, 'cause I was more interested in keeping an eye on the road ahead and an eye in the rear view mirror, for any blue lights.
Over here in Georgia, the sky goes way beyond the moon, we have what we call stars, that are light years away.
You and her Majesty are gonna have to someday come to Georgia so you can see that there is a whole lot more things to see.
I once heard that a cow jumped over the moon, and I do agree with you that it really isn't very far away.
Nothing but love.

Anonymous said...

aughhh! my Microsoft office program has crashed! I mean really crashed! I have tried every trick that I could find of google and all the PC wiz forums and blogs. many have had this same problem - same error messages and "missing files" problems. I usually can fix about anything in a computer, but this one has me and a bunch of others stumped. I even totally uninstalled the program (as much as it will let you) and still no fix. I am using Office 2003 and so were all the others that had this problem. I think Microsoft sent a corrupt file or something out their self to shut it down so you would have to go out and but the 2007 version!!! I guess you can tell I am a little upset after spending all day trying to fix this thing and I am just going in circles. I think when Donald, SOZ and I were talking about those plumbing demons and carpentry demons the other day some of them transformed into PC demons! "I CAST THOSE CORRUPT FILE DEMONS OUT OF THIS MACHINE! I TAKE MY ANTI-DEMON-VIRUS CLUB AND BASH THEM OVER THE HEAD!I SEND THEM INTO INTO THE THE AM RADIO IN THE STORAGE SHED OUT BACK...GO!

OK now I feel better

Anonymous said...

oops!..."on" google.......go out and "buy" the 2007 version


Anonymous said...

Bish and Pastor Debye,
Supernatural rest tonight in Jesus name, 'cause tomorrow company is a comin' up the road. And I mean a bunch of 'em. And some like we ain't never seen, but somehow or 'nother, they's kin. Skunna be good.

Night all.

Son of Zadok said...

Pastor Dennis,

I think those kind can only come out with fasting and prayer!

Donald said...

Actually, ntl, Her Majesty and I have been to MANY places in this great big world and I will assure you that I have not seen ANYTHING so spectacular in Gawjuh that would cause me to want to uproot and relocate there.

But, IF you have the key, there are NO limits!

Anonymous said...

ahm ahma feelin mighty pious right now.....

Nothing To Lose said...

You two ever been ITB, in person and in "living color"? Need a key?
Got plenty. See ya soon...

Be blessed.

tracy said...

Yes NTL Donald and her Majesty have been in the building-Isn't it funny how we love where God has placed us? Must admit though sometimes when Donald and his Highness are tooting around and skippin over to New Orleans for a little jazz, some oysters and a cool drink, I could tend to be a weeeeee bit envious!

Nothing To Lose said...

Well,that didn't work. I'll think of something...