Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Christmas Playlist

Hey bloggers,

I'm going to go ahead and post my Christmas playlist. I was planning to wait until Thanksgiving to put it up, but I've invested so much time in assembling it that I want to make it worth my while, and use it as much as I can. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining...I love the music so much that it has totally been a labor of love to create this collection. I've been using spare time here and there since the first week in September to get it exactly the way I wanted it.

There's a little bit of everything here (currently 101 songs)...pretty much all of my favorites, and, hopefully, yours. The only thing I couldn't get that I wanted was 'Riu Chiu' by the Monkees. They did a really beautiful version of the ancient Spanish hymn (it's on YouTube), but it wasn't available on the site that I use.

A few things I want to mention:

1 - Joy To The World — (covers by Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole, and a trio consisting of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby. It also appears here, in part, in a few carol medleys...)
I included JTTW several times in the playlist because, in my opinion, this great hymn is the official dominion anthem. It jubilantly declares that the earth is the Lord's, and that He is her King. I especially love it because it has a paradigm of universal and ultimate reconciliation: "Let EVERY heart prepare Him room!" ...and of all things being consummated in Christ...AND HEAVEN AND NATURE SING! Heaven and nature singing together...the true manifestation of the concept of the UNI-verse!

2 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing — (covers by Mahalia Jackson, Nat King Cole, Take 6, and the Vince Guaraldi Trio from the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack...)
I used this powerful carol multiple times because it also has a very pro-reconciliation viewpoint. The phrase "God and sinners reconciled" in the lyrics speaks of reconciliation in past if it is a fact that has already occurred. It has beautiful theology in every verse, and is my sentimental favorite because both It's a Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas conclude with it.

3 - Christmas In Dixie — (Alabama)
Although I do like some country music, I'm not necessarily an Alabama fan. And yet I love this song, and I want to tell you why. Normally, I would never use a song with "dixie" in the title becuase of the potentially perceived political incorrectness of it. But this song came out right after the end of the Atlanta child murders of the early 80's, which coincided with the arrest of Wayne Williams. Those of you who lived here then undoubtedly recall what a nightmare that whole thing was, and how relieved we all were when it was over. I remember the first time I heard the line "...and in Atlanta, Georgia, there's peace on earth tonight", just a few days after the arrest. I remember what it meant to me at the time, and how I wept when I heard it. And all these years later, I still get chills every time I hear those guys sing that line because I relate it to that time...and because I love Atlanta...and so I love this song.

4 - O Holy Night — (covers by Mariah Carey and David Phelps)
My favorite Christmas song...especially the third verse.

5 - Auld Lang Syne Millenium Mix — (Kenny G)
Take some time and listen to the whole thing, especially if you're in my age demographic (or just a history buff). It's really cool.

6 - The Meaning of Christmas — (Linus Van Pelt)
What can I say? It's a classic.

7 - Glory to God in the Highest — (The Specks)
Some of you may wonder why I included a Southern Gospel song here, but it's because of the message (and the song is kind of peppy and catchy, too). I like it because it talks about Jesus being born to save "the world" from sin, a concept that you don't hear expressed very often in this music genre.

8 - The Little Drummer Boy — (Bob Seger)
This is a true Kingdom song. It's about using what's in your hand to serve the King, and Seger's cover of it really captures the essence of the message.

9 - Dream Child (A Christmas Dream) — (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
This could potentially become my new favorite Christmas song. Everything about it just blows me away. Take the time to listen to all of it (you can Google the lyrics so you can follow along).

10 - The other artists: Kirk Franklin, Aaron Neville, The Judds, Joshua James, Mannheim Steamroller, Mahalia Jackson, Diana Krall, The Roches, Hillsong Australia, Harry Connick, Jr., Kelly Clarkson, Vince Gill, George Winston, Luther Vandross, First Call, Wendy Francisco, Boyz II Men, Chris Botti, Shirley Caesar, Johnny Mathis, Michael W. Smith, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah McLachlan, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Boston Pops, The Sojourners, Garth Brooks, Whitney Houston, Clay Aiken, BeBe & CeCe Winans, 4Him, Boney M., Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Marc Anthony, Josh Groban, MercyMe, The Monks and Choirs of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Vienna Boys Choir, U2, Lauryn Hill, Sparrow Artists, Paul McCartney, Anne Murray, David Crowder Band, Trisha Yearwood, Point of Grace, Hymns on Guitar, Jewel, Angie Winans, Relient K, Sarah McLachlan, The Carpenters, Sixpence None The Richer, Angels & Airwaves, Red Nativity, Wayne Watson, BarlowGirl, Jars Of Clay, Destiny's Child, Kathy Mattea, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, The Temptations, John Coltrane, and Messiah — A Soulful Celebration.

Your feedback is appreciated.



Reign! said...

Beautiful Music!
My Favorite Things by John Coltrane & Away In A Manger by Angie Winans are my personal favorites on the list. I love Christmas Jazz! It transcends time and enhances the ambiance of the season as it compliments the essence of the true meaning of Christmas!

Friend4Life said...

I started to listen to music around in July. I just love Christmas. I like your playlist. I like how you explain why you they mean alot to you 2.

My all time favorites are: O come Emmanuel, O little town of Bethlehem, and Mary did you know.

Been listening to the Christmas music that the choir is singing. I won't give away what we are singing. I'll just say one of the songs means a lot to me. This year it made me realize what my mother went through at 17. Not taking away from Jesus. I look at mother with new eyes.

Song for me 2day--"God is so Good"

~Peace and Love~

Son of Zadok said...

World asked to help craft online charter for religious harmony

Nov 14 05:14 PM US/Eastern

A website launched Friday with the backing of technology industry and Hollywood elite urges people worldwide to help craft a framework for harmony between all religions.

The Charter for Compassion project on the Internet at springs from a "wish" granted this year to religious scholar Karen Armstrong at a premier Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in California.

"Tedizens" include Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin along with other Internet icons as well as celebrities such as Forest Whittaker and Cameron Diaz.

Wishes granted at TED envision ways to better the world and come with a promise that Tedizens will lend their clout and capabilities to making them come true.

Armstrong's wish is to combine universal principles of respect and compassion into a charter based on a "golden rule" she believes is at the core of every major religion.

The Golden Rule essentially calls on people to do unto others as they would have done unto them.

"The chief task of our time is to build a global society where people of all persuasions can live together in peace and harmony," Armstrong said.

"If we do not achieve this, it seems unlikely that we will have a viable world to hand on to the next generation."

Charter for Compassion invites people from "all faiths, nationalities, languages and backgrounds" to help draft statements of principles and actions that should be taken.

Copyright AFP 2008

Anonymous said...

Anon. November 14, 2008 8:11 PM......
I was catching up on yesterdays post and as soon as I began to read the first few words of your post I began to weep (much to my surprise) I knew The Spirit was speaking to me. All I could say was "thank you LORD"

SOZ....What you wrote yesterday about people torturing others; that will stay with me....thanks. Also thanks for the info on the new website....very interesting..

Love the Christmas music and all the background of its creation. Since coming into the truth I love it even more. I am amazed by how much reconciliation, salvation, and love for the whole world is intertwined into the lyrics.


ver. word

Anonymous said...

Daily Word — Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am one with God.
When rays of sunlight break through the clouds on a gloomy day, it is a welcome reminder that the sun is always shining--whether I see it or not.
At times, I may feel a bit gloomy. I may have allowed myself to become so caught up in the busyness of my life that I do not see the good that is always there. When I take a break from worry and frustration, I become aware of my blessings.
And like a bright ray of sunlight on a cloudy day, I break through to the truth of my oneness with God. My breakthrough may come in reading Scripture, listening to inspirational music, a sudden insight, or an unexpected solution to a problem.
Always, I return to the understanding that God is with me and all is well.

"The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple."--Psalm 119:130

from -

Anonymous said...

It has been cloudy here in AR. for a long time... thank God, I see that the sun is going to shine today!


Nothing To Lose said...

I'm realizing the compassion you put into the list of music, and the explanations. Thank you.

Yes and amen to the traditions of Christmas, and the season leading to it. I built a fire pit in my backyard, and we are enjoying it every chance we get. I've been thinking about decorating a Christmas Tree out near the pit. Simple things that will have lasting memories, thats what I like the most.

Son of Zadok said...

Sunny Day !

Well not in Dayton, but its sunny in my heart.

All of this talk in the world today about new alternative forms of energy like solar and wind etc.. had me thinking last night. What if 100 years from now, when the world looks like a place we probably couldn't even imagine, what if then they discover that love is actually an energy force. And beyond that we are able to harvest and contain it; use it to power and heal the world. Maybe then the heart really would be exposed for all to see.
Really, it's amazing all of the technology they already have that's just to good to use. Materials and substances that are so durable they would put corporations out of business because the things they make would last so much longer than typical things are made or wanted to last.

Love will last forever...

(...) that was for you Bishop

Son of Zadok said...

Pastor Dennis I overlooked one of your last posts and just read it.


That's the Spirit Life.

It could come from reading Scripture, but it doesn't have to...

It could come from listening to inspirational music, but it doesn't have to...

It could come from going to church or hearing a sermon, but it doesn't have to...

It could come from times of prayer, but again it doesn't have to...

That's the beauty of relationship built on inspiration, not legalistic ritual. It can come from all and any of these sources,

But it doesn't have to.


The Blast blows where it wills

Ebony said...

Happy Saturday everyone!

The Christmas music is great!! Most of the songs on your playlist are on my Christmas CD I play every year. I do love Christmas time (doesn't hurt that I'm a December baby too ;-)), I just like every Holiday to be observed in season, and we can all learn a lesson on giving thanks not just in November. Some of my favorite songs of the season are

This Christmas (but it HAS to be Donny Hathaway's version, no offense to people who've covered it, but that's a classic)

Mary did You Know: It's always neat to ponder if she really had an idea of the magnitude of what she was about to do, she knew, but did she REALLY know?

Jesus is the Reason for the Season: Kirk Franklin

Little Drummer Boy: Jars of Clay

Let it Snow: Boyz II Men

Silent Night: Boyz II Men

Do they Know it's Christmas: Band Aid.

Sleigh Ride: TLC

Last Christmas: George Michael (it's cute and fun)

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays: Nsync (takes me back to my carefree days of college)

Go Tell it on the Mountain: Mahalia Jackson

Silent night: The Temptations (the men'c chorus @ my church back home always did a rendition of that for Christmas)

The Christmas Song: (Nat King Cole's version)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Andy Williams

Be blessed everyone!!

Anonymous said...


Nothing To Lose said...

Have you heard of AM Leonard, a lawn and garden company in Picqua,Ohio?

Anonymous said...

pastor dennis,

What I posted yesterday, was what the Lord spoke to me, but I also felt it was for others. I'm just thankful you were blessed by it.

What was really interesting about it was that my name was among the letters in the word ver.

Be blessed today in all you do.

Anon November 14, 2008 8:11PM

word ver...plous... He who plous(plows) through the hard places, softens the ground to receive seed, that will someday have a have a harvest...

Son of Zadok said...


I don't get up to Piqua that often and had not heard of it. Do you know someone who works their?

Izumi/JOY said...

Oh Holy Night - love it! This version too:

Aiken's version of, "Mary did you know?" is beautiful! Also love this one:

"Strange way to save the world" always makes me cry. (but, in a good way) I can so see/hear Pastor Mark singing it.

"The Meaning of Christmas" takes me to TX. My first two daughters are young. Our home smells like sugar cookies & Johnson's No Tears shampoo.

It's commercial break from the "Charlie Brown Christmas" and they're in their footed pj's on Mommy & Daddy's bed awaiting their snacks.

"I'll be home for Christmas" song/memory belongs to my mom & her first Christmas in Nebraska. The "Home to Thanksgiving" post- card is Daddy's. That's my grandparents' porch.

Bert Sr. pulled Momma aside, and asked if she was homesick for Okinawa. Unwilling to offend her host, she lied and said, "No." He was walking to the grocery store that night - what could he get for her?

She asked for a can of Campbell's vegetable beef soup. If she ate that with a cup of rice, she believed everything would be alright.

(tradition w/my girls & me, even today)

It's not that meal that warms me as much as the sharing of it.

Nancy said...

Thank you for the beautiful playlist and the labor that you put into it.
What struck me the most on the blog today were your words, “Labor of love”.
To labor- is to work hard to make sure someone is happy. Even though it may seem like a chore, it makes you feel better! To me, if you boil it down, a labor of love is not a choice, but a joy to the giver as well as the receiver. The “fruits of labor” is a metaphor. You are not really working, but creating a gift to make something better. Church in the Now is a beautiful example of a labor of love.
What about Mary? She had a lot of labors with Jesus. Her labor of love began when she realized how special her baby was. When she went to Bethlehem riding on the donkey and gave birth in a manger. She watched her son as he grew. Many aspersions were cast upon him---in effect like watching your own children today being bullied at school. Her labor of love was so acute as she watched him work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. She had to watch her son die on the cross!
As like Mary, we watch our own children…The process of letting go isn’t easy. We are always there with love and support, yet letting them find out for themselves how to succeed. Our labor of love…may be helping with homework (even though we may not really want to), and so much more- the list is endless…It’s what we do all the time. It’s joy in another form.
Tears are labors of love. We cry in silence…It’s not a task you dread. You have so much love in your heart that the gift you give keeps on giving.
So Bishop, as we enjoy the beautiful playlist that you created from so much love, may your “labor” become the gift of love that continues to return to you.

Nothing To Lose said...

Is it possible to get your e mail address?

Son of Zadok said...


I'm leaving now so I won't be back on till later, but here's my email.

peacemaker said...

Thanks for the play list. Everything you put on this blog is a great labor of love so I didn’t expect any less now.

I start to feel the childlike excitement when I see the Halloween stuff in the stores because I know that's the start of the Christmas countdown. When I was a child, this time of year seemed to last forever. But just flies by. I say every year that I'm going to clear my calendar of "things to do" as much as possible and really enjoy the time but it seems like as soon as I get focused, it's January.
By God, I'm going to do it this year.

Christmas music is real important around our house. As soon as the first few leaves start to fall, we start digging out the cd's and start a daily vigil checking XM. Mannheim Steamroller’s “Silent Night”, Celine Dion’s “Oh Holy Night”(my favorite as well), Josh Grobin’s “Thankful”, Burl Ive’s “Holly Jolly Christmas”, plus a bunch more on you play list. Man, I love them all…well maybe with exception to George Michael’s “Last Christmas” and Rosemary Clooney’s “ Snow”. Well, then there’s Amy Grant’s “Grown Up Christmas List”, Elvis’s “Blue Christmas”(I like the Porky Pig version, though), and the all time redneck favorite: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”…I don’t know who sang that one and don’t care…oh, sorry…Anyway,
No matter how "progressive" and "enlightened" I become, the Christmas season and the music still speaks to a place of pleasant familiarity. It's not about the literalness of the theology, because there is some I no longer embrace. It's more about the mystery of the impossible becoming possible; about peace on Earth and goodwill towards men; about the realization that giving and receiving are one in the same. It's the one time of year that seems bring a sense of unity, no matter how one believes. It's about wide-eyed, childlike imagination running wild. It's about God’s unconditional Love coming into the World.

So, have a merry start to a perfect Christmas Season.


Crownjewel said...

I LOVE the Christmas music! We appreciate all of your time and thoughtfulness in putting it together and the explanations given make it all more meaningful on a personal and spiritual level!

There is just something so 'SPECIAL' about Christmas! It's so magical! It just brings out the spirit of giving, childlikeness and pure joy! Of course, the Holy Night Jesus~the Savior of the World was born! That is prob my most fav too along with the Lil Drummer boy, Silent Night, Joy To The World and oh..well, I love them all! I love the original classic movies of Rudolph, etc. I believe in Santa Claus even though I know he's only make believe. =) It's about the family, friends, memories, the spirit of giving and remembering those less fortunate and letting them know there is HOPE thru a Savior born one starry night!!!

Thanks for the wonderful word Pastor Dennis! (Always Sunny~yes!)

Love your word too Anon 8:11 11-14~so much that I wrote it down! =)

smiles, love, and cheer!

peacemaker said...

Josh GrobAn...geez

Larry Usher said...

Hey everyone! Top of the day to ya!
Still enjoying the beautiful Autumn colors as I made the rounds today- beyond description- the various mixes and melds! Felt the chill as a front moved into the area on the wings of the wind, with a concomitant blast of rain as it came.
Enjoying all the posts and thoughts. Gonna go cook out a burger with sauted onions & baked taters! Yum!



word ver: RANCENAL, The answer to this word ver is obvious! The Toronto Blue Jays! In other words, Rance Mullinix and all them Blue Jays players. Rancenal. Ha!

"elle" said...

I tried only once to create a playlist... thought I might try to create a blog via my profile, and quickly decided it might be too much trouble. My hat's off to you for the time invested. Playlist creation takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R and a decade!!!
BTW... Handel's Messiah... Heavenly! Nothing like it!

Hey bloggers, everywhere! Think I'm almost back to normal now with the dreadful eye thing. What an ordeal! Still the tiniest bit red, so I'm staying away from make-up for awhile longer, but, generally, much better.

After only 1 month, Joe and I decided to take our house off the market. His company had its first round of layoffs... about 50 people of about 500 in the Greenville building. We were/are 99% sure that he wouldn't/won't be affected, but we have both waffled on whether or not we really wanted to do this, and after mutually deciding to stay where we are, at least for now, my immediate feeling was one of relief. I think that tells me what I need to know; it isn't the right time! Had some good comments from realtors, though, so at least I feel like I've done right by my home. I was concerned that I'd made it a little too artsy to put on the market, but the general concensus was that it shows very well. Nice to know.

So, is the Brazil trip this week, Bish? Safe travels, as always!

Oh yeah, in honor of the Christmas music, I changed the photo to our 2007 family Christmas shot in front of the tree. I put my dogs through hell at Christmastime... for a few minutes, anyway. Have to take advantage of that yearly photo-op. They'll probably don the antlers and Santa cap again this year :)

Blessings, all!

Anonymous said...


You can see clearly now the red is gone...

We will stand in faith with you and Joe for that other 1% to make it an even 100%, that he won't be affected.

Larry Usher said...

Liked this space shuttle pic from last night's launch of Endeavor!

Glad your eye is better Elle!

Speaking of shuttle launches, I was fortunate to see about 8-10 of them when living in Fla. One of the most spectacular for me was a night launch. I was 4-5 miles away looking over water when it finally launched at 3am or so after 2 hours of delay. Takes about 20-25 seconds for the first sound waves to "hit" you- and boy do they hit you! It's more pressure slapping you than sound during those first few seconds- awesome! Lights up the whole area like daytime- so beautiful!



Nothing To Lose said...


Remember when the ice on the lakes up north would finally get thick enough to drive a car on.

Or when all of the ice fishing houses looked like a village.

Or packing down deep snow to make a tobagon run.

Or the sound the ice on the lakes would make from the cracking when the teperature would get in the double digits below zero.

I love Georgia..

"elle" said...

Anon @ 4:52... giggling :)
YES, I CAN... see clearly now, that is. And thanks for the agreement!

Thanks to you, too, Larry.

Funny that as I logged on this time, the Hallelujah Chorus started. Sooooo beautiful! I had to let it play through.

Also funny that my word ver here is 'leniners.' Lennon fans out there, perhaps?!? Think I already know the answer to that one!

Donald said...

Fine playlist, but you'll just have to understand if I don't allow it to be played for a while longer.

If Her Majesty starts hearing Christmas music, it's off to the malls to do Christmas shopping.

G8TRGRL said...

Does any one else know and LOVE "The Train" by Celestial Navigation? I look forward to the first time I hear it on the radio every year. Always makes me cry...(December baby here too, who loves the season and the music so, so much!)

Space Shuttle was AMAZING last night. Interrupted movie night to go to the NASA channel so the younglings and I could watch the lift off. Growing up on Merritt Island (the launch pad is in Mosquito Lagoon, part of the M.I.Wildlife Refuge) I have so many memories of the windows and doors rattling in their frame as lift off happened. We could watch it on TV, then, by the time the rattle started, it was our cue to run outside and it would be clearing the horizon from our vantage point.

'Bout to put a fire in the fireplace... ah, fall!!

Erik said...

Hello All,

Since Wed, I have been under the general life radar,even below sea level enjoying many different aspects, just enjoying myself, and the word I am. Loved hearing it from the pulpit, again, and even more clarity now from and for. Praise God !

Bishop, the playlist is wonderful, enjoying it today while still incognito, away.

Re song 2 mentioned, 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' .. Yes,it is in fact that it has already occurred, and we celebrate it now as we celebrate 4th of July, or Columbus Day, although on far deeper and expansive levels. It is an historical event, it has occurred and because it is God and eternal continues to occur, with the same assurance as it has occurred.

In this same vein, and in this particular time of word vibration and declaring reality -- Love,Peace, Clarity and Joy manifest in every life. Fear has been crucified, absorbed by The Cross as an historical event, along with confusion, doubt -- transformed by The Light. Praise God for voices as in your geneology that have spoken, speaks, and will speak this.

Erik said...

So, enough of all that other stuff, now for the reality of the day.

So ,out and about in a strange land with a special friend, it's raining, and I say to The Holy Spirit' This is really cool, all wet, and no melting, how does THAT work ?':)

It's strange, took awhile to get the answer,you wouldn't think rain clouds would interrupt HS reception like cell phones, ..oh well. After a little bit (hear something like Angels laughing, must have been the rejoicing in the beauty that I saw.

I hear HS, 'Well, ahh, that must be that special, waterproof Angel Spice we used, yeah, that's it. All settled now? Go on about your work.'

After Hearing that,it occurred to me..'What about the AllSaint Spice, is THAT waterproof too ?'....

Again, there was a delayed response ( I guess the satellite system is a little slow today).

After a little spell, I hear HS say, seems to be wheezing a little? Maybe a slight cold? ' Yeah, that Saint Spice, uh huh, that is included under the rain cover too. Yeah, that's it. Are you all set now?"

Then like a 'mute' button, can't quite hear the rest, guess HS needs a new phone system, anyway, now it makes sense, Special formula, so melting no longer a worry.

Wheeew, what a relief with Winter coming.

Larry Usher said...

This is a little long but...

Minn. — The economy is in tatters and, for millions of people, the future is uncertain. But for some employees at the Hormel Foods Corporation plant here, times have never been better. They are working at a furious pace and piling up all the overtime they want.
The workers make Spam, perhaps the emblematic hard-times food in the American pantry.
Through war and recession, Americans have turned to the glistening canned product from Hormel as a way to save money while still putting something that resembles meat on the table. Now, in a sign of the times, it is happening again, and Hormel is cranking out as much Spam as its workers can produce.
In a factory that abuts Interstate 90, two shifts of workers have been making Spam seven days a week since July, and they have been told that the relentless work schedule will continue indefinitely.
Spam, a gelatinous 12-ounce rectangle of spiced ham and pork, may be among the world’s most maligned foods, dismissed as inedible by food elites and skewered by comedians who have offered smart-alecky theories on its name (one G-rated example: Something Posing As Meat).
But these days, consumers are rediscovering relatively cheap foods, Spam among them. A 12-ounce can of Spam, marketed as “Crazy Tasty,” costs about $2.40. “People are realizing it’s not that bad a product,” said Dan Johnson, 55, who operates a 70-foot-high Spam oven.
Hormel declined to cooperate with this article, but several of its workers were interviewed here recently with the help of their union, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 9. Slumped in chairs at the union hall after making 149,950 cans of Spam on the day shift, several workers said they been through boom times before — but nothing like this.
Spam “seems to do well when hard times hit,” said Dan Bartel, business agent for the union local. “We’ll probably see Spam lines instead of soup lines.”
Even as consumers are cutting back on all sorts of goods, Spam is among a select group of thrifty grocery items that are selling steadily.
Pancake mixes and instant potatoes are booming. So are vitamins, fruit and vegetable preservatives and beer, according to data from October compiled by Information Resources, a market research firm.
“We’ve seen a double-digit increase in the sale of rice and beans,” said Teena Massingill, spokeswoman for the Safeway grocery chain, in an e-mail message. “They’re real belly fillers.”
Kraft Foods said recently that some of its value-oriented products like macaroni and cheese, Jell-O and Kool-Aid were experiencing robust growth. And sales are still growing, if not booming, for Velveeta, a Kraft product that bears the same passing resemblance to cheese as Spam bears to ham.
Spam holds a special place in America’s culinary history, both as a source of humor and of cheap protein during hard times.
Invented during the Great Depression by Jay Hormel, the son of the company’s founder, Spam is a combination of ham, pork, sugar, salt, water, potato starch and a “hint” of sodium nitrate “to help Spam keep its gorgeous pink color,” according to Hormel’s Web site for the product.
Because it is vacuum-sealed in a can and does not require refrigeration, Spam can last for years. Hormel says “it’s like meat with a pause button.”
During World War II, Spam became a staple for Allied troops overseas. They introduced it to local residents, and it remains popular in many parts of the world where the troops were stationed.

Spam developed a camp following in the 1970s, mainly because of Monty Python, the English comedy troupe. In a 1970 skit, a couple tried to order breakfast at a cafe featuring Spam in nearly every entree, like “Spam, Eggs, Sausage and Spam.” The diners were eventually drowned out by a group of Vikings singing, “Spam, lovely Spam, wonderful Spam.”
(Familiar with the skit, Internet pioneers labeled junk e-mail “spam” because it overwhelmed other dialogue, according to one theory.)

I'll have eggs bacon sausage spam please!! ;)


Larry Usher said...

Yah NTL, I like everything to do with winter.
I remember one night that was -20F degrees that I drove down to a hockey game in Utica, NY about 8 miles away. On the way back home, a car coming at me had their high beams up & I could hardly see the road. As the car passed me, there, right in the road, was a small group of horses! I swerved three times back and forth as quick as I could to avoid them BARELY- oh my gosh! I couldn't believe I missed them!! I guess the cold had spooked them out of their stalls and they had gone a runnin'! A few miles later while entering my home town I RAN OUT OF GAS! CRUD!! I only had a small jacket on and the wind was starting to blow. I had to walk to my house to get gas and on the way my face got frostbitten, and over the next week my skin peeled like a sunburn! Oh what fun all on a winter's night.

Then there was the "latching", where you'd get behind a car and "latch on" to the bumper and ride behind on the snowy roads! It was always fun hitting a bump or a dry patch! Yikes!

Loved to hear the sound of the ice cracking on those ultra cold days- so cold it was hard to breathe. About the coldest I ever saw was -40F- not gonna make "snow angels" in that!


tracy said...

Christmas playlistis awesome, and we thank you for the labor of love. Also a little update on GIFT conference, ended up being a blessing to all, and yes Bishop- God's favor was on it and the prosperity of it was surely a sign... I came home with two beautiful teenage girls who surely received the "gift". We all learned more than we expected and felt more than we thought we could feel.... and Oh to be so young and open again, but wow are the pressures on this generation crazy or what?? I encourage you to hug your kid today and let them know you love them no matter what!! taught me much....And big thank you to your beautiful and real wife who every little girl in the room thought they were the only little girl in the room because she made them feel that way. and Pastor Lindsey my God- what He has worked out in you. It was a pleasure to watch you walk in your calling. All of the wonderful ladies and girls involved....throwing a kiss your way!!

Nothing To Lose said...


You got that right. At -40, the snow crusts on top and when you'd walk on it, you'd break through the crust and sometimes you'd be in snow up to your waist. You betcha.

Pamela T. said...

What a brisk and beautiful fall day. The beautiful orange, gold, and red leaves radiant in his light.

Even the trees know if we don't worship the rocks will cry out as the extend their branches up and outwardly toward heaven in praise and thanksgiving.

Thanks Bishop for you labor of compiling the beautiful Christmas music to share with the blogger nation in Christ.

See you all ITB tomorrow.

And yes what a great way to top of a great autumn day. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA OVER AUBURN 17-13.

Love you guys, God Bless Us, everyone.

Nothing To Lose said...


My wife and daughter aren't home from the GIFT conferance, and I'm waing with great anticipation to hear how great it was from them.

I choked up on what you said about
Pastor Lindsey.


Larry Usher said...

Thought this was interesting for us bloggers.

(CNET) If you want a job in an Obama administration, be prepared to disclose every blog post or comment you've ever written.
A nine-page questionnaire requires applicants to list -- and if possible, provide copies of -- all "posts or comments on blogs or other Web sites" they have ever made. Also required are "aliases" or nicknames used on those sites.
Translated into English, this means that President-elect Obama wants to know far more about you than his predecessors did. That requirement would force applicants to disclose information about Facebook and MySpace pages, profiles posted on dating Web sites, and even what was posted on Web sites like CNET and YouTube that allow readers to append comments.
Note that question doesn't only ask for potentially embarrassing or incendiary posts. It wants a list of "each" one.
It also asks for the URLs of "any Web sites that feature you in either a personal or professional capacity," and suggests MySpace and Facebook by name as examples. Dating sites like would be included, too.
Perhaps this won't be a problem for older Democrats vying for senior positions like treasury secretary or attorney general. But for today's Facebook-and-YouTube generation, requesting a list (and, "if readily available," a copy) of all Web site posts and comments the applicant ever made is not a trivial task to complete -- and means that the Obama administration may not be quite as tech-savvy as its reputation would indicate.

Woof! I guess I won't be applying after all! ;)
(I can't imagine what that compiled list would look like


ps-this was the first half of a much longer article BTW

Erik said...

WOW Larry, Thanks, I am applying RIGHT AWAY, all of my possible comments and website connections, URLs, MySpace could not be more patriotic or inspired by The Spirit and clearly on their face, Pro America, Inclusinionist ,Pro World and above all in line with God, which is ultimately pro World.

I Think I am about to get an additional jib.How Cool !!!!

Pamela T. said...

I found this website that has Christmas songs, poems, traditions, stuff for kids, games, gift ideas and you can send ecards, song lyrics, stories.

My top three songs.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

O Holy Night

White Christmas by Bing Crosby (Because it was one of my mom's favorites)


tracy said...

Oh and of course PJ and P Kasey, and of course Shrek-Mcflurry(did I even get close???) Ya'll were all great today. And Ntl- meant it about P. lindsey been meaning to tell her for a long time, should have already. And still have more for her privately. If you would give her my e mail off of Google. And Anna -P Lindsey's sis is beautiful and their love and affection for each other very apparent...should do a mom and dad proud.

tracy said...

Crap I tried to be 40th again....

Larry Usher said...


Actually I already applied, now it's just a bear digging all that stuff out for the past 14 years and my copier needs ink! ;)


word ver: GINGLE- in keeping with the holidays!

Anonymous said...


Jib - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA jib (also spelled jibb) is a triangular staysail set ahead of the foremost mast of a sailing boat. Its tack is fixed to the bowsprit, to the bow, ...

Jib (camera) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In cinematography, a jib is a boom device with a camera on one end, and a counterweight and camera controls on the other. It operates like a see-saw, ...

Just funnin...

Larry Usher said...

Hey! My pic looks like a sideways smiley face!! :)

word ver: DIZONYL- "Only Dizzy" (Hey, things look funny when you're dizzy!)

Larry Usher said...

Nice picture Tracy!


word ver for you: ERSESTIO- "Early Results Stymie Expectations- STeadfast Individuals Overcome"!

tracy said...

Thanks Larry- and I can see the red beans and rice, the beer (the not mentioned cheap wine)....but the SPAM yikes, we have cut back, but I am just not sure about that one...the gelatanious coating, ewwww. Word ver kamish-is that a type of meat byproduct?

Nothing To Lose said...


My wife and daughter got home, and OMG. My wife is telling me about what went on, she starts crying, and I start choking up, as I'm hearing about how the Holy Spirit showed up and how the anointing took over and was working in the lives of the girls and the workers.

I then showed her the posts you wrote, and she starts crying again, and I'm all choked up again, realizing how great God is, for bringing us back to CITN.

Great tears of joy in my home tonight.
I would also like to say "Thank You" to Pastor Debye and all those who helped in all that went on.

And one more thing, Wednesday night, Bish closed the awesome service we had with a comma. Today, the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty and powerful way. I wouldn't miss tomorrow for anything, I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...


I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me
I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

I can plow a field all day long
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn
We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do
We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

We came from the West Virginia coalmines
And the Rocky Mountains and the and the western skies
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

We’re from North California and south Alabam
And little towns all around this land
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

And Larry, we love ya, but we ain't
eatin' no spam.

Anonymous said...

I'm #50!

Larry Usher said...


BANGALORE: India's unmanned lunar spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 on Wednesday successfully entered the operational lunar orbit after ISRO scientists
carried out final orbit reduction manoeuvre, lasting one minute.
The craft is now at a circular orbit of 102 km above the moon's surface, ISRO spokesperson S Satish said.
It is expected to be trimmed to 100 km — the final circular orbit of Chandrayaan-1 — tomorrow, he said.

On November 9, India became the fifth member of the global moon club with Chandrayaan-1 entering the lunar orbit at 5.04 pm (IST). The other four members are the US, Russia (former Soviet Union), Japan, China and members of European Space Agency (ESA).
Experts said it was a significant feat because India's moonshot was successful in the very first attempt — something that even major space powers like the US and Russia could not achieve. The man who launched the Indian moon mission, Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, had said, "It's undoubtedly a great moment for India because nearly 50% of the moon missions of other countries have not been successful."


According to Ben Bussey, senior staff scientist at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, Chandrayaan's imagery will be used to decide the future Moon Base that NASA has recently announced. Bussey told, "India's Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter has a good shot at further identifying possible water ice-laden spots with a U.S.-provided low-power imaging radar, Bussey advised--one of two U.S. experiments on the Indian Moon probe. The idea is that we find regions of interest with Chandrayaan-1 radar. We would investigate those using all the capabilities of the radar on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Bussey added, a Moon probe to be launched late in 2008." The launch date for the LRO has since been delayed to February 2009
Still not ONE has found any cheese!?
Congrats to India!

Moon bases are cool!


Larry Usher said...

chameleon dreams

she’ll paint you any picture
that you want to see
and instantly become the thing
you need her to be

she’ll fade to black, but she’ll be back--
tomorrow night, she’ll show up white
she’s mastered her illusion
all the colors of confusion

she comes in every shade
and then she leaves just when she’s made
you fall in love with her disguise
she only lives inside your eyes

you come closer, try to touch her
but she quickly disappears
hiding deep inside the forest
of a thousand different fears

do you think you’ll get to know her?
she’s a stranger to herself
never learned her native language
left her story on the shelf

she swallowed something years ago
that stole the shine out of her soul
when she stopped seeking precious things
made someone else her everything

now she says yes when she wants no
she always stays when she should go
she can’t remember what she means
she’s never been–she only seems

she blends in every changing scene
and lends herself out site-unseen
she’s crawling 'round the color wheel
hoping one will make her real

she’s camouflage–her shattered heart
a million tiny broken parts
she never lets you hear the things
she only says in silent screams

she cries in every color, too
sometimes she sheds a tear for you
she sleeps in deeper shades of blue
and dreams someday she’ll wake up true

Great poem about those longing for identity. Only God can find you in the secrets of your heart.

From Kellie's blog, "Sun Kitchen" google

Bro Lar

word ver: grami...'nuff said!

Teezy313 said...

Haven't listened to everything you have on the playlist but after seeing the rundown I like it!

One request if you can find it:

One of my Christmas fav's!

See ya tomorrow!!

word ver:foless
For Only Love Everlasting Saves Souls!!

P. Avery said...

I have been visually and aurally challenged of late—limited to using my phone to connect to the blog—unable to study the pictures or hear today’s new playlist. So tonight, looking forward to hearing the first song that came up, I am heart struck [in a good way] that the very first song to play is one repeated from the non-Christmas list. I cannot count the number of times I’ve pressed replay or gone searching for this song on days that I wanted or needed to hear it...pulling up a copy of the words to watch as each note is sung.

Today, though, it has a special significance. Today was the last day of an astonishing, powerful weekend devoted to extending a hand to the young women of our Church and our community.

The song that came up?
The Prayer

In English, we hear a request to guide us to a place we’ll be safe. But, the most powerful parts of the song [the crescendo points the way] are hidden within the Italian.

To keep this post from being irritatingly long, I’ll post the words separately.


I am humbled and honored to have shared these two days with the young women and the seasoned women who laid open and down their lives to extend “fraternity”, to provide a safe place and an open hand of grace, mercy and peace to all who attended.

Young and seasoned men also supported, both on stage and behind the scenes, showing the love of the Father in a way that nothing else can.

Thank you Holy Spirit for all You gave us these two days.

For the gift of Bishop and Pastor Debye, the ones who dream, build and inspire us to build...words are totally inadequate...
So I offer this post and this song, sung by both a man and a woman. I believe You orchestrated this moment to help me speak my heart to You and to them...

P. Avery said...

I pray you’ll be our eyes,
and watch us where we go
And help us to be wise,
in times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer,
when we lose our way
Lead us to a place,
guide us with your grace
To a place where we’ll be safe.

La luce che tu dai (The light you have)
I pray we’ll find your light
Nel cuore resterà (will remain in the heart)
And hold it in our hearts
A ricordarci che (to remind us that)
When stars go out each night
L’eterna stella sei (you are eternal star)
Nella mia preghiera (How much faith there is)
Let this be our prayer
Quanta fede c’è (in my prayer)
When shadows fill our day
Lead us to a place
Guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe

Sognamo un mondo senza più violenza (We dream a world without violence)
Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza (a world of justice and faith.)
Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino (Everyone gives the hand to his neighbors)
Simbolo di pace e di fraternità (Symbol of peace, of fraternity)

La forza che ci dai (The force his gives us)
We ask that life be kind
È il desiderio che (is the desire that)
And watch us from above
Ognuno trovi amore (everyone finds love)
We hope each soul will find
Intorno e dentro a sè (around and within himself)
Another soul to love
Let this be our prayer
Let this be our prayer
Just like every child
Just like every child

Need to find a place,
guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe
E la fede che (It's the faith)
Hai acceso in noi (that you have ignited in us)
Sento che ci salverà (I feel it will save us)

P. Avery said...

...and after enjoying "replay" tonight more than once...these followed

"This Is Such A Strange Way to Save the World".
"Silent Night"
and "JTTW" w/Frank, Louis and Bing.

Beautiful Gift, Bishop. The labor of your Love will not and does not return void.

Avatar said...

In the spirit of Paul Simon's Silent Night/7O'clock News, Kenny G's Millenium Mix takes it to whole new level, and gives us an interesting God's eye view of His manifested words.

Erik said...

I knew the GIFT Weekend was going to be great ! Glad to hear the confirmation, but, of course !

Anon 836 - I love having or being the jib(b) on both accounts, that's actually better than jOb. Thanks for the info. Kind of like Tigger .

Love ,

Nothing To Lose said...

If you are wondering if this would be a good day to come back to the church, the answer would be...YES.

If you do, you will find like I did, it was God calling you home.

Donald said...

Been going to church locally for awhile now.
There is no comparison between the local church services and CITN.
Well, there is a comparison, but there is alot of real estate between the two points on the graph.
Without going into detail, just believe me that I really needed to hear today's message after what I had to listen to locally.
I really don't think that I can continue attending the local services much longer.

Anonymous said...

That was an (((AWESOME))) sermon Bishop!
Talk about making JOB proactive and positive wow!
You always encourage me, but today you spoke to my spirit. I know you were speaking to my spirit because really, I knew these things and have actually taught this from this perspective. But there was something deeper that happened in my spirit today that has “been made new”. So even the song at the end was a confirmation of these things.

I received way too much from this teaching today to share on this blog. I may write something more in depth on my blog latter. But I will just say this; I think from now on when someone starts talking to me about how the devil is doing this or that I am going to say “you know, it really doesn’t matter if it’s the devil doing this or that or if you believe it is God working something out; what really matters is (((GOD IS ABSOLUTLY SOVEREIGN OVER ALL THINGS))) and (((GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME))) when you can see the overall picture like He does.

I know, I know, the thoughts that some are having about all the suffering in the world right now and in the past; [and frankly, if I were in their shoes I probably could not write this] but you mark my words in the end when it is all said and done, in the Age of the ages when all things are reconciled and restored unto God, we will all see and know what we do not have the ability to understand now, it will be perfectly clear. That God is WORTHY OF ALL HONOR AND GLORY AND PRAISE! And (((EVERY))) knee will bow, and (((EVERY))) tongue will (((GIVE PRAISE TO GOD!))) when blind eyes will see, and deaf ears will hear, and ill minds will be made whole, the poor in spirit will be made rich as they perceive the truth as the GLORY OF GOD FILLS THE EARTH!

Hab 2:14 NET. For recognition of the LORD's sovereign majesty will fill the earth just as the waters fill up the sea.
Isa 45:22-24 MSG So turn to me and be helped--saved!-- everyone, whoever and wherever you are. I am GOD, the only God there is, the one and only. (23) I promise in my own name: Every word out of my mouth does what it says. I never take back what I say. Everyone is going to end up kneeling before me. Everyone is going to end up saying of me, (24) 'Yes! Salvation and strength are in GOD!'" All who have raged against him will be brought before him, disgraced by their unbelief.


Anonymous said...

Hey Donald,
Did you try to go full screen on firefox? Did it work? I was thinking about you today and what we had talked about and I remembered that there are a couple of plug ins for foxfire you can down load to make it more compatable with windows media player and real player that may fix the problem.


ver. word is...

Anonymous said...

I always put most all of them in - that are asscociated with anything I do or use, so I know that I am covered.

me again

Anonymous said...


Gotta go git sumthin ta eet

Donald said...

No Dennis, I started out using IE this morning and intended to switch over toward the end of the service when everything started getting boring.

The thing is, that time never came.

Just kidding about the boring part there Bishop. It's never boring. I actually mean when you're through bringing it and things are like in the after-service prayer mode and stuff.

I had a feeling you were going to ask me about that Dennis. I thought about lying to you, but we all know where all liars go.

tracy said...

With all due respect Bailey just walked in and heard Christmas on the playlist and said "oh no mom it not Ristmas yet!!" Too funny -she knows not what she says ya'll!
Today was awesome and David and I declare we WILL NOT be Justin Timberlake crying like a girl. If you don't know what I mean get the CD. And you are right none of us have afflictions even comparing to Job so when i said a few weeks ago our situation has been "Job-ish" I repent and ask ya'll for forgiveness, ya'll will give me that ...right? Have a great week blog fam. And look out for those God cams jusssst in case u r being God punked...ya never know, stranger things have happened! Word ver licalit-I lika it alot!

Anonymous said...

Bishop todays service was great.

The Gift this weekend,It was awesome to see that many girls at the FLC. I missed Sat. wish I could have been there. Thank you to all those of you who knew why I didn't make it. Thank you for all your prayers. I'm getting better day by day.
Can't wait till Gift 2009.

Have a blessed week

Anonymous said...

"After this..." - I can't stop thinking about those two words, Bish! Awesome word today. And I laughed so hard my sides still hurt. I've also said that I have been having a "Job" year, but after hearing the word today, and after having had a good laugh, well, it just really put it all in perspective for me. And as Job's "latter was greater than his former", so shall it be to all of us! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am actually amazed at how the Holy Spirit is so moving and changing my life. I am noticing how He, through you, is renewing how I am looking at things that I so thought were set in stone, from the many years of believing what I had been taught. If it were that I felt I was being pushed to change my thinking, I would go into defense mode and harden my heart. The thing is I'm not being pushed or pulled, I'm being wooed by the Holy Spirit, and I am convinced that it is Him. I have done so many things in haste in my life, but with this I have decided to just let it happen. I've learned in my years, that if something is supposed to happen, it will. I know that right now I'm going through a peeling process, and in the end I will be oh so amazed with the results of His working in me. Just speaking right from my heart.

Larry Usher said...

Thought this was funny:

At a funeral one day, the minister stood up and said, "You know, I didn't know Ralph terribly well. Could someone stand up and say something nice about him?" Silence. Finally, a guy stands up in the back of the room to offer words of consolation. "Yes?" the minister says. The man says, "I didn't know him real well either, but his brother was worse!"

Great message today Bish, it's amazing some of the things we did as kids to get attention. I remember prat falling down the stairs and pretending to be hurt after a tiff with my older brother didn't go so well! It's a hoot now, but then...WOW! Had to develop a sense of humor or die! Of course, we are all as close as could be now and have belly laughs at some of the stuff we did!

Thank you Machion for the kind words after service today! You are a blessing!

Thank you P. Avery for the heart-felt prayer today! ...and the walls come tumblin' down, and the walls come tumblin' tumblin'...dooooowwwwnnnn! You are a blessing to me and this house!

Go Giants!!

Bro Lar

word ver: RIZES- That will suffice!

Anonymous said...

Just pondering:

After this, next level, then

After this, next level, then

After this, next level, then...

Teezy313 said...

After this..... once again..WOW!!! totally cool message Bish! And seeing as how I missed SOTB-I I got a little clip and way more insight as to what role Satan or the advisery really plays in our lives. Totally cool!

Lookin forward to Friday Nation of Worship and Friday night guys and Bish!


Nothing To Lose said...

And that's the way it is, on this Sunday, November the Sixteenth, Two Thousand Eight.

Miracles, Peace and Love to us all.