Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rejoice Today!...And Then Some


Later that day...

Hey bloggers,

As you can see, I have two posts for today. The first one is the John 3:17 pic (currently 16 comments). When you click on it to enlarge it, the images are quite powerful.

The second is the REJOICE! pic (currently 3 comments). I posted it in faith, because I had a feeling about how the service was going to go this morning, and suffice it to say that I wasn't disappointed! Pastor Nancy Courter sent this to me before church this morning...

Hi Bishop,

Here is a picture I took this summer when His Hands went up to Virginia Beach. We were given 3 rooms for 2 nights on the beach while we were there. It goes along with today’s blog.

Pastor Nancy


Thanks, P. Nancy.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

I walk by faith
Each step by faith
To live by faith
I put my trust in You
I walk by faith
Each step by faith
To live by faith
I put my trust in You

Every step I take
Is a step of faith
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
And every prayer I make
Is a prayer of faith
And if my God is for me
Who can be against me


Donald said...

Anyone who can't rejoice on a beautiful day like today can't rejoice on any day. It is a beautiful day to be alive.
Going to church now, be back soon to enjoy the streaming.

Nothing To Lose said...

Today, a service to remember.

Cups were filled to running over.

Lives were changed and strengthened.

Bishop, I thank you that you seek the truth, find it and explain it to us like you do.

Like donald said, this is a beautiful day to be alive.

Donald said...

And Bishop, I wasn't disapoointed either!
I'm apologize, I couldn't resist.

Donald said...

Well dad gum, I meant "I apologize".
That's what I get for being a smarty britches.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...


We are laughing so hard right now.

I read what you wrote several times, but I didn't get it until a few minutes ago. Debye woke up from her nap and logged onto the blog and said to me, "Did you know that you mis-spelled 'disappointed'?"

What is really funny is that I was going to make fun of you for mis-spelling it, but didn't because you had just had a heartbreak in your family, so I was going to go easy on you.

Now that's funny, I don't are who you are...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

I mean I don't CARE who you are!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Well, I do care who you are, I was just trying to correct what I wrote. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Great service today, the praise and worship was especially anointed. I was so glad to hear you say that you hear the same clueless replies coming from people today, I get so much of that it makes me want to go off screaming into the night. You do that character pretty well, it’s hilarious to hear you, but the point is well made.
You can never emphasize enough your point on the significance of the coming of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Christ and how that changes everything. People are trying to teach and preach from the paradigm of Jesus’ teaching in the flesh before the cross under the old covenant. Hellooooo, the story continues with acts and the rest of the New Testament (covenant) EVERYTHING CHANGED He said it would. Jesus is doing greater works now in and through US……because He is the Spirit, He is not confined to one location or body. Everyone needs to get what was revealed to paul…..WE ARE THE “BODY” OF CHRIST NOW…..”weaull aint that thayut nuew aiuge stuuff” probably is to them…..
End of the service was awesome, was the Spirit in that horn or what!

"are who you are"
"I are who I are"

I answered yer post on my blog....

Reign! said...

Today's service is (can never be 'was', because it is so in the NOW!) beyond desciption. I am reading a book by Dr. Myles Munroe titled, "The Greatest Person on Earth." Every time I pick it up I am excited beyond fire because it says exactly what Bishop teaches about the Holy Spirit! I actually read today's sermon in that book on Thursday! I rejoice because I KNOW God sends me to Church in the Now! When I first joined CITN, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I HEAR Bishop's voice. Then He pressed upon me not to listen to or watch anyone else preach or teach unless they were a pulpit guest at CITN for that entire first year. That was key to staying connected here. Along with that, I was taught if you don't understand something said at church to pray about it. Pray for understanding. The less said the best said. Because of that my ears are now very sensitive to the Truth of the Word of God. I rejoice because I AM Chosen to be a part of this ministry of TRUTH! Since coming here and receiving a revelation of the word Now, I don't even like using past tense verbs! All we have is NOW! I rejoice as the Lord keeps me in the Truth of His Word. He just keeps tucking it in here and there, every which way He can, and I love Him for it!

Quiver, Quake & Shake Baby!
Jesus Is Lord!

Nancy said...

Wow, Bishop! Thanks for posting the picture. This IS the day the Lord has made!
Looking forward to tonight's service

Reign! said...

I almost forgot to mention that the ministry gift personified in Antonio Allen was the perfect compliment for today's sermon. My guests are still talking about that young man's lung capacity. We have never heard a note held that long.
What a Blessing!

Ebony said...

You know Bishop, it's funny how Christians get into this place where they can't see the forest for the trees. Yesterday, two of my closest friends came up to see my new digs, and for us to hang out, well as we were headed up to Lenox, I pointed to the church and told them that's where I go. Having lived here for so long I've never had to explain the title to anyone so when she asked me "Why do they call it church in the now?" And since my normal "you just gotta come to see what I'm talking about" response would be vague and if I quoted you (and Danny glover) and said "Could be, Could be not", she wouldn't get it. So I said simply, because my church isn't about the past or the present, it's about doing God's work in the moment, in the now. I then reassured her that it was a "Christian church" (what she was really trying to ask but didn't know how to say "Ebony you're not in a cult are you?" without offending me) she was fine. Later that afternoon while we were eating lunch @ the Lenox food court, a woman comes up to us and says "excuse me ladies I just wanted to give you my card" and she tells us she's a spiritualist. As she walks off, they both say, rather smugly and within her earshot, "No thank you I'm a Christian. I don't believe in that." and were saying how they should've given her one of the cards for their church or e-mail her with scriptures, and while (I guess) their hearts were in the right place, I just didn't get what they were getting so indignant about, but I also saw why some people get turned off by the "western judeo-christian ethic" because at that time, they weren't walking in love or non judgement, but I guess that's religion for you. Anyway, Bishop the service was wonderful, some good spiritual food for thought that hopefully will help us to stay focused on what matters most, and I'll have a much better answer next time I'm asked about my church's title, but you know "You just gotta some and see for yourself works too"

Donald said...

Lordy, Lordy!

Anonymous said...


Tonight when we took communion I couldn't help to think about He was broken. I remember as a child the church we went to served the wafers and when the minister got to the part about He was broken we would break the wafer. It was very
symbolic and also very powerful. Just thinking about He was broken for us. He knew what was going to happen and yet he served a symbol of Himself.

I also remember another church that dipped the wafer into the cup.
I use to think that was odd because Jesus dipped the Body / bread into Judas's Blood/ wine.
I question churches that do that are they saying we are all like Judas?

His Body Broken
His Blood Shed
Our Sins Forgiven

Anonymous said...

Love the pic P. Nancy...A three cord is not easily broken...the Holy Spirit presence was still ITB tonite...

Here to Worship & Serve

Son of Zadok said...

You know sometimes I've come home to watch the taped service and skipped the praise and worship. Well let me say, I'm so thankful I took time to enter in tonight. I was just finally able to watch. The service just ended and my, my; the Holy Ghost doesn't have any problem arriving by way of taped delay! Wow, so many good things here Now. Many, many gifts were given today. Much deliverance. Much opening and propelling forward. Much "Dunamas" !? During the very spiritually active praise and worship, it just was so sweet and awe inducing. IT's all available isn't it. Thank you praisers. For some reason my recording today skipped a few parts of the service and I got to hear the last 15 minutes of the message. It was so good.

Hosanna! Praise God Bishop, you were so in the Spirit. The Spirit, The Spirit, Eureka!!!

Preach the Man-Child !!!!

I could hear many of you individually praying and interceding. Each one of you was truly ministering to the Lord and each other today in your own way and it came through, Big Time!
I just sat here in my chair with my eyes closed most of the time worshiping Him. Oh it was sweet. Every word that was given so beautiful and Spirit led. My heart was blessed by each of them.
We're entering in. All lines are open. Today the gauntlet was put down. During praise I visualized giant locks and gears turning and opening up a hoover-like dam system and the flood of water gushed and barreled over in release. The river is flowing. Do not fear the gifts and callings of the Lord. To the lady in the black jacket with the white shirt, You prophecy in the name of the Lord.
Dynamo! Upon the administering of hands the Spirit was blasting life into this church. A synergistic fusion of His power. The funniest thing happens to me when I feel the Spirit in a more vibrant way. My pinky and ring finger go numb on both hands with a vibration of sorts. I could feel that vibration on my heart tonight. Wow, it was very unusual. I really felt in my heart this thought for us tonight,

You and the Father are One.

Church In The Now, you are about your Father's business.

Oh are you ever.
I'm on the edge of my seat.
We breathe in the air.
It's all happening.
Be filled with the Spirit.
God is what's next.

ver: cotsted

We are accosted by the Spirit

Brenda said...

The experience of the Holy Spirit was so powerful today and i am so happy i was able to be in the place and not have to look at it on my computer. When i was sick and had to watch by computer i rejoiced for that but i now rejoice the more that i'm able to be in the place. Today as we worshiped and the Holy spirit flowed i reflected on how much God loves us and i could feel that love so powerful. Even though some times we don't get it and we worry about things and get all stressed out about things not in our control, God is still right there loving us.
2008 has truly been a year of new beginnings for me and i just can't rejoice and praise God enough. Being a part of EACH has given me a closer tie to CITN and for that i give God praise. Bishop your unique way of expressing the word makes me want to come back Sunday after Sunday because i don't want to miss any pearls of wisdom and i get to get my laugh on (smile).
I expecially praise for the moment we took to pray for this country it was very much needed. It's time to pick a new president and it's number 44, well 4+4 = 8 and it is a new beginning as God shows off his glory. No matter who goes into the white house God is in my house and that is why i praise.

Anonymous said...

It was a day of enriched enlightenment, full of joy in the Holy Ghost.

word ver...plastzat...

Pamela T. said...

The pictures are awesome, and Yesterdays services were such wonderful blessings. It was a constant giving and receiving of blessings and praise. I am still WOWED. The Presence of the Holy Spirit was so powerful and I think even those that "aren't into that" could not deny His Presence.

I am trusting him with everything and it is an awesome feeling.

Thanks you, Pamela

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback from the really was amazing...

Laura, I taught on that at SOTBI...when Jesus "dipped the sop" with Judas, it was a traditional sign of acknowledging the guest of honor...the One who was the greatest among them served the one who was, in their, perception, about to be the least...

So, in a sense...yes, we all were/are Judas, but the Lamb of God has taken away the sin of the WHOLE WORLD!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

too many commas: should read
"who was, in their perception, about to be the least...