Sunday, October 5, 2008

Super Sunday!

Wow! Was today awesome, or what???!!!...practically perfect in every way!

Thanks for the comments about the new has already been stated, it was taken on the banks of the Nile River last week...

I pray that you all feel the joy that I'm feeling right now.

I love every one of you...even the blurkers!



Anonymous said...

Bishop - I love the new picture - it embodies the Spirit of a Real Man experiencing the Real God in a Real World.

As P. Debye ministered a few weeks ago about carrying a full-term baby for 9 months and the pregnancy and birthing process that we have all undergone this year - I totally connected to that.

Today, during the service as she referred to today as being the culmination of a new birth at CITN, what came into my spirit was this: A full-term pregnancy is referred to as being 9 months but it is more specifically 40 weeks. And, you guessed it, today, October 5th is the 40th Sunday and this is the 40th week of the year of 2008. Clearly 40 has many biblical references and its symbolism is not lost as we birthed a new Church In The Now today!

The service that occurs here on Tuesday on the 7th day of this month at 7 pm during this 40th week of 2008 is divine order at its finest. God is in control and is moving and connecting people of faith all over the world to lead the entire Body of Christ toward and into total restoration of all things.

If you do not believe that God is ultimately in control of everything then why did a $700 billion congressional plan fail and in response the stock market fell 777 points which was 7% of its total value. God's signature is all over the current world situations. Surrender to His mighty power and allow Him to reveal to each of you exactly what you need to move forward in His Kingdom. We are all a piece of the divine puzzle. (I love the key chain we got today - such symbolism.)

I am blessed to live very close to CITN and am able to partake of the ITB experience constantly and I know that my being here is a Divine appointment. But, remember, all you out of towners - download the EACH Blast service or buy the DVD/CD on the CITN website - if you are a covenant member of this community, you won't want to miss seeing or hearing it.

Yvonne said...

Bishop, today was really awesome. Something really cool happened for one of our members. In the last couple of months he has had both of his legs amputated and today was the first time he was back in the house after the second amputation. He was in the front in a wheel chair. Well, the Lord has had us interceding and praying, even the prayer line at church and so God is having His way in this situation.

Anyway, today was so encouraging to see Don as the EACH winner.Well Herman's wife, Romanita has shared with me that Herman wants to start back with a ministry the Lord gave him to take teenage boys (high risk) - usually coming out of the Foster care system out fishing to part of a ministry which he calls "Fishers of Men". Well because of the blast he was able to meet Pr. Lindsay and Pr. Scott and talk to them about his vision of mentoring some of high risk youth.

I have to tell you Herman was so delighted to have a place in the church where God can use him.

This is God's doing and it is marvelous in His eyes.

To God be the Glory and thank you Bishop and Pr Debye for a place we can hook into the kingdom of God and to see God's body being a functional organism.

We celebrated Pr. Faye's and Pr. Dave's 50th BD last night at the Marriot, and I have to tell you to celebrate the 70's with other newly 50 year olds was an absolute hoot. Truly laughter doeth the heart good like a medicine. I can't tell you when I have laughed so much.

WE serve a great God!

Divine Wealth and Divine Health to All!

Nothing To Lose said...

The new picture:

Looking, into Africa...

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article posted on about the possibility of a McCain & Obama tie and how that is worked out according to the constitution.

What is so interesting to me is that we have a very real possibility of having a Republican president and a Democrat Vice President if this were to occur.

This election is so unique at this point that anything is possible - Hey that must mean God is in control since with God anything is possible.

I am still voting as my spirit is telling me to, but embrace the Divine order of these elections and our future as a nation and as a world.

Nothing To Lose said...

Pastor Debye,
That explanation of a three fold
cord that you explained, I would dare say has never been explained, since explanations of three fold cords have been explained.
I would also dare say that what you explained will be explained around the world, in the years to come.
I would also dare say that the church is about to see a growth that has never been experienced, because of a word that a wonderful lady got, while putting on her make up.

Anonymous said...

I knew today was going to reveal yet another level of God's overall plan for the Church.

I loved what Don said in agrrement with today concerning attending. What I heard was when we attend, we are attending to our own needs and the needs of others.

Thank you Pastor Debye for your courage and insight.

Thank you Bishop for the excellent way that you facilitate all in their pursuit of God.

Looking forward to Tuesday.


Donald said...

Well I'm glad to hear from somebody because I thought the rapture had taken place.

Friend4Life said...

We love you 2, Bishop!! I am so in AWWW of all the places you have been so far this YEAR. Just looking @ your pictures here on the blog; some people wouldn't believe you did that all in on year.

I'll agree; this was the best service ever!! Before you left to Uganda I was so excited. I felt like I was going on a trip with ya'll. Since then, I come to CITN ready to take FLIGHT to new places, new heights!!

This was a NEW DAY for CITN!! I felt that BLAST...did any1 else?

~Peace, and Love~

tracy said...

Crap-I posted on yesterday and don't know how to move was pretty good too....

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


No problem...I'll post it for you (and, yes, it is good!)

tracy said...
Today was spectacular and awesome and great and new and energizing and....well you get the picture. It has been like that since the "family meeting" at Kids in the Now. David and I have re committed our time. When our finances took a hit we realized that we were only doing a part of what God called us to do and the financial thing made us take stock of what else we were doing in the church, which was not much at all. We had relationships in the church and were doing things and helping individuals, but nothing really organized in the body. Since the "family meeting" we volunteered with the Mix at Lighthouse Villages and it blessed our socks off. We also started with the Greeter Ministry last Sunday and through all of this we have realized what exactly it was that we were missing. So thanks for the kick in the pants that day to get us pointed in the right direction. I also realized the other day when I blogged about crossing over from unbelief into belief that it requires action in the meantime. The puzzle is getting fitly joined and starting to make sense! BTW cool pic-it doesn't even look real!

Nothing To Lose said...

Just like a caterpillar, a blurker will eventually wrap his/her self in a cocoon (without their even realizing it)and will evolve into a blogger, just like the caterpillar will evolve into a butterfly. It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

This picture of the Nile is absolutely amazing. It looks like God is somewhere in the picture, I just can't quite see His image.

When I think of this world and how spectacular and beautiful it is with all it's diverse terrain - lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys, all placed so strategically on the continents, I question, "How can some not believe in a God who thought of everything? His creations are so perfect and so magnificent!"

God loves diversity in geographic terrain, in the plant and animal kingdoms and most of all the diversity of people in His Kingdom! We ought to "just go with it!" That's how He is! He likes lots of different things. They all belong to Him.

If we just look at the diversity in nature, we can see that different is not negative! It makes for a beautiful,exciting and often challenging world. God loves all his children - the Hindu's, Muslims, Christians....

We cannot always see the positive in His creations or their purpose, but in creation He had and still has a plan. I look at snakes and detest them, wondering why God made them. He knows. Ants, you just can't get rid of them---especially in GA! What is their purpose? We could even say that about some people we don't like! I could go on and on, But we have to know that God has a plan to bring all His wonderful creations into Divine order and into His destiny for the world --- not ours!

Let's respect all of God's people, whether we have much in common with them or not. God made them
and they have a purpose in this world, just like we do. All the pieces of the puzzle will come together..eventually!

"Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!"


Anonymous said...

Hey All

How cool was today? Can't wait till Tue. One thing about the key chain. Did anyone notice it looked like a person? Thanks Bishop & Pastor Debye I collect key chains and that was a wonderful surprise.
Tonight was awesome (the baptism)
Living Water To Flowing Water

It's a New Day
The Water in the House
is going to flood the streets, towns and countries.
Living Water lives in each one of us. Let your Living Water Flow.

Bishop I saw that other church with the banner and I just thought to myself how awesome that other churches are embracing what we as a community can do when we work together.

So Cool
Loving the New Day!!!

Erik said...


yes, completely, God is diversity in all we see, and all we believe. This is true in the natural and especially in faith. Whether we worship G-d, God, Allah, Jehovah, The Force, The Creator, The un named God, God with an unknowable name. Every ounce of faith to many Gods for the polytheistic and every prayer to one God for the mono theistic is to the same God. Diversity, variety -- God thrives in it, God has chosen to express Godself in all of these, all the time.

Hooray, Yes and Amen !!!!

Yes and Amen

Teezy313 said...

Sliding in to say goodnight(good morning to the insomniacs =})

Hope today was a wonderful day...can't wait to hear about Tuesday! I was gonna come up Tuesday night but seeing as I have mid-terms all this week it wouldn't work into my schedule as of now....

Blessings to all,

Erik said...


The more I see the recent pic on the Nile, the more I like it. Kind of Caesar ish, in a good way. Ties in with history - biblical and other, ties in with geography, - All Time is Here and All place is Now.

I know we all sort it out with different pieces, and that is cool, minutes, years, miles, longitude and latitude - that's all good and fun. But, sometimes just throwing it all together and removing the constructed boundaries is fun as well. The picture hints at that for me. Time lines and boundaries and none, mix and match a bit, it all works.

All is God.